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Garten of Banban app received 70 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Garten of Banban? Can you share your negative thoughts about garten of banban?

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ITS SO LAGGYWhen I started off, it was really good. It looked the same account. All the Youtubers did it but then the end it didn’t end well, I pressed the key card thing and it didn’t work. The only thing that just work with that button thing to open the door on the floor. I hate it so much because it’s so laggy and I don’t know what to do but I hate it so so much so I just wanna play too to see how much it has like the first one. Hope it’s not like you like the last one. I hate this I hate this right now. This is so bad. and I never really wanna play it again so I’m gonna go check out too if I can so and I might check out three to see how much it has building up like that one was I hate it?.Version: 1.3

Not the worst game in the world..Gameplay is short but I've played worst. I'm a bit confused about the story tho. Also the drone is cool..Version: 1.1

Why so ifyI wonder why the first game is so short and all the other games are long and I can’t buy any of them why because they cost so much And it is kind of hard to play but is still good but too short and it’s not really fun if it’s just too short and I wanna get in the mood of playing it but I can’t because it’s so short as soon as I do one fun part it just doesn’t work because I have to end the game specially, after the elevator I left with the cliffhanger.Version: 1.4

Please read this.Good game but few bugs. Please read the bugs, the screen is off-put, meaning that I cannot use the look around joystick or click the clock. The looking around is also really slippery and buttery and the game is a bit laggy, and last but not least, I have to click the items 5 times before I can pick them up. I am playing on an IPadOS with a quarter of the storage taken up so please look over the game thank you! These are the most annoying glitches PLEASE FIX THESE!!! THE LAGG!!! Is the main one and the second one is the screen being off put pls fix!!!.Version: 1.3

Good, but I wish the controller support was betterWhile the game does have some minor glitches and bugs, my main problem is lack of controller support. Yes, I know you can connect the controller and jump and move around but that is it. There is no way to pick up items or guide your drone. Please fix the support as I was really excited to play with my controller. Also could you add a sensitivity option as well and fix the screen, it glitches of to the side. In the end thank you for porting the game and keep up the good work!.Version: 1.4

Stupid gameWhat game did even let me get in it it just kicked me out if I could I would leave a -1 star because it didn’t let me get in the game.Version: 1.4

What is going on I know how to play? Pls FixHi! I watched a lot of people play this game like Markiplier, MattPatt, ItsFunneh, and more so I decided to download the game! Right as I started to play it it was ok I got my keycard put it in the door did the battery part, but right as I got out of the lobby there was major bugs is there something wrong with the game that I don’t know about or something? When I went to the playground thingy the button wasn’t lit up, it was very glitchy, and when I put my drone on the thing/button nothing worked so I couldn’t get to the OpilaBird chase so that was upsetting. Please fix the game. Thank you..Version: 1.3

Please fix controlsI’ve played this game on pc before and I think it’s really fun but there are a few issues with the mobile version. when you turn around it takes forever in the controls are very sensitive and the very beginning of the game you can’t pass the time with the clock. I would like to get the second game but I’m not sure if it controls like this please tell me if it controls like this and if so fix it and I will definitely buy it thanks :).Version: 1.2

It’s okay igCan’t get past the first two rooms the one with the key card and the one you spawn in, kinda confusing controls, didn’t understand the radio, and the movement was kind of annoying, graphics are good and everything else is good though..Version: 1.4

What?It isn’t very fun. It’s too easy. It’s too short. But not to many problems. Deserves a 3.Version: 1.4

The game is strugglingThere can be game glitches that can cause you to die in ridiculous ways, the sensitivity is too high, and it’s hard to gage your turning sometimes because of that and the turns being slow in general to register. The communication in the game is also poor, I get they were trying to make it a puzzle, but putting a card slot under a desk is the ridiculous part. Just because something is “difficult” doesn’t mean it’s fun, I can play Minecraft on easy mode and still have fun. You can make challenges exciting, but that’s not exciting, it wasted what little time on the first chapter I played it for. Just please, if you do make another game, make sure that if you put it on mobile that people will be able to see the whole intro screen. All I ask is that if the game developers don’t improve the past chapters, at least make an improvement with your future chapters or games. This is more of my general complaint and commentary, I am not saying those who played this are bad or anything, they can judge the game on their own. I just don’t like all the issues that it is riddled with and would rather watch a YouTuber play it then play it on a touch screen..Version: 1.1

IssuesSome issues, the sensitivity is really slow and there is no way to change it, half the time the buttons don’t work because they keep moving around wherever tf they want and the turning goes on forever whenever you drag your finger and leave it there (why not make it like other games where if your finger stays still after dragging, it stops spinning as well 🤦‍♂️).Version: 1.1

I can’t even playSoon as I open the game, it tells me to subscribe and I can’t do anything.Version: 1.3

To hard to controlThe character is way to hard to control and when the BIRD UP was chasing me I fell off cuz I couldn’t turn.Version: 1.4

My thoughtsThis game is ….. terrible the drone has a ten minute delay the batteries are so small it took me five minutes to pick just one up! The doors won’t open and the only thing I like is the concept and if you really want to play it just get it on PC sorry for being rude but I was just being honest thanks for reading.Version: 1.2

Plz fixI can’t open game it exits app when I open it.Version: 1.3

Review from a penguin who has tried the steam version.Garten of Banban: The gameplay is exactly the same as the steam game but this mobile app version is very janky. I’m giving the movement 1 star, it’s very hard to move and move the camera around. Also there are quite a few adds every now and then but since the gameplay is the same as the steam version, which isn’t that bad, I’ll give the total rating 3 stars but not recommended. PS: The other sequels aren’t that bad, some are actually pretty good BUT it’s not worth buying on mobile, if you want them buy them on steam on a laptop/computer..Version: 1.4

Why???So I download the app and opened it and it kicked me out :( please fix this I really wanna play it and I’m on mobile that’s probably why anyways I hope you read this review and fix the bug.Version: 1.3

It crashesI think it’s my device where it’s the wrong phone >:( FIX IT PLZ.Version: 1.4

Kicking me outI heard this game is very famous and good but when I try opening it it kicks me out so I gave it a 1 star.Version: 1.3

Immediately crashesBrutal.Version: 1.4

Doesn't WorkI gave it 3 stars because I love this game, I've watched multiple play throughs but it just doesn't work on my device. The game doesn't fit on the screen of my iPad properly, the bit that says "for a parent looking for their missing child" is literally halfway off of my screen so I can't even click the clock cause I can't even see it- Please fix this issue!.Version: 1.4

I cant playWen I danlod the I have to subscribe.Version: 1.4

Crasharoo1 star, I can’t even play the game because it keeps crashing on the loading screen. I deleted it after 2 minutes. Please tell me when you fix this which is probably never since you are probably making a garden of banban 5, but if you do tell me or else. Thanks for reading my review, cheerio! Edit about 5 mins later: Opila bird is too fat make her skinny and I know what she looks like because I saw her when I saw a YouTuber play it.Version: 1.4

Why’s this so bad on mobile?U saw the title, YOU SAW IT..Version: 1.4

Just boringBassicly, I don’t mind the designs and stuff but like at the first part there’s lots of puzzles and it took me 30 minutes to find all the eggs because the screen on my phone is so slow! Then from all that work I do the chase bit and i’m spamming the emergency button then I get literally caught. Wasted half of my life finding what the hell to do. 😐🥱🥱🥱.Version: 1.4

I Have no words-This game is genuinely abysmal, and frankly an insult to Indie game developers who are more deserving of the fame than the Euphoric Brothers. The story is so agonizingly slow and boring, the characters are so mundane and the voice acting is a snooze fest. The environments are so plain and boring, and stolen//bought assets certainly do nothing to help this burning trash heap of a game. The lore is terrible, and the game to me seems like a giant cash grab. There’s no passion, no innovation and clearly no effort put into this garbage that it hurts me whenever I see a play through of this. You’d think after (now) six chapters they would improve, but the fame, money and popularity must be getting to their heads because the quality of the game seriously deteriorates as the game progresses. The only thing keeping them alive are the delusional fans who don’t know a good game if it hits them in the face. I genuinely despise this franchise, and i for one can’t wait to see it burn out..Version: 1.4

Please readI have a few issues with garten of banban. For starters whenever I would try to open the game it would just kick me out! I’ve tried resetting my device and uninstalling then reinstalling but is still kicks me off. And the game quality isn’t that great not to mention the game mechanic for the drone was a bit difficult to get used to. And I didn’t really like the lore or story, the characters are ok but I just feel like this game is kind of ripping of other games. Also I feel like more people would play garten of banban if all of the mobile versions of the games were free. I just don’t feel like paying for a game where the quality, lore, and story stays the same as the first game. Overall the game could be better and the other mobile versions should be free so more people can enjoy because I’m sure the other chapters are way better than the first..Version: 1.4

Always One Egg Missing For Me!First of all, the first room is totally fine, but as soon as I go on to the next room with the Ophelia Bird, I find every single egg accept the one that is on the swirly round slide. I’ve looked everywhere in that tiny room and still haven’t found it! Then, I tried deleting it, shutting off my phone, and downloading it again in hopes that it was just my phone that was acting up, but I still couldn’t find it. I have absolutely no idea if this is only my device, or not. I hope for this to be fixed and that I can finally enjoy the second level without any mistakes. Thank you very much.😤.Version: 1.4

Make it easierThis game is so hard, in the Opila chase scene I can’t get past the wooden board she chases you on! I haven’t passed the game yet and I’ve tried two times! Please make it easier. And also when you use the controls to get keycards and stuff like that, the grab thingy flies in all directions!.Version: 1.4

Why everyone hates this gameFirst off I would like to point out the fact this is a terrible rip off of poppy playtime. This game has so many bugs and glitches on PC or mobile IOS devices. This game has has ruined the indie horror game community in so many ways even rainbow friends is better than this piece of trash. This game has no original ideas or characters and even the title of the game is not original “banban” that sounds familiar maybe from the game five nights at Freddy’s? Sister location from Funtime Freddy’s companion “bonbon” well at this rate no one would be surprised if this was made in under a day That game is just an 8 year olds game if there parents would not allow them to play poppy playtime so they just find this rip off. I am just speechless from the day I have heard about this game when is this game getting sued by poppy playtime?.Version: 1.2

I wish I could playSo I decided to download and play garten of banban but it keeps saying subscribe wich after I did did nothing. Can you please fix this.Version: 1.3

Controls where weirdThe overall game was ok it was not scary to be honest but the controls where wonky I downloaded this game to have some fun but as soon as I join I see the controls were very difficult to do now this might not be a problem for other ppl but it’s hard to control now the game i joined and nothing much just the game but I did not know what to do I just walked around for a bit I did not know what to do I had to watch a vid to better understand the game but I still think the game is not scary I’m only 10 but it’s not scary I think it should be a warning about the games bugs not the lights but it’s ok game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.3

There is a problemI was excited to download it but when I tried to join it just kicks me out it would be helpful if you fixed it.Version: 1.2

ReviewI don’t like it very much because you can’t focus on the keycards and the screen it’s too fast..Version: 1.4

CrashesDownloaded on iPad Air and it crashes as soon as I open the app! I was planning on buying part 2 and 3 but now I will not because they might crash too :(.Version: 1.4

MehThe game is ok on its own but when I got the drown and remote I was trying to get it to hit the buttons (I got the batteries) but it didn’t work and there’s a lot of reviews saying there’s glitches I didn’t realise until I made this so yeah.Version: 1.3

Fix this plsEvery time I join it it kicks me out.Version: 1.4

I don't recommend this gameI don't recommend this game but that is only my opinion, I just don't recommend itvbecause opila birds eyes are creepy and it is just weird that she just stairs at you when you are trying to touch the red button at the last second with your drone. But if your a horror game dude than knock yourself out but if not I don't recommend it. Also the graphics are the worst. When your trying to grab the egg under the log the border to grab it is way off and it is weird that you just shove the eggs down opila birds throat and then she throughs up a key card so I just don't recommend it also where is garten of banban 5! 👎👎.Version: 1.4

The camera need to fixBecause that the camera is not right fix please.Version: 1.4

This Game Is Still BuggySo I saw on the History it said that the optimization was better and there was bug fixes. But no, there are a LOT more. First when I went to the game, and started to find the drones and find the batteries, the interact button didn’t even work. I had to to press it a lot of times to collect them. And when I got to Opila’s Playground, my drones teleportation button did not work, and the egg under the log I couldn’t interact with it! Also the Sensitivity isn’t that good. So please fix this and there are possibly more bugs, thank you and goodbye..Version: 1.4

I Couldn’t Even Start the GameThis game probably isn’t bad, especially when your not playing it on mobile, but for some reason the sizing is awful… nothing fits properly on my screen for some reason and there’s no way that I can find to fix it. First thing after I opened the app, there’s some ad and the X was almost fully outside of the screen. I just thought it was that one thing, ignored it and started the game. Right off the bat the green clock thing you have to click is just.. not on my screen, because of the terrible sizing, and I never did end up getting to the actual game. Maybe it’s a problem with my device, but I’ve never had this problem on other apps..Version: 1.4

A horrible copy of Poppy PlaytimeThis game is so bad and is a copy of Poppy Playtime it has 0 potential of how bad and un scary the characters are also in the trailers they put air piercing music so it’s sounds scary but is actually really annoying. Don’t wast your time also don’t buy chapter 2,3 and 4 when it releases Because your going to wast your time and money for a poorly designed game even people on Discord draws better designs of the characters in game, also what is that music for the chase scene, I don’t know how anyone can enjoy playing this game if I could give it a 0.5 i would. part 2 of my complaint I downloaded this trash for a video and I keep trying to run from the stupid bird and when I try looking up it looks down these 2 cry baby’s on twitter should of not even made this game if you want a horror game to go play, go play Poppy Playtime it’s much better.Version: 1.4

Please fix this :(Why I first downloaded garten of banban I was really excited to play the game for the first time. But when I went in the game it kicked me out. I don’t know why but it’s just not leting me play it. When the next update came out I Thought the game will work but it’s even worser. I do really want to play garten of banban but no one I know does not know garten of banban. I do really want to play chapter 2 but you have to pay it. Please fix the game I really want to play it. 🥺.Version: 1.2

Opila Bird + etc.When I played, it was normal till the controls moved around while pressing them, but, still everything was normal, until I got the purple keycard with the secret 7th egg on the ceiling, near the ramp, and then when I got to the opila quest mini section, a VERY LOUD glitchy screeching sound played, scared me almost half to death, and I thought something was about to chase me, but then when I did the opila chase, opila bird teleported in front of me and jumpscares me, and I couldn’t outrun opila bird even when I’ve experienced the game through roblox versions, so I just deleted this app and not downloading this mobile versionof garden of banban, I have a computer at my house, and I can just get steam to play the pc version anyways. Thanks a lot..Version: 1.1

Never play thisI was waiting for this, so I could play it and see how bad it was. BUT IT WAS WORSE THAN I EVER COULDVE IMAGINED. So, you’d think they’d atleast make the controls decent. Well, no. They are crap. Turning your screen makes me wanna throw up, and the drone button hardly works half the time. This makes it harder to complete the Opila Bird section, which is something I’d never thought I’d have to say. Please don’t play this, at whatever cost..Version: 1.1

Please fix this movementIts really bad movement in game.Version: 1.4

Camera controlsI'm struggling to complete the opila bird chase because the camera is slow I have to look where I’m going and look at opila all at once so please change the camera for now I'm giving you 1 star review until you change the camera but if you do change it I will give you a 5 star review can’t wait for Garten of Banban 3.Version: 1.2

Bugs and hard to playThe controls on this game are so hard to use and it requires a lot more force than a regular joystick to push and when you do use the joystick it barely notices that something is on it. This game is also very laggy and battery using. There are also a lot of bugs and it is barely playable. Please fix your game..Version: 1.2

Kept crashingEvery time i opened it the game just crashed :(.Version: 1.4

It forces you to subscribe and it doesn’t let you playIs there something wrong with the game it’s really bad please please help me I don’t know what happened because I really don’t know what’s happened and it won’t let me in the game.Version: 1.3

I can’t even playIs it only me who not being to play every time I try to play Garten of banban it disconnects me from the game.Version: 1.2

The most disappointing thing to hereHey I am a mobile player and this game has just came out on mobile well believe it or not I am on an iPad And this is apple and the game had a very late release on my ipad and my ipad is so old that any network I go to the iPad doesn’t,t render adds I bet your jealous huh huh? Well pretty much I am not trying to make you mad but I am mad let me explain so I downloaded this game and I was so excited to play this game until when I opened the game it would always kick me out so I tryed deleting it get it back then play the game but it still kicked me out! I even tryed removing all my tabs still could not work!!! So I played the cursed versions boy I hated those jump scares so I did the last thing contact you and can you please fix this I,m begging you.Version: 1.2

Kicked outThe game keeps kicking me out! Fix your broken as hell game..Version: 1.4

Just whyI’ve played all gaten of banban games on mobile and i always noticed one thing. The game and all seem to be very good but i always die in chase scenes cause the camera is so glitchy it makes me fall in the abyss. Pls fix.Version: 1.3

Couldn’t even play it :(I loaded in but then the sensitivity was too high and I couldn’t even play. I tried looking in settings but I can’t even lower it..Version: 1.4

Good but It’s feels like a RipoffWhen you first get into the game, it feels like a rip off and it’s not actually put much effort into it,I’m more like a PC gamer more like type but I just hate to the point of the controls you don’t drag the entire screen and the controls move to wherever the point you tap on the buttons like I just hate those I would like how the camera drags while I was drags, and that you have to use a separate controller to change where the camera position, please remove the other controller that does this.Version: 1.4

Great potential, awful execution.The idea for this game is great, because it’s creepy in a very surreal and personal way. I say "personal" because it gives off vibes that remind you of faded childhood memories; like getting lost in the children’s section of a mall. The monster designs are so simple, yet they leave a lot to the imagination as to how they can become evil/corrupted later on. They kind of remind me of uglydolls, in that sense. And the drone Idea is very creative as well, and allows for lots of puzzle-solving opportunities. The problem is that it’s executed horribly. The game is practically unplayable, due to the broken controls and monotonous gameplay. The type of gameplay found in "collect eggs for Opila Bird" has been done to death, and provides nothing of substance. And it’s just very buggy as well, because sometimes I randomly teleport to different locations while I’m trying to talk. All I ask, is that you don’t let these idea go to waste. This game honestly has potential to be the next "Five Nights at Freddy’s," with it’s unique premise and interesting lore implications, and I beg you just to try a little harder with it so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity..Version: 1.3

Will not openHave tried deleting and re downloading several times with no success..Version: 1.4

Kinda goodI prefer the two sequels but this one’s ok so I give it a three star there’s less characters on the family board then the two sequels but it’s ok also that opila bird chase really annoys me because of that couch in the way and the gameplays very short but like I said this game is ok.Version: 1.4

It won’t workI’ve seen people play this game so I give a 3 star but when I try to press on it it just sends me back to my Home Screen.Version: 1.2

Is it just me?So I first got the game I went in and it was just on the ‘subscribe to our channel’ so I subbed and went back but it won’t go off the page so I don’t know how I’m going to play if it won’t let me access the menu when I first start..Version: 1.3

Can you helpSo I downloaded this game and when I tried to get in it lagged me out can you please fix the game?.Version: 1.3

Just read…1: The movements are bad. 2: The drone is dumb. 3: Very poor mascot quality. 4: Can’t find the purple card. 5 Why is Opila a cannibal?!.Version: 1.4

Its scary but badThe reason why is because that the sensivity isnt ajustable and really slow. Thats why i rated it 2 stars. I recommend you dont play this is because its really bad. If you could, please make this a setting and make it so the sensivity is better. Thanks for Reading and bye!.Version: 1.3

ControlsThe controls are to hard plz change them.Version: 1.2

I can’t get into the gameWhen I join it tells me to sub to their YouTube channel even tho I’ve already done it.Version: 1.3

Used to be betterWhen it first came out it was smooth controls and a really fun game but now it’s you try to look up and the game forces you to look down please fix it.Version: 1.4

Good but a couple issuesThe sentivsitivtiy is bad and there is no way to change it also the buttons move around too and I find it annoying I’m a child writing this review sorry if the spelling is bad pls fix this.Version: 1.2

Please tell me how to fix this :(When I try play it instantly kicks me and my little siblings are really sad about it so please tell me how to stop this.Version: 1.3

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