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Easy to navigate.A very well designed app that is easy to install and navigate whilst providing accurate and informative details. Using on-board the flight enables access to 000’s of movies and online content. Excellent. Probably one of the best airline apps.Version: 3.0.28

Bad experience, good appI flew United for the first time in a while and I found that, compared to other airline apps, their flight statuses were updated the most frequently/accurately. It told me about delays before the gate clerk even knew. As you could’ve guessed, this unfortunately means that I was on a delayed flight which caused me to miss my connection on the last flight out of Newark for the night. The app let me know right away when my connection took off, preventing the hassle of running to the gate to check, and immediately presented me with options for next steps. It provided the next United flight out of Newark and guaranteed me a seat, while also showing me flights out of nearby airports, like LaGuardia and JFK, in order to more accurately assess options and get to my destination as soon as possible. Thank you so much for alleviating the stress in a tough situation! I’ve never booked a flight using the app, so I cannot speak on that, but my experience was great..Version: 2.1.39

An awesome time saver!Access to my ‘ticket’ and flight information is so quickly is awesome! Wow, I remember having to go down to a ticket office(30 min) and spend an hour having someone else tell what they thought my flight options were (60min) and then having to print a ticket and keep up with it(never) and then strategically place the ticket where I can present it to 4 different people so I can make it through the airport including checking in for flight (60min+) then security, gate agent, and flight attendant all while stopping to check the board for which gate (15min) and any updates and heaven forbid I have a connecting flight and another flight coupon! Only complaint is I seem to have to closedown the app to get it to update added reservations - even if I made the reservation with the app. But maybe that is because I have gotten so used to having the information right away! It actually seems like the app, through notifications, gets the updated flight information quicker than the gate agents and flight crews! Makes me feel like a seasoned traveler - Well Done! Keep those updates coming..Version: 2.1.48

In flight entertainmentOverall a good app from a developer’s perspective. There are a few improvements to make with in flight wifi entertainment. 1. Navigating to the in flight entertainment was tricky. The menu option is tucked away under “more options” and the instructions do not point the user there. My guess is it was supposed to auto detect that you are connected to a united wifi access point and show you in flight options on the dashboard and that didn't work. If that’s not an existing feature, it may be a good feature to add (rather easy to implement). 2. I wasn't able to continue watching the movie I started a few hours ago on my first flight. Ford v Ferrari disappeared. However, i noticed it does take me back to where I left off during the same flight (but sort of flakey and may need additional testing there). 3 Lastly, i kept being disconnected from the access point every few minutes. This is most likely the cause of the router and not the app..Version: 4.1.23

Good App - Terrible CompanyWhat goodness does an app add if the “state of the art” Entertainment technology is useless when the plane WiFi does not work? Many upset customers, Bose and iPhones ready, asked the attendants if this was common. “It happens all the time”. Coast-to-Coast without Entertainment. What good is it to be able to “manage” your miles when United uses de PQM miles scam to credit miles (got less than 30% of my true miles credited, it will take me years to build enough miles to get a domestic free ticket)? But it won’t happen because I avoid United with passion and even cancelled their credit card. What’s the point? My problem with United is United, not the app. United has forgotten its customer focus and to reward loyalty. Forget even the flying experience, just take a European carrier and compare. United apps would be really useful if they were built on a platform of customer service, clearly what United is not about anymore. So I avoid United at all costs, gone to better carriers with more inferior apps..Version: 2.1.44

Lost luggageUnfortunately united lost my luggage containing all my ski clothes so was without it for a day... it did turn up next day but very much an inconvenience on a ski holiday..Version: 2.1.65

IntlPlease add ability for intl customers to book revenue travel like AA DL etc.Version: 3.0.19

Won’t work without WiFiApp is really well designed and easy to use. Other airlines should look to this to see how it’s done. Note I’m endorsing the app, not necessarily the airline, which has gotten steadily worse since the Continental merger..Version: 2.1.63

Great if you are from the U.K.Normally when travelling to the USA from the U.K. I have to collect my documents at the airport. The passport scanning app let me upload my details and get my boarding pass on my phone saving me time at check in as all I have to do is bag drop. One of the best airline apps I have used!.Version: 2.1.47

FlightsGreat company always look after you on flights and make sure you get your connecting flights when delayed..Version: 3.0.22

PCR testing for international travellersUnited’s arrangement with Safeway and CVS is fantastic. We were looking at PCR tests at US$350 each!!! It’s worth travelling United to the USA just for this arrangement!!.Version: 4.1.37

Boarding process at gateThe boarding process at the United gate is very confusing which I think could be corrected with little effort, based on my experience at competing airlines and reviewing their processes. There are 4 boarding groups (at least 4 anyways as I was group 4) but only 2 roped off lines each being clearly labeled as line “1” and line “2”. Between the chaos of passengers hovered around ropes early and out of turn, and the loud speaker rapidly talking things like, “now group number three go through line number [and spit off some number other than three]” and repeat the process for 4. I don’t understand why the gate can’t be organized such that a group 4 passenger could get in a line that’s labeled #4. This is also extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a hearing impaired person to comply with the airlines instructions. I was not the only person having this issue on my recent flights..Version: 3.0.13

Please add Canadian credit card option pleaseThis app still does not support Canadian credit card payment. How many flights are flying between US and Canada each day? There are many frequent flyers needing this feature. This is the most feedback topic. Please do something..Version: 3.0.6

Abysmal customer service - do not flyI have been a United Mileage Plus member for 6 years and flown almost exclusively United. Huge mistake. Due to a technical issue on a United Aircraft on Oct 6, 2019, I was stranded over night away from home. I spent two + hours on the phone with “customer care” and the best offer I received was that United Airlines the would “change the waive fee” for a flight the next day. No hotel, no offer to put me on a different airline, no compensation for Uber to and from the airport or meals. Nothing. Truly abysmal way to treat a long-time (now former) customer. Especially when I saw (on the same trip! on the way to my destination) a man get offered $500 in compensation to take the next flight out. At his convenience. When I was very much inconvenienced, at United’s pleasure, I was offered nothing, even upon request. My girlfriend was stranded the same day in another city on American Airlines and she was offered a hotel voucher, Uber voucher, and a meal. She didn’t even have to ask. FLY ANY OTHER AIRLINE!.Version: 3.0.21

Great ServiceFlying across the Atlantic United Airlines have always looked after me. Staff are friendly and never treat you like a number as I have experienced on other flights. You are an individual and they have treated me like one of the family, which is great especially when flying alone as I do..Version: 3.0.21

Easiest app to check inJust checked in for my American leg of the journey before leaving NZ and it was so easy. Nice one!.Version: 3.0.16

That was easy!Great app! Quick and easy check-in. Thank you..Version: 3.0.5

Personal awardWorld’s best airline industry APP..Version: 4.1.53

Non USPurchase of bags not possible out of the US.Version: 2.1.66

ThanksOur trip with United was amazing!! The staff were super kind! Thank you for making our trip lovely. We’ll defusing your praises! Amber & John Eikelenboom.Version: 3.0.5

Siva Made The DifferenceWhen my flight got cancelled les than 24 hours before my scheduled departure I was pretty upset. I have a pretty tight schedule for the weekend and precious time with family planned. When I called I got in the queue and the recording said a 40-50 minute wait. I could feel most of my weekend slipping away and I was getting pretty upset. After about 15 or so minutes the phone rang and Siva greeted me and asked how she could help me. I explained my situation and the limits of my times when I could leave. She was very professional. Her voice was calm and reassuring and she went to work immediately helping me rebook flights that would work for my plans. The way she handled my call changed my distress to reassurance and I told her so. Siva represents United very well and she should be commended for regaining a happy customer. Thank you Siva. Btw the 4 stars is because of the circuitous phone system. Siva get 5 stars in my book..Version: 4.1.23

Much improved.Some companies fail to make necessary improvements. United got it right by listening to its customers..Version: 3.0.0

Great app for check inBrilliant app for checking in. With up to date details of your flight. The ability to change your seats and hold your boarding pass all from your mobile phone is amazing! Great app highly recommended!.Version: 2.1.59

Incredibly frustrating experience!Not sure why your app does not notify of changes to seats we’ve booked for months. Went to check in and saw my wife and I were separated by 12 rows AND on opposite sides of the 787, without any notification. This is unacceptable and too easy to remedy. A simple e-mail or text would suffice to let me know to work this issue, but no, you just separate us without a word! Then, spent 50 minutes on hold to change seats way back in economy and had to ask to get economy plus bundle refunded. Now on hold to talk to a supervisor because the representative is not authorized to do anything other than change seats and give us a refund of our bundle. Though she was very nice and efficient (after 50 minutes on hold) she was not authorized to do anything to bring me back as a customer. I am reconsidering United as my preferred airline. This has been incredibly frustrating. Oh, and to register a complaint, I have to go to your website and “fill out a form.” I would expect to be contacted by a customer service rep directly after this poor service. Sincerely, Thomas Lawhead.Version: 4.1.46

I rated this application 4.5 stars because it stopped working and I didn’t use it very oftenI rate this app 4.5 stars because it stopped working at times because their connection and I didn’t use it very often.Version: 2.1.26

Detailed but use kilogram units !Appreciate the detail. Comprehensive. But use kilogram units ! B.Version: 4.1.68

Awkward app on multiple frontsIt does get certain jobs done (check-in, give travel info etc.) — but there is lots of room for improvements. For instance, each time you want to go back to your reservation information, you have to re-type your confirmation number and last name, even within the same session, which is really awkward. When I scanned my passport, the app uploads it but then it complained that my name was incorrect — which was not true, but it did not get my middle name. There is no way to correct or add that. You can only cancel the process. So, the whole check-in process is cancelled because of this flaw. After I had checked in (without passport, which is possible) using the app said the boarding passes will be emailed. But they weren’t. I only got an email notification that my check-in had failed. So, what’s the point? Why not just say that in the app? Finally, today (Nov 3, 2021) the app tells me I cannot use the Travel-ready feature because my app needs to be updated first. This was RIGHT AFTER I had updated it. Helllooo??.Version: 4.1.33

App so Good I started flying United againI love this app. It’s like Fedex plus Amtrak. Thank you United for making a quality product that actually helps me. I don’t ordinarily even leave reviews, but I fly a lot and I truly appreciate that this app makes flying more convenient. Dear people who made this thank you for adding all of those seamless features. And thank you for the in airport texts and updates too. Thanks to your app, instead of having a hair-pulling experience due to holiday traffic surrounding the airport, I was able to rebook my flight from the uber, eat a leisurely enjoyable dinner in the airport while charging my phone and taking a conference call, purchase a couple of magazines, and stroll happily to the correct gate with a confident awareness of the flight status. I had important things in my checked bags, so when I arrived I didn’t stress when the bags took a while to come out at baggage claim because I checked the app and knew they had arrived and were on their way to me. In conclusion, I love you..Version: 3.0.25

Works wellWorks well for me. Little hard to find info at times. Delta App is a little better.Version: 3.0.8

I’m a fanThe United app is one of the most efficient up to date real time flight apps a available. It is so user friendly and allows to to check on all flight related statuses such as luggage, delays, gate changes etc Love love love Kim from Australia.Version: 3.0.31

Best airline appMost airlines apps that I use have a subset of the website funtionality, so they revert to the website for many functions. Except for this one, United app is extremely useful and convenient: I use it to book flights, monitor prices, check-in, watch inflight entertainments, etc. And I never need to go to the website for anything, very efficient! Thank you United!.Version: 3.0.25

United AppThe United App is great fast & convenient. Awesome! United airlines fantastic to travel with internationally & domestic. 🇳🇿Rob & Pam.Version: 3.0.12

Bag feeToo high.Version: 4.1.63

Surname DroppedYour last update/release dropped my surname from my profile thus preventing me from accessing my reservation details as the names no longer match. I’ve checked all of my other access points, i.e. my laptop, etc. and erroneous no name changes occurred outside the mobile app. The app has been rendered useless other than reviewing my mileage. What happened?.Version: 2.1.61

Does exactly what it needs to doJust checked in online for my flights tomorrow, all worked as it should, photographed my passport, took all my details, assigned seats and got my boarding passes on my phone. Was apprehensive after reading a lot of these reviews but they have either fixed the app now or I was lucky, but it does exactly what it needs to do..Version: 2.1.43

Excellent AppRather best one. So easy to use and understand..Version: 2.1.66

DisappointingNo allocated seats until reached gate. No screen working for entire 9hour flight and unhelpful cabin staff. Return flights show my 12 year old son sitting alone and two of our party have no reserved seat. Must pay to allocate of have son moved. Very disappointing experience..Version: 2.1.59

Great but...I paid for baggage successfully but there is no option to say my card is from Australia or any other country aside from US Puerto Rico and Guam I think..Version: 2.1.61

AMAZING Customer Service - George GuerreroI was notified on August 7, 2022 that my Tampa flight to Newark, NJ was canceled due to severe weather and thunderstorms. The email was received only a few hours before the flight so I quickly searched for another option and chose an earlier flight for that day at 2:55pm. I get to the gate and was on standby along with 25 other frustrated travelers, especially when we couldn’t get on that flight either since this plane filled quickly. George Guerrero, a United employee, assisted the crowd by answering their questions in a calm and positive manner despite different negative attitudes. When my turn came, Mr. Guerrero, empathized that my original flight got canceled and the second one on standby did not work out. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of the system in quickly providing me options and letting me know that he would monitor the next flight for a seat since it was already full. He also gave me advice for a local hotel stay, picking up my luggage and downloading the United app. Within a couple of hours, Mr. Guerrero confirmed a seat on flight for me and I was able to track everything on the app. Mr. Guerrero went above and beyond in deescalating other travelers. His charismatic personality is quite refreshing whereas we expect a robotic experience behind the counter. This gentleman helped me with ease, efficiency and a smile on his face. He is an asset to the company and an exemplary employee!.Version: 4.1.58

Good way to checkinExcellent.Version: 3.0.14

Saved by a United Airlines counter staff memberA lady by the name of Terri Jackson was so incredibly helpful at New Orleans. We were scheduled to fly to San Francisco & connect on to Las Vegas. The San Francisco flight was running so late we would not have made the last connecting flight out to Las Vegas today. Terri rerouted is to Chicago, where we are now awaiting a flight to Las Vegas. She was AWESOME! Fabulous lady with incredible skills and helpful manner! Well done..Version: 3.0.22

RegionWhen completing the form to join United’s frequent travel program, which was required to use the app, which was required to register my passport to enable me to check-in; the field “Region” did not accept “England”, nor “Middlesex” and dumped me out. I the had to renter my password and security questions which was extremely frustrating. Why can’t you accept that London does not have a region? Or if you can’t verify it’s acceptability before I am allowed to progress to the next page inputting the info mentioned above, then rejecting it wasting my time by making me have to re input it?.Version: 3.0.14

Camera bugScanned credit card function doesn’t work properly. Could only check in once I’d typed in card details manually..Version: 3.0.2

Fly with peace of mindWe have travelled on many flights over the past month and none have been anywhere near as accommodating and helpful as the staff of United - we had a terrible experience with Sky airlines where they changed flight times so we purchased another ticket to ensure we did t miss our international flight with United and they mistakenly checked us into the later flight and would not change it which resulted in us missing out United flight - we contacted United fearing we were stuck in Peru and within minutes they had us in the next flight out and only wanted to help us. We will always choose United from now on for that peace of mind. Thanks United.Version: 4.1.67

App brings customer service forwardThis app was incredible when I recently had a flight cancelled half way through my trip due to weather. I got a notification from the app, asked for an alternative, accepted what was offered and had boarding passes before anyone else from the gate had found a customer service counter. You’ve aced it United. What a great tool across the board and it will make you just a better airline..Version: 3.0.8

My flight to Palm Springs from SydneyI’m so happy with JESS DEAN excellent customers service who understand I lost passport and Jess Dean help me to change ticket waive fees My travel insurance won’t help me. So united air help me more than travel insurance JESS DEAN IS 5 stars customers service I’m starting falling in love with united air xx xx xx xx 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.0.14

Almost perfectCanada isn’t an option for saving credit card info. It doesn’t automatically pull my frequent number into my flight for check in. And I couldn’t figure out how to do that myself. I’ll guess just add it when I’m at the airport..Version: 3.0.8

Poor experience on my recent flight- Expected better service for Premium GoldaHad booked a round trip from EWR to Delhi. While the flight to Delhi was smooth, the return flight (August 11) was delayed by over 18 hours. After haggling with a United representative on the phone for over 45mins I was told that I could only be given a flight back option from Mumbai if I made my own arrangements to fly to Mumbai. I needed to get back to Newark by Sunday and did not have many options, I was finally given an option to fly via Munich with about a 4-5hours layover in Munich. While I my original booking was on ‘Premium Economy’ my booking on Lufthansa was done on a regular coach class and was given a middle seat to travel overnight. At Munich I went to the Miles and More lounge and presented my United Club pass (knowing that they are part of Star Alliance), however, they said that the United Club pass is not acceptable at their lounges. So I had to sit around the Munich airport for the next 4-5hours. Overall, was a painful experience and I expected better service for a Premium Gold member..Version: 2.1.57

My experience w UnitedI flew in from EWR to GDL and the my one suitcase WAS NOT PUT ON THE PLANE from Houston to GDL. I was told that I am to wait for my luggage and that it would arrive sometime the next day. When I tried to phone United and gain information where is my suitcase and when it will arrive, I was transferred to a company in India and the horrible experience continued. Hours of waiting to speak to a person, lies over lies and promises to attend to my issue that were not meant to be kept. At that point I lost my trust and asked to leave the suitcase in the airport and I will pick it up by myself. I was promised that my suitcase will wait for me in the airport. The next day I drive an hour to the airport to find out that my luggage is on the United truck and the driver is in front of my rented accommodation, with no one to receive my suitcase. The company in India promised I will be able to get my suitcase in the airport and they lied again. At this point me and my suitcase were in limbo. I am a long time United/Continental customer and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the way this was handled. It costed me TWO days of my precious vacation. Rivka Soloway.Version: 3.0.26

Back from Covid and the road back to Global begins yet againDespite the poor treatment by two folks on separate flights to see my daughter yesterday to celebrate my 52nd birthday with her (she’s attending college in California and I reside in the east coast/NYC area l) it’s nice to see that United is doing a better job providing for less human engagement for efficient travel booking. As a continuing loyal United traveler now that I’m back from a lot of no traveling during Covid - I was prior to Covid a Global Services Member for many years with 1K status now - I don’t let one travel experience decide my opinion on such an important loyalty program for someone like myself. United listens and it’s clear that your loyalty program with its nuances and need for better automation clearly to me has arrived. I was missing the Global Service staff but have found the app this time flying (been slowly back with January ringing the bell back to Global I’m sure in the foreseeable future) I am happy to be flying with United…again. Loyal flyer.Version: 4.1.70

I issueThe customer service from every staff member was excellent. I do however have a beef with the United App in flight. On both arrival flights, I was not able to watch the “free” entertainment and was very disappointed. Moreover, the staff weren’t familiar with how to help me either. I asked the desk person before my second flight and two flight attendants how to get it operational- I got 3 different suggestions and none worked. The main problem was the App told me I “wasn’t connected to the internet” so no go. But, you can’t connect in airplane mode. When I called customer service, I was told that I had to purchase United WiFi on every flight I took for $8. That is NOT “free”. But I did try in flight and still could not do that because of the airplane mode factor. Very frustrated and hate it when I have a long flight and can’t enjoy screen entertainment..Version: 4.1.60

Great appAs a US / Canadian traveler this app is hitting all the points to ensure good communication and a smooth experience on a Star Aliance partner airline. Well done..Version: 4.1.64

Brilliant airline app! Gives far more info than most other airlines.Not sure why this app receives so many negative reviews as it is much better in every regard than the apps offered by other top airlines. The app also gives you far more info than other airlines and is very easy to use. It seems that most negative reviews are about United’s on board WiFi pricing which might be expensive but, it’s Internet on an aircraft via satellite so it’s going to be expensive until the technology becomes cheaper. The pricing of WiFi is not a factor of the app but rather of United. Would definitely say one of the best airline apps..Version: 2.1.30

Easy checkinUnited make it really easy to check in with the app on the mobile. Well done United👍.Version: 2.1.60

AmazingComplete check-in without the crowd and queue..Version: 2.1.62

Best Airline appMuch better than any other I have used..Version: 3.0.13

UnitedOld noisy tired looking aircraft Disinterested unhelpful staff on aircraft but even worse at check in If you ever have problems with your bags the staff at baggage reclaim could not be less interested The website regularly fails to allow me to book flights.Version: 2.1.61

Stephanie PRUAL-UNITED 🇺🇸Definitely the best Company Ever Love you United for all your king attention. Always, Everywhere with you for ever ✨✨✨👌🏻🤍🌸.Version: 4.1.59

No reservation updates on app!!!App has intermittently worked even after updates. Don’t get a check in email, app would show reservation but not allow me to check in - under boarding passes it kept saying I had no reservations, even though reservation section would show the reservation. Eventually had to call United and go through the automated prompter to check in. Only after checking in on the phone did I get an email with the link to my boarding passes and the app still didn’t recognize that I had checked in! Before I was able to obtain the boarding passes it asked me if I wanted to write a review and this is the review. Never had to do this for any of the other airlines Southwest, American or Delta. In this case the app that was designed for convenience was very inconvenient. I am now going to close out this review and hopefully obtain an actual boarding pass....Version: 2.1.65

Excellent AppEasy to access, great tips, excellent.Version: 3.0.29

L AtteridgeI tried to fly American yesterday and it was a complete disaster. They had us all loaded on plane and it developed A malfunction of some kind so they unloaded the plane and let us sit in terminal for an hour or so only to tell us the flight would have to be cancelled. There was several people there including myself that had been dropped of for the flight from all over the region that had no way to even get a ride out. No other flights were offered, basically it was well your out of luck with American Airlines. They didn’t even have another plane at the airport. The plane we were on was a shabby looking plane as well, adding to my reservation about flying. Anyway I chose to fly united out of another airport having missed a very important meeting in Alabama on this day and so far the experience has been great. Hopefully I will get where I need to be tomorrow. Thanks United..Version: 4.1.56

Great appUnited airlines app is amazing. There are always new features coming up that are a pleasant surprise for such a frequent traveller as myself. For instance, there is a new feature where I can upgrade my premium economy seat to a business seat during the app check in process is a convenient and forward looking add on..Version: 2.1.56

Easy to use and great appI was looking for detailed airport map for LAX, and flight status. Easy to use. So far I'm really happy to use this app. Thank you..Version: 2.1.20

MKCI was prompted yesterday to go on another flight with no change fee. It wasn’t obvious that the flight options were for the *following* day. I selected, realized I made a mistake, and called right away to correct. I was then on hold more than a half hour, and two agents and an hour later I received no help. All after a day when i traveled to be at a funeral. Today, when I went to check in, the message was clearer that you were looking for people to change flights. I have been a customer and mileage plus customer for decades. Also a credit card holder. I am extremely disappointed in the service and considering canceling my card, and United as airline of choice. It’s clear United dramatically overbooked flights the entire weekend, which is irresponsible from my perspective. While I was on the phone with agents last night, I could hear other agents fighting with customers like me in the background. Please try to be better to customers in the future. Thank you.Version: 3.0.4

Simple check inI like the simple check in and expect to save time at the airport. The option to save details is also an advantage, saving the drudgery of having to input the same details for every passenger on every flight..Version: 2.1.66

It was better beforeSimpler earlier version when using the app. Change seats doesn’t seem to work now using iPhone 6s, I have to change it via the pc. Why do companies fiddle with their apps when they just don’t need to! Add features by all means but don’t change the whole usability of the app!.Version: 3.0.14

ImpressiveFirst time flying UA and using the App. Very impressed!.Version: 3.0.12

Flying from SFO to IAHMy flight on August 12th was cancelled very late the night before. This entirely disrupted the end of our holiday as we had to change rental car, hotel and return to work schedules. Difficult to trust such an unreliable airline..Version: 2.1.57

Horrible ExperienceIf I could rate 0 stars I would. I sat in the smallest airport in Watertown, SD. My flight kept getting delayed by small increments because of a "windshield wiper" mechanical issue. After they said the wiper was fixed they stated a small amount of paper work needed to be filled out and that we would be in the air within 45 minutes; this was almost 2 hours after arrival at the airport. The next 4 hours there was no communication from the gate agents, flight crew, and the UA app still stated that our flight was on time! After 6 hours at the airport, the staff finally came out and said our flight was cancelled. It then took another 45 minutes just to rebook us on a new flight going out the next morning all the while listening to the gate crew complain that they have had such a long and stressful day. Also, while rebooking WE had to ask to be compensated for a meal for the night.... to me, that is the least that UA should be doing for us!.Version: 3.0.22

Well designed and stress freeAs an employee of an airline that likes to call itself world class, I can honestly say that United’s app is just amazing. Incredibly useful and a huge range of options for non-rev and regular passengers alike. I feel United have set a gold standard with their IT passenger facing systems..Version: 4.1.51

Easy to navigateVery easy to navigate.Version: 4.1.42

United Ticket agentsHorrible! My daughter lost her wedding bracelet on the plane to baggage. the United agents would not help her or us! Time matters. We had the Houston police department in the airport get my daughter back to the arrival gate 2 1/2 hours later. If the United agents would have help we possibly could have found her wedding bracelet. Again, time was of the essence, before the next flight left! United agents, didn’t care, sent us on goose chase. Go to lost and found, go talk to TSA! I finally went to the in-house police department who did United’s job. We will never forget the way she and I was handle. Karma happens. What goes around comes around. The 3 agents stood out side the front of check chatting with each other and not having any care or compassion. I saw them as they left their shifts 2 1/2 later so sad with United! Customer service stinks! All you carried about was chatting and getting off work. I would like to thank the TSA agent and the Houston Police chief for having compassion and care. United I will never forget this!! Premier K1 customer as well.Version: 4.1.61

ReviewI’ve been using the app since about September. Worked great. Like everything about it. The last 2-3 weeks it seems to not work correctly. I had flights canceled then rescheduled and seem not to be able to use the app. When the flight is done it should get off the app. No need to see my flight from yesterday. I’m now trying to check in and it shows my flights from yesterday and today, even the canceled one. It needs to clear out. I have shut the app down cleared it from history. Sign in and same thing. How am I supposed to check on flights this way. I then tried to put in my reservation number and name and have to tap the screen several times and wait. I know it’s not my phone because if I tap “search” once it tells me I have to put a reservation number and name. Duh! I’m trying but it won’t let me unless I tap my screen 20-50 times. Then I have to go through the same tapping for my name. Very frustrating. This needs to be fixed asap. I gave it a 4 star because when it’s working I really don’t have any complaints. I like it better than American Airlines app..Version: 3.0.0

Not where I want to beI rarely fly United - in fact, I try to avoid it. But this time, there were few choices so I spent $14,000 on tickets and thought perhaps international flights would be much better. They weren’t. For $14,000, you don’t even get free internet or a guarantee of your meal choice. You have a very mediocre business class seat. The flight crew was OK, when visible, but certainly not attentive. Check in was ok - but not as good as my normal airline choices. So United, you’ll need to do much more to win the $400,000 that I spend on flights each year..Version: 2.1.64

The BestI love flying United Airlines. Their onboard service is excellent, their coffee is so good, and the app they’ve designed works the best of any airline and sets the standards for others to follow. It makes checking in so easy. I love they have a map that shows where you are in the airport and how to get to your next gate, and all of that is possible through intentional technological design that works seamlessly, due to conscientious testing, debugging, and thoughtful programming. In addition, they were the first major airline to implement a recycling program, and have set lofty goals for alternative fuels. And the company is innovative as well, creating their own training program called Aviate, and are recruiting women and people of color to the training school. Their safety record is excellent and they do such a great job training their pilots and flight attendants to give the customer is the safest flight possible. United is the best and I’m grateful I get to fly them.❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.1.67

IncoherentHaving already checked in on line I assumed the untied app would have that information but it did not. Then had to start “check-in” process on app to be recognized. That process then required I have the confirmation # ready available which has to be found in a previous email or paper document. Also, the mileage plus number in NEVER listed, save the last three digits. WHY! Working between the online platform and United app simply lacks any cohesion or friendly interface. While online “super security” is appreciated on the large scale, it, and other factors makes all of United’s user platforms feel clunky and unwelcoming. Final example: when checking in online it was nearly impossible to add Milage Plus numbers to get credit for this flight. My wife, Theresa Klein, had to go through a paper file we keep with travel records just to locate her MP # and mine could not be located so miles will be lost unless I take the time to sort through more papers or d emails to eventually find the number for Peter Klein...SO FRUSTRATING..Version: 2.1.64

Which terminal do I leave from???The app tells me everything except which terminal I need to be dropped off at. For that info I typed ua80 into google and the first thing to come up in bold letters was my flight and which terminal it was leaving from. Such vital information when you’re driving to the airport!!.Version: 2.1.26

Kiwi- overseasAwesome.Version: 3.0.28

Me Bruno GarganoExtremely pleased with customer service support and assistance by Kay at United. Kay changed our flights with ease and at no additional cost to us. Thankyou very much Kay and United Airlines !.Version: 2.1.64

Don’t update to this versionUpdated and now none of functions work just get error message Saying sorry something went wrong.Version: 4.1.21

Great experience! 💝I honestly don’t understand why there are so many bad reviews. United is at an affordable price, and it flew us where we needed to go with no hassle. Great airline, I would totally recommend. Got there a few hours before boarding, got through security, and then boarded. No issues with delays, or anything. We took off and then got to our location within 3 hours. It was really good because the flight attendants helped us with whatever we needed and provided food, drinks, blankets, and pillows for all passengers. It is also an awesome thing that they provide you with movies for entertainment, since there is no way to reach internet on an aircraft. The United Airlines app is very helpful with information. You can sign up for a text message subscription service and get new details about your flight 24/7. There should not be this many bad reviews because United Airlines gets you the best experience for the best price..Version: 3.0.25

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