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Meta Quest App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Meta Quest app received 138 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Meta Quest? Can you share your negative thoughts about meta quest?

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Meta Quest for Negative User Reviews

It’s ok.There’s good and bad. The shop and installing to the Oculus quest 2 from the app is seamless and works really well. But. One of the main reasons I wanted the app was to cast what was on the Oculus to either my phone or tv so that I could be part of what someone else was playing/seeing. This works except for the mic. This looks to be an issue that’s been going on and on for ages without Oculus being bothered to do anything about it. Ideally I wanted to be able to record and post to social media accounts but without hearing anything you’re saying on the Oculus it’s all a bit pointless..Version: 158.0

App Rotation Broken in 188App rotation is not working in version 188, this prevents the app from being able to do side-by-side recording. Hopefully Oculus fixes it soon..Version: 188.0

Landscape in casting mode!Multi billion dollar company and can’t even switch it to landscape mode anymore! Cmon fix it! Also trying to stream from the twitch or Streamlabs app the casting and it mutes all audio on the stream!! Why?? Was this deliberate?.Version: 181.1

Does its job but it’s very slowThe app is alright and I can use it but once you click on something it takes a while for it to actually pop up which makes things boring.Version: 89.0

I can’t use my headsetSo a while back I accidentally added a password onto my headset that I ended up forgetting, I pressed on the forgot password in the vr headset and it told me to use the oculus app to fix it. I tried countless times to pair the app to my headset like it says but everytime the headset is off, on the app it shows all the settings I need but the headset needs to be on. But whenever I turn the headset on all those in app settings that I need disappear, so I thought there was a problem with the app because I can’t do anything without the app. So I deleted the app and downloaded it again to see if that would fix it, but I had the same problem I had a few years ago. I would try to log in with my Facebook account like normal, and I would get to the final part and it would say “you merged this account with Facebook. Please go back in log in with Facebook” I don’t know why it says that when I pressed all of the Facebook options. So I haven’t been able to get into the app for over a month now and I haven’t been able to use my 600$ headset once again. I just need help because I’ve tried everything and I just want to play vr..Version: 172.0

The Oculus app is cool butI’ve been having some trouble connecting and each time I would try to connect my headset with bluetooth it wouldn’t work, I’ve had this problem for 3 days already and i also can’t change my profile picture anymore..Version: 181.0

Cant log inI tried to log in multiple times but to avail so bad 👎.Version: 181.1

No push notifications?I got the app to see what it is and how it works. From what I've seen, it's very polished. Everything seems to be working. So why has the app not given me an alert to either allow or block push notifications? The notifications themselves inside the app work how they're supposed to, but I don't get notified outside of the app. Everything is checked to ON for the Mobile switch for each and every type of notifications in the appropriate settings in the app. I shouldn't have to be paranoid and check the app every few seconds to see what my friends are texting all because the app didn't initially tell me to allow notifications. The setting doesn't even exist in iPhone settings, it's not available. I reinstalled the app too, but came fruitless. I am completely softlocked from this simple bug. This NEEDS to be fixed. Even FACEBOOK has more functional working notifications than this..Version: 105.0

I can’t pairing my quest on my accountNot good.Version: 176.1

The most useless app on the planetWent to get on one day and it had randomly logged me off. Considering that it was a year after I created the account and I don’t always write my passwords down (mainly because it’s 99% of the time the same password) so I didn’t think anything would go wrong. I entered my typical password and it didn’t work. I created my account with Facebook, and, amid trying to log in with that, it said my password had failed too. So, like anyone in my situation would do, I went to create a new password. IT TOOK ME BACK TO FACEBOOK. If my password didn’t work for that and I hit “create new password” why would you take me to something that needs my password?! The whole process is ridiculous and half the time doesn’t even recognize my email. I’ve tried the phone number route but it never recognizes that either. Considering that this is a $400 electronic, I’d assume the app that went with it would be able to log me in. And yes, I had it to always log me in. I have been attempting to log in for 5 months now and nothing has happened. If you’re going to make someone spend a hefty amount on something you made, make it work. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!.Version: 163.0

Guess Ill never buy meta anything nowWell two brand new headsets now: the one I bought and the free refurbished one I got sent ( seems unfair I get a refurb for my warranty on a new one ) but neither of them pairs properly and now I have a 350$ brick with no warranty left..Version: 181.1

Garbage appI’m just trying to sign back in to look for a game for my kid but I can’t create the new type of account no matter the options I select because they don’t have an email. I don’t understand what is going on and I work in it support. Facebook is such a pathetic company and I assume it’s just looking for more info from me to sell..Version: 181.1

Needs work...So, Oculus Quest VR is amazing. I love it soooo much I’ve both Quest and Quest 2 headsets. That said the Oculus app looks like a child aged 3 put it together! No landscape mode :( and the way it’s set out is super boring! I want to see dates for version updates and content changes (just like in the Apple App Store app). The app is so bland. Little game icons on a horrid dark grey/black background, and no inspiration to explore further! I just think a tech giant like Facebook could do soooo much better. Not that easy to navigate either as icons for games and apps are so small. Come on Facebook, you and do better than this..Version: 95.0

Horrible Customer SupportI was really surprised to see how poor the customer support is for Oculus. I was double charged for the same app (which sounds like a glitch in itself) and when I requested a refund for the extra charge I was blocked from using either game at all and continued to be blocked even after my refund for one of the apps was approved. When I contacted support they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app even though I explained that the app was unusable and I couldn’t access it anymore. It took multiple emails and threatening to get my bank involved to get another response, I asked if they couldn’t fix the glitch to be refunded for the second app/charge so maybe we could try repurchasing the app to get it to work. After 3 weeks I finally got an email back saying they would make a “one time exception” (indicating this was an issue on my end) and refund my money rather than acknowledging the product issue on their end, apologizing for the ridiculous wait to resolve the issue, and double charging my card! I’m so over this entitled mentality. Maybe this was just a case of an inept person but I expected more maturity and quality from such a predominate company. Hopefully someone who cares about this company’s integrity reads this and takes the opportunity to better their product and improve their customer service..Version: 97.0

Meta, you disappoint.The mixed reality camera option isn't available in the mobile app for me, and I don't know if it's because I'm not in the States, but your online documentation needs to specify international availability. And also, running so far behind on rolling out basic features internationally is going to seriously cut into the goodwill of your users base. The hype and what is delivered needs to be at least a bit more equal, otherwise there's going to be a crash once folks get sick of feeling disappointment. If you want to offer me a job, I'm getting an MA in Virtual and Extended Realities, and I graduated with honours with BBA in Supply Chain Management in 2015. At the very least, give me an internship project to get your international rollout organized and communicated so your users know what to expect. I'm happy to help..Version: 148.1

Too many stupid parents buying this for their dumb kidsI was in love with this system for a long time because I could actually converse with adults without the risk of being banned from my headset. I’m an adult and if I wanna have adult conversations that might be a little late night hbo that should be no issue. But for some reason meta loves to go against its own policies while enforcing stupid ones. 1. Kids should be thirteen and up before using this. It’s not millions of way under ten year olds. Even in venues you create a bar where you can pretend to drink beer but yet some idiots kid is in there at a bar late at night and their parents blocking me because they don’t like my language. This is ridiculous. I’ve bought every single game on the store but they could care less about me but love putting kids in front of me in situations they shouldn’t be in the first place. I’ve recorded my dealing through a second party recorder because you can’t trust theirs especially if they are doing something very wrong..Version: 181.0

Great app - features brokenCasting simply doesn’t work. I’ve looked up all manner of troubleshooting, the solution shouldn’t be workarounds, but that’s what everyone is doing and recommends. Wifi otherwise is completely fine in my house and I can cast anything else without extra hardware, if it’s simply this complicated, go a different route oculus! The app itself for buying and browsing games is great! I don’t want to take away from that, but casting is a serious negative..Version: 56.0

I’m trying to log in but it won’t workI was trying to log into my account but it would just refresh no matter how many times I would log back in. I deleted the app multiple times to see if that would fix anything.but it didn’t..Version: 181.1

App is good but can use fine-tuningThis app does a lot and shouldn’t be judged to harshly. Casting is glitchy though and if you’re read this developers, rotating my screen doesn’t switch to landscape view very often. Maybe 5% of the time. Please fix as I like to keep an eye on what the kids are doing.Version: 181.1

AbysmalThis app doesn’t only bring the technology behind this product back to earth, it buries it. The app regularly freezes, half the features are inaccessible (try recording a video of someone using the casting feature - you can’t change the mode), and the casting feature regularly crashes. Beyond that, the pairing capabilities are laughably bad. You can’t connect the headset to more than one mobile device for casting/purchases. Above all, the UI of the app is obnoxiously confusing. Key features are buried behind convoluted screens and are difficult to find. This app should be a case study in how to destroy the capability of cutting edge tech with lazy software development. Absolute garbage..Version: 181.1

Centralize subscriptions and in-app purchasesIt’s an ok app. But have some issues: I just wish it were more comprehensive- meaning: Users should be able or allowed to do everything in the app (eg: ability to sign up for and track subscriptions, select & pay for in-app purchases..etc) it’s annoying having to do it via the device. Games are already expensive but some also require monthly subscriptions, additional in-app purchases (initial base content should come with much much more offerings before requiring user to have to buy more) ex. Dance Central comes with like 10 songs before you have to buy more? I’m left feeling “nickeled and dimed” at the end of a purchase. If I have to pay $30 for a game all that comes after should be free add-on’s.Version: 107.0

Black screen on previewsCan’t watch previews.Version: 85.0

Always bugsBetween bugs and poorly documented quirks, this can be so aggravating. What to fix (Aug 2020): social icon is a black hole. Doesn’t work and have to force close app. Pairing is super weird sometimes. This app tells you to go to Bluetooth settings, enable and pair. That may not be correct. Check the oculus app settings (hard to find) and enable every thing. There are too many ways this fails, so better documentation and trouble shooting would make sense. The headset has its own issues I could leave out such as crashing/freezing while in the store! It updated without me knowing, remained in loading (ellipsis) forever. Then I couldn’t see the controllers as it went into a new tutorial of old features I couldn’t skip. Please focus on stability before adding features. I’m a sr sw architect. This is poor ux, but I will compliment for making it slightly better a year or so later. It would be great if there was documentation on how to make the best of PCVR. The app says Rift and Go, but not Oculus. Update the descriptions. I’ve seen this in many other places like Steam. Idk what works or not..Version: 75.0

Good AppUsually it is a good app. It is good for browsing and buying different games and messaging friends when they are online. However, I tried going on the app today and it won’t open. I have tried looking for updates, restarting my phone and reinstalling the app but it still won’t work. If I didn’t come across this issue today, I would give the app a 3 or 4 star review..Version: 148.0

Great app with a critical issueReally great app that works well with my new Quest 2. The app crashes however whenever any of the videos/game trailers are played with if the app, causing a black screen to appear a few seconds after the clip plays. The only way to get back to the app is to close and restart. I’m using an iPhone XR with iOS 14.2, not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue?.Version: 85.0

Opens but crashes immediately.Been happening for the last 2 weeks..Version: 188.0

Issues with logging inSame password works for the web site but not for this app. When trying to reset password from the app being forwarded to the web site- where password works. Overall - frustrating and unpleasant experience..Version: 181.1

Needs UpdatingWhile the app works, it’s not without issues. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the app is poorly designed from a UX standpoint. The margins are too thin on the top and bottom and it seems like the developers just ignored Apple’s “safe area” suggestions. It’s difficult to tap on the search icon because it overlaps the network/battery icon in the upper right corner (same for the back button when it appears on the upper left). Once you do get the search bar opened, it’s under the notch and takes several taps in random spots to open the keyboard. The icons at the bottom of the screen are also under the home indicator. Aside from those issues, videos rarely load. I know it’s not my network, every other app works fine and I’ve tried on various different networks. Half the time the screen will just turn black and you have to close the app and reopen it. If these issues are resolved, I’ll be sure to update my review. But, as of now, the app is a mess and needs work..Version: 85.0

App not working correctlyHi My app doesn’t load half of the menu options-like recently met in the people menu, the notifications won’t open now either, it also has issues trying to connect to the headset itself. I have uninstalled app and reinstalled it and it hasn’t helped!.Version: 181.1

Meta is interfering.Exiting a game on my headset, I’m trying to search for friends I’ve met online and meta comes up and demands me to enter a bunch of personal details that it didn’t require before. Why? I have no idea. Now I can’t remember anything I wanted to look up on the app. Great, thanks for inserting yourself where you weren’t wanted Meta..Version: 176.1

Needs reworking for modern iPhonesThe app is fine as it goes, but the navigation in my iPhone 12 Pro Max is terrible. Many buttons/navigation points are at the extreme edges and are very hard to use as the OS controls get in the way. They just need to allow proper margins at the top and bottom and increase the size of a few controls and it’ll be fun, but for now it’s a real pain to use..Version: 89.0

No parental controlAlthough the app works well easy to navigate there is a huge flaw that there are no parental controls. Device is recommended for 13+ yet some games are very violent and graphic. Wrote to oculus and they fobbed the matter off. In a world where online cyber safety is a huge concern it’s very disappointing to have Oculuc / Facebook to not give a toss about its clients safety..Version: 148.0

Can’t log in with Facebook account + Other errorsI have been trying to fix my oculus quest 2 for 3 hours now. Yes I have been in touch with customer support, and no it’s not helpful at all. Every time I log in with my Facebook account on the oculus app, it always says “Try again later” or “error occurred”. It never actually lets me sign up, so trust me, I will be returning this very soon. I won’t lie, the setup is pretty nice and the design over all. But not being able to login or sign up is pretty aggravating. I also was supposed to get an email confirmation and never got one. I’m going to wait until tomorrow, but so far nothing. I’ve tried it on many different accounts, I just can’t get past email verification. Please fix this or whatever the problem is, from what I’ve heard this issue started happening two years ago which says a lot. If I don’t get an email soon, I’m gonna get that 300 bucks back!!.Version: 166.0

Awesome and AWFUL at the same timeYou have to wonder at the lead in charge of the dev team at Oculus. Here you have the most awesome tech, and a group of brilliant creatives working hard to make a genius product, and the Facebook snd Oculus management destroy its mainstream appeal by preventing sensible restraints being implemented by families. That’s right folks, no parental controls whatsoever. None. Your 13 year old baby boy immediately has [email protected] pushed his way via the promoted apps and live events. Nothing you can do about it. As an adult, maybe you recognise the potential danger in watching illicit material. Maybe you don’t, either way you should get to simply like or dislike content shown to you, as you do in instagram, so that a user profile is built up. For Facebook and Oculus developers can i reach out and say, “When your beautiful child gets horribly addicted to [email protected] because of a device you failed to add reasonable safeguards to, how will you feel?” Why not add user profiles and parental controls? What do you gain by making this unusable for families?.Version: 117.0

The best reasons to use this are all broken.The app is presented to the user in a useful and intuitive way, but lacks execution. Exhibit A; the recently added Mixed Reality Camera (a feature which made me immediately re-download the app). For those who don’t know, this gives the user the capability to record yourself in your surroundings in VR, with augmented-reality capable phones (iPhone 7 Plus and up)*. This feature just doesn’t work. The app in the headset tells me to use the phone and the phone just casts, doesn’t offer anything else where everything should be. Exhibit B; the phone notifications. This feature works maybe 60% of the time and refuses to let me unpair the headset to the phone via Bluetooth when I need to repair it (I CANT DELETE THE HEADSET FROM MY BLUETOOTH), which I need to repair the system if the notification flow to the headset stops. This is a pity as this capability was added a while ago and still hasn’t really been patched. At this point this app just gives your headset a bunch of half-baked capabilities that only work half of the time. Wouldn’t suggest use after you’ve gotten past initial setup of headset. *in the instructions it says iPhone X and up, but the supposed capability is aligned with the 7 Plus, and has been seen in other instances working as well as the new phones. In short, there’s 0 reason why this shouldn’t LOAD, not that it should work or connect..Version: 141.0

Great app but sorta app breaking glitch.I’ve never had problems with this app before a few weeks or so ago (first week of Jan. 2022) infact it’s a pretty useful and great app, but recently it’s just been all grey with any area of the app you pick not showing up, even settings. I had to delete the app entirely and reinstall it, I couldn’t get any help in the support page of oculus, and had to figure out a way to fix it myself. You shouldn’t have to delete and reinstall it to make an app work however, please fix this when you get the chance, I want more of my friends to get an oculus so i have more of them to play this with, but if the main app isn’t working that’s a major turn off to the product as a whole. Other than this the app has great features and you can reflect what you see onto your phone for others to see, and make your own profile..Version: 141.0

UselessOculs app is completely unusable, go into the search, type something eg wander, blank screen, only way you cam get it to show the result is by clicking at the end of ‘wander’ in thensearch bar. Then it shows in the results. Try clicking on the result and blank screen, i couldnt even buy an app, any app off theocus app for the life of me. Facebook get your act together for heavens sake and get some people to re rwite the app programming so it actually works and you cam use it, der.Version: 168.0

Quest 2 deserves a better appTotally love the Oculus Quest 2 - so much that I have bought 3 for family use. The app is disappointing, especially the search engine and absence of wish list items. Several times I’ve gone onto the app for a quick look at the daily deal, seen various games that I’m interested in and decided to come back after I’ve had time to think about which to get. Then I can’t find them on the search engine unless I remember the exact name. Result: I don’t buy them. Saw a great car race game this morning. I was interrupted before I could buy. Now I can’t find it using the search engine and ‘car racing’. 😭😤.Version: 98.0

Keeps crashingI go In the app and crashes immediately.Version: 188.0

BREACH OF PRIVACYLogging into this app via fb. Please add “not you?” button as it keeps logging me into someone else’s account (against my will) which is a breach of privacy. I can see someone’s else’s bank details and there full name and address (iOS).Version: 97.0

My headset is cool but this app is clunky.Primary problem being that it crashes immediately after being opened pretty regularly, there are several things that the devs need to figure out. Next up: for people with poor internet connection, there is no option to stream videos at 240 or 480, so when my rural internet provider forgets what they’re doing there’s no way for me to watch a trailer without 10 minutes of buffering. When streaming the headset’s display to my phone, I can turn the volume down to one notch, but I can’t mute it. This is annoying since I can already hear the audio from the headset itself if I’m standing right next to whoever is playing. Finally, I don’t know if this is specifically an app problem, but even though I get a notification every time I put on the headset that my phone is paired and I’ll receive phone notifications in the headset, I receive no phone notifications..Version: 149.0

Not workingMy library will not even load let alone update so I can’t even play the games that I have paid for..Version: 152.0

Cannot register using emailAfter downloading the Oculus app, the next step is to set up an account. As this is a Facebook product it tries really hard to get you to set up using your existing Facebook account. It does give you the option of using your email account however the link they’ve supposedly sent to your email address never arrives. After checking and rechecking the email address and requesting resending the link multiple times, no link appears and set up cannot be completed. Upon going back and choosing the Facebook option of creating and registering my account and device- everything works perfectly and the account is set up. Funny that....Version: 37.0

Multi-Billion Dollar company can’t maintain an appThis is by far the worst app experience I have ever had. I thoroughly believe a single programmer creating their own app from scratch in their spare time would have made a better app than this. From the get-go, you experience app crashes, freezing, and downright impossibility to move forward without hard closing and resetting the app. If nothing else, PLEASE consider this app before you purchase an oculus device. It took me nearly 1 hour to get through the set up portion of the device ALL thanks to this downright terrible app. If you’d like to try to return a game you recently bought? Good luck having the app work long enough for you to go through the return process. It seems absolutely insane that a company as big as Facebook can’t spare enough resources to fix some of the most app-breaking bugs there can be. I cannot wait to get through this return so I can get this god-forsaken app off of my phone for good..Version: 77.2

Wish this app worked on iPad devicesThe app works great but it would be even better if it was compatible with iPad devices. We use Oculus GO at my work which is an Aged Care Facility and the residents love this but monitoring what they are seeing is quite difficult on small phone screen..Version: 38.0

GoodGood, but needs iPad support! The UI is a bit clunky. Hope it is just a foundation that will be built upon over time. Love the Quest headset but the prices are far too high for these “games” that are more like tech demos with a high price tag. Hope this app starts offering a “sales” tab soon!.Version: 28.0

App keeps crashing when I open it.When I open the Oculus app it just goes back to my normal I phone home screen and I have no idea what is going on. Because as soon as I installed the new update a few days ago it keeps crashing. But overall it is a pretty good app. But note to Oculus employees and team, You should try updating the app again because I really need the app and I think the only way to solve this would be to make an update that would hopefully fix this weird bug and hopefully you find out whatever is causing this you guys will find it and get rid of it. So can anyone pls help me because I don’t know what is going on but you guys need to fix this because it is a big issue. Anyway pls help me with this and good luck. Good app..Version: 140.0

The in app camera button not functioningI tried to cast and i cannot press the button to include myself on casting i tried to reboot many times the app and its still the same i can only pressed the record button but not with camera.Version: 181.0

Changing accountsI woul like to have a feature to unlink an account but still have your data saved just different accounts.Version: 147.0

A flawed part of the exprienceThe iOS meta app constantly frustrates on an iPhone 12 (and likely others). Often you go into a game, back out if it and the entire list of games is gone. You have to flick between ‘apps’ and ‘games’ for them to reappear. Recently the “New Releases” looks to have gone back in time and is showing releases from March, instead of games that literally released days ago..Version: 178.1

Data Linked to You:All - Hahahahaha.Version: 181.0

App doesnt work.App doesnt even open. Just crashes..Version: 140.0

Locked out no fix other than factory resetSuddenly there’s a pattern password being asked for which we do not know. Anyone would think this is a simple reset using the mobile app…. Wrong! You follow the instructions but are unable to reset it making the whole expensive pile of **** completely unusable - only way is to factory reset losing £££’s games progress etc!! What a waste!! And to think this was supposedly ‘state of the art’ gaming - really disappointed and think that Oculus / META should be doing more to fix this issue! Money grabbers!.Version: 173.0

Needs a bit more workA couple of updates ago the iPad UI got really big, you can only see 2-3 items without scrolling. That’s just way to big for 12,9” devices. The top banners are cut in half so you can’t see what they are. When doing a search on the iPad (on the 12.9 pro and prolly the 10.5” pro as well), nothing shows up. You have to tap the search field again, then a small part of the screen shows a cut off/squished box with the results. Would like to see ability to update apps/games (on Quest 2) from the app. Would like to see available Quest 2 storage in the app. Would like to be able to uninstall apps/games from the app. Some other things, but most of all the iPad UI needs an overhaul. Even simple things like swiping left/right between game images, instead of having to open and close each image (this part of the app have a tendency to bug out, forcing you to kill/restart the app). Also…why hide the wishlist inside the account settings?.Version: 141.0

This app is a scamIm trying to set up an account app: “email address” me: okay *tries to write it in” the keyboard doesn’t pop up. I’m on mobile and everything else works just fine, get this fixed or im going to be disappointed.Version: 181.1

Got scammedI purchased a game called boneworks and got charged twice the money and it didn’t even download the game, please give me a refund or somehow fix the problem..Version: 163.0

Need iPad supportApplication need iPad support. The casting option is great..Version: 26.0

Fun when you first get it but has many issuesWhen I first got this it wasn’t that great. It took about two hours to set up and there are only about one or two halfway-decent starting games. Headset has issues and never adjusts correctly. Always falls off your head and is blurry no matter what adjustments you make. The game that comes with it (not pre-downloaded fyi) is fun for a couple of minutes before you get tired of it because the tutorial was the best part of the game. The app isn’t any better. It chews away your phone battery like crazy and is very laggy. Would not recommend unless you are ok with spending $600+ on getting a halfway-functioning console and a casewith a couple of games you can find anywhere else. Not to mention you now are required to have a Facebook account just to use a $400 console you already paid for, so say goodbye to any online privacy you had left..Version: 152.0

Wont pairIve tried re-Installing the app, reconnecting my bluetooth and waiting while all it says it “pairing headset” for so long, no matter what i do it doesnt say it has been paired. I will keep trying but i need a fix :/.Version: 172.0

Problem logging in.So this I gonna be short but I can’t log. Every time I try to log info though oculus then it it brings me to Facebook log in and how is this bad? Well every time put in my password and email it’s says “this account is merged log in through facebook” or something like that but how am gonna log in through Facebook when I do that but it takes me to oculus page to log in. ok now I will talk about why I gave it 3 stars in the first place well when I DID have my account it was pretty easy and the pin system is kinda good but I forgot my pin and can’t get any more games and you can really get games any were you want so if your on vacation and want to play a game on your VR when you come back then get the game and it will be there downloaded and yeah that’s really it so bye..Version: 111.0

Doesn’t open...I’ve been using the app just fine (except for the video section not loading) for the past year, and only now does the app literally not get past the very first loading screen when you press on the app. I’ve waited for like a month now for this to be fixed, and I’ve redownloaded the app multiple times, but it just doesn’t work..Version: 189.0

CumbersomeSilly and unnecessary for the VR experience. Interrupts the fluidity of the experience by asking for logins, passwords, not correctly syncing my original CV1 library. It’s not even named correctly - the PC setup asks to download the Meta Quest 2 app - it’s still called Oculus in the App Store. Seems like an amateur mistake..Version: 181.1

App freezes with a blank screenAfter I log in with my facebook account and create a profile, the app asks me what info I want people to see and the only think that pops up on my screen is a blue bar at the top that does nothing. Stuck with my useless Oculus Quest 2..Version: 82.1

Can’t buy anythingNo matter the card I put on I can’t buy anything!?!?.Version: 189.0

Crashes way too muchHas potential but crashes all the time. Casting what your seeing to the iphone is mega pointless, its soooooooo laggy and painful for anyone who tries to watch it. Also scary that Facebook owns it so I have to keep shutting the Oculus headset down and changing privacy settings from the app cos I don’t like its ability to see, hear and scan what I do plus the app probably does like Facebook app and scans all my info off my device. Needs more privacy setting to stop it spying.Version: 148.0

Laggy castingThe app is great overall and the store experience is also good. Unfortunately, casting from my Quest 2 to my phone is extremely laggy and not very usable. More options like resolution selection and frame rate selection for casting would also be great..Version: 93.0

Minor issuesEverything works except when trying to put my card details in, however putting it in through the headset worked. The app also doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the headset when trying to allow mobile notifications through it.Version: 122.0

Bit Buggy in this updateThis app is a bit broken since the last update. Videos don’t go into full screen and the menu tab is still not scaled properly for the iPhone.Version: 181.1

Troubles pairing oculus questWhen I got my oculus quest for Christmas, I was told to download the app to set it up. I set it up and played it for a while. A few months down the road, I was always asked to enable Bluetooth on my phone to connect to my oculus. Even though it was on, my oculus was never able to connect, but I was able to use the oculus and somehow be able to download content onto the oculus, but I could never stream any of my gameplay onto my phone. I’ve asked him he support team many times for help and they never gave any advice other than turn on and off your Bluetooth your phone. That never works and I’ve tried everything from deleting and redone loading the app to doing a factory reset on the oculus. After I have done all of that, the oculus will show up as a device to connect to on my phone, but if I click connect, it will for a second and then disconnect. If anyone is experiencing the same or has experienced the same, please reply and help me out..Version: 77.2

How do I see apps and gamesI downloaded a game today and I went on and I did not see the game so I will need someone to tell me.Version: 154.0

Good games but pairingAll the games from gorilla tag to beat saber are all good but the one thing I hate doing is pairing I've tried pairing for 4 hours without even touching my phone and it still won't pair I went to the App Store to see if it had an update, none I updated my iOS still doesn't work! I did it with my pc it took 4 second's!!! Idk if its because I have two accounts and mine isn't device owner... Or if it's cause someone else is paired. But stilly account shows but when i go to devices it says none all I'm trying to do is find my recorded clips!! But it says there's no device.. Even though my account is connected. My pc connected faster!! But I want all the clips on my phone please fix this! Like add network pairing where you could find the oculuses in your Network and pair with them. But other then pairing I love oculus but please fix it! 😌 ...Version: 157.0

👎👎👎👎My headset recently broke I tried to send it back and they said I was playing a scheme on them even though I sent it once from 2021.Version: 181.1

Barely functionalBuggy. As in barely functional. Wont finish my set up. Wont launch any of my games. I might have well as bought a paper weight at this point! Wont even connect to the headset for more than a few minutes... and thats if your lucky! And the UI is confusing and not built for humans. Whoever developed this app should be fired for incompetence..Version: 181.1

Fun VRGreat VR, offers lots of options. It’s good to know that you can save 35$ if use referral code DaniaB2255 as the games are quite pricey….Version: 181.0

Works sometimesThere’s a problem when downloading synced photos, it only lets you download 1 or 2 before it breaks and lets you do nothing else, it also doesn’t show all your photos that are downloaded.Version: 178.1

Nice headset (Quest 2), buggy appThe app has an option to install downloaded game to headset. Which would be nice if it worked! But it takes multiple power button presses on the headset and trying to connect app to headset before app connects. Then once it says connected, if you can get it to stay connected, the you get the option to install. I click on the headset and install, then it does nothing. I have to put unplug headset, put on headset, walk to my guardian area, get out the hand controllers, scroll through menus and then install game. After all that, I look at the app and it says installing?? Why have the app, it doesn’t work correctly! So far after only having this for a couple days I’ve already encountered multiple bugs with the app and the headset software, with random glitches, freezing and power off’s. Hopefully developers fix these bugs!.Version: 151.0

Notifications issueOnce you read a notification the app won’t remove the notification badge from the home screen! Very annoying! Can’t tell if you get new notifications and miss out on them or are too late. 🙁Should be allowed to delete or archive notifications! Maybe then that would fix the notification badge issues..Version: 42.0

Need more1st off, what’s the point in being ipad compatible if you can only use it in portrait. 2nd the live view between headset and my phone so i can see what’s going on it terrible. It connected when i 1st brought it but connection was poor. I have since upgraded to super fast broadband and now I can’t connect at all. I’ve even reinstalled the 3 at least 4 times thinking it’ll work. Other than that its pretty good i like i can search and buy games with out having to spend hours under the headset..Version: 151.0

Awsome appApp is fairly well made and easy to use But i do have 2+ issues with it You cant currently buy all wishlist items at once as there is no cart its a per game purchase And I'm not sure if it is or is not a thing but i will assume it isn't, you cant install all games with 1 click on the quest and go I will be buying a quest at some-point and when i do i will also be buying and installing all 74 (as of 4th july 2019) and buying and installing each manually is not something that i want to be doing as my bank will stop letting buy the games after to many purchases in quick succession Please add a way to buy all from wish-list and or cart (if a cart is added) Please add download all for the go and quest if that isn't already a thing Other than that no issues with the app.Version: 26.0

The wireless stuffI really love the virtual reality and it’s wireless ability but off the app you can’t get roblox and I really wanted to play that in vitual reality and be big and get to use the cool items and drive normal people in drones rc cars and much more but if you team with roblox and let you play it I’ll rate five stars thanks.Version: 89.0

Frustrating to useCasting is useful but I wish it worked with more devices like AppleTV. The store is frustrating to use. New and updated apps are not highlighted well. You used to be able to dig into the app details and see the “Developer Update” messages, but these seem to be gone now, so it is hard to know what changed. Being able to review developer release notes (most recent shown first) that apply to apps I own would be nice. Filtering and sorting apps is cumbersome. I wish you could sort by user star rating in the store. I would like to be able to filter apps in the store so I can just see apps that I do not own (sensible default) or apps that I own. Being able to filter apps I own would be useful when I want to browse my apps to decide which one I want to gift to a friend, though this wouldn't be needed if "My Library" supported filtering and sorting by user star rating. That way when a friend asks me what are the best multiplayer apps that I own, for example, it would be easy to just see which popular ones I own and make a recommendation. I wish it showed the price of apps that I own more visibly, so I can consider this when recommending an app to a friend..Version: 181.0

App is pretty decentI think the app is well thought out, definitely makes it easier navigating around the Oculus. One issue that I am having is that I will sync videos from my oculus to my phone (which by the way I have to do atleast 15 times before it actually goes through) and when it does go through, a symbol of a wifi bar and exclamation mark in the middle show up. I can view the information of the video just not the video. I am pretty annoyed at this point, I have both of them on the same wifi connection so there isn’t much left I can think of doing..Version: 156.0

No easy way to unsubscribe from appIt’s very easy to subscribe but very tricky unsubscribe process. Annoying and very discouraging to subscribe for any apps..Version: 181.1

Great but needs an update for iPhone 12 pro maxUI elements don’t quite line up. Also when trying watch preview videos of apps, the screen goes completely black with no option than to force close the app..Version: 85.0

Problem to see game videoCan not play game video on iphone 8plus..Version: 85.0

Mid overallThe oculus is great and all but whenever o try to connect my phone to my oculus it never works. Recently I have forgotten my password and so I had to connect it to my phone but obviously it never worked. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I think it’s stupid how you need a Facebook account to sign into it as well but that story can be for another day..Version: 164.0

Avoid SCAMMyself and my son have been completely locked out of our oculus app/headset for over 3 months because I changed my mobile number so we cannot complete 2 factor authentication. Despite speaking to over a dozen oculus experts for over 7 hours over the last 3 months and sending in a copy of my passport, proof of Purchase, receipts for games, headset serial number on numerous occasions we are no further forward. Literally spend hundreds on games and a headset that is completely and utterly useless. Have been told it’s been escalated 5 times already and we have to be patient….3 months we have been waiting!.Version: 132.0

SO STUPIDLY OVERCOMPLICATEDIt kept telling me to link my facebook and when i did it wouldnt let me back into the app it just loads forever. I’m so angry.Version: 181.1

Forgotten passwordsLook, I can tell oculus somewhat responds and fixes issues that are sent in reviews, and I thought that if oculus new this issue existed they would’ve considered it important well it seems they don’t, if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s retrieving your forgotten passwords, I didn’t know you needed to have your real name for your Facebook and oculus account so I logged out of my oculus and Facebook and made a new one for each, HOWEVER I completely forgot what my oculus password for the app, I don’t even remember making one, I thought I made it the same one for all my accounts but it appears not, I went “well ok I’ll just reset it” WELL APPARENTLY IM NOT ALLOWED TO. I went to forgot password, it took me to the oculus website I entered my email waited 30 minutes… nothing was sent. Oculus and Facebook this is a simple yet very important error in your system please just fix it already..Version: 123.0

Lots and lots of long term bugsFirst, right now it just crashes on startup and isn’t usable. It is up to date and have tried a fresh install. However before that, The clip sharing feature didn’t work at all due to it not properly saving the clips to the photo library (it never even asked permission). The file sharing function doesn’t work at all however I think that’s more likely an issue on the headset side. The recording doesn’t actually save the recordings or screenshots anywhere, making it useless. Honestly I doubt Facebook will bother to put the budget into fixing these bugs as they seem to be much too busy spending it elsewhere like pointless diversionary name changes..Version: 148.0

Total GarbageSo I bought the oculus quest awhile back and I’m trying to get it to work but it’s not and I don’t think it will ever this is probably the worst vr ever period like for instants say you want to pay for a game you’ve been really wanting well you have to put in pin you most likely have already forgot well if you want to rest it you have to not use the app no no you have to use a website not the app nor the vr you bought and rest it but wait you forgot your password too well you have to find the link that will take you their and after doing so you need to send a link and either two things will happen it will send a “link” but you’ll never ever get it or it will just say something to the extend of saying you have merge with your Facebook and do nothing so if you read this don’t forget your pin because if you do you will never play a game ever no matter what also if anyone could help me I would be very happy to except it but this is still by far one of if not the worst ever vr system ever and will always be no matter it is total garbage and that is were it will belong.Version: 167.0

AnnoyingI find it really annoying how you have to pay 400 more dollars to get the better console. It is also unfair how quest and rift players can have beat saber and all the great games like that, where as oculus go can’t have them. Please add them on oculus go :(.Version: 40.0

LoserKYs.Version: 181.0

Help meI tried to fix my internet and logged out and now it keeps saying “Session Expired” and stayed the way since. Plz help to see how to fix.Version: 188.0

Store won’t take my card or PayPal detailsThe store won’t let me add my card to my account so I’m not able to buy games. Also when I use try to use paypal it doesn’t work either, telling me that there’s something unusual going on and I should try again later. Don’t know why it’s happening but surely a simple bug like that can be fixed. Didn’t spend over $450 for nothing.Version: 140.1

Keeps crashingI can’t even open the app anymore it just keeps crashing every time I try to open it.Version: 188.0

Great and all but fix this bug pleaseI’m enjoying the app and headset but there’s a bug where when the headset connects to the app the headset settings on the app disappear Please fix this as I’m not able to reconnect my oculus anymore Which cause I had to factory reset it and the internet disconnected halfway through it downloading Basically means I can no longer use my headset.Version: 118.0

StupidSo because of a problem that’s been like this with no fix for years I’m unable to use this stupid app because I’m in a never ending loop of linking my already linked account and because it’s already linked it says to use a different email ect ect.Version: 154.0

Keeps CrashingEvery time I go to watch a trailer for the different games, the screen goes black and I’m forced to close the app! Please fix!.Version: 85.0

Can’t log inAmazing vr and everything to do with it is immaculate but that’s if I could log back in my account, I have my details of my accounts password email and name to log in with oculus and it says they are wrong? Fix this, it has happened to a lot of my friends, yes I would sign in with Facebook but it has the exact same problem..Version: 169.0

Keeps crashingWon’t get passed opening screen..Version: 181.1

Please fix the app.I have an iPhone 12 Pro max and the app doesn't work very well for me at all. When I play a video it plays for one second then the screen goes black. I can still hear the audio but no video whatsoever. The little buttons at the very top of the screen (to click on notifications etc) only work some of the time and are very difficult to click on. I've not had these issues on an ipad pro 12.9 (second version) or a Samsung s10 plus..Version: 85.0

Oculus problemI was so excited to get the oculus, just received getting it yesterday and I’m having problems making an account on the app it keeps saying ‘ something went wrong try again’.Version: 169.0

ErrorMy Quest 2 arrived and when setting it up initially it requires it to be linked to the Oculus mobile app and to log into facebook. The problem is that when I log in using Facebook I receive an error message telling me that my account has been merged and that I need to go back and log into the app using Facebook...which is what I’m trying to do. So now I’m stuck in an infinite error loop and a useless Oculus. I’ve submitted a ticket with Oculus’ support and have gotten no where in 24 hours so far, and am debating wether I should return it if I don’t get help in a day or two. I’m feeling very let down and frustrated as there’s nothing I can do except wait/hope..Version: 102.0

Terrible game title browserWhen browsing games. Don’t bother tapping to watch a trailer for the title, the video plays for 3 seconds and then the screen fades to black and you can’t do anything besides force quitting the app. I was reading game reviews and the app crashed my phone. Literal spinning wheel. Will happily adjust my rating when I can actually browse titles for oculus quest 2 using this app..Version: 85.0

Updated review - February 2021Since my first review, the problems with accessing the buttons at the top of the screen have been resolved with the latest app update. All of that works properly now! New problem though: I cannot adjust the volume on my phone when casting to my phone. Turning the volume down using the buttons and via the control center does nothing. The volume bar moves down in both instances, but the actual sound level doesn’t change. Turning the volume down on the headset itself does nothing either (besides turn the headset volume down, like it’s supposed to. I just tried it to test if it had any effect). The volume is essentially stuck blasting around 80% and it’s way too loud. iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 14.4 Previous review: I can’t tap the X button to close app descriptions, can barely tap in the search box to type. I have have tapped and tapped and have to force quit the app just to go back sometimes. This REALLY needs to be updated to work properly with the 12 pro max. I’m not sure about how it fits and works with other sized phones. I’ve had no problem connecting to the Oculus itself or casting or anything like that though. Just 🌟PLEASE🌟 fix the UI for the bigger phones. Please!.Version: 95.0

Lacks Features And Has MAJOR AnnoyancesFor a socially focused platform, you’re not able to share links to games in any form, making it difficult to get friends into games you may think they like. This app REFUSES, ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to let you use it without your phone’s Bluetooth turned on making a VERY simple task of allowing to you browse the oculus digital shop the most task possible with its REPEATED demands that you turn on Bluetooth. Also to anyone that may want to purchase a headset for their family to use, Facebook does NOT allow multiple accounts on a single headset. On that same note be prepared for MANY problems if you buy a headset for a child as they will need their own Facebook account, which is AGAINST Facebook’s TOS if said child is younger than 13. AAAAND be prepared to have more problems if you create a new account for said child, as they may get flagged as a fake account if you’re creating your child’s account just for the Oculus Quest which can be banned and lose access to all purchases..Version: 89.0

Why Facebook now????This was an amazing app. I could play Roblox VR, other games and I was very happy! Until I woke up one day to finding out I was logged out of my account because of a Facebook update. I was like "Oh okay, I'll just log back in, no biggie!" Yes biggie. I dont even have a Facebook account so I had to make one. When I made one though, it said "Sorry, there was a problem connecting your Facebook account. Please try again later". I memorize this quote because 1, I've tried so many times. 2, It's on my screen right now because I'm so frusterated. Also, I don't have a Facebook account, it says my Oculus account was connected to MY Facebook account (I don't connect anything unless it's necessary to my accounts- connecting a Facebook account is unecessary.) There's not even an option to create a new oculus account on my screen. I just want to play VR. Why did you have to add Facebook into a VR company??.Version: 100.0

Disabled for no reason on Oculus Quest 2Today I just wanted to have a good time in playing beat saber but it didn’t work for me. It kept kicking me out of the app so I decided to restart my vr. It kept kicking me out so I tried to go onto my phone and it said my account is disabled because I didn’t follow the community guidelines. I’m very concerned because nothing like this has happened and the fact that I got this in early November, please tell me what went wrong because now if I have to make another account I have to pay to get beat saber again and I don’t want to pay again if I had already bought it. Please, tell me why I’m disabled Thanks Shumaya.Version: 89.0

Lacking games......Hi meta, I don’t have any problems with your games they are fun but the lack of games are making it harder to connect with people, plus the prices of an average meta quest 2 are outrageous therefore making it harder for people to be able to have this really fun experience. Anyways I better get back to gorilla tag OOOooooo.Version: 189.0

What in Tarantino is going on(Scroll down for summarized version) So Oculus is great and having an app that keeps all your recordings in one spot and being able to buy from the store, great! However, this app barely EVER works. When browsing the store and looking at a game in particular, whenever you go back to the search page or whatever, nothing. I have to restart the app and make my search again to keep browsing. I thought they’d have fixed it in yesterdays update but alas, same thing happens today. Another gripe of mine is how slow and buggy saving game clips is. I don’t share to Facebook, I like to download them and it works about 30 percent of the time. The other 70, it just gives me a loading circle. Anyway, the app os owned by meta and im sure they have access to all kinds of programmers, so why are we experiencing so many bugs with this app?? In short, the app has great features, but is buggy as all heck.Version: 155.0

BEWARE FACEBOOKIf you recently purchased an Oculus system, believe me, you’re better off returning it than mailing all of your personal info to grubbing Facebook. Allow me to explain; Every feature involves the disclosure of EVERYTHING involving YOU. Your credit card number, your email address/home address, even your phone number! Additionally, the “Beta” features such as “voice chat” and “hand-capture motion” record the size of your hands and the tone of your voice to determine the kind of individual you represent. If you aren’t sold on this idea, look online regarding Facebook’s antitrust issues and desperate groping for every shred of personality that a consumer may unwittingly provide. Unless you want to sell your own identity to a third-party that can know you more than you know YOURSELF, avoid this app at all costs! I have been in this situation before, and my regrets are even greater than the sheer wonder that Virtual Reality provides..Version: 77.0

App is very buggy on iPhone 14 ProMy review is strictly for the app, not my experiences with my Quest 2 or my opinion about the Facebook corporation. Being able to cast from my headset to my phone is awesome and works most of the time. My problems lie with the other functionalities of the app. Why on the media gallery can’t I delete unwanted videos or photos? When I click on the media there is a garbage can icon but nothing happens when I press on it (bug?). Another issue, I’m on my 3rd headset (had problems with the other 2) but there’s no place in the app to remove those old devices in my Meta account so all 3 are always on the cast screen with no way to differentiate the active one. Also, while navigating through the apps screens, I often find that there aren’t any back button (more bugs?) so I’m constantly hard closing the app just to get back to the Home Screen. It’s just really sloppy bugs that shouldn’t be there with a little bit of QA..Version: 181.1

Caress my fat nuts markWouldn’t let me use the app without creating a horizon profile. hold my nuts zuck let your customers use this app freely.Version: 188.0

Just awful! Have they given up?The app and its connection to the headset are flawed. The setup process behaves as if the developers haven’t actually used it. There’s no way to filter out the mass of violent games and content. The app is filled with the normal Facebook clickbait. Why, when the product is the headset and that’s been paid for? Demoralisingly stupid..Version: 157.0

Video won’t downloadAfter 20 mins I finally sync my video but when I go to download it it shows a network error for only that video! This sucks because you guys need to improve your ways of downloading and fix this network error WHEN I HAVE INTERNET!.Version: 158.0

New update screwed the experience right upThe new app update has made the app completely blank and unusable. Apart from a few icons at the bottom. I used to use this app all the time to get games and apps for my quest 1 and quest 2. But this new update screwed it all up and now it’s just a blank background with a few buttons that don’t work. I’ve reinstalled the app I’ve done everything. Nothing works and this needs to be fixed. I expect an update this bad to be fixed right away especially by oculus/meta. You should be on issues like this right away.Version: 141.0

A pain to use.The app isn’t sized correctly on iPhone 12 Pro Max, and has many bugs: 1. Buttons overlap the top of the screen where it says “search”, can’t click the top left button. 2. The search bar in store often needs to be tapped several times to work, again likely due to it being partially cut off. 3. The bottom search result in a list is impossible to get to, it’s completely cut off the bottom of the display (scroll doesn’t go far enough down unless you’re still holding the screen as you scroll) 4. The bottom bar covers some content. 5. Regularly has to reload content and flickers while doing so, also happens on desktop Web version.. 6. No Horizontal view for iPad, not Keyboard case user friendly.Version: 89.0

Meta update messed up my quest.When the new meta update came out I created a meta account. what I didn’t know is none of my data would transfer the way it’s supposed to. Eventually I got it to work. when I launch my oculus I need a code to… I don’t even know, but the code keeps failing and now I can’t use my oculus/meta quest. This isn’t the first time things like this have happened to me..Version: 176.1

Need more!?!?I really love my oculus quest it is so amazing but I’m pretty bored of it and really haven’t had it that long, it comes between what the app lets you get and the prices of the games. The average of games is at least $30 which is way too high when you want multiple games, then you have to think about the games I can’t even download ROBLOX, ROBLOX, it is such a light game I have never experienced lag on it with my phone and the quest is so much better than a phone I would love to see access to at least ROBLOX and the game Pavlov !! though it would be great to get minecraft as well I know this would definitely get me playing more often..Version: 68.0

Can’t sign in.I always sais that my email is invalid..Version: 181.0

Poor customer serviceI had to return my headset due to an issue with the lenses, it’s been over a month now and they still haven’t sent a replacement and haven’t communicated a reason. I’m over it..Version: 129.0

Black screen on game descriptionLast update broke the app for video of games, just get a black screen.Version: 85.0

CastingArguably one of the few real uses for this app is casting to your phone or other devices and I think a lot of us can agree with that, which isn’t a problem. The problem comes when no matter how stable and good my connection is the casting is super laggy and glitchy it’s getting to be a bit too much I want to record things I do to show to my grandma and some friends but it’s extremely unreliable and I can’t even slightly make out what’s going on in the videos anymore, when I first got it the videos weren’t that bad, a little glitchy albeit, but other than that nothing too serious, audio worked, video was mostly fine despite a little bit of choppiness here and there, but now you seriously couldn’t make out a single thing I’m doing on screen. You guys are going to have to improve the casting If you want better ratings..Version: 105.0

From meh to decent to mehThis app sure has gone through some changes. It originally lacked a ton of features and over the years has slowly improved to the point that it was actually pretty nice to use. This latest version that just came out basically makes it impossible to use one-handed if you have a large phone. Through the process of rearranging everything, notifications are now a tiny bell icon at the top right of the screen and you can no longer swipe right to go back to the previous screen, forcing you to click the back buttons at the top left of each screen. Seriously, please at least add the swipe to go back functionality back in! The added features with regards to casting and stuff are welcome changes, but the lack of maneuverability isn’t. Help us big phone folks out..Version: 129.0

Glitchy for the money you payI was excited to get my Oculus Quest last December. For the money we paid for the headset, its glitchy. 1. Advertised as “All in One”. This is mostly true, but what they don’t tell you is, if you want all the cool games that came with previous VR, you will have to use Sidequest. If you don’t have a super powerful gaming computer, sorry for your luck, you are limited to what is available on the app. Not a horrible selection, but if you are looking to play Half Life Alex, you need Sidequest. Not everyone has a gaming computer and can use Sidequest. I am sure there is a way it can be done with the right programming on the part if Oculus . If not, then Oculus needs to get ta uploading. 2. Streaming/Casting to Google Chromecast has never worked for me. No matter what try. I am on a lot of forums and most people have this issue. Fix it. This stuff is expensive. 3. Casting to iphone has a huge lag 4. Is there nothing that can be done about the hideous Avatars? They all look like men. Hideous men at that. No, I am not against Gender ID, but I am a girl, and I want my Avatar to look like a girl. Please fix this. 5. What ever happened to Horizons? 6. plus one star for adding new games regularly and another for allowing outside developers..Version: 66.0

Doesn’t work - again.App was working beautifully on this iPad Air prior to update last week. App Store says device compatible. Oculus app crashes after a few seconds when launching. Devastation. No change with this latest update..Version: 189.0

BasNot opening since recent update.Version: 188.0

Social tab always says it’s unable to loadRest of app works fine but it means I can’t accept friend requests and stuff from my phone..Version: 100.0

Signing in issue and wanting help for itAfter having my vr for over a year now I’ve been experiencing some issue. My phone has this thing that is some what deletes apps for more space, the apps that I don’t use much. And Oculus was one of them. I only use it for pairing and stuff. After I deleted it and needed to reconnect my new controllers. I had to sign in. I would click continue with Facebook and then it would tell me to sign into it and I did my Facebook account it tells me that I have an existing Oculus account. Then it tells me to merge them together. To confirm the merge you would have to put your password. And I did but then it says that it’s already merged and have to log in with Facebook. If I do that it keeps repeating the same thing over and over the amount of times I try. Till this day I’m playing with broken controllers. Btw this happens on every platform I try to log in with. Help!!.Version: 145.0

Nothing worksI tryed to pair my quest 2 and it keep saying unlock headset and it says it sends me a confirmation code but I have no idea what the pattern is for my headset and there is no code.Version: 181.1

Landscape is average on iPad/MacOSPlease design app to also work in landscape. Please also fix landscape view of casting to be rotated the opposite direction, as the current design does not work with most cases (left hand side down) & it is completely upside down on MacOS, so the “just turn it around” trick doesn’t really work..Version: 169.0

A few bugsGreat, neat looking app. However, I did experience a few bugs. One really prominent issue is that when I go into the store to watch ‘demonstration’ videos before a purchase, they crash about 3 seconds in and then it’s just a black screen! So this feature is unusable. The same issue occurs irregularly with casting. It’s also annoying that you have to log in with Facebook to use oculus, but that’s understandable considering they own and fund the company..Version: 85.0

A great startOk so the good: You can buy things You can see some basic info about your headset and do casting The bad: Clearly a react native app, loading feels clunky, videos dont even play properly in the store (it plays for a second and goes black) I have to goto the web to see them. Additionally the position of the back button isn’t quite right because it overlaps with the system “back to search” What’s missing: It would be great to have your oculus move integrate with Apple health, please get this working..Version: 85.0

Store searchThe main thing I use this app for is the store. When you search for a game in the store nothing comes up. When you do manage to get a list after tapping the search box with you search “term” in it, it disappears when you start scrolling leaving the page completely blank. I love everything else about the Oculus Quest 2 but the ability to search & preload games ready to play the next time you put the headset on is very handy. Not being able to search is very irritating..Version: 128.0

Screen sharingVideos and sharing your oculus screen to your phone is so buggy and laggy. Please fix this. It’s been like this for two years..Version: 181.1

Back button not working on iPhone 12This app is great other than the fact that the UI is too close to the top of the screen. This means that whenever you go to a game page, you can’t go back easily. The button is so close to the corner of the screen, you literally have to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap before it eventually lets you go back. So frustrating and barely unusable. Other than that it looks great and the mirroring is a great feature letting you watch what’s going on inside the VR headset. You can also mirror to TV of its compatible. Really useful..Version: 89.0

UpdateAfter the new update it has been impossible to stream to my phone or other devices, My oculus says it’s casting already but nothing is showing up, it’s practically unusable.Version: 181.0

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Meta Quest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Meta Quest.

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