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Garmin Connect™ app received 126 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Garmin Connect™? Can you share your negative thoughts about garmin connect™?

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Garmin Connect™ for Negative User Reviews

Needs more functionality for chronic illness communityI wish I could edit my sleep time for multi-stages. If I go to bed at 11pm but am awake for three hours eg 2-5am (it thinks I’m asleep because I lie there resting, it’s fine, I’m not asking for a miracle in sleep tracking technology) and then sleep a few hours in the morning eg 5-7am, then I would like the ability to edit my sleep tracking to reflect this. The only option seems to be to manually subtract the time spent awake to get an accurate total sleep time for the night (11pm-4am or 2am-7am), but that means my heart rate and sleep zones (to the extent they are accurate) don’t accurately track to my awake/sleep time. I would also like the ability to add naps during the day. There’s a significant minority of Garmin customers with chronic illnesses who use the devices/app for pacing/symptom tracking and the user experience could be made much much better with some relatively simple tweaks. Developers, please cater to the chronic illness community too, not just the marathon runners..Version: 4.61.1

Great watch let down by softwareBought the Garmin Instinct Surf to replace my Apple Watch. The watch is great and has so much potential. However, it is in my opinion a misrepresentation to say that they are compatible with iOS devices. It is simply not true. I can manage to get mine to sync maybe twice a day if I’m lucky. Garmin suggest constantly reinstalling and unpairing the watch from your phone which is not practical. If you are not worried about seeing all the data the watch records then fine but an expensive purchase that becomes fairly useless. Until Garmin can function on an iOS device I would not purchase a watch and they should be honest about this. If I had known what I know now I would of found an alternative. Very poor Garmin. Not being honest with your customers is very uncool..Version: 4.35

Great app but it struggle to share data on iOSI have recently bought a Garmin watch and started using Garmin Connect on iOS. From 3 weeks of use, I find the mobile app itself excellent: it’s got great detail on my activities, and helpful summaries, kind the ‘my day’ view. While the app is great, it’s ability to exchange data in iOS, is often not so: integration with health app is poor. Exercises in Apple Health often appear duplicated. Walking distances pushed to Apple Health often are synched only at the end of the day, but miss a time duration, which means that Apple just adds the walking distance on top of any distance already logged. Water hydration cannot be synched with either Apple health or MyFitnessPal. Reading support forums, these issues seem well documented and have existed for some time, which means that Garmin might not be very interested to fix these bugs either. It Workflows seem that in light of competitors like Fitbit and Apple Watch which understand how to synch properly, Garmin risks falling begins..Version: 4.37.1

After all these years it still won't pairI give up with Garmin I'm just done with them really and the price of the new devices you just shouldn't have to go through this kind of tediousness it's been going on since at least five years six years even longer than I can remember so I tried to pair my garment Phoenix six with this stupid pathetically coded app and it still won't pair despite doing the usual make sure it's not in the Bluetooth and all this garbage Garmin your company is going to fail and Apple is going to crush you your company will not survive you will be become niche product for athletes and triathletes and stuff like that people who just want to be different from Apple you will end up failing and your company will collapsebecause you cannot even solve a simple problem of a periodic pairing request via Bluetooth.Version: 4.73

Not Fit for PurposeWhen this app was first installed on my iPhone 7 I found it very useful and enjoyed using it on a daily business. I have a Vivofit 3 and connected it to the app about 3 Christmases ago. It all fell apart and stopped syncing and linking about early December. Since then I have to try to logon everyday and even after updates, which I read should rectify things, it is still the same. It goes days without even letting me logon on a manual basis. Following the most recent update I was actually able to logon via a new set up but this morning it is back to square one. For the week prior to this update the devices would not even link together! I’ve pretty much had enough of this and have taken the Vivofit off this morning because if it’s only going to be a watch I have much better and more attractive devices specifically designed for that purpose. I’m really disappointed that Garmin haven’t fixed this problem. I wonder how many customers have been lost as a result of their inability to sort this out!.Version: 4.27

Please Update Your AppI never write reviews and am only writing this in the hopes that someone, anyone, at Garmin will read it that can change things. I use Connect quite a bit for tracking runs and workouts. The functionality is there but the app is not all that intuitive and the design is wildly out of date. Which I was willing to overlook because the app functioned like it was supposed to. Recently though, tracking my workouts has become somewhat frustrating. It’s minor but when you edit an exercise it constantly glitches out and redefines another exercise that you weren’t trying to edit. It seems to have something to do with exercises that target similar muscle groups or have similar names. If you want things to be correct then you have to manually create the exercise and reorder the list the way you want. This wasn’t an issue a month or so ago so I assume a recent update screwed things up. Garmin just seems slow to respond to things like this and there’s no easy way to submit a bug report. Which would be a very nice feature. I’ll gladly delete or update this review if, and when, they respond..Version: 4.63.2

Instinct not syncingApp was not syncing with watch properly. I’ve reset the watch, the phone, removed the watch as a device, even uninstalled/reinstalled the app - tried everything! It actually fixed a couple of the issues, but for some reason the weather widget is still not syncing properly. Watch constantly just says “waiting for data”. Pretty annoying..Version: 4.31.2

Latest update has broken itI upgraded to a vivosmart 4 a month or so ago. Really happy with it initially. An app update 1 week ago has resulted in the app congratulating me on my new device & prompting me to ‘complete setup’ of it every time I access the app. I’ve done so a few times, but it keeps asking. This seems to have affected the device as my steps goal won’t update to what I’ve set and the alarm is sporadic at best. Please fix this garmin, I can see from the forums I’m not the only one affected by this..Version: 4.16

Only writes data; can't read dataSo generally I really like this app. The interface is nice and all that. However, three stars because I find it rather ridiculous that the app only writes data in Apple health but it can't read it + it doesn't even read the information you put into the app: So today I went running and while running my watch ran out of battery so it only recorded part of my run. Fair enough. So my step count in the app says around 5000 but in Apple health it says around 7500 - which would have met my daily step goal but the app can't read it! Furthermore, I (thankfully) used running apps simultaneously with my running that estimates my calories and distance so I could edit that information in Garmin connect BUT the calorie intake "tab" it doesn't adjust accordingly. So my run says 400 calories because I could adjust it but my "active" calories says only 200. How does that make sense? Like why is the exercise even adjustable when it doesn't get translated into the the rest of the apps' readings? And the non-reading of intensity minutes also really bugs me. Fix that and it would make so much more sense and be so much better!.Version: 4.13.3

It would be great if every other update didn’t break somethingI’ve been a been a Garmin user for a long time and at times I really question my loyalty because their software updates for devices frequently cause new issues, loss of functions, etc. (Some issues have taken months to resolve, eg when Strava segments updates weren’t transferring to Garmin devices.) Why am I bringing up device software issues on an app review? It’s because the app has the same issues, eg I bought a Fenix 5 about 7-8 days ago and it was working great with this app, I had all the functionality that I was supposed to until I updated the Garmin app this morning. Now the weather and the Physio TrueUp functions aren’t syncing to the watch. All the rest of my software is up to date so it’s not another software issue. Stupid me, for forgetting how many times I’ve updated the app when everything was already good and only to have a month or two until it finally gets fixed. This cycle repeats itself with Garmin every few months. Apparently there is no testing before an update release. As such, I encourage all to ask “is everything working well? If yes, then do I really need to update the app?”.Version: 4.13

Can’t connect to wifiI have a forerunner 45 and I can’t connect my watch to wifi. I go to “devices” and click on my watch I can’t see the wifi. I don’t understand.Version: 4.75.1

Was so goodIt was my fav app to look at the stat. But now for indoor cycling and team sports I cannot see those three circles with calories etc. Also doesn’t sync and shows all my trainings two hour before actual time..Version: 4.74.3

Hard to find any useful dataI like my Fenix watch but the data in the app is hard to interpret and judgemental! It makes me feel discouraged. The sleep tracking is awful, I wouldn’t bother trying, I had an awful night sleep including looking at my phone so had 5 hours asleep and the watch congratulated me in the morning for a solid 8 hour restful sleep so irritating. The body battery seems pointless too, I had an awful stressful day at work and it told me I’d had a an easy low-stress day!!! The Fitbit app displays graphs in a better format, sleep trackers better and is easier to use. I’d like to be able to see steps when I have a hiking or walking activity underway..Version: 4.75.1

Avoid until Logging out issues are fixedI’m a garmin fanboy and I’ve been using this app for three years now now. Normally I’d highly recommend it, that being said about two months ago the app starting logging you out and loosing its connected device forcing you to register your watch (something you only usually do once when you buy it) over and over again pretty much every day. There’s been a huge amount of posts on the garmin forum but garmin haven’t even responded and two months later there’s still no sign of the fix or timeline. Until there is fix I would not recommend this app or a garmin watch as the experience is so appalling with this bug. Come on garmin get your act together. You make stunning watches but you shouldn’t let a fundamental bug like this hang around for so long without letting your user community know of a fix time..Version: 4.26

Walking distance double in healthThe app is good in general. The biggest problem is that the walking distance gets double in after sync into Apple health. This has been an issue for a long time. Also, steps data sometimes doesn’t get sync to Apple health..Version: 4.37

Poor updateApp updated today and doesn’t sync heart rate.Version: 4.76

Updates!!!!!Got a Garmin 4 as I’m only a walker n just want to know my daily steps and sleep. The app and watch are everything I need and do what I want them to do until I update. After every update my daily step goal goes back to the basic 7,500 and my daily log in data is lost and put back to zero. Imagine how I felt after doing my daily step goal (I had managed to increase it to 18,500 steps per day) for 125 days to then update the app and see my goal go back to 7,500 and my daily log ins back to zero. Numerous calls,emails and chats with the people at Garmin resulted in me gaining a new watch out of them (many things went wrong with my original watch) but still no joy when updating. Updated this morning to see my step goal back to 7,500 (was at 15,000+) and my daily log in amount back to zero!!!! Please sort it Garmin or you’ll be losing a valued customer who recommends you to many..Version: 4.17

Connectivity issues exhaustingI’ve only had a garmin device about three weeks and have had more issues with getting it to talk to the app than 4 years with Fitbit. Initially the GPS connection kept dropping mid run, to the point it mid-estimated routes by several kilometres - I finally solved that by deleting and reinstalling the app. Now since yesterday’s update, the app won’t sync at all. It looks like it does - step count and heart rate etc, but no change to metrics over time and today I’ve woken up to it losing all that step count etc data that it had theoretically been recording since the update. Have tried a whole bunch of trouble shooting, from switching it off to turning Bluetooth on and off. Nothing’s working. The app has a lot of potential but getting it to record data just seems way too hard and I hope they roll back ASAP. If you haven’t updated to the most recent version, don’t bother..Version: 4.31

Latest update killed the appThis is always a buggy app but it’s getting worse. Often looses all your data and you have to start from scratch. Looses sync with watch often and have to delete app and factory reset watch to reconnect them. Now 1 minute after this latest update the app is completely dead and had to delete app to fix it. Was going to continue with Garmin after breaking my Apple Watch. However this does not compete with Apple. Also Garmin pay worked in the beginning now it’s stopped and their is no support for this that I can find. Garmin blames the retailer and user error only. Probably the worst piece of tech I have purchased. If it had worked I would have bought several of their watches. Unfortunately going to have to return to the extremely fragile Apple Watch that at least does what it says on the box.Version: 4.33

Rebuild Training Status Functionality ASAP!I’ve been a Garmin fan since buying my Forerunner 935 on initial release two years ago. I take some ribbing from Suunto (climbing) and Apple Watch (running) friends, but I’ve been 100% pleased with the decision: the 935 is a great piece of tech, and I’m sure the 945 is as well. HOWEVER: the Garmin Connect app seems to be getting more disappointing to use as a training tool with each revision. The prevailing style seems to prioritize oversimplified infographics over actually allowing users to review and interact with their data. As an example, I’ve been religiously using “training status” every day for two years to monitor the relationship between my 7-day training load and my target load (based on integrated firstbeat tables), making training adjustments on the fly... Now, when I open the app, all those brilliantly helpful, adjustable, overlaid charts are gone—they have literally been replaced by a colored icon that says, “Productive.” That icon changes in response to training each day, but I can no longer view the data that underlies it on the fly, rendering this potentially valuable source of insight meaningless within the app. Dev team: you’ve had two years here. Please, please, please stop driving this app towards banal “mass-market cuteness,” and instead, try giving your devoted fanbase more powerful tools to articulate and shape our fitness goals. Would love to see you course correct here..Version: 4.18

Ransomware attack it says in the newsTo whoever has done this, i would be glad to tell you my height, weight, how much i sleep, and how much i (don’t) ride these days. Please leave garmin alone. Thank you.Version: 4.33

New Update Is TerribleUpdate 4.74.1 is absolutely terrible on iPhone. Whatever you guys just did, put it back please. Phone will not fully sync with watch (Fenix 6 pro solar). The sync loads to 3/4 and then just stops in the app. Please fix this and stop touching what isn’t broken in the first place..Version: 4.74.1

Weekly intensity minutesThe app only shows intensity minutes for the day and show it as “week”; can you fix this please. thank you.Version: 4.75.1

Useless App outside of CanadaRequires internet to work, basically useless outside of your country if you don’t have internet. I’m in Cuba and my adventure watch is basically useless because the Garmin app signed itself out and refuses to log back in without secure internet now I can’t sync my watch. Essentially useless “smartwatch” crippled by garbage software. Selling when I get back to Canada for an apple watch.Version: 4.74.1

Love disappointed I can’t connect jabra to it!The app is awesome and I’m loving the features and it’s really motivating making use of the stats and goals etc but really needs to be able to connect with jabra seemlessly and easily..this was one reason I bought it so I could ditch the phone and run with it on my watch..when I googled it I see lots of people having this would totally get 5 stars if this was fixed everything else is great!.Version: 4.25.2

Ok but will never improveFirst off it’s not well tested, as bugs slip through which affect obvious functions which can’t be missed. You have to have internet do use any of it Outside that issue it’s fairly solid, but somehow too generic to be useful for any specific question you have. It’s so generic I think it’s impossible for them to do much with it now, other than the low hanging fruit, and I haven’t seen any useful improvement in 2 years. It does save your activities but doing anything useful with them is often impossible. Annoyingly you can’t merge or do many useful edits. And it always has issues syncing, super slow. Stay away from their streaks or similar features. They act like overbearing parents and don’t trust you to track your own activity. Just pray you don’t forget your watch one day, or take a flight, or anything. Eff you garmin, it’s my activity let me do what I want with it. With behavior like that, and the general difficulty of doing much with stats, I’m looking for a alternative watch and app. If apple adds one more feature that I’m missing then I’m out..Version: 4.56

Data sync with Apple Health is brokenGood application but it doesn’t serve the purpose. Body measurements sync with Apple Health doesn’t work again for months. It happened already, I reported, and in it was fixed. It got broken again and doesn’t work for few month already. It looks like Garmin doesn’t know how to do regression testing. So sad. Excellent hardware but likely I’ll choose different vendor next time because of issues in software..Version: 4.75.1

Nice but needs improvementsFor whatever reason, my watch didn’t save my 1h workout. That’s already very frustrating. So I went to the app and tried to add it manually, but that’s not possible either. Why can’t I add it retrospectively? The performance data is there, why can’t I add a ‘label’? When you move, you don’t always have time to click all the buttons on your watch. To me it’s a common sense you might want to add results manually. Going even further, based on the performance, the app could recognise an activity and proactively ask the user if that should be recorded as a workout. The technology is strong these days, there’s no excuse for not trying to help users with a proactive (predictive) approach. And as there is no workout recorded, there’s not much use in looking at the other stats and features of the app..Version: 4.60.1

Update 4.74.1The app was functioning great 99% of the time until this update. Now you can’t make edits to workouts, update, or sync your watch without the app crashing..Version: 4.74.1

Has everything you need but not user friendlyI am coming to Garmin from Fitbit and I have to say while Garmin has more metrics, Fitbit is easier to use. Why is it in most of the health and performance area you can’t just hover over the graphs to get your data for each given day instead you have to read through the list at the bottom? It should be possible to do both. Sleep tracking is also no where near as accurate as Fitbit with my sleep stats showing I fell asleep at 9 when I didn’t go to bed until 11. Garmin does seem to be better in all other areas however. Really like the body battery and the exercise tracking. Stress tracking seems to be accurate as I see my rating change throughout the day. It is also much more customisable than Fitbit..Version: 4.37.1

Garmin watch no longer sync with app.My runs on my Garmin watch no longer sync with the app. After this last update I was finally able to sync my past activities, but then I went for a run and it no longer syncs. Can you fix this issue please?.Version: 4.34.4

Screen turns blankI’m finding that app needs to be deleted and a then downloaded again as often I get a blank black screen. No information is displayed making it not of much use. Please fix the issue so I can continue to sync with my Lily watch..Version: 4.63.2

Syncing and pairing is a nightmareUpdate - after days of following their troubleshooting and failing to pair with my iPhone I’ve taken another star off. The Garmin connect app says that it fails to pair. When It goes into the section where I’m supposed to select my device nothing shows up. I cancel them it tries to pair but fails telling me to retry. I go through the whole trouble shooting process and again nothing. At one point despite failing to pair it showed connected but nothing would upload. And I forgot to mention it does not recognise the WiFi network anymore despite it taking password. Frustrating!!! I’ve used Garmin for years and for the last couple years my wife has been using a vivosport. When the devices are paired and connected to your phone they work brilliantly but if you have to reconnect them it is a nightmare!! I’ve spent hours reconnecting my wife’s vivosport and lately my Edge 820 has been having issues with both WiFi and the Bluetooth connection. Again I’ve spent hours troubleshooting, following instructions, turning iphone off and on and the device off and on but to no avail. (This is the second time this week after having success after hours the first time)..Version: 4.32

Good app in terms of featuresGood app in terms of features, but when it comes to syncing, it has issues frequently. Not to mention making you take the watch off and plug it into the charger so it will sync again with the app. Also when you want to edit the day and keep the order the widgets appear the in the app for the next day-it resets the next day... also in terms of maintenance awareness- it doesn’t inform you how long it will be- just says soon and it’s already been three days. If Garmin has had a Ransomeware attack, it should inform its customers. Not put it under the guise of “maintenance”..Version: 4.33

6 months on doesn’t work like it didI got given this for Christmas 2018, by June it had stopped recording my sleep telling me I wasn’t wearing it at night, which I was. It also stopped auto updating to the app so I have to now manually sync it every time I want to down load. It then began to “forget” everything I’d sync’d with it. I contacted Garmin who said nothing g about the lack of sleep recording but did tell to delete the app and reinstall as it wasn’t connecting with the servers. I did this it worked in so far as remembering data but it has never auto sync’d again, I still do it manually which now it’s causing the battery to run out quicker and it loses time which only restores to current time when I sync it. It started recording sleep again for a couple of months but as of last week it’s no longer recording sleep again and it’s not remembering any of the the data I sync. I did a sync just now and there’s no step, sleep or calorie history data. I really don’t want to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling my app every few months. Annoying there’s no feedback on why it’s no longer recording sleep data even though I’m wearing it at night..Version: 4.23.2

Some issuesThis app is okay. I don’t use it much but leave it open all the time because without it being open, my watch will not sync, which is an issue in itself since it means I lose phone battery. However the main issue is something that happened today. I was trying to reset an alarm after taking forever to try and find where to set an alarm due to how inaccessible the app is. When I found the alarm section, it wouldn’t let me change the alarm saying “all set up has been completed”. This is so annoying because I need this alarm - this app needs to be more accessible asap..Version: 4.59.1

Great App, but need to access PC for all functionalityThe functionality of the app is good, you can upload and view your recent data/ride/activity seamlessly with the WiFi/ Bluetooth functionality. The reason for the three stars is that the App does not offer all of the functionality of the Connect website; specificity the “Elevation Correction” function. In order to accurately reflect the elevation data, one must log onto your PC after every activity and manually check the Elevation Correction box. It would be a nice upgrade to be able to do this step from the App so the results from the days activities are corrected and immediately accurate. Especially since the App can upload to other sites (Strava); having inaccurate data should be able to be fixed from the App, not just corrected when we log in from the website that basically has the same look/feel and ALMOST the same functionality..Version: 4.67.3

App crashing and needs feature updatesThere are a couple of aspects to this app that are not user-friendly. As of late, perhaps because of the latest update, the app will crash when you attempt to add a photo to your workout or if you edit the out and try to save it. It goes into a perpetual update cycle and then crashes the app. However, the biggest flaw is that the workouts are not customizable afterwards. For example, if I were to do a AMRAP workout, it will not allow me to add a second movement to each round. For example, if I do a work out with both double unders and push presses, it will only allow me to add one of those workouts to every round. Why can’t I add an exercise to each round I order to accurately track my movements? Secondly, when you design a workout or edit a workout, the app seems not to have the intelligence to allow you to copy and paste the same movements across all the different rounds. For each round whether you’re designing the training plan or whether you’re editing your workout plan, you have to repetitively select the same workout and the same rep count for round after round. This is unnecessary and mildly infuriating 🙃. Seriously though, Garmin can do better – please build software that compliments your excellent hardware..Version: 4.74.3

App keeps re-settingIn the last few days, my day view keeps changing order. Every day I fix it and then it resets again over night! The app has stopped syncing to/from my fitness pal. I have re-set this 4 times. Each time it works & then It stops again the next day! Starting to get really annoyed! Also, not sure why sleep is logged even if you the device isn’t worn 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s bad enough that the sleep doesn’t track day sleeping properly. Edit Nov 2021 Everytime there is a Garmin connect update, the order of my widgets on my watch changes! Some get deleted and some are re- ordered! I have to install the notifications widget everytime! Also we can’t update data screens on the watch from the app? And none of the data screens for activities on the watch allow you to see steps!.Version: 4.49

Apple Fitness integration brokenEvery time you sync with your device it puts another workout into your Apple fitness activity. So you end up with the same workout half a dozen times. And it’s not counting the calories burnt towards the move goal properly. So generally it is hopeless at working with Apple. Long-standing problem that needs to be fixed..Version: 4.39

Not as advertisedThe app stopped working correctly about 6 weeks ago. Although I have made several email connections with the support team I have not received any reasonable response, rather platitudes of “we hope this is fixed soon”. I have requested a timeframe for a fix 2 weeks ago but have not been provided this, my most recent email has been completely ignored. An example of an issue is am unable to edit my workouts after completing weights. The app makes its best guess regarding the activity I am doing, which is usually incorrect. This would be fine if I could edit the workout through the app as advertised, however I cannot edit anything including reps and weight. When the purpose of the app is to accurately track workouts, I am disappointed that this has not been remedied..Version: 4.20

RubbishAbsolute rubbish tells me Bluetooth is off when it is actually on won’t sync properly still on iOS 12.4 using a 6pro don’t think it’s worth the price if u can’t even get the software to work harmlessly with hardware so prob take the watch beck if nothing changes in the next few days are your developer capable of sorting stupid issues out as u pay so much for hardware u would expect software to be amazing even fitbit updates are better then this.. the sleep function also does not correctly record sleep as I wake and it when I sync it says I was asleep which I wasn’t I would also like to see what u guys are doing under the hood seeing none of the updates have been good so I’m wondering if ur even tinkering when u say there is a update as it’s just a generic we are doing things to improve but not actually stating very disappointed I will change this once things work perfect -D.Version: 4.25.1

Please support Chinese Japanese and Korean notificationDear Garmin developers, I like my Garmin watch, thanks for the hard work. However, I found it is very unconventional that messages in Asian languages can’t be displayed, for example, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Although we live in other countries and speak mainly English, but we still have deep bond with our mother Country. I found there are a lot of such complaints about this issue for a long time, but unfortunately it hasn’t been resolved. I understand that Garmin is pricing differently in Asian countries (more expensive), but only Notification in Asian languages would not hurt your market but bring more customers in English-speaking countries. A lot of our Asian peoples returned the purchased product after finding this issue or not recommending to their friends. I will give five stars after the problem is solved. Thanks..Version: 4.50

Still way to clunky and nowhere good enoughThis app needed a total rewrite many years ago. The best thing I can say about Connect is that if you are a cyclist or runner then you only need to use Connect to send your activities to the class leading Strava. The data in Connect is not well laid out and you will often chase your tail trying to find a setting. Takes longer than any other app to start up and shows a No Internet warning even when you don’t need the Internet. The Bluetooth connection is shockingly bad across all Garmin devices I have. This means that activities cannot be uploaded or data required be loaded- that mean that Notifications don’t work reliably consequently LiveTrack doesn’t work! The common thing with all of the reported connection problem across Garmin devices is Connect! Garmin promote Connect as a health and fitness tracker yet Connect cannot get weight data from Apple Health. Shame on Garmin because the Garmin scales doesn’t work, so there is no way to feed weight data into Connect. Can’t even select lbs or kg for weight without setting distance preference..Version: 4.20

Logging out!I am quite happy with the app per se, however I find most mornings I have been logged out, it doesn’t even save my email address and password, there does not appear to be a tick box to keep me logged in. I find this extremely frustrating, especially when I finally sign in the app, then it takes me through set up everyone and I find it doesn’t even remember what particular watch I have... I hope there will be a fix for this soon! UPDATE 24th May 2020...the day after I left my first review I found my watch and phone app was staying in and I could get the data without having to log in each time in. This was great for a few weeks until I again received an app update to fix bugs and now since the app update, it is back to square one and I have to log right the way in and do a complete set up every morning- this is very frustrating. Please get this sorted out! I have nearly had enough!!!!!!!! EVERY time you do an update I cannot log in!! EVERY DAY after an update I have to log in and have to my phone back up daily!! I am getting so fed up with it I am going to go back to a Fitbit!?!!!!? Can you please put a tick box to keep me logged in?? If you cannot do it yourself??!!!! Please sort it out ASAP 😫😩🤨.Version: 4.32

The App is rubbish and so is the hardware they sellI really can’t see how anyone can give this app anything more than one star. Have those people actually used it in the real world. The fact that is still so buggy means it’s beta software at best. Things that need fixing: 1. The fact you have to open the app twice to refresh your data on the main page and get it to sync is ridiculous and that’s if you’re lucky 2. The calendar doesn’t update until you’ve restarted the app and fiddled around for 10 minutes. 3. The stress level will display incorrect times. If I’ve been wearing the watch for 4 hours why does it only show a couple of hours or less. 4. If I’m seated on the back of a truck on a bumpy road it will register 20 to 30 thousand steps. This has been an issue for years, with still no fix. 5. The heart rate accuracy is still very hit and miss and sometimes quite alarming when it displays a very high rate and when you check it on a pulse oximeter it’s no where near that. Get it right Garmin..Version: 4.70

Bugs in updateLatest app update has bugs. Watch is correctly recording my steps and steps are syncing through Garmin onto MyFitnessPal but my steps aren’t actually showing on GarminConnect app. Overall the app has a lot of capabilities but they are difficult to find. Sleep tracking could display times in week view more clearly. Calorie tracking seems surprisingly accurate for me, I’m not sure if people with less muscle would find the calorie count an overestimate for them. If you accidentally delete one of the displays from the app, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get it back again. Overall this app has some positives and negatives..Version: 4.16

Connecting problemsI got my vivoactive 4s in October and for the first couple of months it was brilliant and I had no issues, now it continually connects and disconnects the Bluetooth link from my iphone for no reason, I often have to re-pair the device to try and get it to connect. SO frustrating and I’ve tried all the syncing bug-fixes on the help page. I can’t believe that this seems to be such a massive problem for garmin users and it’s still not been sorted out! Am gutted as when it works properly it’s fab, but I now only get smartphone notifications to my watch sporadically when it’s randomly decided to connect, so I can’t rely on it so have gone back to checking my phone for messages, which I really enjoyed not having to do when the watch worked properly..Version: 4.26

Good overview of fitness and vitalsUpdate 25 February 2020 Have been using the app for a few months now with my vivosmart. Connection problems are a major issue, even after following Garmins instructions. Being a shift worker i regularly change my sleep times. The app and or vivosmart device has connection failures every time I do this. Also if I switch on/off pulse Ox have same issues. And have to reset my device or forget Bluetooth device and start from scratch. Very annoying. The app needs to handle shift work better, I’m sure that i am not the only shift worker with a Garmin device! Great app, being a shift worker has helped me to get better quality sleep and know which supplements and lifestyle changes work best. It is necessary to change your sleep times in the app for my device to pickup when I am sleeping. Where as my old Fitbit didn’t need this, but only a mine inconvenience. Pulse Ox is ok, out by 2 to 8% when compared to the transmittance ones at work but only about 2-3% out when compared to similar reflectance types. Information displayed in easy to read format..Version: 4.27

Just does not work consistentlyI am a Garmin Fan Boy. I have used their product both watches and bike computers for years. I like the Ecco system and I like the hardware functionality. However, the connectivity has been consistently and very disappointingly mediocre at best. I recently got the Garmin Edge 830 and it worked reasonably well and now I literally have not been able to connect the device to the app for a couple of weeks. This may finally be the straw that breaks the camels back and may return the Edge 830 and abandon Garmin devises for Wahoo. I hate that this is the case as I am very happy with the hardware but the software ecosystem is just plain and simple unreliable. It is Bluetooth and 2019 why can the software engineers not figure this one out. I know I am not alone. More and more people I ride with are abandoning Garmin because they can’t figure this out. I even had a bike shop that carries both Garmin and Wahoo tell me not to get the Garmin and to get the cheeper Wahoo because they are getting so many complaints about this. I guess I should have listened. This may be my first app review but it is so frustrating that I had to share..Version: 4.25.1

Not workingWhen will this be fixed? I bought a Garmin for a reason. Thanks!!.Version: 4.33

Really liked my Garmin Vivosmart 3 until the last update!!My watch was going great until the last update but now it’s constantly not doing any sleep analysis which is really annoying as that was one of the reasons why I got it (it keeps saying that I need to wear it all the time but I haven’t taken the watch off!!) & constantly asks me to finish setting up my watch even though I’ve completed that at least 10 times over (thinking that I might have missed something I kept completing it!). Please fix this annoying bug otherwise I’ll be wanting my money back! Would have been 5 stars from me otherwise!.Version: 4.16

*edit* (Problem solved for now)*Edit/update*: The issue I had turned out to be a bug in the watch’s sensor software, not a Garmin Connect issue. I found a fix on the product support website, and things seem to be working now. I do wish I had been pointed toward this fix a little sooner in interactions with product support. Alas. Hopefully this issue is in the rear view. The app itself mostly works okay, though there are occasional hiccups. (Also found a way to set up via computer, so my bad for thinking I could only set up the watch while using the mobile app.) Original: I mostly enjoy using my watch (Vivoactive 3), but I can’t connect it to my phone right now. Product support had me reset the watch to factory, and now I can’t connect to desktop either, since set up is strictly via mobile. There were some intermittent connectivity issues with iOS 15 (the connection would drop randomly), but eventually it would always connect. Right now my watch is basically bricked. Please update the app..Version: 4.59

Garmin Support for the app is poorThe app in general is ok though not the best user interface ever which is why I liked the fact that you can sync data to Apple Health and other apps. However with the release of version 4.37 the sync stopped working and it deleted ALL of the data that was previously synced to Apple Health. When contacting Garmin support they initially said it was a problem with Apple and that I’d have to contact their support. Eventually they did seem to admit it was a problem with the update and have since released a new version of the app but it only restored 30 days of data and they have directed me to contact Apple regarding further problems. If they cannot fully support features in the app they should not advertise it as having them. I have had similar problems previously when I’ve reported problems with the app which is why I’m writing this review. I do like all the features and data my watch collects but would like to have better access to the data and not just have to access it via Garmin.Version: 4.37.1

RED FLAG!!After buying a Venu Sq, decided to install the Garmin App 😩👎👎 I should have listened to the negative reviews. 1st - the app needs all the personal information that was already saved in watch (sync problem one). After Bluetooth connection to watch, sync icon just keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning. (Sync prob two). Activities don’t show in app.(Sync prob three). App then changes watch from 24hr to 12hr time. Sleep monitor does not seem to work. Red Flag - app is not listed in iOS “Mobile Data” menu, and cannot have data turned off or location services denied.🤔 APP says “Not compatible” with Venu Sq with basic functions. App NEEDS internet to display heart monitor from watch?🤷‍♂️🤔🤷‍♂️🤔 Red Flags everywhere on this app. There’s no privacy for your fitness/health status. Definitely a major DATA MINER.🙄 Might try the Jr. version, as all kids data in Australia have massive privacy protections by Law. Shame on Garmin for such a bug riddled spyware app, especially in 2022🤦‍♂️App has been deleted!.Version: 4.52

Watch is great; App needs improvementsI recently switched to Garmin after having Fitbit for years and trying Apple Watch briefly. I love the Garmin watch. It has all the features I want without a bunch of excessive junk. The app, however, I don’t love. My biggest complaint is it seems to be constantly syncing, as in it never completes a sync while I’m viewing my stats on the app. I went for a run for the first time with my watch and I don’t have my stats bc it said I had to sync to the app first. No. Track my run and sync after. I will not stand around delaying my workout while I wait on technology to catch up. I also haven’t quite figured out the interface. It seems straightforward- I think I how where to find something, but then I’m wrong. For example, I wanted to turn off sleep pulse ox to conserve battery while on a trip. It was super simple to turn on, but I gave up on day two of trying to figure out how to turn it off. Fortunately, my battery lasted just fine with it on. I turned off menstrual cycle tracking bc it was completely incorrect. I reported a 28 day cycle and it had a predicted period 6 days after my last reported period. A drag and drop reorder would be nice for the ‘my day’ snapshot. I guess there’s probably a way to rearrange the order but I haven’t figured it out.. UPDATE: I figured out the ‘my day’ reordering. It is a drag and drop but it was phone screen issue and wasn’t working for me. I just deleted everything and added them in the order I wanted..Version: 4.65

DisappointingI have happily used the app for a few years as a middle man to upload my activities to Strava. However, upon receiving a Garmin 530 plus for my birthday, I have started using more of the apps features. It took a while to get used to the app layout and where things are seemingly hidden. The way your performance data is presented is adequate, but feels like there was a “that’ll do” approach by the app developers. The download and sync between the app and my devices is slow and unreliable. I suggest the Maps feature be renamed Garmin’s Shame. “Popularity routing” =Major roads and “free hand”= good luck on those trails with your road bike(yes I selected road bike when creating the course). And just when you think your route is finally ready, it has randomly changed it where you planned earlier. Once onto the device it randomly sends me off course, decides to stop giving me directions or simply refuses to direct me from the start. I have also contacted Garmin support recently about an issue with my HR strap no longer working, but they seemingly lost interest and I haven’t heard back for a few days..Version: 4.35

Minor issues need some improvementI’ve been a long time Fitbit user. I needed to switch since Google took over. They started making things obsolete. But those issues are for Fitbit. But First with this app: when I’m up doing something such as washing dishes, cooking, vacuuming I get an alert “take a break and move” what more do you want out of me? I’m moving and sometimes sweating. I did notice that I don’t get near as many steps using my Garmin versus Fitbit. It’s drastically different. I can walk around vacuuming my watch on my left arm and sweeping with my right. Obviously I’m walking. But no steps are counted. Like I said before it will tell me to “take a break and move” I would like to see “Stretching” as an activity. As of now I just use “Yoga” Really dislike the “Strength” activity. Super annoying to have to keep clicking my watch every time I start and stop between sets. The sleep I don’t feel is accurate at all. For example I can lay down in my bed at 10:00pm toss and turn and not go to sleep until midnight. But the app says I was in REM. I could have been thumbing through the watch and it still tells me I was sleeping. I can also get out of bed and walk to the kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes it counts steps and other times my sleep says I was in another part of a sleep cycle. I also noticed it doesn’t pick up any naps. I can also wake up lay in bed and look at my phone for 20 minutes or so. Again the app says I was sleeping up to the moment I open Garmin app..Version: 4.74.3

Unintuitive and lack data analysisI only have the Garmin scale so I’m only commenting the functions related to the scale. General navigation is unintuitive, the app merely displays flat data rather than with analysis, graphs, charts etc. It looks like a stock trading app to show ups and downs of the numbers. I used Fitbit wristbands and I find Fitbit app much more user friendly. Shame because Garmin has very good hardware but the software seems to be less attractive while Fitbit is the opposite way round..Version: 4.16

App doesn’t workApp doesn’t open from 24th July 2020. It said a maintenance is going then. But not sure when it will be back. I prefer the users to be notified before the maintenance window.Version: 4.33

App brokenSince updating the app, I can no longer connect to Garmin Connect website. It was discovered when my Garmin watch failed to change to DST. When I try to login, it says my password is invalid and clicking on ‘Forgot Password’, it says it will send an email with a link but it was never sent..Version: 4.76.1

Update issuesThis is a good app, a solid four stars, but since it was updated there are major issues. Editing exercises post workout causes unending load times, and glitches where exercise changes won’t allow for weight changes and the freezing issues when trying to access data that require me to quit the application and reopen multiple times. I don’t know how the update has gone this long without these issues being addressed but I hope you people get on it.Version: 4.74.3

So annoyingI never leave reviews but that app has seriously started to irritate me. I love the app and all the data it collects. It’s easy to use and generally updates well. However, EVERY TIME my phone either updates or switches off and restarts, I have to set the app up from scratch. My profile, goals, syncing etc. And much of the time it won’t find my watch (VivoMove HR) even though the Bluetooth is on on both devices. I’ve even had to create a new account once because it wouldn’t connect! It’s extremely annoying and really shouldn’t happen. Please fix this!!.Version: 4.26

The app, the watch or the phone?I had this app and wore the watch years ago (vivofit 2) but got frustrated with myself; self competition got old. My original review was a 1 star (after an update) because I couldn’t edit or find runs that came out as walks (9 min miles aren’t THAT slow) and my HR was missing most of the time. Fast forward to the last month where I’m back on a health kick and have moved to a farm, curious to see what my activity level is. The app is slow to sync, slow to look at different days and activities. It still shows workouts as as a walk or shows I walked 47 min only going .03 miles....I walk the perimeters of our fields with our dogs that I know are approx 1.5 miles depending on the route. So what the heck? Is it that the app is old, or the watch is old or that I’m on an iPhone 7 which seems to work fine with just about everything else. I’m still not satisfied with this product-5 years later. On the flip side I now know my general step count per day and a general idea of calories burned even if it doesn’t see my workouts and me sweating to the sound of my lungs collapsing under all this heat in TN!.Version: 4.21

Always downThe app has been super buggy this year. It goes through long periods where I can’t connect. It often says they are performing maintenance and to try again later. The next day same error, so I look to see if there is an app update. It seems like there is updated version every 2-3 weeks now but the orate never describes what they are fixing. I update the app, but then usually still can’t connect for another week. Still couldn’t connect yesterday or today. The error says they are experiencing server connectivity issues. Now the latest issue is that it keeps losing Bluetooth connectivity with my watch. Contacted Tech Support and I have to delete the watch in the app and in my Bluetooth and set it all back up again. Very time consuming, and it keeps happening. Very annoyed by how often Garmin is “down for maintenance” for days and the requesting requests to re-authenticate, approve the terms, and set up the watch again. This was a stable app for over a year and now it never works when I need it to..Version: 4.35

Love the watch, not so much the appI purchased the Fenix 6s a few weeks ago and have been loving the watch with all its bells and whistles. The watch and app is an upgrade compared to Polar, however I wish there were more options to customize things. Like being able to create certain activities (or change the names of the provided activities), or adding additional bed and awake times (I have different wake times on days off), or being able to record and separate naps from overnight sleep and have that data compute to your sleep score. Supposedly, according to the Garmin website, the sleep and wake times that you key in are fixed in that even if you take a nap any recorded data would be in ADDITION to what was computed overnight. Wrong. I took a 2+ hour nap and the data OVERWROTE my overnight sleep. Which is very frustrating when the data is being used for tracking purposes. Aside from that, I find the app is very limited in its ability to customize or tailor to personal preferences. Perhaps I am just unfamiliar with Connect but I do not want to have to download all or any of the the other Garmin apps JUST to be able to get one or two things to my liking. My phone doesn’t have the space and I don’t like having to constantly switch between apps..Version: 4.49.1

Used 2 garmin products and over themI have a vivoactive 3 for 1.5 yrs. Until recently I owned a edge 520 for roughly 4 years. The 520 does the basic features ok but when you want to use an advanced feature, it might work it might not. Both are plagued with constant glitches. I couldn’t handle the edge 520 reoccurring issues. When the charging usb port broke I got a refurbished 520 and gave it to a friend who was new to cycling. I switched to a wahoo roam and I am problem free!! I still wear the vivoactive 3. My watch always had one or two nagging quirks. Now it continues to have constant connection issues since iOS 13 was released. I’ve gone through the suggestions garmin sent out to fix this issue but still nothing. 🙄 Furthermore I had great customer service 4ish years ago. The last time I called my experience was the opposite. Things happen and people can have bad days. Why am I bringing up customer service? If you buy a garmin product you’ll have to use the garmin connect app. When issues arise you’ll have to call garmin. I know this is supposed to be a review of the app and I am giving examples of the products issues. In the end who knows if it’s a garmin connect issue or a 520/vivoactive issue.... who cares when the stuff isn’t dependable and doesn’t work as advertised. If anyone reads this the take away thought is my garmin experience has been sub par due to numerous glitches. They kinda work 🤷🏻‍♀️. Good luck.Version: 4.24.1

Needs some refinementFirstly, accessibility is a big deal. Overall, the App is relatively accessible with most elements, buttons and text accessible with VoiceOver, but some labels are missing or not adequately described, including the top buttons in the My Day view, some navigation buttons throughout the App, and some images are missing alternative text. For example, on the My Day page, the Heart rate overview icon (small white graph icon) is described as "overview icon wht" and once in the heart rate overview, the left and right arrows "< >" to browse the graph are labeled as "gtn icon arrow left" and so on. Little things like this make a massive difference to someone who is blind or low-vision. Secondly, I really, really want to see Pulse Ox data shared to the Health App. I love my vivosmart 4, and now looking at the Garmin Index Smart Scales, but I first need to trust that Garmin will make my data accessible and easy to use..Version: 4.27

Not compatible with iPhone 11 - vivioactive 5I will often get notifications that my device is not connected. Several times a day and I’m at home. I have reached out to garmin to know if the device was compatible with my phone and got no answers. They replied with steps to pair the device étc. I think that the device not synching has to do with the fact I’m not getting notifications on the watch. I also don’t like you have to manually enter everything. Like enter the general 10k steps a day and then set up your goal étc… it’s weird that very very basic stuff like this will not already by there..Version: 4.76.1

Apple health integration is terribleThe app doesn’t integrate with Apple health properly. It will send the same data 6-10 times for an activity. If you use anything else that integrates with Apple health all of your data will be completely wrong. I tried manually updating everything in Apple health and garmin connect over wrote it with multiple identical entries again. This issue is confirmed to be with garmin, not Apple..Version: 4.38

Vo2max issueOverall great. Vo2max hasn't moved a point since 3 months and i’ve been training more than 5times a week. When we add a stat manually, doesn't send back to strava the adjusted stats. Sleep info are really great..Version: 4.76

Update screwed everythingWhen I first purchased this Venus 2 watch, I really liked it. Did not care for the shortage of battery life. I did not like enabling battery saver because I look at my watch frequently and did not want to have to be turning my wrist or tapping on the watch every time I wanted to look at it. Also, the fact that when it did come on, it was only for a split second and one had to tap on it or twist your wrist to get it to come up again for another split second. Then came the first update. It wiped everything off. Wiped out my watch face, wiped out the Bluetooth connection, , wiped out connectivity. I cannot get anything to work. Nothing wants to connect. I tried to get my selected face back on the watch, says it is installed, but it’s not. I can barely see the time (the default face )on the watch. It is so dark it is barely, and I do mean barely legible. Nothing is working and the watch, since I cannot see the face, it is so bloody dark, is totally useless. For the money I paid for this watch, this should not have happened just because of an update. So, it was nice at first, but if this is what happens every time there is an update, you can assume I will not be a happy camper..Version: 4.66.1

PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES!! 🏃PLEASEEE. When viewing a completed activity, running, for instance, please add the ability to see the time for 5k/10k/half marathon. I always pull up the mile checkpoint review page to see mile times, i just would love to see another little stat between miles 3 and 4 that says the time in which i ran 5k, and further metric distances as well (i’m using statute by preference in the USA). I would also like to see the ability to gain the same badge multiple times. And at the end of the activity show you new badges as well as your new total of badges of which you have more than one. Annoying to only get them once. Okay cool you ran 10 miles here’s a badge. It would be satisfying and motivational to be able to accrue multiples of some of these. I imagine a lot of people would strive to collect a benchmark 100 5ks or something. Just some things i hope the developers consider. After being suspicious of some of the pace times the display has been showing me, I decided to run 3 miles on a track at an even pace. The watch was almost a full 200m early in telling me I ran 3 miles. That really starts to compound on longer runs. Using ViviActive 3 Music..Version: 4.44

Please Read, and consider adding!!I think this is a 5 star level app, but it misses the ability to do 2 things!! So if u would could u please add in these two things: 1) the watch I have had the ability to recognize I’m sleeping and the ability to see hey I’m asleep, what zone I’m in and etc. so is there a way we can establish its ability to recognize my naps. I sleep 4 hours and then wake up almost every night. But then when I try to go back to sleep 30 minutes later or during the day it doesn’t document my sleep. I for this because my average sleep is at 3-4 hours, but I don’t know how much I’m actually sleeping. I’d appreciate you updating this, as I’ve also seen multiple people talking about this via the internet. 2) and I think this is the bigger of the two. The workouts don’t have enough options, it’s like u can run but u can’t run and swim. It’s like u can swim but u can’t swim and workout. I’ve been searching how to do this on the internet, but everything is just running or just swimming or just etc. I think if you added this in at the least I’d be extremely happy. Thank you so much for reading my review and I’d appreciate you guys putting in these few features!.Version: 4.32

MyFitnessPal not syncing correctlyGenerally the app works well, except for when you’re wanting to track calories using MyFitnessPal- it’s been about 3 days where I’ve changed my food in MyFitnessPal and it has not synced across- showing I’m over my daily intake when I’m actually under!.Version: 4.43

Not bad but not greatThey still dont let you create templates for weight lifting and the list of exercises is often lacking. Like for someone goes to the gym 3 times a week and probably has a similar routine each time, it’d be nice if each visits exercise routine could be selected as a user defined template without having to painstakingly add each exercise, every time! Also doesnt seem to intelligently sync with ios health so eg if you go for a walk wearing your garmin watch with your iphone, it will double your distance covered in ios’s health app: 2 data sources, garmin and ios recorded and added the same walk. Also would be nice if the venus had some functionality to temporarily move the clock hands out of the way to see step count etc underneath.Version: 4.44

APP crash and Garmin connect service outageIt has been it if service for days without any official explanations. The quality of service to end customer is not acceptable totally.Version: 4.33

Premium equipment, lackluster AppI have been using my new Forerunner 265 for ~2 weeks now and I love the watch, but the Connect app has been a little frustrating. With how powerful and capable my watch is I am surprised that data isn’t presented in a way to break down all the details and help me learn and improve my fitness level, sleep, and habits. Things I’d like to see improve: 1. Weekly and/or monthly summaries that compare sleep data with training load/stress. There is plenty of capability here but I would like help identifying trends and understand if I’m overreaching or not doing enough. 2. All the right pieces are in the performance stats “training readiness”, “training status”, and “training effect” but they are presented in a way that doesn’t help show trends or help make good judgment how you can train better. Data is there, presentation is lacking. 3. There should be a workout option for spin bikes like Peloton and Echelon that displays real time heart rate. If I could at least view my heart rate on the watch while recording the workout that would be extremely helpful. I have used “indoor cycling” for these workouts and it seems it’s meant to work with the Trax app so the distance stays zeroed out and there is just a time countdown with no HR displayed. 4. A journal questionnaire that could be filled out everyday to help identify trends with sleep and fitness. Overall, I’m very happy with my watch but I would like to see the app get some improvements..Version: 4.65

Viviomove 3SFirst great looking watch, after being a Fitbit user, all I wanted was similar stats but a nice watch you can wear all the time. However, there are some aspects Fitbit smash out of the park. Your automatic activity tracking is hopeless, countless times I have run, hiked and rode for nothing to be picked up, Fitbit do this perfectly. Second I think you just guess the time people are asleep, im clocking 10,11 even 12 hours of sleep when im getting 6-7. It must just start as soon as you stop moving at night. Lastly your synching is painfully slow, looks like this occurred in the most recent updates. All in all, could have a slam dunk here, but the amount you charge for watches and what you deliver are completely different stories..Version: 4.36

Great apart from the alarmThis app is great apart from the alarm desperately needs a bug fix. I’ve had two watches in a month now and both have had issue after issue with this. Toggle the alarm off on the app, sync but still goes off on the watch, had to completely delete the alarms. Now I’ve set up four alarms and synced and the two displayed on my phone don’t match at all. Sure enough my alarm this morning didn’t work, it’s so annoying as this is a really important feature for me. Have tried everything, disconnecting, resetting, turning off Bluetooth and phone, syncing from watch and from app, deleting alarms and re-adding. NOTHING works. At a loss now and I’m not the only one with this issue. PLEASE fix the alarm bug, the app would then be worth 5 stars 🙏.Version: 4.70

Bring back monthly viewA month ago Garmin changed the way step totals are viewed. The new format makes no sense, now the yearly view is broken down in weeks rather than months. It’s already possible to get weekly totals. Now to see how many steps I’ve done in the current month I have to get my calculator out. How ridiculous. I written to Garmin, and the customer forum is full of others frustrated with this change. Yesterday’s update has not rectified this. Please Garmin listen to your customers and revert back to the old views, as your making it so much harder for us to track our week by week and month by month progress. Teresa 2/2/21..Version: 4.39

UghWas loving this app but after the recent update, it is horrible! Never loads, won’t show what you want. Also the treadmill doesnt work in activities. I’ve googled this and apparently it’s been this way forever! Please fix..Version: 4.75.1

Server down???I haven’t been able to transfer data since July 23. Showing server down for maintenance before and after the latest update. Please fix..Version: 4.33

Love my vivoactive3 but...What’s up with the floor/elevation count lately! I live in a 3 storey walk up and most days of late not a single floor is counted.. and when you climb those stairs at least 3 times a day it’s frustrating. As well as working on the 4th floor of a building and not catching the lift and only using the stairs... yet a flat run will tell me I’ve done 47 odd floors! Sort it out Garmin! Other than that. Love the watch. The app can be a bit confusing to find things though...Version: 4.27

Latest updateFeb Update. Just installed the latest update from Garmin and I was really hoping the missing monthly step/mile data had been restored as this is a very important feature for many users. Unfortunately, despite requests on both here & Garmin forums to restore this, it hasn’t happened. This is so frustrating. Having spent a lot of money on my watch, I’m really not impressed now having to resort to using a calculator to find my monthly totals. Come on Garmin, it wasn’t broke! Love this app but not keen elements of the latest update at all. You used to be able to view your total steps & miles for a complete calendar month which was absolutely perfect but this feature seems to be missing since the latest update. Please please please could we have the monthly totals back??? Otherwise it’s a great app..Version: 4.39

Great app with gigantic untapped potentialI love this app and use it all the time. Other than the odd occasion, it usually syncs without any problem with my watch, then automatically uploads to Strava - all pretty effortless without me needing to do a thing. There’s loads of stats and data. On the whole it’s pretty well presented and fairly intuitive to navigate, but I can’t help feeling it’s not quite up there with Strava and Polar Flow in this respect. Also, there’s a few potentially important and very powerful tools which are hidden and not reaching their full potential. Courses is one of these - it’s hidden, a bit clunky, and has issues where you can’t add part of a course that isn’t a marked path/road or heatmapped. They should take a leaf out of Footpath’s book for this. Things like courses and suggested/popular routes could be huge and currently feels like an afterthought. Strava are making big strides in this area, but that requires a big subscription. If Garmin could produce something better and easier to use (and subsequently more popular), the fact that it comes free with a Garmin device would be a huge attraction for runners and cyclists. We all love Strava for its social features, and I don’t see Garmin ever competing here, but some extra focus on what Garmin does best (data, maps etc) could see this reach its full potential as the best app on the store..Version: 4.32

Does not support older products well :(I have a 920xt and an older iPad which worked fine when I purchased it (aside from drowning two ‘waterproof’ devices). Now constant glitches and won’t load history data. You would expect that if something works well when you purchase it, it should work well for the life of the product. Disappointed that the clarity earned by exercising gets torn away by the endless pursuit of manufacturers to drive customers into purchases of newer products to meet consumerism and bottom line mentality. Would not buy a newer product on principle unless this one has a miraculous turn and starts working properly. Now to the motivation to write a review; I gave a neutral feedback for the app and got constantly slammed with links to the self help trouble shooting and it won’t just stop and leave me alone!!!.Version: 4.27

No sleep analysis + sync and server issuesBrand new Garmin vivosmart 4. The first 2 days worked perfectly with all syncing and sleep analysis then syncing just stopped. Heart rates and steps sometimes sync but no sleep analysis shows up and also now today I can’t sync at all it constantly says it’s having trouble connecting to the server..Version: 4.30

Shockingly Bad from GarminGarmin have some great devices but here is a clear attempt at one app for all. Not sure which one it is designed for or the associated whole Garmin Connect concept but for a GPSMAP 64s and a trekking prospective - it is terrible and simply does not work - even using Basecamp to try and manually upload data. The only thing it does is upload the current track that are continuously recorded even when you have stopped navigating and saved your actual track. There is no tie in from the activity you have selected on the GPS and it is not categorised in Connect The app does not read data from Apple health - so if you not into the Garmin health Gadgets or there nutrition app (subscription) you are left with a pretty non-usable interface unless you want to manually input everything. No thanks. Shame, I think Garmin are missing a trick without a more tailored app service for their great range of devices. Thankfully I am happy with the 64s and Basecamp does what I need..Version: 4.30.1

Please Fix the SyncIt’s a good app, my complaint is it takes 20 minutes to sync any progress despite Bluetooth on, watch screen on and literally on top of the phone. I loose progress all the time since it takes forever to sync I don’t have time to wait around for 20 minutes for the watch to sync. I ended up getting a new watch after the old one broke and the same thing happens. Super long sync times, despite many updates. Please fix, as I prefer Garmin over other fitness watches and would like to continue to use..Version: 4.75

Great until updates 😕Love my Garmin watch and have loved the app. The badges are motivating (but annoying that different watches have different badges though...) and It really makes me pay attention to my overall health. However After recent update my phone keeps wanting to reinstall the app and it doesn’t recognise my device - even if I logged in an hour ago. I had no issues until update. Quite frustrating. Left app for a few weeks to see if bugs were sorted but it’s still not fixed. I have deleted, reinstalled, restarted etc. Would love this to be sorted so I can enjoy app again fully..Version: 4.25.2

Latest update is horribleI have been trying to log my activity steps for the last three days and the app will not load. I love my Garmin Vivofit, and has been very happy up until three days ago, this latest app update it’s stressing me out because I can’t log my activity.Version: 4.33

3 circles no longer there for an activitySince the update where they have gotten rid of the 3 big circles of your main stats like Cal burnt, workout time, and average heart rate. I no longer realky like the interface of this app. The fact you’ve gotten rid of the major info being easy to stats that stand out. They are now hidden away in small writing down the bottom. So many people on Redit are blowing up about this loss of info. Please bring the 3 circles back. We love them and it’s easy to share that info wit other people as it was easy to see and it stood out. Now it’s hidden away. But why!!!.Version: 4.73.1

Great watch, Poor appReally love the look of my Garmin Vivoactive 4s but the app is really a disappointment.. I recently updated it and it completely reset all my logged data for starters and now after a few weeks the app won’t even open, so I am going to have to delete/ reinstall the app which I’m sure will result in a similar situation.. also not a fan of your sleep tracker, once I had woken up at 7, and gotten out of bed at 8 then later checked and it had recorded that I was fast asleep until 8.. also doesn’t seem to record times your awake for toilet brakes in the night.. ALSO you need to download a second app for different screens and most you can’t actually view what they are going to look like til you download/install on the watch. All in all I would recommend Garmin for looks only, in this day and age with as much competition as there is with smart watches, I feel you are really sub par....Version: 4.33

Good but can be so much betterMay not deserve a 1 star but the fact there are so many problems/bugs that they haven’t addressed in years makes it a one to me. The first is the notifications. If I get one in anything it’ll show as a very large number of notifications and won’t go away unless I tap on the top left icon. Second are the charts that are messed up when going in my run details. Might as well forget trying to look at pace chart. For some reason it wants to show pace as slow as 30 minutes a mile even if you never went that slow. For instance I may do a run and the slowest I go is 8 minutes a mile but since they pull the chart down to 30 minutes a mile you can really tell anything about your pace. The other thing they need to do better on is making it more sociable. They have basically accepted strava as taking its business but if they would make a better screen with social interaction and better search engine for friends it would be great. They also need to make it to where people can use their phone as their GPS device in their app but I doubt they’ll ever do that as they want people to buy their devices but the fact is most casual runners will never buy one cause they want their phone with them..Version: 4.15.1

Latest update is badI can no longer adjust the watch face settings on my Fenix3. Each time I try I get a weird prompt window that pops up. It says “open outside garmin connect mobile” with 2 choices: cancel or open. Hitting Cancel takes u back to settings page and does nothing. Hitting open, opens a safari web page that looks like the settings page, albeit with not the same options as already loaded on the watch face. Garmin needs to fix this update..Version: 4.15.1

Garmin connectHave Fenix 6 which was working well with the iPhone app for two years until latest update now blank screen on the phone screen regularly..Version: 4.64.1

Overall alrightThe app is fine, however it will randomly log me out 1-2 times a week. This wouldn’t be an issue but every time I get logged out the app battles to find my device..Version: 4.70

Manual activityCan’t save manual activities - the back arrow will not work so I have to close the app but nothing is saved… likewise if I want to change the type of activity to be able to accurately record what I’ve done. Please fix this bug as wasn’t an issue until a few weeks ago..Version: 4.57

Quite disappointingI’ve recently switched over from Fitbit, and I’m not impressed. The step counts are inaccurate when I go out with the pram (today’s example: this morning, I had just over 1k steps from rocking and pacing with my baby last night; after tidying the house and going for a 5km walk, I’m on 3.9k steps total). I tried setting up the stride length manually but it made zero difference. I am signed up for a couple of steps challenges in April, but it looks like I’d need to walk to Paris for my watch (Venu 2s) to record 300k steps - though I would have easily done it eith my fitbit. Very demotivating, as I rarely just walk on my own and swing my arms back and forth as this watch seems to expect me to do. Sleep tracking is also hit and miss; sometimes it shows me as asleep when I’ve been standing up rocking my baby for 1.5hrs… other times it doesn’t track at all, and if I add in my sleep manually, it seems to apply so averages to figure out how much I spent in each stage (whereas fitbit was able to work it out based on other data like HR and movement). It would help if at least you could add multiple sleep sessions per day, because my nights are often broken up by a 2-3h awake time, and if I just add bedtime and getting up time, Garmin seems to think I slept 10h and had 4h of deep - hah, I wish!.Version: 4.65

Can’t pair with EdgeKeep trying to pair with my Edge 820. It used to work and now it doesn’t. Garmin is incapable to make an app that works with their expensive devices..Version: 4.17

GarbageFor a 2000$ watch the software is worst I have seen on any watch tis price range smart watch. I went for running came back sat on couch km increased have noticed this few times Strength counter can’t use in gym many time it doesn’t detect or automatically increases, counter starts from 4or 5 reps. Joined few badge challenge I see the point fun and all that did all running steps counter came to 1st , when I slept challenge ended status gathering results, got up challenge in evaluation status still counting gathering results,whatever idiotic concept is that and I am on 3rd , you kidding me man seriously. What’s the point. Once challenge ends end of story put a new one. So many other minor bugs , The only thing good is build quality I have Tactix delta and it’s built like tank the only reason I went ahead with Garmin product but now I regret it every activity . nothing on any activity app is consistent. Few variations are fine once twice error a week ok too. But everyday whatever activity you touch something is broken in software, can’t even start on IQ CONNECT STORE. You guys are decades behind Apple Watch software and will never catch up becomes of things like this As a customer bottom line is l your product can irritate your customer everyday..Version: 4.34.4

Decent, but flawedJust switched to Garmin after years of being fed up with Fitbit. Thanks to this app, first impressions were not good. Repeated errors connecting to servers, and setup steps simply not working (the solution was to just try again an hour later). Once it was setup, it’s… ok. Easy enough to use. Not everything was where I expected it to be, but I’ll get used to it. Biggest complaints are: why am I almost forced to setup the safety features? Sure I can ignore this step, but then I’m stuck with a permanent notification that I still need to do it. Why no option to opt out? Also, the weather… awful and uselessly inaccurate. The current temp seems to grab its data from atop a nearby mountain, not even close… but the forecast is accurate but that makes sense. Edit: recently it’s randomly stopped recording distance for walks, even though it records the gps perfectly, so one star off for that. Also worth noting that Garmin provides approximately zero support in Australia unless you own their more expensive premium products, so if you’ve got Vivosmart 5 like me, good luck getting help with the many problems..Version: 4.62.2

Not user friendly at allThe Garmin activity has literally every other sport except hockey lol. How is this overlooked? Using an S70, it constantly connects and disconnects while golfing or more more than 15 feet away from the phone. There’s a software update every other day and none seem to fix the connectivity issues. The metrics randomly change, and the apps crash. The concept is great, but the delivery is poor. Coming from a tech Savvy person, this whole platform needs a revamp..Version: 4.74.2

What is wrong??I have had a Garmin watch for over 6 months. I have spinal injuries so my goals for walking are 0 (zero) steps and I don’t use the running or other exercise goals. The sleep goal is very frustrating for me. If I am awake during the night for more than a few minutes it seems to only register part of my sleep instead of the total time I was asleep. So when I know that I’ve been asleep for between 7 & 8 hours and awake for an hour or more, it’ll only say 3 or 4 hours asleep and perhaps awake 5 minutes. I shouldn’t need another sleep app which requires my mobile phone next to my bed when I’m wearing your watch! What is wrong? When will that be rectified, please?.Version: 4.68.1

Could be so much betterThis app has all the hallmarks of the best fitness app available but falls short on minor details. 1. Badges - the badges are a great way to stay motivated, and even dust off your old running shoes or get on your bike. However, Garmin seems to have an obsession with making a large portion of their badges open to marvel watches and divers? Also they seem to go from very reasonable challenges to insane challenges with nothing in between. There’s so much scope to make the gamification better. 2. Recently they have stopped supporting Zwift and similar apps when counting rides towards badges. Such a nuisance, and such an easy thing to include - which they did up until about a month ago. I really think this app could be so much better with just a few minor tweaks..Version: 4.39

Terrible integration with iOSIt’s been a week that I’ve been trying everything to connect my Connect / FR965 runner data to my apple Fitness rings and it seems impossible. The support team provides almost NO response to the forum threads and when they do - they say that things should work but they never work! No iOS user that looked into it trust the Garmin engineering team!.Version: 4.74.1

Generally Happy but Last Week a NightmareI’ve had my Garmin Vivimove HR for a good couple of years ago and it does all that I need or expect it to. The iTunes app is fine as well and has - until now - mostly worked very well. However for at least a week now the app and associated website have been “down for maintenance”. Hence the whole underlying support structure for processing of data, etc is inoperative. I cannot recall ever seeing an established online company being so paralysed by such a fault or meltdown. There seems to be no way for a user to attempt any troubleshooting (presumably because everything is “under maintenance” 🙄). Surely the least Garmin could do is email or text their customers to explain the situation and give some kind of prognosis..Version: 4.33

Hate it. Dude perfect could make a better app. Oh wait they did. Ha! In yo face Garmin people!It doesn’t load. At all. I waited forever. Nothing. I hate this app and it should never have been on the App Store. It’s the only way to control my garmin. But no, 😑it doesn’t work. My moms works perfectly, but no, no, no, mine stinks. Why do y’all hate me that much that you make it so I can’t control my watch? I haven’t had a watch in 4 years because of it. I can’t have nice new ones like you millionaires do. oh wait, you’re not millionaires, cause this app stinks!!! But seriously dude, this app is terrible. Maybe you should rename it to something else instead of Garmin. Here are some ideas: Lamein, Stinkin, doesn’tworkin, loadin forever and Ever and everin. Even though I hate this app I wanted to let you know that, I’m never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you bud um ch. Have a great day. Hopefully by the end of it you can create an idea for a better app. But for now, I’m stuck not knowing the time for the rest of my life while our school clocks broken. Sincerely, Someone 🎩.Version: 4.53.1

Heart rateDisappointed with the heart rate monitor on the vivosmart 4. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up at all that I’m even doing cardio and if I measure against the treadmill heart monitor there is significant difference. Also the sync has dropped off twice in the last month, which is a nuisance to delete the app and re install. Everytime I loose the data as well. I’ve had this watch for 10 months..Version: 4.27

Needs a redesignAs far as I can tell the app really hasn't changed much in 5+ years. It's dated, it's often awkward or infuriating to use, and it's lacking much in the way of smart features, and nothing is being added. I would say it presents raw data in an acceptable way if you know what to do with it and manage to dig out what you're looking for hidden deep in menus. However it's not fun, educational or joyful to use in any way. Compared to something like Apple Health theres absolutely no comparison in terms of UX and UI. Apple's app is night and day better because they've properly invested in making a fantastic app. Connect is also unreliable at syncing and staying connected to the watch. I often have to toggle bluetooth on one or both devices, or in extreme cases unpair and re-pair. Syncing is also sometimes really slow. Others have said it, but devices like this really should be able to work with the phone app fully offline. I would personally love to see better course creation in-app. Garmin, I really hope you're working behind the scenes on a big rewrite rather than just leaving this to rot. The software is just as important as the hardware. The state of the app is really making me think hard about whether or not my next device should be a Garmin..Version: 4.53.1

Seriously disappointingI’ve owned Garmin watches for about 10 years. I bought my latest one end of last year, to log my runs (a Garmin 245) I was looking forward to syncing my runs with my Apple health app & data. Turns out it does not do this. I can literally do a 10 mile run and not one step will count towards my Apple activity rings. The run only sometimes shows up on my phone and quite often duplicates upon duplicates of the same activity appear - yet still no steps sync. I have logged a support ticket with Garmin and after various back and forth communication ‘they are looking in to it’ after two months I contacted them again and was told ‘there is no time scale, they’ll let me know any updates” so here we are over four months and the Apple health / Garmin connect issue is not resolved. The watch itself is brilliant but the app is rubbish. Seriously disappointing as it was supposed to sync seamlessly to Apple health..Version: 4.39

Broken after 9.33 update to watchAfter a few years of Apple Watch and recently getting back into some more serious exercise I broke the bank on a Garmin Tactix 7 Pro. After a brief period of ‘buyer’s remorse’ I quickly began to love it’s features as much as it’s build quality and design. The Connect app was generally very good if a little laggy updating from the watch. So much information, in very granular detail if you want to delve deeper. After the latest (delayed) firmware update to 9.33 the home page on this Connect app has basically broken. Results are either missing (Sleep), completely different (and both wrong) to those showing when you click on them (Body Battery) or come and go randomly (HRV). Today it’s implying I need to wear it more to report properly when it’s been on my wrist for 4 days due to the stellar battery life! Rendered useless at this point in time. I shouldn’t be paying absolute top dollar (and apparently price fixed) hardware prices for a broken firmware/software experience !!!.Version: 4.59

Latest update needs replacement ASAPSince the latest update a day or so ago my iPhone keeps losing Bluetooth connection with my watch. My watch says I’m connected but the mobile App doesn’t. I have to re-pair on my watch each time and it’s a pain in the a$$…please fix the bug and release an update asap!!! Been using Garmin watch and connect for years and never suffered this before!!.Version: 4.55.2

Glitchy updatesRecent update now makes the app ask to pair a device every time even though my watch is still properly paired. What is going on with your app department? The new updates haven’t been bugged out..Version: 4.59.1

Don’t update if you track strength workouts!Like others have report 4.74.x has broke core functionality for the iPhone app. Can no longer edit strength activities without it hard locking and having to kill the app and restart. Hopefully it is fixed soon, normally I don’t update my apps regularly for this reason..Version: 4.74.3

Good, but not good enough for the price you pay for devices.I’ve used Garmin for a number of years across a couple of different devices (Forerunner and Fenix) and although some of the detail is quite good, there are limited improvements being made to the app and functionality . Why can’t the app allow you to drag your finger along your route to be able to see the other data (HR, elevation, pace etc) at a point rather than have to look at each metric separately? Why is there no option to overlay multiple metrics on a graph? Simple improvements which would really help track progress and development in your chosen field. There have been no enhancements in years that I have noted. Some other gripes - there are outages linking to Strava too often. The ‘Body Battery’ option drops off the Connect app. The Q&A for Connect on the website isn’t complete and the staff often aren’t aware of the functionality and issues related to devices..Version: 4.60.1

BuggyPlease fix the bug that requests you to set up your "new" device every time the so is opened. It's very annoying to go through multiple times a day. UI and menu options are not very intuitive and I think the whole app needs to be redesign. Please make it easier to access weekly/monthly trends rather than having to dig through multiple screens. Also please think up some better programming for the sleep tracker. The secondary reason I purchased a garmin device was to track my sleep however I am left seriously lacking. As a shift worker (mornings/evenings/overnight) with no fixed pattern, it's frustrating to have to change your sleep/wake times almost daily. Also a way to track naps would be extremely adventitious as not everybody works a 9-5 and gets the luxury of 8hrs a night..Version: 4.16

Won’t stay connected to iPhoneI bought a new fortrunner 45, downloaded app, connected. Yay! Next day... no response. Not connected to phone. I follow all the troubleshooting steps. Disconnected everything. On. Off. Now iPhone cannot find the watch. Is the new watch the problem,The new app the problem, my new iphone7 maybe??? I would like this technology combo to work please. Garmin... are you there???? I may have to return it all and get a stopwatch maybe?.Version: 4.31.2

Annoying after last updateFour days ago I updated to the latest version. I wish I hadn’t! Before it was great. The info provided is far better than Fitbit (the device is better as well). And nothing really has changed regarding the information level with in the graphs, etc. But since update I have to log in and setup the device every time I shut down or restart the mobile. And once back at the home screen the app displays all the tabs (steps, floors, sleep, etc) including the ones I had chosen to be hidden before I shut down the phone. Highly annoying and I’m considering finding alternatives. Update: I have up’d the rating to three stars s the app is working better than it did previously. Some of the problems haven’t shown up recently, so I hope they have been resolved. But today I woke up to a message that the server is down for maintenance. I guess it has to be done at some point. But it’s nearly five hours on and still nothing, which suggests that the server is in America with their rubbish snooping agencies! And why, oh why do I need a server connection to input my water intake???? Why do I actually need a bloody server connection at all to record anything or see my stats of today? That could easily happen on the phone. Next update: And again there are server issues - and again I cannot log water, weight or anything manual at all. When is Garmin finally going away from the server solution and let users just have everything on their phones? Still rubbish 🤮.Version: 4.34.2

Needs a new designOr something like I would love to set the app as a widget and set it up to look at my miles or steps maybe a peek at a current challenge. As I’ve been using the garmin I found some active groups and now I have so many challenges idk if I can keep up. The app just has so much to it. Also it would be cool to see my leaderboards in an easier way and maybe some other stuff with the groups it’s a task to find everything I guess. I think we need a groups tab actually. Easy access ya know. In general the app could be more user friendly if that’s the right word for it. I love all the info I can get from the app but I wonder if it could designed better. I feel like I’m spending an hour on it to get through everything I may be exaggerating a little but ya know. And the expedition challenges too. They’re so boring but also I can’t keep track of where I’m at so easily. I also worry what I’m gonna do if there are no more expedition challenges as well I like them just think they need tweaking. I hope more will be added. Actually it would be so cool if y’all could add stuff from the Adirondacks, white mountains, Rocky Mountains or maybe there was one I don’t recall though..Version: 4.76

Never syncsThe only reason I buy this watch is it’s tiny and suits my needs and that’s the time, I’m in about my 5th one due to loss, broken or fallen off but 1 thing they all have in common is about 2 months after you purchase them they fail to Sync. I’ve written so many times about this and it never gets sorted. So if your wanting to use it to track data don’t bother. This review is coming from more then enough experience. Garmin need to stop doing software upgrades that render your existing watch useless other then telling the time. And just like that. I delete the app. Try it all again and I can’t get past the watch face section. You’re lucky to get 1 star. Useless mob.Version: 4.29.1

Great but ..I find the Garmin app great for step counting and heart rate but am perplexed by some of the app’s other discrepancies. The sleep analysis changes during the day - my app will insert or remove periods of rem sleep or deep sleep or wakeful times as the day goes on. The picture of last night’s sleep is usually completely different at 7am to what it is at 5pm. Why would it do that? Another strange anomaly is the ‘flights of stairs’ function. I can be walking around tidying up in my single level home (no stairs anywhere!) and my watch will suddenly alert me to the fact that I have just achieved my goal of two flights of stairs. How?? Or it will include driving up my driveway as a flight of stairs. Yesterday I supposedly achieved 10 flights of stairs (!?!) but didn’t actually go up or down any stairs at all. (And only drove up the driveway once.) Just wondering how much faith I can really place in the other functions if these two seem to be so random .... 🤔 How accurate is its calorie count for example? I’m not really sure now..Version: 4.39

Been unavailable for too longThis app used to be great. However when it has trouble syncing for months then goes down for over a week and you check online how to fix it and Garmin itself is saying we have a major outage we can’t receive calls, emails, or online chat that’s rubbish. I have an ugly black watch now that’s really useless. All my stats are lost, and my challenge I’ve been doing has completely gone. Good old technology epic fail. Thanks Garmin..Version: 4.33

Beyond a joke now! We pay good money for this c/@p!Since late IOS 12 and now the 13 updates, the app fails to connect to the device. Usual directions to online help forums doesn’t solve the issue as you’ll see by the countless comments on there. Occasional and temporary success is achieved by resetting everything but it only lasts as long as you’re in the app then it forgets the device and you’re starting from scratch again. For the money you pay for the device, the software should be spot on every time. Not so Garmin! This problem has been a recurring feature in your online help forum for months. Having to connect via the laptop to update my activity data is becoming tiresome . Update: App constantly requires me to sign in and set up from scratch every time I open it. Again, all the helpful steps and on the website fail to resolve this issue. Come on Garmin! I’m getting thredders with this pile of poo. The fortune I spent upgrading to the Tactix Delta was literally pointless given the fact that it can no longer connect to the app. Despite all the “fixes” and self-help suggestions from forums and the useless Garmin site. At these premium prices for hardware, Garmin should be providing reliable (and secure) software to match. Sadly they seem to be unable to do either..Version: 4.37.1

Unreliable phone connectionDespite many updates, this app never works well for me, regardless of which iOS version I’m using. I use it with an Instinct solar and it keeps disconnecting. I have to reboot the app for it to work again. Since there is no Bluetooth connection indicator on any watch face (it’s in a deeper menu), you don’t realize the connection has been lost. When the app works and you turn off your phone, the watch will notify you that there is no Bluetooth connection. But when the app just randomly stops working, you never get that notification, or any other notification, and that happens a lot. Very frustrating as it’s easy to miss calls and messages since my phone is on silent most of the time. Wish there were more watch faces to choose from and that they would include the Bluetooth icon. Even my old Pebble had that. I would also like to see my phone’s battery level displayed on a watch face. Sometimes the watch battery saver won’t turn itself on at night, and if it does, it will stay in that mode past the designated off time. This is less common but it happens. Love all the features but it would be nice to get what I described above. Please make it less buggy..Version: 4.45.1

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