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Infinite Flight Simulator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Infinite Flight Simulator app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Infinite Flight Simulator? Can you share your negative thoughts about infinite flight simulator?

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Infinite Flight Simulator for Negative User Reviews

We are not all richInstead of a subscription, it would be nice if a fixed price could be established. 117 dollars (AUD) and you only get it for 12 months and we are talking about a mobile game. Anybody could buy a few console or pc games or a huge amount of other mobile games with no extra charge. If you are going to keep this up, at least make a few more planes free, like 1 of your 4 dc-10/md-11 series or one of the 787’s free (the 787 was free then you added 2 more and decided that it should cost money) not everyone has the money to play this game at its fullest and its a shame because the hefty price blocks out just about everything good about it....Version: 18.02.0

In game currency?It would be easier to unlock multiplayer and some other planes just by completing flights and earn in game currency. The longer the flight is the more currency you get. Instead of paying a HIGHLY EXPENSIVE subscription..Version: 21.08

Best mobile sim but missing things.This sim has some of the most detailed aircraft of most any sim on the App Store. However, where this lacks is in airport detail. All airports lack all hangers and terminals and consists of just taxi ways and runways and sometimes they are lit at night just overall it’s not very detailed or accurate to their real life equivalent when we consider terrain. Something else its lacking is weather. Outside of wind and very basic thin/thick full cloud cover there is no variety of clouds, there is no precipitation. Adding these features would lead to a much better experience for casual and more serious players alike. I’m not saying it should be like FSX 2020 either, I can understand there are limitations for a mobile game but if X-plane can have these features and better looking terrain I don’t see why infinite flight can’t. Also, I think a lot of the planes are do for upgrades especially in the cockpit. So many are all just static and don’t adjust at all so you have to use the hud more than the cockpit view of things. Outside of these things I think it’s a pretty enjoyable game. But with the cost barriers for planes and just getting the game in general i do expect more for what I’m paying..Version: 20.01.02

GOOD but noI love it but i dont like the controls.Version: 22.01.01

Might get added one dayI want these features where you can maybe fly a helicopter, and not only a plane, there might have to be helipads, that you can take off and land on, and also: add birds. These little fellas are not playable, but avoid these, because they can ruin your engine, might even get chopped by your propeller and that dark red liquid can stop your engine! Don’t fly into a flock of birds, especially for you bird lovers. And also, jets can burst and propellers can stop spinning even if you don’t hit any birds, and one more thing: you can disable/enable birds in settings, that way you can easily fly with less chance of engine breaking, oh, made a mistake, this last thing to add is for breaking the sound barrier with planes like f-22, when breaking the sound barrier, please try your best to add a realistic animation in the back of jets, which is the explosion of breaking the sound barrier, but keep going faster and the explosion will go away, but might scare birds away! Since it’s loud, and make a sound effect of the sonic boom when breaking the sound barrier! Please add at least some of these, and again sadly cute birds aren’t playable. (Edit) how about other than solo and online, maybe playing with AI planes would be fair, and please make it so AI machine learns to fly! Ok..Version: 18.02.0

Spent money a few years ago, can’t do multiplayer.Why is it that you need to pay to play multiplayer and get access to the full world. This game used to be 10 AUD and once you bought it you can fly with the aircraft your given and it was okay. Once you started adding the whole world I expected those who spent money should have access to the full world and multiplayer. You can earn plenty of money off plane packs and plane subscriptions without the need to make people pay for multiplayer. This is kinda stupid and I wouldn’t mind if you could address this. This might make me return to this game..Version: 21.07

ControllersIt does not work with a controller and it’s too much money for a game that isn’t that detailed, but the runway looks like real life which is good.Version: 20.01.02

GraphicsThis game has terrible graphics even at high. It look very realistic in the video but in reality it looks very plasticity. I do not recommend this game if you are looking for a realistic game..Version: 20.03.03

Gets worse with every update.Pricey to start of with, you get a very limited selection of aircraft, and can no longer use without internet. So much for “infinite” flight. Extremely poor selection of free airports and regions, and if you desire more than the basic product without in app purchases, you must pay exorbitant sums of money, only to realise that it is a subscription, and therefore must be renewed. What’s more, every time I try to fly solo, I am greeted with a pop up window informing me that IF “is experiencing connectivity issues” and that I should “try again later”. Should a miracle occur, and I actually manage to fly, the calibration is sometimes dodgy, and the autopilot has a tendency to perform un commanded pitching movements immediately after exiting the replay mode. All in all I am most unimpressed with the way this app is going, as the developers seem to be becoming increasingly greedy. In fact I would even go so far to say that their in app purchases are practically profiteering, and I personally wouldn’t touch them with a two kilometre long pole. Granted, in terms of how the aircraft look/handle etc, this is the best app, but the rest of it is approaching scam status. Shame..Version: 17.12.2

Make the online prices cheaperThe online prices are way above average it cost 120$ just to get 1 year, even xplane 11 cause less then your stupid 6 months and plus infinite flights make you buy better planes just to make money.Version: 18.02.0

ProblemThe game was excellent until the update which took away instant replay. I now have to leave my flight and half the Time the plane experiences network issues and does something completely random. Otherwise good game..Version: 19.01.06

Was great.... a while agoThis is a great sim. For people who want 15 out of the 60 aircraft. What it should be is no overpriced subscription. If this game was $30 I might even get it as long as I have the 60 aircraft and all of the airports. Out of the aircraft I’m given, I only fly a few. I wish you could buy the game and select 15 aircraft you want. Also, the subscription should just be for the online services of the game and not to pay for stuff that was accessible without a subscription before. When I say that I have two airports in mind. KPDX and KHIO. These two airports were both available when you bought them for like $5. Now, there’s this new subscription thing that ruined the game for me. Just to put it in to perspective, I can get a $50 per year subscription with Xbox and play many games and play with many people on way more servers than this game probably runs on. With this game, you’re paying $80 per year and get great aircraft. I just think that’s a little over priced. One more thing. I’m gonna buy MFS2020 and even if it’s $120 dollars, it’s still less than playing this game for two years. Sorry for all the ranting but you guys would have a great sim with your talent on making these aircraft. Good job but please just make it like the old, better version where you buy things right out with no subscription..Version: 19.04.02

Good but...Since ‘Pro’ came in, I’ve often paid for a month here or a month there, fairly dutifully. But, it’s dawned on me that to an extent, especially for those who’ve played beforehand, what’s now going on is almost a scam. Many of us spent well into the £20 or £30 range before pro was required, in order to buy aircraft and regions. Yet now, all of our purchases mean nothing, as the planes we bought are now locked by a £10 a month subscription. Yes, I appreciate that it costs money to develop a simulator, and that subscriptions ensure a steady flow of income. No, I don’t need the lecture about how as the game has improved, costs have increased. It just seems like a smack in the face to those of us who played right from the beginning, to suddenly lose £30. It’s akin to another flight based app, which moved to a subscriber model and previous users lost all of their purchases (*ahem* FlightRadar24 *ahem*). The graphics are good (although, still no 3D buildings - come on guys, if Aerofly can do them and have INTERACTIVE COCKPITS, surely you can address this now), and I can’t deny the effort the devs put into new plane designs is admirable. But listen to your base. People aren’t impressed about losing their purchases. I’ll continue to fly with the measly 5 or so planes you give us for our £5 base payment, but I wouldn’t expect any more pro payments from me in the near or distant future....Version: 19.02.01

Great Simulator, Pompous UsersInfinite Flight is a very realistic flight simulator and standing alone on that base, it's a great app. The most frustrating thing about this app is not the simulator, but the pompous, arrogant "air traffic controllers" who are so trigger happy they would love to kick you off their airfield in a moment's notice. You see, in infinite flight your fellow online users can either fly planes or act as air traffic controllers. In doing the latter they wield a great power where they can issue you violations any time. This power is almost unquestioned by the app developers and administrators, making these people more like GODS than teammates. These violations not only disconnect you from your flight but also can prevent you from reaching certain grade levels and even being able to play the game for AN ENTIRE YEAR. The ATCs, especially on the expert server are sticklers for rules, but often issue confusing messages especially to newer pilots and are very quick to issue violations, which is easy to do for them and there is no recourse or penalty for them if they make a mistake. Their presence in this game makes it extremely unenjoyable and for that reason i don't recommend it. Fix your ATC community IF, your future depends on it..Version: 20.01.02

I feel like I paid for a free trial.So I paid for the app assuming I’d get most things, besides the online player ability. Turns out I can’t fly outside a set area, get access to a couple of planes, and can’t save or plan flights. The actual interface is sort of fine. Autopilot controls don’t really work that great, definitely don’t have the depth of functionality you’d hope for. Airport scenery is poor, just a runway in a field. Would be great to have some terminals. If you use FlightSim or X-Plane on a Mac or PC, definitely stick with that. I wouldn’t waste the money on this unless you are planning to pay monthly for the pro option (in which case, you’re better off using X-Plane for Mac and just using the free VATSIM network).Version: 18.05.03

Infinite Flight ReviewJust wanted to first up say that this is a great game and I would recommend you download it. However, there are a few issues that I would like to address. First, the default aircraft selection is bad. If you don’t have Infinite Flight Pro, then you won’t be using half of the planes you get for free. Second, the purchasable planes are HELLA expensive. A Bombardier Dash 8 costs 8 dollars US. And finally, there is a weird bug at the time of writing which makes your plane’s nose go down and you can’t bring it back up. This is my view on things and I hope it helps.Version: 18.05.03

Not as goodVery overpriced and the buildings are very low quality whilst the artificial horizon doesn’t work in most of the planes.Version: 21.05

Nice… but boring after a whileCool realistic simulator. Well built but 3D airports are limited. After a while it just gets old and boring. Some ATC guys think they own the game.Version: 21.08

Nice App But Poor Customer Experience for the $A nice app, but when you pay this price ($10/month to really get anything enjoyable) you set a pretty high expectation for overall customer experience and this app is a textbook example of where the marketing and coding teams got WAY ahead of the customer experience team. Great plane selection, multiplayer is cool and conceptually live ATC is a game changer; unfortunately ATC is a disaster. On the training server, no training is required for ATC, and even worse, there is no accountability for pilots who refuse to follow ATC instructions and navigating the airports remind me of driving in the streets of Jakarta; it’s chaos. Multiple planes taking off in the same or opposite directions, landing from opposite directions or on top of each other and racing on the taxiways to beat the other guys to the runway. Expert server generally has good ATC but only serves 2-3 airports at a given time so you’ll waste most of your time waiting in line for the runway. Start-up process is clunky, app crashes frequently. If the customer experience team ever catches up with the coding team, this will be the app you want, but at its pricing, you will likely expect that to already be the case and, if so, you’ll be disappointed with Infinite Flight.Version: 19.03.03

Don’t waste time or money...I’ve had this subscription for over a year, logging nearly 1,000 hours playing the sim. The ATC function is great and fun to use... however, the developers have allowed the ATC to suspend your game or even demote your playing level. This is done subjectively and the only way to resolve, is to go through an appeal process and prove you were in the right. As a paying member, I don’t understand why I would need to prove that I did nothing wrong and believe that the person playing as ATC should have to go through a process to suspend access. Again, I am paying to use this G-A-M-E. I contacted the developers and was essentially told “oh well”. So I’ve cancelled my subscription and plan on purchasing another sim... such as MS Flight Sim with PilotEdge for realistic ATC. There are other games out there that have better graphics, better model for interacting with ATC and the best part, someone else cannot stop your game when you 2 hours and 30 minutes into your flight and 20 minutes from landing all because they are given access to do so and dislike something..Version: 20.02

Amazing but not customer friendlyI would love to rate this game 5*. In fact I should really. Superb app and incredible given that my 16Gb RAM gaming PC struggles with flight sims, to produce this on a iPhone is nothing short of spectacular. My gripe is the fact you have to subscribe to access the premium features, by premium I mean more than a handful of aircraft and more than a square mile of airspace.... it really ain’t cheap! I paid about £7 for this game and now they want close to £70 per year. I am not a pro but just enjoy playing the game for fun but I cannot afford to spend this amount on a game. Why can I not buy a pack of scenery, or the airbus collection etc or even just the short-haul aircraft, freighters etc etc for a set price that lets me play the solo flight game at my own pace for my own enjoyment. That’s my problem with this game. Yes I will continue playing for the foreseeable. Yes the game is stunning. Amazing work infinite flight team. But please start to consider those customers who just want to play casually. I would happily pay £10 one-off for the Boeing, Airbus collections etc and probably another £10 for a Europe scenery pack or a North America pack etc. That way I am not impacting your multiplayer servers and costing you more money. I can play at my own pace without fear of paying a huge amount for the odd time I play. Please infinite flight team, don’t force me to pay huge sums of cash for this any longer..Version: 18.04.0

Good, could be so much better.As far as a mobile simulators go, this game does tick most boxes and is a worthy competitor. However the three major flaws I see with this game are as follows: 1) It is expensive, monthly subscriptions do help a developer maintain an income and allows growth and development of the game, I will not argue with that. But the cost of the subscription when compared with how many significant updates that come out, it is hard to see why it is so expensive, what are we really paying for? 2) Leading on from the last part of point one really is the development, its slow and minimal. For example the weather is always clear skies and that is incredibly frustrating and well, not very simulator like. 3) Game controllers. Game controllers are starting to take off among mobile gaming and while it is not a necessity to have one to play this game it does help with a more sit back and relax play style. My fault with the controller support is simple, if you're on a long haul flight and you're not pressing buttons your controller goes into power saving mode and then disconnects. When you turn your controller back on there is no way to reconnect to the game and you're left using the screen. This is incredibly frustrating and has been an issue for some time and needs a fix..Version: 21.03

Overpriced but Good OtherwiseI have recently started playing Infinite Flight and the sim is slightly frustrating. The starting price of £0.99 is great until you realise you have to pay another £75 if you want to get the full experience for a year. It is very overpriced, and so much great stuff is left behind closed doors for those who have deep enough pockets. I understand the devs need an income, but it’s pretty pricey. It’s not just this, but features such as ‘all major airports’ are listed as coming with the game, but you are only given specific areas you can fly to. Some in the US, one in Europe and one in Australia, after looking at the features before buying, I thought I’d be able to docity hoppers around Europe and other areas, but I can’t land anywhere else. It’s not just this, but I’m not even allowed to fly outside those areas. I really don’t understand why that is, and I find it really frustrating. I’m not saying the sim is bad, however. The graphics are amazing, probably the best you can get on a mobile device. But the prices are too high, and I really don’t feel I want to play this game anymore..Version: 21.02.01

Good but so much more complicated than RFS to set up FlightsLooked at moving to IF from RFS after I began to find RFS a bit easy and wanted a new challenge. Just find the flight planner to be impossible to use, when I meant a more challenging experience I meant in regard to realism of flight etc and I get the flight planning is v accurate to real world which is what simulations are all about but I can’t work out how to use it all there’s just to much going on, (Been through tutorials) and alternatively can’t find an option for it automatically generate a flight plan, Gonna stick with RFS for now as they have other areas which are much better but for me IF had a more realistic feel to it, but when I can’t even land a plane in an airport what’s the point. Shame because if it was not for the very difficult flight planning I would have been absolutely sold and cancelling my RFS Pro yesterday!.Version: 20.01.02

NZMF issues.NZMF is currently un flyable. It has very high terrain all around the airport perimeter. Impossible to fly out or in. (I’m aware it is a glitch and hoping there is a simple fix).Version: 21.04

BadThis game is so hard to use and For a person like me who has no brain it is Impossible to use and you need to pay membership to get the full version even tho u are paying 7 bucks already this game isn't worth it.Version: 17.04.1

It’s ok, but a lot is locked behind subscription.It’s a good simulator, it does lack interactive cockpits, but the fly by wire element is fun with the hud control system. The initial selection of planes for £5 is good, but beyond that an extortionate amount of money is required to gain any more. £10 a month for a mobile flight sim... I’d love for the devs to maybe halve this price, and instead offer one off payments for atc, areas and aircraft, keeping only flying global multiplayer behind a subscription, (a local multiplayer would be nice). You’re locked into a few small areas although there are plenty of places to go to in those areas, and you can easily have a flight lasting an hour or so, depending on your aircraft. One of my favourite features was replays, but unfortunately they have been broken on iOS for some time now, stating that I can’t connect. Can no longer watch my buttery smooth touchdowns, hopefully the devs can fix this soon. Hope the devs can take onboard this feedback. You’ve gotta lower the price for a product which isn’t as good as pc alternatives and can end up costing more after a few months. Otherwise, it’s a fun sim, and I’ve wasted a lot of hours on it..Version: 20.01.01

Remove internet access requirementPretty much turned into money making business than passion for aviation . Remove the needs for internet access as well.Version: 18.05.01

Needs some updates to the payment systemI think that paying for Infinite Flight Live not a good idea for me personally because most of the features like Multiplayer and utilizing all the aircraft I will never use. I was thoroughly disappointed by the removal of being able to pay for individual planes. I want a way where we can select a certain amount of land that we will fly on and we are charged for only that amount for example, I would select east coast Aussie and North Island New Zealand because they are the only places I want to fly..Version: 18.02.0

Love it but priced outThis is the best single package flight sim I’ve ever played even compared to desktop. With literally no setup you can get yourself flying real routes with realistic aircraft, largely fantastic scenery (USA especially California looks great, South America not so much). I’ve sunk 100s of hours into global with my favourite route being KLAX to KSFO which are almost always manned with full approach, tower and ground ATC, on a good day you can find yourself getting realistic approach vectors from a controller. Aside from a few minor missing features (buildings, taxiway lighting, night lighting, animated cockpits) my biggest gripe is global is just too expensive at £10 a month. I am loving the game but after 3 months of being subbed I can’t justify paying further at that price unfortunately..Version: 18.06.02

Not as good as the old versionThis app was my favourite app on my whole iPad. I believe that this update has not made it better in any way. The aircraft graphics on this version aren’t as realistic as the old aircraft and has a more cheap feel to it. I do like how you can now fly around but the ground textures up close aren’t as good as they were before. The new airports and runways don’t look as realistic and look like they were rushed and you can’t fly offline in single player which annoys me for when I’m traveling I can’t fly on this sim. I regret getting the update and I want them to fix up the graphics and bring back what it used to be..Version: 17.04.1

Good but to many micro transactionsThis is a great game with very good planes models and very good graphics. However this games best planes are purchasable through micro transactions that are almost as expensive as the game is self. I think this game doesn't really want you to enjoy the game they want to make money out of it. Premium is also very expensive with a monthly cost. This enables you to do multiplayer with their traffic control which is something you can find in normal games on PC without a subscription fee. Rule I feel like you should check this game out and if you have lots of money get premium because it sounds really cool. Try it out if you like it, keep it and if you don't, chuck it..Version: 17.04.1

Seriously!?I bought this for over $7 and I deleted it a few months ago due to memory issues, I come back to download it today and I find that your app is no longer supporting the iPad Mini 1. C'mon, that's not fair. It was overpriced when I first got it because I couldn't use half the planes and features of the game and now I CAN'T EVEN PLAY IT!? SERIOUSLY!? How hard can it be to have a version of the updates for IOS 9+?.Version: 18.05.01

Discriminatory moderators on the forumI had my I.P permanently banned by moderator sam_K because of maturity which is heavily effected by learning difficulties and influences from other members definitely wont renew or be using the game again from because of him a shame of the game will make sure people no not to buy it.Version: 18.01.0

Hard to driveI don’t get the controls how do you do it?.Version: 22.02

I used to like it but no longerThe calibration system is broken i am trying to fly when the plane starts turning towards the right and there’s a lot of bugs and they should add a system where if you press short final it takes you to a runway suitable for your aircraft. Not gonna buy anything from here gonna go to RFS.Version: 21.05

A little pricey 😐I do like the idea. I love aircraft simulation games, I’ve been looking for an online aircraft multiplayer game forever, and I this was the ticket. It had live weather (none of my other games did) turbulence control, and really cool camera and replay options. I also liked that this game because it had more free aircraft than most games, which is very reasonable. But an average price of one aircraft for 4$? That was out of my in-app budget. (And the price is also close to the expensive price of the game). But I figured that I could be happy with it and play online anyway. That’s when I saw you had to pay for that too. I understand that it costs money to run the program, make more aircraft animation models, (and I know how hard it can be to animate), and update the game. but in my opinion, (I don’t now how much it actually costs so I won’t be judgmental) I think 80$ a year, 4$ a plane, and restricted airspace is just a little much. The developer is doing an outstanding job of this great game. And the price of the game is worth it. But I would appreciate somewhat lower prices. I look forward to an reply, thanks!.Version: 17.12.2

ScamPayed 9 dollars to play this game when I opened it it said I needed a account so I made a account and it says there is 3D airports but there no 3D airports and I payed the 1 month thing and it took my money away and didn’t let me fly with other pilots pls give my money back the 15 dollars and it’s to over priced.Version: 21.04

ReviewI always wanted a good flight simulator and so I looked around at videos and tutorials on IF. I enjoyed watching people play the game and really wanted to get it. I was really excited when I got some credit on my account because I could get Infinite Flight. But the minute I got onto the game I realised that it is not actually ‘Infinite’. There were lots of locked planes that had to be paid for, but more annoying is that the live option needed a subscription to play and there was no free trial. The solo mode doesn’t even have the ATC feature included, which I was really looking forward to. Many of the cool features of the game that aren’t in other regular plane games are not for free. All you really get from the 8.99 you pay is a few boring planes and the ability to fly them, which you get in any other plane game for free. So I would advise you to not get mislead and believe the name of the game unless your willing to spend a lot of money..Version: 18.06.02

Wow, it’s worse than it thought. Let me explainOk so when I first bought the game it was 5$. And then you had the option of paying $4 per aircraft, yeah you heard right, $4. But wait, there’s more, you could also choose to pay $80 per year for Infinite Flight Pro which unlocked a few extra planes, Atc, online multiplayer, and free flight. This is what’s changed, so you used to could but almost every aircraft for $4 now you can only buy a few. So Air Force One (VC-25) was at one time $4, now it can only be flown with Pro, that’s not the only plane though, almost every Boeing was that price, now they require pro. Needless to say I’m glad I purchased the aircraft when I did or I would be disappointed in paying $5 for a demo. Back to the $80... this is ridiculous. I guess people are paying it so why would they lower the price any. Devs cost a lot but the price could be lowered and more people might actually be willing to pay. So yeah this game has gone downhill a lot and might not ever go back up. I’m not paying $80 a year for a MOBILE GAME, but I guess other people are. It seems like the creators are just greedy, I could be wrong but..... that’s what it seems like. I would like to add, however that it is fun even though I don’t pay for pro and the aircraft are detailed sooo there’s that. I think that about covers it..Version: 18.06.02

No longer impressedJust cancelled my subscription( still good till next month).Ive enjoyed infinite flight for many years, especially when I could play it on long haul flights without internet connection and ,spent a lot of money back then on different planes etc. now its internet only and seems all the latest “new” planes are just extended versions(albeit official aircraft) of previous planes...not really different. When i do play I think “oh look another fine sunny day, no clouds etc, try changing routine for night flight but can barely see anything, runways not lit up properly . I know it takes a lot of work to run this game on mobile tablets/phones but until there are some noticeable changes Ive lost interest Thank you.Version: 18.03.0

DisappointedThis was one of my first flying apps I really liked. So much so, that I purchased it and several planes that I really wanted to fly. Then came the updates with more details, nice. Then another update showed up and guess what! All of the planes other than the ones I purchased can only be used IF you subscribe! And how much is it to subscribe? Way too much money. I was both shocked and disappointed. I have told so many of my friends about this app and they purchased the app too before all of this money grabbing took over. As one reviewer mentioned, I understand you have to make money for the program so that it can continue to evolve or improve, but that sub price is crazy! I will continue to fly using the planes I have, but until they do something about making it fair for those who loved your app for so long, I will start looking at other apps and I have found a few that really is good that includes radio chatter, different airports, weather, and trouble shooting for real life like scenarios. Even some having landing lights that actually show on the runway! Imagine that! How about you go and charge higher prices for the planes we want to purchase but keep the game as it was? I know many who’d be willing to do that. Anyway... that’s it. So disappointed..Version: 18.06.02

Great simulator, horrible pricesI used to LOVE this app, I payed 5$ for an app with great simulations! I haven’t been on in a while so I thought I should check it out again and see what greatness you brought the app. I also decided to buy some new aircraft. So, when I opened the simulator I loved the changes made, how professional you made the menu etc. So when I opened the menu that you used to use to purchase Airports and Airplanes, I realized that you need to pay 80$ dollars a year for premium membership, and you needed premium membership to do ANYTHING! I already payed money! When I pay money, I demand a full game! This is more of a payed demo of the game! I won’t spend 80$ a year for a mobile app. This is an idiotic system, you would think that you pay for a full game, with add-ons, instead you pay for a demo where all you can do is fly for 5 minutes before you run out of areas to go because you need to buy the membership for them. I don’t care what anyone says about this game being great, the add-ons and online privileges should be set apart. Also, for online privileges, a single payment of 80$ is already too much. This game isn’t built for the middle class. If you are middle class or under, I would not recommend you even look at it because unless you can pay 80$ a year, you can’t do anything. This seems like more of a scam than a game! I demand change! If you agree, write reviews like mine. They have to know! Thanks for your time..Version: 18.03.0

Best flight simulator BUT.... can’t play it due to other playersWhy when I left my last review, about people not following basic rules, why did I get a snooty reply that “air traffic controllers in the game are real people”? when after getting fed up today of people flouting the rules, I decided to break the rules and resent the same message over 30 times to ATC (in the busiest airport in the game), nobody told me I did anything wrong or corrected me, I disrupted about 30 other players, stayed stationary on the busiest runway for almost 30 mins, the game didn’t bat an eyelid. Might sound like a petty test but this game isn’t really manned by anyone. If you’re going to charge for a game like this then you need to ensure people that want to can play it properly and the people that want to fool around, push in or disrupt other players can fool around as much as they like on the sandbox mode and get banned from higher modes of the game. It’s really not difficult but now I can’t enjoy the game anymore due to other players not following simple rules. Will cancel membership not worth it anymore..Version: 19.04.02

Great physics... But very overpricedEver since the new update for the CRJ700, all of the planes have been transferred to pro subscription only. I have no general negatives about this until we get to how way overpriced the online is. I mean.. £9.50 just for a month of flying around the world? I get what you mean by HD graphics but I am not paying £10 a month just to get all of the airplanes and have to pay again for another lot. I would pay for the subscription if it was 1. More reasonably priced (maybe back to £4.99) or 2. Add back the non global online mode for its original price and let you have the planes that way. I love playing this game but I want to be able to fly online with ATC again without paying a giant price for it. Better off playing Extreme landings to fly around the world..Version: 18.02.0

DisappointingI was honestly quite hyped when I bought this app for £6.99 but I was highly disappointed when I realised you only get a couple of planes for free, I wouldn’t mind having a couple planes but I would want them to at least be good ( for example instead of getting the 737-8 you get the 737-7)and I’ve realised that I might have wasted my money. I have also realised that infinite flight don’t pay attention to their non-pro subscription players like you only have 5 or 6 main airports and the planes you get are also not paid attention to on detail ( for example the wheels don’t spin on either of the planes...) I know I can buy a pro subscription but it is way too expensive. Excluding that infinite flight is a decent flight simulator with good graphics ( no 3D buildings though. ).Version: 19.04.02

Offline play gone.....?As a frequent flyer, I enjoy nothing more than using this app whilst flying at 30,000+ feet. I was bitterly disappointed to find that the latest update requires an internet connection to allow ‘offline’ (solo) play. Like most others who have reviewed this latest update, I appreciate that there are $$$’s to be made but please don’t ruin the best flight sim app on the market for the sake of an active internet connection. If the app could operate without an active internet connection in the past and with very minimal scenery and graphics changes as part of the latest update, I fail to see why a connection is required? Very very disappointed user and hoping that the devs make a change in the next update as I won’t be subscribing!.Version: 17.12.2

Awesome Game, but...Please add airport buildings!!!! I also would like to see more free airplanes! Thanks!.Version: 16.13.0

Good, but overpriced and a battery drainThis flight simulator(without factoring in pricing) is among the best in the App Store, with numerous highly detailed and realistic airliners coupled with a handful of equally detailed military aircraft, while also having fairly realistic scenery to boot. However, much of this requires a rather expensive subscription service, in addition to the app itself being locked behind a sizeable paywall. This makes the app itself of questionable value, particularly when you consider the fact that it lacks 3D terminals at any airport, which is something that has been requested for years(although the devs have been updating and rolling out new planes regularly) and is found in other competing simulators. In addition, I would like the devs to add realistic flight data if possible, although that would probably be quite hard. Finally, the app does use up a lot of battery quickly, which means I rarely play it anymore, in addition to the large majority of services inaccessible behind a paywall. Overall, three stars from me. Making the app itself free while keeping the optional paid subscription service(and compensating people who paid for the app itself) would bump my rating up to 4 stars. This app used to be well worth the price. Now, not so much..Version: 20.03.02

Good sim but overpricedI’ve been an infinite flight customer for years. Always enjoyed flying but the price tag does not reflect the updates. We wait far too long for new aircraft or any updates that the community actually wants. Global is great but it took far too long to come out and since then, we haven’t had much worth the $120 yearly price tag. Can get fully functioning PC flight sims for $50, so why are we paying $120 a year for this? The annual cost for the live subscription is too high for the quality of updates we get from the devs. Also the new update that has removed replays from in game, is very painful, I used to use the replay function to master landings and take offs etc, now that can’t be done. This will be the last time I use infinite flight. My subscription ends in a few weeks and I will not be renewing it. Perhaps you should up your game and listen to your community a bit more with requests. Edit: it’s quite funny how the devs reply to all criticism, take it on the chin, plenty of your loyal fans are dropping off and you’re quite ignorant to their feedback. You’re not always right..Version: 19.01.07

Leaving Infinite FlightI am sad to say that after being with IF for years, I will have to leave. It is the greatest affordable flight simulator I ever played I would 10 stars if I could. I rated it with 1 star only as since IF introduced global, it went really bad. I loved flying for hours, queuing to take off etc, however they have taken offline flying which I used it a lot. I spent a lot £££ since they started it with buying planes, airports, then yearly subscriptions etc. I would pay again, but if they left off line option as well. Maybe by being able to download certain parts or the area before switching to off line. Also online seems to be crashing a lot. Some airport scenary will get lost after hours of flying. Left EGLL to OMDB and I was landing on desert with blavk backgroud!!! After all the hour I flee to end up like this!!! As I said, I spent all £££ with you guys, with all crashes I was patient with you, never asked for a refund but now unfortunately - This is the end. Thank you for having me playing the IF, I hope you all the best in future. I sent this review back in Jan this year and wanted a compensation to my contribution in this game. No one even bothered to write to me or say „Sorry to hear you leaving”. I have not managed this app, however I contributed a lot since I joined here! As an X loyal customer you should at least reply! No customer service focus! No one asked us if we would like to play offline too! Shame.Version: 18.02.0

It’s okayLacks real life aspects doesn’t look close to reality or feel like it. Textures for planes are nice but that’s about it. Airports lack features. For what they are charging it’s pretty bad. Developers seem like they are abit cocky and not very realistic with the game. The big problem with this game is that other than the planes looking/sounding nice it’s like they haven’t put any work into everything else every main airport looks the same and every small airport is just abit of grass. Advice for Developers focus more on the whole game (airports, towns, city’s, land marks and natural effects) not just on the aircraft. Like I don’t understanding why you have so many planes. You should of focused on 6-8 planes and then concentrated on the rest of the game aspects and then once the rest of the aspects are at a decent level add more planes then..Version: 19.04.02

Absolutely amazingThis flight sim is very good. It could be better though as in it could have an airport building and also ground scenery. The aircraft are very good and they have lots of liveries but the price of the aircraft and regions are very high at £4.99 per aircraft/scenery pack. At £4.99 for the game this is very expensive for the whole lot (over £100) for a mobile sim. EDIT:The new update is epic but the price has gone up and I cannot afford the new pro price which is £10 a month! Also since updating I can no longer fly! Only ATC as it has the loading screen only, no flying. Please fix!! And now we can’t even use ATC in the training servers 🙄would be so much better getting used to the way it works and also why now can we not use solo flight offline? This game is great but still has far to go.Version: 18.01.0

Really Good, but lacking a few things...Hands down one of the best flight sims I have, but could be a bit better... For me, it’s the small details that really make something better. Sure the game has the some of the best graphics you can get but it’s the lack of small things such as the gear tilt or a live cockpit that would really make it better, (especially the gear tilt). Also, it would be nice to see the a350 or a b777x come into the game. Again, I believe the gear tilt would make planes such as the a330 or b777much smoother to land than it already is, and would add a whole sense of realism to the game. Though that paragraph is really confusing, in short all the game needs is the a350, b777x, and the gear tilt..Version: 18.06.02

Goodbye infinite flightI bought infinite flight back in 2016 when it was £4.99 for the base game, where you could pay an extra couple pounds or so to unlock other planes/locations. this was all well and good imo however after returning to the game not long ago i have come to discover that now infinite flight are charging £9 a month to unlock all of the “pro” features of the app (all planes unlocked, global travel unlocked, online play etc.) i understand that a company has to make money and infinite flight 100% has the best flight simulator graphics (in terms of plane details) however this is an outrageous price for a mobile game. i honestly don’t care about having to pay a monthly/annual price to unlock pro features but their competitors, such as RFS, charge a lot less for what i would argue is a better quality flight simulator. i just wish we could go back to the old infinite flight days :/.Version: 21.08

This games does not workIF is a very good simulator, however, ever since the latest update, myself and a huge volume of other users are unable to use the app due to a glitch with it. We continue to be sold the app, and IF offer no help with getting refunds and despite trying twice I still have heard nothing back from Apple concerning a refund of my subscription. When you go online to inform support about the issue you’re given a patronising spiel about lowering graphics etc, when the situation is that the app does not work under any circumstances on my device (which is listed as being supported). When you ask when they will fix the glitch (on the app that you’ve paid for and can’t use) they tell you to just be patient. Do not get this app until there is an update about this issue being fixed. You will have to deal with the app constantly crashing (unless you have an iPad Pro), the developers will not help you with getting a refund, and Apple won’t give you a refund either..Version: 19.04.02

TerribleJust trust me and don’t download this app. It’s very laggy and has no instructions on how to fly, way to many buttons e.c.t, i keeper staling and it was just a terrible app, waste of money for sure☹️.Version: 20.03.02

New airplanePlease Add Private jet like a Gulfstream G650 , Please participate on this request.Version: 21.08

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