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Eatventure App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Eatventure app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Eatventure? Can you share your negative thoughts about eatventure?

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Eatventure for Negative User Reviews

LiesIt is such a boring game and lied in the advertisements.Version: 1.15.4

I wouldn’t really recommendIt’s a fun game to play + it’s offline but it can get boring since normally your just waiting to upgrade and get money. I personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But the thing that I thing is annoying is sometimes it gives you week events that you can do. They are fun but the leaderboard is really fake. It tells you when people have finished it and what time but when i looked on the leaderboard today it said someone completed it in a day but the even had only been up for an hour which meant they couldn’t have completed it! It annoys me but besides that it’s an okay game but definitely not the funnest I’ve played!.Version: 1.2.2

Love it! Edit: major update :/The game just got a major update and I’m not sure I like it… it completely overhauled the balancing and now instead of having all characters react to the upgrades it’s just your own character plus another player’s character you can hire for 5 minutes.. Previous rating message (at 5 stars) No forced ads ever, even if you opt out of a rewarded ad it doesn’t force one upon you. The gameplay is quite solid, it’s an incremental game but it has some nice things to differentiate itself :). The events are difficult and require a lot of work at first but After finishing one (after missing out on 5 others) in about 3 days I feel like my next one will be way easier because of the upgrades I’ve got. The balancing is quite good, it definitely gets easier as you unlock more upgrades but that’s the whole point of them, doesn’t become a walk in the park though and you still have to work your way through it all. It also doesn’t have a single level to play over and over again with prestiges in between but many smaller levels within a region (cities) that you need to complete to progress. No idea where the end is but I’m enjoying the journey so far :D.Version: 0.21.0


Rings sub gameRings sub game went from hard to ridiculous from the last update.Version: 1.16.6

BoringFun at first but get burnt boring after a while deleting app now🤬🤬🤬😡👿.Version: 0.21.0

Would’ve being higherAs my partner and I both play it became lots of fun to compete against each other until today we both flew out to start new country at same time she was able to upgrade and finish the level before I got very far into the level. I was getting frustrated because I was getting beating every time only to realise everything cost a lot! more for myself to upgrade and or level up now all the fun on my side is gone…..Version: 0.26.6

Bad UpdateLooove this game and I spend hours on it but the new update is rubbish. The new outfits are cool but removing the skill cards was a bad move. It doesn’t improve anything for our workers eg. if our new clothes allow us make perfect food occasionally, it should allow our staff to too but it doesn’t. The new update has really set the game back and it’s incredibly frustrating. You said after the update “we listened to your feedback” so please read your recent reviews as they’re all saying the same thing. The game was better before this update..Version: 0.22.0

An Idle Done Right!Finally! An idle game with all the aspects I love! No forced ads AT ALL, constant changes of scenery, always progressing, and timed events. Everything you could ask for in an adorable art style with the concept everyone loves, food! The idea of going from a little lemonade stand to a fancy diner all while getting upgrades has been so fun. Plus, the incentives to watch ads getting better as you go making it feel like a legitimate incentive to watch ads and support the game! Im about to drop a few dollars just to support the creator. Good work and please continue support or keep making games, youve got the formula spot on! <3 Edit: this is the first review ive made and I sadly have to change it after this recent update. The progression goes FAR too slow, completing sections feel no longer with it with the small chests being borderline useless, and not being able to re-spec the abilities just all feels like a money grab. Going to 1/5 and done playing until I see a new update.Version: 0.22.1

MehThe ads aren’t varied enough and extremely annoying. There needs to be a better way to play. I lost interest only five cities in because of this. Also because there just doesn’t seem to be enough engaging me in the game. Even with club updates and new gear…it’s not all that exciting. I prefer the game structure where you can decorate a restaurant, customize at least some part of your character, visit other players’ restaurants, pick what foods, and have pressure from patrons’ mood in a time limit. There just doesn’t feel much to this game and even events aren’t all that exciting. My boyfriend is a significantly higher level and he agrees. He’s not really sure why he still plays. Little note, some players may appreciate varied skin tones of the customers and players. The ability to customize that would be nice..Version: 1.13.4

A more boring version of every other gameBasically just the goblin game with worse graphics and less imaginative theme. Logic is kinda nonsensical - customers go from paying $4 for an item to $55K for it in a level and when you “upgrade” your food stand you lose all surplus money and all your equipment. I don’t understand the positive reviews - this game wasn’t fun, doesn’t look good, and just kinda frustrates. And there are plenty of better versions of a game where you have to upgrade stations to get to the end of level. Heck go play the drag race game - at least then you also get to dress up your player..Version: 1.2.1

You can’t get anywhere and get stuckOne major problem with Eatventure is the upgraded outfits. You’ll spend many hours to only have a set of epic upgrades, which is the purple using everything else you get to upgrade those outfits then when you finally do get a legendary or ultimate come to find out, you have to forge it using other legendary or epic clothing. The chances that you get a legendary are only even in certain boxes and it’s only a 5% chance you only have a 2% chance of getting an ultimate and then on top of that you other outfits to forge these. This needs to be changed if we somehow by chance get a ultimate or a legendary I shouldn’t have to spend another 20 hours or more just to forge some thing that was really rare that I got. There’s no way to invite your friends to help you out that would be amazing. The events are sometimes fun overall, this could be a fun game. But for right now, the loot boxes have been made worthless. If you’re going to start playing this game, save everything you get because you’ll need it to forge the really rare items you get later, which is stupid. Please change this otherwise you get to a point where there’s no point in playing anymore because you’re never going to be able to upgrade the clothing you get. Again multiplayer would be awesome if that’s even something that you guys can do..Version: 0.26.1

BugKeeps saying I'm not connected to internet when i am. Can get adds but nothing else..Version: 1.15.6

Good gameI love it but the first time I played it I got to the food truck and it reset me to the start.Version: 0.26.1

Kept going back to my home screenI press The app and it keeps on going back to my home screen so I delete some of my apps because I thought it was storage problems but it’s still doing it I deleted it and I downloaded it again and it kept on going back to my hands again I deleted it again and I waited 24 hours this time and then I Downloaded it again it’s just disgraceful I don’t really care about it if I’m honest it’s not my time I’m wasting it’s the It’s apps time of being on this earth I’m not impressed at all I don’t know why it’s doing that..Version: 1.3.1

Zeus’ FeastYou can’t use boosts you’ve purchased using diamonds in Zeus’ Feast? Wow, not going to buy keys for sure. The higher levels get harder to finish, not going to waste my money if I can’t use boosts..Version: 1.16.4

CrashesApp continually crashes after update..Version: 1.15.6

Was five stars before, the recent updates killed it.This was my favorite game before they started updating it a lot, but I’ve been playing it less and less now. I understand the game was probably too easy before or something and they’re trying to make it harder, but I put a lot of time into the game and now I don’t like it. I used to have every single card they offered, each at least level 8 and I felt very powerful with all of the buffs. They removed a lot of cards and changed the system so I have way less power ups now. I don’t like their new single chef system where you power up one character. I should’ve saved my gems they refunded me, but I was dumb and dumped them all into the single character before they re-added the cards again. Now I have a single good chef with somewhat decent items equipped, and no other players is using it for some reason so it’s not even making me any gems. I have all 3 legendary items equipped at decent levels but nobody is using it. I miss when I had all of my chefs running around very quickly, making food super quickly, and getting very expensive food and long, good ad boosts. Now the ad boosts feel worthless to me because I’m used to how good they used to be. I might delete the game now just because I know how good it could be, but isn’t. Edit continued: I have 3 high level legendary items on my person and I left for a week, I come back and still nobody has used my character.Version: 0.22.1

Game won’t pet me save my progressBeen playing this game for a few weeks now & i have already lost my progress once due to the game not letting me save my progress. To say i am enjoying this game is impossible as I can only play a part of it the part i can play isn’t anything mind blowing either. Because of this problem i am unable to play the game fully as you need to access the cloud save database to play most of the Events & Make/Join a Team. When i ask around about this problem all i get in response is use the “write us” option however when i do i get no response from the developers even looked on reddit & it’s been an issue for most for a long time now with little to no change & YES i have the latest update/version.Version: 1.15.1

AnnoyedI have loved this game from when i started playing it, but since i’ve gotten to the france level, it’s just been confusing. i later deleted this app since it needs something else. i get that in that particular stage that first there is an ice cream stand, then a cafe, but following after that there’s a sushi restaurant… in FRANCE?! i just think that the developers need to fix the foods and bring back the cards as well. the developers say they listen to the reviews, but where are the fixes?.Version: 0.24.3

Regret spending moneyI have been removed from being able to engage with online features. They say I failed apple app attest and won’t help me resolve this. I have not transferred data and running a standard device with the app as downloaded from the App Store. They have insulted me by suggesting I have altered my device or app in some way. Poor customer service for someone who was spent a significant amount of money on the app. Extremely unhappy and seeking a full refund. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Based on what I have read on Reddit, many others are in a similar position. Very unfair and unethical..Version: 1.14.5

Fine but could be a lot betterFirst of the idle part, it’s really only for when you’re on the game cause if not than it’s only idle for a 4 hours and progress made off the game is a lot slower than in-game. Secondly the game pretty forces you to watch ads or spend money in order to make any real progress after awhile, cause when you first start it’s fine but after a few up can renovates you quickly start to need it more and more to make progress unless you wanna spends weeks at one place. Lastly the events are pretty much pointless they make it to where if you want any real prize you have to go far into the event however if you wanna progress you need to watch ads or send money, which if you’re already spending for the regular game you mind as we’ll forget about the event. Basically you quickly go from an idle game to just sitting there watching a million one ads.Version: 1.10.1

Buggy in New YorkAt New York level, game has bugs and can’t advance to next level. Customers at the counter are no longer served with simple sodas. I have 7 servers and they help new customers only..Version: 1.15.6

Decently fun but very repetitiveI actually really enjoy this game. The concept is quite simple but this makes it quite fun. My only problem with the game is that it becomes very repetitive sometimes. I would have loved if the game developers put in some more effort making each country unique. For example: why am I serving fish and chips in my restaurant in the final stage of Tokyo. I hope that they spend some more time finding specific foods and types of eateries for specific countries so that players are constantly experiencing new and interesting levels. I also wish that they would make the outside of the restaurant more unique on the country..Version: 0.22.1

Developers have no idea what they are doingThe skill tree was the most useful thing for this game because it allowed you to continue playing at a reasonable pace. Even with the latest addition of the cards the game is still seriously nerfed and you cannot advance in the game at all. I’m in the final level in stage 11 and I’ve been stuck here for several weeks because I don’t earn enough money. The addition of the character and their clothes is also ridiculous and pointless. It does absolutely nothing for the game. Developers need to pull theirs heads out and listen to the reviews. NO ONE LIKES YOUR GAME ANYMORE!!!!.Version: 0.22.1

Where did all my progress go?I’m confused and disappointed. I have played this game for a while and had upgraded so that the game went faster and was therefore more enjoyable for me. But they just released an update that said apparently people didn’t like that upgrade system and they eliminated it. apparently the developers are not familiar with the phenomenon that only unhappy people complain. The happy people just continue playing. So they have presumably upset a lot of people like me. Anyway, they gave me back all of the in game currency I had used to make the upgrades, but gave absolutely no info about what I am now supposed to do with that currency. I kind of figured I’d be able to make comparable upgrades under a new system, but it doesn’t seem there is any way to do so. And now I’m back to playing at a snail’s pace, which I don’t think was a nice thing to do to someone who had invested so much time into the game. I’d give this game a miss until they’ve put out at least a couple more versions and make it clear what you’re actually supposed to do..Version: 0.21.1

Not the bestMaybe like I can just say that it isn’t the best but I am happy bc I can play it instead of roblox if roblox is updating (Btw roblox is best game in da world) but it is very creative to come up with a game like this. I hope you get other good reviews like this. Btw just one improvement to make: maybe you can raise money to random unlock clothing and hats and accessories? Just a recommendation. :).Version: 1.0.1

EatventureI did not realise I got into instant Debt with this Game Cost a Arm and a Leg I want Out So Yeah I did not realise till to late Please Refund.Version: 1.1.0

Newest update almost unplayableIn the most recent update they got rid of a skill tree option that was never fully explained or utilized, which is fine. However they got rid of the card system that upgraded many aspects of your various settings. You used to be able to do permanent upgrades to your cooking staff, servers, food quality, bonus amounts, even collection of tips; all of which are extremely useful in not only the base game, but in the special events. In their place, they added a customization feature of creating an Avatar chef that has a skill boost based on what clothing you pick, and are forcing a community element in that your chef helps other players, and you can pick their chefs to aid you. They removed the shop icon, so it took awhile to figure out how to get the new clothing options. And even with heavily upgraded Legendary clothing options it only effects your avatar chef. I’m glad it looks like they are changing up their special events (adding a Mine location instead of just another color change to the Space events); but they’ve rendered the game almost unplayable..Version: 0.21.1

DisappointedI have loved this game for at least a year now but with the latest addition of clubs, I am very disappointed.. I joined a club and invested some of my rare items, around 400xp worth and immediately got booted from the club.. now I’m without my rare pets (who had upwards of 700 treats) and I didn’t even get any rewards or anything.. Is there a way to not get kicked out of the clubs or is it just a gamble?.Version: 1.14.2

Great game but the ads are crazyLove the game. It’s simple and easy to progress through the levels. But the only way you can get through levels quickly is by watching ads. Especially during the events. Even though I paid ~$5 to skip ads, I still have to watch ads just to progress through the game. I paid $5 just skip the normal ads that come on every few minutes, which I think it a lot. The ads are not short, they are 30 seconds to 45 seconds. If we have to watch ads at least give the option to skip after 5 seconds. Half the time I am watch ads during the events so I can just progress to the levels. At this point even though i invested money in this game I am about to give up. I would love to keep playing the game but don’t to waste hours watching the same 2-3 ads over and over again. If I’m gonna pay five dollars to skip ads, I think I should be able to skip all ads..Version: 1.3.2

New update completely removed the best parts of the gameThe recent update (Aug 2022) removed so many aspects of the game that gave you additional multipliers, more gems, faster workers etc. For example, you could upgrade your cards so that watching an ad gave you a bigger boost (mine was 3.5x) for a longer period of time (mine was 13.5 mins). Since the removal of the card and skills system, now it’s back to ad boosts just lasting 5 mins for only a 2x multiplier with no chance of increasing it. This makes it not worth it to watch an almost 1min long ad (especially when other similar idle games give you up to 2hrs or multiplier boost for one ad watched!). And the new “workers” they added instead give you a few boosts but not enough to make up for everything that was lost with this update. The game progresses much slower now and is more boring without skills and cards to collect. I hope they realise this and change it back because I really enjoyed the game before and would have loved to give it a good review..Version: 0.21.1

WhyThis game is sooooo hard.Version: 1.16.6

New Clubs FeatureI’ve been enjoying this game for quite some time now. It is simple and relaxing. You can watch ads and spend money or not as it is a choice for extra money. I am on city 16 and saw that clubs have started. I joined one last night and contributed about 250 xp and then this morning I was no longer in the club and now those items are just gone. It says if you kick someone their xp doesn’t count so shouldn’t I get my items back? I don’t think its fair to kick people from the club, it takes time to finish restaurants and get items. I opened 7 boxes of items and it was only worth about 50 xp to salvage towards the club. I think no club will ever keep me because I don’t spend money on the game or have fancy items to progress through city’s quickly. This feature would be so fun, the buffs seem so worth it to salvage towards the club rather than leveling up items but it made me really upset that I got booted. I like this game because its relaxing but allowing club leaders to kick you out just isn’t fair as it wasted my items and hurt my feelings. Who wants that in a simulation game? For now, I will not be participating in clubs as it seems like a waste of time and energy due to being able to be kicked out. No one spends every waking hour playing a simulation game and people need to sleep and shouldn’t be punished for it..Version: 1.15.1

Completely Disappointed.After reaching level 16 and spent money on this game I’m completely disappointed. 1. Even after spending $5 on their “2x profit forever” the developer basically still force you to watch ads so you can progress faster. Many games are less than $5 and you’d get better progress experience than this. 2. They make you buy box to collect cards to make items (common,rare,legendary,epic), and after buying 50+ boxes, 10+ big boxes,and 2 mine boxes I’m still unable to get/forge not even 1 decent item. The drop percentage for good items are every unfair. 3. Events in game takes so long to complete, even after equipping myself with paid item “2x profit forever”, 3 rare items, 8,8xprofit unlocked, and opening the game throughout the night while I sleep, it still took me over 2 days of intense playing to complete. That’s just insane. 4. Events rewards are not worth your time at all, after completing an event witch took over 2 days of intense playing, you’ll get “Mine box” which still doesn’t give you any good items, and if you get legendary card that means you still have to open way more boxes to forge/to make your legendary card. Not worth the waste of time. Conclusion, the game maybe fun to play in the beginning but as you progress better just delete it because the game just gonna force you to watch as many ads as possible even after you spent money in the game. So, bring your business somewhere else,better buy those paid games upfront then something like this..Version: 1.0.0

Character update ruined gameI was really into this game. It was great, even if working out the features was a bit difficult at first. Cards and skill tree (now removed) helped to make the game go faster, skill tree took longer to figure out but I reset it just once after figuring it out. New character (with 2x legendary and 1x epic) makes my game progress extremely slow. Removing the game because it just isn’t enjoyable any more due to how long a level takes to complete now..Version: 0.21.1

Update has ruined the gameI played this game for at least 2 hours every day loving the fact I could upgrade my cards and upgrade different things and now I can only upgrade my character which has completely ruined it all for me. The game now feels really boring and since the update came out I have been on for a max of 30 mins trying it all out. Really disappointed to now have wasted so much time for it all to be lost. Hope the devs take some time to take all these reviews in and bring the old game back..Version: 0.21.1

GamesI love the game but it's also not the best but toca world❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.15.6

This game is ehIf you want some quick brain stimulation then go ahead and download this game, because besides tapping upgrades there isn’t much to do and its pretty boring. But it’s cool to build your restaurant and that aspect of the game i enjoy. However thats where my joy ends, because this game literally wants you to watch ads to improve in the game. There are in game upgrades in the vault that give you more money for every ad you watch, which is hilariously stupid. The fact that an in game upgrade, upgrades the amount of money made by watching an ad shows the laziness of the developers. Ads shouldn't be an integral part of the game, they should be a second option if you as the player, decide to watch an ad. Not only that, but theres lootboxes. Which are known to be sketchy, deceptive and overall promote gambling. This game is fun when you’re bored, other than its just another clicker game that has no real substance and is obviously a cash grab. Plus the ads lied about how the game actually work..Version: 1.8.1

Garbage updateMultiplier timing and rate reset to default after latest update. Uninstalled..Version: 0.21.1

Copied other gamesThe auto that they use for the game is copied by a game in Roblox called “Pet simulator X” this is not ok. And I will be taking legal action. My legal team will keep in touch..Version: 1.5.1

Would be higher but noticed…My rating of this app would’ve been 5 stars if I hadn’t noticed that they screw you out of you money. I’m in the moon event as of right now, and have updated my offline earnings to go 8 hours. After 7 hours away from the game, I come back and it says I’ve earned 8al while I was away. Great, I thought. So I hit the collect x2 button thinking that I’m going to get pretty far this time, til the ad ends and I see now I only have 2 al. Then you look at who’s finish so far, with it claiming people have done so in 20 minutes, I’ve been working at this event for 2 days and it’s completely disheartening to have that happen. This is not an app I will spend any money, and may not spend any more time on. I may have spent money in the future but they screwed themselves out of that by being untrustworthy with our money in the app.Version: 1.11.0

RoblocksThis game copy off roblox !!!!!😡😡.Version: 1.1.0

BatteryFun game but sucks the life out of my battery..Version: 0.10.0

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