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Cashier 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Cashier 3D app received 137 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cashier 3D? Can you share your negative thoughts about cashier 3d?

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Cashier 3D for Negative User Reviews

I wouldn’t recommend thisHi everyone I downloaded this app around 3 weeks ago and may I just say, it is such a disappointment! It looked soo fun in the adds however it is nothing like this in the actual game! I was looking soo forward to it when I saw it and said ‘get’ straight away ! I am really sad about it and I will not recommend it!It is a rip off and will disappoint you as it did me! Bye and have a good day.Version: 54.2.5

Fun but still have ads after purchaseI just got this game because i saw it on tiktok, and with me personally i HATE ads. so i spent the single charge of $3.99 or whatever to get rid of them! it says my purchase is successful but alas…. even after refreshing the app i still have ads and the button for taking away the ads has disappeared. i understand this isn’t a big charge but i am greatly disappointed that i spend real money on a mediocre guilty pleasure game for something that didn’t turn out to be a guarantee. such a shame.Version: 53.1.8

Paid money for what?Very disappointed! Not only can you not change currency (Australian) but when I paid to get rid of ads, it only gets rid of a tiny portion of them. Other games I’ve paid to remove ads and it takes ALL ads away completely. Including bonuses and VIP customers etc. Big let down and waste of money.Version: 5.6

To many ads and weird sounds!1. Don’t get this game because if you like hearing the sound of game and enjoy the calm music in this game I don’t know why and I don’t know if it does it for anyone else but it does a weird crying noise and it really ruins the vibe so I have to have it at 0 volume and then it’s just plain and boring 2. WAY to many ads. I know the developers need to make money but they must be rich of how many ads they’ve probably made people go through. I instantly closed the app when I started seeing to many ads and quickly deleted it.Version: 15.3

So badThis game is so horrible I hate it and it is such a scam. Maybe get a game that actually works. Dumbest game so stupid I HATE IT.Version: 21.1

AnnoyingGood game but when I try to put the persons money in the money thing it never goes through then it it just plays a super loud noise like bro I had it over the right one stop your annoying me a lot it’s not worth it to get bad reviews.Version: 25.0

Paid upgradeI paid for no ads and it’s not working. There’s no way to contact developer! Pls help..Version: 5.3

Don’t get this gameDon’t download this game... if you do definitely don’t pay to go add free. I was actually enjoying the game but the adverts were annoying so unusually for me I paid the £2.99. Within less than 12 hours the game has glitched and I can no longer see the coin part of the drawer and as for add free well I haven’t noticed the difference between the free and the paid app still just as many adverts. When the game glitched I tried to delete the game and reinstall it, obviously lost my progress but still cannot see the whole of the drawer, I switched the phone off and on again and nothing worked. I have tried to find some kind of support from the game developers but when you tap app support it just takes you to their website where it tries to flog you more games. Couldn’t find anyway of contacting support and there’s nothing in the app either. Ok it’s only £2.99 but it’s still money for a game I can no longer play!! Total scam!!!.Version: 7.1.2

DisappointedNo shop upgrades for weeks.Version: 7.1.2

Very disappointedI’m giving 2 starts because none of the “upgrades” are working. I cannot get the upgraded cash register even after watching the video. The app continues to freeze. I’ve been offered about 10 different registers but have been unable to claim a single one of them. The green buttons to watch videos for higher payouts and stars are also not working. I’ve ended and restarted the game multiple times. I’ve restarted my phone, reset network settings, and even deleted the game and redownloaded it. None of that worked. Fix your glitches and maybe I’ll rate higher. This game was fun until everything stopped working.Version: 14.4

Waste of timeBrought no ads *BAD MOVE!!!* still gotta watch ads to get more money! *Eyerolllllll*.Version: 5.6

I don’t rally like the gameSorry.Version: 36.1.0

Rip offPlayed for a while and it was fine, paid for no ads and now the game is frozen! Deleted and downloaded etc and no bueno. Massive grift!.Version: 33.2

PLEASE FIX THIS BUG! ❤️ pleaseI love the game don’t get me wrong but the problem is when I put the money away it’s like a x and just like restart the money if u understand and I am putting the money in the right slot all am trying to say just fix the lil bug thank❤️.Version: 47.1.1

Way too many adsAfter every 2nd customer there’s an ad. It’s overkill and makes the game unbearable..Version: 33.3

Cashier 3DThis game sucks. Can’t collect the 3x profit or the tip. Click on it but nothing happens.Version: 2.2

Not funFor every 10seconds of play, there’s about 30 seconds of ad…fun? You decide ☹️.Version: 33.1

Tracking and needs more updates!When I first got the game it was great! I have practically beat the game though and it is boring.🙄 It has the same customers and the game is so simple. It is getting boring playing this same game with the same exact customers. It doesn’t make sense when you get a ton of money and it just goes to waste in just like 2 min. I don’t have as much fun as I used to with this game at all!!! And google keeps telling me even the app tells me that my apps and I are getting tracked and I am not about to have that problem. Honestly I don’t recommend this game I hope the people that might want to get this game read my review first before purchasing the game because I want them to know that if they do download this game they could get tracked or die of boredom! 😡🥵😢🙄🥺 I honestly do NOT recommend this game AT ALL!!! 🤬😡🙄😑 it has terrible quality!🤬.Version: 6.3

Ad ad ads……Can’t play without internet. Ads pop-out after 1-2 minutes of playing. The ads are very distracting..Version: 53.1.3

Rubbish gameGame theory ok but it’s ruined with the ads. You spend 3/4 time watching ads and 1/4 of the time playing. I’ve upgraded everything from desk, money, scanner and till but looks like there is nothing else to do or am I missing something. Don’t seem to be able to upgrade store or fill up anything. If you like watching ads then this is for you..Version: 47.1.1

Like itLike the game and even PAID to remove ads however there is still a game ad in a square that stays on the left hand side. It gets in the way where I can’t pass certain levels because I can’t read the scales??.Version: 6.2

More ads than game playI downloaded the game because I saw an ad for it on Instagram and it seemed fun. The amount of ads on the game is absolutely ridiculous. I understand it’s a free game but it’s not even a video ad every level. It’s two ads every single customer and there’s usually four customers a level. On top of the ridiculous amount of ads between customers that you can’t help, they offer you even more ads that they want you to willingly choose just to continue the story line. There was a point where I had to either pay a robber the amount he was asking or watch an ad. I mean, you have got to be kidding me. I let him rob me and then deleted the game. Wouldn’t recommend downloading it. It’s honestly pointless..Version: 6.3

Potentially goodThis game is honestly fun and the upgrades keep me into it also helps me with counting money so thank you for that however there are DEFINITELY issues that need fixed. The app crashes like too much an also freezes especially after or during an ad it’s crazy gotta always close the game an reopen it an even then sometimes it isn’t enough. The ads man wish there weren’t so many like wow. Please fix the bugs an ill give 5 stars an change my review also I’ll spend some money in the app but ya gotta fix the game please!!! 🙏.Version: 17.1

EhGood game but its keeps freezing on me and then when i close my app and re open it it doesnt open..Version: 21.1

Les annonces !Malgré le fait que j’ai payé pour ne plus avoir d’annonces, on me demande continuellement d’en écouter et celà à tous les deux ou trois clients ! Pourquoi avoir payer alors ? C’est vraiment dérangeant et je regrette cet achat. Je ne conseille pas..Version: 55.0.5

Its okIts a good game but the robbers just mess it up. It makes me pay over 300 sometimes more. You can still include them but you should make them only want 10-20 like they say. Without that good game just could do with a bit more things in it since it is very easy.Version: 52.0.4

Cashier 3DSorry, too much ads. 30 sec ads to play 10 seconds, this is stupid. Delete!.Version: 3.1

Too much ads and it is one dimensionalDespite the name of the game “cashier 3d” it is very one dimensional. Once you get to a certain point after about 30 minutes of gameplay the game gets boring and pointless. You have an ad every two customers and you need to watch an ad just to progress the storyline. I even spent $3 to get rid of the ads and that is the worst $3 I have ever spent in my life. After getting rid of ads, they still put neverending ad on the left of the screen, which takes up about 20% of the screen and never ends, you still have to watch ads to get the most amount of money..Version: 6.7

PLEASE READ THISI downloaded the game, thinking what it would be like to be a cashier. At first, the game was sooo fun and addicting, but then it gets boring. There needs to be more updates, because when you’ve got all the things you can sell and your store is all done, all you do is be a cashier which, is fun, but it gets boring. I want to like the game but it is so hard to when it’s always the same. Plus, the ad says there is no ads. That’s really wrong. A lot of the times you have to watch an ad between every customer, and that bothers me so I quit playing. Though the game has flaws, it really helped me with my math in school and will help you learn to count money. One more thing, VIP customers come way too often, and though I want the money I often turn them down because you have to watch an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME stop get them. I only sometimes got them because I needed to build my store, but now that it’s done there’s really no point because the cash register designs and scanner designs are outdated and in my opinion the first one they give you is the best. I hope you take my suggestions into account and fix the game!.Version: 53.2.1

Great idea. Drop the mass amounts of adsFun but AD-Mania….Version: 40.0.0

UnhappyMy kids love playing this game but they get to where they can upgrade the store part for $5000 and it doesn’t let them do it. Also won’t let them collect tips. Unhappy kids.Version: 2.5.1

Zynga lowers the bar againZynga is a company that operates without ethics or morals in their way. This is made quite clear to anyone that plays their poker game. Somehow they manage to legally run a virtual gambling racket, and it is totally legal. Not only can you feed your gambling addiction by playing their poker and casino games, now they have monetized the ultimate wage-slave experience - being a retail cashier - and have made it so compelling that it is their main revenue stream. This alone is proof that Zynga is directly supported by Satan himself, and if you give them a dollar, they will take your soul..Version: 55.2.0

Alright, but TOO MANY ADDS.Yeah I know you can just turn your wifi off to have no adds for free but - HMMM what if I have to wait for messages or calls or notifications that are actually important. Don’t pay to remove adds please, ive gone through a lot of reviews and everything messes up after buying it and you still have to watch the adds. Anyways : overall besides adds its a good game. A lot of people have said they don’t like it and it gets boring but i could sit here for HOURS on end and play this game. Love it. Just hopefully we can have more updates for more Tills, scanners, maybe be able to restock items and the costumers have more than one item to buy. To be fair it’s a good game, besides the adds ofc - hence why its got 3 stars from me 👍👍.Version: 55.4.2

This game was amazing but after a while you have nothing to do!I started playing this game a while ago. I also collected all of the thing in the store and all of the accessories for the register and all of that. Once you complete everything there is nothing else to do. They don’t have another world or something to make a new store. I don’t recommend this game fully because it just gets boring so quickly!.Version: 54.2.5

I turn before a 20 second ad every time. Rubbish.Only get 1 go each time before you have to watch a 20 second ad. Who could be bothered!.Version: 6.2

🤦‍♀️Why? Why? Why is this game a thing? This is such a stupid game. So what happens is- this girl buys like 50 flowers. But that isn’t the stupid bit even known it is already stupid enough. The flowers are only $12.95 witch is also stupid butttttttttttt still not the really stupid bit so the stupid bit is she only pays me &2.50. Now THAT was all of the stupid stuff off the top of my head. Thanks for reading!!🥰🥰.Version: 11.7

GlitchyIt keeps freezing for me then I have to leave the app and come back on and sometimes it still glitches again..Version: 14.4

Boring too soonIt’s fun the first few times but it gets boring really fast.Version: 46.2.0

The worse game everThis game is so bad.The numbers on the cash register aren’t even right . The graphics are horrible. This game all around us just bad don’t get it..Version: 19.2

Bad gameI can’t even get into the game it takes battery and info to download for nothing I’m not happy and I’m normally really happy. Also everyone have a great day 👋.Version: 2.3.1

Cashier 3DI just started playing this game and it suddenly crashed on me for no reason whatsoever so can you please fix this game please and thank you.Version: 55.4.5

SCAM & Boring game!! DONT DOWNLOAD!!I downloaded this game after getting so many Instagram ads for it. I must of managed to finish the whole game in 2 days because that’s all it took! There’s no challenges, nothing interesting. Everything is repetitive and boring. You can’t even level up (tips jar) after reaching max level. Also it’s full of ads. I payed to get the ads removed and I still get ads and most of the time you have to watch an ad go get the skins or to rank up faster. HOW DO YOU STILL GET ADS WHEN YOU PAY TO REMOVE THEM?? SCAM!!!!! Do not download this game unless you don’t mind ads and wasting your time and money. I wish I could get my stupid $3 back..Version: 26.0

Needs more levels and upgradesReally enjoyable, but extremely easy to complete and would be better with more upgrades, more levels, and a way to cash out the till to add a bit more difficulty..Version: 2.4

WASTE OF TIME!!!!The game started off really good UNTIL updating the store no longer worked!!!! So now i’ve got over $20,000+ and nothing to spend it on because the upgrades are not working. Worst part of it is that you can’t even contact the app creators to let them know theres a GLITCH!!!.Version: 2.5.1

AwfulThe reason it’s awful is because I couldn’t even get onto the game and I’m 17 and it says 12+ and I’m 17 so I entered 13-17 and it said wrong age I am very disappointed and the fact that you have to wait 24h to change it is also disappointing and I still don’t know why it won’t let me change it :(.Version: 50.0.0

Horrible graphics and qualitySorry it’s a nice game but to glitchy and it heats up your phone a lot faster it’s not a good game it’s not great either what you need to do is fix the graphics better and fix the quality maybe people will start liking your game Thanks..Version: 18.0

Too many pop up adsYou’re only getting a 1 star review due to the constant pop up ads! You have 30 second ads after every 10 second worth of game. Annoying and unnecessary. Do better!.Version: 35.2

It’s okayI thought this app would be more realistic and fun but it definitely has lots of ads and isn’t realistic at all. I would say that if you are thinking of downloading this app, there is probably a better cashier app out there with several less ads. I did enjoy playing for the first few minutes but afterwards it wasn’t fun. I didn’t even beat the game yet because the ads were so much that it made it boring and hard to play. If you don’t mind ads after every one or two rounds, this might be the game for you!.Version: 6.6

Too many adsThe ads are just a bit much. I know developers need to make money somehow but they have static ads and then every other go they play an ad and then they have the reward ads. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. The balance is dreadful. I’d be much more willing to spend more time in game and probably watch more ads if they pushed less down my throat. I’d also be way more likely to spend money on the game if they didn’t shove ads at me..Version: 3.1

WorstI can’t even get into the game it just glitches me out.Version: 2.5

It’s could be better……..I’ve been playing for a while now and I’ve gotten a robber a few times but once I try to give him what he wants it won’t let me do anything else, it kinda freezes and I can’t get him to go because the adds won’t pop up. I’d be willing to watch the adds or pay the 20 he was asking for but not being able to pay that and not getting the alarm right is VERY annoying. Other than that I agree with other reviews that it need is scanning just like real life..Version: 53.2.1

It’s okay 😐Not the best and not the worst. the only thing I don’t like is when games are easy at the first like 20 levels🙄 we know how to do it the first 3-5 levels we don’t need 20 levels 😑idk why I really wanted this game but I’m still keeping it tho ( don’t ask why bcuz I don’t even know) I was playing this game and on the adds it has change like $3.56 but it’s always $1.00😡 give me what you say were gunna get😩I have never really seen a add where it tells the truth. it’s not that hard to just say what the game is going to be when you install it say what your gunna pervade in the game in the add!🙄🙄👈(that deserves 2 eye roll emojis) all this game needs is to tell the truth, and make the adds of how the game is gunna have. —your lost fan, Miya.Version: 54.2.5

ScamI bought the “nO aDs” for 4$ and I still get many ads. I want a refund..Version: 16.3

Good but too many adsReally good game, but way too many ads. Ended up deleting..Version: 5.8

Bank ManagerA good cashier NEVER puts customer’s money in their drawer until customer is satisfied with their change. With money in the drawer first, customer can give cashier a $10 bill but insist it was a $20. With cash next to drawer, not in it, cashier can show customer exactly what they gave them. App also shows exactly the opposite way of making change. If given a 20 for a 5.94 purchase; 1 penny counts 5.95 + a nickel counts 6.00 + 4 one dollar bills count 7, 8, 9 and 10 + a 10 dollar bill counts 20. No wonder it takes forever to teach someone how to count change. This is a TERRIBLE app!!!!!.Version: 5.3

Keeps freezingIts a fun game but things keep freezing and the “toplam” part of the game wont give me any option to even out the money in its really annoying and i keep trying to open and close the app and it doesnt help.Version: 29.0

OK gameThis home Is OK play when you’re bored.Version: 37.1.0

Too slowI actually like the concept of this game, brings back childhood memories of playing my toy till 😂 But this game is just painfully slow, it just feels very old. Maybe that’s supposed to be the vibe, but only one customer for each round and they move so slow and there are adds after EVERY round so it slows the actual game playing down further..Version: 55.7.7

Some of you are on somethingIt’s enjoyable for a bit but I levelled up my store fully within an hour or less. Then, after that it’s pretty repetitive. I enjoy repetitive gaming but there’s nothing to aim for and nothing to make me want to continue.Version: 2.3.1

Good butBasically this is a very fun game and all I had only been playing it for a few days and I got stuck on a level the reason is because I gave the person her change but there was 5p left and i didn’t have that so I kept refreshing it but it was the same so I just deleted it.Version: 18.0

No Ads? Yeah right.The game is fun, but very annoyed that I purchased the no ads upgrade and I’m having to sit through just as many ads as before or I’ll lose things. You have to watch an ad to welcome a celebrity. You have to watch an ad if you want to triple any winnings. You have to watch an ad to start special levels. You have to watch an ad to get your tips. And when you do need to watch an ad, half the time it gives you an “ad not ready” message and you need to hit the button a dozen times before one pops up. Plus it’s the same ad over and over and over again. I’ve gotten Project Makeover ads a couple dozen times in a row now. I pay to remove ads so I can have a quick game on my lunch break, not so I still have to sit through ads and fight to bring one up. Feeling ripped off..Version: 35.1

Fun game but way overboard on ads!!Game is fun! But WAY TO MANY ADS! Was in the store view, where you add shelves, because the game said I could add plants to the store. Wasn’t in that view but a min, moved around the first shelves you get and the register area, had 3 ads pop up!! THREE!? Then when I went back to play the game, I got 2 CUSTOMERS and then an Ad again! I get the point is to have people buy the game so they don’t have ads. But to basically spam the game full of them because you want people to buy the game…that’s a bit much. For all that, you might as well as just make people buy the game, and then cut back 2/3s the amount of ads popping up, and then offer a 0.99 cent No Ads option to players. But because of the excessive amount of ads when playing, and only just got the game today, I uninstalled it. Games are no fun when they’re flooded with ads..Version: 42.0.1

Fun but too many adsThis game is fun when you’re trying to kill time, but like others have said there are too many ads. I paid for the ad free version and I still have to watch ads if I want to take a special customer or get bonus money. I understand watching an ad to get bonus money, but to watch an ad to take a customer is a bit much. I’ve run in to an ad not being ready so I missed out on the special customer. I suggest a subscription or one time purchase in order to get 0 ads no matter what. Like I said, it’s a fun game but it could use some improvement..Version: 46.1.0

WellThis app immediately welcomes you with tonnes of ads, I feel like if I push the screen to much I’m going to be spammed with ad after ad. And as far as the game goes it’s okay it could definitely be better if you could progress more easily without having to watch ads, the game needs more options like lots of different products on shelves, choosing the name of the store, even having events where you can collect things like items from around the world to sell in store, have regular customers, and I feel like that would be a much more customisable gaming experience and be more enjoyable for the long term players..Version: 53.1.8

Fun game, sexual adsThe game is fun and I’m okay watching ads for bonuses but the sexual ads are ridiculous. I got 5 in a row and I’ve only been playing this for maybe 2 hours so far. I don’t regret buying no ads to have the screen free, but it is annoying that I have to shut the game and relaunch whenever I hit bonuses and i get a raunchy sexual ad depicting bondage and hinting at oral sex. Ads like that shouldn’t even be allowed on apps rated for 12 year olds. I’m 25 but still..Version: 39.0.0

DoingIt is good but it basically does most of it for you I would recommend this to you if you struggle with your math at school I don’t know why it is four plus because you do math in it and it gets trickier when it doesn’t show you the answer I don’t really struggle with math so it doesn’t help me I think it’s alright though.Version: 5.2

BoringIt’s boring! And if you want to duble your money ads ads ads you loose a lot of players with the ads! I delete the app isn’t the point keep a game that isn’t enjoyable nope.Version: 52.0.7

To many addsThis game is kinda fun at the start then it gets boring then it’s just add after add if I were u I wouldn’t get the game, all these games r the same😒😭😠🥺 If u really want a cool game I would get Baseball 9 you can make your own team bu pitch’s get better players and hit home runs I recommend it and it has no adds 😁😉😵😎🤩👍👍🙏.Version: 39.0.0

Good game so many ads thoI love this game but their is an ad every 20secs.Version: 53.2.1

Too many ads not goodI downloaded this app as I thought it would be a good app for my brother who loves cashier but he hates it he says all it does is you scan or do whatever with the item you give them money and that’s it and after each item you get ads it’s really bad so I recommend do not download it as the ads take forever to download 😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 15.6

No timer on video cool downIt’s pretty clear that when watching video ads for benefits in the game that there’s a cool down before the video will begin but there’s no timer so your just sat there spamming the button until an advert decides to load. Ongoing issue that clearly needs looking at, a simple bit of coding will fix this simple yet annoying issue. Unless it’s part of a scheme to make people pay for no ads which is unorthodox!.Version: 14.9

Pretty good.. but there is some problems in the gameThe first problem I noticed was that there was way to many ads when I’m done with a person boom! There’s an ad or sometimes when I try to make my store bigger boom! Pops another ad. The next problem I noticed was that sometimes when I put the cash in the correct spot it mistakes it for the cash next to it then it makes me frustrated because I realized I also lose money doing that. Please notice this message to fix your bugs and have a good day.Version: 52.0.6

Ended up deleting the appThe Game was pretty fun to begin with until about day number 6.There was nothing left to do in the app to achieve I had unlocked everything that was available and under store upgrades it continues to say “coming soon”. I would normally be fine with that and wait for an update however the app has been updated multiple times since I reach the “coming soon” saying. Maybe at some point later when they actually bring out more things to do I may re-download the app but at this point I have no interest in it anymore because there is nothing more to expand on..Version: 6.7

Paid for no ads but still show lots of ads!Paid for no ads but still show lots of ads! I want a refund!.Version: 5.3

WARNING! Inappropriate ads!The game seemed innocent for a while until ads came up for “Fate romance stories and choices” (which is for ages 17 +) The ad shows a girl getting dumped by her boyfriend, then getting hit on by a girl.. the ad ends with a view of the girls legs open and she says “I’m drunk” and the other girl has to choose 1. If she will give it a go. Or 2. If she’s too scared. This is absolutely disgusting advertising! Especially when it’s being advertised on a game that is claiming to be for ages 4+..Version: 5.7

Janes review on this gameThis game is really fun but there is WAY too many ads! Why I write a 3 star is because the game is cartoony and there’s too many ads. I’m in the middle of playing the game and there is just ads right in the middle sometimes! That’s why I don’t like all the games like this. Anyways the games are by the same people and why don’t you just mix it up a bit and try something new, all the games are simple they get more simpler and simpler every time! 😡.Version: 42.2.0

Too much adsYou’re watching more ads than playing the game.Version: 37.1.0

Slows your device down and lags like crazyFirst few minutes of the game and it started to lag like hell but I have an iPhone XR which is fine for the game but yet it just drains my battery..Version: 55.7.2

Good game, but scammed with “no ads”Initially good game and I was enjoying it, but all the advertisements started making the game a chore. So I bought “No Ads” for £3.49! Ad banner was removed but I STILL have to “play to play”. Really frustrating hence the 2 star review. I have reported the problem to Apple as basically false advertising and a bit of a scam if you’re paying to remove ads and you’re still having to watch ads to play the game. Will also be complaining to the developer and see where that will get me..Version: 46.2.0

Way too many addsCute concept, but way too many adds. It’s really frustrating trying to play when you constantly have to stop for them..Version: 2.5

Like an hour of playLiterally. Progress says day 7 level 51. Same store, 1 customer at a time with only 1 item. 1 customer with 1 timed event will randomly pop up where you gotta scan a few items. Sitting on thousands in cash, all displays purchased and just a repeat of the same thing over and over. Watch an ad to get extra money, cool, walk from behind the counter and barely reach the front of the store and bam another ad. Is there not any other stores? Multiple customers? Any other content?.Version: 53.1.3

Is this game any good ?I like playing this game although lockdown because I had nothing to do . It got a bit boring after awhile because it kept telling you how much was the change and I wish It would let me work it out myself witch is why I gave it a 3 star ! Overall I think u guys would love it especially if you were just in lockdown like me . It helps you not be board anymore I also would like if they could add in angry customers changing there mind or even us being the customers! But I think you should download to give it a try yourself !!.Version: 26.1

Fix the graphicsLook every time I try to put the money in the cashier in the right slot it doesn’t work even tho I’m doing it right it says it’s wrong which is so annoying it only works when I do 50 more times.Version: 54.2.5

I love the game.Specifically looked for this game when I got a new phone. I love how I can make change and love doing the customers with 3 items. Only thing I wish they would change or add is a reason to make money after unlocking everything we can buy. Maybe an option to buy customers with more items, maybe a new store, maybe use the money to unlock an unlimited mode since we pay for the removal of ads maybe we can get a unlimited mode where we just keep scanning items and customers have more than 2 items and no option to multiply earnings in this unlimited customer mode considering we pay to remove ads and you still want to shove the option to watch an ad in our faces every chance you get and the more we ignore your “optional ad” the more you throw it at us..Version: 55.4.2

Too many adsEvery 2-3 transactions you’re forced to watch an ad. It ruins the whole game. I’m deleting it..Version: 52.0.6

Not badMy daughter plays this. Been waiting for store upgrade for ages now. Nothing to spend her money on. Nothing more to do for her really. How much longer does she after wait for store upgrade? Would of rated it more if it wasn’t for upgrade waiting time..Version: 6.8

MehIt’s a fun game and it can really help with learning math buttttt slight issue I’ll try and watch a ad (yes Ik I’m weird) and it won’t let me. My wifi is perfect so I don’t know why it won’t work, please fix this the game its becoming really annoying to play..Version: 53.1.8

Laggy and needs an updateI was only on level 2 and I was weighing the tomatoes and it said that it was right when I was not at the right weight yet and then I was taking the five dollar bill and was clearly not putting it in the wrong spot, but it was saying I was putting it in a spot far away from it acting like I was putting it there. Then after I was done it made me watch an ad to get times three money even when I clearly did not tap that. This game has real potential but not if it stays like this. On that, please update. It would be much appreciated..Version: 53.1.3

AdsIt’s about time Apple did something about the ridiculous amount of ads that developers are making us watch. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing. I know you can remove the ads for £2.49.. or is it £3.49? Hmmm.. what’s the difference between NoAds and Remove Ads? Either way, I think it’s too expensive for this type of game..Version: 33.2

IncompleteThis game is a good concept, but because it was released recently the gameplay is flawed in places which makes it very hard to play. I have uninstalled, but will probably install again once the gameplay is better. Because of this though, it could only get 3 stars..Version: 2.5

FrustratingSome of the features don’t work all of the time - eg changing the notes into change, no matter how many times you try ! The amount of ads is also annoying..Version: 5.7

THEY HEAR EVERYTHING U SAYLISTEN TO ME, so I turned up my volume out of curiosity to see if there was maybe any sounds or music in the game. Nothing. So I put my ear close to the speaker and u can hear something that sounds like a tv status. You know when you start to record a video and u can hear something like that in the background ITS JUST LIKE THAT. So I left the app and put my ear against the speaker again AND NOTHING. I return to the app AND IT GOES BACK ON! TF 😒.Version: 21.1

Please work on adds!Too many adds on these games !.Version: 39.1.0

TerribleWhen I first got this game I thought it was gonna be amazing,because I quite enjoy playing games like this,And it was at first until there were way too many ads and when you try to put the money in the register you have to get it perfectly in or it just declines it and you have to do it over and over Very disappointed because as I have just said I thought it was going to be amazing Don't download if you are impatient like me Maybe fix this and less ads.Version: 42.2.0

Advert HarassmentIf your idea of a game is being harassed by unsolicited adverts every 2 seconds then this mega advert generator is for you!!! If you don’t want to watch a video for bonus points/coins no worries they will force you to watch one anyway. Finish a level? Watch an advert! Open the game? ADVERT!. Just ewww!!!.Version: 40.1.0

Too simpleI like the idea of being a cashier but the game doesn’t let you get anything wrong. That might sound good to you but it’s not really fun when you have to get everything right..Version: 45.0.0

Waste of timeAfter every round literally have to watch an add. so stupid.Version: 32.0.3

AdsI literally bought the no ads feature so that I could collect money more quickly and you STILL have to watch adds to triple your money, or serve a VIP, or do any side sells like for the stars. Very frustrated with the fact I used money and it’s not even worth it because you STILL HAVE TO WATCH ADS EVEN AFTER PAYING..Version: 47.1.1

Too many adsWay too many ads!!!.Version: 29.1

Fun game but a problemDon’t get me wrong, this game is very fun. But their is a couple problems. The first problem is that it’s either taking my money, or giving me less than I was supposed to. I was supposed to get 500+ dollars but it only gave me like 200. The 2 problem is that when their is a VIP celebrity when I say welcome then watch the ad, it skips the celebrity. Please fix the game. If these errors were fixed it would be an awesome game. ( I don’t know if this happens to everyone but it does to me).Version: 35.2

MadIt's the worst l want to play but it won't let me.Version: 2.5.1

Fun for a short period of timeSo like everybody else I agree that this game has WAY too many ads. I am an accountant so I find giving change to be therapeutic. Well, I'm on day 83, I'm stuck in a Halloween store and the game says upgrade coming day after day. Add to that my change drawer is locked up this morning so I can't give any coin change. The game is now worthless since I can't give back coin. Maybe it locked up because I have $36k saved up? Regardless of why the game locked up I guess it's time to delete the app and move on. Shame, if they made some small tweaks it would be enjoyable but apps are about making money and the developers will never make any money off this accountant. 💵.Version: 7.1.2

Don’t buyThey say no ads if you pay. I paid and still get ads!!!.Version: 31.2

Horrible gameThis game sucks so much because you can’t always get lots of cash and then when you go to check someone out you don’t have enough money..Version: 53.1.3

Great game buuut way to many bugs and glitchesGreat game but can you add an option where you can round money up not just down because I have 1000 pennies and I want to turn them into ten dollars pls add this. Also why does the robber ask for 0 dollars that is just down right stupid because you are forced to watch an ad if you don’t hit the red button. And also at the end of levels you’ll get a random ad and hit the x it will say are you sure you would like to skip this ad you will lose your reward when I didn’t click any reward for ad. And last but least if you have enough money to upgrade your store but you play the level instead it will upgrade your store automatically after the reward ad that you didn’t click on and you’ll lose the money you were saving to buy a new skin or something. Oh wait that wasn’t last the music is distorted glitched and creepy and randomly cuts out, so many bugs. If I could give -5 stars I definitely would. Edit: I forgot one thing drag and drop really drag and drop. ✅ done.Version: 3.4

Way too many adsAn add after every customer and the last 5 the change was 1c..Version: 29.1

Overall good, just needs a few changesThis is one of the few mobile app games that I can say is at least a little fun. While I do enjoy the concept and the content, I’ve noticed that it gets repetitive. I haven’t played more than 15 levels, but the confetti after every single customer seems to be a little much. I also think that the game would be more interesting if there was someway you could fail, and it’s be even better if there were multiple customers in a single level. I will reiterate that I haven’t played more than 5 minutes, so the game could give me more than expected later on, but this is my first reaction to it and I wanted to share it..Version: 7.1.4

This game is nice but…I like this game but it should have an update I’ve played so much times and I beat the game already so there is nothing to do and I keep getting the same customers and so much ads it would have been better if their was another place where you could add things in your store sometimes this game just gets me really bored but sometimes it can be fun don’t get me wrong it’s not bad just not that good pls update this game and I hope people see this before getting the game.Version: 40.1.0

It’s ok…….😕I would rate it a 3 star, because it’s a bit boring all you do is give people change and instead of putting a pin in the card inserter you put the amount that they need to pay……… and there is ads…but all free games have ads so…..I can’t really comment on that…and I also feel like every time you play it gets worse and worse……🙁.Version: 19.6

Good, but what the hell is with the ads man?This game seems like a good pass time, but once you play a few levels its just ad after ad after ad, its unplayable. It doesn't surprise me as it just seems like another desperate cash-grab mobile game, don't bother with it unless you’re going to pay to have ads removed..Version: 14.6

Is it just me?I looked at some of the reviews and they all said it was good. I mean yes it’s fun and everything works it’s just the ads, there’s not to many of them it’s just that every time I try to win something by having to watch an ad after I finished watching it the first time it wouldn’t let me get out of the ad and just froze the screen so I had to get out of the app. So then I finished a day and I could get a tip bonus so I try but after I get out the the ad it froze there and wouldn’t let me get the tip bonus, and trust me I waited there in case of a delay but there wasn’t so idk is it just me or are the reviews focusing on the goods or are they fake?.Version: 12.0

Don’t like itI thot this would be fun but it’s really boring. Someone comes and wants to buy something, they pay, it tells you how much to give them back, you give it back and it repeats, overall boring game. Don’t waste your time. Uninstalled..Version: 19.3.2

Need work, strangely addictiveLike others have said, need more to do. Need to be able to make mistakes as well, like giving too much change or charging wrong amount on credit cards. Charge too much and the customer complains, charge too little and your till is down at the end of the day and you fail..Version: 3.3

Needs more levelsI’ve got almost 200 K and I’m on day like 100 some thing and there’s no more updates no more levels. When are you going to get me a new store or a new mall or some thing that I can spend the money on it is getting really boring just bringing up people. If this is all there is then this is going to be a very lame game. I keep looking to upgrade my register there’s nothing I want to updateMy store my product inventory etc. but there is nothing to spend the money on you’ve got a good thing here but not when you can’t spend the money might as well give it to the robber..Version: 3.5

Not thrilledWhen I go to upgrade with the $5000 it won’t let me at all. Fix this please NOW.Version: 2.5.1

Too many addsWay too many adds. Play the game for 3 seconds then have to watch 1 minutes worth of adds to get extra money. Would prefer it, if you could choose your own currency. Would be a much better game if you didn’t have to watch so many adds or pay $5.99 to get rid of the adds.Version: 5.6

The adds are crazy.. I wouldn’t even bother down loading wWay too many adds...Version: 6.2

Where is this heading?Good to start with, it looks like the start of an empire but just too same..... and the bloody robber just keeps coming whether he is arrested, paid or ignored. Disappointing that this game just does nothing at all. Also.... once we have paid for a game,surely that is the end of the ads!,!,!,!???.Version: 3.5

HELPPPWhat do you do when there is no more to add to the store! I love it but I can’t add to store! Help.Version: 45.1.0

FRUSTRATED!!!Liked playing but when I want to stall the thief or want the extras the ADS won’t load so I lose the cash. I will be deleting this game.Version: 46.2.0

Too many adsThis is quite a fun game, so I paid the “no ad” cos it just too many long ads, unfortunately it still keep offer 3x cash/vip/other options by watching ads which it makes me feel I got scammed, I thought after I paid for no ad it would means NO MORE ADS, so it’s annoying..Version: 55.0.6

It’s kind of hard…I gave the app a two star because well… you start with no money and that sort of upset me when I saw the ad they had a bunch of money so could the app creators(or creator) please fix or you don’t have to but if you could please do so if this is troubling other people you should mabye fix that because it’s pretty upsetting but also I gave it two for another reason the store starts out with you know well a store and it kind of does not look like a store and sometimes I think that I’m in a car rental place well please fix those if you will/can From:Coral Lacy Steele (The epic wolf) Bye!.Version: 46.2.0

Super DisappointedThe game runs really slow and glitchy, looks like a fun concept but doesn’t work well..Version: 55.7.2

It’s ok but buggyWhen a VIP customer come in i can’t play an ad to serve them and when ever a person says can i get that and some starts please i can’t watch an ad to do it.Version: 27.0

Very easy, not much happens, a lot of adsAim of the game: count out a customer's change. Occasionally type the amount they owe into a credit card machine. That's it. It doesn't get harder, there's nothing to work towards. Plus it tells you what to do which leaves literally no challenge. There's no sound either except when you complete the level. I personally don't find it enjoyable..Version: 14.4

To many ads.To many ads, game is abit boring could do with scanning more things but you serve a customer and they only want one thing. Unless you get a bonus. Just not very great. It’s not getting better either upgraded my store 4 times already and still the same thing..Version: 11.7

Always getting robedSo one day as the business was not booming A fellow customer came in, and he looked at me and pointed a gun at me as you can assume he was trying to rob me. He looked at me. and said, give me $20 and I said no, I can’t do that you’re breaking t-t-t-the law and he said i don’t care give me the money then i pressed the red button and i got him in jail. the next shift, he came back thank you for listening make sure you like and subscribe and comment what you wanna read next.Version: 55.7.7

Too Many “Optional” AdsI like the game - it’s simple, relaxing, educational for someone who would need it, and relatively free of glitches. But after paying for the “No Ads” in-app purchase, the number of “optional” ads are rampant. I’m getting 2-3 VIP customers in a row, or they’re spaced out by a tip jar, robber with a zany button pattern where I end up having to watch the ad, or a Star earning opportunity. While I’m all for developers making money, it should be the extras, like skins and upgrades that are the extra opportunities after one pays for “no ads.” By making me decline watching an ad every other customer, I start to feel like I’d have been better off just keeping the ads..Version: 37.1.0

CrashedRecently stopped working for me, go to launch the game, it shows the company name then the lil elephant and won’t finish launching then crashes?.Version: 21.1

Cashier 3DVery disappointing game. Too many ads for a start and ads keep freezing. Sometimes I have to lose an item as I’m so bored of all the ads. Also, the graphics are appalling. Definitely needs some work on it. Needs more angry customers or customers that need refunds or like to change their minds. I will be deleting this app and not playing it again. Very disappointed. 🤬🤬.Version: 35.2

So frustrating 😤So you know what a customer comes to your store and that buy what they want, so when they give you the money you have to place it so like perfect so I put the money and try so hard to put it perfect for example: a customer gives me 1 dollar and I put in the 1 dollar in the 1 dollar section, and it says I'm putting it in the 5 dollar section but I'm not. I love this game so much but it's frustrating. 😭😤.Version: 53.1.8

Its a terribleToo many ads , the ads get glitched so u dont get ur reward, boring ( it’s repetitive)..Version: 35.0

Good gameFirst of all if I’m paying for NO ads I expect NO ads even the double the amount I shouldn’t have to watch ads Second I’ve now reached a point where I have saved my store from a robbery and it just glitches please FIX THIS ASAP.Version: 3.3

Short with a lot of adsThe game is okay. Could use some sound effects or music as well as more upgrades or being able to sell store and buy a larger place where you need to improve that one. I got all updates in less than 90 minutes of play. If you want to make it take longer don’t watch the ads for the bonuses, there’s plenty of ads already. Once you have all upgrades there is no motivation to play so I will probably delete it soon. For those complaining about running out of certain bills or coins, just move a bill or coin of a higher amount to get more of the bill/coin you need..Version: 2.4

Too many robbersWhen playing the game I get robbed so often that I am nearly always in negative cash. This is obviously not what I wanted to see when I put in the effort of scanning the customers items for them..Version: 53.1.5

Do t like the gameIt would probably be a good game if I could pass the first level and I would do that if there were 1c coins to give back at the customer.Version: 30.1

So far it’s good but there’s a lot of ads.Can you please fix the game and try to remove ads if unnecessary. :(((.Version: 5.7

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