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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? Can you share your negative thoughts about the binding of isaac: rebirth?

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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for Negative User Reviews

Iphone 11 game shrinksJust bought the game and its awesome and everything but when playing on iphone X and 11 the game shrinks and is next to impossible to play. Would give five stars if this was fixed.Version: 1.1

FIX CONTROLS PLSLook I love this game. I have no regrets buying it, but the controls are so frustrating as they are so easy to fix! Left side of the screen is touch, press the right side of the screen to shoot. Everyone here moaning about ice skating is when the move icon appears on the right hand side. It’s just because they’ve coded the first touch to be movement. It’s such an easy fix, I really don’t see why it hasn’t already been patched..Version: 1.1

Sorely disappointedAfter reading such glowing reviews on the App Store and elsewhere, I decided to splash out. The retro graphics are fun but I was bored within five minutes, which for the price is just shocking. Not saying everyone will feel like this but I cannot understand what so many people see in this game and I personally feel scammed..Version: 1.1

Doesn't work on iPhone X.This app needs an update for new generation devices. The game launches but it freezes on loading screen. Do not buy until they release a new update..Version: 1.1

Love Isaac, game needs updates.Not cool to release the game for a premium price(compared to other games on the platform) and not even update it once following release. I understand the price is consistent with steam, and I understand afterbirth is too computationally intensive, but to not even fix bugs? Update the screen for iPhone X? I think it’s time for an update Edmund & Tyrone.Version: 1.1

What I expected and what I gotI got this game thinking it would try to be as identical as possible as the PC version. Some differences I noticed, however, make it disappointing: -Either enemies are tankier or damage upgrades are not as powerful. This is most obvious with Polyphemus, where your tear rate seems to be slower, but not as slow as the PC version, and the damage is hilariously weak. When you find it, it’s more of “Oh, Polyphemus” and not “Holy heck, Polyphemus! This saved my run!” -The stat menu is unreliable. You can test this for yourself on the challenge “Darkness Falls.” The damage stat will not update itself for a little bit. -Red chest loots seems to be 95% bombs and 5% teleports to the Devil room. -Flies seem to stick to you and will only attack when you are right next to an enemy. -Game crashes every time you complete a challenge. It counts as completing it, but it’s annoying to have to reopen the game. -Small rock cannot be unlocked. I counted how many tinted rocks I destroyed. After 231 destroyed tinted rocks, I can safely say that it is impossible to unlock in the mobile version. -Movement stick will randomly make me move right, inevitably causing me to take damage. My biggest grievance is the fact that it’s been a year and Afterbirth has not been released. I get it that it takes work to port a game, but you’re done with Afterbirth+. You should have enough time to work on the port: 2/5 until they fix these issues..Version: 1.1

Love the game, but please keep up to dateI’ve both 100% the game on iOS and 100% afterbirth for Xbox, went to start a different account today on iOS and the game is being so laggy I can’t even play anymore, please please please fix this, the audio issue, and optimize it for the iPhone X, also PLEASE release afterbirth+ for iOS and Xbox!!!!.Version: 1.1

IPhone controls okay, iPad controls awkwardI’ve had this game on my phone for a while now, and while it doesn’t really come close to mimicking the control accuracy of PC/console versions, I found it serviceable. I like to play it while waiting at my gate for flights. I recently got an iPad, and while the movement and shooting controls are the same, the item/bomb controls are on the left side of the screen, same as the movement stick. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to use bombs or items while on the move instead of having to stop moving to tap them. They should be on the right hand side with the pills, but I see no option to change this. I don’t want to buy a controller just for this game, so the game is pretty much unplayable for me on iPad..Version: 1.1

Good port, bad controlsThe character is very floaty, i never played the desktop version, but the ios version is very floaty and laggy even with mfi. When playing with touch controls it feels very unresponsive. If the game was like this on desktops and you like it - that's good. Fresh ios players be warn - it's miles behind neon chrome responsiveness..Version: 1.1

Refund?Could I please get my hard-earned 20-something dollars back? My friend showed me this game and it looked like fun so I bought it and it was really laggy. This game gets a bit repetitive and that annoys me. My thumbs end up hurting from all the dragging thumb sticks around. Please give me a refund..Version: 1.1

Controls too clunkyGame runs well, graphically fine. However the joystick controls feel unintuitive and hard to play with. Not the fault of the devs, just mobile gaming as a whole unfortunately.Version: 1.1

Something about the control systemThe touching control system is bad, wish there can be a way to play with Smart Keyboard or other keyboard devices. This can fix the problem so smoothly and even similar with PC.Version: 1.1

ControlsDon’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but the joysticks are really difficult to use. This is especially because they are set in a specific area, and the fact that the left one mainly tries to act like an actual joystick. If one is to tap the bottom of it and slide up it remembers where you first placed your finger and if you did that near the bottom of the screen well then you can’t walk down without having to correct yourself. Probably the worst problem thought is the left one taking priority of 3/4 of the screen if you press down slightly to the left of the right joystick then you better believe you walking to the right and into an enemy. I think the only way to play and actually be skillful is to get a keyboard or controller and connect that to your iPhone..Version: 1.1

Please, fix the controls, it’s too frustrating⬆️⬆️.Version: 1.1

5 star game with a 3 star mistakeAmazing game, payed it on PS as well... but a big issue in the placement of the buttons. You move with your left hand, you attack with your right hand... but your items and bombs also have to be used with your left hand. This means you have to stop walking to drop a bomb or use an item, and since you designed the game, you should have realized in advance that stopping to use an item was not an option. Why you didn’t put the items on the RIGHT side of the screen, where we attack (and have an unused hand since attack is essentially automated) is completely beyond me. How did no one in your entire company realize this incredibly basic concept?.Version: 1.1

Great game, terrible controls.I’ve played this game near every day for the past few months - it’s amazing. But, the version that I’ve played was on PC. This runs surprisingly well for a console game on mobile, but the controls are what makes the game unplayable for me. I’ve been told it’s an acquired taste, but for me it isn’t worth learning when I could just go buy Isaac on PC right now (and far cheaper due to the current steam sale). I love Isaac, and if all you have to play it is this platform - then I recommend it. Beside that, play it on something else..Version: 1.1

Multiplayer and DLCWhy didn’t i give it five stars? Well because there’s no multiplayer I think that many people would really want this feature and I would be able to fight my friends / fight bosses with my friends many people would also really like it if you put in the DLCs and would spend more money on the game.Version: 1.1

Controls...Pros - Amazing content, graphics, sound, art... Cons - Does not feel good, especially compared to the PC version. Character nearly impossible to control in a game where dodging is crucial. Recommend buying only if you've played it on another platform beforehand..Version: 1.1

Room for improvement.The controls feel loose compared to the pic version, I've had countless times of frustration where one side of the control scheme starts operating using the other side of the tablet, in a game which requires as much precision as the binding of Isaac this is a big deal, I find it harder to do precision movements than in the pic version, the game is pretty expensive for a port and doesn't include afterbirth, the achievements aren't in the game, there are unlocks but they are hidden in the settings, don't show any pop up on completion and take forever to go through, in saying all this I loved the pc iteration and this game is still better than practically anything else on the mobile market so I would still recommend the game but I feel the asking price is a bit ridiculous considering you can get GTA sa a much larger game in scope for almost half the price, the only reason I even considered spending this much money on a mobile port is because the binding of Isaac is my favourite game, if my problems with the port were alleviated I would almost feel justified in spending so much..Version: 1.1

Amazing game, but no dlc availableThis game is amazing and I have a lot of use out of it, however I cannot find repentance or any other dlc for the game on phone? these have been out for a long time now and it baffles me that they aren’t downloadable too.Version: 1.1

Amazing port nasty bugsBinding of Isaac is amazing, I have it on my computer as well as on my phone. The only thing holding this back from a 4 or 5 Star is the fact that there are nasty bugs. One is instead of shooting in a direction you start walking in that direction which is obviously horrible, next some items are useless because the developers forgot to add the drop trickets and pills button and forgot to add the change card button so starter deck is worthless. Next there is no dev team working on Isaac for iOS(what I heard), so none of these bugs will be fixed and there will not be the dlc’s for a long time. Finally, the game eats your battery after one run I loose about half my battery. The game itself is perfect only the bugs and no dev team holding it back..Version: 1.1

Read below in descriptionWhy are you reading negative reviews, just get the game already.Version: 1.1

Great game! TERRIBLE port!!The game runs OKAY with a touchscreen, BUT the controls are otherwise completely and utterly NON-RESPONSIVE! It’s agitating seeing as the game also picks up in difficulty after playing through it successfully so many times, WITH NO OPTION OF LOWERING IT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a challenge, but what the bloody hell is the point of offering a normal AND a hard difficulty option when normal just becomes hard anyway?!?! A CONTROLLER IS A MUST if you plan on unlocking some of the higher level goods in this game. Seriously, how did the developers mess such simple controls up THIS BAD?!?! It’s disappointing, seeing how I can play a much more complicated game such as MONSTER HUNTER and be beyond pleased with the controls, but THE BINDING OF ISAAC brings almost ZERO control scheme/control options value to the mobile market... Great, SOLID GAME, but TERRIBLE PORT unless you have a controller with actual sticks to utilize. Good luck!!.Version: 1.1

Controls & the lostAside from the movement sticks being confused often and causing my normal characters a few hearts per run, the game is varying. RNG determines 90% of the experience, too many runs are way too easy and too many runs are way too difficult. Then the lost comes in, and amplifies every one of these problems immeasurably. Completely gruelling, boring and unenjoyable 60% of the time, satisfying challenge 20% of the time, fun synergies 20% of the time. Playing as the lost? Torture 100% of the time. The endgame is not worth the investment. Deleted my files so I wouldn’t feel the need to come back and spend hundreds of hours on the lost, seeing as iOS isn’t getting any expansions..Version: 1.1

I mean...The game is ok but not what I expected at all. This is because of the lack of control options, I just want sticks that stay in place and don't move when you do. It's really hard to not die because the game judges your movement by where your thumb Is last and makes that the new stick but you can't tell as it stays in the same place. Make controls like Terraria or something, help some players out..Version: 1.1

BoI is my favorite game of all time... but this is garbage.I’ve been a Binding of Isaac fan since the game originally came out and have bought every single expansion for the game on the PC as well as the Switch. It is by far my favorite game of all time, however, it was poorly ported to the iPad and honestly unplayable. The game hasn’t been updated for the iPad Pro, meaning that there is significant dead space on the sides of the screen where you’re supposed to control the characters. This makes it almost unplayable. This paired with the fact that there is no keyboard support means that there is honestly just no way to play the game and have the same precision like there was on the PC. Complete waste of $15 and I won’t even be able to get my money back. I would give this app a 1-star rating, but the fact that it’s BoI and how much I love the game on other platforms, I’ll give it a 2..Version: 1.1

The touch movement is so hard to useThey need to change it so that where ever you place your thumb to move Isaac, it becomes the centre of the joystick. But it's not and this makes it very difficult to move around. The controls are so bad that I want a refund..Version: 1.1

Just needs afterbirth and better controlsIt’s near perfect and super fun but the amount of times I’ve been let down when I pick up two items and find out they don’t synergies in rebirth is heart breaking.Version: 1.1

Needs updatesThis would easily be a 5 star game if there was keyboard support, in the same manner as Mac/PC. However, the current touch controls are extremely awkward making this already challenging game too unpleasant to play. The game doesn't support native resolutions of the new iPad Pro or the iPhone X (and beyond). Also, the developer's user engagement policy appears to be "ignore all requests"—their website's feedback function is broken, and my message via Facebook Messenger was read but not responded to. It appears that they don't intend to maintain this game..Version: 1.1

COULD be a great port, BUTYou know, I’ve played the snot out of this game on PC/Mac. I’ve watched countless hours of The Adventures of Northernegg. I love Isaac. My primary computer is also an iPad Pro (GASP!!!). I’ve been using an iPad at least as a primary mobile computer since 2013, and I’ve never used an iPad without a keyboard. I know that I’m not the only one, especially with Apple marketing the Smart Keyboard accessory so much these days. The keyboard controls for Isaac on Windows and Mac are great, so why is it so hard to have keyboards supported for input on this version? My only guess is that Nicalis very obviously was dismissive of porting the game to *mobile* (read: phones) and just phoned in the port. That would also explain why there have been zero updates to this version of the game. No ability to access Afterbirth/AB+ content. Yet, everything else here seems fine in terms of performance/stability (can’t know that very well though because I can’t get through a complete game with the crappy touch controls). Simply adding keyboard support and access to the expansions as in-app purchases would put this port on par with the desktop versions of the game and it’s incredibly frustrating that the publisher doesn’t seem to care. At least we have controller support, but even that’s very small consolation considering that nobody actually wants to go out and spend 50 bucks on an MFi controller..Version: 1.1

NO NIMBUS SUPPORTI got the nimbus controller to play this game, only to find out that it is unplayable. It slows down to half speed when the controller is connected. How can they charge 20$ for a game that doesn’t even work with modern technology?.Version: 1.1

Poor controls for an amazing gameLost 50 times in a row. Can’t even get to mum, the reason? My character randomly runs instead of shoots, so I aim in a direction and my character ice skates into the enemy. I usually beat mum 50% of the time on my laptop, got to mum once in 50 runs on iPad. The controls are absolute trash, unresponsive, randomly stop working, Ice skating bug, and sometimes the controls switch round for some reason, so I’m shooting instead of moving. The game is one of the best games and I love it, but my god is it annoying to die due to bugs over and over, at least attempt to fix it, no update in 10 months sounds like they gave up on it. I may buy a mfi controller but really I shouldn’t have to spend £30 to make a game work..Version: 1.1

ErrorGame not entering at all....Version: 1.1

Need full screen update for 11 inch iPad Pro 2018Great game, even better when played with an external controller. However needs to be optimized for new iPads Pros and iPhones X/XS - not full screen with black boarders all around..Version: 1.1

Overall ok, computer is betterIt lags a bit and I have a brand new iPhone 7, but otherwise it’s the same as the computer version, when we got it on the iPad, the touch pad moves with you when you’re moving or aiming which is annoying and should be fixed but overall, great mobile version.Version: 1.1

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