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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Need for Speed™ Most Wanted? Can you share your negative thoughts about need for speed™ most wanted?

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Add free roaming pls!Great game overall but it’s just another racing game on the App Store, I have the Wii U version of this game and the one thing that I personally love about it is the free roaming part where you can do whatever you want and reach high speeds without actually playing a bunch of races and levels that are hard to beat, so if the app would do that, that would be fantastic and improve the game a lot.Version: 1.1.3

Not what I expectedTalks about how other cars aren’t stock but no option to mod them besides 2 one time use mod slots. No free roam. ELECTRIC CARD HAVE NOS?!? That makes zero sense to me. Just over all a lacking game.Version: 1.1.3

NFS cars won’t work? PLEAS READSo I have been playing this game for a while and I like it but I’ve noticed on iOS that the NFS edition cars while never show up for me to purchase at first I though it was just glitching and was going to show up later but nope it never showed up and I never go a chance to get the NFS cars this being I can’t complete the achievements I have seen other comment about this and theirs definitely something wrong going on so pleas fix and look into this glitch thank you for reading..Version: 1.0.71

UPDATED FINALLY!Please update more often and give new cars, roads and mods options Am playing this game more than 5 year and it the first time seeing nfs update! New hot cars please.Version: 1.1.1

HorribleThis game kept on turning off and on it’s up I do not like this game I downloaded it but it didn’t work so I do not like this game and I will never buy it.Version: 1.1.3

Love it but please add multiplayerI’ve been playing this game since I was in middle school and my brother put me on to it , and I’ve been playing it since then and I’ve loved it ever since. But one thing I do have to say is once you do every race and get each place to 100% beating all the most wanted racers.. it does get super boring and it gets to the point where there’s really nothing else to do. I know this game is pretty old but it wouldn’t hurt to update it and add a multiplayer mode, it’d make it so much more entertaining, and I know sooo many people have been waiting for a multiplayer to come out for this game for a while now. It’d really make this game so much more fun, I really hope soon it becomes a thing because I love this game and all but it’s gotten boring after doing things over and over again..Version: 1.1.3

GREAT!KEEP DELETING MY COMMENT?Very good. This game is so wonderful. Cops are rushing like bulls, they must take a mission called suicide. There always a car suddenly appeared on your way and you can do nothing but hit it. Your rivals works with cops and all other cars in the field. Common cars show in your way waiting you to hit them, police cars try their best to hit you and your rivals run at a speed which is unbelievable. When you crash with common cars on the road, these cars can against the potential energy laws and be as magnet stick to your cars. It doesn’t matter how you hit them, these cars can always stuck your ways. So pleasure to write comment for this game. I want to rate this game zero but I can’t do that. What a pity!.Version: 1.1.1

Controller supportOther racing games by EA on the App Store have controller support. The game looks good but playing with a controller would be 5-stars....Version: 1.1.3

Needs updateIPhone X support.Version: 1.1.0

CustomizeI have loved Need for Speed ever since it first came out in 1994. This game set the stage for all other games to follow. The thing that would keep the game authentic to the franchise is customization. A car from factory is the version of someone else’s imagination of the car, the moment you create a car based off the limits of your imagination is priceless. Having just paint options is basic have more customizable diversity on top of engine, handling, drivetrain, and aerodynamic customization…having to pay for an upgraded mod every race is in it self unrealistic. Mod once and call it fair..Version: 1.1.3

The speed kit makes no senseI used my Bentley without the speed kit to test its speed and then I tested it with the speed kit everything was the bloody fckn same how does that make sense please explain and no the game is not broken with my iPhone 6 plz fix.Version: 1.0.96

Please Fix the controller!!! Please update the gameThe game is fine but the controller part is soooo complicated I have to use my left hand only to control the driving on the game I wish if I can use my right hand to control the driving also I didn’t like the steer if you make the game not fun at less I can switch the control from the left side to the right side I paid $7 CAD for the game, and now I want you guys to update the control in the game to be more flexible to use..Version: 1.1.1

Urgent for new update!!!Hello my name is Christian Morris and I am a big fan of the need for speed franchise I would just like to add that it would be a great note if you would support controllers if you please add that in your next update for controller support it will be a big deal for the next gamers that are coming to mobile gaming as you are now using controllers thank you for your time.Version: 1.1.3

Not what I rememberedThis game used to be amazing when I first played it, then I reinstalled it, and it is very VERY hard, you simply cannot win if you do not buy the best car, this game is now very pay to win and I think there should be a difficulty setting because I’m not trying to sweat out this game, I’m trying to play casually.Version: 1.1.3

This game is worthless unless you play offlineThe full game is much more fun but this one is not completely terrible. NFS No Limits is a much better mobile racer. Pros, simple controls, great car selection, good soundtrack, decent graphics, Cons, not the full soundtrack, feels very pay to win, AI is awful, no car customization, no controller support I also do not understand why this is not the full game. The full game came out for the PS Vita. The PS Vita was not even that much more powerful than the cell phones of that era Conclusion, please get Real Racing 3, GT Racing 2, or Need For Speed No Limits this is a good game but it’s not worth $5..Version: 1.1.3

Bad controlsNeed for speed “No Limits has beautiful controls. This one has bad controls, I tried both settings. If they can put same controls as No Limits, this will be a perfect game..Version: 1.1.1

How can you get a refundHow can you get a refund.Version: 1.1.3

Things I think you should chains about NFS most wantedElectronic arts why didn’t you make this game as good as you made the system version of NFS most wanted you really need to update this game is great but I suggest you do a few changes to the game to make it more enjoyable because basically everyone enjoys no limits and like you guys you really need to make an FS more fun and better because if you don’t you’ll lose a lot of money and no one wants to lose a lot of money Plus maybe Alyssa come out with a new game better than NFS out on it and better than crispy hot pursuit for mobile maybe you could be a new game where we can I want open world stuff like I want to drive to Los Angeles or something like that and that is what I think of NFS most wanted..Version: 1.0.71

Not what some people thinkWe have people crying about it not working for my phone it's not downloading well it worked fine for me the only reason why I'm rating 2 stars is because it's not what need for speed most wanted is yes EA did make the original but they were like oh well lets make a crappy version on mobile thinking no one would find out well someone did listen there's no free roam in the original I loved to just drive around and make the cops chase me. And u would find the cars spread out cross the map and then u would be able to drive them but apparently no one that buys this game played the original.Version: 1.0.71

I love the game just annoyedI went on a humanitarian trip where they asked us to delete the games off of our phones, I had almost beaten the game made sure to back it to my Game Center. Re download it and it still has all my trophies, but I lost all of my cars and progress. I spent some money on it so it annoys me. It’s gonna take forever to get it all back. So 3 stars for fun game just unfortunate circumstance..Version: 1.1.3

Add multiplayerI bought this assuming it had multiplayer, and im ashamed of that because that was the most enjoyable part of the game for me when this game came out. If my iPhone can run ark, connected to 50 people at the same time, then it sure as heck should be able to handle this game. just think about updating this and how many people would buy it. if youd just advertise it as a racing game that wasnt pay to win you guys would ruuuule the app market in racing, certainly in the #1 spot..Version: 1.1.3

Nut time trailNO PUNISHMENTS!MORE TIME!.Version: 1.0.71

OkNeed for speed most wanted is a decent game. This game has a good amount of cars to play with for an iPhone game. This game should not hav a price however because the other need for speed game, need for speed no limits has many other things to do and it’s free. The game play is like no limits and its great but, the cops need improvement. The cops in the game do suicide missions just to stop you and that is annoying to player because they’ll match your speed, go next or behind you and ram you into a wall. This makes players angry. The customization of the cars is to limited. Unlike the free no limits you can have body kits, customize rims, more types of colors, and wraps. Sorry i keep comparing to no limits. All in all this game is a great game it just need more things, activities, and better AI..Version: 1.0.71

Keep on crashingI have it on my iphone X but it is keep On crashing.Version: 1.0.71

LiarsNo free roaming in the streets just boring races.Version: 1.1.0

Always loved the game butGotta love the game. It’s sweet I can play this on my phone these days. I’ve been having problems though with it freezing up mid race on me though. Not sure if it’s a software issues or just a phone issue (iPhone 8) still a fun game to play though just wish it would run smoothly..Version: 1.0.71

Great concept but has its flaws… HUGE flaws.Good game, no worries there, here’s the pain in the rear. if your event has any kind of a time restriction on it, you’re not gonna get the gold. the steering/drift mechanics on this game are easily the worst i’ve ever used. doesn’t matter if you use tilt to steer or touch to steer. issues with tilt to steer: constantly having to correct the steering, which slows you down. issues with touch to steer: never get the direction you want, especially if you’re trying to drift. if you manage to start a drift, you will lose complete control of everything you’re doing. i know what you’re thinking “well just let go of the screen so it stops drifting” that’s the biggest issue. the game will force you into one of 3 things when you do that: 1. a wall 2. a wall on the other side 3. a cop that was definitely much farther back then somehow is right on top of you now. i literally bought this game to pass the time in the hospital. and now here i am, $5 shorter, and irate. doctor said my blood pressure went up just from playing. let me be fair. this is a good game, MINUS whatever stupid steering characteristics Criterion put in. I know it wasn’t EA that did it because i didn’t have to pay an extra $15 for Steering DLC. put controller support and it’ll be gucci..Version: 1.1.3

Not worth the moneyI can’t believe I paid for this game, don’t even bother with this game it’s a cash grab if you download this game you’ll find out later on in the game that it’s a bloody joke the way faster cars are getting beat by weaker ones because after the AI cars finish their boost when you try to pass em out of nowhere their boost is instantly refilled right after their boost is empty.Version: 1.0.71

IPhone X support?Fun game but where is the iPhone X support? Update this game to support the iPhone X resolution. Thanks!.Version: 1.0.71

Do not waste money buyin itIt is the worst need for speed i have ever played, i am a most wanted fan but not for this one this is full of crap in the game even if you get nitro boost or you have skills, that doesn't matter opponent is gonna stay ahead of you no matter what you do untill you upgrade your car and even your opponent crashes into something still you can't pass him without upgrades in your car its totally crap game i could have thrown my 10$ on street instead of buying this.Version: 1.1.3

Its good except one partTHE DIFFICULTY! Bro this is a game made for people who win championships, in the start they make you think you will win even tho already it's pretty tough then it's getting more and more challenging but the bad kind, See they make you lose, Suggest to get a good car, What's that no cash? Oh use your hard earned money for this in-game money to win, That's what they do, EA hope you are reading this FIX YOUR GAME, But I know what you will do you will say "Get good at the game" or "Spend some money you have a lot I bet".Version: 1.1.3

😡😡 CLOSE but no CIGAR 😡😡Current update seems to solve most issues (jumpy car and freezing upon race completion) but app still freezes during police takedowns and other crashes. Fix that and restore this game to its original glory. Doesn't look good for a brand as large as EA. PREVIOUS REVIEW: This used to be one of my favorite games to play when killing time. This last update is terrible. When I finish races is freezes (iPhone 6S Plus with latest iOS software) and racing in car view the vehicle bobs up and down like it has broken suspension. How has this most recent update (January 2017) made is so long without EA patching these bugs? I expect more from EA, we all do..Version: 1.0.71

Plz correct thisGood game but crash black screen on after dark on iphone 8 plus....Version: 1.0.71

RefundThis game costs 6.99$ and they make you pay money again afterwards. Inexcusable making us pay so much. I never received my receipt for the game. I want a refund.Version: 1.1.3

Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasted My Last Money On Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!So, as being a player of the 2012 one I played it on a PlayStation 3, It was awesome!!! And tried buying it mobile since I have a different console now cuz the PlayStation stopped working, I got an Xbox One, so I don’t have it anymore, one, terrible controls, two, NOT EVEN BASED OFF OF THE REAL GAME BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE REAL GAME!!!!!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASTING MONEY ON SOMETHING TRASH!!!!! MAKE IT BETTER OR I AM NOT DOWNLOADING A MOBILE NFS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX IT!!!!! I EXPECT BETTER!.Version: 1.1.3

Last update broke NFS Edition CarsThe last update broke the garage and you can no longer buy the NFS Edition cars. Game can no longer be completed. This is still true for the latest version..Version: 1.0.71

Didn’t expect that at allDidn’t expect that from NFS.Version: 1.1.3

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