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Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game app received 24 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about sonic dash endless runner game?

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Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game for Negative User Reviews

Goo-error-glitchy but funThe game is fun but it has a slow frame rate on my device also stops in the middle of the levels.Version: 4.1.0

Fun gameplay, unfair mechanics and no option to turn off advertisements.A fun game to waste time on. It’s fun unlocking the characters. The update adds a refreshing new aesthetic and new designs for enemies. The constant advertising is grating. I would be willing to pay to have an ad free experience so I could enjoy this game. Intrusive music and sound effects from adverts can be jarring when I’m trying to listen to podcasts or my own music. There are moments where the game forces you to fail. Whether it’s a sharp corner with an obstacle you couldn’t possibly anticipate or throwing multiple columns which are impossible to navigate as reaction speed that quick is rare. It was fun picking up this game and it’s good that they’ve changed some of the aesthetics of it. There just aren’t any options for someone who doesn’t want to be bombarded with adverts or unfair obstacles..Version: 4.12.0

Good but hardI’ve been playing this game for a few months now and it’s been really really hard to get some red rings and it’s a bit boring I think I should add a bit more fun stuff like new levels harder levels and more characters that you can be and that the characters come at the very start she can choose who you are instead of blue sonic it’s also very boring sigh sigh sigh yawn yawn yawn there’s nothing fun about it like if you get to the end of the game you get a big surprise they should put that in for you put different levels in like I said before and they should see if you’re a girl or a boy so you can be a girl sonic or boy sonic because it is very very annoying if you’re a girl and you have a boy if you’re a boy and you have a girl do you know what I mean really annoying I’ll see what happens in the next few months but I don’t think I will like it 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😒😞😔😕☹️☹️☹️😡😤.Version: 4.28.0

Maybe it would better with this reviewSo after the whole get the animals to build your zone mechanics, Why didn’t they just add a story mode. I mean it makes seen with a much of the newer games. Another is all of the characters we got the main cast including the comic characters like Whisper and Tangle and other game characters like excalibur sonic or their own game characters all star sonic and Amy. But I feel really nothing after getting these characters like ya sure. You get to unlock cool characters but what’s the point of getting them if everyone controls the same maybe if characters like tails or cream could fly over big graps and their spin dash is shorter or characters like knuckles could punch though things and such and such. And adding classic sonic was just for money let’s be real here. But seen sonic frontiers is coming out and other sonic mobiles is getting more love than this, this game needs more better of EVERTHING.Version: 4.28.0

Score Glitch??I used to play this game a LOT on my old phone until my phone stopped working. Unfortunately i never saved any of my data through some sort of app. When i installed it again on my new phone, of course i lost my progress and it was a little upsetting 😅 but when i ran the zone again, the score seemed to be going very slow. i ran for quite a while but i only had about 300,000 points and it was ALREADY getting harder to play and dodge obstacles. i think that by running 300,000 points i would have already been at 900,000 to 1,000,000 points. i don't know if it's the change in the type of phone i'm using (iPhone 6+) or it's some sort of bad glitch but the score is tracking very slowly. if this can be fixed in some way that would be great. Overall the game is really fun and i love it, but i personally think it could be fixed a bit. i'm not sure if this happens to everyone but yea 😊 If you get to reading this thank you!.Version: 4.9.0

Ads and more adsDownloaded it for my son and it’s just not worth it with the amount of ads popping up. Says there’s an upgrade option for no ads but couldn’t find that. There were some silly in app purchases up to and over $100. Yeah right like what the hell?.Version: 4.12.0

More Action, Better BossesSo the gameplay of this game is absolutely enjoyable. It’s not like most mobile games where they beg money out of you. What I mean is in order to continue other games force you to spend money. This game doesn’t. The characters you can play as are solid too. After I switched to this from the Sonic Forces game I thought this game would have barely to any characters. Fortunately that’s not the case and even though Forces has more, there’s still plenty to chose from. The music does get repetitive. I know that this is an infinity game and it just creates an atmosphere. It doesn’t have a story where a great soundtrack is necessary. But I ah expect at least better then being on hold music. The controls themselves are good too. I feel like I can dodge, boost and do everything I need to do. Though I don’t appreciate the boss battles “Stereotypical tap at just the right moment gimmick. And since these bosses aren’t super impressive, it makes it a slight bit annoying. As for the animal playgrounds, I enjoy them. It’s kinda like a mini version of the Chao gardens from Sonic games long ago. So that is one of my favorite features. All that aside I feel the game is enjoyable. But it didn’t reach the full potential that it COULD have been. A good game and in my opinion definitely worth taking a look at overall..Version: 4.15.2

AwesomeI am really excited for the new movie and this game is so much fun The only thing is that you can’t even get a better screen for your own time or not just to get the game to be able and you have to buy more game and get it back to it again soon and get it back to it again soon as you get the free one and get it back to it again soon and I would love it if it had more fun and fun but I would love it more then the was a little more fun and more levels would love to see the game and the game would be better if it was a little bit more expensive but I cannot was the way I was going back to this game I would like to see a lot better game play but the only time that is the way it gets boring is that you have a good chance that I could buy more and I have no problems but the way that you would be playing this app would get better and the free app will not buy this one star because you can’t even buy a free app it will get the game going off for you I will give you more time and money and..Version: 4.8.1

AdsThe ads after every run are annoying.Version: 3.7.6

I HATE THISFirst I hate this game because at first when I download this game this game is really fun but then my iPad got hacked earlier today so I turned it off for an hour and the hacker was fully disconnected from my iPad but then all of a sudden I come back to sonic my tails, cream, and knuckles we’re gone they were all gone so I only have rouge and sonic and I think that the creator of this game did this because this happened after the hacker was fully disconnected so I think you guys did this because one why would my stuff be gone because when I was getting hacked I was literally playing sonic when I was going to hack and literally nothing changed and also if you don’t believe it I was playing sonic you can literally ask my brother he’s right next to me whine while I’m doing this and I did I was on my iPad and then I was downloading five nights at Freddy‘s and other games and then all of a sudden I come back and how much your apps on my on my iPad but then I go here like an hour later to this sonic app and my stuff is gone and less mentioned a high score my high score was 100k now my high score is 19,000 like I’m not doing this you’re gonna give me back my characters and you’re going to give me back my high score and if you don’t I will just sue this company I don’t care if it was a hacker you should have kept your busted game secured and made sure you weren’t able to do this.Version: 5.3.1

Good but this is my opinionI’ve got all the characters now well except for the angry birds hello kitty et cetra et cetra well all sonic characters so far I don’t have whisper but I will get her soon well when the timer for tangle finishes so yeah so jet the hawk but it needs more pizazz be cause it’s just a basic jump nothing cool really and it needs more characters like mighty ray fang bean and bark and omega so team dark will be completed and it needs better bosses also needs voices like when they get hurt or when they get selected and when they go and when you get a high score through a game all the characters you’ve collected cheer for you with chaos and stuff like a evil Chao will kick one off and a hero Chao will put a new one and they fly or run off to the next high score area and make the high scores higher like I’ve beat the high score chart like add Chao to the high score like what I said earlier that’s when you beat every one on the high score and thel all chear for you i just thought that would be fun to add that please consider hi.Version: 4.13.0

GO tO sEaSiDe HiLl To bUiLdI just redownloaded this game after a while of not playing it and after going through the tutorial again I am greeted with a little white gloved hand forcing me to tap on the hammer icon at the bottom right of the screen. The problem is that when I do tap on the hammer a message comes up in the background saying “Go to Seaside Hill to build.” I literally cannot play the game because of this. I have tried to close the app but to no avail. I remember it being a fun game but can’t say much about it now since I can’t play it..Version: 4.8.1

A Small DowngradeThere are two changes that I'm not too fond of: the design of the enemies and the amount of time the spring sections take. The enemies' designs used to be faithful to the source material, possibly scary to a little kid, but now they just look goofy. As for the spring sections, they used to be like, here's the amount of rings you collected and the multiplier, they're going into your bank, trick time, here's your reward, onto the next running section, but now it takes much longer and I don't know why that is. I mean, you would think that the main component in this game is keeping your momentum, but with how long the intermissions now take, it just feels jarring. These might not seem like a big deal, but with how much you see enemies and have intermissions in an average run, these minor inconveniences add up considerably until it becomes downright annoying. If possible, I would like an explanation as to why these changes occurred..Version: 4.17.0

Decent funI like runner games like this but there's some cons: kinda hate how many ads their are, wish you had the option to pay to remove at least some of them, Secondly the characters you run with don't have any lines but the two boss battles you have the bosses do have lines. What's the point of running with my favorite character if they're just a skin and not a character? Maybe if they went "Ow!" When you got hit and said some kind of line during the boss battles and maybe when you do the bounce pad jump thing successfully and get the extra rings they have some sort of celebratory phrase like "All right!" I don't know, just seems like what's the point of racing with a different character other than like the different multipliers they give which... isn't why I would want to play a game like this. It's branded with my favorite characters I want there to be some more kind of semblance of their actual character than them just being the avatar I run with. Anyway, thanks for reading.Version: 4.2.1

The BAD sidesSo It’s fun it’s just like subway surfers but different ppl but I think it’s good but it gets boring and I think they should’ve put like mini games…But I still really enjoy it because it was a no wifi game.Version: 4.15.2

Decent GameI have this game on my ipad, and it has stayed there for a couple of months, but it’s lost it’s luster since I downloaded it and I don’t really love it that much. It seems that the game doesn’t know itself sometimes. Example: I’m doing a great run, but things are getting more difficult because I’ve made it far. Then I suddenly have all the coins I need for a dash! And by letting me know that, the dash banner COVERS THE ENTIRE SCREEN! So if I don’t hit the button I often die. Because I can’t see the path. At ALL. Another example: I just opened the game, and after a few runs I complete the daily requests to get gems. I get all the puzzle pieces available while doing this. Then if gives me a chance to watch an add for new requests! Aaaaaand one of those requests is to get puzzle pieces. 🙄 it’s still relatively fun, don’t get me wrong! But it’s crashed and done stuff like this so often I just don’t play it as much. I wouldn’t recommend it or not recommend it. If someone asked me for a new game they could get into, I probably just wouldn’t mention it..Version: 4.8.2

Big problem with AdsCome across this 5 times today. I try to watch an ad for the next upgrade but every time it’s Angry Birds Journey, once the ad ends a loading spinner plays and disappears without providing the upgrade or any explanation as to why I just wasted my time. Every other ad works fine for some reason but I’m essentially now stuck pressing play, seeing the logo, backing out and hoping the next one is something else. Out of the last 10, most have been Angry Birds. Please fix the problem.Version: 4.28.0

Good game marred with too many adsThe game is very well put together, it is engaging and the progress is levelled about right. The major problem is too many ads interspersed through the title. 30 second videos that you have to watch to gain progress do not a pleasant gaming experience make!.Version: 4.0.1

Revisiting SonicDashI’ll it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about this game and things clearly have changed… but so far it’s for the better, the game is really easy when before I was worried I would have to purchase rings or gems but no, I actually got Knuckles by beating robots and getting animals little homes. Honestly my only real issue besides the ads (but it’s a mobile app so it can’t be helped) is the lack of real challenge, mainly from the bosses whom so far I’ve come across is Eggman and Zazz. The levels kinda get a little unfair by throwing a bunch of obstacles at you all at once with very little time to react to, but there’s really no consequences to losing besides losing rings and whatever distance record you were making. So endpoint what do I think of SonicDash after leaving the game alone for so long? …It’s fine, it’s genuinely fine. It’s nothing to you can’t live without but it’s not a bad game to have ether. Granted I got this way back to it’s first released so I just had to redownload again. So nothing to complain about so far, I’m going hop back on and see if I can actually get Movie Knuckles. So yeah good job SEGA or whoever it what in charge of SonicDash, you did good work here. 🤙.Version: 5.3.1

Could be betterTheres an ad every single time you die, along with the other popups and “Rate our game!” but thats in every other game so whatever, Secondly, after maybe the third or fourth stage the game gets incredibly hard to the point i question whether it is rigged, like obstacles that are physically impossible to do, i have to ponder how each time i die. Thirdly, the game has a Wheelspin feature which you get to spin daily or buy with 2 in game Red Star Rings or of course, watch an ad, the best prize or jackpot is the character Blaze which would usually cost 60 Red Star Rings (£4.49), i set my target on this prize and me and my friend have been playing this game for over a week now and i would say we each spun it a total of atleast 60+ times. Never landed on it. it would always be a pixel away or nowhere near but might just be our luck. Another annoying feature is when the game makes it impossible to be able to purchase upgrades for your character, because they slapped a huge “Ad” button over the purchase button. My hypothesis, would be a fun game if it wasnt rigged and ad filled..Version: 4.28.0

It use Th be goodSee I have played the game from years it was fun but when they made this new update now I don’t like it.Version: 4.26.0

The new update is great but...So, recently a new update for sonic dash was released adding sonic movie themed content to the game and now while the actual update itself is pretty decent it is causing a LOT of performance issues such as lagging and crashing and it’s making it almost impossible for me to play the game because in the game you are constantly moving forward having obstacles and enemies thrown at you from every single lane so when the game is lagging in the middle of a run and I’m trying to do my best just to even complete most of my objectives or earn the most rings to upgrade one of my characters when instead I just end up getting thrown into a wall or a bottomless pit all because the game was lagging therefore it couldn’t detect my finger moving across the screen. So to quickly sum up most of I just said the new update would be EVEN BETTER if it didn’t bring so many performance issues to the game and with that being said Hardlight please fix this because it’s a serious problem with the game and it’s really getting outta hand..Version: 4.10.1

More maps and keep event maps and update charactersI would make sonic dash more fun if you can unlock more maps and keep the event maps if special characters unlocked and also with this new update the characters need look the same as the sonic forces game characters for better gameplay because well all the non-special characters need to be up to date with the special characters say for example teen-sonic he’s kinda up to date oh and with this new update that’s suggested I think it’s a bug the green hill zone song isn’t playing when your running in green hill zone please make this a special sonic dash update even with sonic forces speed battle songs and maps please make sonic dash fully up to date 🤞😎👍.Version: 5.3.1

Pretty good. More would be niceThis is a really good endless runner. It’s easy and simple to control. There’s more room for content though. As for characters, there are still some characters that can be added, like E-123 Omega (my favorite), Chaos, Tikal, and a few others. Maybe even bring back obscure characters like Mighty and Fang. New Zones would also be fantastic, especially with gimmicks, rather than reskins. Maybe add a zone like Egg Fleet that has you rely more on Homing Attacks. You would have to rescue Tockies (the turtles) and you would unlock Omega. Maybe add Casino Night Zone with ring roulettes and you could unlock Wave or something. Maybe Hang Castle and Speed Highway. More Badniks would also be nice, even if they are reskins. You have models for Motobugs and Mushmeanies ready from the Green Hill and Mushroom Hill animal hubs. Maybe have some flying enemies like BuzzBombers and Flappers you have to jump into to defeat. More Bosses would be fantastic too. Maybe ones that require you to Roll or Homing Attack. The music could also use improvement. While I love the music for Green Hill, Diamond Dust, Sky Sanctuary and Mushroom Hill, I feel like the Beach and Temple areas need unique tracks. I’m shocked that Temple Zone doesn’t use the Ocean Palace track. Overall, solid endless runner. It has potential to be bigger..Version: 4.13.1

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