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Move Animals! App User Positive Comments 2023

Move Animals! app received 72 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about move animals!?

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Move Animals! for Positive User Reviews

I love this game, but I wish it was much betterAnd I wished it was like different, but not like going over again, you know what I mean.Version: 2.8

Pretty goodThe game is pretty good the only thing that might need changing is the there are to many adds. I only got up to like, level 7 and there was already like 3 to 4 adds. That’s a lot of adds.Version: 2.8

Okay game but..I am in the story but but I always have to watch an add to continue the story and way way way to much adds but I love the gave and my favorite character is the doge I rate it 5/5?.Version: 2.7

I love this gameOk so I love this game but one of my friend had accidentally deleted it but I got so mad 😡 but i forgave her but I just love this game so much but I have this other game it is call Kawaii wold and I what Kawaii wold 2 but I can not find it but anyways why are the cats 🐈 getting on the people head but do not change anything it is just so funny 🤣 that I had to ask y’all games are this best..Version: 2.7

Great game💜I love this game so dang much! The only thing I don’t like is the ads! There aren’t too many in the beginning but later on there’s an ad after every darn level! Also it gets annoying watching one after a short level. But I do recommend this game Bye😁.Version: 2.2

Game of the YearMove out of way elden ring. Move Animal is the best game ever crafted. I am filled with awe and joy by just laying a glance on the game. Every time I open the app, a way of serotonin on the same level as a starving animal seeing food for the first time in weeks rushes over me. I’ve played the game for 5 minutes. I cannot fathom a game better than the beautifully crafted masterpiece that is Move Animal. One complaint. Game should be longer.Version: 2.8

Amazing game and adorable storiesI downloaded it because it looked like a common fun game but it is way more than that so if you want a game with animals I highly recommend to get this one it is so fun!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Move animal Fan.Version: 2.2

SOO FUNI love this game and I love animals. I just like a hard challenge to move the animals and they look soooo funny when I move them in a weird way. If your reading this you should REALLY REALLY get this game..Version: 2.6

I love the game so muchI love the game so much.Version: 2.8

Good jobThis game is just like the add and even more fun in person.Version: 2.8

Good but addsSo this game is rlly good but ads are so annoying like pls change thst.Version: 2.8

Needs more storyYour story mode says more coming soon yeah you just an update on up your story mode says more coming soon yet you just didn’t update on it today adding more levels and bug fixes don’t get me wrong what you’ve done so far with story mode isn’t bad it just seems incomplete.Version: 2.4

Thiss is why....This app is the weirdest app ever ,then why 5 stars ? Well.... ITS ThE WEIRD esT in a good way! I love when it gives you an option to pet the dog or cat anddd I just spam it till it snaps the doggy s neck ,lollll 😆😆😆😆 soooo I 💯% recommend this app but if you don't like ads it gives adds every level you complete so yes pls fix that . Ty for the review chance..Version: 2.4

It’s funnyI just wanted toGet this game this was so fun I love it as hard as I can it’s so fun you can drag the animals up there and then on the way home and then you get to open the bears mouth that’s funny and then scares away the person that’s my favorite part about it OK I don’t like it bye.Version: 2.8

Good but moreMove in move is a great game but it needs a little bit more.Version: 2.7

Great gameI love to throw the cats into oblivion^^.Version: 2.8

I looooove itIt is so much fun!!.Version: 2.7

Adds are annoyingThis game is brilliant and it’s the best app I have but the adds are So annoying and you can’t put airplane mode on without it glitching. I would recommend it but only if you don’t mind adds. 😁.Version: 2.8

Good game!!!It will be a good thing to go get away and get out now and get out the car lol I have no idea how much it will take you out to do you put your name in your car lol bye lol you are so so tired and you are so so cute lol I’m bout a baby lol I got my car lol I’m tired.Version: 2.8

FunThis game is fun but if you can work a little harder on the new episodes I am dying to now what happens but. on the other hand it is amazing 🤩🌈💖💕😊🌸.Version: 2.7

😁😕I really enjoy Move Animals, it’s the best game I have, but I just wish there weren’t so many ads.Version: 2.7

Only one thingSo,I love this app but the only problem is the adds and I just started the story line and that’s when things started to go downhill every time I hit continue it was an add and on the ones where there is no storyline its a great app but I think you should remove some adds. And I’ve had the app for a about 17 mins. Less apps would make it more enjoyable.Version: 2.7

Amazing game but one big problemTo continue a story you have to watch adverts 😠so annoying please fix that problem and people would play it more..Version: 2.6

Levels please readI love this game it is awesome but I’ve done all of the levels five times and I’ve been waiting for like two months for a new episode to come out that’s why I only gave it four stars so please update the game and add more levels and come out with more episodes.Version: 2.2

I love this game!It’s a great game! I can’t wait to see the next part of the love story!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.7

TOO MANY ADS😡 (But I still like this game)I love this game and all, but there are just too many ads, I basically have to watch one every… single… time I finish a level. Ads may be good when I’m trying to unlock stuff, but when I have to watch one in the middle of a game, it’s just gets on my nerves..Version: 2.4

Un natural thingsThere is some un natural things in this game but great and also things that don’t happen in real life..Version: 2.2

This game is so fun⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This game is so fun and the story mode is so fun to but the amount of ads it’s crazy like when I move and animal one time I need to watch a ad like all the time but other than that it’s so fun.Version: 2.7

FunnyPretty funny app, have never played anything like this so it’s unique in that sense. Sometimes you don’t know where exactly to move the animal but still fun.Version: 2.0

Life changingSince playing this game i have recived 27 promotions from my boss. my wife has come back for me, and eveyrthing in life has gone perfectly after playing this game. 11/10 would reccomened for capybara.Version: 2.8

It’s ok not bad thoI like the game and all but like every level or two the game freezes and you have to go back into the game or after an add it won’t go back to the game. I give this game a 4 star rating because of that bug but overall I really like the game you should download it! ❤️.Version: 2.6

FAVThis is my fav game! It’s very fun and I love how funny it is when you move the animals. So I got to the ‘last’ level I think. Then I started over. I don’t know if that was supposed to happen? But I absolutely love this game! Thanks for such an amazing game! I literally play it every day! 🐯❤️🔥.Version: 1.9

So many ads!!So when I’m playing the game, I’m in the love story and for everything I have to do an ad just to continue the story. Well, I don’t feel like writing a long review so if you like watching ads 24/7 then this is perfect for you..Version: 2.7

Good butI love this game I am addicted to it but there is to many ads it is quite annoying.Apart from that I love the game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩.Version: 2.8

It’s a really good game I love itThis game is so good I love it I could play it for my life and so basically it’s kind of realistic but animals don’t kind of move like that so I insist you make some updates to the game and then it would be like really realistic and you update the game and then you have instructions that tell you how to move the animals.Version: 2.2

SO FUNNY AND CREATIVEFirst of all moving animals to a position GREAT IDEA its just so funny moving them where there not suppose to be making them fly some how of I could show you a image some how I bet you would laugh but for now ITS A GREAT GAME and merry Christmas!.Version: 2.8

Ehh *.*Cranes batery ( more then Roblox ).Version: 2.8

Best game ever!!!!!This is so good download it but there might be a bit ads and beware of the scammers.Version: 2.6

Fun game, I have a small problem with a certain levelHello! This is a fun game and I recommend it. On the first safari run level, you have to shoot at tigers which I do not like. Tigers are endangered species all because of poachers, who, if you don’t know, are people who kill animals and trade their fur, etc. I was just upset about this level because tigers are beautiful animals who are endangered, and I know this is just a game but it still is somewhat upsetting to think about. Otherwise this is a fun game and I love the variety of animals..Version: 2.4

My ReviewI love this game! But there is one thing…There are too many ads! Can you make the ads less? I know there is a no ads button but it can still give you ads for other things. This is just my review it doesn’t have to be others..Version: 2.6

Incredible! Just a bit of an issue.Alright. This game is INCREDIBLE! I just downloaded it and it is amazing! It’s so fun and cute! Just a bit of a problem..So, the game started out smooth, and as I’m passing levels, it’s getting laggy. Along with too many ads..Please fix this bug..Version: 2.0

AwesomeOk so my friend said this game was bad I wanted a week and I cold not resist I bout the game and I was so mad at my friend .because this game is so Much fun the best part was the dog and the person and there story🐶😍. But the only problem is after I finish a level there is a ad😠it is so annoying and don’t think this is bad game. just please tack away the ad’s so that’s the end of my review😃😀😄😁..Version: 2.0


Sooo cute ☺️😊🦌🌸🌷🌹🌈🌈🎀🧸❤️💓💖💝The physics of this game are so adorable i love this game so much 💓💖💖💘💝🎀🎀🎀🧸🧸🧸🧸🌈🌈🌈🌈🌸🌺💐🍄🌷🌹🌼🌻🪷🌾🥹☺️😊😌😇🥹.Version: 2.2

Love itLove it so good.Version: 2.7

Best game with a problemI’ve had the game for a month or so and the love story with takes forever to get new episodes for it but overall it’s a good game.Version: 2.2

A few addsI like this game but adds are adds they are just a few of adds and I like this game more than my another games but trust me u r going to like this game the love story tells u to waste ur money but instead of u having adds from getting money u can just do the normal stuff that it says when you get out of the love story and I give it a 4/5 I love this game ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 2.8

The best but one issueThis game is awesome ever since I got it I have been playing it for a long time but it has too many ads every second AD ADAD.Version: 2.8

Great game but two many adds!This is the best game ever but I think that there’s too many ads definitely you should get this game but you better be worn by these reviews that there’s way too many ads. It’s crazy..Version: 2.8

NO ADSThis game is good but the ads are driving me crazy and I wish they didn’t have ads after every level and it’s really annoying.Version: 2.7

Great butTo much adds.Version: 2.6

:) ÙWÚIt is a really good and fun game to play.Version: 2.6

Adds are so annoying 😞😡😞The adds are so annoying let me explain I did a level then when I pressed the next level button it took me on to a [email protected] 👺👹but iIt is a very good game if you like animals this game is for you..Version: 2.7

I’m so happy I found this game!!This game is so fun, as if so this game amazing! My friend said it was not fun but then I played it and it was so fun! I’ve haven’t played Roblox in 4 days rn because of this game 0-0. Anyway Have a good day! Very awesome game developers!.Version: 2.2

Really good gameSo when I first started playing this game I was like this is okay OK but I was hoping for more and then I started seeing what type of animals I could be unlocking and I saw dinosaurs and I saw other animals that don’t even exist anymore and then you go ahead and put those animals inside this game that is why people should have this game on their phone this should be app that people are meant to her meant to have it I meant and give us around the flies.Version: 2.6

Good but boring.At first I liked this game but after a little while it got boring. And after most of the love story it says “new episodes coming soon”. And then it gets more boring. So that’s why I rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️stars..Version: 2.8

AmazingSuper good worth playing.Version: 2.6

This game is great but…There is so many inappropriate adds and too many adds.Version: 2.6

BEST GAME EVERThis game is awesome I love this is all I play no wonder they call it move animals.Version: 2.2

MehEh, I don’t wanna go on for too long but it’s just repetitive I finished a few levels and then it just repeated three times yes it is fun but it’s repetitive I’d like to see some more levels added around four or five.Version: 2.7

The storyI think the you should let the people play the knew story. I want to play the story..Version: 2.7

Add is differentSo I saw the add and it was where you chose what animal you were throughout the race and then you fought at the end and moves them to fight so I downloaded it and it was pretty chill but I liked the concept but I really was never in the mood to play the concept in general and I hate games that have a different add then what that are if you really show the real game that’s what gets more people because some people might like your real game but they don’t like the add so they do they get it NO THEY DONT BECAUSE THE ADD IS DIFFERENT so little advice show the real game every detail more people will download and NOT delete so if you like move people you will probably like move animals so I recommend this game for people if they like things like move people..Version: 2.8

Love the game, but too many ads!I love this game and I only got it like a while ago, but the only problem with it is that there are WAYYYYY too many ads 😕 I would’ve rated this game 5 stars, but it’s 4 stars because.. y’know… The ads. At least advertise like 2-3 levels, and then an ad. Otherwise, the ads are really annoying to me! Just please, creator, if you’re reading this, apply less ads next time please! Other than the ads I don’t have any other problems I know of! Thank you and have a nice or great day ✨.Version: 2.8

Pretty good app, but the adsThis app is honestly really good, its just the ads. every time I finish the levels, there is always an ad. I just think it's annoying because it's always after every level, but on top of all of that, it's a really good app..Version: 2.7

It is the bestI have absolutely no problems with this game and the things the animals do are so realistic I only had ads when I chose to watch one for more coins most games now days are very inappropriate but I did not see anything inappropriate about this game and it is fun for all ages.Version: 2.2

How I like move animalsI like move animals because you get to move animals make them do what you want I like to make them look silly.Version: 2.7

The addsThe adds are killing me. So I was hanging out with my friend and she showed this game to me and I thought “ hey I have seen adds for this game it seems fun”. Later I got the app and I was exited to see how fun it was at first I was like “ooh this seems fun” but once I finished the level add. So I thought okay adds will show up SOMETIMES after a level. After the next level ADD. 4 more levels later ADD after ADD..Version: 2.8

It’s okThe game has an ENDLESS ADD glich.Version: 2.6

ADS WHYTo many ads if this game did not have this much adds I would give this game 5 stars please get rid of the ads.Version: 2.6

Amazing! but way to many adsSo I love the game but there are way to many ads which is really annoying, also it gives you options but you have to get both and to get both you have watch ads.Version: 2.7

:):().Version: 2.8

Great BUT……💓💗😑I really love this game. I have been waiting for more episodes of the story for sooooo long. Now I gone back to playing the normal stuff and it just went back to the begging and I’ve got bored. Sooooooooo please add more levels and episodes bye👋.Version: 2.0

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