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Cowboy! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Cowboy! app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cowboy!? Can you share your negative thoughts about cowboy!?

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Cowboy! for Negative User Reviews

CowboyIt’s fun but you barely even get to get any animals.Version: 1.2.7

Good but adsIts a good game but there are far too many ads. Every 3 or 4 rounds is an ad. Please stop these ads. We need less ads. Ads are for TV. This game would be fun with less ads. Now I should probably stop. Sorry. Please make less ads..Version: 1.2.4

AhhhWhen it said “no add available “ there’s an add right after when it said there NO ADD But the game is fun Byeeeee.Version: 1.2.4

I hate itWhen ever I play and I Touch the animals it does not work.Version: 1.2.8

Yet another game you can’t play because of advertsThis is another game that slots an advert between every game, I played it for approx 2mins, at least half of that was on adverts... Maybe take some inspiration from games like Adventure Communist where adverts aren’t forced upon you but actively used for boosts in the game. You still get the revenue from ads and we can actually play the game!.Version: 1.2.6

What the heck ads???This is a pretty fun game but the ads are a little annoying. They pop up after I finish catching them but when I click on an ad to double the money it almost always says “No ad available, please try again later” what kind of sense does that make! I literally just watched an ad and now there’s a ad that can benefit me it’s conveniently not available!!! Seriously?.Version: 1.2.4

Too many addsI love this game it’s very fun but when ever you click the button to get the money it’ll go to the adds even if you don’t click the double or triple button and it’ll go to the same add over and over again but it’s only five seconds but I don’t like it so that’s why now I don’t play it often and I just got it like a couple of days ago so I think if you guys or girls can fix it thank you but like I said I love the game it’s just change that little problem and the other problems people requested and you have one of the best games ever.Version: 1.2.4

CrapI hate it because it’s so bad.Version: 1.2.3

Good game... too many ads and can’t change the animals anymoreI have had this game for a little while and in the beginning I loved it and the idea that when you catch an animal a certain amount of times you can ride it and when I got to the cowboy world with better animals to ride it won’t let me change animals anymore , why!?? Fix it change it back.Version: 1.2.4

TerribleI bought coins through iTunes and they never came onto the game. The purchase went through and the money was withdrawn from my account but the online game coins were never received.Version: 1.2.4

It’s fun,, but it’s 90% AdvertisingDownloading the game I was genuinely curious. Played a couple of rounds and I’ve already completed a lot of the game, it’s genuinely enjoyable and I do find it nice to play and relax. The only issue is, the relaxing side goes really quickly the longer you play it. The game is 90% advertising. You will get an ad every 3 rounds, with the option to choose either playing an ad and earning more money or NOT choosing to play the ad and STILL get the ad and just not get the money involved. The ads are the same 3 too, so you will end up watching the same thing over and over and o v e r again. The game itself is brilliant. The fact that I end up frustrated because the advertising is poorly done... I don’t think I’ll be playing it too much more. Oh you also have the option to pay $5 to stop ads. I’m not against ads, done well they’re okay. Especially the option to increase your $$$ by triple for watching an ad. It’s the constant barrage of ads no matter what you do that frustrates me..Version: 1.2.4

Not getting paid after tossI’ve recently been not getting any money at all from my tosses and it’s frustrating please fix I’m down couple million now.Version: 1.2.8

This game used to be so much fun!!This game used to be so much fun until the update. I was at the point where I wanted to ride grizzly bear, and when I wanted to check and see how many bears I got and how many I needed until I could ride it, it was gone!! I really wish that you guys would bring this feature back, it made the game so much more fun, and now it’s only about getting money. I think I might delete this app, pretty disappointing if you ask me. Don’t download if you just wanna waste your time..Version: 1.2.4

This game is addicting butWhen you watch the videos to “double” and “triple” your earnings from the capture or even offline play, it’s not being doubled at all. I should be in the 900 thousands by now from watching those videos but is wasting my time. Why even OFFER the things if you’re not going to honor the fact that we watch those annoying vids just to make sure you are paid?.Version: 1.2.8

BadWas great.... until the new update ruined the game 😩😩 no daily quests, can’t see how many are needed to get gold star nor can we ride them anymore..Version: 1.2.4

Please fix the glitchEvery time i my lasso just touches an animal to catch, the game crashs, it does SAY its been caught, but i want this glitch solved and destroyed.Version: 1.2.6

Game experience failLol too much ads had to delete the game. We get why they are there, it just interferes with the game experience.Version: 1.2.4

My very important thoughtsI am a popular app creator and I know what I am talking about, the game itself is pretty fun and really addictive !... for 2 hours. It’s the type of game that is fun for 2 hours and then gets boring this game has a true potential but the upgrades are always the same and they talk no effort whatsoever to get you can get 9000$+ per round that is crazy and it just is too repetitive.Version: 1.2.8

StuckI’ve completed both the first 2 worlds and was waiting for the next world to become available... this happened - great! Although for some reason I can’t unlock it! Any ideas?.Version: 1.2.8

AdsI understand that ads make money for app developers but an ad after every throw is crazy a 15 second play of a game is not worth a 15 second add let alone a 30 second ad after the 10th play of the game A game that has more ads than game is not a game.Version: 1.2.4

Prefer the first versionI think ( in my opinion) that the older version was better..Version: 1.2.8

AdsTo many ads. I can choose to watch a video and double my coins earned, I don’t click on it and I still get a ad.Version: 1.2.6

Fun App, But the ads...I LOVE this game. It’s simple, but fun and I like playing on it when there’s nothing better to do, or to kill some time. The only problem I have is ADS. Now, I didn’t mind the ads at first. The problem is when your game offers me to double/triple my cash prize, but it says “no ads available.” Okay. But when I claim the original amount, AN AD PLAYS IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS!! It is hard enough to earn money for the more expensive upgrades, but having little to no chance to get more cash ruins the fun. The same thing happens with offline earnings and lucky draw tokens!! Yet the game still plays an ad with no winnings afterward!!! Please fix this!!!.Version: 1.2.4

Money Hungry.You have a choice to “Double” or “Claim” with the “Double” icon having the typical “Play” button as the icon, insinuating to you that with this option, you can watch an ad and double or even triple (as that is occasionally an option) your rewards. Except if you just hit “Claim” you also watch an ad. Every single time. Even if you just recently (literally the last round) did a “Double”/“Triple”. But if you do too many “Doubles” in a row, you’ll hit an at least very temporary time block where, at least for my first time (and only time before writing this review) lasts about 10 seconds after you’ve done all the previous stuff and tried again. So any way you slice it you have to watch an ad, which is obviously paid for, regardless of whether or not you want a reward for it, and if you try getting too many rewards for it too soon, then you basically have to watch an ad by force with 0 gain to you. Still a fun game, but the apparent and obvious MONEY GRAB attempts leave a bad taste on the mouth..Version: 1.2.4

BugJust a reminder that there is no background after 1200 m. I am sure it’s a glitch and it would be great if you guys can fix it :).Version: 1.2.3

:-(I want to play the last world, but it’s been coming out for forever!!!.Version: 1.2.8

MehIt’s a great game but it’s way too hard to get the Animals on the leash, I went straight through an animal and didn’t even get it! :(.Version: 1.2.4

Rips you offGood game but rips you off with the money you earn it doesn’t give you the money half the time say if your on 90,000 and earn 200,000 balance still says 90,000 of this was fixed would get five stars.Version: 1.2.8

MoneyEvery time I am suppose to go 1million coins for collecting animals I actually only get 1k I will get 900k but if I get 1million I will only get 1k PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.2.6

Please help.....This game is great, BUT I downloaded the game and my lasso is very slow.... it makes me maneuver through all the animals to get to my lasso’s full length. This would not be such a problem if the following did not happen..... whenever I hit an animal on the way to my destination the game makes the lasso retracted and I have to start again, and the gameplay takes twice as long. It becomes very frustrating. Then I saw that the game had an update and I got back on the game. The problem was NOT fixed. So I took the chance to delete the game and redownload. My problem was still NOT fixed, and I lost all my progress. I have completely stopped playing the game over frustration.... and I gave this game 2 stars so maybe the creators will read my review. I really do love the game but I can’t enjoy it completely due to my problem. I will be more than happy to write another review with five stars when my problem is fixed. Although, this is just my problem. No one else I know is experiencing this. So if you are a customer reading thinking about getting the game PLEASE believe me.... it’s worth that game one click! Thank you for reading!😁.Version: 1.2.4

Amazing game planIt’s amazing game. But no logic to it. A cowboy can only carry one animal at a time. Also when it catches it comes so fast and also with five cow. Makes no sense. Hope the developer and programmer get together and make this game amazing. There is always room for improvement. All the best.Version: 1.2.8

Look guys, if you want to have fun collecting animals without forced ads every nanosecondThen try out “Rodeo stampede” it is better than this money grab, now being me I only spent like less than 30 seconds on this game (cowboy!) and got like more than 5 ads, the ads on Rodeo stampede however are optional, they don’t just shove it in your face like “ok watch this ad even though you just opened this game we want money” I recommend playing Rodeo stampede before you spend precious time (and money) on this ad infested cow dung.Version: 1.2.4

Bad reviewThis is a dumb game no fun why is this even mean it’s bad who want to play this game it’s like there’s no point of it.Version: 1.2.4

MehI’d love that game if I could get to do new levels, but can’t get to do them since im too far in Outlaw World to get gold at the first animals. Even if I try to catch no animals til the end, i catch my 48 wayyyyy before getting to the animals I need to get.Version: 1.2.8

Could be better :/Within 2 days I completed the whole game , I love the game but there are not many levels and that’s really upsetting, sorry 2 stars.Version: 1.2.4

It’s changedI don’t understand it was so good I was so interested in the bronze silver gold then getting to ride them and now i can’t ride them or achieve gold or Change who in ridding I’m stuck on a bear why did you remove that element of the game or is mine just being weird ??????????? Loved this game till now 😣.Version: 1.2.4

BoringI dint like the game at all. It was just not what I expected..Version: 1.2.6

Needs fixingIf you try to double your earnings by watching an ad you don’t even get what you originally earned. The offline earnings are a waste of time as it is nowhere near what it says. Game play is ok..Version: 1.2.8

Disappointing.The game itself is good. It’s just the ads... so many... It’s depressing when your players feel lucky when they can play another round without an ad being shoved in their face. After a round, it’ll offer to double or triple the money you collected for the small price of 1 ad. That’s okay. Perfectly fine. But then they give you an ad anyways! I’d like to enjoy my game without an ad interrupting me every time I try to play. All the ads just ruin he whole game and make it a less enjoyable experience. It’s sad. Thank you..Version: 1.2.6

Changed it all of a suddenThey removed animal catch tiers and rideable animals disappeared aswell , also I earn less money now than when I was playing before the changes A truly good time waster game until they changed it all 🙄.Version: 1.2.4

Eh...When I came back after a night, I was supposed to get my offline earnings which was like +$20,701AA per min. And I didn't get. Kinda disappointing game. I would really like for this to be fixed so that when I wake in the morning I have a lot of money. •~•.Version: 1.2.8

Good but too many addsI would make this a 5 stars only if there weren’t as many adds.Version: 1.2.8

CowboyI like this game very much but i would like more to be added like a stable that you feed and put your animals in that would be awesome..Version: 1.2.7

To many adds 😮😵There are to many adds and there are a waste GET RIDE OF THEM please and thank you if u get ride of them because there a waste and I won’t play.Version: 1.2.8

WotThe update removed various features of the game such as the ability to change what you are riding on, daily challenges and the change is of the area that show the animals you have caught is bad Was a great game and is now a half descent game.Version: 1.2.4

AvatarsSo I love how we can change what we are riding and win new steeds but I would love if you added characters like who was riding the animal!! That would be so cool and for people who want their avatar to be a girl and not a boy they could do that!.Version: 1.2.6

Ok with a few glaring flaws.It’s a fun enough time killer but very rapidly you will figure out that putting ALL your earnings into the offline bonus is the way to go. A couple of hours of offline income will be more than days of actual gameplay. Basically the less you play the game the better. The second major flaw is that 99% of the time the video to double your earnings won’t play, it simple says “no ad available” but then when you close the window you immediately get an advert with no reward attached. The income from active playing is so low compared to offline income that you really don’t need to bother watching videos to double the income, all I do is log in a couple of times a day, collect the millions accumulated and put it all into offline earnings, within a day or two you will have an income of 2/3 million every couple of hours.. compare this to the “enormous” amount earned in active play and you will soon figure out it’s barely even worth doing the daily reward tasks. It pretty funny to compete all the tasks and earn 800k - 1 million dollars, and them wake up in the morning to get the 10 million you earned in your sleep (which you put back in and earn even more the next day) Play this game in airplane mode to avoid the ads, you don’t need the bonus money, which as I said is often unavailable anyway. EDIT: It has been 22 hours since I posted this review.. by putting all money into offline earnings I now earn over one billion dollars every 3 hours. EDIT: The game has now completely stopped counting any income I earn so I can’t progress. That’s quality programming..Version: 1.2.4

Really confusingWhen you get to what should be 1 million, why is there a “K”(thousand) instead of a “M”(million)? Please tell me why..Version: 1.2.8

Good but needs more to itGood but needs more to it.Version: 1.2.8

After the updateIt was good until the update. Took many features away that were the fun parts of the game. Deleting now.Version: 1.2.4

Love the game but I think there’s a glitchI played this game nonstop because I got so addicted and I’ve beat the game. I collected all of the animals and upgraded everything till max. I was really looking forward to the new level but now that it has come out it won’t even unlock for me. It tells me that I need to reach 8/8 in the void level when it says I already have 8/8 in the void. Kinda disappointed now..Version: 1.2.7

Was loving this game...So I was having so much fun with this game, nearly addicted. Then maybe yesterday I noticed there was no longer rewards for catching a certain number of each animal, no bronze, silver, and gold. Also, so way to ride them as a steed anymore. What bothered me more is that there is also no more daily quests or those pink star cards that you can trade in for steeds. So, I lost the steeds I had and now there is no way to even get them back. What happened? Was it like a reverse update? Pretty disappointed in that. Fun game other than that..Version: 1.2.4

Breaking the lawDidn’t get to play the game, I’ve noticed a few games are now forcing players to select personal adverts. This should remain a choice and not have half the screen taken up incidentally taking over the menu options so aren’t selectable requesting the player to change their mind..Version: 1.2.4

Total FailureThis is the worst game ever! And who said it was add free... CUZ GUESS WHAT THERE IS A BUNCH!!!!.Version: 1.2.6

Amount of ads make it unplayableFun game, but there’s a 30 second ad after every single time you play, which doesn’t last long anyway. Plus there’s too much lag.Version: 1.2.7

😍😭Need trading.Version: 1.2.8

It’s boringI’ve finished Cowboy World and Outlaw World and now I have nothing else to do. Now I’m thinking of deleting the game!.Version: 1.2.6

I cant start the new worldI had complete both wolds and i was on the 8/8 on outlaw world and I updated the game and it say to go on new world u need to have complete outlaw world , that i have coplete and colect all animals and i got my laso on max ,fix it.Version: 1.2.7

Removed option to change steed🥺bring it back plz it’s the only reason I played this terrible game.Version: 1.2.4

Just downloaded and already having an issue.I really am enjoying playing however the ‘wanted’ section isn’t working for me. It never progresses. Everytime I tap it to see how far I am from my goal the goals are reset and not even the same ones that were there 15 seconds ago. I got the first round of them completed just fine, then the clock struck midnight and they reset but I can’t seem to hit the target with anything..Version: 1.2.6

AdsTo many.Version: 1.2.4

Evie’s reportHi I think that we should be able to go a further dissent and we can get different characters..Version: 1.2.4

Fun but I miss mounts and daily questsI greatly appreciate the fact that you can lasso as much as you want without worrying about regenerating lives, but I liked it better when there was a little more objective. Just the bit that was added by “when a new animal starts spawning, catch 60 to ride it!” Was kind of nice. And I also liked the novelty mounts and the fact that you can only try to get one new one a day unless you pay money. But that’s gone too. :/.Version: 1.2.4

Alicia Stewart’s suggestThis is a horrible game you can only catch two animals and you get the same thing every time you get two goats every time and I really suggest that you DONT download it it’s horrible and rigged.Version: 1.2.6

Pretty funIt’s addicting.Version: 1.2.8

It’s fineKind a like it Canada I don’t like the fact that you can only get a few but then you can’t move the lasso on level one so I’m kind of mad and I can’t scream because I’m inside and I scream so loud at Shane and Colton they are so mean I just wish they were nicer I mean who can blame me I have to scream as loud as I could at them if this Game was like them I would delete it😤👿🙍🏼‍♀️🙎🏼‍♀️ I kind of like this game it’s really fun..Version: 1.2.8

ChangesThis game was very enjoyable and I felt accomplishment every time I leveled up one of my animals from bronze to silver and finally gold, but now this levelling up feature in the game has been removed and i am very disappointed.Version: 1.2.4

Needs improvementThis is a good game but a couple things need improving. At the point I’m at in the game there is no point even playing, I earn more offline per second than I do with my best run, and the runs take way too long once you get deep enough. Rewards for the animals must be higher and there should be some sort of skip feature for the beginning. Also maxing out lasso size doesnt make sense kf a daily reward is to update that, making it impossible to complete the reward..Version: 1.2.4

WhhhyyyyyI usually love this game but why was the option to ride all the different animals taken out? And the tokens to win all the special ones? That was half the appeal of the game.Version: 1.2.4

Wayyyyyy too many ads!I’ve never had a game with so many ads before. Literally every other turn is a mini add, and of course every break in the mini ads there’s an option to get something (like a free lasso upgrade, triple coins, etc) and of course I have to take it cause it’s really hard to get coins so basically every turn I take I have to watch 1-2 ads. The game is SUUUPER addicting but the amount of time I spend in advertisements is almost not even worth it. Hoping for maybe once every 4-5 turns a mini ad like most other games and maybe a bit easier to get money for upgrades..Version: 1.2.4

😑 Meh.....I mean it’s really fun and I enjoy playing it, but it’s not something I’d want to play. I can see why some people would give it 5 stars ✨, but I really only play this game when I have nothing better to do. It’s well designed and addictive, and I’ve experienced no lagging or anything. There aren’t many ads at all. Again, I see why other people might enjoy it, but that person isn’t me. It’s a really great game, it would’ve been 4 stars 🌟 if it was a little more interesting🤔. Besides that it’s a good game to play when you need a time killer🕒. Right now, I’m sticking with 3 stars 💫.Version: 1.2.8

What happened?I’ve been playing the game for a bit now, not super long but long enough that I’ve been through a couple of major updates. In the most recent one however, I’m extremely disappointed. I can’t access any of my other steeds to ride, or ride any of the animals I’ve caught a lot of, and where are the daily challenges? I also upgraded a bit and got the “piggy bank” and that’s now gone as well. What the heck happened? And the outlaw world that was just added is also completely gone! Am I the only one having this issue? What the heck? Why did you remove all of these features?.Version: 1.2.4

Don’t get this app !I don’t recommend this very highly at all because I the game it only lets you catch three animals on the lasso.Version: 1.2.4

Cow BowI think cow bow is a three star game for the pony that it can get boring. If you play for a die minute you get in to it and it’s fun..Version: 1.2.8

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