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Addicting But Needs ImprovementIt's a fun game, but there are glaring issues that distract from it being great. Mainly, the cost of items is on the high side. As well, the drop rates are nice at first, then become all about making you spend money. Latest patch only made things more expensive. They give you so many premium currency chests without ways to really gain that currency after the first portion of the game so your camp is full of stuff you have to sell for nothing or pay handsomely for in real world money. $6.99 for a starter island... Well you can see where it's going. If you want to get people spending money in the game so they continue to spend, you need some low-price high value feeders. Edit: Also, now the $6.99 island at least shows what you get, but it also says it's -58% off? Uhmm, you can't just say something is on sale when it was never higher to begin with, there are laws against that. I know they could say it costs 58% less than if you bought gems and got that stuff, but given that it's a unique area it's not comparable to other items/prices and the way it's displayed is not indicative of that. As it stands, it's pretty badly designed and potentially illegal in some localtiies. Edit: an update, bringing more free stuff! Except no... just more ways to spend gems. Everything free is locked by gems. Coincidence that even less gem stars seem to fall? Should rename it from Gram games to Grab games as in money grab..Version: 2.0.0

😠😠😤I like it and I would recommend it but do be honest it is very time consuming tho it does have very eye pealing words. Although there is lots of levels you complete them quite quickly. To be honest I sadly agree with the not very good reviews. My sisters complain it gets boring after a while and I do agree. Download this game if you like completing lvls quickly. But really not so got as I was expecting. If u compare it to other dragon 🐉 games it will be one of the worst if I’m honest. Even tho it has lots of detail it does disappoint me that bearly no ones going to play your game. I have only had it for 1 day and I’m not a fan. I'm sorry for the review but it’s my appinion. I would love to see you improving it and maybe I will play again but in the meantime I won’t be. I don’t have time to play the game. It’s is very activated and a bit of a waste of downloading if I’m honest because there is nothing to really do except merging. I would love to see improvements! so sorry 😥😥😞 it just disappoints me that it has 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it’s just not ok. I will keep it BUT if I don’t like i'm not playing. So don’t make another game ever bc it’s just gonna be bad give up. worst game. NEVER PLAY!! Shout out to all u peeps who hate it bc I do!! GIVE UP NOW. I’m so sorry but you need to improve.Version: 4.10.0

“Dragon boat event” Dragon is racistThe dragon released for the dragon boat event uses a racist caricature. It is disappointing to see this as it makes me feel unwelcome. I enjoy this game, but racist caricatures should not be part of it.Version: 4.11.1

Pushing it too far for what it is.This game is an amusing time waster and yet they offer monthly seasonal rewards which are paltry for £10. I might be willing to throw em a bone in the form of a couple of quid but for less than £10 a month I could have a monthly subscription to my choice of mmorpg. I could buy a game a month from steam. Hell for £120 a year I could buy Nintendo online and effectively have a portable snes mini and spend a year having a hell of a lot more fun than playing a mobile game. I’m sure there are people that would fall for this, but be warned if you are the kind of completionist that wants to get everything in a game. You won’t be able to do it in merge dragons for less than £120 a year based on their latest ‘seasonal offerings’. I won’t say I’m disappointed, it’s par for the course with mobile games. However merge dragons used to be a lot more cute and a lot less money grabby..Version: 5.2.1

Pay to WinI’ve played the first game ages and noticed a pattern, you have to buy gems if you want to participate in any event, every time I try an event I can only get the first blocks worth 50 cleared, clearly a ploy to make you spend, £99 for virtual gems wow, I feel like free players get crums in rewards and resources, everywhere you look is money this and that and you can’t undo which is annoying, I enjoyed the game at one point, so the newest game comes out and I thought maybe they learnt their lesson, and won’t be so greedy with this game, downloaded it and it’s the same, but worse, constantly left with items with no use because they remove them and the real thing for me is the event, they expect people to participate in them but twist your arm up your back to fork out for gems, I understand devs need to make money but to only really give to paying players is simply pay to win..Version: 4.5.0

Terrible real money wasterNow, I really do enjoy the game but why can’t the game have an added feature of being able to buy the gems with the dragon cash that is collected. I keep being asked to spend the dragon cash but I can only buy certain eggs as the rest of the eggs are bought with gems. This brings it back to buying gems with the dragon cash instead of real money. If the game could be bought outright and where you could buy the gems with dragon cash that would help. Also, why do all the chests need to be opened with gems instead of dragon cash? I have a lot of cash piles as I don’t need any more dragons yet as I had so many that I had to merge them all, which is what the game is about. But to build the houses you need bricks lots of them, but you cannot buy the bricks or the means to making them without bricks. Please do something about the gems as the game depends heavily on them. I reckon I have bought enough gems and am thinking of taking the game off as it is a terrible waste of money..Version: 3.16.0

Ridiculous restrictions make it hard to progressRight now I just want to voice that my biggest frustration is, if I exit a game level and it remains ‘in progress’ I have to spend more chalices just to re-enter the level I’ve already paid for and not yet completed? That’s absolutely ridiculous and when levels cost so many chalices and chalices take to long to re-fill it’s an absolute joke. You shouldn’t have to re-pay to enter a game level you’re already partially through completing. I’ve just (accidentally) exited a game level by clicking the ‘return to camp’ button rather than the ‘reset level’ button, and I’m furious because I know that it’s going to cost me another 7 chalices just to get back into the level, JUST to hit the ‘reset level’ button and then have to wait another 7 hours for my chalices to regenerate to be able to attempt it again. Basically wiping out my whole day of being able to progress..Version: 4.9.0

Fun but annoyingI’ve read quite a few reviews and most people seem to agree about a few things: chalices taking too long to refill (as well as it taking way too many chalices to play levels - I’m on Totem Shire 2 and for some reason the last like 3 levels I’ve played have all taken 7 chalices even though I haven’t played them before... meaning it wipes out my chalices for 7 whole hours. Ridiculous) the amount of tasks a dragon can complete before sleeping, chests that crop up all the time that take an insane amount of gems with stupidly little return, gems being so hard to get when they’re necessary for a fair amount of things, and a fair few objects that have literally no purpose but crop up way too often like mushrooms. I enjoy this game and play it way too much because it’s addictive, but then I also rage quit for weeks at a time because it’s so frustrating. I guess that shows how addictive this game is that I keep coming back. Just a few improvements would make this game much more enjoyable.Version: 3.4.0

HmmI love this game. I really do. It’s quite lovely to look at, and the premise is simple and endearing. The levels are fun and gradually become more challenging, and the camp can keep one occupied for hours. The story-despite being presented in a cutesy manner-is subtly dark enough for an older player to appreciate. However, I have two problems. Starting with the more trivial one: trophies. Needing them to play levels is fine, and even the time it takes for them to refill them is no real issue. But the fact that the max number you can have at one time is seven? I don’t know, I think it would be better at ten. Seven just seems like such a random number, and lets you play maybe one or two levels-ten is a more sensible number, and would allow you to get through three or so before running out. But that isn’t enough to ruin this game. What really bothers me is the gems. I really hate the fact that there is no reliable way to get gems. You will never have enough to take advantage of all the cool gem-based features like the royal hatchery or the zen temple. I love those features-but I can’t use them because the only way to get gems is through purchase with real money. I understand that money needs to be made somehow-so rather than charging for a crucial part of gameplay, it would improve the game infinitely if a price of two, three, even four bucks was charged for the app, and a way to collect gems within the game was added..Version: 3.24.0

Fun but I’m sick of waitingI got this game last night and played it for hours not stop. It’s weirdly addictive and fun. When I first started playing there was an event going that allowed endless play it seemed and it said it had 21 hours til it ended. Woke this morning and it’s gone. I’m annoyed at how long it takes for anything to happen and how hard it is to get more resources without using actual money. The dragons should be able to do more than 1 task before having to rest for 17-20 minutes. That’s just ridiculous and having to wait 1 hour per chalice is so dumb! I just want to play the levels! I have already spent some money on the game but I doubt I will spend any more. I would like the dragons to be able to do more and is takes forever to upgrade anything. And I would also like the wait times to be able to play the levels to be gone. Make it lives like every other game so that you play until you run out of lives and then the refresh so only be 20 minutes or so..Version: 2.0.1

Timers don’t reset correctly (or do when they shouldn’t!)After coming back to this game after a long hiatus I have found that the in-game timers for coin banks still don’t reset correctly if for example: I click to get the coin and then log off until the next day. The bank will not be reset and I have to actually play the game time. Even more disappointingly I got stuck on a level approx 5 days ago. Decided today, to try playing a level with full 7/7 chalices and upon leaving my camp and coming onto the level screen -noticing the level was noted “In progress” but forgetting I got stuck on the level. Once I entered, it removed my chalice cost as if it were a brand new level ( or kicked it to my total I had when I was last in progress -I don’t know!) But I went from 7 chalices down to 1. So I reset the level but it wouldn’t let me start a new game because it said I didn’t have enough chalices 😖 Amazing to me these types of bugs have never seemingly found a fix somewhere. To be quite frank while I have enjoyed the game-it’s issues like these that turn me off or cause me to leave disappointed reviews like this. I know there are lots of other merge-item games to choose from in the App Store. Maybe one of them deserve a chance..Version: 4.7.0

👎I just want to play the game. You only get 7 chalices to spend on playing a level so you really only get about two levels max. of game play if you’re lucky before you have to wait for them to refill (an hour a piece) or give them money..Version: 5.8.0

ClichI have been playing this game for months with no problems nearly covering all the areas and building up over 500 dragons. But on the last update there was a clich. I had purchased 100 gems the day before the update and also the one where you get 28 days of gems. I open my devise day after the upgrade and my gems are at zero!! I didn’t spend them but couldn’t understand where they had gone so like the fool I am purchase another 100! I then turned off game as we were going out, come back and not only have my gems disappeared again my daily gems say I’ve missed a day. I rebooted my devise wondering if it was that and no still happens. Trouble is I can’t get my money back or the game restored so I decided to delete it and renter it but now I have to start back at square one and I don’t have the energy or inclination to do that. Being disabled it was my escape from reality of my life. Now I’ve got to find another game I can enjoy. So I’m a very disgruntled customer.Version: 2.0.1

Not Happy...Okay I just want to start off by saying, I used to love this game. I love the merging aspect and all the dragons are so cute. However, I am currently a very high level with only one space not unlocked on my home island. I know a lot of others have also expressed what I’m about to say but, we haven’t gotten any new maps in a very long time, so we have to keep redoing the old ones over and over. Also recently for the events on weekends, which I used to look forward to, I hate. The last several events I have gotten two rock dragons to use, which are extremely slow, and my point value system is lowered. I haven’t be able to complete the maps like I used to because I don’t have the time to sit on the game all weekend to farm. I wish the creators would pay attention to all the people who have been trying to voice their opinions on how to make this game more enjoyable. I know it’s probably expensive and time consuming but a new map system would be nice. Like maybe a way to have like a second version of all the islands for us to redo with different rewards. Another thing the weekend events would probably be much more enjoyable for everyone if you would give us better dragons. Even if the point system is docked with better dragons we can work faster and it wouldn’t be such a pain. That’s all I have to say, like I said I used to really love this game but I dread it now..Version: 4.17.0

Greedy greedy greedyI never write reviews but this game has really agitated me. First, when I play a game, I like to PLAY IT. If I see "you need more chalices to continue" I'm going to throw my iPhone into the fish tank. Secondly, to open the majority of chests to get dragons, you guessed it, you HAVE to buy gems to unlock them. I thought this was a great game, feeling very disappointed..Version: 3.22.0

Too many chestsQuite like this game but have too many chests that need gems to open the gems take too long to earn and cleared areas fill up with chests that you cannot sell or delete. The gems are too expensive to purchase at the rate the chests are spewed out. The game also slows down and crashes from time to time otherwise quite adictive.Version: 3.10.1

This is my “Number 1” Game... butLove this game. Love my Dragons. Spend many hours and much money playing. I would give 5 solid stars except for the following. Im honestly I’m about to delete it. I’ve been stuck on the same Chalice Challenge and no longer go out “into the world” There is no way to bypass and I am severely frustrated every time I attempt it. Now I solely farm my camp. But now that’s getting boring due to the unrealistic goals given. I cannot heal land due to the ASTRONOMICAL amount of dragon power needed. I have a large quantity of solo eggs that I can only get more by purchasing nests or Mystery Egg Nests. On the special events you can never get to far healing land. I mean 5000 points to heal and only 2 little hatchlings to aid you. And some locks only opened by spending even more money and some I haven’t figured out what item will actually unlock and remove the mist. I’m getting bored with just farming and even my cutesy dragons are getting not worth the money I have to spend to increase my dragon power. Lower the levels to be more obtainable so the cams can progress and remain a challenge. Let people know you can turn off “auto merge” so you stop accidentally merging items before you are ready. I tool me MONTHS to find that feature. Please fix because I will truly miss this game if something isn’t done soon. Thanks!!.Version: 4.9.0

Love it but......Love the game but it crashed on me. Not a big deal except that I had to reload it and lost my progress and the purchase of gems which still had a couple of weeks to go. If it wasn’t for this and the fact that it uses a lot of battery power, then it would get 5 stars.Version: 3.16.0

Something has changedI’ve had this game long enough to play a few events, sink some money into it and actually really enjoy the experience. The devs put together a great game and at first the additional purchases were worth the money. Then as you progress you start to hit a wall unless you have the gems to cough up. A good way around this is the in game weekend events which were actually really fun and great to get new/more rewards. The last event really let the community down though. As a passive grinder 3 whole days with the app open for the event was no where near enough to get all rewards and level stars, which prior to this event all rewards could be collected with a day to spare. I’d be happy to give an updated review just as soon as the devs review what they’re actually trying to accomplish. Is it to make an addictive, fun, playable game for all or just a grindy experience only for those more veteran players and to only benefit their back pockets..Version: 5.2.1

AnticlimacticYaaayyyyy!!! You finally get a treasure chest and guess what’s inside?? A LOCKED treasure chest. Just what I always wanted. 😐.Version: 3.22.0

Definitely better with real money.Game isn’t working now!!! Stuck on Facebook login screen and it makes a loop no matter what choice you make. Honestly I love this game. It’s so much fun! My biggest problem is that you basically are forced into spending real money if you want anything good. I have no joke at least 30 treasure chests that cost large amounts of purple gems. To get purple gems you either have to merge them in levels ( which I’ve seen 3 levels with them, and the most I’ve ever gotten in those levels were 6) or you pay real currency. If you want your dragons to last more than 5 actions you have to wait at least 10-20 mins for them to wake back up. The chalices take an hour for 1 to regenerate and sometimes a level will take every chalice you have. So your back to not playing anymore unless you want to refresh your chalices for purple gems aka real money. If they made the chests unlock with dragon power after so much time it would be so much better! I feel like I’m missing out on so much but I’ve already spent at least $20 on this game in less than 2 weeks and refuse to spend anymore. Bottom line: if you like the merging games you’ll love this. If you don’t mind slow progression you’ll love this. If you have money to blow then definitely play..Version: 3.16.0

Fun....for a week..maybeFun game for a week then when you fail at a stage once, you have to wait a few hours to recharge. Takes 7 stamina for one stage and you can only max out at 7 Stamina. On top of that the videos to add more doesn’t work half the time and you only get 2 stamina videos a day for a whopping 2 whole stamina when i need 7. If you think you will spend even a little then stay away from this app, this is a strictly F2P game when they do this..Version: 4.11.0

This game sucksI couldent even play the game beacuse i read the terms of service. This game can track ur ip adress, contacts, and your name/last name and sotial media accounts. HELL. TO. THE. NO..Version: 5.4.0

SadI used to love this game. I have been playing since the beginning. Now it is still a good game but I have been recommending that you can turn off auto harvest because when you have over 50 dragons all doing what they want it doesn’t work well. I have found a knock off game that has the option of turning off auto harvesting and much prefer. Will give them my money..Version: 5.8.0

Great game, but.....I first downloaded this game a few months ago and reached the end of all the levels. It was a game that I just had to keep coming back to and one that I was really enjoying. I then reloaded it because the camp had filled up and I wasn’t prepared to pay a fortune for gems to clear the locked chests which were filling two thirds of it. I am now becoming very frustrated because the reload has meant that I now have to get past Challenge 7 and no matter what permutations I try there is just not enough time to obtain all that is needed to complete the challenge. Also the camp is once again filling up with locked chests which appear from all over the place with greater and greater frequency. Much as I would love to keep playing this game I fear that I am about to be defeated by the Developers.Version: 2.4.0

Can not move since the update I am stuck in one spot and can not moveMy title has the problem.Version: 4.11.0

Not worth it. $$$WAY too much pay to play, and it’s very expensive. Max number of gems for purchase at a time is 7,200 gems = $140.00. Opening certain chests costs 135 gems. Unlocking certain map areas costs extra. Disabling purchases does not get rid of the necessity to pay to play and takes away the only opportunity to receive the occasional gem. A mere 3 days into this game and I could easily spend thousands of gems on necessities to advance. Not worth it..Version: 4.2.0

MissI really enjoy this game it's a fun thing to just pass time however I have enjoyed this game less since the toy event wish I can not take part in any more as it wasn't clear enough and I didn't know what to do so I have nothing. This has ruin my experience with the game which I was already unsure of downloading. I think it's stupid that you can't reset the game. I understand it's a challenge but not even for gems. Now I can't play it and have this stupid little thing in the bottom of the screen reminding me of it and what I could have got if I could play it. I think that having no restart is a stupid choice to make as it ruined the experience. I was enjoying up until then now I might just leave the game for the time the events on because it's so distracting, sad and annoying that I can't play it. Well done game developer who made that mistake you ruined the game for me and probably others.Version: 2.8.0

Addictive but beware it’s aimed at people who spend money!It’s such a nice relaxing game, good to waste a bit of time, but it’s frustrating how much items are paid for with gems. You don’t make gems, apart from the odd few (very very few, here and there) and then when special items or rare items come up, its asking for 100s of gems for them, even most items in the shops list are paid for with gems. Why not make it more accessible to people who’d just like to play the game! I’ve got about 9 chests I won through levels or by chance and I can’t open any of them because I need gems...which I can’t get. Had this game for a few weeks, but deleting it now as there’s really only one niche of people they’re after, and I’m not willing to spend real money..Version: 3.21.0

Addictive but glitchy.I’ve been playing this game for about a week now and can’t stop playing it. Although you need an abundance of patience as it takes time to get 3 items to eventually merge. Plus I’m on level 47 now and for the last 2 levels it has kicked me out of the game and sent me back to my IPad home screen so I’ve had to then go back into this app only to find I’ve lost a few of the items I had merged. It’s like I’ve gone back a screen or something....very annoying especially as it takes so long to eventually get to merge certain items like the egg chests or the hearts and coins. I would rate it higher if these glitches didn’t happen and things didn’t take so long to harvest by themselves plus it’s very expensive to buy the purple crystals. Update on review. I’m now level 127 Also it would be better if the dragons that got hatched could come out of the houses at the set times as they go in rather than just having one dragon come out each say 13 minutes at least that way you could have a stream of dragons coming and going. I’m still addicted. X.Version: 3.1.0

Fun but sometimes frustratingThe higher your camp becomes and the more dragons you have (which you have to do to get higher level dragons), the more frustrating it becomes. It takes forever (30 minutes to an hour) to get all the dragons asleep so I can actually do something about getting rid of loot orbs and strategically merging. It would be nice if there was a function to make the dragons get out of the way for a few minutes without having to go through the time and effort to get them all to sleep..Version: 5.8.0

Good but spending money gets the rewardsThe program quickly requires you to spend money to open chests and this sets you back serious money if you let it. I now sell all lock chest for the gold and have limited my chances of going much higher.Version: 3.21.0

I like the game but am stuckThe game is great and easy to get around until you get to challenge 19. This seems impossible, you get 4 dragons and about to combat about 50 zomlins in 4 minutes. It also takes 30 zaps to for each Zomlin and they just keep going. So now I will get really bored and not play this game again. Hopefully it is just a clinch that will be fixed soon as I was enjoying it up to this point.Version: 3.20.0

It was good until..Made it to challenge 12 but can’t beat it because there are no dragons available for that level....Version: 5.8.0

Money hungry and don’t care about their usersEvents happen once every two weeks or so, and they used to be tedious but fun ways to get special dragons and rewards, but now they nearly tripled the points needed to complete with super nerfed collectible point items, so now it requires 3x or 4x the effort and tedium to get everything. I’ve stopped playing events entirely, it seems like they just want us to spend money on a ridiculous amount of gems to bypass the utter tedium and chore to complete the events for no boost in rewards. They also implemented a season pass every month that used to unlock a special dragon’s eggs and stuff as well as double resource capacity and 20% boost in dragon speed and stuff, it was $5 but now it’s $10 for an 8% speed boost which is meaningless when harvest times are seconds, which means they made the season pass 5x more expensive for the boosts you get. I used to buy them every other month but now it’s completely not worth it. I don’t see why the devs decided to nerf rewards so badly while increasing the tedium and work by 3 or 4 times. Players aren’t dumb and are going to notice, ugh. I only play to take care of my camp now and grind levels for stars and cosmo dragon eggs, I don’t plan to ever play another event or spend money on a game that is intent on squeezing money out of us in the most predatory ways possible..Version: 5.2.1

Every Update Makes it WorseI started playing this game when it was first being advertised and I would have given it five stars all day every day. Now I’m barely at 2 stars, and that’s mostly because I’m too far in and haven’t found a replacement yet. The designers add a new “charge” or time limit or other hindrance with every update, and it couldn’t be more obvious that they are all money grubbing scam artists at this point. This game was, as others have said, the perfect “zen” option for me and I spent money on it before they started adding in all of these racketeering mechanisms. Honestly, I spent way more money before - now it just frustrates me that I can’t RETURN to a level I was JUST playing even for the SAME number of chalices it took to start it. No, instead this terrible game wants me to pay THREE chalices to RETURN to an UNFINISHED LEVEL that I paid ONE chalice to START in the first place! But that’s not all - I’ll need OVER FIFTY DRAGON THINGIES to replenish my chalices because they only give you seven every .4256 days or whatever their bizarre algorithm is. Seriously designers...why did you have to ruin a good thing? I hope it’s at least funding a private jet that takes you somewhere to distract you from your efforts to keep adding new terrible details to this game..Version: 2.3.0

Money grabThe game play could be fun if EVERYTHING about the game wasn’t a blatant money grab. The dragons are almost always sleeping. You could wake one up for two seconds for free by watching an ad or spend 50 diamonds which by the way are almost impossible to come by in this game unless you BUY them. Oh! Did you do really well and get a treasure chest as a prize? Surprise! It takes diamonds to open the chest you won. Did spend way too much time to earn enough life force to open a new area? Surprise! You have to use gems if you want to open super cool dragon egg nests you found. And don’t get me started on the wait for new chalices to appear so you can play a level or a challenge. ONE an HOUR! Most levels cost 3-4 and the challenges cost 2. Once you’ve completed a challenge you can celebrate by using diamonds to collect your winnings. And then there’s bricks you need to build dragon houses that are also nowhere to be found in the game unless, you guessed it, BUY them. Ugh. I really liked the concept of this game but it’s so blatantly a money grab it’s hard to enjoy what you can play without spending real money for those all elusive items that don’t exist in game unless you spend money. I get it. Game developers want $$$ but can you at least make your game enjoyable for those of us who want to play and not go broke?.Version: 3.26.1

Disappointed in the updateI used to be an every day player. This game was really great, because you could make reasonable progress and strategically play to get the things you wanted (like dragon egg nests from playing levels) and it wasn’t overtly greedy. I’ve actually spent some money just because I felt it was worth it. I liked the 25 gems per day for 30 days or whatever, it was a good deal (update doesn’t have this package). After the update, chalices (aka life, which you need to play levels) TAKE AN HOUR TO RECHARGE instead of 15 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous. And many of the levels now take 7 (ALL!) of your chalices, which means you can play one level and then you can’t play again for hours. I no longer have the patience or attention span. It’s not even worth playing. It’s so sad that they ruined this game to get people to spend more money. And btw—gems are so expensive and so quickly consumed that it’s not even worth buying them at all. Like it’s seriously pointless. Another complaint—I hate that the eggs (especially the special eggs which cost gems) increase in price every time you buy one. I’d understand if they increased slightly at an interval, but an increase of 5 coins every time you buy an egg? And it takes dozens and dozens of eggs to get high level dragons? So annoying..Version: 2.0.1

GreedyThis game was incredibly fun and I loved it until the levels became impossible to beat. They require absolutely no strategy and are reliant on the luck of whatever algorithm determines what items you receive - clearly rigged so you’ll pay actual money to get more time or items. I understand that some parts of the game are pay to play and I’m fine with that and was perfectly happy to watch ads when necessary, but now I can’t even proceed on levels. I would have even considered paying a base price for this game as I really enjoyed it but now will be removing from my phone..Version: 4.3.0

Love this game but...I really do enjoy this game and have been playing it for awhile but lately there has been some kind of glitch where I get eggs from chests or buy them and when I go to play a level the eggs and other various items (e.g. prisim flowers) will disappear and not come back which is fairly disappointing when I’ve usually tried pretty hard to get the items that have disappeared. Secondly it should be slightly easier to get gems as you can only earn them occasionally in level and it’s never very much. I’d suggest like a roulette wheel or just having them as a more common prize in levels as it’s quite hard to earn them and most of the things that cost gems cost a lot of gems..Version: 3.9.5

A little flawedI have played this game religiously for over a month but have become so frustrated with it for a few reasons. 1. Chalices. It takes so long to recoup chalices and then you only have 7. It’s poor that quite a few of the levels require 7 chalices, therefore only allowing you to play one level a day when this occurs ( have recently spent 7days straight only able to play one level a day because of this). The chalice amount should be much higher, say 12, with a decrease in revival. 2. Dragon gems. Takes for ever to find them and the deals offered to purchase for real money are ludicrous and over the top. 3. Egg chests. They cost excessive amounts of dragon gems but as mentioned above, dragon gems are super expensive. I therefore have over 30 unopened egg chests because they’re super expensive. 4. Events. Events are only available for 3ish days but for whatever reason they seem to disappear before the end of the event timer. They should last for longer than three days. Ie a Halloween special (if there is going to be one), should be at least 1 week. 5. Cost. The price of items using actual currency should really be reviewed. More players would happily pay for items if the cost for them weren’t so high. Overall I totally enjoy this game but believe that these issues mentioned above, and other issues that other players have mentioned, should be fixed so as to maximise the game play. Thanks.Version: 3.10.1

Best free game!Edit: The point system for the special events has changed making it extremely difficult to complete without a major time commitment. Reducing my review to 3 stars. It remains a quality, 100% free game with no pop-up ads but the events are no longer worth the time required. I would still like to see an automatic cash out at the end of the event. Original post:I have been playing this game for over a year, more intensely at some times than others. I notice a lot of dissatisfaction with the rarity of the gems used to buy special items and other aspects of the game and I have to say, while the issue it true, it ignores the fact that this game is 100% free to play and ad-free by design. I do not begrudge the developers remuneration for their time and expertise by encouraging voluntary purchases. My only suggestion for improvement would be to add an automatic cash out of accumulated value at the end events since they end on a Monday in the middle of a work day. I have again missed collecting all I had earned after playing the entire event because I was not able to take a break when expected at work (I had two level 8 items and many lower than that). It would be nice to not lose the rewards earned but not cashed in yet..Version: 5.3.0

Dev team are scum-sucking, money-stealing slugsI accidentally deleted this game from my tablet a month and a half ago. I immediately downloaded it again because I LOVE the game. However, there was no way to resort everything I had purchased. I was told at the time that I could submit all the receipts for purchases and they’d credit the money or gems back to me. I asked for the gems, as I simply wanted to be able to restore my progress, right? Well, I’ve been given the runaround for a month and a half. Last communication I received from this shoddy outfit was 10 days ago when they had everything proven and clarified. They said it would be immediately forwarded to the division that would take the next steps. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? And I’ve heard not one single peep since. I’ve messaged repeatedly asking for updates, only to be ignored. These people have no morals and are only out for your money. I know people need to earn a living, but it’s not my fault they built an app where you can’t save and restore progress, and I have done everything they asked (and that wasn’t easy). I haven’t even asked for my money back.....only for the gems I had purchased and lost, which won’t cost them a dang thing. Avoid this app, and avoid any apps made by this terrible company..Version: 3.0.1

2 Major flawsGreat game but.... I have 2 major problems. 1- There is a limit to how many chalices you can have. Coincidentally, quite often it is the amount used to enter a level. Meaning you can only play one level and then wait 7 hours to be able to play another! 2- Gems don’t replenish unless you spend real money. Very difficult to get ahead without spending money!.Version: 3.13.0

Too slow to evolveThe game itself has an interesting premise, build a world using dragons by merging organic items. However, I have to say everything takes too long to happen unless you are willing to spend loads of money on in app purchases of crystals to speed up development. In order to take part in the challenge levels you need more than one chalice (in some cases 7) and these take an hour to refill EACH. If you leave a level midway through you then have to use more chalices to resume it - which can of course be refilled more quickly with the aforementioned crystals. The dragons that harvest the plants have to sleep so a little building is necessary- you are actively encouraged to merge these small buildings into a larger one in order to reduce the sleeping time (20 mins). However, I found that once I’d created the larger sleeping building only one dragon emerged at a time rather than the 5 or 6 that had been previously available. I then had to wait for the full sleep time before another single dragon appeared. Altogether a disappointing game that held such promise..Version: 4.6.1

Has so much potential but...I have only just started playing this but it’s so frustrating. There is a time lag between tasks which means the tasks are completed but the stars do not show they have. The chalices aren’t accurate and empty too quickly. The dragons are always asleep or too tired for’s a good job they don’t get paid by the when you complete a level it puts extra items in your land but you can’t use them..The amount of hearts each item requires to release is too high. The challenges are too hard for the time you dragon is too tired after a few moves...There should be a way of clicking each item so you know what it is. The whole game is battery hungry and I more or less play it plugged in. I feel as if the aim of the devs is just to get you to pay more and more without giving much’s such a shame because it could be such a good game where people would be willing to pay if the incentive was there..Version: 2.2.0

Intense Focus on Pay-To-Win!This game has too great a focus on manipulating the mindset of the player into spending real world currency. I was weak and would love a refund. Firstly, you merge in threes so every time you want to go level up it takes three times as long. So the further along you get, the greater the effort you have to expend. You have no ability to direct the healing power of orbs - it’s random chance for pretty much the whole game. The dragons only do one or two tasks and the go back to sleep for 20 minutes, so it’s only fun when you haven’t played for a while and there’s a lot of active dragons. The problem, however, is that the more dragons you have active the greater the lag becomes. It becomes terribly choppy and impossible to control. And this is on a brand new iPhone 8 Plus, so the developers aren’t designing with the device in mind. My progress is stuck now because the lag is so intense..Version: 2.7.1

Made for those wishing to waste moneyAfter just a day of playing this game it’s already become evident that the objective of the developers is to get the player to spend as much money a possible. Only a few levels in and you get stuck on a challenging level that requires you to wait several hours for the energy to continue the level play. Or, surprise surprise, you can pay gems for the meter to refill. Back at the home base, you’re continuing to be bombarded with sleeping dragons who can be woken up with, once again, gems to keep you playing this game. It’s a very creative idea by the developers and the game itself is quite addictive. Even though I’ll happily support developers with in app purchases, this game is so blatant in its objective, to get players to spend real world money, that it’s once best deleted it never downloaded in the first place..Version: 3.17.0

Updates have ruined the gameI’ve had this game since February and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t experience any problems until they recently started to update it. The game started to run slower (even on a new updates phone) and it became frustrating when things I didn’t want to merge would automatically merge when I dragged item across the screen and it would freeze. It drains my battery really fast and makes my phone hot. I had a problem with this June 2018 event where eventually BOTH my red dragons disappeared behind these new mystic cloud features they’re utilizing. I trashed all my healing items I could’ve used in order to reach them and get them out (hopefully) because the way I play events, I clear a good amount of land and then trash all harvestable items except the ones the dragons can harvest for points so I can just leave my phone alone while they do their thing. I was okay with just one dragon but then I eventually lose both of them! I contacted support on the app and they addressed the other problem I had and not the one about the event. I sent an email to support and they haven’t gotten back yet. I’ve never been so angry at this game and their updates. I thought I would give a good review for this game when I first started playing, but this game has just seemed to get worse over the months..Version: 3.3.1

Misleading and terribleThis game looks really good in both the add and the reviews, but is a huge let down. My biggest problem with it is that the levels each require these things called “chalices”, but they refill about once per day, and you need seven to play one level sometimes. And if you finish a level, it doesn’t give you a chalice, it just takes them and makes you wait another day. It also is really cheap looking and makes you wait for a small payoff. Don’t download this game unless you like ten minutes of gameplay and a days waiting. Also most of these positive reviews are bots I think..Version: 3.25.1

Trying not to purchase anymoreSeems everyone has the same issue of gems being ridiculously hard and expensive to get. Also like to add if you download onto another devise with same account it doesn’t cross data over so purchases are wasted.Version: 4.9.0

Stop giving rewards that are money trapsThe game is fun but almost every chest given as a reward for clearing land has a lock on it that requires a certain amount of gems in order to open it and gems must be paid for, so in other words they are not rewards they are Temptations that you can’t even delete from your viewing field or your play area, leaving you the only option to buy gems to get rid of them. I think this is a pretty crappy tactic, that has me on the verge to delete the game whether I like it or not. A little bit of manipulation is OK but too much creates an abomination. The chest never go away and take up all your land at at the camp, ...... Update The more you spend money, two times and three times the chest they give you that fill up almost all your land, I even bought all the extra land and every piece is filled with a chest that’s been fully merged with others. Players beware I’ve been tracking this game is progress, I have so many chest I almost have no place to merge other items in order to actually play..Version: 3.27.0

Bug? Glitch? Sad face.So I logged in this morning to wait for the message of “would you like to double 3 of your prizes for 170 gems?”. Personally I always double my prizes because they either look cool or I have left over gems from dragon stars ect, anyways, I didn’t have enough gems and I went to purchase some from the store but it wouldn’t let me because the message wouldn’t go away for the doubling of prizes. So I was wondering if you guys could fix that? Because currently I have gems and nothing to spend them on because “it’s a one time offer to double your prizes” I wish it was for an hour or so, one purchase but you had a select time so you could purchase gems if you needed them ect. Other than that I enjoy the game every day..Version: 3.18.1

Highly addictive but too few opportunities to get gemsGreat game with lots of different chains, but the dragon chests are too common and gems too few. If the gem situation were fixed by allowing more dragon stars to appear, it could make this better, but frankly I’d like there to be an alternative way to open them. I like the thought of an update to make it so merging the top tier chests would give the bottom tier’s contents, as well as reducing the chance of receiving a dragon chest in the first place so that they become more difficult to obtain. That way we would have a reason for stockpiling them. The gem unlock would still be the only way to get rewards higher than the base tier though, which means the better stuff would still be paid for. Other than that I’m a happy dragon! Cheers for the awesome game and sorry about my previous review!.Version: 3.9.5

Needs UNDO LAST ACTION option!!!This game is painfully slow to get started if you wish to play without paying actual money for gems to speed things up. Once you have certain things upgraded you can steadily build up the resources you need to purchase things. Merging 5 things creates 2 things, merging 3 only creates 1 so having some patience to get 5 of a certain thing before merging is better. The most frustrating thing about this game is accidentally merging stuff you didn’t want to merge just yet or selling something by accident that took you AGES to create. It’s so soul destroying!! All it needs is an undo option in Camp in case you make a mistake. It would be very simple to implement. Another thing which would be great is if you could set certain objects for dragons to prioritise over other things. When they wake up, they start to work on any old object unless you give them a specific task and some dragons end up wasting their precious energy on things you didn’t want them to waste it on. I would rather my dragons not be on automatic and just float there until I assign them to something important..Version: 3.20.0

To much Waiting 😡..Don’t download this game because you have to wait for your dragons to wake up and when they do they only do a couple of things and then you have to wait again and when you play your level you have to wait again!!😡😡 if you don’t understand what I am saying I am saying the this game is a waste of your time and it’s a pay to win game so don’t download it unless you like waiting and I am sorry if I am being mean but it’s just really really boring if you have to wait.Version: 4.11.1

Fun but wait time is longReally addictive and fun I love it but the higher you go up the game and get more challenges to play it ends up being 7 chalices to play which takes hours and hours and then what are you meant to do? Pretty stupid if your wanting to people to start paying so they don’t need to wait.Version: 3.27.1

Wouldn’t recommendThis app is ridiculous. Just terrible. I played this app for a good couple of weeks, spent money on the ‘premium land’ and played two ‘events’. I gave it a good shot and the benefit of the doubt but in the end I got severely bored and frustrated. I agree with most of the negative points of the other reviews and find few positives. Therefore I have deleted the app and will no longer be playing. My major issues are: 1) chalices and playing the ‘map’ levels, it’s ridiculous having to wait 7 hours to play one tiny level for a tiny reward. 2) the stupid amount of locked chests which can only be bought with the gems - literally you can get close to 50 per maybe 10-15 minute session and when you convert this to real money to bug gems it is beyond ridiculous how much money you would have to spend to open them. 3) how long it takes to get absolutely anywhere in the game. You’re harvesting the same things over and over for hours and making very slow progress. I really feel like the developers need to seriously rethink their business model as they are completely delusional about how much real life money they think their target audience wants to spend. Don’t bother with this game. There are hundreds of other games which are better..Version: 3.11.1

DisappointedI started out really liking this game. Graphics are great, love the growth of dragons. Keeps me entertained. My issue now is the chests that you need to pay to open are way to numerous in my camp. Unless you are prepared to spend mega bucks you can’t get rid of them and they start to accumulate and take up way to much space. Won’t be able to play for much longer due to this which is kind of disappointing.Version: 3.22.0

Used to be such a fun gameI’ve been playing for two years and used to really enjoy playing. I used to make some purchases and have even been OK slogging through events, but I will be deleting this game due to changes that I see other players have been noting for some time with zero response from developers that have turned this game into such a disappointingly blatant cash grab. For example, you used to be able to sell unwanted chests but that ability has been removed so your board fills up with the damn things unless you spend gems to open them. I get that the developers aren’t in this for charity but really, there are limits and mine has been crossed. The one star is for the graphics..Version: 5.4.0

Chalice Cost, Skipping Quests, and MushroomsFirst off: I enjoy this game, it is one of my favorites! However, some aspects of the game are rather poor and frustrating to deal with! For example: In the latest patch the update stated that Chalices now cost less, however, they didn’t mention that levels now cost more Chalices to play! This means you cannot easily go back and replay a level, farming for the prizes, without having to spend real money to get it done quickly. This is almost punishing players for playing the same levels over and over (their own choice/decision to do so) in order to get them to either 1) not play the same levels or 2) get them to spend more money. Secondly, the option to skip quests is wonderful! If only it was free to do instead of costing gems! Some quests are glitched (prism flower one) while others want you to open egg chests (all costing gems) which makes it hard to complete quests in the camp. Finally, mushrooms! Mushrooms have no end wonder, therefore they’re hardly useful, but dragons seem to be obsessed with harvesting them! I would love a way to instruct the dragons to avoid automatically harvesting from certain items, when left to their own thing, the dragons happily fill up the camp with mushrooms and other unneeded items! These are my main complaints with the game, otherwise it is a fun game and I do enjoy it, I just wish the game wasn’t so centered on needing/having gems!.Version: 2.0.1

Be very Leary of unauthorized purchasesMake sure you watch every red cent that is billed. I’ve had hundreds of unauthorized in-app purchases. I have disputed to no avail. Just a money scam.Version: 3.25.1

Great, but....I’m getting really annoyed with the tasks I get to open egg chests. I’m ridiculously addicted to this game and have actually spent money on it but when a task comes up to open 65 egg chests I’m enraged! The least amount of gems that would cost is 585! So then I have to use 100 paid for with real money gems to skip that task. It’s not fair and I won’t do it again! You should be able to complete all of the tasks without gems - like every other game I’ve played! One more egg chest task and I’m done. You will lose paying customers if you keep this up! Gems should be for bonus items and for speeding things up. Anything else is stupid. Soon I will be forced to stop playing because all of my tasks will require ridiculous amounts of gems to complete or skip. Oh and that wonder you get for merging the bushes is sometimes filled only with locked egg chests! So you spend 3 hours or so merging to get it and everything inside it is useless! Now I’ve summed it all up I wonder why I even play this game?.Version: 2.4.0

Merge dragons could be betterSo, you buy and egg for like, 150 coins, and then you might not want it. But if you want to sell it, you can only sell it for one coin! The super dragon egg should be able to be sold for dragon gems and not 1 coin! 😡😱 We also hate that the chests are locked and you need a crazy amount of gems to open them all, and the dragons shouldn’t have to sleep because we can’t do anything while they’re not awake. Plus in the events you can’t do anything much because you can only have one dragon at the start and you have to harvest the same thing over and over again. Although all of these problems are big ones, we still like the game, but we feel you could improve it by changing a few things. (Seriously though, you need to change the adds, cos the game is way better. We thought the adds were terrible, but we accidentally got this game.).Version: 4.13.0

Fun game but way too many problems that need fixingLike other reviews say, the only way to play the game at a slightly faster pace is if you spend real money on in game perks. I won’t go too into detail about that since a lot of reviews already covered that, but I’ve only seen a few mention the problem with the chalices. Waiting an HOUR just for one chalice is insane, especially when most levels require you to spend 6 or 7 chalices the farther you go. So you have to wait 6 or 7 hours just to play ONE level. Then you have to wait another 7 hours to play the next level. And there’s only so much you can do at camp until all of your dragons sleep after harvesting just a few items. It takes way too long to barely advance in the game. If you want people to actually play the game, I suggest fixing the issue with the chalices. It takes way too long just to get a chalice and the amount of chalices needed to play a level is ridiculous. If you’re going to make the cost of levels all 7 chalices, you need to reduce the wait time for chalices from an hour to fifteen or twenty minutes. I really want to love this game but I may end up deleting it because of how frustrating it is. The game requires you to invest a lot of time (and potentially money) for very little reward. Don’t recommend this game for anyone with a short attention span or busy schedule..Version: 2.7.0

Can’t view mapSince the upgrade my map is stuck in one spot on the camp location. I can only zoom out or in in the same section but I can’t move around the rest of the areas..Version: 4.0.0

AnnoyedI got really annoyed when they updated the game and instead of costing 1 chalice per level and also 1 to resit the level it can cost up to 5 for one level play! Event prizes don’t work if they are ones that give you egg nests - I haven’t got any from my prizes sitting in my camp and that’s after tapping them too. After the update today the event is no longer running on my phone. Hopefully they fix this so I can get my rewards..Version: 2.8.1

Game Crashes Every TimeDon’t bother downloading this game. They game out with a new feature that was glitchy. Many people were unable to play at all. No response from support except to say it’s a free game so we don’t care. I would give 0 stars if possible.Version: 4.1.1

SuggestionIt’d be really cool if there was a feature to lock the dragons on a job. For example, in events, progress relies mainly on life orbs healing the land, and you only get two dragons (unless you are willing to pay). I was thinking that it would be amazing if I could lock one dragon on harvesting life orbs, and the other on harvesting the points. It wouldn’t take the fun out of playing either because I would still have to merge the orbs and points. I mean, events last about two days, and for a majority of that time, the highest level flower you have is a twin life flower, so you have to do a lot of merging to get the level life orbs that would actually heal some land. Once you get to the land that needs 500 healing, you’re pretty much stuck, and all you can do is harvest orbs. It gets boring. So again, it would be MUCH BETTER if you could lock dragons on specific things so you wouldn’t have to babysit them and repeatedly tap on whatever you want them to harvest from. I recently turned off chain reactions in settings, but it doesn’t always work. I’d say it works 50% of the time. I love the idea of turning off chain reactions, but the game needs fixing so it’s actually works. Regardless, I really like the game..Version: 4.11.0

Thoroughly enjoy until totem shireI really enjoy this game and have just got to the totem shire levels the downside is they all seem to be 7 chalices each and it feels like forever to wait until you can play again, if this continues I think I probably won’t play as much :/.Version: 4.16.0

It’s okToo many chests that require you to make in game purchases, challenges that waste your chalice power and no option to skip them. Could be better..Version: 4.6.0

Could have been brilliantThis is a great game, the concept is refreshingly different with great, cute graphics and challenging without being impossible. How sad that like so many other games, it hooks you in and then becomes impossible to progress without spending real money - and in this game you need to spend a LOT. Chalices - they take a ridiculously long time to refresh and you only get 7, meaning that if you’re on certain levels you only get to play once as they cost 6-7 chalices to play. And stupidly if you reset a level you’re charged for the chalices again! Even bored with the home camp now as can’t progress quickly enough to keep me interested. Fed up with merging flowers and mushrooms plus half my camp is taken up by huge chests which will cost me about £50 in gems if I want to open them. Really disappointing..Version: 3.11.1

J’ai perdu tout mes niveaux 😱Bonjour, j’ai perdu tout mes niveaux de mon jeu. Je ne sais pas ce qui est arrivé et j’ai dû repartir à zéro. Je suis vraiment déçue car je jouais à ce jeu depuis vraiment longtemps 😢Est-il possible de réinitialiser mon jeux à ce qu’il était avant que l’app bug? Depuis hier, ce n’était plus possible d’ouvrir l’app et elle se refermait d’un coup. Depuis, j’ai tout perdu et dois recommencer à zéro. Vraiment déçue. Svp me revenir si c’est possible ou au moins avoir une réponse. Merci.Version: 6.0.0

Love and hate this game!!!!I really love playing this game and have been playing for quite a long time. I’m only writing a review today because I am so annoyed with the addition of dens to the game. At this point, I don’t even know what dens do because every time I try to create one, the game crashes!!! Then the game started crashing while I was merging eggs and now it seems to crash whatever I am doing. I am an iOS user and have not had problems like this on any other game I play. At the moment I can only play for about 30 seconds before it crashes. I understand that new additions to games often have glitches that need to be fixed but this goes way beyond a simple glitch. There is no information on your Facebook page about this problem even though it is evident from comments that this is a widespread issue. Why aren’t the developers being open about this and informing us about what is being done to fix it???.Version: 4.1.1

Good but....I really like this game, it’s a good break from playing the more difficult games however, The events give you chance to get limited dragons, i always get all rewards without spending any gems or money. But with each event they’ve been getting harder and harder to the point where they’re not fun anymore they’re just grinding mindlessly The levels have option if you make mistake to reset level, but you only get 7 energy and if you reset level it still takes it away and you need to pay the energy again. So if I do level that cost 7 (which there are a lot of) and want to reset, I cannot play level again it’s not even resetting it’s just quitting. There’s a lot of variety with the items and dragons, gems can be bought with money but you can earn them in game as well but not many, the game is constantly giving you pop up to buy things which I cannot turn off The game is really fun and I will continue to play but I think there are a lot of things that need to change to make it better The game heavily suggests you to buy things which I find annoying, I don’t like free games that have some content that is not available unless you pay, I would rather pay one sum to get the app initially.Version: 3.15.0

Addictive but could be much betterI like that you're building something rather than just playing levels for the sake of it. I don't mind the limited stamina of the dragons now that I have a few of them, but sometimes it can be difficult to get them to harvest what I want when there are so many at the same time. However, it is ridiculously easy to accumulate chests that can only be opened using gems that are almost impossible to get without spending a lot of real money. These chests fill the available play space and become quite irritating. While I don't mind spending some money, I feel that the hundreds of dollars it would cost to open the chests I have collected in only a couple of weeks is way over the top. Please add some features that make the gems easier to get within the game - suggest gem rewards for completing tasks and levels; a ‘loyalty’ bonus of gems that increases each consecutive day you log in to the game; I'd even watch ads for gem rewards (that's how I got started on this game); make the gems in the game worth more and allow more than 3 levels of merging to increase value. There are features in the game that appear (eg the “shrooms”) that do not seem to have any relevance to the game and the cryptic comments don't give any reason for collecting them. Finally, the drain on my iPad battery is unbelievable!.Version: 2.7.1

Fun but too many consumablesPros - The premise of this game is a lot of fun if you like collecting things, puzzles, or dragons (who doesn’t!?). There are different kinds of game play with different challenges and rewards (camp v. world map levels). It’s fun to level up the items, especially the dragons. Cons - The problem comes in that at every turn the game is hungry for real cash (dragon greed?) to buy the in game currency. Want to open a (maybe useful) chest? Pay! (Rewards from chest stink? Pay more!) The mining aspect is cool, but beware that the dragons don’t necessarily mine from the highest level things (i.e., level 2 flowers and level 9 flowers... and they’ll pick the level 2 flowers). It’s annoying when the difference between the result of mining from a low level or high level item is dramatic, and you only have so many moves without letting the dragons sleep to recharge (of course, you can pay to wake them). Not spending money is an option... just not if you want to move along at a satisfying pace. Would be a lot more fun IMO if the dragons defaulted to mine highest level things; less consumables or more in-game currency rewarded for achievements; or at least make it so that when one does spend money the “reward” is fair (try opening a low level egg chest? Think it’ll be better to open the big one, right? Well... maybe... though a bunch of rain puddles and some random low level junk didn’t seem worth the equivalent cash)..Version: 1.12.0

Pretty fun, needs improvementsThere’s absolutely no way anyone can win the events. Not all of it. I’ve done a few events, including 2 where I left my phone unlocked & the game open overnights in an attempt to get more hearts/items you’re supposed to collect & it still didn’t help. It would be much better to have the dragons continue harvesting hearts in the background, if connected to the internet. And on that point, the annoying thing is, by default, the dragons collect from the lowest producing heart ie the pink & yellow flower which makes one tiny heart. In my opinion, they should, but default, collect from the strongest producing flower - I mean we’ve merged them, waited for things to be available to do so, so why shouldn’t they be the default?.Version: 3.14.2

This is second reviewHi this is my second review on this game and it is still exactly the same like it was. The main thing I don’t like about this game is that you have to pay to play a level with these trophy’s. Why can’t you just play each level for free cuz then it will make more people want to play it. Also on Camp I had literately just made my dragon harvest one life flower and then they needed to go back to sleep again!! That is so frustrating 😤😤 so please can you make the dragons have more energy and make them less lazy lol 😂? Any ways I’m rating this game 3 stars because the actual gameplay is really good. But another thing, when you make some progress on a level and you have to come of and you haven’t finished it it makes you start again and makes you pay to play it again and I just think that is unfair. So please make it so that it saves your progress on a round to make it fair. Sorry that this is quite a long review I just wanted to tell you all my complaints about this game. Bye!!.Version: 4.13.0

Shuttiing downCan’t play the new event. It keeps closing !!.Version: 5.8.0

Money grabs are getting oldIt’s a fun game, good for some mindless grinding between levels with nice graphics. That being said, the grasping for money is starting to irritate me. I happily dropped the cash for the land upgrades, the bonus gem packs they give you when you first play, and the monthly ‘daily gem’ packs, because I enjoy the game and I wanted to support it. But with every update, it seems like they’re getting more and more money hungry. For example, I just finished my daily gem pack which has been $3.99 for 40 gems a day for as long as I’ve been playing, and when I went to repurchase, it has been changed to $3.99 for 25 gems a day. That’s a drop of 450 gems. I’m sure the others have changed as well. They also made it harder to play the events and make it impossible to advance without spending real cash, as you can’t complete some quests unless you have thousands of gems. How about instead of forcing the exact same event on us over and over, you give us some more land for cash in our camps? I would definitely spend money on that, but not on the sad little bonus packs offered during events. Increase the gems offered for purchase without raising the price. I guarantee, the more gems I have the faster I spend them, you’ll get more purchases if it seems like a good deal..Version: 3.9.5

Could be great but...This game has great addictive potential, however the amount of time to restore chalices is ridiculous, and it costs to go back into the same level even though the game tells you you won’t have the level reset? And all your dragons go to sleep for the restorative period and only come out one at a time unless you upgrade the house? Some basic fixes are required to make this game way more user friendly, however doing this would be less of a money grab for the developers...Version: 3.11.1

ProblemsIt’s obvious the developers haven’t played the game, or that they’re so understanding of the game that they know what to do and when to do it. This especially shows up in the events and in the timed games where you can “win” extras (trophies) for your normal game. Right now I’m stuck on an event. I can’t go any further because of an accidental merge which took away my ability to match one of the hidden areas of the game to open it up in order to continue playing. I’m also stuck on the timed trophy games. Where I’m at there, the ground is dead (this happened before I learned about dead ground— you have to match an object on the dead ground with a live object in 3s or 5s to heal that land) and I don’t have any live objects left. And no amount of energy balls can heal it. There’s no way to end the trophy game or an event at the point you get stuck, and start over. On the timed games it’s ridiculous once you manage to win one. The next ones require you to move so fast it’s impossible to do what’s required to win anything. So I’m left frustrated in the normal game where I can’t progress and win trophies and also in this current event— which just started and I’m kaput in less than an hour of play. If they can’t fix this problem, I’m going to stop playing and uninstall the game..Version: 4.9.0

Was happy until I had to get a new phoneSo I was happily playing this game for a while, spent a bit of money on it too and got a good way into it. I have been forced to get a new phone after my old one became unusable, and thought things would be fine because I’m good at keeping things backed up in case of these sorts of issues. I thought I was nicely backing up my game with cloud save or whatever it’s called, logging in with Facebook blah blah blah, but now I’m on my new phone and I can’t get any of my old content?!? I’ve since gone onto google and found out that it’s not actually possible to share across devices, even though that’s what cloud share says you can do in game?!? I’m disappointed now, because all the money I spent is wasted, and there’s no way I’m starting again with how tedious and boring the beginning of the game can be. Guess I’m cutting my losses and moving onto a new game that I know I can save between devices.Version: 4.6.1

Terrible gameThere’s so many things wrong with this game I cannot lost them all, just know it’s completely pay to play and if you don’t pay, the game pretty much forces you to delete the game, it’s annoying and will sabotage hours of effort every time it has the chance. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. The dragons in this game will do the worst possible thing, rather than collect something of value, they will remove whatever you’ve spent hours or even days to collect and will give you a reward that is incredibly common and has no real use. I’m tired of this crap and deleted the game, it’s not like that even want you to play unless you’re spending money..Version: 5.4.0

Tou cannot do anything if you dont buyYou wish to have gem but you lost your time.Version: 5.3.0

Great game but limits on everything!Why the limits on space in our camps? we could really use some more land for merging and maybe keeping some of the wonders we make a trophies or to decorate our camps. why the limit on cups? 7 is such a small amount, its basically only good for 1 or 2 levels a day. why does everything cost gems and so many gems? there should be a way for us to earn more gems of more items available to buy with gold. the events are fun and challenging keep up the good work on those I love when we get something new to do. I would love to see some stats on how we play like..... hours played, merges made, dragons dropped on fruit trees, life trees, etc., most chains made in a day, stuff like that. maybe also some hybrid merging for rare special items?? the limits on space and cups really make me feel there's only so much I can do on this game in a day and so I need to have other games lined up to play. I would love to see some expansion on things that would keep me playing this g game for longer than a few minutes a day. also what the heck is up with the friends tab?? half of people listed as friends aren't giftable because they're mailboxes are full. I would like to have a way to find more active players within the game. would love to give higher stars on this review in the future..Version: 3.27.0

ChestsThis game is great but for some reason the option to sell or whatever chests when they appear has been removed or something. Why? I don’t, and I’m sure many people don’t have the gems to afford every, if even ONE chest that appears in your park so why is it not a option any more to get rid of them? They’re just taking up space and I can’t use much of my park anymore because there are so many chests that I’ll never be able to open so they just sit there taking up otherwise needed space. Please change this. Another thing that is similar to the chest issue is that when I would click on an object it would come up with a bar down the bottom that would explain it, (this was also where the option to sell the chest was)... that bar isn’t there anymore so it doesn’t allow me to check levels of things or anything. Please bring that back!.Version: 4.4.0

A few very big flaws.When I first started playing the game I fell in love with it, I love how there is so much to do and so many things to merge. However, I hardly ever spend more than 10 minutes on the game at a time, then have to wait several hours just to play another 10 minutes. The chalices are absolutely ridiculous! It takes an entire hour to refil just one, and with the max being seven. I have to wait seven hours before I get to play the actual story line. It becomes very boring and aggravating. Another thing is that there are lots of things that require gems, but they are nearly impossible to get with the amount of gems earned in the game. There are plenty of people who will pay a small amount for gems to get ahead in the game. But instead, payment is almost forced if you want to play. Your choices are to have to wait several hours to play, not be able to get certain achievements OR skip them because they both require gems, or pay a minimum of $6.99 to get a small amount of gems that will only get you a few things in the game. It’s hard to get people to keep playing your game once they’ve lost interest. I would really love to continue to play. However, as long as I’m having to wait hours for chalices and pay tons of money to get anywhere in the game, I don’t see myself playing much longer..Version: 2.2.0

Dragon bookGreat game, pretty addictive and very enjoyable to play overall. But please tell me why I can no longer buy eggs from my dragon book?? I used to be able to buy and merge eggs/dragons from there but now I only have to option of merging but NOT buying! I have to buy eggs from the dragon shop but that’s just annoying to get to! Please fix.Version: 4.11.1

Solid game but very aggressive monetisationI enjoy this game, it’s clever with a good learning curve. Merging things to create new things is very therapeutic! I don’t love some of the designs of the dragons but with so many versions as they merge and grow it’s not much of an issue. What is an issue is the aggressive monetisation. I’ve never known a game go so hard on it. There’s every trick in book here: triple your winnings per level with in game currency, time restrictions to play that can be lifted with in game currency, daily bonus’s only accessible by paying in game currencies, winnings that you don’t win unless you pay in game currency... the merge mechanic lets them further abuse it, everything need a set of 3 to merge so of course it occasionally gives you two of things and dangles the third for, you guessed it, in game currency. Pay to play is a very damaging and abusive practice and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of what is a sweet game on the surface. So I’d recommend it but not if you have a gambling addiction or addictive competitionist personality..Version: 3.27.0

No longer playHave stopped playing since challenges impossible for me due to brain injury making my reactions and brain processing speed too slow to complete challenges. These need to be optional with less reward if opt out. Still have installed on ph in hopes they fix this as was a brilliant game prior and as my daughter still plays the game by replaying levels as she stuck on same challenge as me, she will let me know if challenges become optional. For now I have found a new game by a different company which i am thoroughly enjoying. Still hoping the game designers fix this so I can have 2 games to play on my phone. Will see what happens in next few months before uninstalling as I want to keep my levels in case it gets fixed.Version: 2.2.0

Only get this if your time is not important!It is highly addictive and very time consuming. Nothing really loads while you are away from the game so in order to get anywhere you actually have to be sat there pressing the screen and moving things about. I don’t have the time to lose all the time that I have spent on this game. It was a mistake ever downloading it. It wouldn’t be too bad if you could pop back on every hour or so and harvest things or collect all the items but they don’t appear if you’re not actually on the game so you can’t nip in and out. Unless time is of no importance to you and you are happy to spend hours at a time tapping mindlessly at your screen don’t get this game. Developers get it so that items still load while you are away from the game, it will make it fun without destroying all the users free time. Unfortunately I am deleting this game, I can’t afford to lose the time I’ve spent. I am flexible time wise so I normally find these kinds of games enjoyable to pop in every now and again and decompress but as this is not possible with the game it makes it unenjoyable unless you dedicate ridiculous amounts of time, which no one should do, life is for living not tapping a screen!.Version: 3.18.1

Terrible.Designed for fast early progression until you reach a near stand still to entice you to pay money to advance. Yes, I know, this is how mobile games are, but I’ve never seen it to this extent. Lives regenerate too slowly, and life costs are inconsistent. AI is awful, dragons are often harvesting resources you’re trying to save up to merge causing them to disappear, or simply just getting in the way. Dragon designs are not impressive, from what I saw the week that I played. Everything is too costly from: levels, to store items, even the monetary cost of gems is too high. I’d rate this less than 1 star if I could..Version: 4.2.3

Wait time between levelsI have enjoyed the game, however the rewards cost and you have to wait for the chalices to refill as these are not given as rewards when you complete a level. Therefore there is a really long wait time between levels..Version: 3.27.1

My reviewAm unable to finish a level as there is no statues to merge to complete it have completed all the tasks needed to finish and just keeps saying “in process” which means on any other level I don’t have any dragons to complete the levels as they are locked on that level so I’m unable to do anything but play the camp and the quests once a fortnight. Loved this game before now! Would of given it a 5/5 before this happened has been 2 months now and still same issue..Version: 3.19.0

Too many locked chestsDownloaded the game because of the high ratings. It seemed fun and was fun...until the locked chests began to stack up. You can only merge them so far in an attempt to save space, and unless you routinely pay money to have the dragon gems to open them, they just sit. I have dozens taking up space that should be allowed to be utilized. But with no storage system, they take up space and will now never go away. I could be missing it, but getting those gems is super rare, but getting the chests is happening more and more, dwindling space each time. The dragon eggs aren’t much better. The weekend challenges require too much time and watching for me to make away with the correct amount of eggs to not have one kick out as an extra. And some don’t seem to come but very randomly, so they gather and gather in varying types, each waiting for a third to come along for a match to be made. I like the game, but please give a way to store items or even delete them. I’ll probably never open the chests before of their cost. When I do gather gems I buy eggs to make those matches instead of opening a chest of random items. The last one I did open, didn’t give enough for a match, just added to eggs waiting and taking space..Version: 4.1.1

Super addicting game but it’s flawedSo I started playing a few months ago and was addicted almost immediately, but as I play the game I realize more and more stuff, so if you’re one of the game developers listen up.....I understand the “incentive” behind make them hard to obtain playing the regular game so the easy way to get them is to buy them...but I don’t feel like spending all my money on a game 😂 so I obtain jewels the hard way...but the stuff at the store is WAY too’s almost impossible to buy anything if you don’t have an obscene amount of jewels. Next I wish when you click on an “un-mergeable” item that it would give you the option to collect or cancel, because in the events I like to see where I’m at in the merging combinations but you can’t see that unless you merge something new or collect the item. Also in the events, it takes forever for at least one of the dragons to “harvest” something so it takes twice as long to do a simple task, once you reach a certain point in the event everything is dead plants which aren’t mergeable so you have to clear land but you have to have 5000 life orbs which is pretty hard get to, the highest life orb flower you can get to is a double twin life flower so not much life orb power there..Version: 4.11.1

More levels and dragon box1. I have completed the game and have been waiting months for new levels it’s getting boring and putting me off the game you can only do so much in camp. 2. The dragon boxes should be free in the camp as they are in the levels I see how you get your money out of players but it’s ridiculous how much you have to spend just to open the boxes, as the gems are hard to come by in the game you would think the boxes would be free not expensive. Definitely a good game but once you’ve finished all levels and wonders if you can be bothered even doing them all there isn’t really much to the game..Version: 4.9.0

Almost everything deletedI opened the game to find almost everything gone. Nobody else accesses my account. Today I found an unauthorized charge of $16.99 from my bank account! Deleted game and not coming back!.Version: 4.2.0

Map IssuesI loved to waste time on this game and occasionally I’d buy gems here and there for chests and eggs I really liked, but out of the blue one day I couldn’t drag my map or land or camp anymore. I can zoom in and zoom out, I just can’t “move”. I tried to play but it hinders your gameplay quite a bit so it’s not really doable. So I deleted and downloaded again. I was heartbroken to see that Cloud couldn’t recover my game. Crying :( and I still can’t move around the game board. I have to delete it now since it’s no longer useable. Sad..Version: 4.9.0

Sold outMuch like a few other reviewers, I was really enjoying this game until the last update. Evidently in an effort to get people to spend more money (as it really was not necessary before) the developers have decided to up the amount of cups needed for pretty much all levels and have upped the amount of time between getting a new one. This makes game play SO SLOW unless you want to pay with gems - which have been implemented more throughout the whole game (they can now be used to skip quests, etc). Now I’m waiting for more levels at the moment so it doesn’t really affect my progress, but it does mean that it takes AGES to get any benefits from replaying levels as after playing once, the chance I’ll have enough to go again is slim. Please fix this and put it back to how it was, the game is MUCH less enjoyable now and I can only chalk this up to selling out..Version: 2.0.1

Dont downloadI think this game was free but i has bad surprise this game its not free!!!.Version: 5.8.0

I feel scammedI absolutely love this game but recently I ran in with a problem with the Rick and morty event: I made a purchase on my iPad under the same camp ( I couldn’t purchase off my phone which I have screen recordings of) I loved this Rick and north event so I went out of my way to make the purchases , it showed up on my iPad camp but not on my phone. I completed and received awards for the camp only on my phone so when it came to updating my camp I had to choose between the Rick dragon from the event purchase or my awards, so I picked my awards and hoped that I could restore my purchases. But after all of that I didn’t get my event purchase nor could I get he one time offers which I also have recordings of , but the money is out of my account. If I could get my purchase to appear on the app and be able to purchase the one time offer that came up that would be much appreciated They. Told me to send through my receipts but it doesn’t let me send any photos . I have screenshots and recordings of everything.Version: 4.4.0

Expense!Love the game, but you have to buy gems to advance. After working toward goals, you have to pay in gems to get rewards. To buy gems is expensive. Shouldn’t have to pay to get rewards you’ve earned!.Version: 4.6.0

ComputerIt does not work on computer 💻.Version: 4.11.1

MehBeing a big gamer I’m hard to please when it comes to games, I have my main games then I download things like this to do in my spare time. And it really is a spare time game. You can play for 5 minutes, complete a couple of levels, merge a few bits in the camp and then that’s it for an hour with nothing else to do. I spend more than I care to admit on games, but with this one, a purchase isn’t worth it. Iv only been playing a few days and already getting bored of the slow progress, the chalice regeneration time is far too long, this is definitely somthing that needs addressing to keep customers playing, it’s the main problem with the game. Gems are near impossible to get without purchasing, the items you win to pick after completing a level should be free, giving an option of 5 free items and 2 you can buy with gems. I don’t think I’ll be playing for much longer due to how slow pace it is but I do hope in the future the chalice regeneration time problem especially gets resolved for the sake of all new players..Version: 3.20.0

Love the game! But....please update levels!I have been waiting for days to see the levels get updated. When will it happen? I have finished all levels a while ago but no any updates, it’s not nice way to keep up, please expand new levels!!!! Like this game and makes me spend long time to play! Only thing is that chalices refreshing time is way too long!!! If each stage only requires 1 chalice then it would be different, however when the stages that require 7 chalices, it means an overnight waiting!.Version: 3.27.0

Boring at timesSometimes I play this game then regret it. My dragon fall asleep after 30 seconds of them being awake! I hate trying to build something and my dragon just woke up, so it’s too tired to build then falls asleep! The only reason I’m keeping this app is because I go on it every hour because that’s how long it takes for one dragon to sleep! Boring!!.Version: 3.9.5

Greedy developersThe game would be fun but it’s pretty much impossible to get very far without spending a lot of $$$. I don’t mind paying as I go along and usually do but the game has to be playable without having to pay on a daily basis and this game isn’t. It’s a shame the developers are so greedy as this game would have been awesome. I’m out..Version: 4.6.0

Good but unbalanced.I like this game thou there are some things that do bother me. I have over 40 chests that can only be opened by gems. How in hell can I open them without spending actual money? If you are going to have this in the free game category you should make earning gems in the game a little easier. Your prices for the gems are higher then any other game I’ve play with that mechanic. I view it as a waste of money to buy gems in games, but this game has it so unbalanced. Dragon vale though it takes a lot of time, you can earn gems in various ways with a pretty much guaranteed 5 gems a day mechanic. That makes it balanced so those who just enjoy the game aren’t pushed to buy gems with actual money..Version: 2.1.0

Used to be so much fun!After the recent upgrade it's become boring!!! Dragons don't stay awake very long. Chalices only last one or two challenges, making it hard as hell to get any purple stars. I'm not interested in buying, i want to earn them. Gaaahhh... I think you just got too greedy! What a shame - thumbs down guys!.Version: 2.0.1

Needs attention to detailI love this game and play it lots. I adore the weekend special games but feel I must comment on them. I spend so much time trying to even work out what some objects to remove clouds are. Please make them easier to identify. Also, and this is driving me mad, why can I not purchase items other than the very limited ones available? Why are the other areas locked down? Also many items to open the key to clouds have never been seen in this or any of the games. Why? What’s that about? It’s pointless and frustrating. It just leaves clouds blocked and only weeds to work with. If you need to find something to open a key, at the very least make it something that is actually part of the game and achievable. There are loads needed this weekend but just not available and never have been. It’s daft and spoils the whole experience. This game deserves five stars but my frustrations mean you’ve only got a three. Shame!.Version: 4.14.0

Starts well but ends up irritatingI loved this game at first but the problem is that they bombard you with so much stuff and no land to put it on. Hundreds of stupid locked chests that cost so much to open. I literally started selling every one. The worst thing was getting (special) green eggs to collect. When you fill this you get what? The opportunity to buy it! They need to look at effort and reward on this game. You can spend hours merging to get very few rewards at the end of a level. Your home world becomes so crowded, you can’t organise it unless you spend hours. The gems are too expensive and the things you can buy with gems also cost too much. This made me vow not to spend any ‘real’ money. If they weren’t so greedy I might have bought the odd few ‘gems’ but it’s really not worth the effort so I am now deleting the app. What a shame as there are lots of good things but they don’t outweigh the bad!.Version: 3.26.1

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