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Roku - Official Remote Control Negative Reviews

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Roku - Official Remote Control App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Roku - Official Remote Control app received 85 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Roku - Official Remote Control? Can you share your negative thoughts about roku - official remote control?

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Roku - Official Remote Control for Negative User Reviews

GarbageI have a strong connection on my internet and the moment I leave the Roku remote app, it disconnects and will not reconnect unless I F around for 5 minute powering the TV and remote off. Why does it do that? It’s garbage then when I go to look back it says there’s no devices on my network? Like seriously?.Version: 8.0.4

SatisfactionUseless will not set up. I guess I throw it away now and tell as many people how poor it is as I can’t get it o work.Version: 6.1.5

Only for USAA lot of the free movies will only work in the US. They even send me emails with the latest free movies and every time I go to them they say sorry only available in the US. Smarten up ROKU. At least don’t send emails with offers of free movies when you know very well I am Canadian!!!!. Don’t buy Canadians.Version: 6.1.2

Doesn’t workCreated an account and attempted to stream Disney+; however, when I chose the video the app endlessly requests me to sign in. It just constantly pops up the sign in option and doesn’t allow me to watch anything..Version: 6.1.5

New update not workingWorks great until it updated. Can no longer find the wifi and will just close. Please fix..Version: 6.0.6


Down hill mudslideThis app use to work great! Now it’s trash. Never wants to connect to any devices. Have to turn tv off and back on to connect. Defeats the purpose..Version: 8.0.4

Bluetooth flakey / loss of device connectionI’ve been using the Roku app for about 2 months. All of the basic functions work which is great. My issue with the app is the Bluetooth functionality and the overalls app connection. The app seems to work for a time, or can work longer some days, but the app often will randomly drop signal for the headphones, lose my Roku sound bar and freeze up. I have to restart the phone, the headphones and the sound bar to get it to work again. A retry / reconnect on the sound bar never re-finds the sound bar. The aftermath of the app freeze on the phone and it’s connection with the Bluetooth headphones is what demands a phone reboot. I love the idea of the app and the potential. When it works, I love the functionality and option the listen and control our tv discretely as my wife is a night nurse with an opposite sleep schedule. I’d gladly do 5 stars if it wasn’t for all the disconnects resulting in hardware/software freezes..Version: 8.2.0

From an accessibility standpoint, the watch app is pathetic!I haven’t found many issues with the iPhone app, but nobody, including me, has all day to read or in my case, write my entire review about what’s wrong with the Watch app. It’s so much easier to write what does work, and that’s kind of pathetic. Everything should work with voiceover, meaning this is an accessibility issue. Your TV talks, but you fail to understand how well accessibility needs to work on your apps. All I can say is, everything on page 2 of the app works, but nothing else does. I can switch from page to page, but heaven forbid I should touch the page chooser, because it ends up going back to page one, which is beyond frustrating! When I’m trying to do something on page 2, then I go too far and get to the page chooser, it goes back to page 1. That should not happen! When there are four pages, and only a quarter of them work with voiceover, you have a problem. Accessibility should be one of the first things you should check before releasing an app..Version: 6.1.5

Doesn’t really work anymoreThis app used to work great. Now, it doesn’t find my tv and if it does, it doesn’t connect. AirPlay is the same now too. Started happening about two months ago. I wish Roku fixed the issue.Version: 8.0.4

Private listening is unusableI used to love the private listening feature on my TV, so much so that I purchased the streaming stick too. Private listening hasn’t worked for months now though and the app crashes every time I try to use the app to play audio through my Bluetooth headphones. Super disappointing as AirPlay and private listening are the highlight features for roku IMO.Version: 8.2.0

Doesn’t workLike many others have said, the app doesn’t work at all. Everything is set correctly on my iPhone and the tv. It will NOT find my TV. Original Roku remote that came with the Sharp Roku tv has long been munched on by dog and then lost. For the most part, I can operate the tv with a sharp remote from a previous non-smartTv but there are certain things I can’t do without the Roku remote so it would be great if this app worked. Sometimes need to be able to have the asteric button to cancel a subscription easily. It’s a pain to have subscriptions tied to Roku period because when logging into my Roku account it seems I can never accurately locate my current subscriptions. And logging in to the subscription platform itself doesn’t work because it’s not a normal subscription and tied to Roku. The only good way I found to cancel previously was to get this app, but connectivity was an issue and stopped working. Deleted the app and redownloaded and it’s never found my tv since. Smh..Version: 8.2.0

Held back slightly by interface short-term, immensely after thatThe connectivity to the Roku monitor is amazing, definitely a defining quality. Phone will disconnect periodically if you leave the app open and on for a long period of time, I’d assume to save phone battery. Props for pausing the connection to the tv when switching apps on the phone to decrease background tasks. Interface is appealing, the haptic response when pressing buttons makes sure of that. It performs effectively and does as is required by the tv as a regular remote would. However, it is not really necessary to preserve the layout of the physical remote, especially in the near-future. There is too much potential in viewing entertainment via remote-control to be held back by a design that’s held back by physical requirements. Such a design would make so that however someone interacts with Roku could pivot easily to be compatible with emerging entertainment platforms..Version: 7.0.5

TCL Roku TV - RemoteI use the remote on the app for private listening using my Bose Quiet Comfort II headphones. When it works it’s fantastic! Lately I’ve been having so many issues with it doing this 30 second countdown to wake my tv up out of “eco mode” for no reason at all. My tv is not in eco mode. I wait the 30 seconds for it to connect and it starts all over with the 30 second eco mode stuff. I get so frustrated. I’m a techy. I know my way around these issues by searching from solutions from others. Currently I’m turning Airplane Mode on and off to reestablish my WiFi connection. That seems to fix the issue for a little while, but come on. Why should anyone have to do this? I’ve had this tv for two years now and have always had this issue with the remote feature on the app, but it’s gotten so bad I felt I needed to leave a review. The app remote has also started not working when I try to turn my tv on. And yes, both my phone and tv are on the same WiFi network. Major frustration. Please fix this issue already!.Version: 6.2.2

Great except for on an open networkIt works really well on a private network and is a really good app because it is easy to use. However, the remote nor the mirroring function do not work over an open network, like in University halls which makes it useless for some people..Version: 4.2.4

Constant buffering, terrible pictureIt worked for three months, now it keeps telling me that I’m not connected to the Internet, accompanied by constant buffering and terrible picture when it does work. All other devices in the home are connected to the Internet and working perfectly. I have fibre to premises, so I have a really fast and solid Internet connection with no dropout. It’s not my internet connection, it’s the Roku. I’ve tried all the things I can find advised online to fix it and none of them work..Version: 7.0.5

Used to work really wellI like many people have the issue using the app remote, no wifi connection even though both my boxes have full signal, as does my device. All updates fail to fix it, and appears that non of the roku devs care that it’s a huge problem or can’t replicate it. Massive shame because the hardware itself is amazing and the best all rounder. Please try fix this roku..Version: 7.2.1

Note To App DevelopersTheoretically, a brilliant app. The reality of it is that this app in the year+ that I’ve been using it has upgraded many times, each time seeming to get more and more glitchy...and not really adding anything of great positive change to the app. I’m at the point now where about half the time neither ios device I use is able to connect to my Roku tv and almost always at least one is unable to connect. Yes. I know about unplugging the tv for a few minutes to reset it but it’s rather annoying when I’ve just prepared a meal and I’m sitting down to watch something and have to wait an extra 5 minutes while my food gets cold for the connection to reset. So here’s the message I’d send to the developers: The app, while the other features are cool, is designed to be A REMOTE. If it can’t even be used as a remote then YOU ARE FAILING AS DEVELOPERS OF THIS APP. Forget the extra nonsense until you take care of these bugs preventing us from connecting the remotes to our roku tvs. Thank you..Version: 7.2.0

USED to be greatI used to love this app. I mainly used it for the Private listening feature. I would use it all the time with Jabra wireless earbuds to watch movies and would have no problem. However, within the last month , when I connect to watch tv via Private Listening … the sound cuts out. It screeches and drops connectivity. I can’t go five minutes without the sound dropping and when I touch the Private Listening headphone icon to switch it back to tv sound …nothing happens. I tried it with a pair of Bose wireless earbuds and it does the same thing. No problem with the Bluetooth because I can listen to music on my phone via either pair of earbuds with no connectivity issues at all. App will show an error “Your Roku is not online proceed without connection ?” … while I’m literally watching the tv. No streaming issues. I finally tried a pair of wired earbuds …and it worked with no problem. Major issues with Private listening when connected to Bluetooth headphones. Please Fix !.Version: 8.2.0

TerribleThe remote won’t stop crashing and constantly saying wake this device and my device is on sometimes half to wait up to 10 minutes before it starts working I half to constantly delete and re download the app..Version: 8.2.0

TemporaryWhen I first got my Roku I used the app a lot to download new channels and pause the tv when my kids were watching and ignoring me. I really liked it. Today I’ve gone to use it to search for a channel after not using the app for a while and suddenly my device is no longer listed. When I search for the device it tells me it isn’t connected to the same network (it is), I’ve tried doing the manual option and it tells me the same thing. I’ve also done all the troubleshooting options to no avail. So now the app is redundant for me..Version: 7.2.0

Crash after crashNot sure what’s happening since the update but the app will not load anymore and just crashes. I was hoping to use Roku to upload AMC+ to my watching package, ready for TWD new season next month but saddened to find the app no longer loads on iOS. Currently running latest software updates so the issue isn’t my end. Hoping that the developers check out this issue promptly.Version: 7.4.0

EhI use this every day solely to connect my headphones to my tv so I can watch while other people are home. About half the days it works fine and the other half the audio cuts in and out constantly (I know this is the app not my headphones/phone because they work fine for everything else) and it disconnects from the roku. I’m happy with my roku but this app is severely frustrating. Please do better!.Version: 8.1.0

Worst app everThis app has stopped working suddenly it tells me Roku is not connected when it is connected and has excellent connection also says no roku device can be found when I type the IP address it tells me there is no device on this network when there is and tells me I need to enable permissions which have already been enabled and even when I turn the permissions on and back off it still won’t detect device even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app still not working this app is beyond belief you would think after years of this problem Roku would have sorted it by now but no it’s a case of we have your money so stuff you we won’t bother fixing issues with our own app which means you can’t use your phone to control the device like we promise or use private listening never mind the fact this constitutes false advertising Roku have known about this issue for years now and still not sorted it customer service and care non existent with this company..Version: 7.2.1

Useless appI am extremely disappointed in this app. When I first downloaded it and used it a couple of times, it seemed to work well. After that it took longer and longer for it to initialize. Obviously this is the worst thing you could have since you want to use it WHEN you want to use it. Now, it will NOT connect at all. My devices, iPad and iPhone will clearly show the Roku devices so it’s not a matter of the devices not being available. I’ve checked my signal several times and it shows it is STRONG. I even recommended it to a friend after the first couple uses and I am embarrassed that I did. You can still view stuff from the gallery item at the bottom, but I got it for the Remote feature. It just won’t connect. I did try some trouble shooting, but this is just NOT well designed and is garbage, as an app, as far as I’m concerned. Both my Roku devices work well, but this Roku app is pure crap. And after looking at a couple other alternatives shown in Apple App Store, they seem to have some major drawbacks, which I don’t want..Version: 6.0.3

Roku is internet required.I’m use to my old element tv that just connects and go. But this new “smart” tv requires internet for literally everything. Just to smart view it with a Samsung phone it must be connected via WiFi as well as the app, you can’t use your mobile hotspot for the app as both devices must be on same link. I don’t have internet hookup here so this tv is more or less a wall decoration and the app but wasted space on my phone. Don’t get me wrong most people have internet nowa days but it’s getting to the point everything is requiring it which is complete bs. Should at least write it on the box so people don’t have to go home with it to find out. Also you can Bluetooth to this tv! If you buy an additional sound bar for a hundred or so bucks.... reason it gets 2 stars is because I can at least watch a movie when some family stays over and we have 2 phones for one to cast WiFi to the tv and other phone so they are on the same link to connect...Version: 6.0.8

BadTerrible app. Constantly loses connection. Super annoying.Version: 8.2.0

Garbage app.My phone only connects to the tv when I don’t need it, always has connecting issues when I want to connect to it. Some days it works, then a moment later it won’t work..Version: 8.1.1

Keeps disconnecting!!The most frustrating thing ever, I can only click one or maybe two buttons if I’m lucky before something pops up to say there’s no connection. I then have to go to settings and click back onto the app and it lets me click another couple of buttons before doing the same thing. It’s not my WiFi connection because everything else is working just fine on the internet. Useless app! Only using until I can buy a new remote..Version: 4.2.17

Absolutely HORRIBLE!I downloaded this app because my remote all the sudden stopped working. And its nothing but ads’ after ad and every 7-8 clicks or so it goes to another ad….just go to amazon and pay the $14 for a replacement remote. Oh did i mention the ads? …………just awful.Version: 8.1.1

Roku Remote doesn’t stay connected to Roku TVI’m having the same problem as the user, Cerealkelr, who left feedback 2 years ago. Refer to their review for the details. In summary, my Roku remote (mobile app) doesn’t stay connected to Roku TV but when it does connect, it’a great. I’ve reached out to Roku customer service through email and live chat a few months ago but it was a miserable experience. They didn’t listen to me, address my problem correctly, nor did they give me any practical advice or support. I was/am disappointed and annoyed but I’ve just been dealing with the issues and when it intermittently works I’m glad, I guess. I’m fully confident that this review will have no affect on anything but maybe someone out there will read some of this and might look into the problem and at least say something like “yes, this is a known bug that happens between some Roku TV models and the Roku remote on the mobile app and we are working fixing it.” Thanks..Version: 8.1.0

EhLiterally have to delete and reinstall to for it to try to find the TV and it takes forever to connect and keeps saying they’re not using the same network..fix it pls.Version: 8.2.0

Intermittent connectionHave a TCL 55” (model no. 55s425). Connection was intermittent so stopped trying. Suddenly it started to work all the time and it was great. Sadly with the new update back to not even finding the tv on the network. TV works fine, just not with this app. My other tv seems to connect 🤷‍♂️.Version: 8.1.1

What’s wrong with the new Roku express?So I’ll start by saying that I’ve had an old model Roku for years (I don’t even remember how long maybe 7 years) and I love it, I still do. I had this in my bedroom for Netflix mostly. I moved and because I no longer have Spectrum in the new place I decided to go with Xfinity and get Sling to see sports channels, they had a promotion where they’d give you a free Roku express so I jumped on this because I really enjoyed my old Roku and thought this newer version would be better... I installed it (super easy) and it worked for about 3 days then it started saying that the network is out of range, I don’t t get it! Where I have my router it’s not that far... At first I thought it was the actual provider (Comcast) I tried doing all the troubleshooting. But what didn’t make sense is I had a fire stick and it worked fine, So I even switched and plug my very old Roku and it works fine! So this is definitely the new Roku Express being horrible and frustrating..Version: 6.1.3

To much timeIt takes forever to get a connection.Version: 6.0.5

This app never works properlyThis app is constantly having issues. My Wi-Fi connection is strong. It doesn’t matter how close my phone is to the Roku tv. I’ve tried restarting my tv and deleting the app and redownloading the app multiple times. It still has the same problems. Nothing helps. I downloaded this app because my tv remote is broken. This seemed like an easy solution. Nope. It doesn’t power on my tv like it’s supposed to so I always have to find some other way to do. Then if I get the tv on, the app won’t connect no matter what. I always try to connect it manually by putting in my IP address and that doesn’t help. So after closing the app and opening it over and over again eventually I might get it to work. But what’s even more frustrating is that once it does connect it’ll randomly stop. I’ve tried leaving my phone unlocked and keeping the remote app open and on the screen, I don’t always open other apps because I’m worried it’ll mess it up. But it doesn’t matter what I do. This app has a much better review than the other one but that’s only because the other one does absolutely nothing. This app isn’t much better..Version: 8.2.0

Doesn’t workDon’t understand how this has a 4.6 rating. It works maybe 10% of the time. The rest it can’t “wake” my TV even though the TV is on and connected to my internet..Version: 8.1.0

Frustrating at times. Even after update still doesn’t work.Biggest problem I have is that me nor my wife can connect to both of our TVs to access the remote in the app. I am connected to WiFi and it’s full signal in the living room and in the bedroom. My wife was having troubles a month ago for about 2 1/2 weeks and then it worked for me no problem. However about 4-5 days ago I can’t connect at all. I have WiFi connected to my phone and both TVs and the app is updated however the issue still persists. It’s a bit frustrating guess I will just go ahead an buy 2 new Roku remotes due to the app inconsistency we have had. I will say that when it’s worked for me, it was an amazing app however its not always easy to keep track of a physical remote when you have 2 kids that love to grab it a hide it, forget where they put it or it gets lost. So that’s why the app is always my go to to be able to quickly get the tv on without the 30 mins to all day search. Maybe others have had no issues like I’m having or maybe they have. Anyways 4 stars for the times everything worked however it pretty much useless when it refuses to connect..Version: 7.8.2

Great app when it decides to workI mainly use this for when I lose my physical remote or private listening when I want to watch TV, but not wake up housemates. It seems quite frequently it has stopped connecting to my TV saying that my TV may be in “eco mode” and asks me to “wake it up.” My TV is never in “eco mode” and I’m usually in the middle of a show when this happens. The only way I’ve figured out how to get it to recognize my TV again is to completely unplug my TV for about 20 seconds and plug it back in to completely reboot it. Then it usually works, but will often disconnect during the same watching session. It’s very random, too. Sometimes I can go a whole day without this problem. Sometimes I give up and just watch stuff from my phone because I can’t get it to private listen for more than 5 minutes. I have a strong WiFi connection and my bed where I try to private listen from isn’t far from my Roku TV. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app before, but this needs to be fixed. I’ve looked at reviews from a year (and longer) ago complaining of the exact same issue. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED, roku developers!.Version: 6.0.13

App is awesomeOld version has a power on and off button New version has not this kind of button in app Overall Roku is best.Version: 8.1.1

GarbageLiterally takes 10 minutes for me to turn on my tv with this. It’s awful don’t waste your time.Version: 8.1.0

Works well half the timeWith my kids constantly losing the remote, this app comes in handy when you want to resume watching your shows. Only issue I’ve been having since I downloaded the app is sometimes not detecting any devices or it keeps disconnecting. Leaving one of my kids with autism in distress while assuming I don’t want to press play. Even though on the device I want to control, no messages comes up stating there’s no internet connection or all my other devices, especially the smartphone that the app is on maintains internet connection. So I am at a lost here with this app. At this point I might as well spend money on a new remote as backup while looking for the lost one. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the work that was put into this app, and may work as intended for others with no issues but for my experience alone it’s not worth the stress..Version: 7.8.2

Not workingI downloaded this app to replace my remote cause my dogs chewed it up and now I can’t connect to my tv with my phone it only works with my tablet it’s such a hassle to keep switching between devices for only my tablet to work with the app I have an iPhone 7 btw.Version: 8.2.0

Good app but needs updatesI lost my remote 2 - 3 days ago and I used this app! When I first did. It was okay. The next day I realize you need to have your tv on for the next day otherwise you have to get a remote. The channels are cool though however sometimes you want to watch something and then you have stuff you don’t like. That is just my opinion. I get the thing of it needing to connect. However don’t turn off you tv ever otherwise useless app! My mom bought 5 yesterday. Yes that is right, I said 5 just in case if I lose another one. I have another spare. Sometimes the needs connecting plays for no reason. And is this just my tv but the Roku TVs disconnect the WiFi after turned off for hours. Not even a day! You need to change this. Or make a button to turn it on when not connected. Other then that. It is a good app. Not the best though. If you make this app better. I will regret this message. But for now, this is ridiculous!.Version: 7.4.0

Tiresome!!!I lost my remote to my Roku and downloaded this app thinking it was gonna be a lifesaver but it's not!! this app decides it’s gonna disconnect itself and say my TVs not found on my network when every other device is working properly (including my tv)?!! i’ve downloaded and uninstalled this app multiple times because it really just gives me a headache with all its inconvenient problems... the disconnecting is the biggest one for me, but not only that it also connects to my neighbor's tv which isn't even connected to the same network?!?! im willing to try it again because it seems like a trustworthy app but the running back and forth from my tv and bed is getting ridiculous just trying to get it to work!! this may be just me and i can be held accountable for these problems but my tv is on and the app still says my tv isn't connected to my Internet!? this is just my experience and it may not be the app itself but it really just ticks me off!!!.Version: 8.0.2

Great apart from the one feature I wantedBeen suffering from audio issues when using headphones with the remote and one suggestion was to use the app instead. However, while the app looks like it would be great if I lost the remote, I can’t get the headphones working with it at all. The help/FAQ says to open the app and plug headphones in, but that has no effect. I’m on iOS and have the latest version of the app (it certainly says it supports headphones) but no dice. So kinda annoying. And remote batteries are fine, have restarted roku, and no I’m not fiddling about with wifi channels..Version: 7.2.1

Good and badThe app is handy as a remote for sure! But the head phone sound with my air pods cuts in and out all the time.. which is super annoying.Version: 8.1.0

Constantly DisconnectsWould be a good app but it constantly goes back to the home page when you leave the app and go back to it (leaving the app open in the background). Have to constantly select the channel you were originally in to get back to the controls..Version: 4.2.4

Not so greatI can't watch tv and use the earphone feature only for Netflix. Now the sound o my tv doesn't work when I have been using it to watch netflix and want to go back to tv. The app definately needs some issues fixed..Version: 8.1.1

Mostly smooth, but very clunky password systemThis can be an absolute life saver. I’m always losing remotes and the roku remote is no different but I always have my phone on me and this works most of the time. The one problem I have is changing the password using the keyboard. It either stops after a certain amount of characters. Or it doesn’t accept the iPhone password system and I’m never going to remember the strong password that it gives me. This is super clunky and needs resolving on the next update..Version: 6.0.4

Good when workingI bought a Tv and was using the app to control it for the first 6 months, they then did an update and ever since it’s very buggy. It will show on the app the tv I want to use but it’ll not wake it up or anything and just says failed. I’ve been using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and an iPhone 7 Plus - happens on both of them..Version: 7.7.1

Can’t prevent phone from auto lock?One glaring omission from this app is that there is no option to prevent the screen from auto-locking. That seems like such an oversight of something so essential in a remote app. Imagine you have a physical remote that sleeps and may or may not reload when you want to use it. Behold Roku app. Turning off auto-lock for the entire device just to keep the remote open is really a bad and unsafe alternative. Unfortunately with all the great features this app provides (especially the swipe controls and keyboard) this app becomes completely useless because eventually you will find yourself taking the path of least resistance and just reach for the physical remote. Please please add an auto-lock prevention option. IOS has this capability and from experience it’s relatively minimal effort to implement this functionality. Also Roku doesn’t seem to have an email to suggest missing features, so I’m going to be pessimistic here and assume Roku probably won’t read this and this app will never get this option. I so hope I’m wrong because I really want to use this app 🖖..Version: 4.2.3

Waste of timeDoesn’t connect to device, even when you manually input the IP. Save the space on your phone for another useless game.Version: 8.1.0

Worst Digital Remote EVERThis thing sucks so much! It is always disconnecting not to mention that it barely works and it cuts on the screen so cannot even use half the buttons. Honestly, this is the worst thing, nothing would work better that this stupid remote!! Have to give it a star cause cannot rate it otherwise but it doesn’t even deserve that.Version: 8.1.1

App keyboard is not workingApp keyboard stop working. It’s not working for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon prime. Also whenever we open the app and go into remote tab the text window open show a text we searched a while ago. This happen with every single Apple device in our household and we are running the latest version of iOS and Roku app. Also some times when we open the app remote will not work until the app is closed and restarted..Version: 8.2.0

CrashesLatest version: A bug with private listening mode in which it will only work with Roku app open and my iPhone screen on/awake. Overall: This app constantly crashes — it will crash several times an hour. It’s frustrating to try and watch a show/movie and have to rewind 2,3,4+ times in an hour because the app crashes, the volume goes silent, and I have to wait for the app to reboot and reconnect..Version: 8.1.1

The most frustrating remote everI’ve never written a review before in my life but this app has caused me so much frustration and anger that I feel I need to share. I lost my physical Roku remote, and have spend months looking for it. It’s no where to be found. So this app is my only hope of controlling the Roku. When I say that the remote disconnects at the most inconvenient times I am not kidding. Want to rewind a show for 10 seconds? Nope, the remote will freeze and you’ll be stuck rewinding your show to the beginning. Wanna turn down the volume of a unnecessary loud commercial? Can’t, remote needs 30 seconds to “wake up”. How about skip a intro on Netflix? Ahhh no no, the intro will be long over before you can even get the remote to connect to your tv, That you’re 2 feet away from. The frustration is unbearable I have torn my house up looking for my physical Roku remote. I can’t take this app anymore I wish the creators would look into getting rid of the “eco mode” because I surely never wanted my remote to take 30 seconds to turn on, every 5 seconds... it is horrible..Version: 6.2.2

Great app when it wants to work (Buggy)It’s incredibly buggy every time I go to use it it takes forever to sync to the tv and half the time you have to turn the tv off and back on in order for it to sync. When I’m using it, it will randomly stop and then I have to wait a couple seconds for it to start working again. I know it isn’t my wifi because my wifi can run Netflix, my Xbox, and all of our phones at the same time and won’t be slow or laggy. It isn’t my phone because I have a iPhone 12 pro. Sometimes it you have to click the over arrow a couple times before it goes over while I’m pointing my phone at the screen. It always says I’m in “eco mode” when I’m in the middle of a show, or it will tell me to “wake up Roku” when it’s on and I’m in a middle of a show. When it’s not buggy it works perfectly fine and has no ads which is nice.Version: 7.7.4

Try Apple TV first!This is a choppy experience even at ultra feed back rate. If you have an iPhone and a TV purchased in the past 5 years you probably have access to Apple TV.Version: 8.1.1

Netflix appWhen using the Netflix app on my roku tv It will play the video than instantly pause and stay at 0% loading please fix it.Version: 8.2.0

It doesn’t workIt doesn’t work.Version: 6.2.2

Has some useful featuresI recently received a new Roku Ultra as a gift, with the latest remote. The Roku itself has some useful features, but doesn’t include many important channels like CNN, local CBS, C-Span and several others. But Roku does offer a choice of at least a few other additional channels, and gives access to some recent and past programs from PBS, NBC etc to partially compensate. The Roku App suddenly became indispensable for me for using my Roku because my new “state of the art remote” stopped working after less than 10 days of use. The App does some of the the basic functions of the remote and has proven useful when you don’t have access to the remote itself, but it lacks several functions of the real remote. But it is better in some ways than a cheap, crappy Roku remote which stopped working within a few days. My Roku remote reflects very poorly on the quality of a Roku product..Version: 6.3.5

Keeps losing my deviceWhile this app is grear. I have to delete and redownload it every other week for it to find my tv..Version: 8.0.4

New update is awfulHad this app for a while and always thought it was brilliant. Until the new update, I’ve got small hands so I have no clue how anyone with big hands can use this app. The buttons on the controller are so small it’s almost impossible to get to a film you actually want. Please just change it back.Version: 7.0.0

WhyWhen have this app start charging ?? One month it charges me $2.99 && another month it charged me $5.34 . Not sure why it’s charging me but I rather not download an remote app that I would have to pay for . Rather not do && the fact that it’s charging my card that I see no records of on Roku that I filled or even made a purchase on the app is ridiculous. Yes it was a great app before it start charging me. The fact this app still charging me but I have NO ACCOUNT with them but yet they charging my card (unauthorized) . I’ve contact my card company && they told me to contact Roku && haven’t seen where I could contact nor email them or even a toll- free number . This is sad you have people hacking your card just from downloading an app . Never again . Today this app is still trying to charge me the fact I’ve tried to reach out to Roku they still won’t or haven’t solve my problem there’s no number to contact them very unprofessional. Where is the on chat agent.Version: 8.0.4

Can be very frustrating at timesThe app is a great alternative to using the remote, especially if you are someone like me who looses it every 5 seconds. I have the app on a setting to where i can turn my tv on through the app. A lot of the times the remote is not connected so it doesn’t turn on my tv. The main reason I have this app is to listen to the tv with my headphones. A lot of the times it gives me problems and it doesn’t always connect to my headphones or it will connect for a little while and then start glitching later. This app has a lot of problems and its so annoying when I turn on my tv expecting to use my phone and its not connected. I don’t understand why its not connected when i have an internet connection. And also when the app starts glitching is causes my tv to glitch and turn off. And sometimes my tv doesn’t work unless i get up and unplug it and plug it back up again. As i said before, this is a good app and is very convenient, but at the same time it can still use a lot of work in the meantime..Version: 6.0.5

Works sometimes.Only works maybe a quarter the time. Works great when it does.....but takes forever to connect/reconnect..Version: 6.0.5

Used to love RokuBut they’ve been pretty disappointing recently. My current issue is trying to figure out how to cancel subscriptions, and being unable to get into contact with anyone from Roku Anyone at all, is impossible. If I go to the site of what I’m subscribing to, it says I need to do it through Roku. When I go to Roku’s website, it says I need to do it through the Roku. I don’t see the option anywhere on the ruku, it’s not on the faq, their online “help” system is worthless and just puts me through circles. And their customer service line that they hide the number to (bet you can’t find it on their website) just saying to go online for help. Which isn’t helpful at all. So I’m about to just call my credit card company and file a fraud claim, I don’t know how else to get the payments to stop. Another annoying issue from about a year ago. I bought the top model of Roku since my old rule stopped being serviced. The most expensive, fastest model. Within 2 months it’s telling me I need to buy a memory card since the Roku is full, and until I do, it uninstalls apps to make room for the ones I use. All I use is 5 streaming channels. That’s literally the only apps downloaded on it besides what comes in it, which shouldn’t be a lotl. If I’m buying the most expensive, top end model of a product, I shouldn’t have to buy additional add ones to make it functional. I feel like Roku made it big and then stopped caring about quality, just on profits..Version: 7.8.2

OkayI’ve had this remote since I got the tv, the actual remote is rubbish battery only last about two-three weeks so I decided to download this one. Was working perfectly without a hitch. And since I have two now tv sticks in the house it always picked up both fine. Than last week it just suddenly stopped working every time I go on to the app it would freeze and crash. And now it doesn’t even bother opening in up..Version: 7.5.0

Works okThe remote keeps disconnecting or will say connect to device but when you try to reconnect it won’t let you so the only thing that works is you have to completely close the app then relaunch it. It’s a pain when you’re trying to pause something or stop before a next episode starts to play. Please fix this bug..Version: 8.2.0

Developers should quitThis app is a joke it can’t even turn the tv on. And the layout is awful and so ugly. Designers, developers any management overseeing ANY part of this, should all be put on a boat and shipped out to sea without a motor or food..Version: 8.2.0

Private audio doesn’t workApp crashes every time I click the button. Or it works for 1s and closes..Version: 8.2.0

The remote feature WAS better before.The most recent update to this app should be undone in the next. The remote feature was great and mirrored the hand held remote perfectly. But now the remote is pushed up and reduced in size. To make room or another remote button and the channel selection button. You pass the channels to get to the remote so why would I need that? And if I am IN and using the remote why do I need a button to get to where I am. I get that it’s for quick screen switching but really. Seems a bit redundant. Secondly. The headphone feature which was super awesome. (Especially with a child sleeping in the next room.) is unstable now. So I’m scared to use it because after a few minutes it will shut off and the volume of the tv will return to full and that is rather loud when it was silence in the room a minute before. Upgrades are fine but not one that are unneeded, and make the app unstable..Version: 7.0.1

Roku services bricked?Been using this app with my Roku TCL TV for years without a problem, but as of yesterday this app just refuses to connect with my tv at all. It will even detect the tv but not connect with it, no matter how many times I tried. Another related issue is that I can’t seem to stream content from my mobile devices to my Roku tv anymore. Used to be able to beam whatever video I was watching on my phone straight to the tv, but now that doesn’t work either. Just like before, it detect that my Roku tv is there, but when I select it to stream from the phone, nothing happens… This all leads me to believe that there is a clear issue across Roku’s services. Perhaps their systems are down? My Roku tv still works fine otherwise, so I won’t give this a 1 star review, but as a wireless remote to my Roku tv, this app has effectively been bricked and made useless. I’m hoping Roku gets a handle on this issue soon, because the current update didn’t fix the connectivity issue and I still can’t use it to operate my tv..Version: 8.0.3

Crude software mostly designed for paid tv streaming.I was promised it would be easy to view my pictures from pad and phone via the Roku device. It is anything but!! Finally getting the pictures to just show on the smart tv with roku device connected, if I hit any other option like adding music I cannot find a way to get back. Pages keep freezing and the software options are very limited. The home page has every option for paid tv channels but no “Play on tv “ option. What with that, being forced to give my personal data and credit card details in advance and the difficulty to simply do what I wanted and thought I was buying.., this kit is a pain to use. What a big let down!! This app is incomplete there must be a better way..Version: 4.2.8

Temperamental remote replacementFamily room Hisense tv remote broke. Roku 2D box in bedroom remote wouldnt work on hisense got this app on my ipad and 2 iphones to recognize both devices at first. Sometimes connection has to be re established if i leave my house, today i had to shut down the other phone, which did not leave the house, for it to recognize the hisense, but the phone that left the house nothing works anymore, not even reinstalling app and manually imputing the ip address. They are signed into my roku account by email. My ipad so far isnt doing this. Shows anything free is junk. I had to take the phone off the network shut it off and reinstall the app every time i leave the house with my phone and it sometimes recognizes my tv after all of that. Its a pain. Nope didnt work this time says the tv in front of me isnt on the network, only the bedroom one i have to keep putting the name and location every time i reinstall too. My other phone is no lnger recognizing my tv either.Version: 7.8.3

Eco-modeThe app does always said that my TV is in eco-mode, so I can’t use the application. Sometime it works and sometime not....Version: 6.1.4

It’s not working properly again with new updateLots of bugs, rarely connects to tv now, y’all need to work out the bugs!! It was working great until the new update. Please fix!!.Version: 8.0.2

Not compatible with Sky Q remoteLike many I have discovered ROKU as an App on Sky Q. It is a nice idea with lots of free content. Watching The Village and loving it. Only problem is that it is impossible to fast forward or rewind using the Sky Q remote. It is very clunky to try to navigate through what you are watching. Also the i button does not work. Bit if a shame really and makes me less likely to use the app.Version: 6.3.3

APP functions stupidlyWhy bother to have a mobile app that you can’t use unless you connect with a fixed wireless? I tried to go into update my payment information for my new credit card. I can’t accomplish this because it will not connect and less it has Wi-Fi. We only use fixed secure Wi-Fi because of data security issues. I certainly don’t want to break this rule in order to go on this app to update my credit card information. This is a stupid design that they need to fix. Most of us have unlimited data and are not concerned about whether we have Wi-Fi. Also if I were using this app on a road trip with my kids I would want them to be able to look on their iPad whether or not we had access to reliable Wi-Fi. Stupid stupid stupid design. Any app to sign her that is this out of touch with the purpose of its application needs to be replaced. Roku needs to fix this or I suspect it’s going to be replaced with the mini market alternatives that have now developed including Apple Watch doesn’t have this problem..Version: 4.2.19

MehWorks great! It only takes about 5 minutes for it to turn your tv on..Version: 8.2.0

Nice app but has its issuesI really like the app and it has great features for controlling the Roku stick when the remote is lost. However, it constantly tells me I’m not connected to the WiFi! If I switch between apps it works for 5 seconds before telling me I’ve got no WiFi again! If this issue was fixed it would be a 5 star app, until then it’s just an infuriating app that I avoid if I can..Version: 7.3.1

Rarely worksAlmost never connects to any of my Roku devices I’ve tried entering manually and getting help but nothing works, please fix this..Version: 8.2.0

Headphone mode brokeIt’s jus bugged, and blast the TV to full volume.Version: 8.2.0

New bugI was trying to switch Wifi then it said my tv was turned off when it wasn’t it wasn’t even frozen too. Please fix this..Version: 8.2.0

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