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Pull the Pin App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pull the Pin app received 203 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pull the Pin? Can you share your negative thoughts about pull the pin?

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Pull the Pin for Negative User Reviews

Boring and ad filledSo many ads, and the game is boring as heck. No challenge at all, it’s impossible to fail. And after every 2nd level is an ad. You spend more time watching ads than passing the ridiculously easy levels..Version: 1.5

Game freezes and too many ads!Like the other reviewer I find the gameplay pretty easy and only the boss levels are challenging enough to keep me interested. But now it’s frozen on level 107 and I can’t press anything to get past it! Still too many ads… Should’ve read the reviews before I paid to remove them 😒.Version: 147.0.2

Ads make the game unplayableIf you have epilepsy or something that makes you sensitive to flashing lights, it’s better to stay completely on the safe side and not play this. There’s a few recurring ads at the bottom of the screen that flash “notifications” at you very quickly, which was enough to give me a severe headache, so I feel like that would be especially terrible for someone who actually is sensitive to lights like that. I had to keep the bottom of my screen covered the whole time I was playing, since there’s no way to change the ad for something that’s less grating on your eyes. If you tap on them, they don’t actually link you anywhere, so I really don’t get the point. There’s ads between about every level, and at most these levels take ten seconds, so it feels like a constant barrage of the same advertisements. The levels don’t challenge your brain even remotely, and the difficulty of them doesn’t change. I made it to about 70 before I finally gave up on this game. This game isn’t worth your time..Version: 1.4

Killed by ad overloadProb be a good game if you could play without having to watch 40sec ads every two levels or so. Short ads you can live with but the long ones just make the game unplayable. Stick with it if you are willing to pay for no ads otherwise brush this game for something else..Version: 1.29

Ads are ridiculousReally enjoy the puzzles but the constant ads are so annoying. Don’t even bother paying the money to turns the ads off - it maybe removes 10% of them. You still can’t do anything without having to sit thru boring advertising for games you’ve probably already downloaded in the hope you would stop seeing them constantly. Feels like pay tv - you paid but still have to sit thru the ads because they are double dipping..Version: 1.36

Ads longer than game playTalk about overkills with ads !! You spend more time watch long boring ads than actually playing the game ! Don’t install … unless you love watching pointless videos instead of playing.Version: 1.33

UnplayableOverloaded with ads and unplayable without paying (assuming you can pay to remove - I didn’t keep long enough to figure out).Version: 1.25

Way too many adsToo many ads.Version: 161.1.2

Freezes and fails on a technicality constantlyThe regular levels are too easy and the boss levels break - it constantly fails me right at the end because the last pin doesn’t respond to being pulled and then I lose because it’s too quick to decide I haven’t put anything into the bucket. I’ve played the same boss level repeatedly, not lost a single ball out the sides, and it just keeps failing me. Waste of time as there’s no skill or challenge involved, you just lose for no reason..Version: 1.33

Too many Ads!!Gave up on this app pretty quickly. Games were quite easy and the number of ads just drove me crazy. Not sure if the games would have got more difficult - couldn’t stick it out with all the ads to find out!.Version: 1.26

Paid for no ads… still getting ads 😤Paid the $3.99, still getting ads. So that’s awesome 😑..Version: 160.0.2

Too easyI’ve played through about 400 levels in less than a week (most take just seconds) and have come to the conclusion they just aren’t going to get any harder. Only the challenge levels have any real difficulty. There are literally puzzles you can pull the pin in any other and still win at levels in the 300’s. 90% of them have only a single outlet at the bottom, so if you use the principle “pull the bottom pin last” you’re most of the way to winning. It’s kind of like Simon Says: conceptually easy, but if you’re not paying attention you may screw up occasionally. Kind of like avoiding the ads. (Pet peeve: even with sound turned off in the ap it still comes on in the ads, and half have no way to mute. So if you’re playing in public you need to mute your phone. A common, annoying issue.).Version: 1.25

Too many adsI really like the fame but there are way too many ads..Version: 1.5

Streaks won’t stopThere must be a glitch bc there are just non-stop streaks to the point that they’re almost as annoying as the ads. Game is fun but the boss rounds sometimes won’t scroll down, which is super annoying..Version: 163.0.2

Coins?Why do I have 4,000,000 coins and nothing to spend them on? What is the point?.Version: 163.0.2

Boring and repetitiveThis game is quite boring, the general levels are not very challenging. For some reason I’ve made it to level 385 however my 4 year old has also been playing it. He too has become bored of it. At the top of the screen there are options to play some challenges or build house etc but even this is not very eventful and all the ads makes the game not worth playing. I’ve lost interest in this game and lost it fairly quickly, however if anyone enjoys this game minus the ads every min then play this game with your mobile data and Wi-Fi setting off..Version: 1.25

Boring, plus frustrating addsI must have deleted it before the levels started becoming challenging because my experience was that they were ridiculously easy and devoid of any challenge at all, even the ones labeled “hard”. But my main reason for deleting it was the deceptive adds that kept popping up that were hard to shut down. Not imposible (there’s an extremely faded x in the corner) but hard enough to constantly interrupt the flow of gameplay. When the only challenge a game offers is shutting off the adds, I’ll pass. (Also, I think the faces of the bombs, which aren’t pictured in preview pics, take away from otherwise simple aesthetic).Version: 166.0.2

Still shows ads after paymentI paid to remove the ads and still got shown them. Specially when opening a present after reaching 100%.Version: 1.26

I’m throwing in the towelI liked this game for the first 1000 levels - it was neat to see how creative they designed the different levels, but after awhile, they begin to repeat. None is too hard, and that is nice for mindless playing, and admittedly there is something satisfying about watching these pieces drop into the beaker glass. At first I liked building the city and seeing what comes next. But when the (costliest end) buildings begin to cost 232,000 then 500,000, then 1,000,000 tokens to build a house and the rent earned only increases 100 tokens, it will take a month of playing just to earn enough to build another lineup of buildings (I have 12 buildings, and it currently is 2mil tokens to upgrade all, next it will be close to 4mil). It is no longer fun, but a chore. I’ll go to the cheapest end, max out the 20 building types, and call it good and delete the app. I’ve become numb to the ads, but it just means I’ve been game-psychologically conditioned because when they don’t show (claims of No Internet - never true), I get upset because I can’t get bonus points or the rents. That is the sign that it’s time to dump this..Version: 1.10

Gets REALLY boring👎🏻Well let’s see here………… It was about 3:45pm when I found this game in the App Store. I thought to myself, “wow, this looks really fun!!” I decided to get the game. I sat and played it until 4:00 and I absolutely LOVED it and thought it was super fun!💖💗💕 Then, I got off of my IPad and did some things until I got back onto my iPad at 7:45pm. Since I loved pull the pin SO much❤️, I got back onto it to play it. I stared at the game, not very interested in it anymore. It is just—— this game gets very boring. I think they need to create a game that gets more challenging and is not so BORING AND EASY. Doing the same thing over and over is so boring sometimes. Also, there IS WAY TOO MANY OF THESE GAMES WITH SO MANY ADDS. PLEASE QUIT THE ADDS!! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!! Guys, this is just my opinion. You guys might love it!!💖💖💖 It is super fun in the beginning and this might be an awesome game for you!! Thanks for reading my opinion!💝.Version: 1.4

Won’t load .Downloaded app tries to run gets to the screen with the two small figures then jumps off and back to my regular screen . Tried multiple times , reset iPad tried again no luck ..Version: 166.0.2

DisappointingAfter clicking on so many games that pretend to be a puzzle pull pin game, only to find out it’s some kind of mindless ‘addictive’ game that pushes adverts on you every 20 seconds, I was excited when this game claimed to be the game all those other ones falsely claimed to be. What I found was it was another mindless ‘addictive’ game that pushes adverts on you every 20 seconds!! This game is nothing like it claims, it’s not smart, there are no new ways to be challenged, it’s the same puzzle presented slightly differently and anyone with half a brain has it figured out by level 5... the rest is just boring, with the occasional break of another crap game advertised every 20 seconds. Where is the puzzle where the fish needs water? Where is the puzzle where the sheep needs to avoid the wolf? Where’s the puzzle where the man wants the gold? Where’s the puzzle where the woman needs to avoid the robber? If you’re going to spend time making these click bait adverts, only to irritate people because it’s nothing like advertised, surely it would be just as easy to MAKE THE GAME!!.Version: 1.4

Awesome game - too many adsI would give this game 5 stars, if there wasn’t an ad at every. Single. Level…. 🙄.Version: 1.36

Fun game but...I actually really enjoy playing this game. It’s not like the ads that lie to you about pulling pin puzzles, those kind of games would actually seem fun to me and I finally found one. I only have a few complaints, and they’re things that I found as soon as I started playing. 1. What’s with all the ads?? Seriously, after about two-three levels, there’s a 30 second unskippable ad, or if you fail a level, you have to watch a 30 second unskippable ad. This is absolutely ridiculous and it’s not a good way to support the outlook of your game. 2. Watching 30 second unskippable ads just for a skin that I earned? It takes you about 6 levels to get the first skin in the game (which is the broom) which means about 2-3 30 second ads, then I have to watch another 30 second ad. This is so stupid, it makes me want to break my phone in half or just delete the game.Version: 1.5

Pull the pinFar to many ads...spoils the game. No sane person would download this game just to be annoyed by ads.Version: 1.4

FAR Too many ads!It’s a good game but the ads make it almost unplayable! Fix it!.Version: 163.0.2

Ads make this game a nonsenseThis game is all about the ads it would seem. All you get are simple puzzles nothing like the ad for the game and the incessant ads are unbelievable.Version: 1.33

Too easyHave played over 500 levels and it is not getting challenging at all. And I paid for the ads to go because there were so many it was impossible to enjoy..Version: 1.26

Sort of fun to begin with…The ads for this game brought me in with anticipation of a challenging puzzle game to keep the mind busy, but what I got was just a game with lots of ads and no challenge. I paid for ads free, but found that the game still had ads to get prizes or to retry the challenge part of the game, which again didn’t feel that challenging. I did enjoy the game to begin with, as I also expected it to increase its challenge, but the more I play or this game is the more I realise it is just going to be repetitive and easy. The game had a great concept, however the ads for this game are deceptive and false. There is no challenge. For the devs, you had a great idea for the game, but didn’t add any of the challenge. Please, please make a similar style game except with more challenging puzzles, a kin to what the ads suggest..Version: 1.27

Ads Still There!I paid $2.99 to remove the ads. Yet they are still there when I want to retry the Challenges I failed the first time and when claiming most rewards. It is necessary to claim the rewards in order to advance in the game. Otherwise more Challenges and “Boss” levels cannot be played. The ads can take two minutes or more each! The “Boss” levels and Challenges were the only levels that I found interesting enough to keep playing. Since the game is built on progression, I am forced to play five very simplistic regular levels in order to get to the “Boss” levels and Challenges. At least I was able to eliminate those five ads between each of these levels by paying the $2.99. It has potential to be a great game. If the ads for retrying what to me is the real challenges could be taken out, I would consider paying an additional, abet reasonable cost. I know a company needs revenue to survive, but the abundance of lengthy ads damps my enthusiasm for playing. I have found others comments here both pro and con helpful as I am a fairly new player..Version: 1.39

Paying for No Ads doesn’t remove all adsThe game itself is not very challenging but a fun distraction and quite addictive. However I was very irritated that I paid around $4 to remove ads and yet the game still makes you watch ad videos in order to unlock your level winnings and upgrade things instead of using the in-game coins that you earn from playing. It’s made doubly irritating by the fact that you have to watch the same two ad videos over and over and over, both of which are for games I already have..Version: 1.27

Okay but gets repetitive & ADS +++The game is fun but the basic ones levels do get very repetitive. The boss levels are fun but the number of times that I have lost out because a ball bounces higher than it’s starting height is annoying (and physically impossible in the real world). The “No Ads” is a con as I am still getting ads. And if I miss place my finger on the screen - up comes another ad. [Pressing the double arrow to get me to the end of the ad takes me to the download/get the game screen. Pressing cancel on that just takes me back to the continuation of the ad. Not until several pressings of the arrows do I get the ‘X’ to leave the ad…. and that can take 2 - 4 presses. {And why would I download a game that the developers cannot win when they are advertising it. If they cannot win, how am I meant to?}] And beware - the ads will chew up your data!!.Version: 167.0.2

Level 425 not working?!My wee son and I have been playing this game together while we’ve all been sick and are loving it - but level 425 keeps saying we’ve failed before we even get a chance to start playing it and it won’t give us the option to skip or anything?.Version: 1.35

MehNot as advertised, surprise, surprise. No story lines, no saving or helping anyone. Just pull pins. Some levels are challenging but overall disappointing and boring. Uninstalling..Version: 166.0.2

To many ads.Way to many ads! The game is to slow, you can’t get though the levels because of all the ads. And the rewards don’t make any sense..Version: 1.7

More ad time than play timeThe ads overtake the game. Unsure on the 4 star rating as the game is quite repetitive and easy. I’ve played 40+ levels of the same puzzle…. Then an ad before the level, after the level and before the next level. The ads are super over the top..Version: 1.33

Too many ads!Get through 2 levels and then an ad! Too annoying to bother playing. Deleting now.Version: 1.39

Not ChallengingI’ve given this game 211 levels to see if it gets any more challenging. The few times I’ve had to play again have mostly been as I’ve not been paying attention or there is something new that I’ve not yet worked out. The one level that nearly stumped me was because I had overrated it. I’d thought that i had to pull the sticks out in a particular order as they blocked each other. That made me concentrate, until I realised that wasn’t the case. I’ll likely delete the App soon..Version: 1.9

Interesting game spoiled by greedy developers.This game has an interesting premise, and would probably get to be a challenge at later levels. The only problem is that, as with so many of these “free to play” games, they fire way too many adverts at you early on. The beginner levels are of course very simple to complete as they introduce you to the game concept and play style. They throw a 30 second advert at you in between all levels, many of which take less than that to complete. The end result is that I deleted the game after completing only a handful of levels, as I spent more time watching the same adverts over and over and over than playing the game. I get that the developers need to pay the bills, but when they are too greedy, the games get deleted and no adverts watched. If they would strike a more reasonable happy medium where the advert to game ratio was a little less stacked, the end result might be better for all..Version: 1.27

Don’t waste your money, paying to have ads removedPaid money to have the ads removed and have contacted the company twice only to be ignored. I can’t understand how they have such a high rating when they have zero customer service..Version: 163.0.2

Repetitive and Too Many AdsPaid for ad free but still ads every few minutes asked for refund and no communication back. Also levels are not clearly getting harder. Do not recommend..Version: 151.0.2

Black bombs = blackface?Again, what’s with making things black, drawing on an evil human face and if you disturb them they explode. It almost resembles blackface..Version: 1.39

Play only if you like watching ads insteadTime spent with ads is greater than actually playing..Version: 152.0.2

Ads,ads and more adsI have never played a game with more ads than this one. Once you get all the balls in the basket usually it goes directly to an ad. Sometimes it will actually let you play two rounds. The ads are long and sometimes even play twice. You actually spend more time sitting waiting for ads to end then you are playing the actual game. If it wasn’t for the ads the game would be fun. I don’t mind ads once in a while but this is ridiculous. It’s gotten that I rarely play this game anymore because it’s so frustrating. It might take you five seconds to get the balls in the basket but then you’re sitting another 30 seconds if not more for ads to end to start the game again. I’m thinking of looking for another game similar that maybe doesn’t have as many ads. I would definitely give this game five stars if it wasn’t for the ads. Just not worth playing it and if I see that night burning in fire one more time I’m going to scream..Version: 154.0.2

Game OK / addictive…..too many adsAs per the title. The game as you’d expect gets harder as you progress as you’d want but come on! An advert after EVERY level? Not only that, they also last a LOT longer than each level. I get apps cost money and advertising brings that in along with people paying for the app to get rid of the ads but this is practically SCREAMING give us your money or we’ll just annoy the life out of you after every level. My solution was simple. DELETE. No more game = no more ads and my money saved. You’re welcome..Version: 1.27

Annoying Ad GlitchEven after purchasing the “no ads” package, I still have to watch ads just to complete the challenges if I fail, only to find that the ads freeze after enduring the whole thing. The only way to fix this is by shutting down the app and reloading it, and I still miss out on the second chance. This is super annoying. Please fix this 😔.Version: 1.27

Please ImproveI actually really enjoy this game for how easy it is, I can just open it and beat a few mindless levels while I’m waiting for something. However, I hate the amount of ads. I paid for no ads and all it removed were the banners and pop ups. That’s honestly ridiculous. I bought the no ads option at least a year ago so I’m not sure if the wording has changed, but I did click ‘restore purchase’ just to see what it would say and it did clearly state ‘removes banners and interstitials’. I definitely don’t remember it saying that when I bought it or I don’t think I would have. If it says that on the menu to purchase it, I recommend you steer clear, it’s honestly a waste of money. I would really like to get what I paid for, which was an ad free experience. At the very least, make the first retry of a level free for those who purchased no ads. It’s still a rip off, but one retry is generally all that’s needed..Version: 1.33

A glorified ad platform.I liked this game for a while. It’s simple, but it’s a decent way to unwind for a few minutes. stopped playing for a while because I was navigating a cross-country move and buying my first house, and when I came back to playing it was completely different. I don’t remember a ton of ads when I first picked up the game, but now I can maybe get through two levels before another ad plays. On top of that, there are now “boss levels” that are genuinely more challenging, which is nice… when they work. But after the first few boss levels, it got to a point where even if I completed the level perfectly, at the very last moment one of the bricks would fall out of the basket and I’d have 99% completion. I replayed one boss level ten times before accepting that no matter which pins I pulled in what order, one brick was gonna fall out and I’d fail the level. What’s the point of even trying? And in order to replay the boss level, you have to watch AN AD. (That’s also the case if you want to replay most normal levels. I’ve only gotten the option to replay for free twice.) At this point I’m spending more time watching ads than playing the game, and it’s just not worth it anymore. Don’t waste your time. Two stars for nostalgia; it used to be good..Version: 147.0.2

The app is there for the adsAds generate huge incomes for developers. There are at least two approaches to Apps and the ads they contain. 1: Start with developers who take pride in their work and care about giving customers what they want. Make a great, original, imaginative, fun and challenging game. Spend lots of time and money developing it to get it right, and recoup the costs and make a well-earned profit from a judicious amount of in-app advertising. 2: Get some businessman in a suit who wants to earn himself a load of money. Tell him lots of people are doing it on app stores now. Come up with a unimaginative mediocre copy of another game. Spend as little time and money as you can get away with, but perhaps a bit more to advertise your app with misleading gameplay depictions. Then drown the game in a deluge of irritating apps that falsely advertise yet more crap games, so that for every minute you play you also have to watch a minute-long ad. For me, this game fits the latter category. Gameplay is ok. But an ad after every single play… I’m out..Version: 1.38

Crashing every time and far too many adsWould be an amazing game if it didn’t crash every 2-3 minutes after over consuming all of my phone’s memory / resources. Don’t get me started with the ads. Far to many and frequency is every time one wants to play the game. App ….. deleted.Version: 1.33

BoringAfter getting at level 175, the game is still quite trivial. I gave up and removed it..Version: 1.29

Only ads 😅 don't worry about ranking up in difficultyIf you want to watch ads more than play and get reset in difficulty each day so game so play is super basic? This is for you. Even the boss levels seem condescending. Love the mechanics in gameplay but hate the ad wait and low level challenge to get to anything. The extra point is for the Devs, I see you 👍.Version: 1.39

Very dull..Too any ados.Version: 167.0.2

BoringNot at all interesting like the ones you see in the ads and like the ad made it out to be. Maybe just too easy. Also vouch for the other review saying the annoying notification won’t go away, no, I am not going to follow you on IG. Delete..Version: 1.3

AdsStop making your ads so long, I’m playing another game.Version: 163.0.2

Fun little time wasterThe only problem I have is those never ending, never disappearing waggling red dots with the exclamation marks. They should disappear after the new stuff has been viewed without requiring the player to tap one the secondary exclamation marks. Have them vanish either after we click the paint brush and house or add an option we can click to say ‘viewed’. Either way, please remove them.Version: 1.5

Going nowhereNice idea. But I cant find much to aim at. Every level is simple to achieve and after a while I began to realise its simplicity was not going to increase in difficulty. It is almost mindless. A bomb here and there adds a frisson of interest and requires a momentary use of thinking but not more. Great to start simple so we get the idea, but after level 50 you might hope it would get more challenging/interesting - but it doesn't. What are the coins for? You make a thing of collecting them but now I have plenty, what can I spend them on? A new background? I think this is another game that just puts any old thing to force you to watch the stupid ads to give you revenue. It is such a nice starting idea, but it feels like you havent bothered to go any further with your creativity than you had to to prop up your bank account. Deleting it! Waste of time. The second star was I had one or two days of enjoyment until i realised it was going nowhere.Version: 1.20

Incorrect failsFrequently getting “fail” when I didn’t fail. Seems you have to pull the pins in exactly the right order to win, which is ridiculous. Also the amount of ads is ver annoying..Version: 151.0.2

So-soI’m sort of enjoying this game and even paid for the ad free version but find myself constantly having to make sure I tap the screen in the right place in order to avoid still seeing ads. And the relentless emojis and claims of “Fantastic!” “Awesome!” etc are so annoying not to mention patronising and unnecessary. Equally so are the frequent requests to participate in this or that something or other. In fact with regard to the beating other players request you have no choice but to participate even though I don’t think for one minute you are actually playing against other people because curiously you always win. I’ve been playing games on my phone for 14-years and not once have I ever played with another person nor have I ever wanted to despite just about every game I play repeatedly urging me to do so. So far the levels have all been of the same degree of difficulty, which is not difficult at all so it’s quickly becoming boring - where’s the challenge? If I hadn’t paid to have the ads removed on this game I would have deleted it because of all the annoying aspects outlined above so I’ll persist a bit longer. However, if the levels continue to be so ludicrously easy then it’s curtains..Version: 163.0.2

BoringRepetitive and dull.Version: 162.0.2

BoringLevels don’t get any harder so it becomes repetitive. Didn’t have ads for a few minutes then became suddenly bombarded with ads. Theres better games to play :/.Version: 1.3

FrustratedI like the game. The smaller pin pulls are easy and the bigger challenges can be a little more thought provoking. It’s a fun way of relaxing and passing the time. My issue is that sometimes when the little balls fall into the cup they bounce out. I’ve tried different ways to prevent that but it still only fills up 98 to 99 percent. I’ve tried letting them go all at once by pulling the last two pins at the same time to let them race into the cup, and I’ve let them sit and settle for a few seconds, and still, they bounce out. I don’t feel that this is my fault because I have no control over how they drop! I’ve had to bag some of the challenges because of it. I can’t help feeling like there’s some nefarious reason behind it, forcing us to watch more ads. It’s stupid little things like this that annoy people and makes us want to delete the game! And WHY would I be willing to spend money on a game that annoys me?!.Version: 154.0.2

It’s okay, but....Every 20 seconds there is an ad (it only takes 10-20 seconds to complete a level). I understand the need to generate revenue, but can you please stop spamming me with ads? Always “watch an ad to get more coins,” “watch an ad to get this cool new thing that you have no idea why it would be needed,” “watch an ad to progress to the next level,” “watch an ad to build this building.” Ads! Ads everywhere! And honestly, what’s the point of spamming with ads if the difficulty never changes? A 4 year old could make the same progress I’ve made, in the same amount of time! You want to appeal to the adults that were tired of being scammed by other apps, but you do that by giving us a game for preschoolers. That’s kinda scammy too, when you think about it. Make a game that’s dirt easy, just so you can fill it with spammy ads 🤔.Version: 1.3

Overwhelming, Sexually Suggestive AdsThe ads are so overwhelming in this game that they supersede the actual gameplay itself. Not only are there HUGE static ads taking up large portions of the screen between rounds, but the video ads play for far longer than a round takes to play. On top of that, the video ads are very difficult — if not impossible — to skip. Sometimes that means waiting forever for the “x” to appear so it can be closed, and other times it means having an “x” that is impossible to press. Other times, it’s endless sections of video ads where the ad goes on and on and on. Another gem is the ads show very inappropriate subject matter, with nearly nude women with cleavage bursting out of their tops. This is appropriate content for a player under 16 as selected when the game started? What kind of ads would we see if we selected the older option? It’s pretty sad that this passes for acceptable these days. It’s a shame because the game has so much potential..Version: 1.25

Entertaining but misleadingAn entertaining little game to make you think a little before pulling out pins. However, having got bored of multiple ads, paid £2.49 to remove them. However, it doesn’t remove all ads and when collecting prizes (I haven’t found another way of skipping that yet) forces you to watch another ad… misleading much? Ad free should be precisely that, ad free….Version: 1.27

Irritating!The game is quite amusing to start with - but the pull pin games are incredibly easy, a 5-year old could do them. You can get more difficult ones by paying game coins but even they are quite simple. Also, I paid to remove the irritating and long ads - but I still get them! OK, I can play the basic pull pin games without ads, but if I need to redo a level I gave to watch a 30 second ad. I’m not interested in the pathetic jigsaws or the bonus boxes. The game doesn’t really bear much relation to ads for it. Where are the Mona Lisa picture game or the other ones used in the ads? Boring and deleted..Version: 1.25

Not enough challengesYou get to a point where there is no incentive to play. Once the challenges are done, there's nothing to use the coins on. Fun for a while, then disappointing..Version: 151.0.2

Still getting adsI recently downloaded this game and although I’ve paid to remove adverts I’m still having to watch them. What’s the point of paying for something and not receiving it. I’m sure if people went online for some shopping and it didn’t arrive they wouldn’t be at all happy about it this is no different as I’m paying for a service that I’m not getting. The game is actually not bad and the only issue I’m having with it is the ads..Version: 1.38

Please work on itCould be a great game but needs serious work on making the levels more challenging. It was still very easy at level 66 so I gave up. And yeah, don’t need to mention the over representation of ads. It’s a very annoying thing and almost forces your users to delete it just because it’s annoying.Version: 1.5

Not worth the timeI downloaded this app after seeing an ad. None of the featured attractive levels are available after more than 600 levels cleared. After about 400 levels, all extra items like styled pins, balls, puzzles and backgrounds are easily obtained. “Challenging” levels are available periodically, but are arguably what the routine levels should have been. Ads are there to motivate you to purchase the premium version, which is acceptable, but are also required to obtain other achievements that are not worthwhile. On the bright side, the few bugs are not a hindrance or a long-term deterrent. Do not download if you are looking for a puzzle challenge. If you want a way to play a zen mode game to pass the time, this game is for you. I’m still looking for a challenge, back to square one!.Version: 1.26

Very simpleA very simple and easy game that hardly challenges you. The ads are so annoying that you are basically forced to buy the app..Version: 1.25

TerribleNot as advertised. It’s every single game is d. Mistake downloading, so Ideleted..Version: 163.0.2

Good concept but …Not a bad game which kind of makes you want to see what’s coming next. However each game is so similar to the next, and it takes a long time to move to the next level. Plus it’s incredibly slow going as literally every time you win you have to watch an advert or two. Now bearing in mind this is the free version I expected adverts..but after every single win!!! Realistically playing unviable as it takes more time watching the ads than it does to solve the puzzle!! I’ve had this game for two days and I’ll now be deleting it. Can’t bear the constant brainwashing ads any more..Version: 1.23

Total waste of timeI don’t usually write reviews, however I am on this game in order to WARN you all not to waste your time. Adverts every 6 seconds even in the middle of a ten second game. TERRIBLE!!! + the app is constantly crashing/freezing + it makes you enter stupid competitions that don’t interest me. I just wanted a little game I could unwind to after work……instead it has left me annoyed & frustrated. I’m not a huge game player so can’t compare with 1000’s of others, but it’s the worst game I’ve ever played..Version: 148.0.2

Pull the pinWas a great game … got to a level and defaults every time saying lost and won’t go past that level.Version: 1.35

Slow, buggy and not worth the timeThis is a app with way to many ads, little pay off, and lags, crashes or just fails thru levels don't waste any time on this Also i went to level 543 so I really gave this some chances..Version: 1.26

Ridiculous amount of AdsWay too many ads, it takes all the fun out of the game 😔.Version: 1.39

Barely a Puzzle GameNothing wrong with gameplay or anything. Could be relaxing. However, these are barely puzzles. Played to level 100, was bored throughout, never got more challenging. Not sure if it gets better, but I got tired of it and gave up. If you enjoy the low-key, simple puzzles, go for it. Just turn off wifi and data or there are too many long ads..Version: 1.2

So many ads it’s worthless.Ads for other apps every 1-3 minutes and last for up to 1 minute or more before you can get back to the game. So horrible I played twice then just gave up in frustration. If you want to view ads then this app is for you. If you want to play a game then pass..Version: 157.0.2

Stuck on build hotels don’t go back “coming soon” boardGood game, paid to have the ads removed which helps. Can progress in the build hotels section keeps saying next section is “coming soon”. Getting annoyed going to delete soon..Version: 1.26

Adds constantlyWay way way to many adds for a low quality game.Version: 1.26

AdsCan’t tell if the game is immersive or not. Bombarded with ads and gives you no chance to enjoy it. So I didn’t buy it..Version: 1.32

Too easyThis game is good but way too easy, plus, the ads don’t load so I lost quite a few bonuses. It said that I had no internet connection, which is very wrong as my internet works fine on every other game that I have..Version: 1.27

FrozenKeeps saying level failed before even starting. Won’t allow me to skip so can’t play anymore and up to level 1430.Version: 1.35

This is a good gameThis is a good game but I’m on level 50 and it is still very simple, to simple really. It made me not want to play anymore.Version: 1.5

Nice enough game but way too easyIt’s well designed and fun enough but the normal levels are tediously simple. You get a boss level every few turns which is more challenging but if you don’t get it first go you have to watch a video to retry it despite having paid over $4 to remove ads. It’s a shame - if the basic levels were a bit more of a challenge or if ad free actually meant ad free it would be great..Version: 1.39

Adds annoyingFun game. No tutorial so you have to figure it out yourself. Some were challenging - some weren’t. Too many ads (sometimes after every game, sometimes every two). Good time waster - Buy no ads if you really like the games.Version: 1.26

Just another ad farmGame was kinda fun but just a copy and paste mindless repetitive ad farm where everywhere you click, anytime you want to do anything other than basic stuff, boom there is an ad. There are even parts where they put pins mere pixels away to bait you into tapping the wrong pin, thus making you lose the level and having to watch an ad to repeat. You go through about 10-12 levels to earn a reward and most of the time, big suprise, you have to watch an ad to open. Even on airplane mode (which I was playing on) they want you so badly to turn on the internet. The few times I did was only to repeat a lost challenge level, so I watch an ad, beat the level in 10 seconds, then again to nobody’s surprise, another ad for beating the level. These developers need to realize that nobody wants to pay $2.99 for their brainless game that has 50 copies with just a fresh coat of paint consisting of cosmetics and a basic passive income “upgrade” system. Then again kids on their crusty iPads are not gonna know any better. I’m sure I can write this same review for any other game like this but brainless stuff sells to undeveloped children. Just sad to see hopefully this kind of stuff can be cleared from the App Store sooner or later and people realize not everything needs to be a cash grab..Version: 1.28

Way too many adsLevels are short and there’s an ad after most levels. If you get the choice to watch an ad for a reward then you may as well because if you click ‘no thanks’ you’ll still have to watch one anyway. I’m on level 29 and the levels aren’t really getting any harder than they were at level 1. I’ll probably give it to level 100 (will probably take half an hour) and delete if it’s not challenging me. Bored already to be honest..Version: 1.23

Fun concept and art, needs improvementI think the game is cute and fun, but I expected the levels to get more challenging and they never did. Only the “boss” levels are truly interesting and those are very glitchy. You’ll lose through no fault of your own because a tiny bubble flew out of bounds. To replay a boss level, you have to watch a long ad, even if you paid to have ads removed. You have to watch an ad to get gifts and multipliers, too, even if you paid to remove ads. Another request I would have for developers is to not take the player out of the level every time they collect a special pin. Give them a satisfying effect and notification instead. As it is now, I get disappointed every time I see a special pin in a level..Version: 154.0.2

More ads than gameI wanted this game to get more challenging over time but it doesn’t. You can’t play more than a few short rounds without an ad playing. Sadly, I will have to delete this one. It’s just too much..Version: 162.0.2

To many adsThis is a great game to play, but It could be so much better, I understand that you’d wanna make money with the pop up Ads fair enough, but how are we supposed to enjoy the game with that amount of ads, like seriously you play 1 or 2 games and an Ad pops up, like come on now!! I’d play it if an ad would pop up ever 5 rounds that would be great and I’d enjoy it more, and I’m sure others would to!!! All in all great game just cut out most of the Ads!!!.Version: 1.27

Fun game but too many ads!Seriously, guys? You pay for the premium version and still have to watch 30+ second ads. The ad-watching to game-time ratio is way off. Really spoils the fun ☹️ Would be better if the game grew more challenging, also. Feels a bit same-same after a while..Version: 161.0.2

Doesn’t get any harder!I’m now on level 93 and it’s pretty much the same as level one! I keep going thinking it must get harder at some point but no it really doesn’t! It’s just pulling out between 3-5 pins in a variety of different shapes while avoiding the odd bombs. It just doesn’t make you think how to go about it so you don’t lose any. Such a shame because it could be so much better and the amount of ads just doesn’t justify the game play! I spend more time watching a ad than doing the level and some of the ads are only 5 seconds long I won’t be continuing with the game as it just gets boring after a while..Version: 1.5

Levels repeat but fun for short timeI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks. I wanted something to alleviate boredom while in social isolation. I’m at level 1100ish, and I’ve noticed more and more that the levels are repeating. One thing that I consider a negative is the levels don’t increase in challenge or difficulty. On a positive note, it does have other things to strive towards to motivate you to keep playing. For example, there’s an area where you can use your winning coins to buy buildings. There are a number of ads, some that you watch in exchange for game coins. Overall the game is fun for a short time, but without increasingly challenging levels, it can get boring after time..Version: 1.5

Too many adsChallenging for 4 year olds maybe. Way too many ads. Just kills the game. So tired of ads. Deleted..Version: 161.1.2

The adsI feel this is a wonderful game with a good set up and idea. It is a good boredom buster. However, I will be deleting it after writing this review because I am sick and tired of the adverts after EVERY level. They ruin the happiness and gives me anger as a replacement. I understand ads are important but after EVERY level is absolutely ridiculous. I would think many agree. This is to be changed for others as I won’t be to find out about a change as I am going to delete it. I thought this game would be different..Version: 1.28

Pull the pin is whackLOTS of ads.. not short ads either. They last 1 minute or longer.Version: 166.0.2

Boring and packed full of ads.This game requires no brain power at all, has no entertainment value unless you’re perhaps a cat and the falling little balls are exciting to you, and has so many many ads to interrupt the game play it makes it that much more unbearable. Boring! Why are the ads do long? I can tell if I’m interested in what’s being advertised in less than 5 seconds and this thing blocks you from leaving the ad for an eternity. These aren’t ads, they’re nuisances. I spend 7 seconds in the level and 30 seconds waiting for an ad. More ads than game. If the levels were interesting at all, maybe I’d keep playing. This is dull and tedious. I can’t believe people build games like this and get people like me to try them. This wouldn’t even entertain the five year old me. I won’t call this game a waste of time, because that’s what I’m trying to accomplish, but I like enjoying wasting my time and this is NOT enjoyable. Sooo dumb..Version: 1.25

Terrible adsThis game should be called Ad Simulator because that’s all it is. There’s ads after every puzzle, ads after every claim for a prize and they aren’t the skippable kind either. You have to so through 30s ads without any option to skip. The actual ‘game’ is simple but ok. Devs like this should be made to play their own games over and over as a penance for doing this to their players. Avoid like the plague unless you want to waste your time watching unskippable ads..Version: 153.0.2

Fun gameLooks like a fun game but is very laggy on older devices and crashes on iOS 12..Version: 145.0.2

A few notable issuesI really like the game, and think it's entertaining, but it could do with some fixes. I've played the game Parking Jam by this app studio too, and found it to be nothing exceptional as well, but still a very pleasant game that's a notch above most awful clickbait crap apps. However, I've noticed that I can complete a challenge level perfectly, but still fail because at the end some of the pieces fly out of the cup under the game's own physics engine. Which is incredibly frustrating, considering that you have to watch an ad every time you retry the level? Sometimes these flukes happen when bombs are added to the mix in the challenge levels too. I feel those levels could do to be a little tighter. Just found a challenge level bug too, where there's a few with so many ball pieces in such a narrow space the camera won't pan far enough to see the pin under the ad? That's absolutely ridiculous. Knocking down the star rating further. :^/ A personal gripe of mine is aesthetic, and means very little, it doesn't affect the star rating I gave at all, it's just- the designs for the ball pieces that are available are so boring? Compared to parking jam's designs I dislike them a lot..Version: 1.31

Where level designers go to dieTried out 40+ levels of this game hoping it might become more than a tedious, challenge free exercise in pulling pins in between repetitive adverts. Probably spent more time trying to close down badly-coded adverts than actually playing the game. Funny how those ‘dismiss advert’ buttons always launch an instal page. Avoid this, unless maybe you’re trying to regain use of your fingers after a stroke. Maybe then there might be some sort of challenge to this time waster. But I doubt it..Version: 155.2.2

Great game but the ads!!!!The game is quite good - but only the boss levels. It was good enough that I decided to pay $4.49 to remove the constant, annoying ads. BUT paying for the game did NOT remove the ads except the banner ad - which is easy enough to ignore. I’m so angry that the ads were NOT REMOVED that I think I’ll delete the game. Shame I can’t ask for my money back..Version: 1.39

Not bad but more of a ‘relaxing’ activity than a gameI was hoping the levels would get tougher as you go but they really don’t. I’m on level 100 something and haven’t had to redo a level or use a life or whatever. It’s not so much a challenging or brain teaser game as it should be, more of a relaxing thing to do for fun. Which isn’t a bad thing, but when you combine that with the fact there’s an ad every couple levels, it makes it seem like they made it easy on purpose so you beat more levels and ergo have to watch more ads. Sometimes I watch one cause I beat a level then I have to watch another when the I click to start the next level. If they made it more challenging and didn’t force me to watch 30 second ads every few mins, it would def be a 5/5 game..Version: 1.4

Too easy and too many adsEnjoyed the game at the start but too easy and not enough challenge to keep me playing. Way too many ads just makes this game boring..Version: 1.27

You spend more time watching ads than playingI tried this out for about 30 minutes. I enjoyed playing the game but when when I realised I was only playing 1 or 2 levels before having to watch an ad, I decided it wasn’t for me. I tried playing offline but the app wouldn’t progress after 2 levels without me watching an ad..Version: 1.27

Game failure to workThe game keeps telling you you have failed before you do anything..Version: 1.35

Pull the pinOnly just got this game so disappointed in the fact that so far you have an add following each game why so greedy?? an add after 3 or 4 would be less irritating 😞however that is not likely to happen so I guess I will just delete it, shame though!!!.Version: 1.27

AnnoyingHaving just installed the upgrade to this game I find that there seems to be a glitch. Although I successfully complete levels it then comes up as level failed 😡😡😡forcing me to retry. Extremely annoying and needs to be rectified. Another disappointment is that even though I am over 350 levels in they remain very easy. I thought they would get progressively more difficult 🤷‍♀️. It’s only the challenges that are tricky! Until the fault is sorted I can’t recommend the game..Version: 1.21

BugSame issue as others…keeps saying level failed and can’t get out of it. Happened at 2 different levels. Had to delete app reload and start again. Shame…cos I quite like the game..Version: 1.35

Challenge 96Only allows 3 moves, impossible. The Youtube cheat video says you have to have 4 moves. I tried it 7 ways of Sunday and it can’t be done in 3 moves. Also, don’t think if you buy the full version you get rid of all the Ads, just as many. Sure would like a reply..Version: 163.0.2

Just a fidget reallyThe levels don’t get any harder just different. It’s fun but Very repetitive. More like a fidget toy than a game. If u like tapping and hearing popping noises, while balls fall into a cup with no real skill involved this is for you. Satisfying in a way but just sooo boring! Also loads of ads, almost after each level, but they aren’t as long as other apps 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.5

Don't botherThere's no challenge to the puzzles. And the ads crash the game. When an ad starts, you might as well force close the game and restart. Often multiple ads between levels, and extra game elements have been thrown in randomly in the hope someone will watch more ads or pay money. Such a mess..Version: 1.26

Pull the adds should be the nameAn add after every single game is ridiculous. Game is not bad but the adds are too much. Bye..Version: 157.0.2

ZzzzzDon’t waste your time. Unless you like ads or waste money. Deleted.Version: 165.1.2

Okay, to start with, then boring.There were no instructions and though I worked out what to do quite easily, the extra challenges stopped at Level 120, leaving basic level games, which were often repeated. There was a house icon at the top of the page, and though that involved buying buildings, there was no explanation of what the aim of that game was or any details. Why not?.Version: 149.0.2

Great game bad updatesI downloaded this game more than a year ago. I have played it continuously and I’ve enjoyed my time playing this game. Unfortunately, the last few updates have broke this game and made the said game unplayable. When you play boss levels they don’t give you enough platforms to play through to finish. They don’t give you your tokens when you have finished a level it’s here and they’re not every time I’ve played this game almost 9000 levels and when it hit 8000 levels is when it started to go downhill now don’t get me wrong it’s a game that’s free understandable but when the game was playing, just fine for a better part of the year and then crashed there’s something really wrong with this and needs to be addressed..Version: 144.1.2

Only played for 1 day and then game crashed at level 177I bought the no ads version but I could only play for one day and then it glitches at level 177 and I can’t play.. have contacted support but no reply… not happy.Version: 1.35

Not happyFor one, in challenge 45 the screen won’t move or advance down to allow you finish; therefore it shows you failed and that’s after all the moves. And the background sometimes is the same color as the pins so you can’t see them. There definitely should be a way to see the full puzzles There’s something definitely wrong with the app itself, a game opens up and before you touch anything it says you’ve failed retry with just the game loading. Also on some of the rewards it tells you no ads available to check your internet when nothing’s wrong but the minute to hit continue, all of a sudden there’s loads of ads. Maybe I’m winning too much or going too fast, not sure but it makes me not want to play or recommend I was at well over level 1100 and challenge 90 something and because of the error telling me to try again you failed without me touching anything it made me delete the app and get it again. I’m so very disappointed and angry.Version: 1.35

WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS GAME?!It’s absolute rubbish. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! It gives me voodoo vibes along with unholy things coming along with it. In my opinion children could be badly influenced by it, parents I have something to tell you. Your kids will get obsessed with dark magic, and might try summon Satan. The look of it seems harmless, but the game is not designed for kids. I think you should stop reading this stupid report, drop your device down a hole/smash your computer or telly. And GO OUTSIDE! Fresh air won’t encourage your kids to dance with the devil. To many people are on their phones nowadays, far to many introverts in this world. The sun is good for your mental health, Yours sincerely, the person who wrote this.Version: 1.4

Boring, and makes phone get suspiciously hotThe regular levels are way too easy. Everything is interrupted by ads. Then it puts you in a race with other players whether you want to be or not, and you fall behind because of the ads but it insists on showing you your position falling behind the other players and you can’t turn it off. Finally I get to a boss level that looks like an interesting challenge. By that point my phone has gotten so hot that the screen isn’t responding properly (is this app mining bitcoin in the background or what?), so it pulls a different pin than I intended to pull a few times. I’m offered a chance to replay the boss level if I watch yet another ad. Fine, I watch the ad. Then I put the app in the background a few minutes so my phone can cool off, come back, and the boss level is gone, the app reloads and sends me back to the regular boring levels. Don’t waste your time sitting through all the adds waiting for the app to get interesting and fun, it won’t..Version: 1.37

Could be betterToo bad every third ad crashes the app!.Version: 161.1.2

It’s a game made to make you watch adsThis is what some might call a “relaxing”, where as I might tend toward the word “mindless”. There is little to no challenge to the regular levels, like four to six pins in the puzzle and literally the only way to lose is to not pull any pins at all, or the other more insidious way, which I will come to in just a minute. The other type of levels are “challenge levels” that become available after about every 25 or so regular levels beaten, and you pay with coins earned to open these levels and then you get ONE chance to beat that level, if you don’t succeed, you are then forced to watch a full ad to try it again. Here the insidious part that I mentioned earlier, the physics can be broken so that sometimes a ball will just miss the goal and you have to watch another ad to play the level again and hope it doesn’t just miss again, but it gets even worse, during the challenge levels sometimes a ball will just phase through a solid wall and fall and you don’t even know that you lost for another 15 to 20 seconds because its still falling or something? And it becomes a far too common event the further you get into the game. It’s almost as if its purposeful and not a bug to make you watch more ads. So if you love watching ads, boy is this the game for you!.Version: 1.27

AhhhhhThe game has lots of ads.Version: 1.3

Please helpThe game is stuck and is saying level failed when I haven’t even started it. I’m on level 1776. Been like this for a few days now. I have really enjoyed the game up to now please fix it..Version: 1.35

Too many ads and levels don’t changeThe ads are so many and so long that I spent more time watching them than playing the game. I spent £2.49 to get rid of the ads and after a day, it worked. This must be the laziest game I’ve ever seen. They basically just put the same level over and over again. It doesn’t get more difficult. The level that appeared in the advert that made me want to play the game, has still not appeared by level 500. I have thousands of coins that don’t do anything. It’s a waste of time..Version: 1.27

Mildly entertainingIt’s another one of those games where when you fail you have no idea why, I’d have thought there would be some logic or physics applied to the moves but clearly not, you don’t win the screen until you’ve found their solution which is not at all clear why it’s right. I don’t like ads but accept them but why does each ad have to have 2,3 or 4 screens before you can close it? If I don’t get it after screen one I won’t get it even if there are a dozen more screens. It’s annoying in the extreme. I’ve deleted the app..Version: 1.29

Too many addsDeleted after 5 minutes. There were more ads than game play..Version: 1.3

Ads!!!!!One of the most annoying games EVER!! Literally Ads after every level and the Ads feel like they go forever. Only had the app for 20mins, felt like i watched Ads for 19mins of the 20mins. The game itself is ok. But the Ads are way too much. I will be uninstalling & every other game made by this company/creator. Like the game, Hate the Ads 👍/👎.Version: 1.39

Issue with app freezingLevel 1174 successfully completed but app has frozen and won’t play. No this will kick start it. Fix it please.Version: 147.1.2

Pointless & Too EasyThe developers description is laughable - they say at the end “So simple yet so tricky”. There’s nothing tricky about this game. The advert is misleading and the game is under-developed. It has potential but it never gets any harder - most levels are completed in under 5 seconds & you’ll get an advert every 2 or 3 levels unless you are disconnected. The rewards for completing levels are currently pointless - coins with nothing to spend them on, building houses and collecting more coins for no reason & jigsaw pieces to complete puzzles for no reason…. ? I don’t get it. It’s a shame because with improvements it could be half decent, but for now disappointing..Version: 1.26

Nice entertainment but glitchyEasy to follow game, something to occupy some of your free time. Unfortunately it’s quite glitchy, freezes a lot when the only way out is to shut it down and reload, but if you do it you have to repeat what you’ve just completed before. Plus lots of lengthy ads, and by lengthy boy I mean they are long!!! This are the reasons I’ll be removing it from my phone..Version: 1.38

Too simple and way too many adsThere are ads after almost every level and as the levels are extremely simple it means an ad every few seconds! I suffered through to level 40 hoping it would get better but it didn’t. Cute idea but the challenges need to get harder more quickly and if they really want people to check it out then cut some of the ads out until later when the player is hooked on the game!.Version: 1.1

Far too many addsI know adds are needed for the developers to make money but there are just too many for this to be enjoyable.Version: 1.39

Add blocker didn’t workOk game, but I bought the add blocker and I’m still receiving a lot of adds. Not cool.Version: 166.0.2

It was fun….at least at the start.When I first downloaded this game, I was like: ‘Hey! This game is pretty fun to kill time.’ And it was, until it started bull crapping me. First, we gotta talk about the ads. I do see people complaining that they get a lot of ads, but we basically have the same experience, and I usually get an ad every 3-5 minutes. Forcing you to watch an ad just to retry a certain level, a basic company tactic to earn money. As much as I don’t like it, they gotta make money someway too. Sure it might not be the wrong way, but it is what it is. Now I have to talk about the boss levels. There was times that I outsmarted the boss levels, because of that, I got a certain percentage that was part of most of the level, however, when this happened, the boss level froze, and then said I lost. I was confused because none of the balls were launched out of the level, the thing that contains the balls weren’t exploded, you name it. At first I thought this was a bug, but it happened more and more after, it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, and got thoughts of deleting the game. Please fix this. TLDR The boss levels are unfair, as when I outsmarted the level that should’ve allowed me to keep going, it froze, then said I lost, so it’s basically unbeatable, at least for me. Please fix..Version: 148.0.2

Wish I could play the game.I understand that games have to earn a profit and have to use ads but when the game design has you spend substantially more time watching ads than playing the game itself, it is what I would call a major design flaw! Yes you can pay to remove ads but when I cannot even tell if this is a game I am going to enjoy playing b/c it takes 10 mins to play 5 puzzles b/c of said ads, things are out of hand. I can’t get a feel for if the puzzles get better, harder etc or they just keep using cheap tricks like making the balls randomly bounce out without anyway to control b/c of so much time spent in ads. Then when you fail and retry… guess what? -another ad! If the developers of the game have so much cost overhead to where they have to continue to show an ad with each puzzle instead of every 4-5 like reasonable games do then the company has other issues and would t want to support a failing company! I do not think this is the case though and it’s just greed, them trying to extract every penny possible out of each user. Please change the amount of ads shown, I don’t need to see one for every puzzle or if I choose to restart it b/c of failing! Heck even just do it for the first 20-30 puzzles or so that way I can tell if I would like the game. I have a feeling I would like this a lot if there is proper pacing and difficulty ramp up, but I am not giving companies like this any money when I am watching more ads than playing!.Version: 1.35

Trop de pubsLe jeu est intéressant, mais tellement de publicité qu’il perd son intérêt… cela en est frustrant… Je l’ai supprimé.Version: 162.0.2

TroublemakerThis game is sooo much fun. However, it keeps causing trouble to my Apple iPad. Yesterday, I downloaded this and it keeps freezing, goes blank, and even restarted my Apple. When I tried to watch an ad for extra puzzle pieces or gifts after winning, the App chocks up and I ended up with nothing on multiple occasions. I even won a first place in the race and had to forfeit my gift. This is highly disappointing. The ads work when I complete a couple of stages, but flip out when I actually need it to win an added bonus. My internet is strong, so Wi-Fi/Data is not the issue. Several times I have to close and reopen. Just more trouble than it’s worth…and I actually enjoy this game…when it works. Will likely uninstall and look for something less troublesome. …sad face 😞.Version: 1.39

HmmmExceedingly simple puzzles, with very little difference in difficulty between each level. Maybe the difficulty increases, but I only got to level 30, before I gave up, as it is SO glitchy. I could only play about four levels at a time, before the game would freeze and I had to restart it. Also, pretty much every time I “won” a mystery box the game would say I didn’t have an internet connection (I have super fast fibre!) and I would be forced to say “no thanks” or reset the game, either way losing the box. I understand that this type of free game is designed to make you see lots of adverts, which is fair enough, but if the game is not playable, why would anyone stay to see the adverts? Answer: game deleted..Version: 1.26

Pull the pin (on this “game”)This is a wonderful ad delivery device that gives repetitive unchallenging puzzles designed to make your IQ lower by dozens of points while serving up softcore porn ads. … I really enjoy that this ad delivery device is also very buggy causing you to fail challenges that you actually succeeded at. At first you would think this would be fixed but this is ACTUALLY a FEATURE!!! You see, if you fail a challenge the only way to try again is to, you guessed it, watch another ad! If they “fixed” this buggy feature they couldn’t possibly serve up even more ads thus negating part of the entire business model of this fantastic ad delivery device. … If you prefer apps that respect your time and worth then I’m afraid you will just be very disappointed in this game. However, if you’re easily amused and have zero self esteem or intelligence this ad delivery device will meet AND EXCEED your every desire..Version: 1.27

Glitches - 3 stars thinking about 2 1/2How do you fail a level without even making a move? The level loads up, one or two pebbles spill over or through an opening and boom! Fail. How do you clear a level successfully but the games says you failed, then you make the exact same moves on the retry and voilà you passed? These are the two major glitches I have experienced. This game is awesome for passing time, however, the glitches can be quite frustrating. My rating may change in the future. My newest issue - I had to reset my phone and re download some apps. For this app my points and achievements are still intact, however, my level started all over again. I was almost at level 700 now I’m back to almost 300..Version: 1.25

Too many ads!Overall, the game isn’t bad. The puzzles and animations are fun, plus the personalization, but the puzzles get very repetitive. The real downside to this game is the ads. I paid the 4$ thinking the flow of the game would improve, however, there are still ads; you fail a level, an ad to retry, you want to get a reward, you have to watch an ad. Trying to finish the game, at level 500 and the challenges are getting more interesting, hoping this game will actually get harder, but considering deleting at this point..Version: 162.0.2

Problematic Backgrounds and Excessive AdsFirstly, let us address the common/less serious issue. There were too many ads for the game to really get a rhythm. I understand that apps need to make money but it’s hard to get into a good groove when playing when you’re constantly interrupted with ad after ad. Now, for the actually problematic part: the backgrounds. Most of the backgrounds are rather quaint, even if some of them weren’t your favorite tastes. The forest and space scenes I personally found enjoyable. But there are backgrounds that are straight up problematic, like the “Asian” background that was mostly just Chinese architecture and the “Indian” background that focused on teepees and deserts. I acknowledge that they may not do a lot of research and just rendered some popular themes, but at least the two that I mentioned are extremely reductive and strange. I’m deleting the game because of the aforementioned reasons. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.25

I like the game but…….It’s quite a compelling little game. Good to waste a few hours. I’m just really sad that it doesn’t really seem to add game components as you progress through the levels. Normally you would expect a game to get more challenging as you play, but once you’ve realised that crashing bombs into each other or into a spike blows them up with no injury to other pieces, that’s pretty much it! I’m also sad that I haven’t seen any levels like the ones in the ad that attracted me to the game! The ads got really tedious, so I paid the fee to remove them, and was a bit disappointed to find that you still have to watch an ad to claim the prize each time you reach 100%. You can choose to reject the prizes, which doesn’t really affect the game, but each of the prizes does change the game slightly, so should be given freely, once the player has paid the “no ads” fee..Version: 1.27

Doesn't give you what you're looking for or pay forThe game itself is at least enjoyable, but it's riddled with ads - so you pay for the ad free - and it clearly says "ALL ads have been removed" afterward - but it's all a lie. After completing every level you will still have to watch a near minute long ad to get your level prize. It's ridiculous. It's not worth it for me, as the challenge levels don't really increase and at times are ridiculously easy the higher you go. The last note would be - you keep getting things like puzzle pieces or candy 94 gold - but when you get them it tells you absolutely nothing about what they are for or why you should care that you get them. It just needs some mega work. Mostly I'm salty I still have to watch ads when I paid not to watch them..Version: 154.0.2

Wayyyyy too many adsWhile I was having fun with the game itself, the ads are next level annoying. It stops every second level and you can’t get out until you watch it all or click them which invites to download something else. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game itself..Version: 1.29

Money GrabHey all. Just another money grab. Nothing more. Deleted.Version: 157.0.2

Boss levels don’t work?!!!I’ll complete a boss level and out of my control A SINGLE ball doesn’t get into the case and I lose. What even??? Mad annoying and also too many ads to even enjoy this game y’all really can’t have any any less money?? Gotta have all the ads.Version: 157.0.2

Yeah, a little repetitive and often frustrating.It’s an OOOOh-kay game. Fun at first like others say and then the challenge plateaus to very simple. It’s also very frustrating on the challenges sometimes as you do everything correct and one ball bounces out of the pot at the end “failed challenge - watch 30 second ad to do it again” - even though I paid extra for ad free. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So, sadly, like many others.. I won’t be keeping this app on my phone..Version: 157.0.2

Annoying ads locking the screenI haven’t been playing for long and love what I’ve seen so far but please, please, PLEASE do something about the buggy ads that appear regularly (the worst culprit is Royal Match). I don’t want to remove the ads as I can get coin bonuses through them but constantly having to restart the game is tedious. Reading the other reviews this seems to be something that’s been happening since the game was first published. It is such a shame as the game is fun. Get your act together dev team and shift these bugs!.Version: 1.27

QueryThere are no instructions so sometimes hard to know what each thing does e. G what does a rule do ?.Version: 1.8

AddsI purchased this do no adds but if you get one wrong you get an add before you can have another go… frustrating!!!!!.Version: 1.25

Frustrating adsFar too many ads. Removed the game because of too many ads..Version: 1.38

Does what is says on the packetIt does exactly what it says on the packet. Is an ok time distraction... but it’s all very very simple. Only the rare couple required you to actually stop for a second and have a look, but none required more than that second. And of course... lots of ads. Not as much as some of them, but still shows little regard for the value of my time over their commission..Version: 1.3

BoringDifficulty doesn’t elevate. No physical impact such as speed as in ads. Pretty obvious solutions.Version: 166.0.2

Needs some attentionEven though I like the idea of this game, there are some issues that need proper attention. Way too many adds for a start, lots of bugs, the game freezes too much and some adds don’t allow you back to the next game which means you have to swipe off the screen and restart the game..Version: 1.21

Please fix challenge level 97Okay, so there are a lot of comments about the ads in this game, and the lack of increasingly difficult levels. Yes, there are a lot of ads. Yes, the levels are pretty easy and start to repeat again. That being said, I have enjoyed this game for what it is. A simple fun easy game of pulling pins. I have played 3,090 levels. I have retrieved every puzzle piece. I’ve unlocked every ball, theme, stick, & trail. I’ve built every house to level 20, and upgraded every area to max. I’ve unlocked all 120 challenge levels and completed them all….except for one. I have one and only one complaint about this app. Challenge level 97 is impossible. You are given 5 moves to complete it, but it can’t be done in less than 6. This is very devastating for my ocd brain to be so close to completing this game in Its entirety, only to see one lone challenge in red with the word “Failed”. Thus the reason for my 3 star rating. Please fix challenge level 97 so that it can be beat, and so others like me won’t lose sleep at night thinking about the one challenge that got away. Thank you..Version: 1.23

Boring and inappropriate adsThe game is nice but it doesn’t get harder. Also there are a lot of ads. I ultimately removed the game because one of the ads was for an S&M game and that’s not something I’d like my kids to see..Version: 147.1.2

Pull The Pin ReviewWell, today I was playing one of my games that I have already downloaded on my phone, and as an ad, the game, ‘Pull The Pin’ came up. So, I saw the game and it looked quite good so I decided to download it, once downloaded I played the game and each level only lasted about 30 seconds. This wasn’t a problem however after every 2 levels, there was an ad so I’m getting extremely bored of just watching ads rather than playing the actual game so I’m sorry but I am going to delete the game..Version: 1.4

Unlock new levelsI didn’t tap unlock on new levels in the challenges and now they don’t show up. How can I get them?.Version: 1.38

Good game spoiltI expect to have some advertisements in such a game. However, the ads are longer than a round takes to play (maybe 5-10 times longer). They occur after every round, as well as when starting the inter-round play. In all, only spend about 30% of the time playing, the rest of the time brainless video promos or game demos. The game is also prone to freezing and locking up. Shame, because the actual play is intriguing and fun. I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus with up to date iOS 15.7.3. Needless to say I’ve deleted the game. Don’t waste your time on this one..Version: 157.0.2

Tic-Tac Toe is the Cognitive levelTake note of the reviews which say it is too easy. The developers hit U with a ton of commercials immediately. Assuming the game will strategically evolve in difficulty it is easy to pay the $2.99 to remove them, as a gift to yourself to continue w min distraction as the game looks as if takes a good deal of pattern recognition overtime. No Adds seems like the most logistical step to begin. The game never evolves into a mapping complexity. It remains as difficult as Mastering the simple game of Tic Tac Toe nothing more. Multiply $2.99 x any amount of purchasers who will soon realize they’re literally being scammed! Considering these strange times we are all living through All of us are just looking for abit of relaxing distractions from the chaos, this game adds to it. The developers should send the funds to help Ukraine. Do not download this game. I will delete it once this is posted. Bless Ukraine & all who care..Version: 1.29

Awesome gameI love this game and would love to continue playing it. But I’m at a level that has a bug in it. As soon as you open the level it says that you failed and closes, over and over. I’ve tried shutting down and even re loading the game and doing the levels again. But again it happens. Is there an update? Can I fix it?.Version: 1.35

PULL THE PINI CAN’T GET PAST LEVEL#1??????.Version: 163.0.2

EhThe game is fun, but the levels don’t get any harder and the rewards are superficial at best, only customizing the look of the pins. There’s an entire city building function you can spend coins on or whatever, but there are already so many city building games that it feels repetitive and unnecessary to have it in a game about pulling pins and funneling balls into cups. The city building section feels like it was randomly thrown in so there was some reason to keep the players playing (and to make us keep watching ads for more coins to spend on it) but I feel like that could have been achieved simply by having a level map and making the puzzles a little trickier with each level. And players could watch ads to get access to bonuses that make difficult levels easier, though difficult puzzles should still be conquerable without those bonuses. As it is, I was having fun in the beginning but now I’m getting bored of watching the same ads over and over again just to do the same puzzles over and over again..Version: 1.4

I like the game, but it has problems that ruin it.I have actually played the car parking game that the same developer makes and it has the same basic design and the same problems. You have a bunch of simple levels that get very boring and then you have boss levels. The boss levels should be the whole game, but in this game, there are certain levels that they have programmed in that cannot be won. They were created to be one move short of what you need and I've seen it on 3 boss levels; I played them over and over again and I do essentially the same moves every time I go through because there's nothing else to do. Also, there is the neighborhood building component where you have to build every building up to the max in order to get whatever bonuses you're getting from that, which are probably, if I remember, extra moves are one of the things you can get which apparently you need to complete certain boss levels. The problem is that if you max this thing out to the max, it's ugly. All the buildings of the same and it's this giant tin can looking thing. Who wants to do that? Good potential and really boring execution..Version: 157.0.2

Enjoyable but buggy…The gameplay is enjoyable but is ruined by bugs related to Ads. I accept that Ads are necessary to play for free however when the Ads relate to rewards and the Ads fail to play or the Ads play and crash you can’t claim the reward which you the lose. In some cases the Ads do play in their entirety and you still don’t get the reward. I typically have to close and reopen the app at least once every few levels due to issues with Ads not playing or causing the app to crash..Version: 1.25

RepetitiveIt’s fun and relaxing, but the levels never really get any more difficult..Version: 163.0.2

Popcore games are all the sameThe main levels of the game never really increase in challenge, but you have to play them to unlock the challenge levels which are more like the ads for the game you see elsewhere. There are always a ridiculous number of other things you’re “collecting” in this game, puzzle pieces, unlocking different backgrounds, etc and then you have this whole weird side hustle of building these beachfront coin-making investments? Those Max out and then you’re getting lots of coins and have nothing really to spend them on? It just seems like something to make you think this is part of the game but nothing comes of it. My #1 complaint of all popcore games is the RIDICULOUS amount of ads. Won a level that took 5 seconds? ad. Lost a level and want to retry? Retry by watching this ad. Choose not to? Still have to watch an ad. We gave you this prize for completing 5 levels! In order to claim it, you have to watch this ad. The levels take mere seconds to complete, you will spend 5x as much time per level just watching the ad to get to the next level. This is the third popcore game I’ve downloaded and they’re all the same, and it grows boring/old very quickly. I would skip..Version: 1.28

UselessThe game is repetitive your only there to look at advertisements..Version: 161.0.2

Fun but annoyingThere are extra side games in which you can purchase to play and receive enough incentive in doing so (ie-your not breaking even, your actually winning a bit more than spending to to attempt the level…)however, if there aren’t enough moves in the challenge game you’ve already wasted your coins and will be wasting a lot of time solving an impossible puzzle as well as wasting more time being required to watch ads just to retry it! Super annoying! Ads in any game are annoying, but this one seems to be so flooded, I feel I’m watching them more than playing and it’s the same 5-10 ads. *extra challenge 19 IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH 4 MOVES! It requires 5….please fix this. The first pin that holds the 3 balls already makes for an extra move to be made even if you attempt to pull pins elsewhere before letting the balls loose. It’s called physics. If 2 balls are going to be caught in a “v” another pin is required to free them in order to complete the level..Version: 1.23

Super Buggy StillNow, I seem to be the only person having this issue, but I downloaded this out of pure curiosity and for something mindless to do when I wanna relax. However, half the time I’m playing the game it bugs out, freezes or completely slows down everything on my phone to the point I can’t close the app. It got so bad my phone refused to even turn on after turning it off. I’ve also encountered a bug where it’s not collecting puzzle pieces anymore, but giving me the same pieces over and over without registering it was already collected or showing that the pieces are collected in the puzzles area, and this is only happening with the art museum puzzle pieces as I’ve completed all the other puzzles. I would’ve given this at least 3 stars because of the glitches, but this puzzle bug is super annoying and frustrating simply because I want to complete everything I can and it is not allowing me to..Version: 1.29

It’s fun for a little whileThe game is satisfying to play/watch, but you’ll get bored with it quickly. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t get challenging. Sometimes you lose the game even though you pull the pins correctly because somehow the balls either go through the wall or just miss the bucket. I’ve repeated a few levels more than twice just to get to the next level. There are ads between every game. It has different backgrounds, pins, and shaped balls you can collect which is cool. It also has different trails that follow behind the balls. You have to collect those by finishing puzzles but when you get a puzzle piece it might be for a completely different puzzle so it’s hard to finish one puzzle..Version: 1.28

DeleteIf you like games that are mind numbingly easy, with adverts longer than the game play and no challenge at all this is the game for you! After each round there is an advert that takes longer to click through than completing the round… You can pay £2.49 for no adverts, but don’t waste your hard earned money on that-you are only left with a simple game better suited for 5 year olds. The only challenge in this game is clicking through the malfunctioning adverts as quickly as possible!.Version: 1.25

What is wrong with the app? It is frozenI have gotten to level 595 and now it is frozen sayingbi failed a section, which is not the case, I haven’t even started the 3rd stage but it is stuck constantly saying retry! If I uninstall I will loose all my achievements. Not the relaxing fun I was hoping for.Version: 1.35

Frustrating - Ads and FreezesI quite enjoy this little game, BUT, it is plagued with Ads, and freezes every few tasks. It’s necessary to log out, wait, then log back in and hope it has unfrozen. Also, each level seems very repetitive..Version: 1.27

Not worth itHonestly it’s an ad catalog with some levels thrown in. Let’s you play 5 levels no ads then after that it’s an ad every 2nd level, with the inclusion of getting the gift after 100% there’s yet another ad. If you’re patient just deal with the ads, if not save your data and don’t download this, not to mention it cost nearly $5 to get rid of the ads, no thanks silly mobile game..Version: 1.28

Too many adsWay too many ads.Version: 162.0.2

Too simple, too many ads!Game looked fun and is an alright concept. I lasted 10 minutes before it was promptly deleted. Each level only took a couple of seconds to do, with no increase in difficulty over time, aside from the rare one of course, and every 2/3 levels were followed by 30 second ads. I get why ads are necessary, but this was excessive and completely annoying. This game would’ve been completely enjoyable without the constant interruption. It just reminded me why I don’t download games anymore..Version: 1.5

Good game - providing you love ads more than playingThe game is simple and pleasing but oh the flaming adverts! A level takes 30 seconds and then the advert jumps in, and you can’t skip it if you want to keep playing. Get this game if you enjoy spending twice as much time on the adverts as the actual game. Personally I feel it’s a totally unjustified waste of my phone battery! I might have bought the block game - if only it hadn’t been thrust under my nose 5 times in as many minutes! This is supposed to be a game folks, not just your chance to peddle yet more advertising space! I’m deleting this game - not because I didn’t enjoy it - but because of the incessant interruptions!.Version: 1.37

DisappointedThis looked liked it could be a bit of fun but the adds killed it for me. When you spend more time watching the adds than playing the game you lose me. I considered removing the adds by paying the ransom but another review advised they did this and then still had to watch adds at the end of a game to get to the next level. Decided to delete the game.Version: 1.28

BugGetting same problem… says failed and retry before even starting the level. Can’t play anymore.Version: 1.35

Promising at firstI liked this game. I even considered purchasing the no ads option. That is until I realized the levels repeat themselves, don’t get more challenging, and the currency is worthless. What’s the gold even for?? Puzzle pieces? Why?? people complain that there’s too many ads but honestly you just have to say no to all the extra stuff at the end of each level and then the ads are cut down a lot. They still show some here and there but honestly you really don’t need the currency or the puzzle pieces. The problem is that the levels don’t increase in difficulty and just repeat over and over. It’s boring and stupid. At least it looks like the ad unlike many other Pull the Pin games like gardenscape or evony. But yea, uninstalled. But hey developers, at least you made me watch ads for the same stupid matching game over and over and got your five cents out of me..Version: 152.0.2

AddsThe worse so far as has Far to many adds so very annoying otherwise a addictive game.Version: 1.33

Too many advertsIve only just started playing the game and I have to say it’s a fun game to play and keeps my brain thinking however you do one or 2 levels and you get advert after advert and it’s just really annoying I would just like to keep progressing through the game with out having to wait 50 years to get onto the next level please fix to improve your game as I really enjoy playing but it’s making me so frustrated due to adverts I just want to uninstall xx.Version: 1.4

This is not slayThis game requires patience which is something I don’t have. It tests you so much by putting in adverts every (and this is not exaggerated when I say this I literally counted) 30 seconds. On top of that, for every little “race” thing it does, it puts that long intro of “oh you have this streak” and then “oh you have this puzzle piece” and it seems to drag on forever which is not the vibe icl like don’t test me like that I don’t have the patience for that. Props to you girly if you do. But yea games are meant to stress relieve but this game only brought me anger and resentment for games nowadays. Bring back subway surfers #speakin_from_the_heart.Version: 156.0.2

Why only 3stars?Think that some of the levels are too easy..... and all the adverts . I understand the need for them to make the app free.. but they are after every puzzle which is too. On the whole i like the game Update.....revised..... adverts are constant, too long and sometimes you can get out or skip advert and just end up in circles and have to restart the app. The adverts really annoying and keeps freezing. That thing with the houses.... I don’t get it as I seems pointless as you already get points for completing a level. Says no internet and check settings for connection.... I have internet and checked settings. Think this app has a few bugs. Get rid of that house building thing as it is pointless. Levels are far to easy. It’s not challenging. Think some bugs need to be sorted out too. Considering uninstalling the game as the levels are way to easy that my cat could do them..Version: 1.5

AdsWhy is there an ad bar at the bottom of the screen. Can’t complete some levels because can’t get to the pin - it is hidden behind the ad bar!.Version: 1.37

This game fineIt’s very average, I would give it a a higher rating if I was able to turn off the stupid in game notification icons that are completely pointless. I get it I can buy skins with in game currency now stop..Version: 1.2

Addictive but not the game that was advertisedThis game is addictive and it’s ok but what’s annoying is that it isn’t the game I was advertised. The game advertised to me was more about gravity and momentum. The game I have is a little boring as it’s so easy. I’m at level 157 so it’s clearly addictive but I was hoping to play the game I thought I purchased. I also paid to avoid the ads as I detest ads, but I’m still forced to watch one when I ‘win’ a gift if I want to collect it. Which I usually don’t collect it now in order to avoid the ad. Shame really..Version: 1.27

Too many adsI really like this game but it has way too many ads to the point that I’m gonna delete this game. Every single time I’m done with a level, it shows a ad and it’s so annoying. Yes, the ads have a skip button but the first time that I click it the skip button when it shows, it has links behind it and it takes me to the App Store which is beyond annoying. The amount of time I have to close out the ad is about a minute because I click the skip button but then it makes me wait 10 seconds to actually exit the ad. It also shows the same game every single time. The thing is, I already downloaded one of those games (clash royal) but I deleted it because it had way too many ads. And the other thing is that when it shows a ad of a game, that’s not what even happens in the game, they are trying to make you download the game because of something. They make the level look so hard when literally you have to do one move it’s so annoying. We’re not dumb. That’s the problem with all of these games nowadays- they have WAY TOO MANY ADS. This is why no one wants to play these games! And no I’m not paying money to stop showing ads, I should be able to play the game with no ads whatsoever and be happy about it. I was on level30 in a matter of 10 minutes. Yes I like this game but it would be better if all you can do it get rid of the ads without us PAYING MONEY to basically PLAY A VIDEO GAME ! 🙄.Version: 1.27

TOO MANY AD BREAKS!!!!☹️☹️☹️☹️.Version: 1.5

BoringThe game has a good concept but way too easy, difficulty does not increase. Too many adds - more then any other game I play!.Version: 1.5

Too many adsYou would have gotten 5 stars but the ads are just to much! I play other games that have ads and none are as annoying as this game. Every two turns, there’s an ad. I put it on my tablet and the ads are every time!!! I get free games because they are free. If I have to pay to stop the ads, the game is no longer free. I have started this game over from level one twice! I got a new IPhone and you can’t sign into Facebook to keep your progress and then again because the game stalls! No ads available, check your WiFi. My WiFi is fine! But I love this game so I began again. Now I’m on level 833 and my biggest gripe is that the game is called pull the pin but all I can pull are SNAKES! It’s been snakes for 200 levels. I don’t like snakes. When does it change back to pins???.Version: 1.38

Too easy & too many pop upsIt’s a great concept, but sooo many pop-ups and rewards in the game became annoying. I spent more time clicking through the reward pop ups than actually playing. Also the levels don’t really get difficult so the puzzles themselves become annoyingly easy..Version: 161.0.2

Ads infestedSo many ads, I understand you guys need to make money but an ad every second level is not exactly how you attract more people. I had to uninstall even though I did like playing the game..Version: 161.1.2

Sadly not ADdictiveI liked the look of this game as it appeared challenging. However, now that I’ve played it for a couple of days it’s not actually that challenging. Also I paid to remove ads but there was still ads for getting extra points, keeping streaks or opening boxes. And as far as I can tell the coins collected don’t actually do anything! So overall a bit disappointed and not worth paying to remove ads..Version: 157.0.2

No progressionIt’s fun at first but the levels don’t get any more difficult and they also start to repeat themselves.Version: 1.2

Very samey ad-farmI got this as a ‘have a spare few mins’ game, hoping that it’d keep me going for a while - but I’m on level 90 and the puzzles are still ridiculously easy - and that’s not me being arrogant - there’s no difficulty change from level 1. Also an ad plays after every 2 levels - if they were challenging, it wouldn’t be a problem - a devs gotta eat - but when you are churning through the levels, I spend more of my time watching ads than playing the game - that can’t be right. There is an ad-free purchase, but I don’t think the game is engaging enough to encourage me to treat it more than just a demo.Version: 1.3

Too many adsThis could be fun but the amount of ads was just ridiculous, after every short round! I deleted it after 15 mins.Version: 1.33

Lacks challengesGood concept but little if any difference between Level 1 and Level 155. The Boss level challenges are the only real challenge, and they get easier the more of them you play. My 5 year old granddaughter picked up the method of play easily. Am giving up and deleting the app. Oh, did I mention the ads? Appalling. Loved the irony of Renae Stubbs and some other dude spruiking Royal Match over and over and over by saying RM had no ads..Version: 157.0.2

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