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Bubble Witch 3 Saga App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Bubble Witch 3 Saga app received 79 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bubble Witch 3 Saga? Can you share your negative thoughts about bubble witch 3 saga?

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Bubble Witch 3 Saga for Negative User Reviews

The frogs ruined the game for me!I previously left a good feedback but I can’t find it to edit it, so this is a new one. I have to admit that i was very addicted to this game. I like almost everything about it and the variety plus the smooth gameplay, however, once you reach the level with the frogs that freezes your bubbles, might as well delete the game there, you are not gonna be able to win after that. The first couple of rounds with the frogs were hard but acceptable, everyone likes a little challenge. But you will come to a level where there are tons of them and at that point there nothing you can do to best that level. Ive used all of my power up, even watch an ad to start with a free booster, plus all of my boosters that I already have saved up, 3 hours of unlimited lives, and i still couldn’t beat the level. I think the frogs ruined the game for me and i will not spend a penny more on this game. Once you reach the level with the frogs, you’ll see ehat im talking about. I am going to look for a similar game that is a little bit more fair to their fans..Version: 7.28.17

Deleted the App at level 350 somethingIt’s a fun game, BUT has zero to do with skill and everything to do with getting the right bubbles from the beginning. Too much luck of the draw on getting good bubbles...Bad algorithm design on the generation of bubbles and because of this you will have to play some levels for days until you finally get the right combination of bubbles. The game is beautiful in its design and concept, but seriously lacking on the most important aspect. I deleted it, beyond frustrating. Too, I would have rather paid $20 for the app. It’s obvious they rely on you getting so frustrated that you buy spells to get you past a level that’s designed to infuriate you cause you can’t pass it, so you buy spells to use just to get past it. Nope. Not doing it. Just design the levels to be hard (not impossible) and charge a flat fee. Consumers hate being Nicole and dimed....and this is exactly what this apps goal is. Also, App prompts you 100xs to invite your fiends....I’m not going to ask them to join in the frustration that is this game..Version: 4.8.4

Mr. tree out of businessMy problem is always when you get to Mr. Tree and get through one or two flowers it always go back one flower so you have to play double to get your reward. I’ve complained over and over and over about this and nothing has been done not even to reimburse me for the rewards I lost and this is been going on for 2 years. I started playing this game with my daughter before she passed and I continue to play it in her honor they knew they were having problems but never reached out to me to let me know if they just now solving the problem, but still no reimbursement. And I don’t want to stop playing the game, but feel ripped off and necessary to win the levels. I’m beginning to feel that they’re playing me , so I believe after her birthday, I will no longer play this game again and I’m sure that my friends and family would do the same I do.🥺.Version: 7.32.22

Just Send Money!This was my favorite game for a very long time, but once you reach upper levels it’s near impossible to rise in the ranks (ie: win levels) without spending a small fortune on weapons. When you’re stuck playing the same level for days, and it isn’t even a “hard” level, the game becomes nothing but aggravating and monotonous. Games are supposed to be fun, and shouldn’t drain your bank account. The June 2021 update is lame! There’s a ridiculous barrage of ads. Loved the game for over a year now but seriously considering trashing it. If it won’t allow the player to progress beyond the upper 1600 levels, and there’s no longer a village to work on beyond the kitties’ treehouse, where’s the incentive to continue bothering to open the app???!!!!!.Version: 7.7.50

Okay game....So I gave this game a three star just because it’s FUN, don’t get me wrong, but as you pass the levels, it gets very frustrating. You can barely even pop all the bubbles. Also, I do not even get a lot of upgrades on this game. When I do, it doesn’t even make the game BETTER. It took me about ten tries to get past level twenty, and if you want to get more gold, you have to actually BUY it. And it is very easy to spend more and more gold and use it all up. So if you’re stuck in a level, and you ran out of bubbles, then you could trade five gold for five extra bubbles. If you run out, you have to ask a friend for another life, which could take DAYS for them to approve. Thank you for reading this! 👍🏼😼.Version: 6.14.11

Annoying ‘extras’The game itself is good but getting to the point where you can play is exhausting. Way too much going on that you can’t opt out of and the same instructions repeated every. single. game. Needs to be drastically simplified so users can enjoy the actual game!.Version: 7.35.15

GlitchesI love this game. I’ve played it for years. The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because one time I lost my entire game for no reason when I was on level 3,000 something. Four times now I have lost all of the prizes I have earned through challenges even though I’ve connected my game to my Apple ID. It remembers what level I’m on now but it will just randomly erase all of the prizes I won that can help you on whatever level you’re on. The fact that this keeps happening tells me there is some sort of glitch. I have reached out to the “help” team and all they can say is that it shouldn’t be happening 🙄 It’s a fun game but when you lose over 100 ‘spells’ it’s super frustrating, and like I said, it’s happened at least 4 times now. And all of this started happening in the last four months….Version: 7.17.65

No point collection gold barsWjy do i have to pay to use the gold bars Icollected through hard work? It us the same in Candy Crush Saga. If there was an option to Turn off gold bar collection I would use it. I play the games for mental stimuli and train my eye to finger coordination but am getting really upset when the game uses my efforts against me. I have already given up on CCS. Wont be long for BWS 😒.Version: 7.11.20

Yeah rightPlayed almost daily for over a year, got to level 1440, then they decided to reset my account. No warning, no reason given, and certainly no provocation on my part. Obviously, I’ll never give my patronage to King games ever again. I’ll also be telling everyone how poorly the developers of this game regard loyalty. Don’t bother getting this game. You’ll be wasting your time and money..Version: 6.2.7

Great challengeEnjoy the challenge, yes there are some hards levels but that's ok. I'm on the final chapter so I'm assuming there'll be more up soon, I keep getting close then another chapter pops up so YAY!! Love how there is a long range aim with the bubbles UPDATE: 6 January 2020. There is some sort of glitch for me. The league is currently underway & I have completed 11+ levels but it hasn’t counted my points. I wouldn’t normally worry, but since you have to stay in the top 5, otherwise you drop down. It’s rather frustrating to see this. No point really to keep trying..Version: 6.4.7

King games is a crooked companyApp continually glitches, shoots balls when you’re not trying to. Refuses to open certain parts of an app, such as the fairy house part. It makes purchases even when you’re not trying to. If a purchase fails to go through due to financial reasons, they wait until you have the funds and pull the funds from your account even though the purchase failed and you didn’t get the items you tried to purchase. King games pulled this. They played games with my money, refusing to give me the refund I requested 2 weeks prior. They kept sending me robo emails that they required me to respond to, asking for the same information repeatedly, using old email accounts, but never solving the problem of unethically pulling funds from my bank account for something I didn’t receive. Instead of giving me the refund for something I no longer wanted, they chose to send me those items instead of the refund I requested after they took funds they weren’t entitled to. King games pulls unethical moves that aren’t legal. Please be careful and leery of them..Version: 6.2.4

Bubble Witch 3 no moreThis used to be a fun game. I understand the farther you go the more challenging it’s gets. The levels just got to hard. They give you less bubbles and more obstructions. They don’t give you an option to skip levels which I think is BS. So they want you to SPEND MONEY to buy spells to pass these impossible levels. I don’t mind spending a little bit of money here and there but it was getting too frequent. I was majority in 1st place in my group. I almost made it to level 3000 until I just deleted this app. They do give you a LIMITED time of a spell that gives you unlimited bubbles if you are stuck on a level. It rarely worked for me because of the LIMITED time they give you, and I do mean LIMITED because it ended when it started. So I threw in the towel and I’m DONE. Now I found another game. If you delete their app, they will follow you showing their adds wanting you back. ITS CREEPY..Version: 6.11.5

Useless pop upsGreat game but the slow, in-game pop ups in between each level is insufferable. Players don’t need the same instructions repeated to them level after level. Good grief….Version: 7.14.53

Awful updateWhy make levels so hard - oh yes of course the developer wants more money from us! One tip - DO NOT SAVE your game- I tried to do this and lost ALL of my game history and had to restart at level 1! Levels now much too difficult much like Candy Crush Soda Saga - just a way of making more money from us poor suckers! I have now deleted this game and Candy Crush Soda Saga And WHY must you keep showing a stupid league that has finished already? It’s just so dam annoying!.Version: 7.16.63

FreezesI have been stuck on the same level for weeks now. Ive done everything in the trouble shoot section but i have not had any luck! It keeps turning off every time it shuts me once when i get in. Game is good but the issue is getting to me.Version: 4.1.2

It’s okayI like this game. However, be prepared for the following (and how to deal): 1. It wants you to get frustrated when it deliberately ensures you don’t pass a certain level for umpteen goes, and then pay for extra tools to resolve. Don’t ever pay for anything. Ever! 2. It plays adverts. Fair enough. However, I simply maker a cuppa, or go for a quick walk, whilst they play. Never click on any link is. I am now stuck on a certain level. It says I cannot play a game for twenty minutes. It won’t introduce ‘weapons’ for me to progress. I’ve just deleted the App. See ya!.Version: 7.16.61

Good gameplay, bad structureThis game is super cute and playing the actual levels is lots of fun! But every time you go into the game it takes about a dozen taps to actually get to the GAME. Unskippable daily gift, team event, other event, tree event, it’s at least half a dozen screens each of which stays up for seconds before it will let you tap through it before you can actually choose a level. And then, guess what, there’s a loading screen. Post-level too: loading screen, ads, pop-up for the current events.... aaarrrrrrrgh! I’d love this game if it would let me play it! But I don’t want to sit there binging levels. I want to pop in for a level occasionally while I’m trying to fill a free minute waiting for something, and this game is not compatible with that playstyle. At all..Version: 6.10.5

Nasty micro transactionsThe gameplay is great but oh man does this game embody the worst in mobile micro transactions. Normally you can spend real money to buy items to beat the more challenging levels. An update a few months ago added a really disgusting tactic. You get up to 3 stars per level depending on how you do. This now also gives you gold bars (up to 3, per star) that start filling up a piggy bank (up to 50). So you think “hey it’s slow but at least it gives you a chance to rarely buy an item without spending cash”. Wrong. At 50 you have to still spend cash to redeem the piggy bank. At that point it’s blatantly obvious they’re preying on children’s poor impulse control. And still no iPhone X support..Version: 4.1.2

GlitchPlease fix the glitch with Tricksies party. Won’t let me get my pumpkins to people..Version: 7.35.15

BubbleWitch3I like the game, especially the owl and ghost boards. Some of the boards are too hard and I have only 5 friends that play. I get an extra life from one person maybe once a week. On some boards, it doesn’t matter what different power ups you use, you can’t get 3 stars unless you use a lot of your stuff up. I think that we should be able to activate more than one power up in the beginning of the board, as well. And the best power up that there is, isn’t given out very often. I have had 3 since I started and haven’t gotten anymore. I don’t think people are enjoying it as much as they used to and end up quitting because it gets frustrating, too hard, and they aren’t being entertained or stimulated enough. That’s just my opinion. Could use some tweaks but overall it’s a good game..Version: 4.1.2

Not a happy witchI am loving the updated version . How ever I cannot update my home area as it appears that the home area is awaiting an update this has been over two months now!!!! So what’s going on ? I keep receiving the same message when I go to my home area , which days “relax while new and exciting things are coming soon “. Also there has been purchases which I did not authorise this has happened a few times now I ha e tried emailing you and never received a reply ..Version: 4.7.4

SlowIt gets stuck and is incredibly slow. The time spent pressing ok for instructions that have been repeated countless times and just going through all the same things over and over again is endless. You spend more time doing all that than actually playing the game. It’s just so repetitive. Why not just have the instructions in an info section in the corner? If it’s not the first time playing the game, then why does it have to tell you each and every thing to do all the time?.Version: 7.18.66


Frustrating to play without spending moneyTotally addicted to this game, the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because you have to spend money to get some of the rewards you earn by completing a level. You get stars and gold bars on each level you complete and could use those gold bars to “purchase” lives or extra orbs in a level. However, in order to collect those gold bars you need to pay $3?!? (each time I’m assuming, I don’t know for sure because I refuse to pay it) That’s ridiculous, those are earned for completing levels, I understand charging for extra stuff but you shouldn’t have to pay to get the stuff you earn per level. Two stars off the rating because I hate games that force you to pay to play them and that’s what I feel this is trying to do by essentially holding your rewards hostage unless you pay $3 🙄.Version: 4.1.2

TricksieWhen you lose the level it does not allow you to pick someone. Have to restart game over and over again. Takes the fun out of playing.Version:

No way to get gold without spending real moneyKinda dumb, at least let me earn it really slowly please.Version:

TOO MANY POPUPSSo I’ve never had to complain about popups that have nothing to do with ads. While I do love the game and all the things that it includes. I absolutely HATE how many things pop up in between levels or even after opening the app for the first time (or seventh time) in a day. Otherwise known as the animations. It would be nice if I could open the app, it open to the Home Screen of current levels I’m on and not have to wait for An Event notice to pop up, followed by a new challenge, or any other kind of notification that I don’t care about. If there was an icon for the notifications that you could click on IF your interested instead of EVERYTHING popping up every single time you beat a level it would be so much better. I don’t need to see the piggy bank, the fact that I earn another gold pin, or my high score ranking, my placement in the Top 5 EVERY time I beat a level. Otherwise I would give the app 5 stars. But the annoying delays between levels really takes away from the fun of level advancement. Get rid of some of the animations or at least make an option to turn them off or skip them..Version: 7.19.65

Good distractionIt’s a fun game to play but a lot of animation to get though to just play. Makes it irritating after a while. Would be better to have someway to click through it to end it instead of just waiting for an animation to play out that you didn’t want to be involved with in the first place. Like when the game just takes you to the tree to pick out a challenge for example wether you want to or not..Version:

Game issuesThis is at least the third time the Tricksies Party has a glitch and you can’t share your lost candies. Only way to get out of it is to close the game and restart, very frustrating please fix this..Version: 7.37.8

Can’t get bean stalkIt’s was fun to pass the time now a glitch Of fire the bubble before I do kills it . And know way of getting the bean stalk I guess you have To cough up the money to open piggy bank to get one no chance buddy so my advice just play the game it’s good when you’re waiting in line..Version: 7.12.40

Fun, but issuesThe general gameplay is fun, reminding me of games played long ago. However, you can’t choose your avatar or even provide a nickname unless you connect to social media or have an account with King. Looking at all of the information King tracks and connects to you, I feel really uncomfortable with that. Also, there are a bewildering number of simultaneous competitions that aren’t ever really explained and include elements that you haven’t seen before and don’t know how to use. They put you on teams automatically, so you will feel like you are letting people down if you don’t participate. I’ve been playing a little while now, and so far it hasn’t gotten better. Not sure how long I’m going to keep playing..Version: 7.4.21

50/50I love the game but it is super irritating that so many things pop up, ads for candy crush or another game, watch an ad for an extra spell, they all pop up at once, I don’t mind ads and pop ups but when you are just trying to play, it is too much at once. And when you get the “magic spell” that bursts the bubbles, it is always slower than the coloured bubbles, so it isn’t effective..Version: 7.20.88

Great game but ...Enjoying the mindlessness of this game but getting frustrated by the sight of gold bars bouncing off because I won't pay to release them. Won't be long before I stop playing again although may not delete it completely this time meaning a total restart from 0 to play again..Version: 5.0.3

Fun But I Want MoreDon't get me wrong, I play this game everyday! I like how we are able to create our own homestead, challenged to catch ferries for fairy dust, given challenges through the worlds for extra fairy dust, the different types of bubbles created to help out with each level/stage, as well as the adventures and quests to earn power bubbles and more ferry dust. One thing I would like to see (please keep in mind I'm only on level 108, so I haven't been through all stages) are more options to buy for your homestead. Creating my own little "empire" is very cool, but right now, the only option given is to upgrade things I've already purchased. I'd like more added options. Not being able to create more or buy more features for my homestead, but instead having to “upgrade” over and over and over again, is getting really old! I also didn't know if there was a way to connect to other players on-line besides just your Facebook friends (there may be a way and I just don't know it) where you can team up together to go on adventures of some sort. I wouldn't mind a little store either to go shopping in for witchery stuff! Also, I think it would be rather cool to have the option to create your own witch for the game. Maybe use gold bars or ferry dust to pick out her/his outfit, hat, shoes, wand etc.? Basically, I DO like playing, and I want more!!! 💜.Version: 3.4.3

Disappointment....lost long term playerI have been playing this game daily for several years. Recently King updated their policies which when I accepted reset my game to level one. Though King were able to restore my playing level the boosters I had accumulated and some I had paid for were lost and not reinstated by King. I was also receiving many boosters for playing each day which were at a high level and are now back to day one..all in all why would I bother. Rip off.Version: 6.3.4

Was a good game until the cheating started.Played the game earlier today Australian time and was leading the table in my league by over 100 points at least with 3 days left to go, I just came in again to play and it says the league level has finished and I came 3rd, no prize or anything. It’s impossible for someone to come from nowhere( never even saw the winners name- looked Russian in the league ladder) and win in less than 24 hours especially by nearly 300 points for the winner and 200 for 2nd place. Other than the cheating the game is pretty good..Version: 7.12.40

Games freeze catastrophicallyI reached a level around 1460 a while ago. The game froze on the opening screen several times. When I finally got in it froze as soon as I started playing. After a number of tries over several days I gave up and deleted it. I waited a few weeks and recently reloaded and tried again in the hope the bug was fixed. No. I have just reached game 101 and it has frozen again. First at the game and now at the Play screen. No other game I play does this even when I am playing at levels over 1000. I am deleting again this game is a waste of time..Version: 7.8.33

Sold My Data?I am sad to say that I’m officially done with this game, after it has been a de-stressor for me for a while now (Level 1193… oops). The game is also simple to get far, and I haven’t spent any money on it. But now, the game is advertising “Oprah Gummies”??? And I’ve never seen or heard of these on another app. So it should come as a shock to anyone- me included- that once these ads starting showing in the game, I now receive 1-3 spam texts A DAY about “Oprah’s Slimming Gummies”. There shouldn’t be any reason I would get texts to my phone number about a product I haven’t seen anywhere else but here, with mysterious links in the text messages. I hope that getting rid of this app will somehow fix my spam text problem. It was good while it lasted, so I can’t get myself to give it one star. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with any mobile game app these days since they’re all less game than ads..Version: 7.22.35

I’ve outplayed my group?I play this game frequently and recently I’ve noticed that I can no longer buy rooms/things for my treehouse ...I’m on the second level and wonder when I can crawl up to the third, when I’ve seemingly have already upgraded everything on that level. One more thing: I don’t share the app with my Facebook friends and I I keep seeing the same avatars for others that I had been paired up from the very beginning. Well, most people in my “pod” seem to have stopped playing and I’ve surpassed all already. I wish my group would purge once in a while and that one would be able to “catch up” to players with higher points so at least it feels like I’m competing against someone else..Version: 5.5.4

FreezesYou are taking away the original bubble witch in Oct 2020 I’ve played since the beginning and never been bored or think it’s Repetitive. BW 2 is boring with constant freezes, BW 3is better but constantly freezing even on the intro page, it’s so frustrating, and when you do get it to work the wand is not true and even fires on its own multiple times. The house building is for kids and the gold is none existent unless you pay Why can’t you just leave the original as it is far better than the others as it works! ..Version: 6.12.4

Ripped OffReally not happy with the game right now, based on the support (or lack thereof) that I have received once I complained about my Fairy dust being stolen. I had just achieved a badge award and was rewarded with 8000 in fairy dust. When I returned to the game, the fairy dust was gone. I sent an email and they directed me towards the games community forum... how exactly are other players supposed to assist me with getting back the fairy dust? I’ll change this rating once I receive the assistance I’ve asked for, and not from other players, but from those responsible... the owners of the game!.Version: 5.1.6

Bubble Witch 3It’s a fun game but you can’t win any gold bars.. you have to buy them. So no gold unless you pay….Version:

Keeps resettingGet so far through and then the game resets. Waste of time. Have been registered but still goes back to level 1. Good time waster..Version: 6.4.8

Use to love it ...The pointer use to be a laser, now it has a Bubble on the end and you can't play the game the same. Please change it back, I do not enjoy playing nearly as much since you changed it. 5 stars before this supposed "update" ...not sure why you would change it..Version: 5.0.3

Generally a great game, but…I do play this game nearly on a daily basis. The only thing I can say is a deterrent to wanting to play the game more- the constant animations. There are so many animations during gameplay. In a game, the most stimulating part needs to be the gameplay. Not the colorful moving parts. For example: you finish a level- bubbles pop, score tabulates, gold bars bank, score board placement, gold pin achieved, next board space, watch ad, next level start, extra bubbles, Eri’s help, earn a gold pin, ad earned power up, start playing. These are all separate animations. That a lot of time between playing levels that it causes boredom. I do enjoy the game but I become frustrated by all the waiting for animations. Even with tapping to speed up. Thanks for the great game though! It is fun- but that’s where I find my frustration with the game..Version: 7.11.18

EntertainingSometimes luck has everything to do with it.Version: 3.4.3

Review right after the AdThis is a fun game with the exception of the incessant ADs!! Come on developers, do you need so many ads? Totally distracting!.Version: 7.32.21

Popups + Ads = AnnoyingI thought browsing web is annoying but then you get to play this game and you’d be happy to get annoyed by popups and ads on the web anytime, Even malware infested computer throws less popups than this game. Seriously, between each level there’s like 5-6 or more popups to view ads, buy stuff, do stuff, check stuff, download another game, some level stuff, some stuff I never read or care about so I just tap-tap-tap nervously.... omg! Seriously? Before you start playing a game it takes you 45-60 seconds to click through all these windows and popups! Sometimes I just give up and close the game and maybe few hours later or next day try again when my nerves cool down. Giving 1 star for the game itself - it’s ok, little girly but it’s workable, and 1 Star for no crashes - so far everything worked smooth... but everything else is overwhelming..Version: 6.0.3

Good game but purchases don’t workWhen I first downloaded this game I was able to make in app purchases, but it has been days since the store has worked. I just keep getting a message saying “sorry, something went wrong” every time I go into the store in the game. I would really like to see this feature fixed..Version: 4.6.2

Best game everAbsolutely love playing this game it’s so challenging and fun.Version: 3.5.6

I once enjoyed this gameYears ago- I totally enjoyed this game and would gladly have given it 5 stars - since then I’ve deleted it twice but added it back due to curiosity to see if they improved it. Nope. It hasn’t been. In fact, it’s a bit demeaning. Who needs to be told, by a game, that your team failed to win a prize due to I didn’t participate when I clearly did. Or watch some ridiculously repetitive ads of a girl winning money at a bingo game which leads some to believe the money goes straight into a legit bank account. It’s annoying. There’s glitches, at times, when you know your aim is perfect and your shot will win the game but is directed elsewhere and you must begin the level again. Games are to be fun- a great distraction from every day stress and a touch of healthy competition is great but this is one game I won’t be revisiting.Version: 7.16.61

If you’re going to track and sell my data then don’t make me pay to play the gameI used to love this game, but am removing it from my devices. CA requires apps to ask permission to use your data and you’re supposed to be able to opt out, but this app won’t let you get past the permission screen unless you give them permission to sell your data and use trackers on your device. Sorry, but if you have in app purchases you’re already making money off of me. Now you want to sell my privacy to make more money yet you won’t tell me who you’re selling it to or for what purposes those companies are using my data. Heck I don’t even think they even know who they are selling it to or what those people are doing with it yet they just sell away. Thanks for fun. Loved your game, but I’m opting out of the scam. There are more than enough Bubble type games in the App Store..Version: 7.5.36

Great game, like add ins but not how they interfere with a quick playLong term player of Bubble Witch 1,2 (sucked) & 3). Love the game, the interface, but he add on games like the library dude and the dragon. But when I want to quickly log in, have a couple quick attempts at a hard level, return lives, e.g. In a break at work or when time is short hate that I need to let all these add ins load rather than being able to reject them at that time..Version: 3.3.2


Love it, BUT!I often get stuck in teams where I have to wait one day before I can clean up the tree as I can only do 2 per day. Just now after clearing All 4 colors, I yet again got a msg to say I did not contribute to the tree, thus not receiving any prizes!! So infuriating, esecially since I cleaned up the enrite tree. Frustrating!.Version: 7.2.36

SoundI love playing this game but as i am playing, the sound will go off and cant hear anything then the my whole phone will be on mute Not sure why this is. Could this be fixed? Also, would be good to have more lives🙄.Version: 2.0.8

Too many pop ups!I actually greatly enjoy this game, but PLEASE reduce the pop ups! Every time I complete a round there are 5 different pop ups. Not ads (there’s only one of those per round), but score boards for this micro game, scoreboard for that microgame, someone finished the tree thing, you have new things at the fairy house... literally one after the other. Then, each time I start a game there are the same 3 pop ups — if you finish it the first round it turns gold! (We already know, we’ve played dozens of levels.) Just reduce them all and I’d easily give this 5 stars. I spend half my time playing closing pop ups. Go to traditional notification indicators and let me select my level. You aren’t saving anyone any taps with how you handle this. 😬.Version: 7.6.37

What HappenedIused to love this game but no longer. If we didn't win a level we could watch an ad for extra lives but no longer. Now the developers want us to pay for gold bars to continue play and this is at really difficult levels. Way to ruin a fun game. I will not pay to play a game..Version: 7.32.21

Thanks a lotThanks a lot, BubbleWitch. App suddenly wants my birthday to keep playing. None of their business. Told the app I was 6 months old, and now I’m locked out of the app for being under 18!! 😩🤣😩🤣😩🤣.Version: 7.31.39

Good but keeps freezingI have enjoyed the mindlessness of this game for a long time but lately it keeps freezing so not able to move up levels..Version: 7.6.36

Too much animations and pop upsI really love this game and I want to keep it but I’m getting really tired of the pop ups and unnecessary animations. Every single time you finish a level gotta watch the points go up, watch the piggy bank be full, watch my place in the top 15 or whatever (btw… IDC). And then you get out into the menu and I just wanna get into the next game but NOOOOO gotta wake the WISE TREEEE and BEAT THE OTHER PLAYERRRRS and it’s just obnoxious. Like let me just play the game. I tried looking for a setting at least to stop all of this but there is none and I’m losing my patience with the game. Which is unfortunate because I really enjoy the gameplay, but the pop ups and animations are annoying. (Oh also the fact that every SINGLE time you go into the wise tree thing it tells you what you have to do no matter how long you’ve been doing it like YES I KNOOOOW)..Version: 7.33.20

Too long a waitI liked the game, but got sick of waiting for their graphics to finish. I don’t care about stupid cats, and other garbage taking forever to do stuff. If you want to put this in, put a skip button because all I want to do is play the game, not the other rubbish..Version: 7.35.15

Can’t openBB3 is my favourite game. However, about 3 weeks ago it started slowing down, like playing trough water. New update came and I thought problem will be fixed. But now it doesn’t even open. It is stuck on opening orange screen and it can stay there forever. I play on about a year old iPad with quite a bit of memory. I restarted it, updated OS, clean unused apps. Did everything internet suggested but it’s the same. I noticed on chat rooms the problem comes up for different users now and then. Always in same order, game slows down and then it doesn’t open. But there is no appropriate reply. Can you please update the game with fixed problem..Version: 6.8.4

Great game BUT..........Everytime you get your reward chest you should be able to use your extra lives you get in a later point in time its a waste using them as the chest opens maybe a inventory feature ?? , and less waiting time for your home to revamp :) otherwise great addicting game !.Version: 2.0.8

Bubble witch 3Hi there, a great game to play. Quite challenging for a person aged over 60! I plod along at my own pace and enjoy the play immensely. Thank you for developing an awesome 'destresser' I rate it very highly and wish you every success in the future..Version: 6.3.4

Could be betterOnce you use your gold it’s gone. You Never earn any back and they really want you to pay out for it. Sorry not gonna happen. If you could earn that I feel the game would be more worth while. As you can earn other gifts such as spells which is helpful it doesn’t make sense why you should have to pay for the gold you do earn. Stop doing that and just make a more enjoyable game all around. You might have a few cool things but begging for money is NOT one of them. Even the “discounts” given for paying for rewards is dumb. Maybe the arcade is the better route but saying that is ironic since you pay each month to play. Guess it’s all about the might buck and not true enjoyment. Oh well..Version: 6.12.4

New data collection is a deal breaker!I have enjoyed BubbleWitch3 and played almost daily for years. I have spent money on this game. However, today, I am forced to consent to their data collection which includes all my contacts. I adamantly refuse to play a game at the expense of my contacts’ privacy! I play several other King games ans shall delete those as well. Their games are fun, fair, and playable without spending money. However, while I have the right to share my information about me, I should NOT be required to share my contacts!! We are giving tech businesses way too much info as it is, but when you are required to offer up your friend’s and family, that is wrong, inexcusable, and indefensible. You would get 5 stars for the game, but no stars for your ethics. Unfortunately, zero stars isn’t offered. The youth may not understand the danger in this, they have grown up in a tech controlled world, but this is wrong on every single level..Version: 7.5.36

AngryI wrote a review but it has disappeared and since I can’t get any resolution I am going to keep rewriting until you fix the game. I have lost all my boosts and I didn’t even get to collect all my chests from the the other day. Then the 4 I did get got erased when I had to delete and reinstall the game 6 times. There is an Internet connection error on all my games now. I haven’t done anything apart from install the new version and that is when this hell hole opened. The game keeps freezing. I don’t know who has actually got the free lives but I sure haven’t. I can’t even see the tree anymore. And for weeks my game has been showing astral league or whatever it’s called. I can’t click on the continue button because the game freezes. Then you have to force shut and then press the back arrow 20 odd times to get to the levels. Oh and god forbid you actually do beat it. You get a frozen screen. Fix the game please. I am too addicted to quit and the frustration is driving me insane. If I break my phone I swear to god I will...well I don’t know what I would do but I will be furious. Fix the game. Seriously..Version: 6.9.7

Too many glitchesJust as the title says it glitches and freezes may too many times. Even as I am writing this I have had to refresh and force exit the game at least 7 times, and turned my phone off and one. Normally it will restart again after a few forced closures but this time it seems permanent. Also when the game is not glitching, I dislike that it forces you to listen to the story? This part is a bit weird but unlike the candy crush you actually have to click the page multiple times for the back and for the before the game starts resulting in too many pop up conversations and start and stops when u just want to get on with the game; if that makes sense. Anyway I think I have lasted way too long with the glitches. If it does not correct it’s self I will just delete cuz what’s the point. Which is a shame because it actually is easy to pay/addictive etc..Version: 6.10.5

Unfair & BoringThe New levels aren’t harder they are ridiculous, you never get the 1..colour you need 2..you never get enough shots to get halfway through a game 3..it’s all up to the program when you Win, No Challenge. Just boring I can’t wait to find another game that takes my interest..Version: 5.9.6

Cute GameThis game has many careful details built into it that makes it cute and fun to play. The Ghost’s facial expressions & harmony singing when their friend finally is “released” is adorable. As the levels progress, it is challenging and fun. My only criticism is that I’m more than happy to pay for the entertainment factor, but King asks too much for too little. I know I’m not a poor player because it’s actually a strategy game. I’m a good chess player so I am certainly at least pretty good at this game. I’m disappointed because I’d enjoy continuing but now that I’m at higher levels, I can’t justify paying so much for so little. If they gave me more game treasures for my money, I’d likely keep going forever on this sweet little game. Only 3 stars for this reason..Version: 7.5.36

Keep having to spend my own moneyI want to love this game but it ya so expensive £2.99 for 50 gold bars which I played for & also I try my hardest to play levels without having to spend money all the time which does not work. Just wish the constant having to buy spells ect wasn’t always a need to get futher. I’m close to deleting as in one day it’s expected me to spend nearly £9 on a few different things, so if that was the case imagine how much a week I would have to spend just to pass a few levels. Gutted.Version: 6.0.3

Another ‘skill’ game flattened by randomnessCongratulations, King! Along with Candy, Pets, and Farm Heroes (whatever the hell they are) you’ve made bubbles and witches an infuriating, money grabbing nightmare. There’s an enjoyable game of skill in here somewhere, with satisfying progress, interesting game mechanics and cutesy graphics - all buried under a metric ton of micro-transactions, limited lives, badly-explained ‘powers’ and a randomisation of levels that is so punishing it pretty much breaks the game. At one point, barely 40-odd levels in, I began with choice of two bubbles, neither of which corresponded to ANY colours that were open to be hit, let alone popped. Earlier than that I had experienced levels which gave you barely a dozen bubbles to fire. Three attempts and I hadn’t even cleared half the required target then ‘boom’ - I finish with three bubbles to spare cos of sheer luck. Utterly maddening. It happened with Rovio and all their latest Angry Birds iterations too. Oh and I don’t want the piggy bank. I didn’t ask for the piggy bank. I have no intention of paying for the piggy bank to be unlocked. So can you please TAKE THE HINT and allow me to not be pestered about it at the end of every level??.Version: 5.1.6

Connect??Since signing up with King so I don’t lose my progress in case of some kind of malfunction, I haven’t been able to connect with the game. I don’t receive my prizes when I win a game, nor can I access medals etc. I’ve tried everything to fix it. So, word of advice...... don’t sign up!.Version: 6.6.0

Over itI loved this game and had to play it as much as time would let me, but as I got to the higher levels they became ridiculously impossible to reach the top without having to pay to play. Reporting problems or informing king about impossible game play the answer was similar to, all levels can be done without paying to play. Who are they that can do that? The programmers ! Are they young computer trained operators. Or are they every day people? Challenges are good. Cheats of not being able to finish a level unless you pay is not challenging. Spock soon found this out as not a realistic way to set no win challenges. So get you purse full if you want to see your place/home or beanstalk finished, in the game with all the high priced builds. Mean is the word when it comes to the game handing out the fairy dust for those builds. Then there are days you can’t even collect the daily fairy dust as your home area won’t open to let you. With not a lot in return to the player, I’m over paying out for gold to finish those higher levels. It leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. Now they want us to beat the “ team” who actually make the game. Sheeeeese..Version: 4.6.9

DO NOT DOWNLOAD RIP OFFI can’t believe that Players work hard to earn gold bars that are collected in the piggy bank and then you have the audacity to want to charge £2:99 each and every single time the piggy bank is full, how dare you rip players off like this????? If you had charged a single one off payment of 2:99 to purchase the piggy bank this would be acceptable, I already paid £2:99 thinking it was a one off but when my piggy was full again next day your asking for another payment off £2:99 what a rip off, you developers are scamming players to to buy there already earned gold bars... stick your game where it belongs..... and you only got a star because it forces me to give it or you wouldn’t even get that.....Version: 4.8.4

App slownessI recently played a level that caused the game and animation to become stilted and slow. Tried re installing it and it worked fine for one level and it slowed right down again..Version: 7.32.22

Quite addictiveI am enjoying playing Bubblewitch and like the various creatures, owls/ghosts, etc. I was taken aback when my piggy bank was full that I had to pay £2.99 for what I had earned in gold bars. The wand often goes off too quickly and its aim is not always correct. I don't like the house building gimmick, this is unnecessary and I am not interested in this part of the game. Another glitch is when getting ready to aim the bubbles the bottom 'extras' opens up, which is frustrating. Overall it's a very good game, just a few things need correcting and please try to give us something back for our hard work, not expect us to keep paying for gold bars. The magic wand is so unpredictable, it's aim is very poor and the bubble does not always end up where the end of the wand was positioned. Love the Trickies games, although these are difficult to achieve oneself, but great that the candies can be shared with friends. An added problem is I am always giving lives to friends, but so far, even though I have asked, I have never received one back. No doubt because I am not prepared to go through Facebook and find friends there! I'll go without the lives in that case..Version: 4.10.2

Bubble Witch 3I use to enjoy this game but, I have found out that even you pay for extra lives, you still only get 5 lives back and if you still haven’t got it, you have to pay more just to win those hard levels. I have given up like I have from the previous Bubble games. I will keep going back to support others who need those extra lives. So, for those who are doing the quests that pop up, good luck to how far you get. I myself is out of the race. Until the King Company comes out with better ways where customers can enjoy their future games, I flatly refuse to play their games. I’m sorry but, I believe when it comes to games, you either have the player chose the level between easy, normal or hard and not this easy first than hard and super hard. That’s not fair to the player especially when you give them only so many lives. Debra Fowler.Version: 4.8.4

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