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Stardew Valley+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stardew Valley+ app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stardew Valley+? Can you share your negative thoughts about stardew valley+?

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Stardew Valley+ for Negative User Reviews

Good with a few bugsOverall the game works okay on iPad Air gen 3. Playing with a connected controller is good. A few crashes here and there, and a bug where the sound of the fishing rod reeling gets stuck playing constantly requiring a reboot of the app to clear. Edit: after writing this, game has started crashing continuously and is unplayable..Version:

Bug patches.. SOON PLEASE 😭The whole game is very much cool & for a quarter price heck ya! But their a big BUT in the case the whole game is good but recently not to long ago I was playing and it kept crashing my game which was odd I am not sure if because it’s Apple Arcade it has to be a good connection to the wifi to be able to play or something I don’t know, crashes are very frequently like.. way to much they happen every time you have been in the game for like 20 mins & anything you have done in that time.. well it goes away like nothing happened that day over all it’s so good everything else is good just that the crashes need to be fixed ASAP! & as well as the black smith shop also having crashes every time you get in their also sound playing like if you were still out side instead of inside :\.Version:

Not working on iPhoneJust keeps crashing on start up page.Version:

Too Many GlitchesUse the fishing pole the sound never goes away. Trying to buy something from carpenter and unable to start transaction despite tapping arrow many times. Same issue with other shopkeepers. Try to close gate but instead remove it with axe and have to replace it. Fighting monsters in caves very difficult. Unable to use scythe to remove weeds in caves at all, character defaults to weapon, which makes it difficult. Game should not have been launched with this many issues. I will go back to using other platforms..Version:

This glitch makes the game really annoying..I love stardew valley and have just recently been playing it everyday, one problem that happens frequently is that if you get a pet, the pet will fall asleep in your bed and you won’t be able to go to bed. This means you either A. Have to swipe out the game and restart that day or B. You have to exhaust yourself until you pass out. Or of course you can stay up til you inevitably pass out at 2am but either way you’ll either lose progress or money! I thought this was just a one time glitch but it has happened like 10 times now and I’m starting to get sick of the game..Version:

Game good, bugs badThe actual game is good, amazing actually but the issue lies in the ios version. sometimes when you catch a fish the reeling sound doesn’t stop playing until you shut the game down, which as anyone knows would make you lose all your progress from that day, very annoying.Version:

Crashing in community centre bulletin boardGenerally works ok with a few crashes but particularly at the bulletin board in the community centre.Version:

Keeps on crashing when I make a new saveIt keeps on crashing when I make a new save, please fix this I really want to play the game.Version:

Can’t give five starsI would love to give it 5 stars but I can’t. This game is extremely fun in theory but they make everything so complicated. So far I have had issues with the fishing and the map. The fishing is so hard I can’t understand how to do it. The map tells you absolutely nothing and you can’t zoom in on the map to see your surroundings. I really wish it was labeled with the names of where people live. And I get extremely lost at night because I can’t see and I can’t read the map. I really love these kinds of games but this one needs some improvements..Version:

Not bad, but game keeps crashingNot a bad game, and I’m glad to be able to play it on my tablet, but it keeps making my screen black, and it stops working. I know it’s only a month old, so I shouldn’t expect perfection, but I hope the developers can fix this bug in a later update. Will keep playing best I can until then! (The game actually works and is good, it just crashes sometimes. I got it yesterday and I think I’ve had four crashes. I have to redo everything from the beginning of the day when it crashes).Version:

Cloud Sync ruins everythingThe game is great but the cloud sync over devices ruins everything. I got set back a whole season because I didn’t quit the app one on device before playing on another. They shouldn’t offer cloud syncing if they can’t get it right. After countless hours of playing I am now completely discouraged and won’t be continuing. Very disappointed..Version:

Unhappy customerPayed for a game that crashes on you at random times and another issue that realllly REALLLY!! Needs to be fixed is it needs an autosave feature for when that happens cause thats bullcrap and such a waste of money im playin on the newest iphone out rn im chapped! Deffs going back to terraria!!.Version:

Crashes oftenYou can lose a day of very boring grinding. And have to do it again..Version:

Notched iphone issueI could temporarily fix it by change the control settings to joystick on screen rather than tapping to desired location. However I think it would be better if the people using a notched iphones would have choice to do otherwise. The game itself is great, many of us probably played on PC etc. I still like to have this great game to carry around in my pocket..Version:

Save data goneI fell in love with this game found myself addicted to it. But now idk if I even wanna play anymore because all my saved data is completely gone. And I came so far that to start over is not for me . Great game but got some bugs . At one point I couldn’t farm or move because the game did something where it froze at certain points but nothing crazy. The only thing I’m really hurt about is all my data being gone . Be aware of that I’m not the only person that has happened to so just be aware.Version:

Continues crashingI love this game. But every time I try to build a coop etc or process geodes it crashes..Version:

Fishing needs workWho designed the fish catching .too complicated.Version:

Very BuggyThe game is very fun and the time flies while I’m playing it. I think the difficulty of it is just right. I never feel overwhelmed by the tasks or objectives. The issue is the bugs. - One of the most common that I experience is not being able to go to bed at night. This usually happens if the cat is sleeping on the bed. I have found that I basically need to beat the cat to bed. But that basically means ending the day at 6PM. - A less common bug that I have encountered is simply not being able to shop at and store. I click on the arrow at the store and nothing happens. When this bug happens I cannot buy or sell for that day until I go to bed and the next day starts. - A bug that has happened to me in the mines a few times is that the screen seems too freeze during an encounter. The issue is with the game though as I am still able to zoom in and out in-game. I just cannot select anything. There are many more bugs but most are one offs or not game breaking. But the ones listed above really affect the gameplay..Version:

Not bad overall, but some bugs are frustratingEvery time I try to process geodes my game crashes on both iOS (iPhone 14 pro running latest OS update) and iPadOS (iPad pro 12.9, also running latest update). I was really excited about mining and having geodes processed but upon checking Reddit it appears this has been an issue in the iOS version of the game for the past 74 days at least, so I’m not holding my breath for there to be an update and I’ll just sell my unprocessed Geode so it stops taking up space in my inventory. It’s also frustrating because the first time it happened, I had already watered all of my crops and attended to other chores before going to have the geode processed, so all of my progress from that day was gone. Outside of this the game is great, especially once I figured out I could connect my Xbox controller via Bluetooth. I’ll gladly update my review to 5 stars once the geode issue is resolved..Version:

Superb gameI love this game except for two issues I’ve found so far: 1) the fishing reel sound bug - the reel sounds keeps playing until completely closing the app down. 2) the slingshot controls - no idea how to aim and shoot properly and tried all the control options. Edit: I’ve seen in forums and on the non Apple Arcade version of the game that people have been complaining about the fishing reel sound bug since January (7 months ago). I had been avoiding fishing in the game assuming this would be fixed soon but now I’m skeptical. I don’t know about coding but if it’s too difficult to fix maybe an option to turn that sound effect off? As fishing is a big aspect of the game I’m going to downgrade my rating for this game but hope to be able to revisit this review if this ever gets fixed..Version:

Great game, but…It’s a great game, I absolutely love the graphics and story line. But there’s a problem, I was only able to buy one thing each from the saloon and robin, now when I press to open their shops it just doesn’t let me, peirre’s still works even though I’ve bought stuff, but the backpack expansion isn’t for sale even after he advertised it. Please fix it, might not be able to continue playing if it’s not fixed..Version:

CrashesThe app crashes whenever I try to start a new game….Version:

Great but . . .I love it but when I try to buy animals I can’t interact with the vendor! I have a coop, I have feed, everything is right but I can’t get animals. It is really stunting my progress and it’s pretty annoying..Version:

3Star And I Will Explain Why.I will rate this game a three star because I play this all the time on my Xbox. However whenever I try and launch a new game the game will say loading then just crash. Please fix this and I will rate 5 Stars because this game is so fun and is I would be able to play it whenever I am in the car unlike an Xbox. I would recommend playing this game and see if you have the same problem. This is a really fun game and I enjoy it. The pixelated screen is honestly my favorite part besides the colors. The gameplay is so smooth on my Xbox so I hope it will be smooth on this. Overall I recommend getting this game because for me I could play this all day!.Version:

Not workingGame is amazing on all other platforms but on iphone it just crashes sadly.Version:

Please patch the bugs soon!Either we need a save button that works so we can save progress without having to go home and sleep. Especially with all the bugs and glitches. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad it made it to the iPad, but every time I go to have my geodes cracked it crashes the game. Kicks me all the way out. Then I lose ALL progress and activity from between the last sleep-save and when I went to the blacksmith. I can deal with stuck sounds and holding things over my head indefinitely, but losing progress and loot because a base activity crashes the game is horrible. Please give us the ability to save at will since we all know that bug fixes will be an ongoing process for quite a while..Version:

Great game made unplayable by crashesI’m a longtime Stardew Valley fan and was so happy to see the title added to Arcade. Unfortunately, the game regularly crashes, losing a day of progress each time. In a 30-minute play session, I can expect the game to crash at least twice. Otherwise, everything appears to work smoothly. Once the crashing issue is resolved, I am sure Stardew Valley will be among the best games available through Apple Arcade..Version:

Looks good, if I could open itThe app looks really cute but whenever I try load it I get the Apple Arcade logo that lags and then my screen goes dark, I’ve waited hours and it hasn’t loaded but my device is functioning normally. Seems like a cool game but I’m not getting anywhere even when I delete the app and re-install it, restart my device or reset my game..Version:

CrashingWhenever I try to start a new game it crashes… using iPhone 14 Pro and Xbox Wireless Controller.Version:

Super Fun but just a couple fixes need to be madeI love this game but it always suddenly turns off on me when I'm in the middle of game play and if you don't save then you have to start all over again from the last save. That's annoying! Also I feel like the time in the day goes by way too fast, so there's always this sense of rushing. Other that that I'm excited to see where this game goes. I also finally learned how to fish. If you're struggling with that feature, I'd suggest buying the training rod from the fish guy and practicing with that first..Version:

BuggyI paid for the prior to arcade version of this game & waited years to get the 15 update on iOS. Now it makes sense why it took so long, the creator was doing this. Well the arcade version is buggy, characters walk through walls, the farmer you play gets stuck in places & can’t be moved so you have to wait until 2 am for it to pass out & get moved back to the farm. Random objects appear where they shouldn’t. Overall is a pretty badly made version of what Stardew valley really is. Not sure why add it to arcade instead of providing new updates to the paying customers of the OG game..Version:

Crashing when starting gameRight after selecting Play, the game crashes. Using a Backbone controller..Version:

Crash on launchGame crashes on launch when go to make a new character iPhone 12 Pro plus.Version:

Not the sameSuper buggy, constantly closes out and I lose all my progress. The npcs dont have the same likes/dislikes. Its way too difficult to fish. Going into the mine the combat is confusing and extremely difficult. The player moves so slow and the day goes by way too fast. It doesn’t tell you when the seasons are going to change it just kills your crops. The plants that are supposed to drop seeds never do. Buying stuff is outrageously expensive. Needs a lot of work..Version:

Good, but bugs :-(I’ve seen a lot of other reviews with this issue too! The fishing reel sounds CONSTANTLY play, even in cutscenes and when you exit to the main menu, only way to remove it is by closing the app fully and going back in. the worst issue though, is that sometimes it just Crashes and I can’t move. I can still access the hotbar and move what I’m holding but other than that I can do nothing. I just finished what I thought was a really good day and it crashed on the saving screen after I went to bed, which means if my phone doesn’t run out of charge aka forcing the game to close without my input, I can’t get any of that progress back. This is very annoying! I caught some good fish, I WANT them!! Overall I’d say these bugs ruin the game quality. It’s such a good game, but the bugs are so annoying that it’s just .. hardly worth it anymore?.Version:

Love the game butI have a few issues while playing the game with joycons on my iPad. If I have the menu open and press the B button to exit out, 8/10 times it closes the game and I have to start the day all over again. Sometimes it’ll just crash regardless of if I’m doing that or not. I’ve been stuck on year 1 day 1 of summer for the past 30 minutes because the app keeps closing :/ it also crashes a lot when I try to open geodes.Version:

Cannot play on notched iPhones.The notch covers the screen where you need to tap to go to a new part of the town or map. I can’t leave the farm because the exit is behind the notch..Version:

Fix the bugs pleaseI love this game and have been addicted to it for the past week now but i’ve had it with the bugs😭 it could be my phone too but i’ve seen other reviews and other people experience the same thing. Like my app sometimes randomly closes and i have to start the day from the last save i had, and it just happened to me right now after i got the last dwarf scroll i needed😓 and the glitch with the fishing rod is very annoying too because i have to close out the app and restart it. but yeah that’s the main issue honestly, i hate when it closes the game out.Version:

Crashes immediatelyCan’t even start the game. When I click start new game it loads then immediately crashes. Tried 5 times can’t get past it..Version:

CrachesI wad hoping to plat but i cant even get past the menu screen before it crashes.Version:

IPhone 14 Pro MaxCan’t get passed the create new game screen. Played this on switch, loved it. Really wanted to play on iPhone and have it with me wherever I am. Will uninstall until fixed and once repaired, will reinstall. It is a great game, I know it, just needs to be fixed on Apple..Version:

TrashWhat game is this it’s trash! I click on it and I get greeted by completely black screen I thought my phone turned off ▕╮╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮╭▕╮╲ ▕╯┃╭╮┃┃╭╮┃╰▕╯╭▏ ▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ╰▏ ▕╰━━━┓┈┈┈╭╮▕╭╮▏ ▕╭╮╰┳┳┳┳╯╰╯▕╰╯▏ ▕╰╯┈┗┛┗┛┈╭╮▕╮┈▏.Version:

I love this game but…This is one of my favorite games ever. I already have 50 hours but there are so many bugs on the Apple Arcade version. When fishing at sea, my fishing rod cast sound doesn’t stop when I walk far away from any water. Just nothing but casting blasting over music. I’m also personally having a hard time with controls and the guide isn’t terribly helpful. Can’t wait for bug fixes, and announcements on why Apple Arcade star dew is superior, can’t tell difference so far..Version:

Would love an Intel Mac version in Apple ArcadeThe game is a lot of fun to play on my tiny iPhone screen. I’d love to be able to play the game via Apple Arcade on my Intel Mac. Which would be clearly powerful enough if the steam version works on it. Please consider adding the Intel Mac. Thanks..Version:

Game crashCannot play because it crashes when I create a new run.Version:

Graphics are horrendousThe graphics/art style is terrible. It’s making the game very difficult to play. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be ‘retro’ but I feel like I’ve gone back In Time 25-30 years (and I was around back then, so I haven’t just pulled some number out of my a..). I couldn’t even find my way back to my farm in the dark it was that bad. Everything feels very awkward to do and not user friendly. Honestly, this is 1995 quality video gaming. Not fun in 2023..Version:

NoiseWhen you first fish you hear the fishing rod noise and throughout the game when you stop you keep hearing it need to be fixed to many bugs.Version:

CrashingWould love to try it out on iOS but it crashes every time I try to play.Version:

Developer site requires registration to report bugJust downloaded this on the latest iPad Pro, when I click ‘new’ to start a new game, it loads for about 10-15 seconds then crashes. I went to “App Support” which takes me to a forum to report bugs. However, in order to report the bug on their site you must register. I thought this was against apples App Store policy. Anyhow, get your stuff together - Apple Arcade doesn’t seem worth it with most of these games have low quality development. It’s impossible to report bugs, let alone have them fixed. It seems as a customer to Apple Arcade, we become low priority as we’re not direct customers to these app developers..Version:

Love it but…I love playing Stardew Valley! I was really excited when i learned i can play on my phone! The game play is really fun. The only issue is the app keeps forcing close. So I will lose all of my progress that I’ve made in a day or some and have to start over. I was playing today and it has happened twice now and I’ve only been playing for 30-45 minutes. I don’t know if this is a bug or not but it’s really frustrating..Version:

Love the game, app needs workWe all love Stardew Valley, but the IOS version needs work! Constantly having to move around rocks to try find the right ‘angle’ to hit them as often it doesn’t even register what I’m trying to do. Robins shop is not accessible so I’m at an impasse in the game where I can’t progress as I need to expand my house and build animal shelters etc. it’s so infuriating. The fishing rod sound continually playing is also annoying but not as annoying as robins shop not working!.Version:

Immediately frustratedI have played the game before on other platforms. Using touch screen on my 14 Pro Max, it’s very difficult to leave my homestead and go to town. The path is obscured by the camera/sensor island on my screen. Also, what’s with the random hand/finger icon appearing at weird places on the screen doing a swiping motion up and to the right? I don’t understand what it’s trying to tell me. I’ll just go back to playing on PC for now..Version:

Make this playable on MacThis game should be cross play with Mac like other arcade games!.Version:

Good game, bad portI love Stardew but this port of the game crashes way too much, I’ve tried playing the same day 5 times on both iPad and iPhone12 and it keeps crashing..Version:

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