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Powerful storyThis is a surprisingly very short game. It’s sort of like an interactive tell-tale game— which is phenomenally done on a mobile device. The story was powerful and the ending was very sweet— like a wonderful and bright ending to a chamber music piece. I believe this is a one-time play through unless you’re a completionist and would like to see if choosing different options results in different outcomes..Version: 1.4

Great game, mechanical flaws.Edit: The game is amazing and the ending was great at piecing every aspect together and concluding the story. I think one of the reasons the mechanics are subpar is, it is supposed to take a considerable amount of effort to get him to work each day. Because, depression. Great game, but there are mechanical flaws. I find it hard to believe the developers put all this effort into the game and none into the user experience. You can’t get this guy (who I named Paterson because he reminds me of that movie), to work on time. 1, because his life is so utterly boring that he is distracted by simple things. 2, the mechanics are so horrible that I can’t tell if I’m walking him incorrectly or he’s distracted by a poster. Please implement an on screen joystick..Version: 1.2

Great piece of interactive artA little more than an interactive storytelling game; the world is a bit immersive because you have a phone, can download apps, and interact with some of the environments. The mini game of “work” is interesting and love the way they have you explore the city. This is a quick game but worth your time if you just want to pick it up here and there. Played on my iPhone 7 Plus so it did crash sometimes when my phone battery got too hot, but there’s plenty of auto saving so it wasn’t bad..Version: 1.1

Amazing experience-The art style is really interesting and what I would say is unique aswell as the storyline. -It’s puzzles are simple but not too simple. -It’s story is relatively slow paced with its plot. -I highly suggest the game however, the controls can be finicky and I struggled to control the character sometimes -The game took me 5 hours to complete (to give you a rough idea of how long it is).Version: 1.0.1

A meaningful story(SPOILERS)This game is absolutely beautiful. The one thing everyone says is a flaw in the game, is the controls. You have to push or drag along the character. I believe the way we have to control the character represents how the character struggles to wake up everyday and keep moving. Sometimes it may get a little difficult to get the character to even move, but that’s the point. It’s way to feel what the character is going through. When the world becomes beautiful, it’s easier to control the character. Whenever you are in your house or on the streets with the never ending traffic, it becomes harder. It was a bit of a struggle to navigate the butterfly, but mostly becomes of all the machinery surrounding it, which eventually killed it..Version: 1.3

Am I the only one who cried?All I can say is WOW! I never played a game reminiscent of reality, or reality as many of us know. I almost stop playing the game early on, because of its repetitiveness. However, I realized that just how this game is supposed to feel. At times when we do things that don’t bring us joy, it feels as if we are living the same day over and over again. I cried, I know...I’m sensitive. However, I felt as if the player understood what I understand about joy. This is more than a game! I hope to see this game being awarded in categories from the story line, to the graphics. It was beautiful and heartfelt. There has been only one other game I could say this about. Thank you to the team that made a thought, reality!.Version: 1.0.1

I rarely write reviews and leave ratingsBeautiful game, beautiful story. I would definitely play this through several times again. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and meanings behind. The art style is fantastic as well as the quality. Thanks for creating something so very immersive. I found myself after getting lost in this game feeling re inspired to enjoy life the way that I had always dreamt..Version: 1.3

Absolute geniusRead some of the other reviews and have to give it a hard pass. This game is bloody amazing. Like it’s not really a game. But a interactive story, but not a interactive story. The themes, metaphors, music just played out so nicely. Really enjoyed this game..Version: 1.2

MosaicThis game had a brilliant design. If you are complaining about the controls then you probably missed the point. The controls are intentionally difficult to grasp. You need to become accustomed to frustrating monotonous travel from the start or else you won’t tolerate it as a cog on a wheel in the machine. I was impressed by the lessons this game has well thought out approach to deliver shift in perspective.Version: 1.1

GreatIt’s a great game that held my attention well, I almost felt as though i was being brainwashed and it was me fighting back. I managed to complete it with no real instructions. Sometimes the game play was glitchy and slow and the controls were a bit pants, often I couldn’t move due to the fact I hadn’t moved over far enough to fit through the gap. I missed the metro too due to this. On a whole it is one of the better games and I enjoyed playing it.Version: 1.0

StunningVery clever and full of subliminal messages, beautiful story; would love to see a part 2..Version: 1.1

Beautiful but buggyWhat a beautiful, poetic, poignant game! I love the premise of the game, but the controls are a bit buggy, (hang in there, it can be done!) and frustrating particularly near the end, manoeuvring the character just doesn’t happen to cross the yellow walkways, and then it crashes. Beautiful, but really buggy functions at times..Version: 1.4

Cinematic experienceGames has many forms. Some are called action games; some are sport games. This game belongs to a different genre — interactive storytelling. It’s like watching a movie and playing a game at the same time. Mosaic is certainly not the first of its kind, but it is the most cinematic yet. Colors in the game are carefully tuned, so is sound effect. All these elements are design to maximize the storytelling. The hero of the story is an unmanned man living a cycle-like life. He has no purpose but going to work. He barely talks to anyone. The work he does is literally mosaic (SPOILER: “literally mosaic” is pun intended). The game, of course, is to save our protagonist from his existential crisis. Although not boring per se, the storyline is somewhat cliche. But thanks to the impressionist visual, the game becomes truly enjoyable. I’d have shared all my gameplay screenshots if I could. Anyway, Mosaic is a game worth playing and every second playing it is well spent. Ps. To developer, I earned more than 5k by investing in BlipCoin but I still cannot part my bills in the Bank app due to insufficient funds. How much is this guy owing?!.Version: 1.0.1

Absolutely BrilliantThis is more than a game really. For anyone that has ever sat in a cubicle and felt like they are stuck in perpetual rewind.... this “experience” masquerading as a game made me stop often while playing and ponder my little hamster wheel life. The game really invokes a self introspection.... I know it sounds corny... maybe it is amplified by the Covid quarantine.... but it really made me think that I should appreciate the little joys that I encounter during the day. The graphics are cool, the story is great and it really does worm it’s way into your head. Brilliant game and fascinating experience like no other “game” I have encountered in the App Store..Version: 1.1

Beautiful GraphicsHey guys what an incredible game. So peaceful and stunningly dark. Best Apple Arcade game around! Thanks so much and I am waiting patiently for a sequel just as brilliant!!!.Version: 1.4

Want more and controls not fully respondingI wish there was more to the story because i finish this game twice and it would be great to add an update to add more chapters. The controls don’t always respond and there’s times were i need to press harder or open the game again. I wish there was a tutorial because when I first played it i was very confused of what to do and move my finger all over my screen. This was a great game thank you for publishing this game..Version: 1.0.1

SuperbBaffling, hard to control, pointless: yes, but it doesn’t matter. I got stuck in the Metro first time I boarded, but I forgive that. I only got about half the achievements, but I don’t care. Beautiful, satisfying. Really worth playing to the end..Version: 1.4

TrippyDon’t know what drugs these developers are on but don’t think they are available in my town. Graphically stunning but confusing and frustrating in places. Lack of any help or hints doesn’t help, only perseverance will get you through..Version: 1.0.1

Great gameLoved this. Beautiful, poetic, metaphorically rich..Version: 1.2

This is more than just a gameWhy Everyone complaining about the controls? Just enjoy it while you can. I downloaded this before now; I'm playing it again like today; there are huge companies that control everything, and I know what they're saying while nature is dying being washed up on the phone a lot of real life problems that we have today it brings A message of hope that maybe someday we can have a better world, but that would be really hard to do in human nature imagine a better world without hate, war, violence, crime, corruption, other bad things we do, this won't probably never happen but 1% maybe? All we can do is do simple good stuff that'll help some bit of the world today donating, giving, help stop racism. I'm not a hippie saying this nor a fake reviewer but go support your bros and the best you could do.Version: 1.2

Little Hidden GemThis game is stunningly beautiful! Never thought a game could change my view of the world we live in today. It really has thought me some important life lessons. You do have to have some patience to play this game but I promise it is worth it. Some parts of the story line really almost brought a tear to my eye it was so well told! Bravo to the makers of this. Definitely play it! I promise only good comes out of this game..Version: 1.2

Amazing game, quite confusing, but fun and intuitive.The game starts off so slow and honestly completely confusing I wish there were a bit more guidance at the beginning but once you get a handling on it it becomes easier to handle/navigate. I give this 5 stars because on top of it being a good game it also made me take a look at myself as a person and check the parallels between the game and my life. I’d definitely recommend..Version: 1.0.1

Unique, engaging, stylish, creative, funI finished this in a few hours, but I know I missed some of the features hidden in the game. E.g. what if I were able to pay off my debts by investing in Blipcoin ? Would some options change? I think the controls are unique and don’t find them to be a big problem. The artwork and 3 dimensionality are incredible. This is the perfect type of game for a tablet. I will play this again with headphones on. More of this, please!.Version: 1.0.1

Great miniganes; loooong cutscenes.The gameplay outside of the mini games is essentially a series of very long, very beautiful cutscenes where one gets to direct the character slightly. The games are disproportionately accessible, and lack incremental impetus…which was clearly deliberate and not wrong, but also less fun than they could have been. The innate nihilism makes ‘blipcoin’ invert common market conditions, and ‘blipblop’ starkly indicts every idle/farm app. An elegant social commentary on futility..Version: 1.4

Reminds me of the film: Education of Fredrick FitzellThis game when I first played it reminded me of the film Education of Fredrick Fitzell. It’s about an ordinary man’s life but he sees his life play out before him and which ways his life could go and it’s up to the player to guide him through these different paths to get him to the end of the story. It’s very rich with the graphics and details and it’s very moving.Version: 1.1

Bug found?Great game, but I’ve got stuck on the human cube/suitcase level where it will not let me step over the yellow walkway to reach the exit (at the back of the level, confirmed in YouTube walkthrough). It appears to be an invisible barrier... please investigate. Other than that’s, I don’t understand the negative reviews. It’s obviously had a mammoth amount of care and thought given to the realising the story!.Version: 1.1

Far more a piece of art than a gameThis goes right into the ‘games as art’ category, though IMO such stuff should be free. On the other hand, Apple Arcade gives it a visibility it otherwise wouldn’t. Anyways, I marked it as four stars because the funky camera controls in some areas and FPS drops while traversing some scenes detract from the experience. Also, putting the fish in your pocket doesn’t actually change anything outside of a few dialogues, would be cool if it actually made a noticeable difference..Version: 1.0

I Absolutely Loved This GameIt is honestly in my top 5 favorite games I’ve ever played. I’m sure many people would find this game too weird and hard to understand. I found it really powerful with a great message about the everyday life for many of us. Most of us really are just cogs in never ending machines, working our lives away and putting what’s most important on the back burner. I could not put this game down. It’s like a good book that you’re obsessed with. It is a very gloomy and sad game realizing just how much truth there is to it when relating it with the real world but it’s powerful message and entertaining and interesting gameplay keeps you coming back for more. I give it 5 stars for everything. Great game and I would love to see more like this from these creators!.Version: 1.1

Amazing!!!This game has such an amazing story with such beautiful visuals and graphics. I will admit that most games I find to play on my phone or iPad, I can’t connect to the characters but with this game, I really felt for the main character. In doing the same routine everyday, fantasising about what could be, fears getting in the way, the constant threat of unemployment hanging over his head then finally, breaking free. I cant wait to replay this game and I defiantly would suggest it to anyone who likes these types of games or really anyone and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.Version: 1.4

Take your time with itIt’s a great game. Not an action but more like a visual novel. Story was good, graphics and music. It’s really good if you spend a bit of time with it and pay attention to all the details, like the phone apps. Give it a go! I wish there were more games like this..Version: 1.1

Compelling, intelligent, deeply satisfyingOne of those unique gaming experiences that transcends genre. The passion and creativity is apparent in every corner of the monotony, maniacal loops and liberating escapes of this game. My recommendation is to try to play through this in a single sitting, for the full, immersive, sad beauty..Version: 1.0.1

Amazing gameI love this game but the controls let it down a little. It would feel so much better with floating joystick controls at the left-hand side of the screen to control the character movement. Moving from left to right along a street or corridor works fine in the current control implementation, but moving in and out of the screen (especially in his room) feels rather clumsy and awkward..Version: 1.0

Great Game, just laggyHonestly this game was super fun. I loved the puzzles and the whole storyline in itself was really amazing. The graphics were really beautiful and the meaning of the story was heard. I recommend people to play this game. It reminds me a lot of inside. The only downturn of this game is the laggy play through and bad movement controls. it also did crash on me once. But other than that I liked it!.Version: 1.4

Really good, just two things to noteThis is a very good game, and shows themes of depression, isolation, and our modern lifestyle. It reminds me of INSIDE actually. Two issues with the Apple Arcade version: 1) Frame rate drops & texture issue: I noticed some occasional FPS drops and textures appearing rather late, across 13” MacBook Pro (2019), iPhone XR, 2018 iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K. This mainly occurs at the beginning of a new scene though. 2) Camera For me the camera moves too slow, in some scenes... this causes the main protagonist to leave the frame before the camera can keep up. Maybe this is a creative approach to demonstrate the slowness of his mundane life... but I found it a little uncomfortable..Version: 1.0

Amazing artistic feat of immersive storytellingNever reviewed anything before and I’ve been playing games for 4 decades. Maybe it struck a personal chord but for me this is as close to an interactive theatre experience as it is to a game and I loved it. The lack of speed, repetition, frustration are all part of the character’s story, I punched the air in triumph and one moment brought me to genuine tears - a new experience in a game for me. Beautifully realised concept, with lovely art work, real cinematography, a humorous and surreal story with a poignant, relevant message. I’d give it an Oscar, and would gladly buy anyone involved in making it a beer because for a while it made my life better. A few niggles with the controls didn’t spoil the overall experience for me..Version: 1.2

Amazing gameIt’s such a creative game however some aspects need more explaining but over all would highly recommend.Version: 1.0

Amazing game!!!!This is probably the best game I have ever played. Crazy social idea. for the first time in my life, I enjoyed playing the game. Stunning musical accompaniment. The game perfectly conveys the state of a person who is depressed and depressed. When you don't notice anything, everything is a mess, and there is no interaction with society. I got great pleasure from this walkthrough and would love to touch the development of this project..Version: 1.2

Beautiful, but depressingTruthfully didn’t get very far, but the little bit I played was visually cool and the gameplay itself was able to simply submerge you into the narrative. Maybe it’s just me, but it was very heavy emotionally, and though I suspect that’s what the developers were aiming for, it took a little toll on me. At one point I decided I should stop playing for a while, but I might come back to it someday. I gave it 4 stars because, even though I’m not playing for now, I think the developers executed their concept very well..Version: 1.2

Amazingly poeticSuch a beautiful and emotional game. The critic of society is real, though I felt it showed this in a very poetic and artistic manner. The importance of sounds for immersion is huge, all the subtleties of the game rely on them. I think this game would really appeal most to people who relate to the character. The artistic choices played really well into understanding the emotions. I didn’t think a low-poly game could ever make me feel this way. 100% recommend, the developers did a great job..Version: 1.2

A bit slowThe game is fine but does he really have to brush his teeth for so long? At some point the "atmosphere" starts to interfere with the gameplay. At least the travel to work is different each day..Version: 1.0.1

IncredibleFrom the beginning, the art style and quality is a first as I haven’t experienced something I could see being on a game console. It has an ability to visually connect you to the gameplay without having you do a lot. What makes me give this game the rating I gave it is the fact that without voice from the character it started to make me place my thoughts with his. I can’t spoil details as it’s the very core that puts this ahead of similar games I’ve played on console. Kudos to the developers and I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!.Version: 1.0.1

FabulousI love the reviews of this game. It’s obviously not for everyone but by Jove it’s for me! It’s a lovely mix of Kentucky Route Zero, Inside , Stanley Parable and a few other things. You have to let the game take you where it takes you and seriously slow yourself down. The challenges aren’t necessarily’ game’ challenges but the experience of the whole thing is superb. The styling, colours, design and cinematography are a delight and you have to ask yourself what you’re doing when you find yourself playing blip-blop just exactly where you are. Are you still playing a game as a diversion from your dull life or are you playing a game as a diversion within a game about your dull life. I really really love this. Thank you for putting so much love into it..Version: 1.3

😲Just wow.. came back to the office 10min early just to get back to this game asap.. stunning!.Version: 1.0

Slow, Moving, Beautiful, but not a GameIf you are looking for something fun and stimulating, you won’t find it here, if you are looking for one of those neat experiences and messages a lot of these Apple Arcade games come with, your in the right place. This game has a rather unique story about someone who is so insignificant, has such a boring life, doing the same thing over and over again, and, as the tag line states, is but “a cog in a machine.” Playing this made me wonder if this is what’s in for humanity, that the only purpose we have left is to make small decisions that piled together do something, that the future is successful, but not in a good way. Intriguing, inspiring, and somewhat depressing, but as a great piece of story-art, it fits right into Apple Arcade..Version: 1.0

I’m speechlessAll of these comments saying that the game was bad are soooooooooooooo wrong. Sure on mobile the movement of the guy is a little weird, but only a little. The story element to this game is amazing beyond words. Like seriously, I don’t know how to describe it, because no word seems 🤯enough. You can never really tell what is really and what isn’t, which I really love. The mini game that he does for work is challenging sometimes, but surprisingly fun and the phone was also fun too. I really liked the goldfish, but at the final work day the goldfish told me “I’m sick of you throwing me in the toilet”, but I had put it in my pocket every time. But that’s super minor. I love the ending and every part of the storyline so much! I love how it’s one of those stories that you get to interpret however you want. I also really love that band at the end. Did not see it coming. I love the music aspect to this game as well, when you first look at it you don’t think there’s going to be anything about music in it, but actually, it all kinda revolves around music. I really love this game, the developers did an amazing job, and I super highly recommend it!.Version: 1.4

Won’t let me progressI love the game overall, but on day 3 when you turn into a cube and use the green blob to help move around it won’t let me get to the other side of the path where the door is. I’ve tried everything and watching a walkthrough of it, it just lets them pass but it stops me as if it’s the edge of the map. I’ve tried changing the perspective, I restarted the game and it still won’t let me pass..Version: 1.2

I wish it was longer... Please add onto it!Beautiful, a little slow at times, but overall, amazing. This is the kind of game I’ve been looking for! The story is intriguing and immersive and the gameplay is easy to figure out after moving about a bit. The combination of story play and completing the “work” levels keeps it going. Plus, there’s a Blip Blop game within this game... definitely a cool touch! I’d love to see new chapters or a second game to this..Version: 1.0

Great story, so so mechanicsI was really drawn into the maudlin story. If you like thought provoking story driven games this is for you. If you like action packed gameplay however, skip this one. There are 4 mini games with objectives, the rest of the game is just taking your character through the story. The controls can also be frustratingly slow with many invisible walls. The visuals and music are fantastically moody and more than make up for it. A unique find!.Version: 1.4

Finished the game in one sittingI love this game so much words cannot describe. Immediately after finishing it I went to download the blip blop game and am very satisfied with the whole experience. One question I have is if there is an app designed after the puzzle we have to complete for the main character’s work (the one using the extractors and such). If not then I would be more than delighted if an app were made for it just like how one was made for blip blop. Thank you very much for the amazing game!.Version: 1.3

An engrossing documentary about modern life10 BlipBlops out of 10.Version: 1.0.1

It reminds me of a life that I don’t wantI am traveling through this cold and apathetic society. No one listens nor do they care. The graphic and story line are the life of mundane experiences . I really really like this game walk through. It gives me a simple reminder that All of us ( humans) need to stop , look , and listen. I wasn’t able to give the game a 5 star due to the fact that it is confusing to understand the saved or past material I have needed to start again on a few occasions and on a mobile the “finger “ drag of the person seems to be a pathetic. Overall , great job on a successful game and story..Version: 1.0.1

The most incredible game I’ve ever played.This wasn’t a game, it was more of an experience. It was disturbing and comforting in so many different ways. Incredible..Version: 1.4

Surreal experience. Interesting story. Worth itA strange and mesmerizing world. Unknown of what is around the corner and what is coming next. A tension that builds into a dramatic ending that leaves me wanting to experience more. Thanks guys..Version: 1.0.1

BlipBlop is awesomeBest incremental on the store right now just because it doesn’t ask for IAPs!.Version: 1.0.1

A true cinematic vision (with annoying minigame)At first it looks like a clichéd Kafka-esque dystopian story, but then moments of startling beauty begin to seep through, along with thoughtful, existential flights of fancy. It’s a very cinematic world with stunning visual ideas and vistas. So... I have no idea why a laborious, unskippable minigame sullies the experience every so often. I’m hoping it’ll lead somewhere narratively by the end, but it’s not fun, and it’s so out of place in what is an otherwise incredible interactive animation. Playing on Apple TV, where it’s clearly low res, but the art direction is so impressive it doesn’t matter..Version: 1.0.1

5 stars, plz readHello, Even though this game is not exactly a 5 stars, it stands enough apart from other "generic" apple arcade game to deserv it. The "brush your teeth" slow sequence is A+, i was expecting a suspence moment, like a monster coming from nowhere, but nothing, nothing happened, and thats fine like this. Very intense moment like the yellow butterfly. I like the blue, grey, black color choice, reminds me of "out of this world". I'm not sure why mini games were put in this game (I didnt liked them), would have liked more work on story instead. I worked 10+ years in the gaming industry, and played 1000+ games... this game surprised me and thats good. This is a good start dev. team. Good job! Matt.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing gameThe story like is amazing and interesting to keep up with, a part 2 needs to be made of this game it is amazing!! The controls could be a bit easier adding something as simple as a joystick could make walking a tad bit easier for gameplay. But everything else was amazing loving the little in game games such as the work and “blipblop” I feel like those should be made into their own separate games as well because they were a lot of fun to play.Version: 1.4

Story based and makes you thinkThis is a great game!! I love this type of dark narrative based game where a world slowly unfolds in front of your eyes. There are subtly creepy vibes from it, and it explores the monotony of everyday life, waking, commuting, working, and for what? It was beautifully made and easy to grasp the story line even with minimal dialogue. The controls could use some working on, it doesn’t have the ease of use that games like Playdeads inside have, but I am sure that it will get there eventually with a little work. It is somewhat easy to figure out what to do, the game subtly guides you in the right direction. Overall it was a great game, and I enjoyed the whole thing! I played while sick, sitting on the couch and it is rainy and dark outside. It almost felt like the game was becoming my life and it hit me on a deep level. 10/10 worth your time..Version: 1.2

A delightful diversionAll the critical reviews for this game only emphasize its charm. This game is full of wonderful surprises and thoughtful moments. It is not a typical button smashing “arcade” game and everything is deliberately slow and dreamlike, but it is a welcome change of pace and a pleasure to play..Version: 1.1

AmazingA beautiful game, that shows you the meanings of life are wonder and happiness not money and popularity.Version: 1.3

Beautiful but a little slow movingI really enjoyed it but i would’ve liked if a few things were a bit faster.Version: 1.1

Beautiful adventure gameThere is a great attention to details in this interactive adventure, very well designed mini games and moments of a true melancholic beauty. It’s not a perfect game like Playdead’s Inside, but this team of developers has the capacity to create something great. I look forward to their next adventure(s)..Version: 1.0.1

The best Journey of life everIf awards are being handed out this app should be clearing up. I have rated it 5 stars, its a massive understatement to what I hope adapts into a future full world RPG. The story is utterly beautiful crafted and the journey is one many will understand. If you are looking for involved gaming experience this is not it. What this is electronically the most beautifully scripted reflection of situation of life its prisons and the depression that is within. Brilliant beyond words. Advice, play in a dark room with full sound and experience the creative genius that what is an experience of a game I will not forget. Apple subscription is a joke. This game and only a few others are of subscription claim. The problem is the story finalises. That journey needs to continue and I would pay for that. Not Apple Arcade. I can not believe movement in app gaming is so slow in todays age, and Apple wanting already Apple customers to pay for it. Wheres the developer funding instead of generating public revenue for the corp Apple? This game is unique and a massive thumbs up.Version: 1.2

FreezingI really love your game but when I do milestone 34587b it keeps freezing me. Can you fix it?.Version: 1.4

MsBI absolutely fell in love with this game. Very deep and thought provoking, full of meaning and not only a game but a wonderful experience that makes you stop for a while. I loved absolutely everything about it, the atmosphere, graphics, all of the metaphors, all the feelings it provoked, everything. The game is a real gem, I’ll come back to it one more time just to check if I discovered all of the little stories hidden around. Not a single regret about staying late to finish it 😉.Version: 1.3

Fun Casual Game.The game flips back and forth between a mini game and a story based thing. I enjoyed more than I expected to..Version: 1.0

Slow yet intriguingThe Mosaic is a very well written game with a realistic storyline. The graphics are great, however the controls are a little stiff. It’s better to play on the iPad so that you can have the full effects of the game. I finished it in little under a day and I will warn you that the daily actions that you have to complete will become monotonous and simple, but it helps with the overall feel and moral of the game..Version: 1.0

СуперИгра просто Агонь!!!.Version: 1.1

This is amazing!I am someone who gets bored of games easily. This game had me fully absorbed in the storyline. I felt like I was watching a movie. Also, the graphics are beautiful and it has a great ending! Not to mention, I loved the meaning behind the game. I wish there were more games like this! Please make more!!! Also, it would be cool if there was an actual game based off the game the character plays throughout the whole storyline (not sure what to call it)..Version: 1.4

Five stars 👍🏻I am just wowed at this beautiful game! It’s just like real life and really paints a picture of life. I’m in such amze.Version: 1.1

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