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Word Guess - Word Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Word Guess - Word Games app received 80 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Word Guess - Word Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about word guess - word games?

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Word Guess - Word Games for Negative User Reviews

Wouldn’t let me listen to musicI don’t want to figure out words in dead silence.Version: 1.2

Using actual words would help.The very first word I was supposed to guess—and failed—was VERRY. Yes, two Rs. That’s not even a word. I like to think I’m pretty good with words and was immediately annoyed because I was pretty sure that was not one, but I tried looking it up because I was like, hey, I could be wrong, maybe it is a word I’ve just never come across. But alas, it wasn’t in my dictionary app OR physical dictionary, even as an alternate spelling, and when I googled it, ONE dictionary website acknowledged it as an “obsolete spelling of ‘very’.” And this app is so basic there’s not even like a help or ‘contact us’ I could be submitting this to instead. So… yeah. If they aren’t going to use legitimate or commonly known words, there are plenty of other apps like this game out there I’ll be using instead. Wordus has been pretty good so far, and I like the placement of the enter/submit button better. TLDR; this app is in need of spellcheck..Version: 1.2

Annoying because it mutes my musicI like the word game, because it doesn’t limit me to just one Wordle per day. However, the app needlessly takes over the sound on my phone. I can’t listen to music while playing the app, because my phone goes silent. I’m accustomed to the sound for ads taking over my phone, but I can’t stand an app that just mutes my phone for no reason. There are plenty of Wordle options out there, so I will be deleting this one I’m looking for a better one..Version: 1.2

Too many adsLove the game bur keep getting interrupted by ads, and would be nice to have more letters than 5 letters.Version: 1.2

Word Guess ProblemToday I played Word Guess, it’s a good game. At one point there’s a gift offer if you pick the right box that says you’ve won an iPad Pro. You get 3 guesses. I picked the right box on my second try. I was then being directed to the distribution site to process my win. It froze up though and I was not put through to give my information and pay the postage so I could get the iPad I won. I’ve tried everything I could think of to contact the site and the game maker, Mediaflex, to try to get help to connect me to the distribution center to collect my iPad Pro. I’m pretty sure they’ll read this, then hopefully, contact me so I can continue the process to collect my prize..Version: 1.3

Keeps crashing.It was a great game until it froze and crashed. I had to delete and lost all my progress. I reinstalled and now after the first three levels it says runtime error and crashes every time. It was fun while it lasted..Version: 1.3

LimitedHave been using for a few days and the same words are starting to show up 2 or 3 times - examples are hotel, angry, store, ... Suggests a very limited word database or an inadequate randomiser being used to select the target word..Version: 1.2

AddThere is one major problem. They have one advert that keeps coming up ‘something & Puzzles’ and you cannot get out of it unless you buy it. It is so annoying and comes up all the time. Really pisses you off this great game. Anyone else feels the same way! For God’s sake get rid of this horrible, can’t get rid of app! It is ruining your game..Version: 1.3

Obscure words and inappropriate adsAds that are inappropriate for kids. Word cross includes words that are very obscure (ex. git)..Version: 1.3

For worriesIt’s first of all doing what I thought, keeping the word brain entertained, but was too many adds. Therefore 3 stars.Version: 1.3

Good enough but can’t play music and plenty of room for improvementFor the ad farming app that it is, I find it fine. It would be nice to be able to choose which slot to put the letters in rather than just them going in the order I type, but I’m guessing that may be part of the game rules. I would like to be able to see my stats from the menu or somewhere, not just when I finish a game. I am very frustrated that I cannot listen to my music while I play since your app overrides the audio. Please fix it..Version: 1.2

Uses plural nounsNot really legitimate 5-letter words. First word I tried was ROADS. Deleted the app after first try..Version: 1.3

Doesn’t score accuratelyA guess containing the letter S twice was scored with one S green and the other yellow implying there were two letter S in the word. There was only one. Misleading.Version: 1.2

Not a word?The official wordle website has more words then this.Version: 1.2

Made my device buggyDon’t know why, had to delete the app. It actually disabled some factory-installed features of my Apple device such as changing the orientation of the game from horizontal to vertical. It also disabled some pixels on my touchscreen. It slowed down other apps, whether I had this one open or not. Extremely weird. The ads kept popping up across the bottom of the screen- not terribly intrusive but just made my device unstable. As soon as I deleted this, everything went back t9 normal..Version: 1.2

Iphone7Did not work on iphone 7.Version: 1.2

Has potentialGood concept but so many words that we use daily are not registering as valid words, and other words used are obscure and I’ve never of. Very frustrating.Version: 1.1

Good, definitely needs work.I enjoy the concept of the game, however there are a handful of problems I have encountered. The presentation of the game needs further development, the UI doesn’t compete well with other mobile games, and after every game I finish I am stuck inside an unskippable ad where I have to finish this puzzle, which after completion takes me to safari and then to the App Store. After I get back onto Wordle, I am still stuck on the ad with no exit button, forcing me to exit the app entirely for me to play again. This game is fun, however the presentation and constant ads make me reluctant to keep this app on my phone for much longer..Version: 1.2

Kinda boringThe words are not only dumb. But it’s honestly just a time waster… I like it but it’s repetitive.Version: 1.3

Good but….I would like a way to play the game while listening to music or podcasts. At the moment opening the app cuts off any sound.Version: 1.0

BrokenI play Wordle everyday, but wanted to play more often. Tried the game twice. Got to the last try on each word and got stumped. After an hour of trying different combos I broker down and gave up. Tried 3 solver sites (yes that’s cheating and yes I am ashamed) but I couldn’t find an English word that fit. 3 different solver sites couldn’t solve the 2 puzzles. Either it doesn’t restrict itself to the English language (no shade but I’m not ready to attack this in multiple languages) or it’s broken. Most likely the latter..Version: 1.2

Incomplete databaseDear people at Werl, this is bad very bad you are racing words like a very important one my girlfriend‘s name which is in fact the word fix it now like it’s really important please love you kiss kiss your is affectionately biggie Little House on the Prairie.Version: 1.3

Watch app doesn’t workOnly downloaded this because the watch version says it won’t work unless the app is installed on an iPhone 12. After installing there is no change on the watch. Just the mist install message that it won’t go past. Wordless is better anyway. Delete..Version: 1.3

Shuts off music!I know many apps will pause your music but this app is special. Most apps allow you to turn off the game music/sounds or at least let you hit play on the music. This app doesn't even have music OR sounds of any kind. It doesn't quite pause the music either, it simply freezes the music app. When you go to hit play it plays automatically, only to stop again the second the app is opened again. There is no need for this, I hope this is a bug and not intentional!!.Version: 1.2

Word GuessI installed the app, before I could play one game, a hundred ads appeared. I really want to play this game so I will give it another try. But if the interference is really bad , I will definitely delete it..Version: 1.3

It’s a good game but…It’s just really hard but I like that there’s not a lot of ads and I like that you can like think of words or you can do like a little word thing that’s what I like about it because I personally like it but you know it’s really hard so I’ll try to think of words can’t say I can’t stop saying it’s so hard it’s so hard it’s so hard it so it’s so hard it’s so hard it’s so hard literally so if you get this game don’t be scared I mean it’s a pretty good game but really hard dang it I just said it again.Version: 1.2

AdsToo many pop up ads I got the app for wordle type games not to be interrupted every game with ads I don’t want it’s frustrating and makes me want to delete the app.Version: 1.3

Ads ads adsIf you like ads after every game then this is for you. Way to many ads for my liking.Version: 1.3

Good game, made up words sometimesWas having a good time with this app and was enjoying until until i did a round and found the final answer to be ‘verry ’ which isn’t a word according to every dictionary..Version: 1.2

This game is okEven with your Wi-Fi off and cell your data you still get ads.Version: 1.3

Unacceptable words.Many previously unacceptable words such as abbreviations have been added to the English language, so I have learned to consider them as options. If your game deems them unacceptable, it forces a premature end to the game, not allowing me to use my remaining chances..Version: 1.2

Unfortunate updateEnjoyed the game, played frequently and thought it had a simple, straightforward design. Ads were brief (a welcome thing) and I didn’t mind the small one at the bottom of the screen. The update changed the colors, layout and apparently ads, as I didn’t make it through the first game without having to delete the game. Looked for a ‘settings’ menu to see if there was an option to switch back. Didn’t see one. Too bad, it was a fun game..Version: 1.3

Maddening loud adsThis is Wordle, which is a great game. Trouble is, each new game is prefaced by an ad with a very loud audio track that can’t be turned off (clicking on the speaker symbol does nothing) so be aware of this if playing somewhere where you don’t want to disturb others..Version: 1.2

Make iPad CompatibleMake this compatible with iPads. When developers (like this one) don't bother to write in compatibility for iPads (only for iPhones) the app doesn't rotate to landscape. This is OBNOXIOUS, because the keyboard is tiny, and Apple stupidly placed the charging port at the bottom of screen in the default portrait orientation. Otherwise, it's an okay app, with the least invasive ads that only last five seconds, and has a repeat word rate of about one in fifty..Version: 1.2

Word game with an element of luckFrom the 3rd guess it’s a one letter guess legit words. Player can try below 9 words, need to be lucky to guess what the developer had in mind. Watch! BATCH CATCH HATCH MATCH NATCH PATCH RATCH TATCH WATCH.Version: 1.2

Ads play at full volume even if phones silentThink you’re gonna play a fun little word game while you rock your baby to sleep? While your husband sleeps next to you? While in a quiet waiting room? Nope! Because occasionally (but not always which causes you to drop your guard and forget enough so that it happens repeatedly) an ad will come up that plays at full blast waking the whole house, giving the old guy in the waiting room with you a heart attack, giving your baby a fear of phones. This is a jerk move. Booooo.Version: 1.2

Fun but USWould give this 5 stars for entertainment value. But it is almost ruined by using an American dictionary - especially without warning you. I deleted the app when I failed to work out the word “fiber” (fibre). Even writing this review the US spelling was initially rejected!.Version: 1.3

Used to love it, but…The game changed the other day and now it is awful!! I have played this game a lot and the words do repeat so maybe that is what drove the change. The colors changed, but I imagine that was reactive to the NYT. Annoying, but not a big deal. My biggest complaint is that so many of the words are now plurals of 4 letter words. I find that annoying and changes the strategy of the game. I do not care for this change at all. I will be looking for another app..Version: 1.3

*Beware Parents*The advertisements on this application involve incredibly abusive and disparaging images of women. One includes a woman with seemingly hair on her legs while she is on a toilet with gastrointestinal issues. The ad asks you to prepare her for a date that she forgot she had planned. Another is a woman covered in mud and you’re to bathe her and groom her for her date who she thinks is too “good looking” for her. This is incredibly insulting towards women and extremely inappropriate. I was playing this app with my 8 year old niece and she asked what it all meant. This should not be allowed..Version: 1.3

Decent but too many adsFun but after 2-3 words, you have to watch ads for other games. Not to mention the scrolling ad bar. I get that the devs have to make money, but just have the scroll bar of ads. Don’t force these other interruptions on players. Plus it doesn’t recognize simple English words—like biter. (What?) A biter is one who bites. Not a real word? Get a better dictionary. Deleted the app..Version: 1.2

Annoying adsI downloaded this & enjoy playing it. However, I find some if the ads rather offensive. The Makeover one particularly. Surely, in this day & age, we should be encouraging children to focus more on what they can do, rather than what they look like. For this reason, I’m deleting it. Without the offensive ad. I’d give it more stars..Version: 1.3

Greedy money hungry teamWay to many ads makes it an unplayable game. Used to be free then they got greedy. 1 ad after every 3 games is acceptable but 60 second ad after each game is just pathetic greed..Version: 1.3

Seriously intrusive AdsHuge unstoppable noisy Ads between games and a deliberately confusing interface to trick you into clicking on Ads which open your web browser. Avoid as it’s not even close to relaxing..Version: 1.2

Full of annoying adsDuring and after every puzzle you get bombarded with adverts..Version: 1.3

Shame about the US dictionaryQuite a good app and ads are not overly intrusive but, and it’s a big but, the dictionary is in US English, which means letters are regularly missing from words. EG: vapor instead of vapour. Now obviously, vapour is a six-letter word in international English so I wouldn’t expect to even think of vapour as a solution. Uninstalled, sadly..Version: 1.3

Installed but won't runGreen W is displayed then crashes. - What a waste of time that was!.Version: 1.2

Good but too many pluralsContains too many words that are just the plural of 4 letter words. Ie HANDS, NAILS, etc.Version: 1.3

Needs tweakedLike the game; however, it would be an improvement if you could fill in the squares as you want, not in order. And you can change a letter in your guess word randomly and not have to delete right to left to get to the letter you want to change. I thought that the above was how I played when I first got this app…then it changed..Version: 1.2

MusicNo music can’t do it because of no music. Music is way better than having no music. And how can I find the answer?!!!! And I can’t make my own wordle. Not really my best game..Version: 1.3

Weird version of EnglishOnly seems to support the American version of English. So I would avoid this game if you live in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand etc etc etc..Version: 1.2

So many reasons1-game has gotten boring. Words repeat without taking full advantage of the dictionary. 2-the 1 star I granted is only bc of the few amount of ads w ability to x it off within a few seconds. 3- the reason I will delete this & all Mediaflex apps is due to their GOP support which explains the lack of imagination & challenge in their apps. 4- their website is blocked bc it is suspiciously fraudulent. 5- their LinkedIn Acct gives very little info & doesn’t allow contact, so… zero transparency. No surprise here since they are GOP supporters. 5 never tried their support link since I’m DONE..Version: 1.3

So many addsSome reviews said no adds so they where lying because I keep getting adds.Version: 1.2

Not bad, not greatWas able to win a game with the word “verry”. It’s a lot like Wordle but I feel like the words have tendency to be a bit obscure and evidently, occasionally obsolete. I just feel like I’d play this more if the words were a bit more relevant..Version: 1.2

Needs workThe game is ok, but there is definitely work that needs to be done for a better understanding. There are words that you don’t uses every day, so you loose most games. I only won 1 but only with the help of google. There are no hints, that would be more helpful for beginners, and no levels so it just starts of as hard. I think if you aren’t that great a spelling this is not a good game for you..Version: 1.2

Ads with no way outBetter then other Wordle type apps but stuck with idiotic ads with no option to buy an ad free version. What’s the deal?.Version: 1.3

To many addsThe adds keep coming and they don’t stop.Version: 1.3

User unfriendlyKeyboard is too small and fiddly to manipulate. Would be good if you were able place your correct letters anywhere into the grid instead of having to start at the beginning.Version: 1.3

STOLENBlatantly stolen from the free-to-play web game. not cool, bro..Version: 1.1

Incorrect wordsThis game has been great until it starting giving me words that are not words… The most recent word I was supposed to guess was “verry”..Version: 1.3

BadThe word can be anything and it's the same number of words.Version: 1.3

Ni*g**Word cross had the letters to spell the n word.Version: 1.3

No funEvery guess you maje has to be a real word. So no filler or no having fun.Version: 1.3

Schwa???Was loving this game, which pretty closely mirrored Wordle. Then, on Sunday, we wasted a whole lot of time on a word that is not by any stretch of the imagination a universally used word. I venture to guess that many people go through life without ever using this word. We were playing Group Word Guess with all highly educated participants and not a single person got this word. Wordle has never presented such an obscure word. It really deflated the fun and flow of the game!.Version: 1.3

Offensive AddsLove the game but the ads are awful. Removing App because it’s inappropriate for my kids that might try to play. Gross ads..Version: 1.3

Couldn’t get past the adsNo idea how to actually play the game. Just ads..Version: 1.3

SoundI like to sit down and listen to the radio or podcasts whilst playing games like this but you can’t with this app - the app blocks all sounds even when ads aren’t playing - extremely frustrating.Version: 1.2

Word GuessThe game itself is fun! Be very careful when you click on one of their ads. Seekers notes. When I clicked on it … it trapped me into going forward. There was no exit. I am calling Verizon today to see if somehow malware or any sort of virus came onto my phone. Beware of the ads. I will update this once I call my carrier to make sure nothing happened to my phone. I had to power off to get it to quit and then I removed it immediately from my phone. Will be calling Verizon to have them do a diagnostic. What a bummer. I liked word guess but won’t like it that much anymore if something happened to my phone because of one of their ads..Version: 1.3

Initially loved but words repeatedGreat game but the same words have been used frequently, after only a few days of playing. Either the list of 5 letter words is not long enough or not randomised properly..Version: 1.3

Fun, but…Played frequently until the ads ruined the game..Version: 1.3

MmmNot as fun as I thought it would be. It’s so bad that I want to give you a zero, but that’s not possible so I give you a one.Version: 1.3

MusicHope you don’t like music because it turns it off when you are in the app. How can I ever concentrate on a word game without music? 🤷🏽‍♀️😹.Version: 1.2

Ridiculously noisy ads, small dictionaryThis Wordle rip-off has the potential to be good but there are two fundamental problems. It uses a tiny dictionary so if you play a few games you will see the same words crop up repeatedly. Also it rejects words not in this tiny lexicon which may help you win but that's not what users of this type of game want. The other horrible problem is the nousiest ads I have ever seen. They could easily have a settings option to enable users to eliminate advert noise. This doesn’t match the game’s user base. Nice try but improve it to be successful..Version: 1.2

Lots of AdsThere’s an ad after every game. I played 3 games and that was enough ads for me. Uninstall..Version: 1.3

Annoying AdsThe ads ruin this app. The app would be great without ads and I’d happily pay $10-$20 once off to remove them.Version: 1.3

Good but better if can listen to podcasts at the same timeAs a puzzler I like the app and the game. I like to listen to audio books or podcasts when I puzzle. Not possible with this app. Would be great to see that get fixed..Version: 1.2

No adsCan we purchase the app so we don’t have to put up with the awful ads. Quite a lot of them are not suitable to young users and the app it open to children as young as 4. Men having affairs, women being chucked out with babies into the freezing cold and mafia shoot outs are not the sort of thing even I as an adult want to see between every game.Version: 1.3

Good but…Be aware that not all words are in an official dictionary eg verry was supposedly the word on one game - as I have not come across this word I decided to check its meaning but I could not find it. Just annoying as it affects your stats. Please can you use words in a standard English dictionary. Other than that a good game..Version: 1.2

If you get stuck...guess blush 😅This game is great but in the last maybe 10 games I have had “blush” four times! One double up could be a strange coincidence but to have the same word 4 x in a short succession? Weird. I even have screen shots to prove it!.Version: 1.3

I’m unhappy😡So I basically thought this had no adds and it did so yea I hate adds.Version: 1.3

AddsGood game but so many adds for other games - literally one after every puzzle.Version: 1.3

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