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Summoners War app received 93 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about summoners war?

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Save KakiShould’ve tested him out before release.Version: 6.2.3

Another try, here we goFirst off I wanna state that the game is fantastic and well developed, even when things can get frustrating in game it still is fun and can provide a challenge to those who have played for a while. Great game over all, however even then I still have my issues, by the time I am writing this review I have returned to the game again after a decent period of time because it always catches my eye however I have had to restart my game, luckily I never made it to far as to say pro tier of anything like that, but due to the difficulty for returning players to login to there old accounts I find myself in this place again, I went through the tutorial, created another new name and tried to login to my old account connected to my Facebook but it didn’t work, and I can’t choose old names cause they still exist even though you can’t access them. So I delete and download the app again and try to log in from there and yet still I can’t access my old account. Though I got a option to sign in with Facebook and after it downloaded and I entered the world it wasn’t the same one I remembered having, it was a clean slate again, I just want to say please try and make it easier to login to old accounts cause it’s very infuriating that I have to start again. Otherwise I love the game and would definitely recommend it to others to play.Version: 6.2.3

From hero to zeroDo not download this game! the next “massive” update will ruin it. Tons of people will be quitting. C2u does not care about quality content or player. Just maintaining power creep so they can introduce new packs. They took and amazing game and have slowly turned it to trash..Version: 5.4.0

Downloading filesI have been playing the game since 2014, but I am now starting to find it hard to play with the resource file downloading every time I open the game, it’s been hard for me to play the events because the loading time is ridiculous and it puts me off from opening the game, I haven’t played for weeks because the files take too long to download. Can you please fix this because I am so close to deleting the game when I. Don’t want to..Version: 3.8.9

It’s good. Except...I’ve been playing Summoners War for 3 years now. Unfortunately, it took two years to get my first nat 5. I didn’t even fuse before then. My account has some sort of bad luck, and I don’t know why. It’s frustrating, especially being a level 50 because when you’re that level, all you can do is build monsters and do better in raids or arena or maybe guild. But I can’t seem to summon a chasun or galleon or theomars or lushen or any form of a “game-changing” monster, so I can’t do much stuff. As a f2p player, it’s difficult to keep up with the p2p players. But asides from this, I wouldn’t be playing summoners for 4 years if I wasn’t obsessed. I even got my mom, brother, boyfriend, and another friend into the game (unfortunately it wasn’t through Facebook or any programmed method so I got no rewards for it, which I believe that I deserve). It’s a great game. A little unfair, but that’s what keeps you coming back. My suggestion is that summoners adds more things for f2p players so we can get advantages like the p2pers have such as rune packs or scroll packs you can buy with like a ton of mana or something. Also, there should be an event where the rates of wishes and rune power ups and summons are a little more fair for like a day. That would be really sweet. Keep on adding new monsters. Hopefully in the next new monster release, a new 5* will come. Thanks for reading my review..Version: 3.8.4

DisappointedI felt cheated from Com2Us spending Money to get a unit only for it to be nerfed days later. Ridiculous.Version: 6.2.2

Compensate KakiCom2us released a monster they didn’t test, advertised purchasable packs to get said new monster then a week after release nerfed the new monster. People spent weeks of resources they had saved and some even spent money to get these new monsters Com2us stop being scummy and give the players proper compensation..Version: 6.2.2

Long time player between what players would call ftp and notI recently looked at my own profile and I’ve been playing this game since June 2014. So this game is fun it amusing and you can have a great time playing for how ever long you want because believe me with as much as you can strive to get it won’t end and you will be better or worse than someone else or just play computer grind forever. However if you take this game at all serious and if you even try to pay occasionally you won’t really make a great difference. Put it this way me and my brother have played this game since 2014 and occasionally put in some money about $100 a year since we play it more than some store bought game but $400 down the road we are average players. To the point this game isn’t free to play, pay to play it’s for those who spend above hundreds maybe thousands. The players who are above average complete things faster and get more prizes basically the more you play you can do good but those in the top 10 % they just get more and more because they do so well especially in new content like the labyrinth that no one can beat. You can save up on this game for months I saved for five months and spent money got nothing. I’m about to rage quit but I’ve spent more than a game system over time. Just look at the world tournaments this game has online mist of the people could have bought houses for what they say they put into this game and announcers seem to take pride in this during the tournaments.Version: 4.0.4

Fix download problemsI’ve been playing on iphone 6s. And suddenly every time i try playing this game, it comes up with the notification saying that “there will be updates” and it downloads the games from the start. Just like the first time when installing the games. This download makes me go over my internet usage and cant even play it outside without wifi. Its affecting my guild as well. Com2us should really fix this problem..Version: 3.7.4

I’ve played this game for 6 years, DO NOT INSTALLTruly atrocious PR from Com2us who clearly doesn’t actually care about their player base time and time again. Completely pay-to-win game at this point. I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours and my own money to this game and I still can barely get a fighter rank in RTA. This game is a joke, save yourself some time and avoid..Version: 6.2.6

I can't enter the game after the new updateI'm stuck on the tap to start screen and the touch to start has changed to tap to start.Version: 4.0.1

No play testing.It seems Com2us doesn’t play test units before release. They release new units and after people spend all their resources into building them they just need them a few days later. I just think they need to spend some time playing their own game and extensively testing things before release. They need listen to the community more as well! Boycotting is starting in the highest level of guild play and they still won’t listen..Version: 6.2.2

Amazing, however....I absolutely love this game and it pains me to only give it 3/5 stars. It has very creative monsters and nice, innovative systems. But there is one huge downside that everyone deserves to know before they download this game. Every single time you load the game, be prepared to wait upwards of 15-20 mins for it to “download updates” these updates are always the same size (1356 mbs) and it is a huge pain to deal with. Even after following all the steps on ‘how to fix this’ it will still face this issue..Version: 5.0.7

Play if you want to grind and farm for the next 6 years and still be mediocreExpect to grind and farm for years to only be mediocre, the chances of catching up to late game players is next to impossible. You’ll waste hours of your time and possibly even your money to never be fully satisfied with your team comps or runes..Version: 6.2.3

Boring and extremely tediousLet’s be honest. Nobody actually “plays” your game, we just set it to run dungeons then leave and go do something else. Why not just make the 10 farming runs instant and save us some battery replacements? I know Com2us doesn’t like us using emulators to play the game so why not just implement this its been 6 years and this makes it so difficult to enjoy the game. It honestly feels more like work than something meant to be enjoyable..Version: 6.2.4

Don’t waste your time.I have played regularly for almost 6 years. I have dumped money into this game (enough to buy a car). The reward back for that was regret. The positives are the art of the game. And that’s where it ends. Horrible drop rates,I mean horrible. PVE content that is even impossible for me to do after spending thousands on it. Chat censorship is absolutely redundant. The events are meh. The most recent one is the best one they’ve put out and still they want a person to complete Targums hard stages which need to be nerfed. All of my 200+ spd mons still won’t move first and get absolutely destroyed while being quite tanky and hardly do any damage back even when enemy ai is defense broken. RTA is just a stressful headache unless you want to dump loads of cash into game. Violent sets exist in this game meaning the opponent will probably get great RNG and hit you multiple times before you can even get a turn in. The grind requires you to play hours and hours a day if you want to keep up. I do not recommend the game. Many get addicted to it due to thinking they’ll be rewarded. But to realize only 0.001 percent of players rank in G1 and drop rates are so bad you could grind a week in a dungeon for not a single good usable rune,you get disillusioned with the game. My advice: Play something else. I regret getting involved completely..Version: 5.3.1

Can’t even play this gameWhat’s going on deleted the app cause thought was a error redownloaded and now it doesn’t even load at all.Version: 4.0.2

Good, but...Great game overall, slight paywall when you reach very late game, especially if you haven’t been very lucky with pulls. Before downloading, you need to realise that you will NEVER, no matter what, catch up to the top players. The highest ranks are simply unreachable now due to the ‘’whales’’ at the top consistently spending money and hours daily. However the game can still be enjoyable, and it’s possible to reach the somewhat high ranks. My only other problem with the game is how out of touch the developers are, they don’t really understand the meta or basic dungeon concepts the player base have worked out, and it really is starting to show. Overall, good game but a few drawbacks that are really holding back its potential.Version: 5.2.6

The updates go boom💥The game is awesome,amazing and brilliant the only problem is the updates are too many, I think it should be 1 a year . My friends said there was too many updates they said they are going to stop playing but I didn’t but I don’t want other people to stop playing too and that is why I want to tell you . I love 💗 this game ..Version: 4.0.8

Listen to your playersCom2us, get it right, you’re better then this..Version: 6.2.2

This is dum so read this summoners war owners!Whenever I go into the game,I have to go through the loading thing that you have to go through at the start at the game! If this does end I will put it back to a 5 star rating and give me a refund like 10 mystical scrolls or a devilmon cause your game has took up ALL my space in my iPad so now I can’t update any other games and not can’t play them! So if this is not fixed I will not put it back to a 5 star game! My name is Asher886 on the game..Version: 6.2.8

Careful guysUpdate is dodgy wouldn’t recommend spending your hard earned cash on this game.Version: 3.7.0

Too many updates :(If not for one thing I’d give this game 5 stars because I love it. But seriously com2us way too many updates. I can’t even play on my iPad anymore. 2 updates ago the game said you need to install update so I went to App Store which doesn’t say ‘update’ just ‘open’ so it just becomes an endless loop and I can’t get into the game. This has often happened and usually fixes pretty quickly but it’s been a week now and no matter how many times I restart my iPad or search summoners war in the App Store nothing changes. Lucky I can still play on my phone, but not ideal and if it happens to my phone I’m screwed. Work this out com2us it’s a common complain and really impacts the game negatively..Version: 3.7.1

Good Game, but Don’t Throw Away Your MoneyI have to say I really enjoy this game. Sad to also see the same “summoning rates are the same and good luck” responses to all the frustrated customers. (Obviously you should do packs for specific monsters so that people who do spend money on your game are not all frustrated from getting nothing from the our hard earned dollars.) All I can advise to anyone new to this game is don’t purchase in app purchases. I spent more than I’d like to mention in seek of a stronger monster to get to where I want to be. (“response will be, sorry but it isn’t a guarantee, small monsters can be good.”) that’s not what someone wants to hear when they put 50+ dollars into your game... All in all the game is based on luck so these “deals” don’t help you in much way in regards to obtaining strong monsters. Just play for free, pull scrolls as you receive them and avoid paying anything towards this game (99 percent of the time you end up just throwing away money.) Sadly, I won’t put money into this game again. I am very dissatisfied with the product of my transaction. Most places if your dissatisfied you can return the product, but unfortunately with the structure that has been set in place (brilliant for Com2Us)even if your not satisfied with your purchase, it’s just part of how the game goes. Good luck to anyone who puts 50 plus dollars down into this game, it most likely will only disappoint you..Version: 3.7.5

Good game but UnfairI have been playing this game for over 2 years now, it is a good game, very repetitive and grindy, more like a casino than a game due to the fact that nothing is guaranteed and everything is Random Number Generated (resistance 100% doesn’t mean you resist 100% of the time for example) which I’m sure is deliberate to hook people in (come 2 us says it all really). The only real issue I have with this game is that they hold yearly tournaments with cash rewards, but people who are free to play have absolutely no chance of ever coming close to getting in these tournaments, they are only under the illusion that they will. Pay to win players have a huge advantage over free to play users and I find it very unfair that in a competitive E sports game, an external currency can help you win. Nonetheless if you don’t plan on playing for the big leagues and don’t mind spending a fortune on pixels then it’s a great game to consume your time..Version: 5.2.4

So much potential...As the title suggests this game has so much potential to be amazing but there are a few serious problems which have made me stop playing the game after a few months. The summoning scrolls are rigged 100%. I have had summoning sessions where I receive 3 or even 4 of the same 4* in one session for example I summoned 200 ms and receive 2 wind ninjas and 3 water Horus this cannot be bad rng when these things have happened on a regular basis. Standard statistics suggest the chance of receiving a 4 star monster multiple times in consecutive summoning sessions is astronomical the game has certain days where monsters are more likely to pop up and this is an error with the coding or developers 2) secondly the game has been hacked several times by numerous people across the globe for the past few years and the developers haven’t done anything to resolve this issue. In fact this might be one of the reasons the coding is fked up. It’s such a shame because I’ve played many games like this and none with such interesting characters but more effort needs to be put in to save the experience regular players have when playing this game..Version: 5.2.0

UpdateAfter the update I got logged out and now I have to do a 20min tutorial before I can log back in. Give an option to log back in this would help returning players too so they don’t have to do a long tutorial before getting their account..Version: 6.2.5

They nerf everything eventuallyEverything.Version: 6.1.1

Game is goodFor some odd reason I get the feeling that once you get a nat 5, your chances of getting that same nat 5 are increased. This makes sense for them to do, for the sole purpose of you having to spend money to achieve monster diversity. Out of the 110 or so nat 5 monsters, the odds of a person hitting the SAME monster, more than twice, when the odds of getting a 5* ALONE, are 0.5%. I have, on both my accounts, gotten Rakan as my first and second nat 5s. On one of those accounts I have 3 Eladriels. Should I start playing megamillions? There are many people who encounter this issue, which means that it’s NOT as rare as it should be. Which kind of brings me to the point that only so many coincidences can happen before things look sketchy. Another thing is that this company will comment on your review and apologize or tell you to recommend such and such on the forum instead. However, you can tell that it’s for show. It’s for them to read, and ignore, basically. They don’t actually want our input, is the feeling I’m getting. They say they do to make themselves look good. Step up as a company. Set things right. You made this game for your players, if the game isn’t good, your player base will dwindle, if you don’t listen to the player base, it will dwindle. It’s like a plant that you have to water so it doesn’t wilt..Version: 4.1.3

Good game. However, game design skewed to end game playersIt pains me to give a 2 star rating, as I have played for many many years and still log on almost every day to this day. I really do love this game. However, the game is WAY too accommodating to players who are willing to invest thousands into this game. The people who play at SWC have all bought their way there. RTA is a joke, too. I can be challenger 1 and be fighting against someone with full ld 5’s, decked out runes etc. The way the game is designed, It feels the developers don’t care about early-mid game players, and the only way to get end game is to spent all day every day on the game, or buy your way through. As stated at the start, I’ve been playing for around 4-5 years consistently and still can’t get out of challenger in RTA. It isn’t fun anymore. And there’s not really any end game content, either. You finish campaign, toa, rift beasts, dungeons and then what is there to do? All that’s left is getting high in arena/RTA which is impossible due to how much the game rewards players who spend money.Version: 6.2.6

Please fix the constant downloadingFirst, I would like to start by saying that this is such a fun game to play, but for me, it's hard to play. I don't know about others but basically every time I try to log on I have to wait like 30 minutes because it says something like "1300 megabytes will now be downloaded. If you tap the home button this download will still continue." This is really annoying because I start the download, and use another app, get a notification that the download is done only to find that I have to sit and watch the download as if it never even started. This happens multiple times a day and this game would be soooo much fun without this. A way to fix this possibly could be to make it so that you only have to download the app and update it in Appstore and include the downloads there, or just keep it real and let people use other apps and let the download continue while they are offline like it says it does, and when they get back on when the download is actually done, then they can just play. Sometimes the download also gets stuck at the same percent for a while and can't move at all. This is so frustrating for me. If the developers do respond, I would also like information as to what is being downloaded during this. Thank you.Version: 5.3.9

Bad updatesWay to many updates and poorly executed. 1-2 updates a week and then sometimes can’t even open the game because screen says to update will happen automatically if not restart device. Do that but nothing go to the App Store and just says open not update. Either poorly updated or issue with third party making the update available. It’s runes the game so far been locked out coz of update and wasted 12 hours of a 3 day double xp and will lose another 8 hours come the morning. Seriously need to work on efficiency of the updates and ensure are working before launch them..Version: 3.7.2

Fun but...First I’ve been playing this game for about three years now. Honestly there’s nothing more fun than pulling nat 5s but that’s essentially it in the long run. I’ve actually wanted to see this make it to major league gaming but later on as I’m playing I hope it never does. Too much luck is involved. Typically the luckier you are the higher chance you have of winning. This is where problems come in. Sure I’ve paid for some of the things in the game but even then it’s no guarantee. I’ve been farming runes for a long time now and honestly I have to say I’m still no where. I lack the runes to really go up competitively. I was still crushed at the basic level. Nothing is really a worse feeling than knowing you spent years trying to rune up your creatures (and still not runed properly) just to lose in the placements. I’ve always wanted to enter competitively but I see more or less it’s not happening. I simply don’t have the money get the fantastic runes (or luck). I’m pretty sure the tournaments ive watched the people paid a lot of money to get where they are. Overall fun but still really disappointed that absolutely no skill is involved. If you lose it’s simply bad luck. (i.e no luck on runes or unlucky where all your creatures are stunned) one or the other..Version: 4.2.5

Stop breaking the gameIt was rated five stars. I have been playing this game for over a year and I have spent hundreds of dollars on it. Ever since the last update I have not got any evolution materials from drops in the game. Only four three star rainbowmon. On top of that this is now the second time that the game has completely crashed and refuses to let me into my account. Guys you had it right to begin with, if your programmers and coders are not qualified to make updates without completely destroying the game for users, users who have spent hundreds of dollars on your product by the way, then maybe you guys should just stop updating it until you hire more competent individuals. I am giving the game one more week to be patched to fix the bug with the three star rainbowmon. My game has completely grinded to a hault and ceased to be fun at all thanks to this. I’m ready to delete the game from my phone and boycott Com2us and and affiliated companies. I’ve never spent so much money on a product to get such poor service in return. If the developers would stop changing things and completely destroying the gameplay and of course if they could stop it from crashing and make it where I can actually play it again, I’ll go back to five stars and a good review but as of right now you are very close to losing a loyal, paying, customer..Version: 4.0.2

Unacceptable release of new contentGreat game, but unreasonable release of new content. Appears that Com2us has a history of not adequately testing a researching new content before release. Releasing balance patches immediately after new content release to fix game design aspects without compensation to players that have been negatively affected is unreasonable. Dont play this game unless you are okay with game changes happening that could negatively affect your account. Happening once is forgivable, but after a few times gives players the impression this company doesnt care to improve how they run their business..Version: 6.2.2

Do not spend money!I have played on and of for 3.5 years. I have made so many summons it’s ridiculous and I have only one Nat5 monster! I don’t know how their summoning system works but when brand new players have multiple nat5’s even multiple of the same nat5 while I have spent so much time and yes money it’s legit unfair! I enjoy the game a lot but that is due to the fact I have spent so long playing I have made my account work for me... it’s about time I get more frekin nat5 summons to interest me!.Version: 4.0.3

Extremely disappointedI played this game for years and never had a problem with it until now my game suddenly got deleted after all the hard work I had done to save up and evolve and awaken some monsters and there is no way for me to restore my account because I don’t use hive so customer support has been no help at all either so annoyed because I was really enjoying the game too.Version: 6.2.5

Greedy company only after moneyI’ve been a loyal pay to play customer since first month of release, but recently they have offered a skin to 2 monsters that were nerfed completely to no use as soon as the sale period ended. Monster balancing is an essential part of a game, but the way that this company goes about it is absolutely disgusting. Why sell a skin (cost me $90 aud to get both) whilst knowing that they will nerf it in the next month? There should be refunds for monsters nerfed majorly that required monetary purchase. It doesn’t even have to be money back-perhaps ingame crystal or transmogrification Stones...ANYTHING. But no, they’re too desperate for money and they wonder why their game is dying. Perhaps a rethink of the company etc is required more than rethinking monster skills or try listening to the customer base/ forums abit more. There’s a reason why MANY people quit summoners to move to epic7 etc, perhaps com2 should take a leaf out of their book. Do not spend in this game-they will simply laugh as they watch it go down the drain..Version: 5.0.7

HorribleThe game was decent until there was an update and then i lost the account that was lvl 16 and i had so much progress on there so nope delete the game you'll lose your progress in an update..Version: 6.2.5

Rip offAfter my previous purchase of $70 for a legendary scroll, two l&d scrolls and 20 mystical scrolls, only getting lightning once for a monster I can fuse and another useless 4 star monster from the legendary scroll (mk sniper garbage) I’ll probably use to evolve another monster, I WILL NEVER SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME AGAIN! The drop rates and summon rates are stupid! What an absolute waste of money! I’ve tried mentioning this in game and got a form letter saying basically “sucks to be you, we don’t care”. Why I was asked to write a review after I was blatantly ripped off, I do not understand. What a joke, I’m poor so deciding to spend $70 on a game i like to play is huge for me, a really bad decision and to get nothing at all to show for it is a slap in the face. I basically just gave my money away. Edit; then I got ten useless crystals as a “reward” for this review. Lol!.Version: 6.2.6

Greedy DevelopersI’m not here to moan about companies trying to make money from players. It’s a business and without money the game would be shut down. However, Com2Us(herein known as Scam2Us) are interested in money and the whales(biggest players). If you’re not going to spend thousands and thousands then Scam2Us do not care about you or how your experience is within the game. Currently the biggest Korean guilds are boycotting the game due to the most recent Scam2Us scam. They released a new monster and an accompanying event to ensure you get 1 of the 3 standard variants - all good so far. The best of the 3 is the Fire version so people spend and spend and spend to summon and get this version. 1 week after the event starts they nerf the monster into the ground and a give 10 scrolls out as compensation - it could take 100’s of scrolls to get the fire version. So after you’ve spent real money to summon a digital monster they nerf it to the point of being less useful than the water/wind variants and in return give next to nothing. I’m done. Lots more are done. Greed is a sin and Scam2Us have gone too far this time..Version: 6.2.2

I lost all my progressHelp.Version: 6.1.2

YikesShady crisis management.Version: 6.2.6

Good game, but lots of pitfallsI played sw for a little over three years, daily. There are some things about this game that are really fantastic - if you like grinding for drops, this is the game for you. New content and events are released regularly, and the game is pretty generous with its free currency. It looks pretty, and other than occasional crashing, runs pretty smoothly. However, buyer beware - expensive packs for scrolls, terrible drop rates, and a pvp environment that is chock full of whales are here just like in many other games. My major issue though, and the reason for my rating, is that com2us seems to not really care about their player base. I'm not salty because I didn't get this monster or that (actually I had a pretty good collection). In the community it's well known that hacking is an issue, and next to nothing is done about it. Quality of life upgrades are implemented slowly, if ever. Customer support is nonexistent. Monster balancing is heavily skewed and there are several "must have" rare units for progression, especially past a certain threshold. If you want a better idea of the issues with the game, a quick pop over to Reddit or the com2us forums will give you a pretty good idea..Version: 3.8.7

Can’t openUpdated and now can’t open game.Version: 6.2.4

Account deletedSince the last update, my account was deleted... it is the second time that this happends to me. Gonna delete the gamenagain for a couple of year and peobably come back to it cause of boredom....Version: 6.2.5

Adorable game, but not sure the loading time is worth itI really love this game, and I enjoy playing it, but I hate the fact that every time I wanna play it I have to wait thirty minutes to an hour for it to download resources and all sorts of other stuff. I know my internet is slow, but even so, as much as I like the game I’m not sure if the loading time before every play is worth it... so if you have fast internet, then great, I’m sure you’ll love it, but if you’re internet isn’t the best then I'm not sure this is the game for you..Version: 5.3.5

Great game with terrible customer serviceI have been playing this game since 2016, spent a decent amount of money, only to get the account hijacked by some random hacker. I got a message from COM2US that my account email has been changed - which means they just let anyone who hacks into your account to change your email address associated with it, thereby making it impossible for you to access your account. COM2US just let this change happen without sending an email to the account owner about the attempt to change first. I sent an email inquiry and they remained silent for the past 3 days - by now I’m sure my account is going to get sold to some random person. I recommend this game, but please be aware that your account can get hijacked very easily, and COM2US will drag their feet in helping to get your account back, even if they respond (they haven’t responded to me so far and it’s been 3 days). If you play just casually here and there, you won’t get much done in the game - but if you spend money and time then you will have to worry about your account hijacked with no way of knowing you will ever get your account back. I am very disappointed, and just wanted to leave this comment so that other new users looking to start playing this game would be made aware that this could happen..Version: 5.3.4

Bait and SwitchFirst they release units which are op! Along with the units comes various packs available to purchase. A week or a fortnight later, they need the unit saying that “the unit was more powerful than intended”. Point one: if you advertise something and people spend based on that and later you change the product, refund the money. Point two: Being a billion dollar company with a proper team dedicated to this game, you don’t test if a unit before releasing it? It’s pathetic. Plus the compensation they give is a slap in the face. This has happened twice in 3 years. Anyone wanting to spend in game, beware, you might get duped. Might as well give that money to charity!.Version: 6.2.2

Not too bad, but wish it was better...It's really fun to play games competitively and to strive to be the best. But that's not really the case for this game. It tries to be that way, but in reality it's just money hungry. Also it relies too much on luck. It's only really a ton of strategy that you have to figure out yourself late game. I know that spending money won't increase your chances of getting a 5 star which seems required for late game, but it makes it so you can have more chances at getting one. See, to do anything you need a nat 5 after necro and toa. Multiple, actually. And it's what, 6 percent chance in legendary scrolls? Less than 1 percent in mysticals? Bull. You should really raise the chances to 6 percent in mysticals like most games usually have. Legendarys to like 15 percent. This game relies on luck too much unless you spend money. And if you reply saying that spending money won't increase your chances, what about all those level 20s in chat with LD nat 5s? Those people obviously spent money. If they didn't and just rushed faimon that would take countless hours because of how trash those rates are. This game is so fun but you just ruin it with the requirement of nat 5s you have late game and how you never get one anyway without spending money. Help some poor people out. This game can really cheer people up with how fun it is especially if they are poor and need something to take away their mind. Don't ruin your game more. Fix it..Version: 3.5.9

Good game but...Love the game but hate that I keep getting kicked off the game I've been playing this game for a while but in all that time I've kept on being kicked off the game in cairos dungeon is where I get kicked off mostly I lose energy from it don't get rewards been kicked out of secret dungeons more times than I care to remember daily rune maintenance I get kicked out of game and I don't know why but it's seriously annoying other than that I can't say a bad word bout this game loving the mons and all aspects of the game but it's getting kicked out that's a real kicker.Version: 3.7.8

GarboDog water.Version: 6.2.5

LOGINHey every time install the game i have to go through the tutorial before i can actually login to my account and it’s getting really annoying. is there a way to skip the tutorial and get straight to logging in now? :/ if there isn’t could you please make that a thing? thanks :).Version: 6.2.7

Eh...The game is very addictive, and very exciting, but at some points of the game, you feel like you just want to punch a wall. I saved up a lot of scrolls and summoned many many times, but I have never gotten a nat4 or nat5 after playing for months! I’d wish it would be easier to get good monsters, and make hall of heroes appear sooner every month, but it seems like you might never get a good monster in a game. And I even used mentors and 50 level friends, for the scenarios, and because of that, I still had weak monsters, it came to the point when I needed to defeat world boss, which needed at the very least, ten monsters with level 30+ which I didn’t have at the time, so I spent a year, trying to increase my monsters and at least get a nat5, but all I’d ever gotten was magic knight, succubus, and a few hall of heroes monsters! If you also have been playing for a long time and never got something good out of it, then you can probably relate to me, right? I’m really disappointed that I missed the light ninja hall of heroes, because he was such a good monster, I wished I could have gotten him, but my luck is horrible these days with summoners war. Don’t get me wrong, I love it,’s a game of patience, and I’m not patient after my experience..Version: 4.0.0

StuckIm stuck on the home screen i cannot enter into the game.Version: 4.0.2

Pretty decent “time waster” game HORRIBLE customer supportBasically the game wants you to create an account so that if you ever have issues you will be able to recover your account. When I first started I just played as guest because I didn’t want the emails and wasn’t sure if I would like the game. Fast forward and I enjoyed the game and got to a point where in order to collect a challenge reward you have to create an account. I figured I like the game enough so I would create a profile and was immediately met with an error message of “account conversion failure.” I wrote customer service and asked how to fix the issue but was still able to play. A few hours later the game completely locks me out so I submit another ticket showing that I can no longer play. Over 24 hours later they finally respond (I understand I’m not the only person and didn’t mind waiting a bit) with an automated response giving step by step directions. I followed the steps they provided but that only made the problem worse as I think it erased my old account that I spent lots of hours on. Losing the account is annoying but what makes it worse is after I submitted the 3rd claim 4 days ago I have still yet to hear back. In summary, if you are lucky enough to now have problems it’s a pretty decent game but not worth the terrible customer service in my opinion..Version: 6.0.6

BuffCom2us I have been playing SW for many years(6+) now all I want is at least 1 LD nat5 Im not a f2p player and ashamed of how much money I have spent trying to get a LDNAT5 please com2us grant my wish 6years+ and not a single LDNAT5 is so unfair. Seeing how so many f2p players have multiple already is really detrimental to my feelings towards this game. Also buff Dongbaek please she is so useless. I will change my review when I have finally summoned a LDnat5. I love this game but this torturous RNG on my account that cannot summon a LDNAT5 is what gave this review a 1 star..Version: 6.2.4

Good game but........Played the game over 9 years (same account, email and link to facebook) Its a good game, great graphics and game play. I was level 50 with loads of good monsters and about six level 6, plus loads I was keeping to level up other monsters. I have always logged in via facebook but the last time I did this it did not give me the usual two options to keep the current game or switch to my level 50 account! I tried to use my email to reset my password but it won’t recognise my email, even though customer services say it is still linked. I emailed customer service again saying it does not work and the facebook game is level 1 now, which is no good to me but no reply. So its a good game but be aware you too could play for years and then just lose it all, with no way of getting it back and no support from customer services!.Version: 6.2.6

Game4mall7 years wasted..Version: 6.2.6

Unfortunately...The dev (I assume one man due to its simplicity and portly designed/assigned random number generator) has a long way to go. Simplist example of the above is Violent mechanics. Defense based teams are more likely to procure an additional turn. But stun units aren’t ever allowed to procure an additional “stacked” stun.... Simple game, charging an expensive fee to play. Move on folks, trust me. They keep screwing this one up.Version: 6.2.1

No welcome pack bugBegan playing and got 4 star wind knight, 4 star chasun and a bisalt so was pumped. Ready to blow my pay on this bad boy and I noticed that my newly acquired kicka** account had no starter packs at all! I mean I was seriously ready to go hard money wise on such an opener!!! But no packs! So I messaged supppoet n of course I hear nothing back. So I quit haha never will I see such luck nor be so eager as I was! Am I happy? No way but my wallet probably is lol. Still salty though, what a start n I was gonna buy out that shop.. anyway com2us support by the way is terrible. A finetooth comb away from lawsuits so be warned..Version: 4.2.4

Taking FOREVER to load!Beside the fact that the game has amazing graphics and a great story behind it, the game has a few things that need improvement. At the start of the game it takes FOREVER to load because of updates and and stuff and it’s so annoying. Your waiting for a good 5-10 min just to load the game. To many updates. NEEDS FIXING!.Version: 4.1.5

So LongI downloaded this game like 3 years ago I think and have played it off and on (mostly on) but I’m leaning toward uninstalling for good. I have complained about the game’s flaws to anyone who would listen (hint: nobody does) and I’m just tired of it. The events are bountiful but unoriginal, the rewards don’t get any better. The grinding starts to feel like work with very little payoff. The insanely unbalanced algorithms used to determine ‘rng’ things like proc rates for skills (violent runes) and scroll summons are so unfair to players who don’t spend a lot it forces new players to spend or quit. When confronted with a mountain of evidence the developers insist everything is “working as designed” but they won’t disclose the design because it will spoil their money-grabbing strategy. They continue to patch the game like they care about its success but don’t make any changes for the better. Just stupid stuff like changing the wording of skills for summons nobody ever uses. Oh and good luck playing PVP when you don’t know whether your enemy will be at your skill level or way below or way above because rune info isn’t disclosed. A large majority of my battles are not fought by similarly skilled players so one side will have an obvious advantage after the first turn. I’ve just had enough of this abusive relationship after three years and can’t wait to move on to something better..Version: 3.7.8

World arenaExcellent game, but the world arena has many issues with its players, getting sick of playing against the Chinese who use bots and farm of the lower level players. This has been a problem for a long time and it’s coming to a point where I’m starting to become less interested in the game, as farming 24/7 to play in the world arena, just to play people that a farming off lower levels, it’s not fair. And I’ve been playing this game for a year now but it’s seems com2us only care about the people that are making in game purchases more than the casual players. I would recommend this game but not the work arena, as world arena is where the whales live, as free to play player don’t get a look in..Version: 6.2.2

Pay to winThis game is very enjoyable until later on and you can’t complete the missions as your heroes aren’t strong enough, then they tempt you to buy better heroes just so you can continue with the game. I’ve had this game for ages now and I haven’t spent any money but people easily can spend £50 and get to where I am as easy as that instead of putting a year of hard work into it. Overall I like playing but it can bore you very easily if you don’t have the money.Version: 3.8.7

More cons than prosThe game is okay visual wise, but lacks content by quite a lot. After playing a year whether if dedicated or not you get bored and want natural 5 so you don’t get bored. Outside of content they should seriously improve AI in raid. It’s hard to give positives as they become washed out after a year of playing. On top of that it seems that they are selective of choosing their best reviews and posting it. If you don’t see this review it probably been replace by a higher rating one. This is just some player asking for more content through review as it’s apparent they take more than way to long to develop on the game’s development. Please consider offering better HoH as it’s quite apparent they don’t offer reasonable monster choice even for their 5th anniversary. Please build upon this..Version: 4.2.7

If you enjoy luck and not skill games, this is perfect for you!Com2us have created a great game that drains your money to progress while making luck the major reason you win. They have managed to make a game that skilled players have become obsolete as luck can undo all of that. I hope they figure out how to balance their ‘rng’. Also, would love for them to make a tracker of summons in your account (doubt this will happen as it would prove their rates are a lie). Enjoy all!.Version: 6.3.0

Hackers don’t get punished.I’ve played this game 3+ years, and it’s terrible. It’s super p2w, the packs are very expensive, and apparently there has been an exploit that gave players a huge amount of in game items for free, it has been going on for years even though the developers knew about it..Version: 6.2.6

Impossibly bad customer service.My account was hacked by a someone in Kaliningrad Russia. To date, I’d invested over one thousand dollars into the game. There is actual customer service. Only forms you fill out and submit and wait 3-5 days for a response. It then goes something like this... Fill out form, wait. Receive boiler plate email saying you missed something, and asking you to do it again. I’ve done this process 3 times. There’s no one you can speak to. No one you can email directly. I spent one thousand dollars, and they literally don’t care at all. My 2 year old account GONE because they won’t make even the smallest effort to help someone that put trust into their company. Play something else. The risk is too high here. If they weren’t based in Korea I’d file a small claims suit..Version: 6.2.7

Update causing looping , want my money backGame use to be good , but the more the updates the more it stuffs you around. Most recent update prompts the phone to update , however when following the prompt to update, the game only had “open” and it just goes back to game , and the game goes back to app where there are no updates. I am sick of these type updates which the developers don’t check for bugs first , it’s always money first then user experience later, will contact Apple iTunes for a full refund and this time you better pay up !.Version: 3.7.4

Customer Service is a JOKEMy account was hacked on May 28. I have submitted multiple tickets to Com2us to recover it. I heard back from someone named Jerome on the same day, and he told me it would take 7 business days to resolve the issue. Here we are on the 9th business day (13 full days) and it’s been absolute crickets since our first exchange. I submitted the receipts and all the information, as I was asked to. I even submitted a screenshot of my account with the hackers new name. My fiancé’s account is was friends with mine and I logged into his to check on it. Sure enough my account was still there, just with a different name. The hacker even left my guild so no questions would be asked. The fact that I have sunk a large amount of money into this game, and this is the way my hacked account is being handled is EXTREMELY appalling. This game has a disproportionate amount of hacks and com2us has only offered 2 passwords as a solution to the issue. Their security clearly has flaws and they apparently do not care. It only takes a quick google search to realize how many players have been affected by hackers. It appears they will hack your account, sell it, then rehack it after a few months to sell again! It’s absolutely insane. I have suggested this game to so many people in the past 5 years that I’ve played it and I can assure you I will never recommend it again. Shame on you Com2us. Shame..Version: 5.3.6

VERY fun BUT incredibly pay to winWhilst I love the design of the monsters and the gameplay is very fun; the cost of the packages to essentially get a higher chance of a good monster is the cost of some console games alone. Whilst there is more to the game than just what monster you have, it makes it almost impossible to have a rarer monster on your team and so from the get go are at a disadvantage. I’d say THE most expensive pay to win game I’ve come across. Played on and off for two years so definitely have the experience to make the above comment..Version: 3.8.5

Good game but it’s a bit brokenIt constantly asks me to download additional data which takes a good 20 minutes and sometimes if I leave the game whilst I’m doing the download (which should be fine as it says I am able to leave the app) i come back to the game to check the progress and it’s a white screen This forces me to reset the game and do the download again FROM SCRATCH. I really enjoy this game but there’s only so much time I’m going to spend downloading “data” for no reason. I expect a reply and would appreciate the reasoning behind a 20 minute download about 4 times a day as this happens to no other apps or games. I have plenty of storage on my phone (iPhone 7) I’m updated on my IOS and I have good internet. I don’t know what else I can do to play this game.Version: 4.1.0

Don’t waste your time or moneyThe game itself isn’t bad. In fact, it was fun enough to play for almost three years and spend about $1,000 dollars on. Honestly, didn’t realize I spent that much but calculated it through iTunes. Anyways, here is why you shouldn’t waste your time or money. Someone will hack your account and steal your logins from China. And when they do, customer support is next to impossible in contacting outside of the app without the app or HIVE login. After submitting to Com2us three times or more, their reply has been the same. Submit your DID and screenshots of your first and last purchase. I’ve done that and have not received any support. Three years of building that account. Nearly $1,000 dollars spent, and absolutely no help whatsoever. They have a disclaimer that you have to agree to when playing stating they are not responsible for your accounts. Funny, since, we don’t actually have something physical to keep or protect, they’d be supportive and want to protect the things you’ve gotten/ paid for. But no, they don’t care. I originally set out hoping I could just get my account back but that’s not possible apparently. Then went to iTunes but they couldn’t do anything. I just hope someone reads this review and chooses not to play. If they ghost a player of three years whose spent that much money, I can only imagine how they treat F2P players etc..Version: 4.0.4

Fun but expensiveGame is fun at start but eventually you realise that unless you start paying money and a lot of it (£28-£99 is the usual price range) you will never reach a competitive level in game. If you decide to invest some money, most of the time you will be disappointed with what you get in return. After 2 months of saving up crystals and scrolls rolling almost 250 scrolls didn’t yield a single 5* monster. Fantastic way to put someone off the game. I sure am glad I didn’t pay for those scrolls, but the amount of time and effort required to collect those scrolls and getting such poor result was disheartening. I’m glad there are great games out there that follow the same format as this one that at least yield enough rewards to make me want to keep playing. Hopefully the competition will force this developer to offer more rewards..Version: 4.1.9

Find my character before I returnMax level account and dozens of 5 stars just gone. I do want to return to play, but find my account first..Version: 6.2.3

Could be awesomeThis is a good game that could be great with a few tweaks. It is an absolute grind fest - lots of dull auto play to grind away at collecting experience, mana, crystals and gems. The ‘just one more turn’ RPG role play keeps you going - but if gets a bit monotonous- a couple of fixes could be to improve the rune power up process, have a better 6* tune drop rate in the dungeons, and increase the availability of monster skill-ups.Version: 5.0.4

GrindfestThe game itself I think is well done. Battle system is ok, a little strategy is involved (with one big caveat). The amount and variety of content is great. But that’s where it stops. The game is just one big grindfest. You need to grind to get the monsters you want, then you need to grind to level them up, then you need to grind to “awaken” them, then you need to grind to equip them (with runes), then you need to grind to level up the runes. All of this requires no skill whatsoever, just mind numbing tedious grinding. And the payoffs are so little. A week at best for one decent monster fully powered. A year for a few great monsters. Of course there is the constant enticement to make in-app purchases. Every time something significant happens in the game your presented with a “special” offer to purchase something. The only strategy involved is composing your teams and runing your monsters. Fighting strategy doesn’t really play a big role (except some may argue until the later game which is literally like a year down the road). The rest of the game is just auto pilot. So what’s the point? It requires too much time investment to be considered a game for killing some time when you have a little to spare and provides very little in terms of rewards for so much work put into it. I’ve struggled to let go. I wanted to enjoy the game so much. But eventually I had to part ways. I couldn’t deal with the repetitiveness any longer..Version: 3.7.4

Energy systemWhy make a game and restrict player from playing by making the whole stamina system? If you’re afraid players gonna play your game just don’t make the game at all. There are too many better games out there nowadays. So your wish came true lol.Version: 6.2.3

Developers need to respect the playersCom2us really needs to work on how they develop the game and the monsters they bring out, this is not okay.Version: 6.2.2

Game deleted my account for no reasonI was playing this game for years I had spent hundreds of pounds on my account then I stopped playing for a couple months came back on and they had deleted it restricted my account saying “invalid sign in” at first I thought it must have been a simple mistake so I contacted them and they replied asking me to verify what I play on, I responded but never heard back... that was December last year. I’ve tried contacting them again and haven’t heard anything Absolute joke my account was gone with no warning or reason when I never broke any rules then I can’t even talk to anyone about it..Version: 5.3.1

Uneven drop ratesOnly some players get good drop rate on the best mons... others only get сrap, and l the only way to find out which group you’re in is to play. You can start playing at the same time as someone else and they will always stay at 2x the number of n5* as you... consistently... not all accounts are created equal no matter what c2u says. Few have a primary focus on getting the n5* that are actually any good. Most get only crap, dupes, and fakes. And fewer still ever get anything good from l/d n4 or 5*... account security is rubbish so if you do get something good you better pray nobody wants it... because hackers can and will take it from you even if you never give your account information to anyone, ever... and c2u will not give you your account back.. it has happened to me... But all that out the window the game is actually fun and strategy is a very important part of game play if you are one of the unlucky players who never gets the good mons/runes. If a game can make you mad then it has to be good right? Give it a few months and don’t expect to get any n5* before your first 6 months but, hey, if you do... Gz. And turning that mega horn chat spam green has made it worse than it was when it was orange... then at least you could try to ignore it... now if it slips by it tricks you into checking if someone has said something in the guild chat... mega horn is a good idea, we just need to be able to filter it or toggle it on/off. Please o~o.Version: 3.7.1

Why thoI like the style of the game but when you download and go into the app the app says that it needs 1000mb aka a whole gigabyte and I’m thinking but it’s just a mobile app what is it downloading that it needs that amount. But I clicked yes and it loaded in when u get to the place that u summon monsters the tutorial wants you to buy things with gems (gems is the currency) and you start with 10,000 and once the tutorial is done u r left with under 2,000 which is sad 😞..Version: 5.3.1

Game Over COM2USI’ve been on SW for more than two years now. I used to enjoy playing the game but not anymore. COM2US is not listening to his players! How can you not test / play your own game and then penalized players that spent ressources (money, cristals, time etc) on various units to shut them down not too long after releasing them? I DON’T RECOMMEND SUMMONERS WAR. Already made the switch to another Gatcha Game. That is far worth my time and money..Version: 6.2.2

Fun game but more than a couple issuesI’ve played this game for years, I do really enjoy it, but there are some annoyances. First and foremost, the game somehow loses its resource data, really often?? This means that sometimes multiple times a day, I’ll open the app only to be told that over a gig of data “will be downloaded.” In order to play the game, I’ll have to download all of it. This makes sense the first time you get the game, or after updates, but for some reason this game continuously deletes whatever 1.5 GB of resource files it needs to run. Absolute best case scenario, I get to wait 10 minutes for it to download on WiFi. But if I’m ever on this MOBILE game away from WiFi, there’s no point in even trying. Not only does it take forever, but that’s a sizable chunk of my data plan down the drain. I’ve tried everything to get it to stop doing this, I’ve tried removing and redownloading the app, I’ve made sure I have plenty of space available on my phone (currently over 10 gig free right now), nothing works. It will seemingly at random just decide that I’ll need to download them again. I don’t even remember my other issues with the app, sorry for the rant. Until this gets fixed this game genuinely isn’t worth the effort.Version: 6.0.9

Trash Summon RatesYou can play this game consistently and summon 200 times within 6 months and never see a natural 5 star. The rates are so garbage it’s triggering to continue to play and miss out on key natural 5 star units that are needed to advance in your account in PvP. You can literally lose to people with worse rune quality than you but if they have the game breaking natural 5 star monsters you can’t compete with them. Not to mention you will grind in dungeons for months straight and find maybe TWO useful runes or upgrades. And if you want to play in the live PVP system you better have all your monsters on violent sets because the opponent will violent proc every turn and you just have to hope you will violent proc too and you most likely won’t. They refuse to fix the most busted units in this game (hathor + gany combo). The live PVP matchmaking is so trash because Com2Us also refuses to give incentives for lower level players that would get them to play in the World Arena. Instead of fighting people my level in Rank Fighter 3 I have to fight people with c2-g1 quality runes and premium natural 5 star units which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to climb into a higher rank. You just have higher tier players FARMING lower level players for points to buy cosmetic items. It’s sooooo trash and Com2Us refuses to listen to their player base that has been complaining about this forever. This is why this game will NEVER make it to an e-sports stage..Version: 5.0.7

So many bug, let me give upI see the advertisement of this rubbish game at august, I think this Korea game looks nice, then download it and spend money to play it. After one mouth, i discover this game have lots of BUG and system vulnerability, more than 30% of players use third-party software and plug-in to change game data, even someone use the lv10 account to win my lv 40 account 10 times because i win him at arena first!!! I am so upset and unhappy!I send Emil to the game service, they just reply me:please kindly wait. I ask for help on the internet, then people tells me the operator can't do anything because all the data run on the iPhone or iPad, the operator just receive the result!!!.Version: 1.2.8

So many updatesI love the game but there is a problem there’s just too many updates and now I can’t even go on. Summoners war because of one update, it says I need to update summoner war but I check the App Store and there’s no notifications about the update. To be honest it’s really frustrating because this is my 7th time it happened and I had to delete the app about 5 times I was level 25 because but it couldn’t get onto it so I had to restart. Can you please fix this, it getting on my nerves..Version: 3.8.2

BaddBad customer service. Doesn’t listen to user base.Version: 6.2.3

OkIt was pretty good until it deleted my account for some reason idk tho.Version: 6.2.5

AlrightLong time playing....Version: 3.8.8

Crashes on start upBeen working fine for years, currently it crashes on start up (as at 7th May 2020).Version: 5.3.3

Poor customer serviceI’ve sent multiple tickets to Com2us to help me with account issues after being locked out and all they sent back are automated messages asking for information that I’ve already given them. And then I reply with the information, and get sent another email with the same automated message asking for the same information. If this contact us system isn’t fixed, I can’t imagine the number of users trying to contact this money hungry company for help just to play, but they’ve nothing but ignored them. Poor effort on their part.Version: 5.3.3

Why should I report an issue with Summoners War?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Summoners War to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Summoners War customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Summoners War.

Is Summoners War not working?

Summoners War works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Summoners War.

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