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Filmic Pro-Video Camera App User Positive Comments 2023

Filmic Pro-Video Camera app received 90 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about filmic pro-video camera?

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Filmic Pro-Video Camera for Positive User Reviews

V7 is better than I expectedAll my previous UX gripes are fixed, and in many areas exceeded my expectations! Thank you for numerical input and shutter angle!!! Feels so much more ‘pro’..Version: 7.0.0

Best camera app for any mobileUsed filmic pro for a few years now, this is an app that is worth taking a bit of time to get used to using. Captures video perfectly, especially if you are going to be doing a bit of work post production, works well with external mics but I recommend taking time with them to make sure settings are right. This is a professional app, if you want a high end camera in your pocket that will take a £50 rode mic to plug in and produce serious quality that you would otherwise have to spend thousands on a camera for, then this is the app to buy. This app is extremely cheap for what you get..Version: 6.10.8

Phenomenal AppShooting a short film recently, I decided to use my iPhone 11 Pro as a secondary camera. Using the Filmic Pro app, it quickly became the primary camera on shoot. The seamless and intuitive nature of the app made shooting a breeze. And the cinematographers kit expansion turned this little machine in my hand into a cinematic camera. I’m so very impressed, and keen to submit this short film to various comps.Version: 6.12.5

Previous user formerly irate now very happyI love this app, I’ve been using it for a while now and it is perfect for what I do. Now with the new update I’m being forced to sign up for a payment plan? I get you need to make your money, but the reason I use my phone is that I am on a tight budget. Charging me $40 one time is fine, but every year? I wish you chose to let those of us who have been loyal customers keep our current plan but I’m sure you have plenty of people who will be willing to pay for this and losing business to one broke guy won’t keep you up at night. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a tiny violin to play while I tell my sad story to Buttons, my imaginary friend. Because unlike you, Buttons cares about my feelings. (Additional notes after the developer kindly responded and I had a snack and a nap) Okay, so Buttons and I may have overreacted a tiny bit. Turns out we can still use the previous version that we paid for if we don’t want the new one. It was really easy. So I get to use my “Vintage” version that I am very happy with. Thank you creators of Filmic Pro for keeping us in mind, it is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the drama..Version: 7.0.2

Best film appI’m completely baffled by the negative tone of many of these reviews. I tried three other “pro” video apps before shelling out 15 quid for this (plus another fiver for the remote, which works generally pretty well) and none are as feature-heavy or stable or with such a simple UI as this. I’ve yet to download the log bolt-on, but will once I’m filming for broadcast. Is it worth 15 quid? Well in my view - yes. There’s a huge amount of expertise contained here and it seems a small price to pay for turning your phone into a viable film camera. Exciting times..Version: 6.4.10

ProThe best app till date for a budding cinematographer.Version: 3.5.1

Minor updateHi DEV team First of all best of luck for this app and more updates to come, it's been my travel video recording app and all the best memories of my life. But one thing I would like to suggest is that , while recording video if it could track an object then videos would look more smooth esp. while time-lapse if it could be added in next update then it would be a nice thing to have if the team can make it happen... Best of luck🤙🏼.Version: 6.5.1

It’s fiddly but goodThis is a solid camera app if you want and need full control of your iPhone camera system. I used this to capture a festival at the weekend and was quite happy with the results. My only bugbear is the interface. It’s very fiddly. Things like the settings menu or the playback window should open full screen, rather than windowed on what is already a small screen. Actually.. one more thing. It also loses iso/shutter settings when switching between lenses and also when switching back again. It would be helpful if these stayed. All in all, best app for camera control that I’ve seen. Looking forward to trying out the LOG profiles..Version: 6.15.1

Lives up to the hype..Bought this app off the back of overwhelming positive reviews and awesome work captured with this app. It's early days yet but it's living up the hype so far! Gives freedom like nothing else I've seen. Amazing!!.Version: 6.1.1

Finally a decent video camera application for the iPhone!Like many of you I've also bought too many video camera apps, their blurb implying they are the answers to our prayers, but alas, as you also know, all of them fall short of the mark and leave you feeling like you are settling for less than the iPhone is obviously capable of. Tonight I once again performed my ritual of trolling through page after page on the app store looking for a video camera solution and found the new FiLMiC Pro, and boy am I glad I did! I'm blown away by the HUGE leap forward this app has taken when you compare it to the rest of the apps out there, and this is only a first release! For example, an automatic inbuilt slate for helping to log and/or track your shots as you take them (how cool is that!) speaks volumes about the mindset behind this app, this is a serious tool if you want it to be! This is without doubt my best purchase from the app store to date. Finally a video camera app that gives you all the control you really want, and feels like a professional tool capable of getting the most out of the iphone's technology. I can't wait to see how this app develops over time with such a strong debut in its version 1. Nice work Cinegenix!.Version: 1.0

Excellent app just needs fixed shutter speed with auto isoReally enjoying all the pro features and use my iPhone for cinematography along with a variable ND filter. Only feature missing for me is being able to lock the shuttler speed (1/48 for 24 FPS) while leaving auto ISO. Adjusting the ND would then allow me to auto select an optimal ISO. Not a show stopper without it but a faster work flow with it. Is this feature possible or a limitation of the internal iPhone api ?.Version: 6.9.4

Fantastic! But I'd love to see a few more crop guides!I really do love this app, and I don't want to come across as negative - this is THE best filmmaking app in existence, nothing is better when it comes to smartphone videography! But I have one feature that I would love to see in this app which would make it perfect, and that would be the option to film in more aspect ratios than what's currently available. I'd love to see 1.85:1 and 1.50:1 for example, but I have one very specific request, and that would be the ability to frame for a 1.66:1 aspect ratio - which was actually possible in previous versions of this app if what I've seen is correct - because this is my absolute favorite aspect ratio for filming my projects. I don't know how difficult this would be to add these feature into the app, but it would be my dream come true to see more crop guides introduced and a return of 15:9 (1.66:1). I hate to sound negative, especially when this app is already practically perfect, and I hate to go on about my personal issues instead of talking about improvements which could help everybody across the board (though hopefully other people would take advantage of these new crop guides, should they be added), but this would absolutely make my day. Thank you for all the work you put into this wonderful app!.Version: 6.10.9

Zhiyun Smooth 4 IntegrationGreat to see Filmic Pro has finally added support for the Zhiyun Smooth 4. However, I think it needs some work. Unless it’s because I’m using an iPhone SE, I’ve found the zoom feature to be quite ‘jerky’ using the wheel and the speed at which it zooms remains constant regardless of how quick or slow I turn the wheel. Using the Zhiyun Play app gives me a very smooth zoom and the rate at which it zooms is variable depending on my input..Version: 6.7.0

Great app butThis is a great app and a big help to improve video on the iPhone X. However I’ve got one problem: it keeps freezing. Always have the newest updates on my phone and I’ve waited a while to write this, but it keeps happening. If this can be fixed I’d have no complaints at all!.Version: 6.4.10

Amazing CameraThis app is amazing, it beats any other camera app, well worth the price. I would recommend this app to any one wanting to film great video from your iPad..Version: 4.0.1

Revert back to Filmic Legacy if you paid for the original appIf you had the originally app and have updated to find you’ve lost the right to export video files just revert back to what they now call Filmic Legacy to retain exporting. I updated to find the new version required payment, I was frustrated and wrote a bad review but was told how to revert back..Version: 7.0.0

Cant save 120fps videos to camera rollIs it only me or i cant save the high fps videos ( 120fps videos) to my camera roll. I can airdrop to my mac but i am not sure if it exports the video in full quality..Version: 6.5.1

Amazing!Recently the updates have pushed this app to new heights! There is now no reason why I cannot get the results I want using this app! I am a photographer and I come from the film world and understand all the basics of still photography technology. Now with this app I can fully control movie making process to the same high-level that I do in photography which is truly amazing because I am using an iPhone 7 to do this! Enjoy you will not regret it as long as you read the information try all the settings over and over Until you believe you know it! Then you will have it under your control it’s that easy! The update keep coming and coming and coming software is getting better and better and better!.Version: 6.6.0

Amazing, pro-level appIn three years I’ve transitioned from shooting my corporate/nonprofit projects on a DSLR to shooting almost exclusively on my iPhone with Filmic. Always love that the developers keep up with the new features and formats that Apple adds to its new iPhones, there’s a great community of other users to get tips and ideas from and to share your work. Logv3 has been an absolute game changer. Can’t wait to see how it improves in the future!.Version: 6.16.1

One perspective (hurry up and wait)Our arts NPO bought this app several months ago in anticipation of the dual-lens feature, and support for Osmo 3, eventually. It was made clear (those features) would be added in future updates. So I don’t feel misled, at all; in fact, I like the idea of something growing into its full promise, as it’s further developed. With technology moving so fast, and with software driving the potential for hardware, it’s increasingly common for innovation to happen incrementally - after hardware and software are purchased. Personally, I think that’s really cool. Anyways, I feel like some of the negative reviews trend toward hyperbole: I’m sure the developers are highly motivated to get updates right, and to get them out. *Also, I’ve found the flickering issue to be remedied (IME) simply by using manual white balance, e.g. with the Filmic “locked in” color-temp feature. YMMV. We’ve only experienced the flicker when there’s a highly variable exposure (brightness) btw foreground and background. We’ve gotten some really awesome results in very challenging environments, using this app. I like it a lot. Here’s to future days..Version: 6.10.3

Great app for quick filming needs.The is excellent for filming on a budget and also having quick access to a camera where you can control as you film. The only thing is that I don't have the in-app purchase (Cinemotography) with the LOG function. The app is expensive in itself without paying £9.99 for the add-on which is a shame. I'd like to try it but can't afford the risk..Version: 6.4.6

Amazing functionality.This app has amazing functionality and the manual settings for focus and aperture are awesome once you figure it all out. It does take some practice. I would love integration for the Kaiser Bass XS3 gimbal. This would make Filmic Pro my absolute primary app for shooting video..Version: 6.8

Fantastic Investment.Personal use or business, this app WILL benefit you. If you're invested enough in the digital film age, this will prove useful someway, somehow. The cost of cameras and editing software ALONE should convince you to get this app. Live analytics, manual and auto focus, ease of access to change exposure, audio sensitivity control, guides, frame rate options, a company that listens and interacts with the community-- the list goes on, I couldn't be bothered. I WISH the native camera app on smart phones was this intuitive. The fact that I live in a day and age where I can practically have a movie camera in my pocket is astonishing, all for such a generous price (granted you have a phone at all. If you're reading this, I'm left to assume that you do). Buying this will NOT turn you into Christoper Nolan, but the HANDS ON advantages that this app provides you are a no brainer. Quentin Tarantino didn't have a movie maker in his pocket growing up. But YOU can. As someone who strives to live in the entertainment industry, this is a must for me. I have gotten to experience so much from this app with my PHONE that I would not have otherwise experienced without investing in a thousand dollar camera. If you're interested enough in film, are super low budget, and want an introductory taste? Buy this app now..Version: 6.10.6

Need support for DJI Osmo Mobile 3I just purchased the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and then paid for Filmic Pro thinking it would support the device, only to find out it doesn’t. I should have understood that the mention of support for the DJI Osmo Mobile doesn’t include support for 2 and 3. I have since found the programme to be great anyway, but it would be even better with that hardware pairing as soon as it’s able to be done..Version: 6.9.9

Great app. Would love if...I’ve been using FilMic for some time now and I have to say it is the best app for smartphones. There is one option that I would like though. The ability to control bigger gimbals like the Zhiyun Crane 3s. With all step up rings, filters, lenses and any other things put onto the phone, it gets heavy. Too heavy for my Movi Cinema Robot so I bought the Crane 3s. It works fantastically with it except for the fact that I cannot control anything through the gimbal. More and more people will start buying bigger gimbals for the reason above. So it would be great to have some support for the Crane 3s. Once again, I love what you are doing and can’t wait to see what’s in store for your ne t big update. Thank you..Version: 6.12.5

I’d give it 6 stars if I could!Fantastic app and now they’ve added support for Movi Cinema Robot this app has really gone to the next level if functionality and film making creativity, with the latest update id give it 6 stars if I could! For any budding mobile film maker out there do yourself a favour and get this app, the in app purchase for the cinematographers kit is also well worth the money, go for it!.Version: 6.9

My go-to for filming anything on my phoneI just finished a new short film using FiLMiC Pro on my iPhone 8+ and it did the trick perfectly. It’s true that it can run through your phone battery fairly fast but you can combat that with portable chargers etc. and really any issues that do arise from using it can be countered with simple enough methods.. pretty much like any other camera out there. Don’t expect something perfect but it is a VERY good app for more professional looking video and I have used it countless times on previous projects also. If it weren’t for FiLMiC Pro I wouldn’t consider doing any serious shooting on my phone..Version: 6.4.6

Can’t access the ultra wide camera on the new iPad ProPlease enable.Version: 6.10.8

Very Close to a Homerun...The things that this app can do are amazing. But I’m gonna let the advertisements tell you about that. I’m here to talk about what I don’t like, and then I’ll fix my review accordingly. The EXPORT. I shoot my mobile videos in short clips so they’re easy to edit. I end up with a ton of small files. But Filmic can’t export very many at a time, and there is no confirmation as to whether the export was successful. So I’ll go to export 10 fifteen second clips and there will be no notifications as to if it even worked or not. Then when I go to check photos I will have exported 3 of them out of order. I’ve got the iPhone X. These things are the pinnacle of mobile technology. I know I’m pushing it to the max, but a confirmation of export or a defined file limit would be appreciated. Also, get a deal with Zhiyun, so I can do subject following on my gimbal in Filmic. I’d pay a few more bucks for a solid update. I know I’m already getting a lot of bang for my buck, and I’m thankful. But I’d love these to things to make it a truly elite product. Especially when there are free apps with similar capabilities. Thanks filmic!.Version: 6.5.0

Great app now even better!Filmic pro has been my go to app for a while now, but it was niggly with respect for the Movi gimbal. Hardware support always felt half baked. But with 6.9 we have the integration with the Movi and its superb. Have been playing with it this morning and cannot wait to actually get outside and do something! The integration appears to take stuff straight from the Movi App (modes, window, tilt/roll, support for the D Pad etc). Have tested the basics so far record button, speed and love it. Well done Filmic!.Version: 6.9

Great app but (developer please respond)I bought this app it’s really good, the best on the market but when I opened the app I saw that I had to pay another $22 I thought that’s what the first $22 I payed this would be a perfect app if you could remove it and for $22 its not very important to upgrade anyway it’s just annoying please fix this and make the best mobile filming app on the market 🙏.Version: 6.8.2

Amazing app but doesn’t support active trackingFilmic pro is a very nice app. Unlike iPhone’s default camera settings, you can do manual settings in Filmic pro you like and record raw videos and later can edit in advance softwares like Premiere pro. But it doesn’t support active tracking like in DJI Mimo. So, I would like to provide feedback to the developers team to add this functionality so that users can have amazing extra feature and don’t need to think any other app to shoot videos..Version: 6.10.3

Distressing Changes to resolution settingsI got it to film in UK 25fps rather than Apple’s Hinson’s choice of 30, and it does this with ease. It is a great app and turns iPhone into amazing video camera, but... after updates or apparently at random, it reverts to its default resolution of 1080p, ie HD. Since I otherwise film in 4K and this often occurs without me noticing, it leaves me with special moments captured in distressingly lower resolution. PS: Support have suggested this is caused by using the lower resolution selfie camera which resets resolution to 1080, where it then sticks - a nasty tripwire and one we should be warned about..Version: 6.8.2

And wireless clean video output tooI’ve had Filmic Pro for a good few years but haven’t used the iPhone for video much recently. Today I redownloaded it again the reason... it provides clean (no overlays) wirelessly using Airplay to an Apple TV. HDMI from Apple into an ATEM Mini and voila, a wireless camera using an iPhone (12 Pro so it can use any of the 4 lenses too). That’s just outstanding. Oh, and it’s still a very good video app too. The whole setup cost me nothing as I had all the bits already but I’d buy Filmic Pro just for that one feature..Version: 6.12.9

Really Good Videography AppEverything is absolutely excellent, just one thing. You have stopped updating hardware compatibility ignoring the most sold gimbals on the market. There is zero support for Zhiyun Q3 gimbal like it has no presence and no significance on today’s market. Would you be so kind and keep adding compatibility support for other hardware to be fully usable with Filmic Pro as well, please? 🙏🏻 Otherwise simply excellent videography app for smartphone, truly job well done FiLMiC team! 🔥❤️🔥.Version: 6.19.0

Now works with Zhiyun Smooth Q2Awesome, bought this app to use with the Smooth 4 and was awesome. Changed to the Smooth Q2 for a more compact gimbal when 4wd’ing. Was disappointed at first that filmic would record with the gimbal button, but now with the latest update it works awesome with it🤘 Love having full control over what I am recording and look forward to future updates👍.Version: 6.11.0

Great App but..Love this app, it’s the best Filming App for iOS, but please add support for the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 hardware gimbal, a toggle to use the Zoom controls on the gimbal to control Focus or Zoom of the camera would be a winner. DJI has updated the firmware recently so please update the app to support the Mobile 3, this is a must!!!.Version: 6.11.1

Filmic. Awesome app.This app is so good. I’ve been using it for a whole now, and I haven’t had any problems. I pairs seamlessly with my dji osmo mobile 3. I love the power of it, other apps I’ve tried just don’t compare. The focus and exposure controls and very intuitive and easy to use. All in all, I am very happy with this app, and I highly recommend it..Version: 6.19.1

Issue with Filmic Pro and iPhone X/XS MaxFor some reason, there is something going awfully wrong, between the iPhone X/XS and Filmic Pro. The company has said they know about it and have issued the fix for it. But, whatever the fix was, that they think was the problem, in no way fixed our problem. I have a 5 camera set up, using 2 iPhones. I use my iPhone 6 Plus, to remotely control both the 7 Plus and the XS Max. 7 Plus, no issues. XS Max, sometimes, it’ll last a full 2.5 hour shoot. Sometimes, it’ll last only a few minutes. And, sometimes, it’ll last a good 20-30 minutes. It’ll continue recording the audio, even though no video has been captured, once it freezes..Version: 6.8.1

Why the Multi-Cam Delay?I enjoy using FiLMiC Pro and was turned onto it when Apple showed the new iPhone 11 multi-cam feature using the app. It was a huge promotion for the phone and the app yet after all this time still the multi-cam feature is not available. Why the delay?.Version: 6.10.9

FilMic Pro: Sure, it’s at least worth the money.FilMic Pro is great with iPhones. On the iPhone 7 Plus alone, it’s able to shoot 120 Frames Per Second (FPS), and just imagine what it could accomplish with future smartphones. On the new iPhone 11, it can even shoot 240 FPS. That’s totally unheard of for any phone camera. One thing I would ask the developers to do is not limit all of FilMic’s functions to the iPhone 11 Pro. I mean, granted, I’m sure a lot of Apple fans have the Pro models, but some of the functions are restricted to just these fans that I speak of. For example, the iPhone 11, the phone which I currently have, has a wide and ultra wide camera. The FilMic app has no problem zooming in, but it will not zoom out. What good is and ultra wide camera if I can’t use it? The Pro model phones can zoom out in the app, though. Also, I would like to see automatic focus. The focus is only controllable by the app user, so this ends up with slight imperfections. Overall I enjoy using this app, and can’t wait to see what future updates can accomplish..Version: 6.10.4

Worth The TimeI love this app. I love how the developers are listening and continuing to frequently update the app to make it better. Yes, it can seem a little intimidating at first if you’re not already a dslr pro, but it’s completely worth putting in just a little bit of time getting to understand the interface and the functions that you now have control over, and then remembering to shoot even random videos with it. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling super comfortable shooting with it, and when you go back to a native camera app, you’ll miss FilmicPro, because it’s just that flipping good! Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of every option your phone affords you to make the most beautiful and interesting video content that you can? Stop reading. Get the app. If you’re already a shooter and understand color grading, the extra $ to get the “cinematographer’s package”, is more than worth it. It’s a must if you plan on color grading your footage, so get that too. Seriously, these guys are great..Version: 6.14.0

Don’t buy it’s a scam now you have to pay to get your videosSo I bought the full package of apps and now V7 came out I have to pay extra annual fee to be able to download, share in fact do anything with my videos. You can only watch them on your phone. Disappointed In fact disgusted Bought BeastCam.Version: 7.0.0

Shutter speed stops at 1/50 on my iPhone 12 Pro MaxI bought the app yesterday to use on my iPhone pro max and have watched several videos to learn more. Unfortunately my shutter speed stops at 1/50 but all videos I have watched indicate that shutter speed could go below 1/50. Also highest ISO is under 1500 but have a review with iPhone 12 Pro Max shows a maximum ISO of more than 3000. I am not happy cos I don’t know whether it is the app or my phon.Version: 6.16.1

In App PurchasesI like this app a lot but I just don’t understand why there is a need for in app purchases in a 20 dollar app. Edit: The developers responded with an understandable statement so my review is better..Version: 6.4.6

The anamorphic filter is real!Great App. The in-app microphone is the best when compared to other video Apps, but I feel that the creators put to much focus on it. For example, I have manually turned off the mic multiple times only to close the App and return to it being engaged again. The quality and manual focus options are so smooth and have so much potential that this app partnered with a gimble steadycam could give the even the most pedestrian filmmaker into a national festival. I guess what I’m saying is that they should scrap the microphone entirely and enhance what is already the best focus and depth of field on the AppStore. Basically, if the quality of the footage is going to be as professional as it is, then it’s kind of bogus to assume that the microphone recorder is going to get the job done in post. Who are they appeasing? Wake up, yr not SnapChat...and that’s OK. I love yr app, though. Like I said, get a steady-cam or a cheap tripod and tell a story about something that explains how you feel about things because FILMpro is really killing it with quality..Version: 6.5.1

Fantastic pro toolsIncredible app with an amazing amount of control over the camera. Independent control of focus and exposure is just brilliant, as is the ability to manually control the focus slider while recording. Makes so many beautiful shots possible that you could usually only do with a manual video camera. Meanwhile, battery life and storeage space indicator mean you can be secure your device won't die on you while recording! Square crop for Instagram videos is nice, too. 😊 The best thing about this app is that it unleashes your filming creativity. Your device is no longer a mere point-and-shoot: FiLMiC Pro gives you endless possibilities to capture the scene in different ways..Version: 6.5.1

Ignore the negative reviewsI’d just like to say you guys get a pretty bad rap for some pretty petty reasons from people who clearly have no idea the hardware limitations of the devices they use. Filmic has been an extremely groundbreaking app in terms of features, it consistently follows the hardware capabilities of the devices it’s run on and the fact you can have log3 at 10bit is just phenomenal on a mobile device! If you have read any bad reviews from annoyed, uneducated individuals I urge you to ignore them, and realise the value in this app! The cost is just pennies in comparison to the features available in this app and what you can achieve with it. If you want to moan that you can’t precisely dial in ‘200 iso’ to match your dslr or that you have to pay an extra £1.69 for the DoubleTake app…. Then PLEASE don’t buy the app and give it a 1 star and a pointless, uneducated review…… just don’t buy the app! But, if you accept that hardware capabilities limit app progression, and understand the true value of what this app has to offer on your mobile device, then get it!!! Thanks Filmic for constantly delivering an excellent app!.Version: 6.18.0

Removed the promotional link in the main menu (y)The previous version has a promotional link front and center in the top-level main menu, which I think was inappropriate, in particular when there is also an Information / Support page which would have been perfect for that. That’s great. However the app still does not work with the Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal, which has been widely available everywhere for several weeks now. The app connects, but the gimbal functions don’t work, for example the Rec button on the gimbal changes the volume, zoom does nothing, etc, so the DJI protocol changes and Filmic currently lags a little behind. In addition to the obvious, it would be nice to add a tracking mode that controls the gimbal motion from the app, where we could drag an arbitrary rectangle anywhere in the frame, and the shot would keep whatever is there at that position in the frame (specifically, not necessarily centered!) - that would be the next level of awesomeness! Thanks for the update, yet already looking forward to the next one..Version: 6.9.8

DJI Osmo 3 Compatibility.This is the very first time I’ve written a review for any app but feel I ought to for Filmic Pro. In my opinion this app surpasses any other smart phone video app available from anywhere. The one thing I would dearly like though would be full compatibility with the DJI Osmo 3 gimbal. Is there any chance that this will be likely in the near future ? Many thenks..Version: 6.11.0

Works great!I hardly ever write reviews but Filmic really earned a great review. Works great on my iPhone 6s. A really well-designed and full-featured app that fit my need for creating a more professional video than what I could have done with the native camera app. I had a bit of a hiccup trying to get the already-paid-for pro Kit onto my iPad, but it turned out to be an Apple App Store UI issue. Even so, Filmic Support was super helpful and responsive and helped me get over that hurdle. One minor area for improvements I’d suggest — the linking between the Remote on my iPad and FilmicPro on my iPhone was slow to be recognized and the pairing disconnected once (I’ve used it in 2 sessions so far). That said, I’m very happy with the FilmicPro kit bundle. KUDOS to the Developers and to Support!!.Version: 6.4.7

FiLMiC Player Problem finesh thanksI love you , Thanks filmic pro team my problem now finesh My ticket Number Is #47032.Version: 6.8.2

Amazing App! But...This app is great, it has all of the settings and requirements to produce high quality video from you mobile device, and HD been a great help when filming videos with my friends in the absence of a camera setup or a gimbal. However, the second $22 paywall within this $23 app is just absurd, I understand that developers are often underfunded and under supported but seriously!!.Version: 6.12.6

Great with moondog labs lens!!Love it. I'm making movies..Version: 4.1.3

FilmicproI purchased this app twice, one for me and a friend. My plan was to use it with 2 x iPhone Xs coupled with 2 x Senheiser EW100 G3 transmitter lapel mic systems. It was a total washout and failed miserably. I contacted FilmicPro over this and their answer did not resolve the issue. When I informed them of this I got no further replies. So I am annoyed and frustrated since this app is supposed to work seamlessly with the iPhone X. So no stars as a review until they take this seriously and fix it. UPDATE: My sincere thanks to Filmicpro. Since writing the above they have fixed the issue entirely and now I am very happy with this app. It works superbly..Version: 6.6.0

Awesome appI can’t fault the app, it’s well thought out by people who clearly understand cinematography. The only thing I would like to see (and this isn’t a dig at the app) is support for the new DJI Osmo mobile 3, currently I have to use the on screen buttons to focus, track, record etc. If the developer could let me know if support is coming that’ll be great!.Version: 6.9.10

You get 10 starsBest app on the market. I got some major ideas for this app. Send me your email. I’ve used many apps and this is flawless. I’m a reggae producer who started video recording. I use a gimbal. Filmic pro. Filmic remote. Mic and light using only my iPhone. The videos are speechless. But I see some ideas that could lock the market. Expand the lens to 6x like the app for my gimbal. Add under community access to sign in a Client to access their camera but record the video into my filmic pro. That way I can record people from around the world in high quality. Make the app access more features on the gimbals. And a story mode like the app for my gimbal. That stitches video together into a movie. I would give you 9000 stars. I compared a few footages from filmic and the iPhone camera. No comparison. Filmic is like having a expensive dslr camera in a iPhone. Ohhh another thing. Add filters in a in app purchase for the lens. Another thing I thought of. Under audio. Add access to iaa apps. Like MicSwap. And we can swap the mic in the video to different mics. And filmic would be Hollywood. Oscar. Etc etc..Version: 6.12.0

A must buy app for your videosUpdated review: You cannot live without this app if you love shooting videos with your phone. Especially when the developer is so proactive to review each feedback and respond. Thanks to the developer for getting back to me. I had some issues using it on iPhone 11, however it is all working well..Version: 6.10.3

Pro from top to bottomEverything you need to get the job done!.Version: 6.6.0

Good app overall, but setting aren’t clearOverall the app is really good, still learning and getting used to it. The only bug bear that I have is the colour scheme in the settings being mostly grey/white which isn’t immediately clear and can cause errors if you're not careful. After filming my son’s one month ceremony in Vietnam i later found all my footage was filmed in timelapse which meant that i lost everything, all because under the frame-rate setting I hadn’t noticed timelapse was selected instead of standard :(. Could you please update this along with other settings to be more visually clear to the end user. Was gutted when I lost all that footage..Version: 6.17.0

Vast improvement to native camera appI have recently started “hobbying” with video recording and quickly realised the limitations with the native camera app on iPhone (X) and so was deciding on a new camera, but came across some reviews for this app on iPhone and thought I would give it a go. As I say am am a beginner but the increase in quality of video when using this app is clearly evident immediately. This app gives you much more customisable options over how you film including frame rates, quality, time lapse intervals, iso, shutter speed, white balance and much more. There is a built in colour optimisation if you need it on the go, however you can set your colour grading options to flat so that your colours can be brought out in post production if you use external software. All in all I would highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to give their videos a pro touch when filming with a smartphone. If you are worried about the price tag, don’t be. I feel the value you get is evident in the picture quality and will have your phone punching above its weight class as far as videos go, how much would you spend on a new camera?.Version: 6.10.1

Few improvements would make it perfectI think the app is really great and I am also enjoying the optional flat profile. I would love to see few improvements which would make this app super perfect: 1. Phone will get really hot during recording. I am using iPhone 7plus. 2. Would be really great to get better audio quality from Bluetooth headphones. 16kHz is really really bad. 3. Subject tracking when using DJI osmo mobile. If it would work the same as their app that would be great..Version: 6.7.3

DocumentaryI have just returned from filming a documentary using my iphone x and filmic pro as well as a dslr. I could not have got the shots I wanted without the features on filmic pro including the focus pull and locking exposure, frame rate and focus. The documentary was filmed on an island requiring confidence of getting the shots in difficult lighting and sound conditions as events happened and with minimum equipment..Version: 6.4.10

Crash issueCurrent version is crashing no more than 5 seconds after starting, great app, please fix this issue.. iPhone 5s have had no issue in the past, keen to have this resolved.. Cheers.Version: 5.0.2

Close to perfect for ease and creative controlI look forward to contributing a comprehensive review, but decided on the occasion of the recent update, to raise a few points. Most importantly for users: your presets may not work as expected after the update. My 240 fps > 24 fps slow motion preset lost the retiming preference, so I am stuck with a number of takes at just-plain-240 fps. I suggest that users test and if necessary fix and re-save any custom settings that they need to rely on. For FiLMiC Folks: Not only for occasions such as this, please include the ability to retime clips among the post functions that you offer under the Play menu. Too: •When saving copies at reduced resolutions, please do not resample professional 48 kHz audio to the amateur 44.1 kHz “CD” sample rate. •Please consider including choice of saving recompressed versions at the *same* pixel dimensions as the original clip, but at a lower data rate. In fact, choices of data rates and 2-pass encoding would be extremely useful for film makers needing to share rushes over limited data connections. •Perhaps Apple has a lock on use of the H.265 codec. Especially as we seem limited to low data rates on our iOS devices, please allow us to choose if we wish, to use H.265 “Extreme” as the capture Codec for *any* pixel dimensions and frame rate. •This applies to post options as well. I wanted to save and share a reduced-size 720p version of a (successful) H.265 1080p slow motion clip that I’d trimmed, and the re-compressed 720p H.264 clip was much larger than the original 1080p file. •A minor, but annoying matter: please save recompressed files in .mp4 or as suitable containers. In the real world, we can’t keep banging our heads against the wall with clients using inferior operating systems that balk at or provide inferior performance displaying .mov files. •Storage management is probably Apple’s issue. Long after I have offloaded all clips, deleted the originals and cleared Recently Deleted, iOS 13.6.1 Settings still attributes many gigabytes of file data to FiLMiC Pro… as it does for other apps even though *all* their data has been similarly removed. Only by deleting (not offloading) the app then downloading it again from the App Store am I able to “recover” space that iOS should have shown as free in the first place. As a side note, a few colleagues and one friend have observed that it’s been some years since a major version update to FiLMiC Pro, and they do not want to buy the app and necessary in-app purchases, when in their opinion their money will be “down the drain” when the “long overdue” update arrives. To me this defeats the business model of developers who depend on income from existing sales to help fund costs of developing new versions. Finally, as our phones are often more powerful than our computers made more than a few years ago, a (new, separate) transcoding utility which saves ProRes files to external media, would be superbly-useful for those of us who would like to have edit-ready files upon return from filming. Many thanks for a great and continually evolving film making tool..Version: 6.12.0

Excellent, a few improvements maybe?Very happy with the end result! A bug I seemed to find is that initially the app would only record blank videos, until I killed the app from the background tray and re opened it. After this it has worked flawlessly! Would love to see the interface for some parts polished a lot. The main view is great, it's more the settings and other menus etc that don't feel so well thought out and tested. For example, in the library I can swipe and a tick box appears, when checked there are no options that I can press... Seems like this is a bug maybe? But if you are planning on filming professional looking videos with your iPhone, you really can't go past this app, well worth the purchase!!.Version: 2.5.2

App Doesn’t Open On iPhone X After 6.4.4UPDATE: I appreciate the response the Developer Team addressing the issue at hand, they were thorough in explaining what went wrong in great detail and that there are certain issues they cannot re-create in house, and they rely on long time users to relay any issues your differences they have found. Not a lot of developers take the time to explain what caused an issue and exactly every step to correct it with little to no interruption towards the projects you already have in progress. They even gave me a contact email if the issue wasn’t resolved after preforming those steps. I appreciate the FiLMIC team for the work they put in, back to 5 stars from me. Thanks guys.Version: 6.4.7

DJI OM 4 support + FiLMiC Pro now cinematic webcam!!!Incredible update. Clean HDMI out support means FiLMiC Pro is now integrated into my live streaming setup and also using 11 Pro Max as my webcam! Looks so much better than my $200 Logitech. Also thanks for adding OSMO 3+4 support. Epic update. Been waiting a long time for this..Version: 6.12.5

Indie Filmmaker Must Have App!I’ve been using filmicpro for years (back when the app was $1.99 and iPhone 4’s were all the rage!). I was excited about the idea of iPhone filmmaking then and made a number of projects for the iPhone film festival circuit. Then I stepped away from iPhone filmmaking to focus on other indie films with a variety of camera types (not mobile phone related.). After a few years, I came back to this app and iPhone filmmaking because I love the flexibility of it. I purchased the new $9.99 additional feature with LOG as a setting option and I have to say, I am SO SO pleased to see FilMIC pro has continued to update their app and make iPhone filmmaking more of a legitimate and credible option for the independent filmmaker! The newest features with adjusting the ISO, focus pull, light balance, etc is really awesome! With a few options in lens attachments in addition to this app I really love how versatile it is becoming. It’s still not going to give you the performance of a DSLR or studio level camera, but it is definitely a viable option for filmmakers now! And I love it!.Version: 6.5.0

Very good AppFilmic pro is very good app. I just bought first light and I love the focus and exposure control on it. I really similar focus and exposure Is added to it. Thank you.Version: 6.16.1

Go pro!Easily the best if not the greatest app in your arsenal of filmography. It’s like having two-face from Batman; it has a simplicity to it and when you want to go pro, bang it show its ugly side, there are more then advance features all within the same app. My only con I can express for this app is not having full support for my Shiyun smooth q. Given that most guys are gearing up with either the dji osmo or the shiyun smooth q you would think they would carry both brands to maximize profit but I sadly can’t say that. Other then that this app has replace my stock camera app. I would loudly suggest for anybody thinking of making this purchase to also consider acquiring LumaFusion. Great app guys keep it up!!!!!!.Version: 6.7.0

Great but needs a few featuresI have been using this app for years and I love it, but it needs a few features. Number one the ability to switch between phone cameras at the push of a button on the main screen, not buried in a menu. Even better would be the ability to switch between different phone cameras without having to stop recording as can be done on the native iPhone camera app. Number two is independent volume controls of the left and right audio channels. Finally, and this may not be the fault of the app, but monitoring sound with wired headphones has a small latency delay. It’s annoying but not a dealbreaker. Wish there was someway to fix it..Version: 6.13.3

A great app!We use this app in conjunction with an iPhone 6s Plus to document a micro dairy construction. I have a 5D Mk3. Filmic is fantastic and I seldom use the 5D. I can barley fault the app. There could be a little better integration of the screen rotation feature so it works properly once viewing clips. If you haven’t rotated the screen back at the video screen it stays in that orientation. But serious, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended..Version: 6.9

FilmicIt will be good if you use the go pro app in The filmic pro app for letting us to use your go pro camera and thank you to letting us to use your app.Version: 6.19.9

Presets Do Not SaveBasic settings such as: white balance and shutter lock do not save when creating a custom preset. So, even though you’ve gone through the work of saving these settings, you’ll still need to adjust them before each shot. I don’t know of one videographer who likes to change the shutter speed in the middle of a shot. And I have to go into the settings to lock the shutter speed each time... bogus! Also, there is no way to set a custom white balance. Once you’ve set your value and press the AWB button, it quickly changes to auto white balance and changes your set value. So there is no way to lock it on a set number. Just some suggestions. Overall, this is a great app with great potential..Version: 6.10.3

Good app for film makingGood app with a premium price, but disappointed that although advertised as pro film app for pro filming, features like log colour profiles are locked down and require further in-app purchases. Log colour profile at-least should part of the initial purchase. I use it mainly for anamorphic footage and the app is perfect for that. I also use the remote control app for vlogging. Also exposure and focus controls are great and intuitive..Version: 6.9.4

Great app but could be betterI have been using Filmic pro for quite a while an I think this is a fantastic app for what it can do. However there are some limitations which I think can be resolved with updates. Like there is no overlay controls (Focus peeking, zebras, false color etc) if you switch to dolby HDR mode. It took me a long time to figure out where the controls were. You also cant do 4k 60fps if you choose 10bit or dolby HDR where as the native camera app can. I know dolby HDR was only introduced few months ago. I hope they will come up with a solution on the next update. It would be a waste not to be be able to use the full capability of ones camera hardware..Version: 6.13.1

Excited and scared, but your team is amazingWell I’ll just start off by saying this might be my first of a follow-up review that I’ll do on filmic pro. Although I am a content creator designer, musician and photographer I have finally been given the opportunity to develop a short feature film and I’ve been struggling due to the low budget whether or not I was going to do the project using FiLMiC Pro and my iPhone XS Max with the moment lens or eating the cost of getting a DSLR camera in the $1500 range. After testing with your software and with my phone and the Moment lenses I’m very excited about this project. Please continue to look for ways to improve the product wherever you can but I realize there’s only so much you can do based upon the hardware that Apple or any other phone developer puts into their camera and lens system. Stay tuned..Version: 6.8.1

Fantastic for vlogging - auto focus is king.Auto focus. Manual controls. Enough said. Getting this app for these elements on a smartphone is just the tip of the iceberg. Log recording, stabilisation........ This app is hands down my go to and the makers should be hounding apple for partnership. Future updates.- I’d love the ability to use my MacBook as a remote rather than an iPhone or iPad. Reason being, not everyone has 2 iPhones or an iPad but do have a MacBook (or laptop). The MacBook screen is bigger and It would enable me to use focus more precisely for vlogging. Obviously it wouldn’t be touch control but surely it could easily be manipulated by mouse click n drag over WiFi network. Keep up the great work guys..Version: 6.5.1

Want pro video from your iPhone? Get this app!!!Writing an updated review. The iPhone video camera is remarkably good. I’m using Filmic Pro on an iPhone 8+, and this app gives me manual control over just about everything. I can lock and manually control focus, exposure, and even color temperature. There are various profiles to shoot with that allow for better post-production color correction. I love how well Filmic Pro and LumaFusion work together as an acquisition/post suite, all on a single device. The interface is well thought out and easy to use, once you get used to it. Being able to bring up focus peaking, zebras, and other overlays with a touch makes it remarkably easy to make sure I’m getting exactly the image I want. This app has allowed me to leave my DSLR home for many of my professional recording sessions. I just added Filmic Remote to my toolkit. I’ve only used it in circumstances where I have a strong wifi network so far, but it works really well. It’s incredibly useful to be able to control the iPhone camera without touching it, and pretty much all of the tools you’d use in Filmic Pro are readily available in Filmic Remote. Well worth the price!.Version: 6.6.0

Great App/One RequestFilmic Pro really adds professionalism to those who use their iPhone as a method of filming. I do recommend this app as it has endless options in which you can thoroughly set your preferences and consequently film a great-quality video. However, there’s a limit to which I would love to grant 5 stars. This limit is due to Filmic Pro’s incompatibility with ZhiYun SmoothQ 2. Other than that, I am looking forward to improving my filming experience with Filmic Pro..Version: 6.4.10

Good, good, one little thing though...Ok it’s safe to say that Filmic Pro is the go-to app for mobile phone videography, it’s parameters for manual control and ability to shoot flat and log profiles are straight up game changing. I’ve recommended this app to SO many people and have used it sensibly within a part of my workflow between cinema camera, to dslr, to mobile device. Mix this with Moment lens’ and accessories and you’re good to go. It’s expected that an app like this might be a bit of a battery drainer that’s a given and we all have portable power banks anyway so it’s not a problem. My bit of an issue is the overheating of your phone after not even a great deal of use with this app, be it an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X l use all of these with FP and they all get to melting point so quickly that we now bring a plastic ice pack with us when we use them due to the phones all shutting down with ‘Phone temperature too high’ after filming log 4K for only a few minutes. That’s really bad for the phones. Is this something that is being looked into for future updates? Also just as a heads up for people who want to use the more advanced setting for any length of time your phone will die in minutes so please do plan accordingly. Other than that.....this app is perfect 👌.Version: 6.6.0

The best video app out thereI’ve only just started using this but I’m impressed by the quality of the app, the way it extends and customises the options and functions of the iPhone camera and the speed with which the devs responded to the Osmo Mobile 2 changes. Really impressive..Version: 6.5.0

IncredibleThis app has introduced me to a new found love for cinematography. Being able to adjust the colours/warmth/saturation and exposure allows you to create truly beautiful scenes, and turn even the most simple setting into something magnificent. I would highly recommend purchasing this app if you have an interest in film, it’s the best I’ve used..Version: 6.10.4

Disappearing OptionsI think this will be a good option for B-roll in conjunction with my DSLRs using my DJI Osmo Mobile and iPhone. However, the analytics functions disappear. They are there for a second and then they’re gone. I don’t know if maybe it’s because I am using an older iPhone. Also, no 4K option. I know it can be done with an iPhone 5s. I have seen it done. I even have a $2.99 app installed that gets me useable footage that is just slightly less than 4K. Hands down FilMic Pro is the clear winner in the category of apps that can get you cinematic footage on your iPhone, just don’t forget about those of us that don’t upgrade our phones as often. If my disappearing options are not related to the age of my phone, I would love to know what is causing it. I would love it if I could even get 1440p but all I can get is 1080p. One other thing, I am running iOS 11.3 if that helps..Version: 6.4.10

Volume Keys Not Triggering Record.When external microphone plugged in, the volume keys will trigger the volume not the record button on iPhone 12 Pro. Works as normal when unplugged and internal mic is activated. When using external lenses (ND and CPL) it’s very hard to use onscreen record button because of the clip used for lenses as I need the lense as close to the ground as possible at times. A fix for this would be immense !! loving the app. Thankyou.Version: 6.17.0

IPadIf you upload on iPad How do you get the focus lock and the led light to work.Version: 2.5.2

No rivalsDon't get tricked into ”there are better alternatives” or ”filmic is not stable” or ”it heats phone up and eats up battery unlike that other program”. this is the best camera program for iphone that has controls for every meaningful parameter within its neat uncluttered and easy to navigate UI. there is nothing like it from competition. you can also use another iphone as a remote control / monitor for it. it's unbelievable!.Version: 6.13.3

Idea for future advancementOnce you have the multi camera feature working have you thought about making it record only on a specific amount of storage space. This could then be used as a dash cam as well as a great video recording tool and if you made an easy save feature for all cameras and it starts looping again then you would really have a multi use application. I like the functionality now, can’t wait for the multi camera capability!.Version: 6.9.10

What an amazing app, but wondering is it possible to zoom and pull focusI love this camera app, it’s amazing. I was just wondering would it be possible on the next update to be able to control both the focus and zoom independently? Maybe it’s not something even a dedicated camera can do, I’ve actually never owned a dedicated camera so I have no idea. What I’d like is to be able to zoom into something and also be able to focus into whatever I’m zooming into..Version: 6.12.0

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