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Pokémon GO App User Positive Comments 2023

Pokémon GO app received 130 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pokémon go?

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Pokémon GO for Positive User Reviews

PokècoinsThe pokècoins never work I can’t buy anything or else I see an infinite loading sequence please fix this.Version: 1.141.1

People who can’t play in rural areasHonestly i see so many stories on twitter about people who can’t play / do raids cuz they live too far out. I wish niantic could make something that looked out for rural players or other players who don’t have heaps of house to spend playing out and about. i’ve seen spoofers online and i know it gives a huge advantage than those would play legit but would be great if you guys look after the spoofing community and maybe understand we here they come from when they actually can’t legit because of legitimate circumstances.Version: 1.135.0

Love PokémonLove Pokémon go! Very fun and addictive and made a few new friends too! Happy overall but would suggest niantic to bring the old gym system back where ur Pokémon strong or not matters!strong goes on level of gym weak goes in the bottom and longer you stay earns more coins would be more fair. I see no point of making Pokémon strong now, would really love the old gym back!.Version: 1.95.1

Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Love the game pushes me to go out side in self isolation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.141.1

Need to stop the go battle league season cycleI play this game everyday and I love to do go battle league but the downside is that every to weeks it will cycle through great league, ultra league and master league they need to bring back when you could choose any of the 3 leagues at anytime because when it’s cycled to master league me and most people probably don’t have have good enough Pokémon for that league and it gets boring when you keep losing and losing but if they let you chose to do whatever league you want then it will be easier for people to get more rewards eg: you need more fast and charged tms but you have to wait 2 more weeks to be able to have a chance to get 2 or 3 wins but if you are able to do any league you want at anytime you can get rewards in no time..Version: 0.195.1

Great gameReally good games with good graphics. Over the years I have played this and collected and watch Pokemon, I think this is a great game in the franchise and soon will be one of the main attractions as of let’s go pikachu/eevee. Kinda wish Pokemon weren’t regional and also maybe higher spawn rates for more common Pokemon in the game, as I want to catch more old ones like sunken and magikarp but it’s hard to find them so they should defo buff the spawn rates of some of the more basic Pokemon. Also all the reviews talking about the pixelated Pokemon, you need to get a life. The thing is it was a April fools, there your just showing how dumb you are. Anyway to conclude, a must get game if Pokemon fan. Also i recommend getting ingress as you can try and get pokestops around at places of interest, shops, statues etc. Must get, great game, if your gonna get let’s go priority and yea just download.Version: 1.75.0

Snapshot issueHi I am a long time fan of Pokémon Go and just got to level 32 today I have also just got to the stage for A thousand year slumber where you have to take 5 snapshots of steel or psychic type Pokémon. I have done this about 15 times but it hasn’t come through for the challenge. I even deleted the game and reinstalled but it didn’t change anything. I still love this game but it is very frustrating. If this could be fixed soon that would be the best thing ever..Version: 1.151.1

🥰 LOVE LOVE LOVE 👌🏽I absolutely LOVE PokémonGO 👌🏽🥰 Pokémon is something my husband & I both loved as kids & to now be able to share that with our own children is amazing! Even better, PokémonGO is incredible for the whole family! My youngest son has autism & he loves this game! We all play it together & I high recommend this to anyone, especially families looking for something different to do together. 10/10.Version: 0.129.1

Changed for the betterHighly recommend redownloading if you haven’t played since it came out. The game has drastically improved with features such as trading, friendships, 4 generations of Pokémon, raiding, dedicated days for the community where you can find an increased number of a certain Pokémon and even find their shiny form, with past days being tyranitar and metagross, research, a kind of story that you gain mythical Pokémon from, legendary Pokémon, and much more. The game now is what everyone wanted the game to be at release, with consistent updates and stuff to do in game wether it be raiding or shiny hunting. I’ve met a lot of good people from the game and the community near me has close to 3,000 people in it. Get your friends back together guys, it’s good now..Version: 1.93.1

Love it, but needs improvementTo start this off, I want to let you know that this is a great game. Even though it was the craze a year or two back, I’ve just started playing a week ago and love it! There’s only a couple things that I would like that might get other players back into it. First off, changing that battle system is a must. Players do not like the mad tapping and sliding you do when you battle a gym. Maybe switching it to the usual battle style will keep players happy. Secondly, I think adding battling and trading with other players will make it more enjoyable. I personally, don’t have the money to fly to another region and catch a Pokémon that is region specific. If we had trading, you could trade with someone elsewhere that might have the Pokémon. Also, the battling will keep players engaged to the point where they will try and beat their friends by catching more powerful Pokémon. Last but not least, I think you should add NPCs to the game. With the battle mechanics you could add trainers to battle against and earn rewards for winning! That would give players enough enthusiasm to go and battle trainers. Adding the evil organizations like Team Rocket could also add some spice to the game. That’s all I have, and thank you for reading!.Version: 1.71.1

Great gameIn quarantine, we should get daily inscenses and thats the only thing i think u should add, otherwise it’s a great game.Version: 1.155.0

The gameI love this game it has so many things to do and there adding more Pokémon each time I can’t wait for Pokémon journey and with Pokémon journey will come new Pokémon on Pokémon go I don’t really like Nintendo I’m more into sonic but when I played this game I watched the series and I like Pokémon but I don’t like Nintendo I’d probably use Sega it’s because I dont like moustaches and plumbers they creep me out and Nintendo made a mascot and I hated it but I give Pokémon a 5 star rating.Version: 1.139.2

Similar to real gameI started playing July 2016 but due to all the glitches and lack of Pokémon I stopped playing for a few years. The reason I started up again was because a friend recommended to try it. Now gifts can be exchanged, the Pokémon generations are mostly caught up, and there are a lot more stops and gyms to interact with. My main issue with this game is the lack of interaction with other players. I would like to be able to battle with nearby trainers like the real Pokémon game allows. Also during gym battles, there should be an option to switch Pokémon in between defeats. Those are the rules in a real Pokémon battle and this should be applied to this game. Pokémon should also gain experience after battles to help build them up. I understand the candy concept but those should be bonus experience/cp. I have lost a few great catches due to the glitches/network errors which is very frustrating! Other than that I enjoy catching Pokémon and spinning stops on my walk up to work through the downtown area. It’s a nice way to see the town. EDIT I forgot to mention: I’m not sure why but when I’m on the bus or in any vehicle as a passenger I should be able to spin stops for rewards not “try again later”. It doesn’t make sense to allow me the option to catch Pokémon but I can’t get stops or gain steps with my eggs or buddy..Version: 1.91.2

Truly AmazingThis Game Is The Best Pokémon Game, I’ve Liked Pokémon For My a entire Life Every Since I Heard About It. I Was SO EXCITED When I Heard Sylveon Was Gonna Be A Thing, But Sadly It Never Came Into The Game 😢Also, The Thing About Eeveeloutions Is, Their Rare. A Little Bit TOO Rare. Eevee Is Way Too Hard To Get For Me And My Siblings 😢It’s Been Like 3 Months And Not 1 Eevee. Eevees Are Common, Right? But Why Aren’t They In Pokémon Go? It Just Dosen’t Make Sense! My Goal Is To Get Every Eeveeloution In The Game And Atleast Try To Get Sylveon, But I Can’t Now! Eevees Are So Darn Rare! I Always See Famous People With Like 50 Eevees Because They Put On Incenses, Lure Models, Spin Pokéstops Etc. But People Who Are Stuck Inside Because Of COVID, They’re Mum Or Dad Won’t Drive Them Around For Gyms And Stuff, Etc. (My Dad Only Does That When We Go Somewhere Which Is Almost Never) Also, Where I Live Only Has One Pokéstop, And Its Like A Yard Away! Not Even When I Use Incenses I Don’t Get An Eevee. Ok This Is A Complaint About Eevees But Really, They Are So Hard To Get 😞. Anyways, I’ve Loved This Game For A While, And I Don’t Think I Can Quit. I’m Waiting For The Eevee Community Day In August And I’m SO EXCITED!! I Might Get A Shiny If I’m Lucky. Anyways I Think Pokémon Is An Amazing Game And Yea. (Please Let This Go Through It Never Does).Version: 1.171.0

BobAddd me 2054 5050 9118.Version: 1.171.1

Love itThe 8 year gap between my brother and me has made it really hard to bond and share interests. Being the youngest of the of the two means I grew up with different things that my brother never had. Pokemon is for everyone no matter how old you are or what gender, it allows you to connect with the out doors and in hanse your adventurous side. It also brought me and my brother closer together. Creds to the Pokemon go creators for making Pokemon safe over the current circumstances and for all of the amazing Community days! Also if there’s bad weather (like a storm etc) when you open the app it gives you a warning telling you to try and stay indoors and be careful which most apps don’t have. WARNING This app makes you very competitive as me and my brother would see who could get the most shines(they are a Pokémon in a different colour e.g a shiny Pikachu is a dark yellow/ orange). Be prepared to get a text at midnight from a friend saying they got a shiny ! Overall it is a great app and would 100% recommend it.Version: 1.151.0

Daily playerI’ve loved the game ever since I started playing it back when it first came out and it’s really incredible to see the game has changed a lot. These changes have all been good ones in my view, like the new generations and all the community days which allow you to get shinies and the evolution chain of that Pokemon and I really don’t think Niantic have overpriced anything and I believe the community day challenge pass for £0.79 is amazing! It gives you candies for that Pokemon and like the recent electabuzz and magmar community days last month you got a lot of that Pokemon and candies for them by catching 15 of them which with incense (lasting 3 hours on community days) wasn’t very hard. Better yet shinies were rather easy in community days and I got about 5 - 10 shinies each time but to make it more reasonable they decreased the odds. However I thought this was a good thing as you still get shinies but not so many that it makes it boring. To this day I have gotten a shiny from all the community days I’ve played. Overall this game is a blast and I can’t wait for gen 6!!!.Version: 1.159.1

Absolutely love itI'm really enjoying the game. I get out of the house a lot more, although I have a suggestion or two. Maybe, like at night when you can't walk around, their could be mini games or you could pet your Pokemon. I think it would be great if there were mini games that gave you more stardust or even give you accessories to put on you Pokemon like a bow tie or Ash's hat. Also, it would be great if every time you joined a gym, you could get the a prize without having to wait until the time runs out. At the moment, I’m having trouble with the raids. When the timer runs out signalling the raid battle is about to begin, my game crashes and takes me out, every time. Also, when I try to take Pokemon out of a gym from another team, it will not allow me to defeat it. Other than that, love the game..Version: 1.45.0

Solid 5 stars from me! However...Overall, coming from a Pokémon geek like me, I love how diverse the game is and how it encourages players young and old to get out and active! The new buddy system is also a good addition to the game just to add a tidbit of salt into the game. The however part of this are the raids. The good news is that with more recent legendaries being added into the game, it lets us all the chance to catch some Pokémon that may never come back. The thing is that all players should be able to enter raids even while they are walking (or using transport to get into the raid) a fair distance. As a hardcore PoGo player, I want a feature to be added where players can do a raid even though they are walking/being the passenger away from the raid. That way, we all have the opportunity to catch the raid Pokémon. Other than that, good job on making PoGo an entertaining and very fun game to play!.Version: 0.129.4

Great but some issues. Pokémon should evolve naturallyI love this game I have been obsessed with the whole Pokémon series and games but I live more out in the country and there is only 2 poke stops in like a 5 mile radius and there are barely any Pokémon around here. I have seen 2 Pokémon in the last 3 or 4 days and you don’t get that many poke balls from poke stops a lot of times and if you go to a suburb or city you don’t get enough poke balls to catch certain Pokémon. Also it’s annoying how most raids require you to have a friend in the area that play Pokémon go because not many people have this game anymore which they should. My friends don’t play Pokémon go and the people I have as friends usually live in different states or even countries. I also feel like you have to catch way to many Landuras’ in the battle leagues. It’s annoying because he has wasted over 20 great balls and 5 ultra balls. I am annoyed how you have to catch the wild Pokémon for winning 4 or 2 battles but you can’t move on to a different battle set until you catch that Pokémon. One of my bigger problems is that i hate how friends/ people have to be near each other to help in a raid or even trade I think that is the dumbest problem. But other than those few problems the game is fantastic. I love it..Version: 1.139.2

Please edit the app in the next updateGreat, but I think you shouldn’t have to look for a flat surface just so your buddy can join your adventure. My next complaint is that they don’t give you starter coins so new players such as myself cannot buy anything. Not only that, but it doesn’t tell you how to get coins. Don’t you have to earn them or do you have to get those gift things (not the potion-shaped ones) or do you have to pay for them? Please answer! My last complaint is that you shouldn’t have to get/earn pokeballs! It should be just like in the show where trainers seem to just have an endless supply. Please consider making the suggested changes to the game..Version: 0.191.2

Great game but…I love this game and I play it a lot but there are some things that I believe can be made better. First of all, when I am a passenger on public transport, it won’t allow me to interact with poke stops. I think that if you changed it so that you can interact at higher speeds, it would make the game better. Secondly, I have many Pokémon and I love how many there are, but I have not gotten a shiny in a couple of months. One of my friends who also plays the game gets a shiny every third or fourth day, and I think it is unfair how he gets lots of shinies and I get very few. I check most of the Pokémon I see and I would really like a couple more shinies. Thank you..Version: 1.189.0

Amazing butOk so this game is the best thing ever but I would like it so you don’t have to travel all over the world just to get a certain type. I think it would be better to make that specific Pokémon be everywhere than in only one spot. For example the new flabebe, you can only get a certain color depending where you are. I think you should make it so that they spawn everywhere but make them really rare but not impossible. make it so that they are more frequent in a certain part of the world but still spawn everywhere but not as common. So that would be cool. Also can you please turn the catch rate up for the registeel I fought three in a row and could not catch it cause it would escape from a curve ball excellent with a golden rasp berry. So please fix that and also there is a glitch we’re in certain spots the game freezes so I have to exit out and refresh it but then it would take a long time to go back in and then when u try to select a Pokémon it glitches out reallly bad where you can’t see the Pokémon and it’s just a zoomed in Pokémon wing or something with the normal background and then when you exit the Pokémon the Ar,berry and pokeballs icon stay on the screen. So anyways please keep in mind about all of this and thank you for making this game.Version: 0.195.1

Good and badBrilliant game but as per usual game developers have made some of the best parts of the game completely pointless. I’ve been playing on and off since this game was released. The research breakthroughs used to be worth getting and made you want to go on the game every day now they’re just pointless, giving you Pokémon that are worthless and you can catch in the wild. The other downfall to the Nintendo games is that you need multiple people to be able to do the raids and if you don’t have a minimum of 3-4 friends who play the game and are far within the game it is literally impossible to even do any damage within the raids. Understandably the game is made to make people socialise and interact with each other but how can you do that when you don’t know if people around you are playing the game and if you have nobody to play the game with it massively restricts what you can do on the game..Version: 1.183.1

One of my favorites, but glitchy and hard to get Pokècoins.It’s one of my favorites, but it has glitches. It will sometimes say it can’t find any GPS and when there isn’t any GPS, you can’t check out gyms, feed them berries, battle them, add Pokèmon, or get items. You can’t get items from Pokèstops either. You can’t even catch or hatch Pokèmon. It doesn’t show you moving until it’s the No GPS is over. It also will often say “Try again later” when you try to spin a Pokèstop. I usually just spin it constantly until it works though. And also a gym glitch. When your battling in a gym, it might get off of the battle, it says something to, but I don’t remember what. And also a shop glitch. It will often say “something went wrong” when you try to purchase Pokècoins, which means that I can’t buy Pokècoins for Pokèballs when I run out of Pokèballs, and when that happens I don’t play it. Also something that I would like: It’s to hard to get Pokècoins without using money. So maybe you can sell items that are on the shop to get the amount of Pokècoins they are on the shop. That would make Pokècoins easier to get. Because they are to hard to get. You would have to get to a gym AND have it be a gym in your team AND have it ready to have a Pokèmon added to it..Version: 0.195.3

Truly amazing gameI have been playing this game since it launched in 2016, and it is truly amazing. I am a true fan of Pokémon and this game does not disappoint. It's really addictive and fun to collect your own Pokémon team and, with constant updates, this game stays true to the original franchise! The immersive experience of catching pokemon in the real world is awesome and the graphics and designs are beautiful. Another reason I love this game is that it has really built a community of Pokémon go players through the raid battles and features such as adding someone as your friend to trade with and battle, making it possible to establish a friendship with another player. I also think adding shiny Pokémon was a nice touch. Overall, I think Pokémon go is a really fun and high quality game that has really escalated from it’s release in 2016. I just can’t wait for them to add Alola Pokémon so I can catch a zeraora! 10/10 game..Version: 1.167.1

Pokémon Go is forever the greatest!Hi Niantic! Pokémon Go is amazing, keep up the great work! The Christmas update is amazing and the event Pokémon are SO cute with their little Christmas hats! I also love it how they keep their Christmas hats when the evolve! When I evolved my event Pikachu, I was SO happy when it kept it’s hat! I was expecting it to lose it if I’m gonna be honest, BUT NO! I don’t really get it why people are complaining about getting a specific Pokémon really frequently, because that just makes it easier to evolve and power up! Like yes, it does make it harder to complete the Pokédex, but then you get really powerful Pokémon and you get to beat people in the PvPs, and the earn event Pokémon! Just a recommendation though, please update the matchmaking, since right now it just looks like you fight anyone who’s nearby you and online. Please update it so you fight according to your Pokémon’s CP level. THANK YOU!.Version: 0.191.2

Addictively Good Game!It’s different from the original games kind of how a book is to the movie version. But it’s still really close and amazing. You can fight other trainers if they are close by and fight the gym leaders. You can also earn cool Pokémon with raids, you get a hour long timer to beat them once they show up on your radar. Very competitive against my friends and family. Bug fixes are really fast too..Version: 1.111.2

NEW FEATURES PLEASEGreat game I love all aspects of the game it’s great guys but please save us all!! Please change couple things 1) after a certain level players should be able to gift items, pokeballs, revives maybe rare candys, or even just allow the trades to take place in person like trades so players have to b playing together in person in order to use the features, 2) just like all pokemon platforms players should be able to sell items for pokecoins just makes sense it would get more play time for sure also more sales in shop an players can get a few extra coins each week you gotta give us die hard fans some more love guys Everyone who agrees please like or share or add to this we need to keep making this game amazing Add my trainer code 5029 6224 7968.Version: 0.131.0

ITS GREAT, BUT THE GYM BATTLES SHOULD BE MORE INTERESTING.In all of the battles, there should be other things we can do instead of tap... it is so annoying and since it is repetitive it can be bad for your health, like constantly clicking in minecraft or something like that..Version: 1.169.0

Needs a changeHi so it whoever’s reading this please read it carefully . Number one , so you know about Pokémon candy? And you know about Pokémon trades ? Well it would be great if you could trade any amount of candy as you want. Number two , so you know about Pokémon raid battles? Well it is really hard to catch legendary and mythical Pokémon even my most strongest Pokémon that is to strong for the ultra league can’t even beat a legendary Pokémon . Number three , it would be great if you could add new mega evolved Pokémon like mega Glalie . And you can mega evolve other Pokémon in all like the Nintendo games. Number four, it would be great if you could add Pokémon from all the other generations and Alolan and Galarian Pokémon like Popplio, Rowlet , Litten , Scorbunny , Grookey and Sobble and Sylveon and Dedenne . Number five , so you know about ultra beasts right?? Well it would be great if you could add Pokémon like Nihilego , Poiple and Pheramosa and all the Island gaurdiands like Tapu KoKo , Tapu LeLe , Tapu BuLu and Tapu FiNi. Number six , it would be great if you could give a chance for everyone to catch three of the same Pokémon everyday Because I really wanna get Espeon then Sylveon so more of every Pokémon . Number seven , the Pokémon Ditto is a hard one to catch so add more Dittos. Thank you 🙏🏾 for reading 📖 this and I would Appreciate if you’d use these changes.Version: 1.171.1

BEST GAME EVER!I’m 12 and I have played this game for over 3 years and this game introduced me into a whole new world called Pokémon. Before this game, I didn’t know what or had heard of Pokémon and I can say that I have enjoyed this game so far. The increased amount of events and special research and the increasing amount of shiny Pokémon in and soon coming to Pokémon GO and how it can connect to a main series game to get a special Pokémon from it is amazing. GO Fest is an amazing event as well and I personally think it should always be worldwide to give all players access to the event Pokémon no matter where they live. It also encourages me to go outside and walk around which isn’t like me as most of the time I’m not outside but just inside my house. Battle League and the graphics changing over the years is incredible. How such a small game could reach massive heights is amazing. Sadly less people are playing it but I think with some of these events that they dish out monthly could increase their player count and give them more financial results. Anyway super fun game. 10/10.Version: 1.149.0

Update issuesHi I’ve always loved playing Pokémon go and I still do I’m giving a 5 star because I think it’s a great app to get your self out of the house while playing a great game you can enjoy the only problem I’ve had since the current May update for the game is that I could be playing Pokémon go and all of a sudden it just exits the hole entire app and then I have to reload back into the game I’ve tried restarting the app and reloading back into the game numerous times but I find I still have the same problem as before but other then that I still love the game and give it a 5 star review I’m just hoping that the problem gets fix in the next update in the future Thanks again Daniel.Version: 1.141.0

Fun game, but repetitiveThe game itself is very fun, the concept is great behind it. I love playing it, but sometimes does get repetitive and I do take day/s off so I don’t lose interest. PvP battles are fun, but I wish they can match player levels vsing each other, most times you run into players who are almost 1k cp over your Pokémon on master leagues. ( I don’t think it’s legit plays, probably spoofing/auto walking for candies). Raids are fun, but raid passes are overpriced. It’s fun to do raids with friends/Facebook community groups. Pokestops are little hard to come by in some areas compared to people who live around heaps, so makes disadvantage for people (like myself no stops at my location). They need to make it more fair across the board..Version: 0.191.3

New update is a game changerThe new Pokémon season featuring Hoopa is by far the best thus far in Pokémon GO history, with on going research all season long! The story is compelling enough to keep me coming back, especially with the tie in one day events when new research becomes available again. I really wish all mythical Pokémon got the same treatment as Hoopa has here but with Hoopa pulling in Pokémon from the Galar region and rare Pokémon being available i think it’s a great event! If you haven’t played Pokémon GO in a while this event might just make you pick it back up! There are some features I’d like to see in game e.g. seeing your evolution challenge on your Pokémon’s buddy tab when taking them for a walk, Niantic is totally moving in the right direction..Version: 0.203.0

Great gameAs someone who has picked up the game again after getting bored (when the game was no longer trendy), I can’t help but praise the numerous improvements and features which niantic has brought to pokemon go over these four years. Not only have they improves the levelling system (it took me a long time to reach level 20 in 2016), there is much more to do now and the Variety of Pokemon has drastically increased. The events, such as the community days, are always engaging and the research tasks provide you something to work towards, allowing you to keep busy even when events aren’t on. I’m especially thankful for their recent remote raid pass feature allowing me to catch legendaries without the need of a large group of friends or a Pokemon go active community within my area (which I unfortunately did not have, and yes both). I find the pokecoins daily limit fair and useful, although I wish there would be an additional method for fulfilling it as I don’t always pass by gyms throughout my day and, even when I do, it may take considerable time for my Pokemon to be knocked out. That being said, I’d also hope for their to be another method in obtaining gifts for the similar reason to above. Overall however, I truly have enjoyed the game, especially during go fest, and will continue to log in regularly for the foreseeable future. Please continue to make the game awesome :).Version: 1.157.2

Love the game want more features like the Pokémon gamesI have been a fan of Pokémon for ages and when Pokémon go came out I was extremely excited I played it all the time but there were a few features that should be put in like a breeding centre were you can put Pokémon in and receive certain egg types which would make things easier also they should add feature were you can allocate a home and drop some Pokémon there so you don’t have to transfer use poke coins or have no room and an area we’re you can see other players that are commonly there so you can become friends trade and battle. From a large Pokémon supporter please add these features in..Version: 1.141.0

PLZ DO THISThe game needs a thing I call quick catch Where if you are using incense and you get a bunch of Pokémon appear some of them disappear when you enter to catch Pokémon because the catch sequence is too long but this is where quick catch comes in because it is an option Where you to throw the pokéball and then it tells you whether you’ve caught it or not and it’s a lot quicker than Long catch sequence in the end you can capture other Pokémon faster instead of risking losing some powerful ones or rare ones also be a good idea if you give us one free remote raid pass every day so then we can raid from home because they are too expensive and it’s not really fair for people who are not able to shell out a few pounds to get a remote raid pass other than that it’s a really good game Yukipup22.Version: 1.147.0

Addicting, Free & Gets you moving!Admitting I play Pokémon is kind of hard but I can honestly say that it’s fun to get out and explore new places and you get so much exercise. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now and I’ve lost 20 lbs. I started playing during the pandemic and thought I’d quit when places started opening, but I kept playing. I would really love it if there was a way though, to see how much candy you have for a specific Pokémon as your going to catch it. Sometimes I don’t know if I need to waste a certain berries or pinaps on them. Catching a shiny is the highlight of anyone’s day lol but if you don’t have enough candy for it to evolve it, it’d be nice to know before trying to catch it. Maybe where it shows the CP and the Pokémon name, you could add in how many candy you have for that Pokémon. Other than that, you’ve done an amazing job. I also think that if you catch a water type, their fast and charge attacks should be water by default. If you want to change them to other options they have, then do so, but I caught a grass type and it’s moves were both water and dark. It throws me off when I search for “grass” and it pulls them up but neither of their moves are grass lol..Version: 1.157.2

Battle league needs serious workSorry for writing a one star review i enjoy the game but the go battle league is AWFUL. For starters, if you dont live near the niantic servers, for example australia, pvp is so much harder. i recommend adding an option for regional based matchmaking to make the go battle league a lot more fair. secondly, the great league is just an awful way for pro players to exploit it to get overpowered pokemon under 1500cp. it can be literally any pokemon, even a rayquaza or mewtwo, AS LONG AS IT IS UNDER 1500 CP. I think niantic needs to realise that leveling up is so much harder because people are exploiting to get such powerful pokemon, so FIX GREAT LEAGUE. apart from that really enjoying it thanks 👋.Version: 1.167.1

Sylveon + the Tao TrioNiantic probably gets a lot of complaints about Sylveon, and I’m not surprised. Sylveon has been in most of the Pokémon games, except Pokémon Go. Though, I don’t understand why. Sylveon could be a hidden Pokémon, and you’d have to hatch it. Or, you could have Eevee as your buddy, get two hearts with it, and you could teach it a fairy-type move and evolve it. Just a thought. :) Oh, and can the Tao Trio make their debut in Pokémon Go? I like the Tao Trio, I think they look pretty cool, and putting them in legendary raids doesn’t sound like a bad idea..Version: 1.135.0

Pokémon Veteran ApprovedAs a life long Pokémon fan who has enjoyed the franchise since the days of red and blue, and who has played every main series game and many of the spin off titles, I can firmly say that I thoroughly enjoy Pokémon Go and believe it holds it's own in a franchise filled with wonderful titles. Don't believe any of the "Pokémon go is for casuals" nonsense whined by some veteran players. The game is unique, dynamic and social and encourages exploration, cooperation and fosters a true sense of community. There are still some problems (bugs, balancing issues for rural players, and slow roll out of requested features) but overall Pokémon go is a positive experience and a game I can see myself being heavily involved with for many years to come..Version: 1.85.4

Great but...Love the app would get 5 stars but I would love to see a “sort by most candy” filter option just so I don’t have ti check each different Pokémon if I can’t remember the candy amount, other than that the game is still amazing.Version: 1.99.4

AmazingBrilliant gameplay, good multiplayer, decent use of GPS and fantastic events to keep you playing. Pokémon Go is a very good game on it’s own, but the inclusion of shinies from the main series games and even the recent addition of team go rocket is just one of the reasons it is rising in popularity again. I have a suggestion however, for people who are unable to use mobile data to play the game out and about. An item given upon reaching level 30 know as the ‘Home Pokéstop’. It would a Pokéstop only the user who has deployed it can see or use. It works like a normal Pokéstop, but gives less items, attracts less Pokémon, and has a higher cooldown. It can be moved once per year and when placed, will only move or disappear if the player who deployed it moves or removes when the 12-month cooldown is finished. I hope you read over this review and keep my idea in mind..Version: 1.127.1

New update keeps shutting appSince the update yesterday, we’ve haven’t been able to play. Please fix, thank you.Version: 1.145.2

Pokémon GoI have quite a lot to say about ‘Pokémon Go’, an interactive game in which encourages exercise and play. Firstly, I do think that the item storage limit could be updated to a larger amount - I can’t seem to keep it low enough! However, that would never compare to the graphics. Pokémon Go’s graphics are outstanding, plus the game does not reduce battery like other mobile games. As a Pokémon franchise addict, I can say this is a big add on to the television anime series, ‘Pokémon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!’. I do recommend this for ages seven plus (7+) as the CP levels and other mathematical concepts of the game could be difficult for little ones to understand. Overall though, Pokémon Go is an enjoyable game for all and I highly recommend this for most ages of the family. To wrap this up, I’d like to say a massive congratulations on creating most Pokémon in the television series in the game. Great job!.Version: 0.251.2

AmazingGame works amazing. All the new features like trading and battling are perfect. Love all the new features that keep getting added..Version: 1.113.1

Perfect pokemons, coins and trading chatI love this game like way so much to be honest I’ve been addicted, the battles , the raids, the evolves everything feels like being a real Pokémon trainer but ives seen this weak details which I think would make the game better for thousand : 1. The trading distance shouldn’t have a limit and they should give a chat option for when you are trading Pokémon with a friends so you can talk and decide which Pokémon would you like to trade. 2. The poke balls they give you on the shop and items is not too much for the price , even for regular basic reds poke balls they charge you too much , it would help the trainers better options on deal prices for stuff on the shop . 3. The rates and possibilities for hatching or catching a perfect IV Pokémon is way way so low that I’ve been playing for like 2 years and still have not a perfect one and less a shiny perfect thats kinda harder looks almost imposible to the level my friends say they feel they will never have a perfect Iv one . 4. It would be more interesting if there would be new types of gyms for battle with Legendary and mythic that we can put on gyms will slay more than never , also a battle online option for legendaries with friends ..Version: 1.181.0

Reallllly gooooood game!!!It takes a while to get used to playing it, but when you get used to it it works out really well! I am a lvl43 on my main and lvl39 on my second account and my older sibling has lvl19 account and he just started playing a week ago. We have been doing raids together and you can spend so much time with your family while you play. When your fighting a high lvl raid ask your family members to help you, like I did for about 6 months grinding from lvl 28 to 43 in that time. We all have a lot of time together. I recommend it as an app..Version: 1.163.1

Great time killerIt think this app is fantastic for just killing time while doing stuff. It’s got a good set up and what not but I do feel it’s very limited. Most of the Pokémon are in the city and they have a fast appearance rate but if your out in the suburbs it takes a while for them to show up and it’s always ones that are very common. The amount of pokestops aren’t too great either in the suburbs and the cost of things in the shop can be quite expensive and all this makes it hard to stay interested in the game. If these were to be fixed and made for easier access to people who don’t get a chance to go to the city a lot like myself it would make playing this more enjoyable. Please make things a bit easier for the ones who can’t catch them all ;P.Version: 1.61.2

Virtual friendsThe app is great, what I would love to see is: - Be able to send massive gifts to friends, it is a pain to have to choose one and send then another and send, why not just choose all the friends you want to send and that’s it. - when the gyms have raids and there is people in the lobby waiting, it would be great to have a sign to see how many people is right now in the gym so you can join them or not. - when are we going to be able to transfer Pokémon long distance instead of only when you are close? - also it would be neat to be able to sort your pockemons by appreciate. Cheers.Version: 0.251.1

“Gotta Catch Them All”A great game but does come with flaws. I’ve been playing Pokémon go for almost a year now, ever since the pandemic hit the world and caused countries to go in a nationwide lockdown. The game started out very interesting where Pokémon go is basically a game where you need to get out of the house to capture Pokémon, raid gyms, take part in 1 to 5 star raids for legendary Pokémon and to walk your buddy Pokémon to earn candy and hearts. Also, you take part in challenges and tasks and earn rewards after completion. However, there are in game purchases you can make and with this system you can get exploited in different ways. Such as, you can earn coins for defending a gym (maximum 50) in which your Pokémon could be there for day/ weeks/ months even and still earn only 50 coins which you can put towards small purchases in game, but no where near what you need for the important stuff like max revives, increase load in your bag so you can carry more or even to increase Pokémon you are allowed to store. You either have patience to wait a long time to save coins up which are hard to come by because of gym battles that can go on or you make in purchases with real money that does promote gambling. Overall a good game to have during these unprecedented times..Version: 1.163.1

You need to start fixing all your stupid faultsWe were in COVID lockdown Nothing open except supermarkets 1 person could leave the house for a short time to go to food shop We get moving again and your errors make me want to quit today I tried to raid and everything jammed the nothing to poke stops or Pokémon. When the stops cam back all I got was error every time I tried I was just at the best spot of my run Yesterday it happened slight different at the best part of my run I really am ready to quit. Fix some of your problens Tonight I opened my RedRedRose And she is not there. Replaced by a green haired male. With the wrong buddy. I don’t know if you read these BUT I want my RedRedRose back 8 December 2020 I sign in this morning and no RedRedRose, Just this green haired stranger. I want my RedRedRose back PLEASE 8 dec 2020 I have been trying to get my account to the level 41 for quite awhile. You have so many gliches and errors it is almost impossible to play the game. At my age I don’t need the frustration. Why don’t you try to get the game working properly before you add anything else new.. you certainly can’t handle what you are supposed to be running at the moment Marilyn Guse Sorry to be so miserable but I like the game and I hate to see it fail so badly.Version: 1.159.3

A bit of feedbackIn the next update, you should include data when capturing Pokémon or when you site the Pokémon what their strengths and weaknesses are in the Pokédex ie if there weakest against ice and water attacks, and have each Pokémon have a different weakness and strength so that the trainers have it handy when they want to find the info. You should also include an area of data in which a trainer can go to in the Pokédex where they can study up on which Pokémon is best to fight against which ever Pokémon is around “either trainer battles, grunt battles, or raid battles) rather then waiting for the hint guy to pop up at the end of the fight after loosing the battle. It would make the game more enjoyable, help those who don’t actually know what there doing play, and not have to leave the game to look up the information online either..Version: 1.159.3

Great game but...I love this game. I play it with my friends and we walk around battling and collecting items, it’s awesome. BUT recently what’s bugged me are the hackers. People hack so that they don’t have to walk anywhere which means that they don’t have to work as hard but they still progress through the game faster than all the legitimate players. There was one case where my friend and I ran to a gym and ran back to the car so his mum could hurry to work and as soon as we got back. Our Pokémon were kicked out of the gym. Then we looked over to where we ran from and there was nobody there. It was a waste of potions. That’s a good example of hackers being frustrating. Please find a way to stop hackers. Other then them, the game’s awesome (apart from a few minor bugs.).Version: 1.123.1

Almost a complete game but raids need improvementRaids are an amazing idea and without them I don’t think I would play the game. However, the areas that I play in are pretty inactive. There are 3 5 star raids on at a time often and my group of 4 people needs more to help us with 5 star raids. I think there needs to be a feature called rallying to a gym. If someone presses a button on a gym it sends a message to trainers in a radius of that gym saying “Player1234 is ready to raid the Example Gym” kind of like the messages for lures. This would help people know which gym to go to and they would be able to actually defeat hard raids. I think this would make the game a lot more accessible for people who don’t live in crowded urban areas and expand the player base..Version: 1.121.1

Pokemon goI love so much pokemon go is the best game ever he make me walk and see the world around me 🤩 THANKS YOU POKEMON GO !!❤️❤️.Version: 1.149.0

Great, but needs improvementI love this game and wish I could do everything in it but I don’t live close to any gyms so raids are almost impossible for me to do. I have been playing since the beginning but do not have a single legendary because of this. I know that they are sometimes in breakthrough boxes, but rarely. I just wish that I could get a legendary Pokémon. And when I said I’ve played since the beginning I have but under a different account. Also I have some issues with the special research because I evolved a grimer and literally 3 minutes later I got a quest to evolve a grimer and it really ticks me off that it is making me use up the candies to evolve another one instead of powering up my near perfect IV muk. Also the game crashes whenever I try to trade or do anything online. Idk If anyone else has this issue but I would greatly appreciate it if it would be fixed. That’s pretty much all of my complaints with this game. Other than this it is perfect. I love how you can actually be a trainer though I wish using AR wouldn’t crash on me so I could feel more immersed in the world. Also I would love to see some changes to the map. It has looked the same for ages and a fresh new look would be nice. Maybe implement a skin system so that you can change it. :).Version: 1.155.0

Research Tasks Give you LegendariesThe research task feature is an amazing addition. I only started playing again because of it, daily quests are a great way to get more involved. Giving those who dont have friends playing with them A CHANCE TO CATCH LEGENDARY POKEMON, they are also adding Aloan pokemon to the game. Pokemon go is constantly being updated, there are cool events to catch your favorite shiny every month, events about cleaning up the planet, new legendaries, just constant content. This game isnt dead just because not everyone plays it, it’s only getting better. So pick it up again and see just how much they’ve changed The one review at the top is outdated, misinformed and probably written by 9 year old who doesn’t understand how games work. The game is huge, each pokemon having their moves added into it. Is plain stupid, get realistic. Its a phone game, for free. If you want more realistic pokemon battles then go buy a 3DS..Version: 1.75.0

Great game!Good job on making such a great game Niantic! 😇 My favourite part is probably the GBL (GO battle league), as it is an easy stardust gain and also really good to pass your time when there is no Pokémon. The only problem with the GBL is how you’re only allowed 5 sets a day. This isn’t that much of a bother but it would help remote players. Other than that it’s fine. Raid battles are also fun and useful, as it’s the only way apart from the GBL to get legendary pokémon. I love how you can invite friends from around the world and beat bosses together, but please allow players to invite more than 10 players to raid. Raids have proved very helpful for me and gave me a big boost for my Pokémon CP’s. The only other problem I had with the game is that you need to be a high level to nominate pokestops, so if you lowered the level to only 30 or so, it would make playing in a remote area a whole lot easier. The research tasks are also fun to complete and give you good rewards, and also give you strong Pokémon from the research breakthroughs and thankfully, they added a free rrp with it too. Thanks for making a great game, TNTCAK3.Version: 1.177.2

BugSometimes when I use a rocket radar or super my map turns purple I don’t know why it happens I can still se the roads it doesn’t affect the game that much but can you pls fix it I’m don’t know if this happens to anyone else but pls fix.Version: 0.255.1

This is epic but...Hi, this is one of and even yet the best game I’ve played I love and everything about it. The feeling of waking up every morning and going out to play this, and the thought of you still getting exercise it’s amazing. The reason I put a but in the title is cause I have a idea that might make the game better. Ima not be a Karen and complain about the game, I just thought maybe if they added a permanent change on the music. What I mean is still keep the old music but add like a radio and add more song, that are not copy right what I mean is u could be able to play the night music during the day. Or the battle music during normal time. And it could cost like 80 poke coins. That would be a cool idea right?.Version: 1.159.2

This will live on in me forever.Now. Pokémon go is a great game. It works well, the battle system is great, the Pokémon are great, the community is great yadda yadda. If I were to leave a 5 star review, then it would be if the people who work on the game work a big on the glitches. Don’t get me wrong the game is awesome and very addicting when you play it once or twice, but the glitches affect the gameplay. I’ve sometimes sat for around 10 minutes with a screen in a black world with the only one accompanying me is my avatar. Or the game crashing. In the span of an hour my game crashed 4 times today. And that’s only today. Also, another issue that goes around with players is the ranking system. The first time I battled, ( my strongest Pokémon was like 1100 ) I came up against some guy with a dragonite, a groudon and a tyranitar. To let players actually level up in the ranking system I suggest you fix that up. Overall though, it’s a great game and I recommend it for anyone into Pokémon..Version: 1.179.2

Absolutely amazing game butThis is my favourite game I have but the problem is it has started to lean towards gbl more then raids and catching Pokémon. Also there are a lack of pokestops in a few areas but other then that the game is fantastic, you can raid with your friends, trade with them and also it can help you Explore the outside world wich is uncommon in games. For example there might be a strong Pokémon at a pokestop showing a path, yeah you will catch or try to catch the Pokémon but you can also go down the track for yourself and explore. But another thing is that the game could do better with awareness for example removing dangerous places like a pokestop at the bottem of a steep mountain that can only be gotten to by climbing down the mountain but honestly it’s up to the “trainers” to be self aware. This game is amazing I definitely recommend it.Version: 0.247.1

Really Amazing Game but some issuesI really enjoy the game I normally play on the daily when I take my dog for a walk 2-3 times a day but it’s annoying because where I live there is only 2 gyms in my area and I wish there was more but it’s always the same someone will camp the pokestop and ruin the game for other players by taking out there pokemon instantly and leaving the gym white (no one has claimed it) and the will constantly do that but my main worry is can you pls add a feature where if you join a raid it will keep you in there permanently until the raid has ended because I was playing the other day and I got into a Lugia raid with 5 other people and 3 of them quit out of nowhere and then we finished the raid and I didn’t get the chance to catch it 😐 so I got really annoying and screamed till my throat hurt my mum said wth are you doing I explained to her and (she also plays pokemon but she’s a sweat at lv 48 😒) but anyway pls just add something so you can’t leave during a raid battle -Brayden :).Version: 1.183.1

Bugs and Accesibility flawsThe game is definitely fun but it’s pretty riddled with bugs, to the point where I usually have to restart the game twice or more a day to fix bugs. On top of that the online servers are pretty bad which is not good for a game that mostly revolves around them, although this problem is mainly when using the battle leagues. The other major problem with this game is that raids and gym battles usually require large groups to actually do, groups of at least 5 or so people and it’s pretty difficult to get a group of that size when your starting the game or if you don’t know anyone who plays it which kind of restricts beginners progressing in game. Bottom line is that the game has a really good idea and it’s still fun regardless but there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved..Version: 0.207.1

BEST PHONE GAME EVERThis game is so much fun! Catching new Pokemon, completing challenges, battling raids/gyms and your friends is just full of fun. And the community that this game builds is amazing sometimes I'll be walking to raid and I'll see a group of people headed in the same direction and I'll just join them and chat to them and we'll do raids together! No other game can bring people together like that! Also now to my favourite feature in the game which is shiny hunting, me and my friends will go out and just look for shinies and it's so much fun and is rewarding when you find one! DOWNLOAD POKÉMON GO NOW.Version: 1.123.1

Pokémon go during covidThe game has not handled it well. Many of us are in strict lockdown. Some can only leave the house once a day for a short walk a most. Yet raids are locked behind remote raid passes you have to pay for. Then there’s research and events which REQUIRE you to raid.... With no one able to leave their homes, you have to keep spending money on Remote raid passes which gets expensive. Especially for those who have lost their jobs. Very disappointed with how Niantic have handled this pandemic... not sure how long I’ll keep playing for if more support for the players isn't added.... it’s just seems greedy and disrespectful towards the players during the current state of the world.....Version: 1.149.0

Good game but has glitchesI love this game and play it all the time, but I am disappointed with some of the glitches it has. I was battling in a raid with a remote raid pass, and the game crashed so I lost the raid and still had to revive all of my pokémon when I didn’t even get a fair chance. Please fix this issue and give me my items back!.Version: 1.175.0

I want to be able to play when it needs an updateAwesome game love it to bits!! Annoying though when I’m only using 3G and I have to update to use it. No warnings at all so I can’t play till I get home to wifi. Annoying, but that’s the only flaw.Version: 1.119.0

Play Pokémon GO NOW!Pokémon GO was one of the most complained games before, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad now! One of the reasons I recommend to play is because everything in Pokémon GO is balanced: the gyms, micro transactions, raids. Before the game was boring and died out quite quickly was because of the unbalanced gyms and Niantic not putting out another generation or raids for almost another year! Niantic is keeping up with the game as well as Pokémon GO having Gen 5!The game also are trying to push out new legendaries, one of which is Giratina Origin And Giratina Altered Forms. Another reason why Pokémon is so good is this is what we wanted since the 90s. Have you ever wanted Pokémon to be real? Well Pokémon GO is the Alternative Method of doing so! Niantic is also including new updates weekly! I hope to see more from this game as this game absolutely broke my jaw!.Version: 1.123.1

GoodPokemon gotta catch em all.Version: 1.117.1

Solid Fun, MostlyI’ve been playing since release (on and off), and it’s a good way to pass the time if you’re out and about, exercising, or what have you. There are some basic quality of life features that the game could use, things such as being able to earn more than 50 coins from a Pokémon returning from holding a gym (no matter what, you can only get 50 per day, so if you have a Pokémon set at a gym and after 7 months it’s defeated and returned, you still only get 50. And that’s only if another hasn’t been returned to you that same day), as well as being unable to sell items back instead of just uselessly discarding them. It would make sense to be able to “sell” items similar to the way you can in actual Pokémon games for either in-game coins, Stardust or some type of currency. I could go on, but long story short is that it’s a fun, interactive little game that you can have a great time with. Anyone who is a fan of the franchise and either lives in or regularly travels to more populated areas would surely enjoy it. Sure, some of the quests can be nearly impossible to complete after a set amount of time (depending on your geographical location) but it’s worth picking up just to try out for a week or so..Version: 0.193.0

Great, but requires some fixesI’ve been playing for roughly 6 months now. My experience has been great, but there have been a few issues that have bugging me. 1) The speed limit is too low. Sometimes when I go on a jog the speed limit randomly pops up. I’ve asked others on reddit who also had this problem when they clearly haven’t passed 10km/h. 2) It’s too hard to get potions. With the addition of team rocket balloons, I’ve been in a lot more battles then usual. And as such, I used up all my potions. I live in a suburban area, but there aren’t any pokestops around me for a good distance. I’m about run out of revives and potions after fighting the team rocket leaders. There should be a new system where it’s easier to get potions, or that potions are rewards for field research quests. 3) There should be hairstyles and face shapes. This is purely for cosmetics, but there should be hairstyles and more customizations for face shape. This is as all trainers look basically the same. And if you ever do add these, I hope they aren’t behind a paywall. I understand you need to make money, but I don’t want to pay $10 for a different hairstyle..Version: 1.151.3

FantasticSuch a great way to get out and walk the streets. Really does help you get fit. I currently play when commuting and cover over 70k a week. It’s perfect as it makes boring commutes into a daily experience of challenges, beating gyms and team rocket, catching Pokémon etc. Some complain about region locked Pokemon! Yes there are certain Pokémon set to different regions. Yet without leaving my country, or trading, or spoofing; I have collected many farfetched and a few tauros! Some moan about the gyms, mainly a lot of newer players whom didn’t play when it was the old system which got abused by people especially spoofers. As the gyms didn’t have a limit and payed out coins faster, so the spoofers just took all the gyms and as soon as you took it back someone would take it back off you. Most of the times I was to only one at the gym! So don’t know who was taking it! 🤷‍♂️ This killed the game economy as it rewarded either those with homes close enough to gyms or spoofers, so they could just rack up coins. The new system maybe annoying at times with Pokémon away for a while. But Pokémon in multiple gyms can get you more coins over time as they gradually get knocked out of the gyms. They have added so much since release, more gens of Pokémon, battles (which is a really nice way of testing yourself against others), seasonal events, professor’s quests and so on. They believe and value their loyal fan base but also want to continue to grow it..Version: 1.169.1

Gotta catch ‘em all!I love this game! I’m a huge fan of Pokémon, and this game is a great Pokémon game. It’s really fun to play, even though my iPad doesn't work outside of the house. This game has given me loads of special memories, and one of them in particular makes me really happy. That was when there was an event, that there where several Pokémon you could get from trainer battles that you can’t usually get. I remember when I didn’t know this was on, and I clicked on “mystery Pokémon”. I was thinking that I wouldn’t get anything to good when… A WILD CHARIZARD APPERRED!!! I was like WHAT DA and ye. I called the charizard Flamey after the one I have in real life. (The real life one can mega evolve - with my help -into charizard x.) I was especially happy because charizard is my fav Pokémon EVER. I would definitely recommend this game to all players, especially the Pokémon fans. Come on! Download Pokémon go and have fun like I do!.Version: 0.199.0

A good game with some big issuesPokémon go was a huge craze to the world for the past years but now only are me and my friends getting into it I got the game about 3 months ago now and for the past month it’s been having issues These issues are not with the main game itself but more with the “go battle league” I commonly use it to farm the stardust item in the game usually every day to maximise the efficiency to get as much stardust as possible. Now for the past week-ish I’ve been having issues with the battles like, lagging, game crashing unexpectedly, screen freezing and glitching up giving the opponent a advantage to me But they where all minor issues Today was different, I was going on to do my battles but I was matching making for a battle and instantly when the game started It crashed my game! I went back on and it just didn’t let me battle didn’t let me on the battle menu at al just the back round if you where to win or lose at the end of the match. Not letting me battle at all, I do really hope this fixes on its own as I’ve spend 100s of hours on the game and most of them have been doing battles as it’s one of my favourite features of the game. Overall the game is good but it has some big issues with the battling system.Version: 1.165.0

Frequently Connection problem on the Battle SystemI love Pokémon Go and the new battle system is everything that we players expected since the beginning. It made the game finally reach a level that us, Pokémon fans, were wanting so much, making the game more than just a collection system but also a competitive game, so I’m thankful to Niantic for that. On the other hand the new battle system still has a lot of connection problems, and it’s not duel to the internet, which results in lost of the battle even that sometimes Is not able to join it, so it’s been hard to appreciate the battle system so far, hopefully once you guys correct those problems will make the game more enjoyable. Please fix it as soon as you guys can, cause I can’t wait to enjoy the battles :) ..Version: 0.131.0

Quality GameIt saddens me to see that Pokémon Go gets a lot of negativity from players. I’ve been playing since it was first released and I’ve literally had no issues with it. Yeah sometimes it’s glitchy and a bit slow, but Niantic have been quick to fix that and improve the game as soon as they could. They constantly bring out new features and events which keeps the thrill of the game high, they have also just brought out a few generation 4 Pokémon which is so exciting! The general game play is awesome and has been since day 1. I can’t wait to see where Pokémon Go goes because there’s so much more that they could do with it! I think it’s so good that it includes literally everyone and anyone of all ages, we all do Raids and go hunting for Pokémon together and it just brings the community together. We are constantly meeting new people as we go too! Don’t listen to the 1 star reviews, I am not entirely sure why everyone is so salty. It’s probably a bunch of young kids that are mad because they can’t catch every single Pokémon - if they could, it would ruin the fun and the whole point of the game. All in all, I really do love Pokémon go, the original Nintendo games will still always be better just because of the nostalgia. However maybe as the younger children play this game will be nostalgic for them in the following years to come..Version: 1.97.2

Very goodThis game is amazing and I’ve been playing it for at least three years. It wasn’t very good when it was released because all the same Pokémon always popped up but after all the updates it’s become incredible but I do have some advice to make the game better witch are I want it to have every single Pokémon including the Pokémon from Pokémon sword and shield. And also some ultra beasts like necrosma and many more legendary’s still aren’t in the game. It would also be better if it had better stuff in gifts from friends because it’s usually just 200 stardust and some Pokéballs. over all its brilliant and I highly recommend it. Will armoured mewtwo be coming back because I didn’t get the chance to get him. PS PLEASE try to get ultra beasts in the game🥺,AND keep the remote raid passes in the game! They are very useful..Version: 1.169.1

Pokémon, Pokémon ,Pokémon,...I’ve Loved Pokémon ever since I was 6, I remember thinking why Brock always had his eyes shut and I was always making new theories, and still am! But something I had always wished in my heart was... that Pokémon could be real! I bet most of you wish the same. So before Pokémon Go was released I was bored so I went on to the App Store and Searched up ‘Pokémon’ but just one game which had okay graphics came up (wasn’t Pokémon Go) but... it was for money and I didn’t want to pay money for a game I didn’t even know. One day my friend was on her phone Logging into Pokémon Go, I asked her “What’s that?” She immediately replied “Pokémon Go” then the Game that I had searched up earlier came up In my head, I asked “isn’t that for money?” She shook her head and said that it was for free. I didn’t believe her so I went into the App Store and searched up ‘Pokémon’ again, this time the first result was Pokémon Go! I installed it and found out how fun it was, NOTHING has made Pokémon so real for me like that before, Note: If you want Pokémon to be as real as possible download this app ❤️, if only there were a Pokémon emoji. 💔.Version: 1.59.1

I’m a 13 year old that thinks this game is awesomeI didn’t know what a Pokémon was until I heard a friend talk about this game so I got the game and I’ve been a Pokémon trainer ever sense the game is awesome but a trading and friend system is needed so you talk to friend in your contacts and trade Pokémon with friends to complete the Pokédex also at the start of the game you should be able to choose all the starters from gen 1, gen 2, gen 3 and so on and more ways to get pokecoins would be amazing thank you and keep up the good work niantic P.S legendarys are really hard to battle and I missed my favorite legend already mewtwo and I want to catch rayquaza so please could you guys make it a bit easier so I catch my first legendary.Version: 1.61.2

Rural playing out of townThe game gets boring if you can’t play it out of town or your not close enuf to a raid should have something we’re you can find hidden Pokémon near your area were there’s no raids or pokes stop or you can mark your own home base n build your own house or gym ect we’re your Pokémon you catch are in your own home that you built and they can level up or you feed them n study them to make them stronger ect and other players can visit you if they on your Friends list.Version: 0.199.0

Wow I’m hooked!!!!Fantastic game , I am a huge critic and it took a lot to be convinced to play this game but once I started I have been unable to go a day without it!!! There is so much to this game if you choose to play more strategically or you can just go out and have fun. We go out as a family on the Pokémon hunt and get together with others to do raid battles it’s so well designed in so many ways! Thanks Niantic really is amazing and very appreciated by all of my family 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🏆🥇🏆🥇.Version: 1.135.0

Im back again!I started playing when it first came out. And I loved it. As an avid fan of Pokemon I was so excited about this game.. I was one of those people who used to drive around and stop by places just to catch pokemon. I experienced running within a crowd of people trying to catch some rare pokemons out in the street. But then I suddenly lost interest probably after 6 months as it became repetitive. The game became boring. I think people lost interest because the updates and the release of new gen pokemons took forever to happen. But then when I found out that they released gen 2 pokemons my interest came back and up until now i am still playing. All my friends lost interest but im back! I hope that the makers of the game will be able to release gen 3 and 4 soon...Version: 1.53.2

The Best Mobile Game Ever!I started playing this in the Summer of 2020, and my love for this game has not changed since! Levelling up Pokèmon can be a bit expensive (in stardust, and sometimes the candies of the Pokèmon you are powering up!) but isn't that basically the whole point? Of course, why would any game company (Niantic on this occasion) make a game that was easy to finish within a few days? Pokèmon GO is just one of those games that can become a bit lengthy… I myself have been playing this game for nearly 2 years, and I am only on Level 33! I started to stop using Stardust as i was constantly poor, only at about a few thousand at a time, and Stardust isn't easy to get hold of! (Unless you compete in 3 Raids a day). Once you have enough of Candies/Stardust, it disappears like water down a drain. But, yet again, this links back to making the game lengthy! This fact doesn’t bother me though, as I like to play games that take a long time to finish! Overall, I recommend Pokèmon GO to all ages, (if you can understand how this works!) and if you ever come across this game, just take a minute to try it and see if it is one you enjoy!.Version: 0.191.3

Get this now!!!!This game is probably my most played game that I’ve ever got and u should definitely ignore everyone who said not to buy this. I even encouraged one of my mates to play for a day and he ended up playing for about 2 years! I haven’t encountered anyone who dislikes this game and I am a very social person, so that is about 40 people! They commonly update the game and they evenly balance out the candy u need for good evolutions. The newly added mega pokemon really gave the game new life because now even people with low cp pokemon can have a chance to get a mega, which is very thoughtful to the early players. But I have been playing the game for a while now and I have noticed some problems with it, like if u have bad connection and tap on a gym or pokemon or something u will be stuck in your position and you won’t be able to actually catch the pokemon. But overall, I will probably still be playing this in the apocalypse, so please support and get this game..Version: 1.153.2

This game has come very farI’ve been playing this game since week 1. There was a month of 2 when I had it deleted because I wasn’t playing it, but when gen 3 was added I came right back. I’ve spent a good hundred dollars on this game, and I really only have 1 complaint in the dinosaur of video game perfection. I just wish Mega Evolution was better. Anyway, the way they have adapted into making play from hone easier is really nice, so people don’t risk getting sick. If you look back at the beginning of the game, you can really tell it’s growth. Research, buddies, friends, trainer battles, Team Rocket, shinies, and even legendaries weren’t even in the game at launch, and now we (almost) have 5 ENTIRE GENERATIONS with a read of gen 6. Research has been a really fun time killer when I’m bored, and the fact that Pokémon constantly spawn make it even nicer and a continuous adventure. Looking back, I feel so dumb taking a break from the game, even if it was only for 2 months. Anyone could get a blast out of it, and it’s a great way to drop a couple of pounds even if you’re only going out once a day! A lot of people got it at the start and quit a few weeks/months. If your one of those people, definitely check this game out again! This game has come so far, and I can’t wait to see how much it grows in the future!.Version: 1.151.3

Amazing but....I first downloaded Pokémon go when the hype came about and I was hooked instantly but unfortunately i ended up deleting it for other games but just a few months ago I re-downloaded the game and was taken bad at the amazing improvements to the game and I am so happy with it and have being planing more then before but, my wonky issue with the game is the trading I accidentally traded 2 of my favourite Pokémon to my boyfriend and I can’t get them back and it’s heartbreaking for me as I only had those 2 Pokémon and haven’t been able to get any like them I just wish he could trade them back with me but the game doesn’t allow it I would really appreciate it if it could be implemented in the game if there was a way to gain back previously traded Pokémon I don’t even care for the candies I just wish I could have my favorite Pokémon back xXx.Version: 1.169.1

Best game everAlmost. I love the new trading and friend system, this has been one of my favorite games over the last couple years. But I think that you guys should add a chat system to organize raids better. It could be like a messaging system between friends only so that way there no trouble with stalking or anything negative like that but it would make it easier to organize raid parties without having to download a third party app like WhatsApp which requires you to let everyone know your phone number. Also it would be great to be able to buy great or ultra balls from the shop as well. I walked at a park near me for about 30 miles and caught every Pokémon that appeared. By the end of the walk I only received about 40 ultra balls and 50 great balls which sounds great until you consider that I walked for 9 hours. I received plenty of regular poke balls though(over 250 to be exact). One last note, I live in Miami and there are plenty of places to go play Pokémon go but sometimes I wish I could just walk around my area without having to travel to play. There’s plenty of things that could be pokestops near me but just aren’t. There are 2 churches on my corner that don’t have pokestops. Right across the street there is a building with a cool design that could be a pokestops but I refuse to download ingress just to request pokestops..Version: 1.79.2

Why I like it and why I don’t and suggestionsSo I like It because it’s fun and active but I don’t like it because for me it loads very slow I suggest maybe you can make it so there’s an option if you want a poke stop in your house so if you have a cold you can just go to where the poke stop is in your house and it will be easier do and can there be settings and if they say yes they want a poke stop in there house than you can put it anywhere you want in there house it’ll be in settings incase they change there mind but if they say no than it will not happen and it will be in settings incase they change there mind but anyway i LOVE POKÉMON GO! it’s awesome this is a add on for you it will only be visible to the people who live in that house.Version: 1.87.3

This is what we dreamed of as kidsIgnore the nay sayers, the ones who complain about the odd (and very occasional) bug. Forget those that complain about the temporary pixelated nostalgia, it was a cool temporary addition is all. Don’t bother acknowledging the ones who whine about missing events because they didn’t take the time to read the news update when it popped on screen. This game is a MASTERPIECE in its own right. No, it’s unlike any Pokemon game on console, if that’s what you’re after, go buy a DS and a back catalogue of games. This is a game that has constantly updated to keep it fresh but accessible to new players. The inclusion of missions, the revolution of gyms and raid battles only add to the charm. This is a game I couldn’t have imagined possible plugging Pokemon Red into my game boy over 20 years ago. Actively walking around the physical world, searching for different element type Pokemon during varying weathers was something that was restricted to day dreams. Not only that but it’s made millions across the globe more active, going outside instead of sitting in front of a screen in a room and its social too. I’ve had innumerable encounters with people I’ve never met before where I’ve joined with them to take on raids or gym battles. In all, this is an incredible game and if you’ve not played it yet, give it a go. What’s the harm..Version: 1.75.0

AWESOME!First off, it’s a GREAT game!! You have so much to do! You have tasks/challenges and you get rewards from them like, poké balls(to catch Pokémon and some are regulars poké balls and some are Great balls and others are Ultra balls), potions to heal your Pokémon after a battle and more cool stuff! My favorite is the Pokémon reward where a Pokémon will appear and it’s usually good that you can catch! You can also Battle your friends and Team Rocket which if you win the battle of Team Rocket you can get one of their Pokémon and it will be a shadow! (Only if you catch it) it also has purple fire/fog around the Pokémon from team Rocket. I love how there is so much to do! Create tags, have a buddy (Mine is Squirtle ofc) and when they walk with you they can collect candy and when you collect enough candy for one Pokémon you can evolve it and make it better! You can also customize your avatar. Every day you could send a gift to your friends (You get them from Poké stops) (don’t worry they can send them too!), and you could also trade your friends and battle them! One thing I dislike (It’s not bad it’s fine) is when the weather is wrong even tho they could be using predictions from weather apps (which aren’t always right) but otherwise it’s…. THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!! (Get it!).Version: 1.179.0

Great game but.....I have been playing this game since launch and I have to say that I am impressed. A FANTASTIC idea I have come up with is that their should be a multiplayer mode. Similar to Snapchat map, you can share your location and in a tab you would be able to see popular places NEAR YOU full of good Pokemon. You could have it on a wide player scale or just have friends you can share to. Either way it would be very cool and overall an awesome update. One bug I had stumbled upon was a white screen in VR mode even when I clearly selected no VR. I looked on google and to my surprise a reddit user helped me. He said to allow VR mode on the app and turn camera on from settings and then try and encounter a Pokemon. Then in the top left (or right) of your screen a toggle for AR mode is visible. Turn it off and you should be put onto the normal view. Then turn camera off in the settings.Version: 1.119.0

5 starsSo much fun for Pokémon enthusiast like me I love the game so much.Version: 0.201.0

Addicting game, I just got a request.I love the game so much. I got it a while back, but due to losing my account information I couldn’t retrieve anything from it. But it was okay, because I was still a sort of low level. I love that you can customize your character creation and walk around the map finding locations of places and poke. I just ask that there are more available options in customization. I kinda want more hairstyle options. I feel like having a unique character sets a more attractive mood in the Pokémon world. In the anime/cartoon, characters were distinguished by their hair shapes, eyes shapes, and what they wore...Oh and their colors! If the developer doesn’t have time for that, maybe finding a way for a creator mode where those who sign up for it can create hairstyles(or other mod creations) for other players across the world. You can even have the creator mode set up where they pay for that kind of vip section, it may boost your product, who knows. Whatever you do and however you find, I really just want a different hairstyle 😓. That’s it for now! I recommend this game to everyone! It is fun and addicting! Also helps your motivation for walking outside more and exploring the world..Version: 1.127.0

A great game for any Pokémon fan! So long that you live in a populated area and have friends...I’ve been a huge fan of Pokémon for over a decade now and Pokémon GO was like a dream come true for me. It’s so much fun to just get outside into the wilderness and search for Pokémon! However, there’s a few issues, and not particularly the technical kind. I live in a somewhat urban area and it’s near impossible to find Pokémon. Sure a weedle or pigey may appear from time to time but that’s it. Unless you have an insense, it’s hopeless. This issue defeats the whole purpose of “go out in the wild to find Pokémon” when the ACTUAL wild is barren of them. Getting items and resources also becomes a problem because guess what? There’s no poke-stops when you live in the middle of nowhere. The next issue comes with raids. When you reach a certain level, you’re able to fight powerful Pokémon and occasionally legendaries! But the whole idea is that you need a group to do it. So if you don’t have at least 4 other people to take time out of their day to join you, you’re soft-locked into being without the ability to take on stronger Pokémon. Maybe I’m just being too harsh, again I LOVE this game. I’m hoping that with maybe the Alola or Galar update, they’ll make more wilderness filled areas have more Pokémon..Version: 1.165.0

Notice before updatingIt would be nice if we were given a few days notice, maybe 3 or 4, that the game is going to update. It’s kind of annoying when I turn on my data to play, only to face the screen telling me to update to continue. I would prefer to update it via wifi, not using data. Otherwise it’s great, had no issues other than it freezing once i close and then reopen it, which means I just have to clear the active apps and then reopen it..Version: 1.71.1

THIS GAME IS MY LIFE!!!Pokemon GO is an amazing opportunity to have fantasy dreams become a reality the weather is on point and the graphics are excellent the variety of Pokemon’s are unreal there is so many Pokémon I have been playing Pokemon GO Fore 3 hearts and I’m still finding new Pokemon every day! The items aren’t expensive and even if u don’t have out door data you can buy a sense which lures in Pokemon of many types with a variety of levels and sounds and they with come straight to you I really recommend this game as you can see the reviews are exactly how they should be and most people have put a five star rating so that shows how excellent this game is also it’s for free a game like this for free if you haven’t downloaded this game yet I would now and for one second actually appreciate the fact this game is for free this game has gotten so far and super popular nearly everyone has this game well I’d expect so I give this a five out of five star ratings hope this review helps I spent a lot of effort and time to write as you can see thank you to natanic! Best game ever.Version: 1.127.0

Good game but...So this game is fun and if u like Pokémon and taking walks outside then I strongly recommend this game to you. Also I have a suggestion that I know many many people want in the game, and that suggestion is that in the thing where you check the nearby raids and Pokémon, I suggest you put some sort of indicator next to each nearby raid so people can see how many people are currently queuing up for a raid so that that way you don’t have to check how many people are queuing up for a raid by tapping on a raid because in my opinion that is too time consuming and this suggestion would make it much easier and I know a lot of people also want this in the game..Version: 1.157.2

Really great gameI have been playing Pokémon for a year and it has been epic!!! It actually feels really safe and has introduced me to the world of Pokémon! And by playing every day, I basically have the entire Pokédex engraved in my head!!! This game has got me through some hard times and has never disappointed me! It encouraged me to go outside more to catch Pokémon and warns me to check my surroundings and if I’m in the car, and if it thinks I’m the driver then it notifies me to slow down and focus on the road. Like most games, it has a few glitches, but instead it just crashes usually for me but that’s because my phone is really bad!!! The team is great because once I accidentally bought something so I asked if I can make a return and in about 24hrs they would’ve sorted it!!! Cudos for this amazing game!!!!.Version: 0.191.2

Forgot my passwordSo I haven’t played in a long time and it was like for 5-7 days. When I came back to Pokémon go I saw that I was signed out of the account for no reason so I was confused. I tried signing back in but it didn’t work so I tried again on other accounts but still it didn’t work. Please help me get my account back..Version: 0.203.0

Some future ideasI find that overall this is a great game but I believe it would help with a few minor tweaks. Firstly to be able to have more than one free raid pass that has been collected in the trainers bag (possibility with a max of 5 passes?, currently only 1 is allowed). Secondly reward more than one free pass per day to trainers above a certain level (ie say 2 free pass above level 30 and 3 above 35). Thirdly to lower the price of the bag and Pokemon storage upgrade (150 coins) because to be truthfully a trainer needs a minimum of 4 days to be able at the present moment to buy one of these 2 upgrades. This would be more difficult in an area of high gym team changes and might be able to receive a fraction of the daily limit of 50. This would therefore take more days to achieve an upgrade of either the bag or storage. To conclude, over all the is a great game and fun one. Good job until now Niantic..Version: 1.73.3

This Game Is Great!!I LOVE this game and have been playing since summer of 2017 and it’s PERFECT for anyone looking for a game to play on the go. You don’t have to walk around to Cat In hell they have a hell of a lot of challa bread something you can just open the app at home and see what’s around or while your on a train to work. You Can Play Anytime, Anywhere. A few suggestions would be to make the game more accessible to people who don’t go outside as much? Maybe like a mode in game that you can play a Pokemon game in the art style of Pokemon go where the mode would have its own account and you can walk freely? Idk but also please make the game more social? Like maybe in game messaging friends or maybe show friends on your radar only if nearby though cuz otherwise it would be hella creepy and that’s all five star game would recommend -BooperDooper747.Version: 1.115.1

More Things To Do AloneIf you’re in a rural area then you can’t do as many raids as others, so the only thing to really do is battling. But when you reach the maximum battle cap then you can’t do anything. Please add something to make it more fun for rural players or at least raise the number of maximum battles. Other than that, amazing app..Version: 0.197.1

Amazing but fix poke coin pricesThis is an amazing game and I absolutely love it but there’s one thing that really annoys me. When purchasing poke coins which is an in game currency, you can buy 100 for $0.99 but then the next amount you can purchase instead of having to buy heaps of $0.99 ones is 550 poke coins but it’s costs $8.00?!?! You could just by 8 $0.99 ones and you can get 800 rather than 550 and it’s the same with the next amounts you can buy. It’s just a massive rip off so I really hope they make it worth it to buy poke coins in bulk and maybe make it a discount when buying bulk like $7 for 800 to encourage people to buy in bulk. Apart from this I love this game :).Version: 1.161.2

The best game everThis game is so so amazing! You can catch Pokémon,battle with Pokémon and even evolve them as you get better at the game. My favourite thing about the game is trading your Pokémon with your friends to get ones you dont have. How I got good at the game is I walked around my neighbourhood on a mishion to catch and evolve my pokemon The game is completely free to:).Version: 0.257.0

The best Pokémon game EVER! Nothing beats itIgnore these bad reviews! This is the best game out and it’s also a lot of fun to play with friends. Sure it will cost you money if you get into it but what hobby doesn’t. Niantic arnt cheap with their prices but you can still make 50 coins a day without spending any money. If you like shiny Pokémon this is the game. With base rates of 1/500 and on event days shiny Pokémon rates drop to 1/50 or 1/24. I love it so much and yes it’s very addictive. But so satisfying when you get a good team to battle in the league against other players. Trading Pokémon is expensive as the game encourages you to build up friendship by sending gifts to your friends. There’s so much to learn with this game about all all the Pokémon and you can catch pretty much all the Pokémon out right now, minus about 200 but more than any other game in the series. Catch your favourite legendaries in raids that change every week or so. You can find ways to get invited to raids filled with people. Amazing!.Version: 0.251.2

8Bit = MigrainesLove the app. Always had. Unfortunately am going to have to stop playing until the 8Bit leaves. As it’s giving me migraines. I actually can’t play anymore which is upsetting. Other than that? Would love to see trading come in soon, enjoying the quests, also making friends on the app would be fun also. Love the new charges you can add to upgrade Pokemon though..Version: 1.67.2

Can’t even get in.I can’t judge this game. Literally. I play in a tablet, and I want to play it. But guess what? I can’t even make an account! It’s impossible. I pressed make an account, put my age in, did everything and what do I see? 403 error. Try put another age in, younger than I actually am. WHAT DO I SEE? Add your parents email. But guess what? I added my email, and It took me through it AGIAIN. Please fix this, I want to see the buzz of Pokémon..Version: 1.161.0

Go Battle League CRASHESGo Battle League crashes multiple times every 10 minutes if. It’s frustrating cause I could be winning a battle then it crashes. I lose a battle round and can’t get all the rewards in that level. Also frustrating because the app takes half a minute to open or reopen. Also please make revives more easily available. People who love rurally don’t have access to many or any Pokestops. I won’t spend money to be able to battle..Version: 1.153.2

Amazing gameI started playing Pokemon Go again during lockdown (unfortunately I forgot my previous account so I had to start over) and it has been amazing! The game lets you figure out a lot of things yourself and basically just leaves you to get on with it which is great :) It also doesn’t bombard you with tasks to complete (they have them but they are in no way compulsory to move on in the game) or random notifications like some other apps do, which is great. It also encourages you to get out of the house and find new Pokemon, and some of them are really cute. It was magikarp day a few days ago, and this was amazing, as you need to catch lots of magikarps to evolve them and power them up and they are usually quite hard to find (especially in London) in the wild. So overall this is an amazing game with barely any glitches, although like all apps they do happen sometimes. The most annoying one for me is when I use a remote raid pass (worth 100 coins) and then occasionally the app crashes and I lose my raid pass completely. I personally find it hard to collect coins and therefore it can take me a while to save up to buy a remote raid pass. However this has only happened a few times and it doesn’t really bother me (I can see how it would bother someone else though, so if you see this I think this is definitely something worth fixing or at least giving the raid pass back :) ).Version: 1.149.0

The game is great apart from one thingSo I’ve been playing Pokemon go since 2019. I unfortunately lost my old account so I had to start a new one in 2020 when I started playing the game and it was definitely worth it. I’m currently at 22 shinies with about 5 legendaries and everything is going well apart from 1 thing. The daily coin cap. I know having a cap on how many coins you can get in one day is necessary but only being able to get 50 in one day is ridiculous. I’ve been stuck at 400 Pokemon and 350 items for ages now due to people botting all the gyms near me, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m now on holiday and I have multiple gyms near me and I’ve put a Pokemon in each gym which is good except for the fact I can only get 50 coins. I’ve gotten about 130 coins today but due to the cap I’ve really only gotten 50. I think you should at least increase the cap to 100. Sincerely, Anonymous.Version: 0.251.0

I love this game, can we make it even better?This has been a great game since the beginning! Never before have we had a game that encouraged people to get out and meet people in the real world with the same love for Pokémon. The best part is Niantic really does care about their players and listens to the feedback given from their loyal players. The new changes have been great keeping older players such as myself actively playing yet I’ve felt like since the beginning there has been a key element that has been missing. In the original Game Boy games when you tried to catch a Pokémon you had to fight it with one of your own Pokémon and each Pokémon had up to 3 or 4 attacks that you could pick from. Less tapping the screen continuously and more strategizing your next move. I was reading the reviews and I agree that there needs to be a chat with your friend group so you can coordinate raids rather than using facebook chat groups. I honestly don’t struggle with poke balls but more with potions since I battle a lot I am always healing my Pokémon and always have a huge amount of Pokémon I can’t revive due to the low amounts of potions that are more frequently getting distributed as gifts from raids or friends. Also can we make dodging work in battles? It’s an underutilized addition that doesn’t appear to help with battling..Version: 1.157.2

Actually a really good gameSee, I started on July 17, 2016 and I’m still playing it. The pvp battles that were added in are an easy way to gat rare items and cool pokemon. There are also five generations of Pokémon in game so there is a lot of variety with Pokémon. The updates during corona make it easier to play without going outside so that makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. And I’m not sure if this helps but the 3D models make good drawing references for me. I’m a long time Pokémon fan and have been playing since 2001. I really don’t understand the critical reviews. I think that this game is simple to understand and good for all ages. You can also get motivated to exercise with this app. The game has good graphics too. My only complaint is that many people are hacking the game. I think that a game that is still receiving updates in 2020 should be harder to hack into. Also there may be daily gift boxes that give you pokeballs but some of us don’t have many Pokestops around their homes so we don’t have much accessibility to pokeballs. Even so, it’s a good overall pokemon game and I would recommend it to many. Thank you for taking your time to read my review by the way. 4 stars for me! But please stop asking for Pokémon that haven’t been added in yet to be added in. Gen 6 along with greninja will be added Later. Thank you again..Version: 1.145.2

Playing PokémonHello. Wow what an amazing game Pokemon go is. I have been able to get out and see some new places and make a lot of new friends. Walking around parks playing Pokémon has helped with my siatica nerv ( not sure if I spelled that right lol ) even getting my 63 year old Mum out playing to. I was just wondering how does the trainer club work. I use the same email for both Pokémon go and the trainer club. Is it allowed to be signed into one on my phone and the other on my tablet or is that a type of cheating. I don’t won’t to cause a issue that gets me band. Any information as how it work/ or best way to play both would be great 👍 thanks again for an amazing game and look forward to new events and new Pokémon.Version: 1.61.2

Good addition to the Pokémon franchiseI’ve been a player of Pokémon GO since about a month after the game came out and I still play the game on a daily basis. Lots of new features and quality of life updates have been added over the years which make the game more fun and enjoyable. Some examples being trading Pokémon, raid battles and PvP. Niantic didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they released this game. They were a small AR technology company that created a small indie game called Ingress. Their lack of knowledge in the games industry shows with some of the blunders they’ve made in the past and lack of communication with the playerbase. However they’ve became better at this and grown as a company over the years since. There are still occasional bugs and crashes that you might encounter within the game but with their in-game support centre, you can usually resolve your problems fairly easy or get refunds for in-game items lost due to no fault of your own. With the somewhat recent addition of Pokemon GO’s integration with Pokémon Home, it is now very easy to transfer your Pokémon caught in game to your main series game like Sword and Shield. Making the incentive to “get up and GO” all the more alluring. I’d give the game overall a solid 9/10 or 4/5..Version: 1.171.0

I do love this game, but…So don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore this game and I play it a lot! It’s just the fact that I’ve been logged out of my accounts twice now. I used to have a shared Pokémon account with my mum, we had a lot of progress, but then we stopped playing it for a while. When we went back on it though, we had of course been logged out. We remembered the email and password so we tried getting back in, but it said that we couldn’t for some reason? It was nothing big so we kind of just forgot about it and I made a new account, But that’s only the first time. I opened up the Pokémon app and expected things to be normal, but it had signed me out for some reason. I was thinking to myself “No biggie! I can remember the email and password.” So I tried logging back in to my account, only to find that it wouldn’t let me into my account. Again, I do love this game and could ask nothing more of it, but it’s simply a shame that two of my accounts, both with a lot of progress, have been lost. I understand if this cannot be fixed but I just thought I would leave this review as a small warning about this! Thank you..Version: 0.257.0

Please fixGreat game but when i hit 12 excellents out of 14 balls in a legendary raid please let me catch it.Version: 1.149.0

The game has really grownI remember when the game came out 2 years ago. It was rough around the edges at best. It was the first of its kind and was revolutionary but crashed often, servers struggled, and to path to being the best wasn’t strait forward. The game was good at keeping you active but that was about it at the start. I remember a year ago it started getting better in terms of crashing, but still the encounter rate of certain Pokémon made it seem like they actually weren’t in the game. All you could find were pidgeys and rattatas. When the legendary raids came out a spark of life struck the game but there was still a lot of room for improvement. Now it’s September 2018 and the game has grown so much. There are a lot more Pokémon, and I encounter rare ones periodically rather than never. I enjoyed the Chikorita community day earlier today as well. A crowded university with hundreds of people all doing the same thing was really fun! I crashed a few times but overall the game is a lot sturdier than it used to be, at least on the iPhone. I feel like Niantic is actually taking our worries into consideration to a certain extent. I hope the game continues to go in the right direction. With all said and done I consider the current Pokémon go 5/5..Version: 1.89.2

Really thankful, this game has helped me a tonDuring lockdown I had developed social anxiety and even just going outside for walks was a struggle especially since working from home. I had re-downloaded Pokémon Go just to motivate myself to go walk more and distract myself … and I have I have been more active than ever and quite regularly do 10 k steps which was a huge personal goal of mine (especially on community days) but not only that I have been able to connect with other Pokémon go players and have fun in person raiding, which was really huge for me. I went from staying in my apartment even on weekends to exploring new places in my city and meeting the Pokémon go community. Thank you for helping me in more ways than one, it’s definitely made a positive impact for me far beyond than just a gaming app ❤️.Version: 0.255.2

Great game but very annoying yet also very addictiveI love Pokémon go and have been playing since like 2016, it gives me something to do on a family walk and I love the events (community days, raid days…) but there are also things I hate. Like when you finish a raid for a legendary and have killed several of my Pokémon and then it doesn’t actually let you have the Pokémon and it flees or when it showed me a shiny shadow Pokémon twice in a row and didn’t let me catch either of them despite getting several excellent throws. Basically don’t get the game if you don’t want to get addicted, because I can almost guarantee it! You’ll will problem end up deleting it and throwing your phone in frustration (make sure to get a screen protector) and you will hate this game so much but also love it at the same time. But despite how much I hate this game, I will still play it every day of the year. Because it’s a game that never gets old, there are new exciting updates at least once a month..Version: 0.257.1

It s very addicting but needs more improvements!This game is fun and it is good exercise, although it is extremely frustrating to try find a Shiny Pokémon. They need to add more Pokémon to raids for example: Mega Lucario, and Gardivoir. I feel like I sometimes waste money on PokéCoins because I buy one raid pass for 100 PokéCoins, and i lose to a raid. I think they should give us 1 - 2 Raidpasses, per day. And I do t understand why you have to buy pokéballs just to catch Pokémon, you could just go to a PokéStop and get PokéBalls. Every time you discover a new Pokémon, you should get 12,000 Xp. If your Pokémon has been defeated, they should heal automatically. I love Pokémon go but that’s all I had to say. Have a good day!.Version: 1.169.1

Awesome but I have problemsI’m an og player from as you would know 2016 and I love the game but I have my fair share of problems for example: charmander is a ton rarer to find than all the other starter Pokémon along with Treeko and snivy, as in I have never seen an snivy or charmander in the wild and have only received a Charmeleon in a rocket raid and charmander from an egg an my starter. I’m also in a raid predicament and don’t know why but in raid battles it shows me knocking the boss out single handedly and then knocks out my whole battle party and a few random Pokémon. And I’d like to add to this with another problem I nearly never receive potions of any variety from Pokéstops and gifts and this is a huge problem putting the fact that doing raids knock out u bunch of my Pokémon for no reason. But is still love the game. Also please add a feature to trade/sell items and a candy trading system.Version: 1.137.3

Great, but still missing some stuffI played this game on and off since it first came out in 2016. And while I think it’s a solid game, it’s still missing out on some things. There’s still really poor rural and suburban representation in Pokémon go, especially in regards to raids and pokestops. I understand if raids have to take place in towns, but it wouldn’t hurt to have at least some amount of pokestops near communities. I live near a local park and there are zero pokestops there. I understand that there’s an option to create pokestops indirectly through another Niantic game, Ingress, but from my experience that game isn’t properly optimized for newer iPhones, and the base-building system is clunky and tedious. It would make more sense for Pokémon GO players to create new pokestops in gardens and parks, so that they can more easily play the game away from the city or towns. Another minor complaint is the sound. What was the deal with the sudden degrade in sound quality? Was that for saving battery life? Another good thing to add would be to battle other players’ Pokémon directly, instead of going to a raid or a gym and battling their Pokémon there. Niantic still needs to realize that not all of their player base is willing to drive 10 miles to go catch and see Pokémon. If these issues would be fixed this game would be 5 stars..Version: 1.75.1

I love it but more features pleaseI love the game but the hair styles we don’t have any plats, buns, out hair, short hair for girls long hair for boys the selection it terrible with the hair. I love the new buddy feature and their adorable but I’d love some more features to play with them and have a button to tech them tricks like a pet. And I hope we can maybe get another team like a team rocket so the have to try and take over stops and they have to battle good Pokémon and turn them dark and gyms they try to take over the gyms and their colour purple or black and they can still catch Pokémon but they will go dark. Other than that I’m obsessed with Pokémon go I love the Pokémon everything about it! 🤩.Version: 0.131.0

Fun game. Great progress. still work to doI just recently got back into this game. I played for months upon its original release and while it was fun it got stale fast with no battling an lack of regions. Since then battles have been added the research feature with tasks is nice. All the regions an Pokémon with them. Raids are awesome. Overall great work to this developing team. The things I think that could make this better something I think would make this game much better is. Since you can have a buddy Pokémon why not let us battle wild Pokémon. You could make it give one candy of said defeated wild Pokémon is given if u beat it. An keep the 3 candy for catching. Then make the buddy that defeats the Pokémon either gain stardust. Or have some kind of system where u gain a separate type of xp for a new move to teach. Like the actual games. After you win so many wild Pokémon battles it gives you the option to teach it a new basic attack. Being able to battle the wild Pokémon would make this game way better. An even make it easier harder to catch wild Pokémon like the actual game. Plus it actually lets you use your buddy rather than having it aimlessly follow u around an every now an again give u an item. If that could be added this game is 5 stars easy..Version: 1.185.0

Innovative and AdaptivePokémon has been a staple of my childhood; so needless to say, I had very high hopes when Niantic brought Pokémon Go to us. At the start of its conception the game has been captivating and engaging in a whole new way with today’s technology. Though lacking aspects from the original game such as battling others or fighting a great evil like Team Rocket, Niantic has continuously evolved the app, actively listening to its fan base to make a Pokémon game that resembles the original more and more closely. Admittedly I was only slightly disappointed by how limited the game was first starting out, so I dropped it for a year. When I started playing it again with friends later, I was shocked and impressed by how far the game has come in its innovations and adaptivity, bringing 1 on 1 battles to the table in a variety of league settings, constantly sending out news letters to its players in order to stay up to date with Pokémon events happening from week to week, creating Raid Hours and Community Days, allowing invites to Raids, battling Team Rocket, and so much more! If you thought the game was lacking from the start, I strongly encourage you to pick it up again and see what it has become today. I look forward to Niantic’s journey for this game with great anticipation.Version: 1.149.0

So fun!I am loving Pokémon Go! I tried it when it first came out and then after a couple of months I lost interest. I’m currently rewatching the Pokémon tv series and got into playing Pokémon Go again and I love the changes and additions to the game since then. I just wish there were more “things” (i.e. Pokémon, gyms, stops) in the suburbs as I rarely go into town. And I wish I could switch my buddy without losing progress, but I’m probably dreaming on that one..Version: 1.109.0

Battle before you catch every PokemonSince playing the game I’ve been watching all of The Pokémon series from the beginning and in the very first episode ash tried to catch a weedle and the pokeball doesn’t work because he hasn’t weekends the Pokemon first.. I feel this is one of the biggest flaws in the game to be like the real Pokemon and I feel it should be changed so that the experience is more realistic for the players to truly become a champion! Also I think you’re Pokemon should power up a little bit after you use them in a battle, not by much but overtime it levels up, like after 5 battles with your charmander it powers up, like in the series when ashes charmander battles all of those executors he gets stronger and even evolves into charmeleon, I think this would make the game so much better and more into the actual Pokemon experience! I hope you take these ideas into thought and use them in some way.Version: 1.127.1

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