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MLB Home Run Derby 2022 Negative Reviews

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MLB Home Run Derby 2022 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

MLB Home Run Derby 2022 app received 122 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MLB Home Run Derby 2022? Can you share your negative thoughts about mlb home run derby 2022?

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MLB Home Run Derby 2022 for Negative User Reviews

Really Fun!The reason this game is great is simple: IT’S FUN! It’s a blast to hit monster homeruns and this game delivers. The hitting interface is so great, I wish they’d bring it the the R.B.I Baseball app as well. My biggest gripe is that the game is positively infested with ads that you absolutely must watch to earn more of the virtual currency required to “buy” equipment upgrades that would allow you to really compete. Wish there was another way to make that happen without all the ads. Truth is, I’m not even watching them. I play the ad to double my rewards, skip a challenge, etc. but then I set my iPad aside for a few minutes to do something else when it plays, then come back to collect my rewards when the ad is done playing. Advertisers aren’t getting much value from that, and more importantly, it makes for a poor gaming experience. Update: there a new bug that freezes the game after a multi-player game. You must force quit the app. Then the game inexplicable selects Bryce Harper to replace any player you had previously equipped as your player, when the game restarts. Why is he coded as the default?? Super weird..Version: 7.1.1

BadCan’t get in to the game.Version: 8.2.0

Mad🤬MLB home run derby was great till it made me restart the game and I bought some fields and now I don’t have them.I want my money 💴 back.P.S don’t buy fields.😡🤬🤯😤.Version: 8.0.4

Fun but….I like this game but have some issues. First issue is playing multiplayer in the domes. Pretty frustrating how many hits don’t count in the domes with Toronto being the worst! It also doesn’t help how the game either has the balls flying low or other times popping straight up. So if it’s popping up and your in a dome just reset the game cause you’re probably playing someone 10 levels above you and half your homers don’t count. Fun stuff.. Arcade mode is kind of pointless the pitcher is further away so you can’t really practice your timing and those targets are ridiculously hard to hit considering there isn’t really anyway to aim. Derby mode is cool if you’re trying to get bucks and it’s pretty easy. One other thing why do the multiplayer packs have a stupid timer on them? Just let me open them! Some of them have a 20 hour timer on them so unless you want to spend bucks or watch horrible ads you just have to wait?.Version: 9.1.1

Signing in before every Multiplayer gameEver since yesterday I’ve been trying to play but it won’t let me it won’t set me up a player to play against and it just get frustrating cause the game before that I could I have payed the game put my phone down then when I went back it won’t let me play. To sum it up, it’s telling me to login every time I get on the when I touch multiplayer as an option to play and when I do login it won’t set me up a player to play against it’s terrible that I can’t do it, I would advise to check on accounts with the same problem and FIX THIS NOW.Version: 9.1.0

UnplayableTells me I’ve unlocked a player but every player is locked so no longer able to play..Version: 6.0.1

Reward structureUpdate: seriously, 4 multiplayer losses in a row? I have the best bat, shoes, gloves, top players, and I’ve got a C rating and with passive and active boosts I can’t get one match up that I can win? Look I know I’m not very good at this - 20 in multiplayer is high for me but really? I’m done playing. I’m not sure what the point of playing the game is - I can’t do anything useful with the coins and the cash doesn’t unlock enough to matter. The only way to get new players is to open packs every 4 hours. My only unlocked batter has 76 for both stats and can barely hit a ball over the fence even with a good hit. I like the idea and the gameplay is fun but it gets pretty boring there’s only one thing to do and doing it doesn’t net any reward. Fun game but needs some work..Version: 8.2.0

Game still brokenWon’t let me past the main startup screen. Shame too I like playing this game..Version: 8.3.2

Major bug with Version 8.3.2V8.3.2 is even worse than the last the game both freezes at the title screen and there is no music. The “update” seems to be a regression vs progression. Please fix. Thank you..Version: 8.3.2

CrashesAs soon as updated happened as soon as i open a pack it crashes.Version: 8.1.0

Even after the update to fix the update I can’t playWell today (December 22nd) I got an update to fix the update that broke being able to get into the game but the update that says it was going to fix that problem hasn’t fixed the problem of logging in beyond the splash screen, epic fail..Version: 8.3.2

Pretty Good w/ some problemsThe game itself is very fun. The players and equipment are all cool, and the events held daily are fresh. Although, the game has many bugs that need to be fixed. There have been multiple times I have won a derby, and had to forfeit the match because the game would freeze; furthermore, it only seems to freeze when I am about to win a match. Another bug is the home runs not counting. I have had incidents where a ball goes a certain distance they will not count, and I do not mean the ball hitting the top of the dome in a indoor stadium. For example, I kept hitting the Cleveland’s Indians sign and they would not count. Overall the game is great and quality is good, but there are a few bugs that are extremely aggravating..Version: 7.1.1

Bugs spoil this gameWe all want to smash a good home run. However little bugs make this a dream for now. Freezing near the time of the pitch and sometimes not swinging when you have done so causes a lot of frustration. Please fix developers.Version: 1.3

GARBAGE!!Click bait in the tutorial they give you home runs and in the actual game they give you nothing.Version: 9.0.3

What happened???The latest update is such a mess! You substituted the more realistic looks of the player for some muppets that are horrendous and uncomfortable to play with. This is the worst mess-up I’ve seen in any game ever!.Version: 7.1.0

New update has messed up ability to hitUsing the same player as before the update I went from hitting 50ish hrs in arcade mode to struggling to hit 20. Derby mode is worse. I was mostly a pull hitting time. Now everything is hit other way so much I struggle to keep fair. If I time with earlier swing I might get a little pulled from center but with no power. Some other reviews said the update didn't mess with playing experience. ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Makes me think it was a fake review. I stopped putting money in this game a long time ago because they took stuff I bought out of the game with no compensation. 2018 version was making me think it was worth while again. Now I'm back to refusing to put money in this. Game isn't as fun anymore..Version: 7.1.0

Fix the bugs!It seems that whoever developed this game comes around occasionally to put a few new hitter on and offer some new expensive player package, but has to be prodded into fixing any bugs in the game. And there are so, so many. Enough that it makes gameplay considerably less enjoyable. The newest one has to do with the uniforms, which remain absurdly difficult to obtain in the first place. But once you do, it’d be swell if you could actually use them in multiplayer—but now, they just revert to the default uniform, no matter which you choose. Then—this part is just funny—if you immediately hit the button to play again, sometimes your hitter will take on a new uniform of a team he isn’t on! As humorous as it is to see Bryce Harper the Padre or Aaron Judge the Met, the real issues have to do with scoring. Every park, still, has spots where a ball will hit over the wall in fair territory and it’ll either be slow to count—or not count at all. You can occasionally win a multiplayer game and your player rating will drop, not your opponent’s..Version: 9.1.1

Can’t go into gameWhen it first updated I now can’t go into the game it was fun but not now.Version: 8.3.2

Foul BallThe game keeps crashing while playing and has now frozen while playing twice and won't restart. They only way I've found to fix this is to delete and reinstall. As a result you lose all progress and have to start back at level one. When the game works it is a great way to pass the time..Version: 5.0.3

I can’t get Into the gameI can’t even get into the game.Version: 8.2.0

BAD GAMEYou try to get a home run by hitting the ball but it’s dumb that your but doesn’t go where you want it.Version: 9.1.1

Still needs some tweaksThe latest update with the ability to purchase gear with coins and awarding coins for cards that are maxed out is great. But there still is the issue of the 2021 all star game jerseys. It appears that you can earn them for all teams with the different card decks, but then you aren’t able to equip the players with them for several teams, leaving a bunch of jerseys that you have enough cards to unlock in the position to never be unlocked. It negates some of the good of the coins awarded for maxed out items as you can earn enough cards to unlock a jersey, but since you can’t equip any players with that jersey to unlock it, it just keeps taking more and more cards rather than giving you the coin reward for a maxed out item..Version: 9.2.0

Total Joke.I first started playing this game a few months ago and loved it. I enjoyed the perks of winning and increasing my presence. That faded quickly. Aside from the pitches getting harder as your ab goes on, which I am fine with…it’s the other crap that makes this an insufferable app. First, there have been many times I would have 5 or 6 hr lead only to see that my opponent has tied..and sometimes past me both in number of homers and distance. Second, the app will let your opponent somehow see more pitches despite the same elapsed time. I tested this out and purposely would swing and miss at pitches in order to generate the next possible quickest pitch…I literally went down two home runs while I had only received one pitch. My advice to anyone playing. This game is rigged…you aren’t playing “head to head” against another live person..think about it, really how many people are actually playing the exact moment you are that would allow head to head play. Sad because this app has potential. My advice to the developers of make your money from ads…just don’t make it obvious that this game is soooo rigged. Then again, it’s an mlb app and as a lifelong baseball fan it doesn’t surprise me that just like everything else, mlb screw up something that could benefit the game..Version: 9.1.2

Game not working after updateI have this game on iPhone 6 and 11 and on both of my phones the game is not working at all after the recent update.Version: 8.3.1

Stopped working5 star for gameplay 0 for latest update means won’t load Very addictive game and easy game play but latest update means won’t load. So I assume loyalty bonus’ lost. Just gets to new front page and nothing. Shame to lose this game.Version: 8.3.0

Doesn't work…Game not working since up on ios...not MLB class.Version: 9.2.3

INCREDIBLY HARD!!This game is VERY, VERY HARD!! The timing is impossible to get. The game gives you a Garbage player that can barely hit HR’s. And in multiplayer, you have to play players that are 10x’s better than you!! There’s no grade class. You’re stuck playing an B rated player with an Allstar while you’re rated a C- with a Crappy common player. You can only unlock players after get multiple cards of that player. So you’re realistically stuck with a Garbage player for a LONG time!! Not to mention, this games currency is ALSO Very Hard to get. Some things cost $400/$500/$1000 dollars to buy and then you have to get multiple of those to unlock.. this game looked promising but is a MAJOR waste of time!! I would give it Zero stars if I could!! WAYYYYYYYY TOO HARD!!.Version: 9.2.0

App doesn’t workEver since the last update the app does not progress past the title screen so I can no longer play on my iPad Pro. The app support requires too much information and very confusing to fill out..Version: 8.3.0

CrashesEver since the 2015 update happened, the game starts up and shows the mlb loading screen and goes to a black screen then crashes..Version: 3.0.0

Game freezes on startup screen after last updateGame was working fine, but since the update a few days ago, it will not work. It just freezes on the startup screen and doesn’t go any further. A pity, this was actually a good game..Version: 8.3.0

FreezingThe Game is still crashing Please Fix this problem It’s annoying !!!.Version: 9.2.3

It’s an ok gameI like it it’s is fun but... whenever I hit the ball it always tracks the ball even if it is foul territory and it always watches the ball roll too and that is a waste of time to hit and also I spent 600 coins on the fair boost and I still hit foul territory and that is just a waste of coins I want my 600 coins back because it is a waste for to buy a boost that doesn’t even work and also the more power boost also doesn’t even work because without it I hit 9 to 10 home runs with it I hit 0 so I also want 1000 coins back or what how many it cost for I don’t know how much it is for that one please fix all those changes and it would be the best game for the game 5 stars but with those problems it’s a 2 to 2 and 1/2 stars if you fix the following of the ball after you hit it if that stops and if you fix all the boost to work it would be a 5 star game Thank you.Version: 8.0.3

Great but has bugsI really like the game. Fun, addictive, etc. I bought some credits in app and now every time I get partway through a game my pitcher disappears mid pitch and I have to quit the game. When I quit I lose all my credits spent on that round and get non of the winnings. Grrr. Want my credits back..Version: 1.9

TerribleThis game is so rigged I barely hit homers.Version: 9.0.3

RubbishSpent a year playing this game and latest update wants me to start from fresh. How can I get all my previous details back? Everything's I possess settings just seems me to start a new game.Version: 8.3.3

A LOT of glitches and bugsThe game is rigged. Especially In multiplayer mode. It seems like you’re predetermined to lose if it wants you to lose because of all the glitches especially when balls that are absolute HRs to dead center field or any field aren’t counted. I’ve lost count how many times that has been the difference between winning or losing. It can get frustrating. I doubt most of those opponents are computer generated and not even real players. On top of that it’ll throw impossible pitches that there’s no way you can hit a HR off of no matter where you place the bat and it always seems to happen when you’re winning. It’s funny how your opponent magically jumps 2-3 HRs in one shot or starts with 1-2 HRs before you can get a swing in. That’s just some issues. Why are you giving cards towards items you’re already maxed out on especially the uniforms?? It’s a waste of cards and packs. It’s like you didn’t even earn anything. The game has potential to be good but needs a lot of work. I guess you can’t expect too much from amateur game developers 🤷🏽‍♂️lol.Version: 9.0.2

ALL MY PROGRESS GOT DELETEDPlayed during Coronavirus isolation unlocked a bunch of cool players and was at level 83. Log in and everything has been reset and I’m back to the start FIX THIS!.Version: 8.0.4

Great updateNow the game does not work.Version: 8.3.0

I can’t believe MLB actually made this gameI always thought this game would be fun and gave all credit for making this game. Well, there aware many,many,many things wrong w/ the game. 1: It is very broken: I have played for about a month and my game has restarted my entire save data TWICE. It says the “save data is corrupt and needs to be restarted”, but why? Then I will also comment on the extremely rigged derby mode. In a real derby, pitchers don’t throw curveballs when you are 1 HR away from winning the round. Plus the calculating system is off by a lot. I hit the top of the centerfield wall and it said it went 549 ft. Then I hit the middle of the scoreboard and it said it went 510 ft. Honestly, the game is kinda fun, but the problems pretty much ruin most of the game..Version: 7.1.0

FIX ITI used to love this game but for a while now I haven’t been able to go beyond the opening screen. I know I’m not the only one that is still having this problem. It’s been like this for months. I guess this will fall on deaf ears just like other reviews stating the same problem. The developers of this game obviously don’t care about the people who choose to download their products so I would highly recommend that consumers avoid downloading or purchasing any product from this developer.Version: 9.0.0

MLB Home run derbyLoading 9/9 assets 100%. End result, stuck exactly at this spot. What’s up???!!!! I’ve been enjoying this game for awhile but the other day the developer sent out an update and now the game won’t open past the Home Screen (basically frozen). I’ve followed the instructions they provided but it still doesn’t work. Is this happening for anyone else? Hoping that I don’t lose my game data and progress and that I can finally get back into it..Version: 8.3.2

Download problems and thinking about its worthI have a iPhone 4s an it keeps saying that it needs at least an iPhone 4 now last time I checked an iPhone 4s was made after an iPhone 4 so what I this thing even saying pls fix this this game may be worth it.Version: 6.0.5

Won’t load past Home Run Derby screenI’ve had this game for a couple of years now and it’s been fun. But with the most recent update (which I believe includes the venue change to Coors Field), the game won’t load. It just stops at the Home Run Derby title screen. Very frustrating. So my star rating is due to the fact I can’t play right now because it won’t load..Version: 9.0.2

Doesn’t work since last updateToo bad. Love playing this game with my kids but since the last update it freezes at the title screen. Please fix..Version: 9.2.3

Will you fix the freezing isssue?Helloooo any update!? Can’t believe it’s been like 3 weeks and issue is still not fixed..Version: 9.2.3

I can’t get in to the gameIt is stuck at theCover to get into the game.Version: 8.3.0

OkNot to bad requires you to buy a lot to succeed tho.Version: 1.9

Game was great!…key word was…This game was great to play and of course like many others after doing the update it stalls on the loading screen and gets no farther. Deleted the app and reinstalled, issue persists. Reading other reviews I’m not alone. When will an update be released to fix this. I want to play, this is annoying..Version: 9.2.3

Fun but buggyWhen it works, really fun. But some recurring issues and not easy to report them. 1) Head-to-head, my game didn’t connect and it gave me a loss without the game having started. Impacts your ranking. 2) Home runs to left field occasionally don’t fegister, resulting in losses in head-to-head mode. Shame, cause it’s pretty fun overall.Version: 7.1.1

RidiculousI’m going to start writing a bad review and giving this game 1 star EVERYDAY!!! Unless the MANY problems this game has gets fixed. I’m losing in multiplayer just because the game is messing up. Not counting my home runs and calling fair balls foul. This game really gave me 900ft. for a hit I blasted to center field out the park and NO home run! How does a ball go that far and not be a home run? This is ridiculous!!! And that’s just one problem out of the many. I really do like this game but it just seems to get WORSE. You guys focus on updating the wrong things instead of correcting this terrible game play. And jus because I been playing the game for so long I’m trying to give it chances but this is just getting bad. It’s extremely frustrating. I will go out of my way to destroy this game if I have to but how bout y’all jus fix it!?!?! How bout that? Is it really that hard? Please fix these problems or I’m going on a warpath. I promise you that!.Version: 9.1.2

Absolute Rip OffAs if the MLB needs to bleed us dry of even more money. If you spend about $100 you can buy yourself a powerful hitter. Alternatively, you can give up your job and dedicate your life to playing this game. In a few years, you'll be able to upgrade your player without it costing you a cent!.Version: 1.12.156613

Update still not workingStill doesn’t work after “update fix” - tried to download a dozen times. Freezes on Home Screen. Hopeless - would give it minus stars if possible.Version: 8.3.2

Not bad but not great!The graphics are good and the gameplay idea is good but actually playing the game can be very annoying as you do not have any idea where the ball will be threw until the very last 0.1 of a second and as you have to move the bat to exactly the right place to get a home run it becomes very annoying! This is very disappointing as the game has a very good feel about it but like most games now it is designed to make you spend lots and lots of real money to be playable and enjoyable at the same time, but let's be honest it's got t mobiles name on it so it was never going to be that customer friendly was it..Version: 4.0.3

Fun time waster, but very riggedLet me preface my review by saying I’ve been playing this game for 7 years, so I know what I’m talking about. Don’t waste time with the tournament. You aren’t competing against real players. The developers have tried to make it appear as if you are playing against other players, but nearly all the opponents are bots. DON’T SPEND ANY MONEY on boosts. They don’t do anything. The only item even worth buying is a ballpark you want to play in. Other than that, don’t spend a cent. In tournament mode your opponent will win the vast majority of the time no matter how good you are. I have had countless rounds where I’ve hit home runs EVERY pitch and still lost by 5 homers. The bots will hit homers at a much faster pace than is even possible for real players. The pitches don’t come fast enough for you to hit 30+ homers a round, but opponents will do it all the time. Be warned. This is one of the most blatantly rigged games ever made. Just play arcade. It’s casual and fun and you can still get the satisfaction of hitting dingers. You’ll see exactly what I am referring to within just a few rounds. It’s frustrating, so I don’t even bother with tournament mode anymore. It is comically rigged to make you spend money on upgrades. Don’t do it. Just grind away at arcade and don’t give these developers a cent..Version: 8.0.4

The ball is hard to hitThe ball is hard to hit and tiny.Version: 6.0.2

Buggy MessRiddled with errors, hanging problems and corrupt data.Version: 4.0.4

UnplayableIt's about time Apple screened games for their playability not just technical issues. This game is simply unplayable. You have to pay to breathe. This is the worst example I've ever seen of iap. You're better paying for a good baseball game from com2us than these guys. You'll at least be able to play and advance without selling your home and car. How these guys can create a game that gives baseball a bad reputation beats me but they've succeeded very well at that. I mean, the prices are only for very rich kids. No wonder Touch Arcade didn't recommend this game. And if Touch Arcade wont touch it its down the drain. No-one will support it and its as good as dead now. I used to like MLB at bat and even signed up for a season. After playing this my view about MLB has changed and I won't be buying another season because they come across here as very greedy selfish people not true sportsmen. For gods sake give us a decent game that won't eat all our money and you'll get a accolades and business will go up. This game is a loser..Version: 1.1

Good game but no longer opens and crazy IAP costsApp worked fine up until today but now just hangs on a load screen. Decent game for free, but outrageous that adding a new stadium costs £4.99 each. Each?! Appreciate developers have to make money but that's ludicrously over-the-top, especially when you consider the depth other games offer for far less..Version: 5.0.3

Fine tuningI love your game, I get addicted to it trying to unlock things but one thing that I found frustrating is that I’m stuck on getting two goals, hit 150f ground ball which I’ve done several times and it won’t clear and hit two home runs into the right side of field.. I did 4 in a row, 8 in a row yet it didn’t allow me to progress through.. reward me and set a new goal!? I want to keep playing but this is really making it hard to.. help, please look into this and fix this issue or explain what I’m doing wrong....Version: 6.0.8

IssuesDL then say it needs to DL 58mb more… and won’t work. I have 12 Max.Version: 9.1.1

Needs better supportIt's an enjoyable game, but when something goes wrong, there needs to be an avenue to address it.. After buying 2 in-game purchases, and being charged for them, I still haven't received them 24 hours later, and after over an hour of trying to contact the developers etc to see what's gone wrong, I'm still in the dark and have had no success contacting them...Version: 1.12.156613

Fun butEvery time I tap to swing it changes where the bat is now and it wasn’t like that before.😡.Version: 8.2.0

Rubbish still and yet again after third updateAfter update to fix it not working it is still not working and just hangs there doing nothing.Version: 8.3.2

Used to be goodSince the most recent update, the game no longer loads. It gets stuck on the new logo screen..Version: 8.3.2

Good game, shameless greedGood game over all, sadly spoilt a little due to greedy, severely over priced in-app purchase model. If you don't pay for upgrades you get to play 1 derby every few hours!?! You're also forced to either stick with the one lower tier player you choose when you first open the app, or cough up MORE money to unlock each subsequent player. Sad times for apps now : /.Version: 1.1

One update and the game is ruinedThis game was great and I loved it, it was one of my favorite games. But then the update comes and my eagle eye is now trash. I hit too many foul balls. The characters batting stances and their faces look terrible. Examples: Some of the batting stances look like Jeff Bagwell’s batting stance, Bryce Harper’s hair is 5 feet high and Johnny Bench is a ghost and is more white than me. And I am always one of the whitest people in my class or something. So that is saying something! Also Jackie Robinson, Rod Carew, and Ernie Banks look like the same player just with different jerseys. Also some of the players look like Caucasian Shrek. The skinny players look chubby. The hair looks like it is from the McDonald’s dumpster. Ichiro Suzuki hits more homers in a game than I hit in a derby with my legend Todd Frazier. This game is now💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩.Version: 7.1.0

Customer ServiceI love the game itself, it’s great. It’s addicting and I play everyday on my phone. Customer Service seems initially responds with a generic message but overall it is not good. For example if the game had a glitch they fix it but never give you the rewards or ranking you lost. I also think people have found a way to cheat because I can be up by 5 HR in multiplayer and will not miss a ball and they will hit 2 to my one. If everything is the same then how is this possible. Also the card prize are weak, no one wants uniforms as a prize..Version: 9.1.1

Abysmal gameplayIt would help if the game was a bit easier for new folk because I don’t see how on earth im ever going to progress when I can’t even get a HR. Would definitely not bother wasting one penny on this game!.Version: 7.1.3

Needs some work.It’s a great game overall and I personally love it. The issue I have with this game though is that when I hit foul balls in multiplayer, the camera looks at the for the longest time and allows the other player to hit more Home runs and get on top especially when it’s a close game. I suggest that foul balls shouldn’t even be looked upon because their just foul balls, they don’t benefit in anything. The other issue that I have is that I believe it’s just dumb for pitchers to throw curve balls at you whilst playing in a home run derby? I don’t know, in my opinion I believe that should be taken off. And lastly are the home runs. For example, Tropicana Field, sometimes balls hit the cat walks or “frames” on the roof and in real life, if you hit the outer frame, it’s a home run. But in this game it doesn’t. That needs to be fixed..Version: 8.0.3

Very meh type of gameThis game looks fun and easy but it is not. Whenever you try to guess where the ball is going to be and you tap the screen it goes where you don’t want it. This is especially annoying when you guess it right and then it moved you to some completely other place! Another reason is the batter moves so slow like even when you time it right and it says great timing it’s not very close to the ball at all. My second to last reason is that it’s really very hard to hit a homerun the only thing you every really hit is foul balls or you hit grounders which are only from like 10-13 coins if YOU’RE LUCKY if not you only get maybe 4-7 coins. My final reason is it is so glitchy personally I’m not sure how to explain that’s how glitchy it is. If you have gotten this part thank you and I appreciate you reading my feedback..Version: 9.1.0

Something not right here. Move alongMultiplayer matchmaking system is way off. Not in your favor at all. And for every home run you hit your opponent has already hit 3. He’s even hitting 2 in the time it takes you to get one pitch. And why must we watch every foul ball coast until it lands or roll around the stands till it stops rolling. Granted the timer stops at this time but my patience continues to tick away. There’s really nothing fun and it’s a serious cash grab just so you dont lose your marbles in the process. Believe me. I spend a pretty good amount of money on all types of games, without a doubt. But I only spend on “fun” games. Not games that kinda force you to spend to start having fun. Ya gotta show me something first. Nuthin to see here..Version: 8.0.3

Getting fed up with this game!I have had this game installed on my phone for quit a few years. I have had my spurts were I play a lot, as well as time were I go months without playing. Since they made to switch to single match tournaments rounds in multiplayer it has gotten bad! The game glitches and you lose every time! I used to have an A+ rating and its almost down to a B. It’s probably because I refuse to spend money on an app but they need to change it! When time expires you have the same amount of homers as the next guy but when the screen changes you lost by 1 home run! It’s garbage and should be fixed!.Version: 6.0.8

Good game butGood game, one of the better baseball games on the App Store but why do apple etc allow the in game purchases to be so so so expensive. You need the Bucks etc to progress and yet you can only win so many each time you play so they have you by the short and curlies in order to actually progress.Version: 3.1.1

Awful gameYou spend days, weeks playing and earning enough to buy players, bats and stadia, only for them to disappear when you go into multiplayer mode. Don't bother emailing support, they don't care. I'm down to one player from 10, 3 bats from a full load and the less said about equipment the better. If you thought the Xbox version was bad, this is a whole new level of awful... Once again an update has removed all but 21 of the 400 credits I'd spent weeks building up. Uninstalling and won't be bothering again. It's a rip off that is badly made..Version: 5.1.3

Same Old StoryAnother update, another let down. Just tried it for the first time in a while 'cos of the new update I am curious. Played only one game, as that was enough. I played a multiplayer game, among the home runs I scored, I clearly scored four that didn’t register to my score but the distance was adjusted accordingly. There’s probably other glitches, but I can’t be bothered to find out if that is true. Same old, same old. Fed up with it..🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱.Version: 9.1.0

Needs a Lot of UpdatesThis game can be fun and very addicting after hitting dingers and unlocking some of your favorite sluggers, however I feel like a huge company such as MLB should have better quality graphics and less bugs and internal errors. One of the common things that happens when I play is that I will finish a round of hitting towards the targets and it will ask “do you want to watch an add to extend your game 10 seconds?” and I will want to keep on playing and unfortunately the ten seconds will start right as you watch the add and by the time it’s finished your game is up and you just wasted 30 seconds of your life watching a meaningless add. I also think it’s ridiculous how you have to pay for certain stadiums and you don’t have the option to unlock stadiums through playing over time. Each stadium is about $5 and it is a total waste of money to buy anything in this game. It’s loud and clear that MLB doesn’t spend any time improving this game and expects you to pay for glitchy stadiums. I would expect better from MLB and really hope they “step up to the best plate” and improve this app..Version: 9.2.3

DisappointingI want to like this a lot more than I do - home run derby is such a great game to have on a mobile device. But the cost for buying new players or upgrades is so high that it puts you off playing unless you're intending to spend a fortune in real money. There are odd bugs that distract you - one network error box wouldn't clear whilst the game carried on in the background! - and the timing hints seem optimistic at best. If the path for upgrading players was less exorbitant, or there were cheaper options, this would be a 4 star game. As it is it struggles to a 2..Version: 1.6

Good gameGood game and graphics but def way to pricey on in app purchases and way to reliant on cash to buy upgrades.. Why do we always have to pay for everything??.Version: 3.1.1

App opening...App opens with a flaming baseball but stops there. What happened?.Version: 8.3.2

50/50Few rewards and slow to progress, over it, next..Version: 3.1.0

A big messNew update and you have totally stuffed it won’t even open to play a game totally useless now so you fixed something that did not need fixing and you stuffed the whole game garbage.Version: 8.2.1

MLB DerbyThis could be a really great game. One glitch in particular that I have not seen people review is in multiplayer, many times and when I win for some reason the game freezes and won’t proceed to the next screen awarding the win. This forces you to leave the game running indefinitely or to quit out of the game out of frustration thereby giving the other opponent a win. I considered whether this is a hack of some kind because I’ve had multiplayers just sit there and not do anything as I’m hitting home runs left and right only to have it the game freeze at the end, and Im forced to quit and then they win..Version: 7.0.1

Changed Pitch SpeedThe last update has massively changed the pitch speed and the hitting mechanics. Why? I’m sure I’ll adjust, like any good hitter, but there was no need to change this. I’m getting 8-10 HR in head to head whereas before the update I could hit 20+. Please roll back to previous hitting mechanics..Version: 7.1.0

MLB HR derbyAwesome fun, better than last year, great game!.Version: 2.2.175910

NiceYes Ronald acuna jr can hit a 794 foot home run easily.Version: 8.2.2

Freezes downloadingFun before the game now freezes loading..Version: 9.2.3

Fun game ... when it works (almost never)This could be a great game if there weren't so many bugs causing it to crash all the time. There's no excuse for not fixing them at this point -- some of the bugs have existed for 6+ months. Prior to the recent update, the game would crash whenever a card pack was opened and a new uniform card was revealed. That bug was NEVER fixed so the game was basically unplayable since it forces you to open the same card pack after it restarts. Once the same uniform card is revealed ... another crash - and another - and another... NOW - the most recent update (June 2020) has completely broken the game on my iPhone 6. After it loads the main "home" screen, the game crashes immediately. I've restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled the game - nothing has resolved the issue. It's time to GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, MLB Advanced Media! I was hoping the recent update would resolve many of the old issues that have existed for far too long. Instead, it's yet another disappointing update that managed to make a bad situation even worse..Version: 8.1.0

Misplaced priorityI love baseball so I generally enjoy this game, but there are two issues in particular that frustrates me. One is that there are far too many dead spots in different stadiums where home runs just aren’t counted for some reason, whether is be certain light towers, signage, or roofs of domed stadiums. This just absolutely shouldn’t be, period. More than a couple times this has cost me games in multiplayer mode. The other issue is when there is no video available to watch when I’m trying to speed up the time it takes to unlock a pack of cards or boost that pack once it’s unlocked. This issue comes and goes occasionally but always seems to conveniently appear at a time like now, during the playoffs, when unlocking cards of players on playoff teams becomes time sensitive. Of course, this could be a coincidence but it happens a little too frequently or that to be the case. Every time there is a new update to the app, I hope it will address these issues. It’s not like it hasn’t been brought up in previous reviews. But that hasn’t been the case yet. At least the most recent update brought us wrist bands and arm sleeves. You know, the real important stuff..Version: 9.2.0

GoodLike the idea but takes a long time to load, sometimes crashes if you receive texts etc while playing and the game play itself is slow. The fact you need to wait for the MLB bucks to load is annoying and cost of the extras is very high using a lot of the coins you collect for not a great extra as you need to buy them again every time you play a competition. Graphics are awesome just ashame the whole game is set up to make money rather than be a great gaming experience for baseball fans!.Version: 1.7

GlitchyGameplay sometimes continues while you watch a video to extend a boost. No thanks!.Version: 9.0.2

It’s fun, but very rigged!This game is blatantly rigged. You opponent in multiplayer will almost always beat you. You can have a good stretch going, never miss a single pitch, 30 home runs in a row! And somehow, your opponent will get 32. Also, you can hit the ball in the exact same spot several times in a row and get all home runs, then hit the same spot again, and it falls just short. The game is set up to keep you from winning. I’m honestly convinced that multiplayer is just you against bots! And the matchmaking is horrible if it is people. How do I, as a B- player with low level ball players, get matched with an A+ player with Legendary guys that have insane stats? It’s rigged! That’s how. And also, if you aren’t using boosts, it’s almost impossible to hit the ball. This entire game is set up so that you constantly pump money into it just to try and win. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous amount of time and effort it takes to obtain uniforms. Uniforms that you can’t even use in multiplayer. I have been playing for over 2 years and have yet to unlock more than one uniform. My advice, just find a different baseball game..Version: 9.1.2

KYeah not bad. Just getting into it now. It's about baseball.Version: 1.9

Couldn't playThe game wouldn't let me download the assets to play the game.Version: 4.0.3

Mlb gameSomething went wrong during coronavirus!!! I was at level 79 with really good players and some day I lost all my progress. I can’t get my password back and I can’t even create a new account! No answers from the client service....... Fix it please!.Version: 8.0.4

Poor updateI was a fan of this game. The new update has not improved it. Sluggish swings, yardage not reflective of distance the ball obviously travels. Happy if they wanted to add player jerseys as an update, but sorely tempted to leave this game as it’s a poor relation to what it was 😩.Version: 7.1.0

Good but badI spent $15 on a in app purchase, and it said that it went through, took my money, then didn’t give me any of the stuff I paid for. Don’t make in app purchases.Version: 8.2.0

No longer worksLike game until it updated in December, now it freezes at opening screen and doesn’t work. Have deleted twice and downloaded again but no difference. Was a great game before but now I’m giving up..Version: 8.3.2

No longer greatThis used to be a good game but changes made have taken away the fun , functions do not work properly , too bad.Version: 8.0.4

Game doesn’t loadWith this new update, the game just stalls on the main menu and I can’t even get in the game. I can hear the background music but tapping on the phone does nothing. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, but it still doesn’t work. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve lost all my progress. Fix this!.Version: 8.3.0

Years of glitches and bugsI’ve been playing this game for a number of years. Let’s just say, I remember when you were forced to pick between Jose Bautista and someone else to start the game. I picked Jose even though I hate the guy but heck he was the best option. But, I digress... I would rate this game 0 stars if it were an option. Even after, what now... 4-5 years or so... the game is glitchy, doesn’t always save your progress properly, and has a jacked up multiplayer. The only updates the developers put out are in ways to take your money. I doubt anything will change since even a fool like me still play it every now and then. Save your money, don’t drop it into this game. MLB and MLBPA got lots in the bank. Play the game for free especially when the devs won’t spend any time making any real updates..Version: 8.0.1

Home run Derby 2020Great game until it updated and left me stuck with hundreds of hours played and lots of money invested. Stuck on the screen that doesn’t go away. It says there has been an update to fix it. But mine is still frozen. On both my iPad and iPhone. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling a few times but nothing works. Any advice or help?.Version: 8.3.2

Bad updatwLoved this game but the most recent update won’t even load so that’s a solid 1 star review..Version: 8.3.0

Cannot Download Assets ( times out ) Waste of Time !!Downloaded game opened ok then it starts to download assets but keeps timing out before it completes, tried several times but have now given up. It is NOT my internet as It is extremely fast and have no issues playing games or streaming movies, or with any other apps..Version: 4.0.4

Could be great...Despite solid game play and great graphics, this game is riddled with issues. In-game purchases disappear and developer help is virtually nonexistent..Version: 5.1.5

Should be better than it it.This Game has the potential to be one of my favorite games. I’ve played for hours. I play nightly. And the more I play this more I realize the major flaw. The rewards system makes no sense. The card collecting is pointless. The guy you have is ranked better than any guy you hope to unlock. I got Pete Alonso early and there’s no way to improve on him. Even the equipment is dumb. The better looking equipment isn’t ranked very well. And unlocking anything takes forever and even when you do you’ll probably be taking a step backwards if you equip. Also $5 to unlock stadiums has to be the biggest joke I ever seen. Also the targets in arcade are impossible to hit. You have to hit perfectly which is dumb. The ball goes right above or below. Sometimes which makes that mode frustrating and useless. This is all unfortunate because the gameplay is fantastic..Version: 8.2.1

STAY AWAYWiped all my progress after 2 month, built up to 10k in Mlbuck though playing, and paid pack, everything gone.Version: 9.0.3

The app is still freezingThe app is still freezing at the login in screen after this last update, the only difference is it now has a ball at bottom of screen that spins and says initializing, and never does anymore than that. Get your act together.......Version: 8.3.1

Fun but disappointing at the same timeOverall the game is fun to play but do not waste a single dollar from your wallet trying to get the good players and the good gear as this will still not give you an edge to win. I have epic players and legendary gear and still lose 90% of the head to head games I play. I will hit a homerun and before my ball even lands my opponent will hit 2 more. Or, I will be ahead of my opponent and the pitcher will start throwing curve balls, sinkers or anything to make you miss for like 10 pitches straight until the other guy passes you by 5 or 6 homeruns. You would think that having some of the best equipment in the game would push you some more to the winning side but nope!!!! You can hit just as many homeruns with the character you start the game with as you can with an epic or legendary character..Version: 7.1.4

Better ......Respect for giving us back our coins and MLB bucks. Gameplay as ever is good but my gripe now is to unlock old stadium I have to give you coins and bucks, that's ok, but you want £2.99 as well. Come on guys give us a break !!!.Version: 2.0.173380

Needs some maintenance..I’ve played about 30 hours of this game which shows I enjoy it. However I’m leaving this review to rant about the issues that will soon have me quitting. Very frustrating issue in some fields where homeruns hit signs or billboards (example being progressive field) and for some reason don’t count as homeruns resulting in frequent multiplayer losses.. Offline derby’s are far too easy making them quickly become boring. Online tournament has also not been loading for hours at a time recently so I can’t participate. My biggest issue is that I’m currently using a player that has a total of 125 power and 108 contact with equipment but can literally NEVER outdistance an opponent in multiplayer. Whether they’re using a rare player epic player or legendary. In fact my max homerun distance with said character is around 720ft and that is only when I can pull the pitch down the left field foul line making it descend further when sailing out of the park.. Hard to believe someone using a rare or epic player should be able to consistently hit deeper homers than a legendary player with 125 power..Version: 7.0.0

Nice to look at, epic fail in play...The designers of this app are a collective failure. Sure, it's nice to look at and the premise is simple enough. Outside of that, it's flaws are fatal and refunds should be made to anyone unfortunate enough to have padded their wallets. To be clear, they have produced a game that is unfair and maddeningly full of glitches. If you play a game -any game- the first and most important element is that it's FAIR. This game is not with its arbitrary junk balls, glitches, uncounted home runes, etc. the designers have had plenty of years to correct this -I'm not alone in my criticism-and they've only managed to continue to find ways to dupe players out of more money. These people are greedy and cut from the same cloth as child molesters and our current potus. I mean it..Version: 6.1.1

*UPDATE* STILL HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE*UPDATE* as of 6/27 @ 5:27pm est. swing timing is still an issue. Restore the old version. The players look so idiotic. This game had unbelievable graphics and realism before this horrendous update. Keep your silver pack. Just give me back the game I play with my son daily. I’m done with this game if this is the update. I play this game everyday. I’ve done real well and progressed real far. Timing is great, Contact and power are improving. Hit a 789 ft HR. Now, I’m all excited about this update thinking maybe I can finally add a user name or maybe it’ll stop allowing the cpu to beat me by 1 hr after the timer stops but they have to mess up my guys swing so I gave to adjust my timing. He hits 100% now to opposite field. My power, contact, everything is horrible. I’m back to square 1. My guy, Cerpedes, looks like he has some sort of affliction. Screw this man. I give up. I’ll download something else..Version: 7.1.1

Cant DownloadThis game doesnt work in Toronto, it doesnt download with iphones.Version: 8.3.2

Hasn’t loaded in weeks……ipad. Ios is utd. Just loads up to the title screen and that’s it. I uninstalled, then reinstalled. No prompts to sign in or ANYTHING. Please advise. Thanks..Version: 9.2.3

Doesn’t workApp doesn’t work since yesterday’s update.Version: 8.3.0

Game won’t loadYou have a great game, but as of your last two updates the game will not load, please fix this. With your last update today, the game will still not load..Version: 8.3.2

Takes too long to downloadDownloaded this game then it asks to download extra assets. Took too long for this to happen, got bored waiting so deleted it..Version: 8.2.0

Doesn’t workStuck on loading screen once downloaded..Version: 9.2.3

Can give it better!!Keeps shutting down itself and goes slow in between but otherwise the best baseball game . Please try to fix that problem..Version: 2.2.175910

Asset “Loading Error” .. again !!Loading problem after update. It freeze at the 9/9 loading assets. Slow speed network detected ??! Damn .. im on high speed network, what else can i use ?? Even real time games aren’t that picky. Maybe its your servers that can’t deliver..Version: 9.2.3

Bit buggyGame play awesome but there are bugs that need dealing with.Version: 4.0.4

CoolIt's alright.Version: 3.1.1

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