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Garten Of Banban 2 Negative Reviews

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Garten of Banban 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Garten of Banban 2 app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Garten of Banban 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about garten of banban 2?

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Garten of Banban 2 for Negative User Reviews

I hate this gameThis game is very bad.Version: 1.0

Barely betterIt’s barely better that’s why I gave it a two Stars and if it’s going to add more characters could you use some or at least get rid of the main trio first and the voice acting is just awful I bet they’re trying but ban ban just sounds lifeless like a robot and don’t get me started on that stupid school section that took so long so boring in the stupid ban ban clone isn’t even intimidating or a scary I don’t say because it looks like a kid thing I got a bit scared by the pug a pillar from poppy playtime chapter 2 and the final chase scene Music there is a bit of quality in here I laughed a bit and just like the original to and the drones are just as annoying if not more and that stupid puzzle with the fireworks and I’m still attracted Opela which is good The only reason why this is a bit better it’s because I laughed more two stars not that much better.Version: 1.4

FraudGame doesn’t work. Give me my money back.Version: 1.4

The “Stinger Flynn Mission” is too hard.My son was really enjoying the game up untill the Stinger Flynn mission. Sometimes when he the little buttons things on the walls he couldn’t go fast enough and when he put the firework in the cannon it wouldn’t go out fast enough and he was right there. Please find out some way to fix it..Version: 1.0

Its brokenIts fun but when banballena asks me what a kind person is i answer she says correct but then attacks me.Version: 1.4

Not workingThis game not working on my IPad OS 16.4.1 I want refund.Version: 1.4

Please fix this errorI I got it I was like yes😁😆 but then it couldn’t let me play, it was like glitching and it was really annoying...also I deleted it and got it again and then of course didn’t work!! Please fix this also when is there gunna be a chapter 3 and 4 please add it.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyDownloaded the game and haven’t been able to open it. It just closes straight away when you click on it. I want a refund..Version: 1.4

Not as good as expectedPlease try fix this bug on iPhone 6 because it closes the app and doesn’t take me to the menu screen, it’s lease fix this or I will need to refund this game..Version: 1.0

Good butI like the game but when you do the shots and every time I go close to jumbo josh it freezes please fix it and the game is amazing.Version: 1.0

Not working!Paid for the game and it won’t load. Keeps crashing! Please can this be fixed?.Version: 1.4

RefundIt doesn’t work. As soon as I click on it it kicks me out. I want a refund.Version: 1.4

Please fix this glitchIt keeps logging me out automatically please fix this glitch.Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workWhen downloaded the app won’t load its a waste of money.Version: 1.4

Not goodIts hard to wave and the controls are horrible pls fix it.Version: 1.4

Pls fixWhen I’m in the place where jumbo is dead I can’t pass the building bit pls fix it.Version: 1.5

To be honest, the 1st one is better.Ok, I think the 1st one is better. The Voice For Slow Seline Is Perfect. But BanBan’s voice is a little off. The cannon puzzle is just too hard, so that is basically why I think this one is 3 stars, oh not the mention that the Models are pretty Trash. That’s it, Bye!.Version: 1.4

Game doesn’t loadJust paid £2.99 for this game on my daughters tablet and the game doesn’t even load, tried restarting the tablet uninstalling then reinstalling, waste of money.Version: 1.5

It keeps crashingSo I recently downloaded this game on iPadOS 15.6.1 and whenever I try to open the app, it just shows the BanBan face and then it freezes and just kicks me out of the game. Please fix this I beg you otherwise then £2.99 would’ve just been a waste of money. Also I checked the website and it said ‘Requires iOS 14 or later’, and I am playing on iOS 15. So please fix this bug, Europhic Bros..Version: 1.4

Do not buyDoesn’t even work, open the app to a picture of Banban and then it closes and goes back to home screen.Version: 1.4

Really?BULL CRAP that’s the game because when I try to go on it just kicks me off straight away plus I PAID MONEY YOU SCAMMING PEICES OF CRAP so you have 2 choices. Give me a refund or fix your game goddam it.Version: 1.4

BrokenDo not buy. It doesn’t work! kicks me right out as soon as I open the app.Version: 1.4

Looks great but one issueSo like the graphics are amazing but one thing when I try to wave at a camera it doesn’t let me like when I tap it the joy stick immediately moves there. I don’t know if it is a glitch but I hope I didn’t just waste 3 dollars for a little bit of the game.Version: 1.4

Slow selineWhen slow seline isnt looking in doors and i move she doesnt see me.Version: 1.4

It’s bad but good at the same time.I love garten of Banban, I’ve enjoyed it since chapter 1 released. However, it’s terrible on mobile. There is a reason for it. 1, the controls. The controls are a bit wonky in my opinion. Sometimes the buttons don’t work when you tap on it. The sensitivity however, it feels like you’re playing on a controller. So yeah, it’s a mixed feeling for me. Hopefully you guys fix is eventually. No pressure..Version: 1.0

Big bugI get kicked out so many times please fix it.Version: 1.4

Doesn’t openBrought game and it doesn’t even open the app, just shuts straight down. Fix it!.Version: 1.4

Zero star in my opinionGame doesn’t work. Waist of money.Version: 1.4

End badWhen I get to the end the button next to the door at the end does not work.Version: 1.4

JebaThe game kicks me off every time I try to play please fix that.Version: 1.4

I’m madRip of I can’t play it when I try its takes me out the game😡.Version: 1.4

It’s not that goodI was facing some die ing issue where I was playing it.Version: 1.4

Very niceCan you fix the issue where are you can’t You can’t start up the game.Version: 1.4

Is goodI have a iPhone 14 and I can’t get to the snail, I can only get it to banBallina after that it just doesn’t work when I give the gun to the cool kids it just won’t work. I cannot proceed with the game otherwise though it’s really fun..Version: 1.4

It’s kicks me offWhen I just turn it on it just kicks me off of the game it’s just weird.Version: 1.4

DumbYou must now fix the game or it is a big waste of money. I wanted to play it but it never let me. The first game was way better.Version: 1.4

Revive problems!Every time I try and revive when dying it kicks me out the game! Pls fix!.Version: 1.4

Game doesn’t workThe game closes on me every time I try to open it. I want my four dollars back !!!!!.Version: 1.5

Game crashes cannot play - waste of moneyGame keeps on crashing and will not play , waste of money.Version: 1.4

Keeps crashing on my IPadI’m not sure why but this will not open on the I pad.Version: 1.4

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