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Creator Studio from Facebook App User Positive Comments 2023

Creator Studio from Facebook app received 74 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about creator studio from facebook?

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Creator Studio from Facebook for Positive User Reviews

Missing featuresI like the app. I’m just wondering why you can’t edit your playlists on the app or create a new playlist. Also your not allowed to add tags to videos and location of the video. Please add the features today!.Version: 90

AmazingNicely done, Facebook!.Version: 92.0

Im thankfulVery helpful, thank you so much.Version: 90

Ang galingKeep going.Version: 65.0

Content Creator, & Editor“Creating content on Facebook can be tricky!” But Facebook is the future of communication for so many people! Facebook Creator studio, allows you to share your thoughts, and content with ease! As an editor on the go this is the app you’ll need!.Version: 91.0

Outfit inspirationVery ve.Version: 65.0

Best feature Facebook has ever createdWay better than business suite.Version: 65.0

Good appIt shows your tracking green or red.Version: 93.0

This is helpful appThis.Version: 90

Almost thereThis app is beautifully created and has some great content. My only issue is it contains almost everything to manage your page except creating posts and changing page settings. Please add these features and remove “Facebook Pages” that app is horrid..Version: 1.0

Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ for such good work, Amen.🌹晨禱:我們謝謝您的分享和鼓勵,讓我們都可以見證了神的恩典和大能,主耶穌把環球所謂大型蹦蹦跳跳的娛樂教會打造成為研讀神的話語聖經的成千上萬個小教會團體,何樂而不為呢?我們只能高聲虔誠的讚美神,哈利路亞,我們同心合意讚頌父神,感謝主耶穌基督的救贖恩典,讓我們得人如得魚一般的豐收啟程,阿們!張牧師🌹.Version: 65.0

GreatIt very Good and quick.Version: 91.0

Love This❤️very Helpful for e-commerce✅❤️❤️❤️.Version: 90

Landon Brooks Mawh ProductionsI would like to say thank you to the team that is making all of this possible you guys rock. I feel all of the energy that you are putting in to this please keep in contact we are all contributors to the art. Landon.Version: 91.0

Much needed tool!I have recently discovered Creator Studio on my laptop, this version is great as I can post to instagram as well however I can’t do this on the app. It would be great if you could incorporate a ‘post to instagram’ button in future updates..Version: 26.0

Love this!Really easy to use and makes posting content so much easier!! I can only connect to Facebook so it would be so much better if you could control Instagram and Facebook on mobile devices!!.Version: 65.0

Simple & easy 💥👍Very easy to th.Version: 93.0

Easy to navigateAt this time I am still getting use to all the features, the app seems very easy to navigate showing all the information and features plus feedback that is available to users. Thank you..Version: 65.0

CrosswentThe following information is asking for an amino acid blood test in the hospital to be available a treatment for someone who does not synthesize non essential amino acids. The department that deals with proposals to the ministry of health has to prepare their findings I can appreciate that is why I am enclosing my thesis “AMBROSIA TO DEFEAT DEATH & Cannabis has 21 amino acids unfound anywhere in nature as the body gets older it stops synthesizing the non essential amino acids and only the essential amino acids are found in most food, except cannabis which is 26% protein(21 amino acids) and 36% fat. The non essential amino acids you get from cannabis acts like a sugar replacement instead of converting sugars into non essential amino acids in your body through synthesis. Cancer is caused by the body stopping synthesizing non essential amino acids and a 21 amino acid complex is to prevent not cure you can’t cure only fix by preventing. The hospital doesn’t have amino acid test and they are currently unable to test blood unless fasting.When unheated cannabis is non psychoactive. Cannabis provides no vitamin A,C. Asparagus has vitamin A,C” “Before prohibition people where eating cannabis to survive and be self sufficient but they started selling the substance to be used for psychoactive purposes and the government put a stop to protect our economy . But the people eating it in its non psychoactive form where benefiting from 21 amino acid complex treating thous that could not synthesize non essential amino acids. How much longer is it going to take for the health minister to introduce this to our health care system.”.Version: 39.0

Be our brothers keeper.The most important thing we may do is pray for one another. We may speak of God, sing His name when we can, but prayer is something we can do not just for ourselves but for others. It is our chance to break bread in communion with our fellow man. For even if they know not that you are praying for them, to know that others may be praying for us is as much a comfort as an act of true compassion..Version: 65.0

Cross posting Facebook to InstagramGreat that the app allows to cross post from Instagram to Facebook but you can’t do it the other way around ie Facebook to Insta.Version: 54.0

I really like it this creative appI really like it this creative app.Version: 65.0

Works really well!This app is leaps and bounds better than the old management tool on Facebook! I would like to see the addition of being able to choose videos and photos from specific albums on your device rather than just the camera roll, but that is such a small thing. This has made managing my business social media page so much easier and efficient..Version: 42.0

I think could be betterI think creator studio should allow us to retrieve any music, photos or videos from places like google drive, Microsoft one drive or Dropbox and that’s how I think it could be better. Can you look into this please? Thank you.Version: 93.0

Easier than working on the computerI was having problems uploading a video 7 minutes long which took me all week to make. The processing gauge just stayed stuck in infinity after it loaded. I did it multiple times. Then the light bulb went off to just upload the creator studio app on my iPad and it was so fast I had to take a second look at everything. Grateful for this one..Version: 65.0

New artist getting the word outThere!.. never had so many hits so quick... thanks guy..: so creARTive👏.Version: 65.0

GreatLove it makes things really easy.Version: 90

Happy with FacebookGod bless Facebook for making my business easy to manage. The creators studio has an easy to use interface. As a creator I find the platform very straightforward to use.. Again thanks Facebook!!!.Version: 93.0

Wonderful Social Media ToolII just wish it had facilities to post to instagram..Version: 54.0

PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK FOR INSTAGRAMI feel if this worked for instagram as well as Facebook all creators would love you forever! It would be doing what they asked for once and you’d stop getting all the memes about how you keep changing things like on Instagram that no one asked for 💕.Version: 92.0

Give us InstagramThe younger audience you want to target needs to be able to link their and schedule stories/posts. Great app, but let’s make it greater..Version: 65.0

Grateful for this option to schedule.I have a weekly pre-recorded 1/2hr program that I have to be home to stream at a specific time, and I love the idea of scheduling it so that I don’t have to be home to do it..Version: 65.0

MarufIt’s a very good app.Version: 93.0

Can’t log inCan’t log in I’m trying to look at my videos and it’s saying page not available please fix this issue.Version: 65.0

👌👌👌Ok.Version: 90

Finally Some Real Help.This app is a very simple and effective one for me to manager my business page. Because manage multiple pages, it helps me tremendously. Not to don’t get confused when I’m switching accounts. This is very helpful and I highly recommend it. Brilliant.Version: 65.0

Creator Studio AWESOME!!Just really starting to use Creator Studio but SO impressed!! Not sure why I didn’t start sooner, but really thrilled with the transition. If you are hesitating..DON’T. Jump right in and you will be patting yourself on the back. Learning means you are growing. Growing means you are alive..and you ARE a creator!.Version: 26.0

Easy to use!Not having to login to a computer is a hit for me. Definitely straightforward and easy to use. Posted. My video on less than a min or two..Version: 37.0

Great studioGreat studio.Version: 65.0

Quick and easyJust what we need at a busy time..Version: 41.0

Handy and easy for FB; wish it worked with InstagramI recently discovered the creator studio and it is SO much better than the awful Business Suite. It is easy to create posts and schedule them on the mobile Creator Studio app. I wish the mobile app would also allow posting/scheduling posts to Instagram like it does on the desktop version. Hopefully Facebook will add that ability in future updates..Version: 37.0

Creator Studio is the best.Amazing application. Great to use..Version: 93.0

Shawon_mallik_officialPlz support my page.Version: 92.0

Creator StudioIt’s a lovely app for creators. I’ll give it 5 ⭐️.Version: 90

Pretty cool appI have quite a few Fan Pages and all of them do not show up in Business Suite from Meta (Facebook) even though it is my go to app for posting. Because I can see the pictures better and it doesn’t take 3 steps just to schedule or post. I see Creator Studio hasn’t been updated for sometime. But it’s a good app for getting all your pages in one place. Just need to be able to see your pictures better. I guess if my iPhone was bigger I’d see them better. I don’t want a big iPhone..Version: 93.0

Great appLike everything Facebook producers this is amazing.Version: 65.0

Not too badIt could do with a lot more features like the desktop option..Version: 62.0

AmazingThis is great too to share unique stuff . Thanks.Version: 92.0

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Version: 26.0

DamanReally good app, easy to handle the content.Version: 92.0

MunyaSimple and free to regain your health or do better.Version: 93.0

It’s mutualI have a five star because it’s easy to negative once you learn it! But I’m upset meta has not paid me for 9 months for ad breaks an bonus reels an they have no form of contact!.Version: 93.0

Is this ever done well.I love it!.Version: 65.0

Audio glitchI've been uploading videos on Instagram pretty consistently from Creator Studio on my computer with no issues - however, recently I posted a video, and the audio cuts out 5-6 seconds in, only to cut back in after like....a period of silence. However, when the video loops, the audio's just fine. The video also plays the audio fine when I check the post on my browser. I reuploaded my post to fix it, but the cut out happens in the exact same spot (there's nothing wrong with the original file). I know this isn't an issue with just my account - two of my mutuals also stated they had the same problem after uploading from creator (I checked their posts too, the audio cuts out for a few seconds, plays normally when it loops).Version: 26.0

See somethingIt’s a good quality.Version: 93.0

MI nmmm mmmomn I’llm.Version: 50.0

No instagram integrationWould be great to have insta as a part of this app. Also Facebook need to promote content creators more than brands. Otherwise Facebook will be a big commercial and we will all go to Spotify..Version: 12.0

Good appEasy to use. Also great for Facebook content creators.Version: 93.0

AlisaWow this app has saved me so much time. Great easy app to use.Version: 50.0

Where is the schedule a live stream optionThat is the reason i wanted this app, plz add schedule a live stream option. Cheers.Version: 12.0

HelpfullyGood.Version: 93.0

Absolutely CreativeThe name serve very well..Version: 93.0

Video uploadingIt's very easier n smooth to upload videos n photos by creator studio. Uploading resolution is excellent.Version: 93.0

Amazing free scheduling appThank you Facebook!.Version: 22.0

Excellent appsThis apps is really excellent. Just love it. Thanks a lot.Version: 33.0

ThumbnailHello You should include the thumbnail change in mobile version. Also video expired version also need to include in Mobile version..Version: 93.0

Handy and convenientFor a busy Facebooker, this is on the go and can be updated at any time.Version: 93.0

Love this app.So handy to allow me to work quickly on the go..Version: 65.0

Super convenient for page managingI’m not sure if this is only a problem for iPad minis but it is impossible to post to to stories, both from creator studio and from the main Facebook app. I manage my company’s social media pages and use a tablet for remote posting and without the capability here, I have to use my personal mobile device which is less than ideal. Other than that, the app is very convenient and well built..Version: 33.0

Nice app and easy to useThanks facebook for thus app its really to easy to use!.Version: 43.0

Facebook should consider these things in the next updateHello, Please add more options on live stream. Like you can add easy option to bring more than one person on live streaming on Facebook page . Also there are many filters on live that we can not find a suitable one . Please decrease the filters . Only add those filters that are Exclussive. Also I wonder why there is no audio live streaming on Facebook page on IOS devices and why there should be a need to be live through podcasts when facebook is claiming to to facilitate everything easy. I hope Facebook team consider my ideas in the next update.Version: 90

Highly RecommendI loved using creator studio, it organized my post and update in a timely manner 😊.Version: 65.0

LoveI absolutely love this platform. I moved from Hootsuite..Version: 54.0

Room For ImprovementIt needs Upgraded A/C Upgraded Food and Water Sounds It Needs Money in everything we see especially on phone and Wallet More Credit Cards That Come With Credit Up To 10 000 Dollars and It Needs New Clothes Everywhere You Can Hide Em. More Women and More Meetups By The Door. Knock And See Someone You Can Recognize By Voice Meet Them Then By Hug. Upgraded Viagra and Cialis To Use For Sex. We Need Our Tax Return 2022 Money To Come Thru Either Direct Deposit On DC Bank Thru Cuz I Already Paid For Refund Therefore It Has To Of Been Completed And RBC Thru CRA Direct Deposit For Something As Well. Makes Sense And I Demand It Happens Now. Remember It Said 2012 or 2013 Would Go Thru And It Said Scene 2017 To Start Fulfilling These Promises Made Graded To Social Insurance Number Of Bel16 You Can Make Both True So Easy. All 3 Actually Stripe Is Good Put The Money In My Accounts. CIBC payment gon thru yesterday he said remember. And BMO Said We’re Good Automate It. I’m God Sebastianbel Sebastianbell.Version: 93.0

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