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Clue (2024) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Clue (2024) app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Clue (2024)? Can you share your negative thoughts about clue (2024)?

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Clue (2024) for Negative User Reviews

Great game- one major issueI love Clue in all its forms but especially these new and different ways to play. Really makes it so much fun! I prefer playing the computer so I can be on my own time and the AI is just not great in any of them. It’s needs to be more challenging to beat them on the hard difficulty. Especially the Clue Cards version- that is awful. The AI opponents don’t even register the weapon, room, or suspect when no one has that card. They will ask for an obviously incorrect weapon the next turn. They also follow each other to rooms for no reason and it’s frustrating. Such a fun concept of a game but soooo boring to play when they make such obvious mistakes on hard difficulty..Version: 0.0.18

BugsBugs need to be fixed with the Black Adder Resort because it will only let you get to 21 wins and then there are no more clues, and I purchased the 9 locations game, which was very expensive, and yet there are still only two..Version: 0.0.23

It’s too bad…Missed opportunity. The interface and gameplay is ok, moves slower than the classic, and i wish it had portrait orientation. But the biggest issue is the awkward woke theme- clearly impacting sales. It’s too bad… for a kids game too..Version: 0.0.14

Like the old one betterI love how the team renovates the gaming experience but the 3D animation really gave me a headache..Version: 0.0.20

PHOTOSENSITIVE (SEIZURE) WARNING PLEASE ⚠️Seeing this BRIGHT white light pop up for EVERY death sequence is insane. It kills my eyes and I literally had to quit after a couple minutes 🤦‍♂️ —and on top of that how am I supposed to be able to keep my eyesight reading that germ-sized clue card text??? until these issues are resolved I just can’t..Version: 0.0.12

Challenges don’t workGoals provided in the game don’t recognize when you complete them. And I say this because in one game I had no choice but to complete a goal b/c I could not leave a room for 3 turns (a room that I actually hand in my hand) and when the game was over (which I won) I still did not get credit for suggesting a room 3 times… hmmm.Version: 0.0.18

Caution: has bugsPros: • graphics and presentation are excellent. • notepad had 3 options - off, default, and automatic. Automatic will track the advanced notation. I like to have it off so I can learn to play the advanced way. Cons: • AI: is not intelligent. One of the bots guessed the all 3 to win. And in medium difficulty every single AI just kept asking the correct selections but no one made an accusation! Finally after all players finished I won by accusation. Post-game I compared our notes every song one had the correct suspect, weapon, and room circled. Logically this tells me they are making the difficulty based on how quickly they accuse. I conjecture that if I had in hard mode it would have accused. When I played clue classic the AI is more of a challenge at medium. Please me the AI more intelligent! • The Notepad is broken. If you manually add your checkmarks and Xs…then exit the program, when you go back to the program you will lose all your manual checks and many of the Xs. The only workaround this bug for now is do not exit the program. I sent a bug fix request to Marmalade. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update. Because of the reasons I would not advise buying this version until they get the AI and notepad fixed..Version: 0.0.18

Needs a few touch upsSide doors to the hall and library were removed making it difficult to get to the hall/study/library/kitchen circuit. The AI likes to sit in the same rooms on low rolls, pulling you back into a room that you just can’t seem to leave. I would not make it possible to just sit in a room and suggest..Version: 0.0.17

NOT an upgrade thoLove the new graphics and characters. Giving an extra star for that alone, but that is the only good thing I have to say about the new version. The old Clue was one of my favorite games, especially playing against others online. I have not been able to have an online game here since I purchased this. There seems to be no one else playing regardless of the time of day. Maybe I should’ve waited awhile to get it? It’s been nothing but a disappointment. And changing the screen orientation? It makes it harder to see the notebook and adds nothing to the game. Sadly not what I was hoping it would be..Version: 0.0.13

Key Questions?Love this game, but as I am getting the case file goals completed, I can’t get the Key questions about rooms and weapons to work. Please explain these tasks..Version: 0.0.18

Apple Pencil BugThe most recent update made it to where you can’t use the apple pencil on the ipad. Extremely unfortunate as some people don’t want to touch the screen with their hands. Please fix this soon..Version: 0.0.20

It kind of deceivingI like the game and it has good graphics. It gives you goals to work towards but it is kind of conceiving in the fact that it makes it look like you’re working to open up new boards and you actually aren’t because you have to buy the boards. So you can just pay the money and all the boards would be unlocked anyway so there is no real ultimate goal because either way you have to buy the board to progress to the next board therefore goals are pointless.Version: 0.0.18

Older version superior in some ways.The new game definitely is updated in some positive ways. More versions of the game and more dynamic character movements but the older version had more diversity in characters to chose from if you want to chose an avatar that resembles you (no more Asian characters in the new version for example) and the chart where you are mapping things out is much smaller and less user friendly. I also prefer that the old version appears vertically..Version: 0.0.20

Love new charactersIt’s extremely hard to get from room to room. Animation is swoopy and made me a little dizzy. Couldn’t read game card. Love the new characters though..Version: 0.0.13

Excellent but with some minor issuesI love this game, the graphics are awesome and it’s a lot of fun. However, multiplayer/online can be kind of annoying if someone quits or isn’t paying attention. The game just completely freezes and you have to quit and start over..Version: 0.0.18

MehIt's fun and decent and easy to play, just like the board game. However some of the way they're promoting the game makes it seem like you can walk through the mansion and interrogate suspects. Like you can't I understand that, I'm a HUGE Clue fan and have been playing the board game since the 80's. But the way they're promoting it makes it seem like an entirely different game..Version: 0.0.10

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