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FIFA Soccer for Positive User Reviews

Please change some thingsThis is a great game but there are some small problems that aggravate me quite a bit. First, in vs. attack, please take out counter attack those are kind of stupid because even if u block it sometimes it will say that they scored because it is just bots. Also, in vs. attack, make it to where we face people based on rating not fans because when we go off of fans, there are poor 82 overall teams that have to go against 90+ overall teams and that is just not fair. Next, some people spend money on this game for some things that they really want to have and then at the end of the season they just get all of it erased to start over and spend a whole other year of work on this game and then it all gets wiped again, DEFINITELY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ONE. Last, on the Griezmann event there are bonus players, we should not have to spend so much to get those players when we can get the first one for free, just make the challenges a little harder for the bonus players because I don’t think anyone should be about to spend 1000 fifa points and extra coins just to get a overall 80 player. This game is fun but please make these slight adjustments..Version: 10.6.00

Pretty goodIt’s a good game and new content is released very consistently but I just don’t know why they haven’t made the game controller supported. It would make the game a lot better and make it a lot more fun and realistic..Version: 17.1.01

FIFA REVIEWWth is this game. It’s fun and everything but I spend hours and hours playing and grinding to get nothing this isn’t fair I wish you could play with controller and if the was carrear mode and the overall was based on actual fifa. Keep this in mind that purchases need to be much cheaper. Also I love the game but it gets me upset that I have to open a UCL player box 8 times for a player and out of those 8 times not a single player above 90 my highest overall player was a 89 Phil Foden don’t get me wrong it a cool player but after all these years and money I’ve spent on this game (I’ve been playing fifa since Fifa 12 and I’ve spent over 300 on micro transactions) it just disappoints me that I can’t receive better odds or luck. You probably don’t care about what I’m saying but overall love the game and please fix the graphics 😂👍 also when I was younger I would play fifa 16 on my iPad it would be the same thing as fifa 16 same soundtracks same color scheme and same game modes / events I have a nostalgic feeling thinking about that please bring it back if the community agrees do packs but please lower the price by at least 15% I understand this company needs money to carry out their new ideas but would you prefer to have 5 people giving you 100 dollars each (500) or 10 people giving you 75 dollars each (750).Version: 14.3.0

GoalkeepersI’m liking that you don’t have to get points exclusively for goalkeepers, but it’s a bit harder to get elite players. I have high expectations for game quality and this exceeds expectation. Loving the game, though may I just ask that you update it to make it that you can save the game and play offline? Thank you for giving a great experience..Version: 13.0.09

Awesome!This game is so amazing I love playing it. I have one suggestion. I know we already have campaign but it would be cool if you could add like a career mode where you get to choose what team you want to play for. Say I wanted to play for Manchester City, it could randomly give fixtures with other teams from the same league. Just an idea. Again, great game. Thanks.Version: 12.6.03

SuggestionI think that maybe at the start of the 2020 season we should get to pick some 80+ from a selection 7-8 players and we can at least pick up to 4-5 and this game is great to.Version: 12.6.02

Good but unfair, what’s the point?Now, I love football a lot and I’ve been playing Fifa for years now. So far, I can see that there has been lots of changes, but still huge problems that are yet to be solved. One of the biggest problems I’ve been through is concerning the latest event, the POTM tournament. This is by far the most unfair event I’ve played in during my time of playing Fifa 20. Why? Because I’m a 96 OVR team and I’m versing players that are 104+ and above. Sure, I’ve played players that are 95, 94, etc, but 90% of those matches were against those players that are way ahead of me. I don’t pay money for games, but I think it should at least have people versing other players that are along the same OVR. Players that are 110+ have got it easy and can pretty much storm away at the tournament. Ridiculously unfair. And this will make newer players that are 80 OVR and below almost impossible to even get a proper reward. Other than that, Fifa is amazing. Gameplay is smooth, graphics are amazing and most of the events were great, including the current ongoing event (not POTM) TOTSSF. I hope the developers read this, as I’ve been playing Fifa for years now. The only reason why I haven’t quit is because I love football and therefore I love football games like Fifa. Thanks for taking your time reading this. Yours sincerely, AnAnonymousPerson.Version: 13.1.10

Ea you must read thisDear ea I used to have a 100 + team with 115 over all and love fifa mobile but after some time I couldn’t login I don’t know what the problem is but if you could ea, pls try and fix it my team was called Kingu. Thanks if you could fix the bug. From you biggest fan Kingu.Version: 18.0.03

Love the game apart from...I love this game, it is an awesome way to play against your friends and make as good a team as can. But there are some things that need to be fixed. 1. Camera Angles: the camera angles NEED to be fixed. Whenever I am running down the wing on the far end, the camera moves and cuts off that area making me not know where I'm going. 2. Vs attacks: there are a few things wrong with vs attacks. In some games, you can be playing against someone with an overall that is double yours and when playing both players should get the same amount of shots, great chances, counter attacks, ect. Apart from these two things, this game is GREAT!.Version: 8.0.7

Make this change to be fair..First off I’d like to say that I really enjoy this game. It comes in handy when you get that slight urge to play on your console but aren’t home to do so, so it fills in well enough to make you happy. I enjoy the events as well! Now, what I do wish to change are just a couple of things... first, if maybe the players could make the passes when manually playing as it does when it’s auto playing, that would be great. That’s the minor change though. The MAJOR change is when players forfeit... I’m up winning against players 5-10 points above my team’s overall, smashing them, then they quit and we’re left to fend against the AI format of the team which makes it near impossible to beat, so now I end up losing to my opponent because the AI are so much faster and my team, even on auto mode, is not able to keep up because keep in mind my team is 5-10 overall points weaker than theirs. Now, I wouldn’t mind if I lose against the AI as long as I get the full credit for winning, as my opponent forfeited, but instead I get deducted the points for loosing against their unbeatable team through the AI. It’s not fair at all. So if y’all could change it to where we get the full winning credits when an opponent leaves, whether we lose against the AI or not, that would make this game great. Auto 5 STAR!! Please!! Thank you!.Version: 14.2.01

Players r way 2 expensive u can't even get a good player 4 50kOtherwise really fun.Version: 6.3.1

This Game Gets Worse and Worse the More You PlayBefore this game was fun, scoring goals and winning. Now I’m here with the screen all covered in VS attack and the enemy is 130 OVR. Look I don’t know what you are trying to attempt EA, but you need to fix this game. When an enemy is about to score, when I try to switch to another player, it doesn’t work, my teammates don’t defend and suddenly, they’ve scored. Also, the amount of internet required to power this game is absolute absurd. Loading screen, loading screen, loading screen! Can you stop the loading screens for once!? If you don’t fix these problems, I’ll have to deem it for once in my entire life, one of the worst games ever played..Version: 10.6.00

Goofy reviewThis is a great game 10/10 would recommend. It is fun and it doesn’t get too boring quickly. I only have one recommendation which is give us the option to change free kick/penalty kick takers and make the free kick system easier as you have to study the different techniques..Version: 17.0.03

I love this game, but will always need improvementsEA I love that you made Fifa a mobile app! Complete with just about every footballer. I have been playing since season 1! The themed limited time events such as carnival, winter, and Easter are always fun. I enjoy having lots of options for kits and clubs, but I do miss being able to choose national teams especially with the World Cup so close. For this type of game I feel the mobile controls work, but could still use some fine tweaking for more through balls than crosses. I thought the addition of squad building challenges is nice, but ultimately not fun because there are not a lot of free opportunities to open packs that contain multiple players ranging from types of cards in order to complete those challenges. It just becomes pay to win essentially and I don’t have that kind of money. I hate how you decided to make icons apart of squad building challenges because for my budget it is almost impossible to get icons. Also I was so close to making my squad contain 6 Brazilian players while keeping it at the required rating to claim icons, BUT THEN you changed it!!!! However, overall this is my favorite mobile game. Thanks EA!.Version: 9.3.00

Good but badThis game is soo good and fun and got loads of good things but two things I want to draw to your attention. Firstly all the time I am getting kicked out of the game and it has to restart when my WiFi is perfectly fine with all three segments. It is now getting really frustrating and annoying because if I’m in the middle of a match and about to win when it glitches it counts as a loss/forfeit which very annoying. The second thing is why do you have to pay soo much money for fifa points. You used to get some for free or for gems or coins but not real money which makes it impossible to obtain them without having to pay. And to make it worse the prices are ridiculously high. My advice is to lower the prices and be able to purchase them in gems or coins. To wrap everything up you really just need to fix the glitches and fifa points but everything else is great 👍 a really good play.Version: 12.3.07

First touches need to be betterFirst touches need to be way better and also I’m about to score a winning goal and they call full time whistle like call it when it’s going out and you would expect better ball control from a 115+ rated player. Please fix this.Version: 18.0.03

Getting fed up now!I’ve been playing this game now for quite some time. Spent quite a bit of money on it too! Fifa 19 was so much better. I feel now it’s all about trying to get more money out of people. Each event your eyes light up when you see a quality player you can get your hands on, but unless you want to spend £20-£50 you quite simply aren’t going to get him. The worst thing.... and I mean the ‘absolutely worst’ thing about this game is the connection issues!!! It is shocking at times. Head to head matches constantly buffer and then speed up until your player runs the ball out for a throw in. The versus attack matches you win say 8-2 and then when the result loads at the end you’ve lost 2-0? This issue is what is driving me away from the game! Saying I’ve lost connection to the internet ? Umm no, my internet is bang on here! Heard this from so many people. The issue lies within your game. Such a shame because if the connection issues were resolved and you made some of the rewards a bit more realistic, this would be a great game. Unfortunately the last two days I’ve played... it’s really annoyed me to the point where I have to find something!.Version: 13.0.11

It’s okay butYou can’t get progress from previous seasons where you might have spent hours and hours and hours of your life into it then there is the fact of skill boosts which don’t really boost your player there is poor connection in head2head and vs attack and control on your player should be increased also you should have put Neymar in the tutorial like Ronaldo in pre-season because by the time I got to Neymar I already had a better Left Winger other than that it’s a good game with potential so I hope you take this on board to make this game the best fifa game ever.Version: 12.0.03

BuggyThis game is buggy and players randomly stick a foot out when there 10m away and don’t even get the ball off me and still get the ball without touching me.Version: 13.1.13

Please help, very fun game but.I wouldn’t say I have been playing this game for too long but I have 90 rated and 120 chemistry, so yes I do love this game. The problem I need help with, is the fact that With this new update I cannot access the game. Like literally. This glitch is basically where it’s loading and it’s black background and it has the little logo spinning. Then all of a sudden the sound stuffs, up it goes slow, and then I am back to the home screen. I have an iPhone 6 so I don’t think this is a quality problem. Although this is a very game breaking glitch I am not too concerned as I can see other people are probably having the same issue. Please fix soon thank you..Version: 12.3.07

Pleas Help Me!Could somebody please help me with this annoying glitch I have in my game. Every time I press into the World Tour game mode and go into the premier league, it has a text in the bottom left corner that says ‘TIP. Let’s go play your first match to start your journey!’ or something like that and it won’t allow me to press the game I’m up to on the journey. Please tell me how to fix it, it’s really annoying and I am not able to play World Tour.😢 Overall Fifa Mobile is a really fun game and I enjoy playing it but I only play Head to Head and Vs Attack because of the obvious issue I have with my World Tour.🤗😅😊.Version: 13.0.10

Overpriced Cards ProblemAs soon as I started playing it I became addicted. Great graphics and easy to learn how to play it. You can buy players by using coins and add them to your team, however you can use other currencies to buy players, like how I used League Tour Points to buy a 97 rated Goalkeeper. You can also buy coins by using Daily Training Points and save up until u get 5 to buy 80K coins. Overall a great game however some players are a bit overpriced like how a TOTW (Team of the Week) Cristiano Ronaldo cost 7 million coins while a cheaper version costing 6 million coins has the same stats of the expensive one. This has also happened to other cards so please delete the expensive cards and stay with the cheap one to not confuse us..Version: 17.1.01

Don’t end national challengeI have played this game for months. The best part of this game is national World Cup challenge. Not ultimate team mode. Why? It’s simple. You can have only 11 players max. What’s the point of collecting so many players if you only use 11 of your best on ultimate team? On the other hands, national World Cup challenge gives us chance to collect players from different nation and allow them to play as national team . That’s the fun part and makes us addicted to this game. I know World Cup is over, but ending all our hard work collecting different players from different country is such a shame. I am sure millions of players who play this game will agree with me. Just a suggestion, think of doing the same format for club competition. It will be fun if we can collect players from current club league we choose and play them for champion league with similar format competition and make transfers more exciting instead of using it to redeem quests. Kind of boring isnt it...Version: 10.4.00

Good gameDivertissant mais difficile de progresser rendu à un certain niveau.Version: 6.3.1

Love FIFA Mobile but still needs workBeen playing FIFA mobile for years and I love it. I don’t have time to turn on my console and play. So much easier to take out my phone and start playing. Breaks at work, waiting area at restaurant or doctors office... it’s perfect. Graphics have improved a lot over the years, features are better, events, tournaments and player cards. My frustration comes in the head to head option. Which is the one feature I was most excited about when announced. I understand internet connection has to do a lot with it but I have strong home internet and strong cell signal and even then I get disconnected and end up losing the match and fan base. When I get matched up against someone with a similar team rating, it’s a great match. Back and forth action. Can’t understand why I get slaughtered when it matches up against a team over 10 points lower than mine and way lower chemistry level. If the developers are reading this, please look into this ASAP. Overall you’ll enjoy playing this game. It’s a great alternative to playing FIFA on your home console..Version: 13.0.09

Wierd BugThis game is good overall don’t get me wrong but every time I restart the app to change my graphics to a lower setting It doesn’t change it keeps it on high, Devs is there any chance you can fix this please.Version: 12.3.07

Soccer starFIFA mobile is great! Wouldn’t it make sense though that because EA sports also has this game on PS4, shouldn’t it have compatibility with a DualShock 4 controller? Because iOS 13 was just released and you can now connect a controller to your iPhone through Bluetooth, it would be awesome if FIFA mobile had this feature...:).Version: 13.0.06

I have found a glitchHi EA When you are in scouting and you by a whole set and try to go by another you can’t exit out of that player list you can go to the matches though I am quite sad that I can’t make my team better :( But other wise a amazing game thanks for the hard work From R1L3Y007.Version: 12.6.01

AmazingGet it. Play it. Thank me later. I almost never write a review. Almost never because I haven’t really deemed any games good enough or worthy of a 5 star. I can always find flaws or ways to make the game better. But this game. It’s a different story. It is unbelievably fun and amazingly addicting. I can compete with friends online on FIFA mobile, and my ultimate team is way better than my friends because of how much I play. This is an unbelievably good game and a must have for anyone who likes football, or even if you don’t, the game is pretty easy to understand. My only thing I would have preferred in this game is more ‘free’ things and packs, because you have to pay for some things, which I never do, although 95% of my screen time is spent on this AMAZING game. Get it. I dare you. Thank me later. No problem.Version: 14.3.01

Many things good game overall thoughIt’s a great game but there’s still some to fix I should now I’m 92 overall team but first is Lag: I know what you’re gonna no lag but it’s true I have iPhone 8 I lag out every time I play no what WiFi I use second the people you play it’s outta control I’m 92 overall and they make me play a 70?!?! It’s just wrong to obliterate people that are trying so hard to be good Also leagues I don’t understand why do the worst leagues never show up I made league nobody has joined yet and the tiniest amount of people leagues should be first it’s herendous if I’m honest and also this legacy stuff it’s not right why can’t I upgrade the legacy team that’s so wrong let’s just keep the team eternally altogether it’s that’s the case. One more thing is the events I don’t understand how do we long one on under 2 days it’s worse the the console FIFA problems it’s just herendous to start and see six things to do in 2-4 days it needs a fix but like I said good game if this was fixed I’d slap 5 stars on it and others people too but until all of this changes 4our stars good job and please listen and read it’s the right thing to do. Peace out ok 🤝👌.Version: 13.1.13

FIFA Mobile (What must change)I thought this was the best game in my life until a new season started. For a second I thought there would be amazing updates, but my team is gone???? My friends have spent lots of real money on the game for nothing! Please make an update when your team doesn’t restart when a new season is updated. Also add an actual league, a tournament. Make this just like fut 19. Very disappointed, I had a great team until I had to start again, I don’t want this happing or else I won’t play FIFA mobile ever again!!!! This should be just like fifa on console. Please EA listen to this.Version: 12.6.03

World Cup Versus MatchIt’s a good game until you get to the vs match’s in the World Cup mode. Currently my teams 77 overall and I’m in amateur I but I’m playing people with 91 overall teams. I just find it unfair that learners have to play pros and you lose tons of caps for it. It’s not fair.Version: 10.3.00

Bugs galoreA potentially great game constantly compromised by an incompetent development team. Have no issue spending on the game but the value for money is questionable at best. Currently the game has crashed for some players (myself included) and continues to be down for 24 hours up till now. If this were the only glitch encountered it may be excusable but it is not. Although on smaller levels, there is constant bugs and glitches with this latest crash being the worst. It is unreal that a game which depicts the worlds most popular sport under the name of the worlds top sporting organization could be this full of glitches, bugs, hackers (yes they are abundant) and crashes. Surely better can be done but I’m sure it won’t. The reality is that those who play the game are captive customers as there are no other football games that are comparable considering the image rights FIFA holds. So much of us will suffer through this latest disaster and maybe receive some nominal next to nothing compensation when EA are able to put two and two together and get back online. Truly unacceptable!.Version: 9.3.00

AmazingI love the game the only things I would change is add more coin packs, add a Volta mode, have fut drafts, and you can play a free play mode were you can play with any team against any other team other than those things it is perfect..Version: 13.1.09

HiDude every time I play a game against my friends and I am in the box the game will just pass it to a teammate who is near like the danger zone where everyone is and then they end up getting a goal. But besides that it is a really fun game.Version: 18.0.04

YNWAGreat game so many things to do I like the amount of energy that’s available chemistry is awesome for those that don’t know you need players that are minimum 80 ratings and then they must match via nation league or team, I like how my lower rating team can still have a chance against a stronger team with lower chemistry some bugs to fix with the game especially the new head to head mode is tricky with server issues there are times I lose up to a minute in total of playing/ controlling because of connections are lost between players I think the leagues should be customised to h2h with players in the same continent then the top 4 qualify to a champions league.Version: 12.0.03

Kind regardsThis game isn’t smooth at all everything you do in it involves having the gaming to pause for like 10 seconds before opening a pack and that stupid loading soccerball thing comes up. I play vs attack a lot and it always kicks you off the game for no reason and sends you back to the iPhone home screen sometimes the game will say can’t login and you’ll be stuck for a whole day trying to figure out how to login.Version: 3.0.07

Good Game but 1 suggestionThis is a very good game but I have one suggestion to make this game even better. So with new events a lot of people have the same players they are trying to sell so they can get a player they want of the market but everyone has them so no one is buying them. This has happened to me before. I think if you added a trade feature it would be awesome. There are two ways I think you could do this. 1. In exchange, there would be a tab that would be trades. You could search a player and click on the card you want. You could trade a player you don’t want for the player you want. But the player you were trading had to have the same overall as the player you want, and a maximum of a 1,000,000 coins difference in value. 2. You could go to market and search the player you want, and click on it. There would be a section of people online that were selling that exact card. You could send them a trade request. They can accept of reject. If they accept, you can select players you are willing to trade for it. People can also add fifa coins to the trade. The other player can accept if they think the trade is good enough and both people will get the players they got, or if they reject the trade the trade would be done for good. I hope you add this!.Version: 18.0.04

New Season Not UpdatingI am a very good FIFA Mobile player. I really enjoy the game, and unlike other people, I do not in any way, shape, or form think that you need to spend money to be good. I have never spent a single cent on FIFA Mobile, and in FIFA 18 Mobile I got my team all the way to 112 OVR. However, there is one thing I can't stand. It is very exciting when the new season comes out and I am excited to claim my rewards from Preseason, including my now & later preseason Cristiano Ronaldo. I was so excited to come home and play the new season, but when I went on to the app, it said UPDATE REQUIRED. I pressed ok and it took me to the AppStore, but it said that no update was available for the game. I reloaded it many times, but it never worked. At this point I have been trying to play the new season for about 3 hours- with no luck. This really disappointed me. The same issue happened last year to me with the update from '17 to '18, and my best friend had the same problem as me. We are both very frustrated by this, and would appreciate guidance on how to address this issue. If anyone else had this issue, let me know..Version: 10.6.00

Immersive gameFifa is a fantastic game that occupies you for hours, I love the auction system however when people put up an 84 rated player for over 1,000,000 it gets kind of ridiculous. I have also noticed that the recommendations of player prices only work for the top players. When using the price recommendations I noticed that it resets your price that you already put in, this is annoying because when you have 77 players to sell like me you constantly have to replace the numbers and drag and drop the players every time. One last thing is that the campaign (in events) gives you huge amounts of money and helps you to actually be able to afford players but as soon as you pass elite you don’t have enough money to buy good players and make your team rated 85 this is where the slow process begins of having to complete every event daily in order to get better players. I know I have been quite harsh:) but these are a few improvements that you could make in the future..Version: 12.6.03

Career modeI think personally that ea you should bring back the career mode back to FIFA mobile FIFA 13 was massive for mobile with the game modes like normal play and career mode. I know that lots of players around the world would like this added please make this happen. But onto the game right now it’s good similar to ultimate team and has good game physics. Now onto graphics I know I am asking for a-lot but possibly better graphics to mobile and if that means paying $15 for the game on mobile you will get lots of sales. It’s a win-win situation thanks for reading this if you do and have a good day..Version: 17.0.03

Not as good as previous versionI don’t Think the upgrade is as good as the previous version. Seem to have been robbed because of all the money invested in the previous game have not come across. There’s still a lot of technical glitches in this version such as some of the drills where you complete the drills such as dribble to avoid the opponentWhere are you completed but it doesn’t end. You get duplicate players but you can’t do anything with them not even selling so they are a kind of waste. The buying and selling of players is ridiculous. The game at self is not as good which is sad because the previous version was fantastic and I had more to it. This is a whole lot slower and a lot more time-consuming to play.Version: 15.5.02

Change some updates ea!!!It is a great soccer game and the best I have ever played. Some good things coming from the last updates were gems which were a good resource to have to buy packs and players as well as quests and campaign has improved. Some things I would like changed would be able to earn FIFA bucks considering I don’t spend money on games both 2017 and 2018 FIFA mobile games could get FIFA bucks. Totw should have a drill there to pick up extra points and domination should have more players. Chemistry has been added and it has been great getting players from same leagues and clubs. Overall FIFA mobile is a great game and family friendly so everyone can play a few bad updates from previous games but some good ones too..Version: 12.3.01

Amazing but two requestsHey I love this game and all but one thing I’d like to see is a way to get your player back when you’re selling him. For example, I sold an 88 rated dele alli for 1,250,000 coins (at that time the lowest price was 1,251,000) and I posted it for 8 hours. Then I noticed that it had been like 2 hours so I checked on the market. There was someone who posted it for like 1,200,000. And now I want to take back my player and sell him again for a different price, but I can’t do that so I have to wait like 6 hours. Another thing that I’d like to see is the team heroes to get a lot easier. I know that there are people who have team heroes but the amount of time and effort that you have to put in just to get a player who’s not even 90+ rated is ridiculous and just not worth it. I wouldn’t mind it but what does bother me is that you need a team hero to unlock training xp for Ronaldo, I have almost everything unlocked but I don’t have a team hero, so it blocks the whole chain. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!.Version: 9.3.00

Download now so goodHi there are looking through the rates so you can see if you want to by it please do you can do so much and make your own decisions also you might be really good like me so go and download now.Version: 15.5.03

Elf league 1The first thing in league one you can’t get 2000 points because you can’t shoot to get 750 points. Pls fix.Version: 13.1.04

BrokeHay the game great but I have issues with it crashing when I load curtain thing like at the moment if I try to pick a path in toty with is frustrating but I’m close to getting a toty starter.Version: 12.3.01

I got hackedI was playing I really like this game I had like 23 million coins I was saving up and now I have 2 million if you could give my money back it really would make you the best.Version: 13.1.10

If you love football, you won’t regret it!I used to play years ago, and since I got out of it I unfortunately never looked back on soccer. I was recently admitted to hospital while the FIFA World Cup was on and I couldn’t stop watching! Which also drove me to download this game. This is by far the best sports game I have ever played on my iPhone! The realism and ball physics are truly amazing! My mind is set! I’m going to play football again! When I’m not playing this game that is! ;) I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it a week ago. Download this game! You won’t be disappointed!.Version: 18.0.03

MasterpieceI love this piece of art because it’s really easy to defend the attack and the sensitivity is marvellous but I would really prefer it to be a lot more easier to do in app purchases I will still rate at five because it is a really realistic beautiful lovely and free game that everyone should have so if you get bored download this game it will change that hopefully they do more for you to do free training not just like The box wall like we could do it for free like the DLS It is a really easy to play apart from all of those things everyone right at five and don’t be bored download the game now.Version: 18.0.04

Career modeYou need to ad career mode so people don’t stop playing the game and transfers with a transfer budget of your own for next year please I love the game.Version: 18.0.03

The update 2020I enjoy this game I really do, but I understand now that every time they have drafts in real life the game updates and changes, so we have to gain players again! I made my peace with that but there is one major issue that drives me crazy is users charging massive amounts of coins for a player and makes it impossible to get players you want from the market. Example of this is Alisson goal keeper costing $43,000,000. There should be a cap on the price people can exceed that way people have a chance of getting players they want. I never get players I want in the game so I always have to get them in the market. Unless you have a lot of real money to get that many coins then you have no chance of getting it! Last year I was able to collect 8,000,000 in coins for Neymar Jr, but by the time I did the game updated and my legacy team didn’t have him in the line up because I had a second team I made my primary for an event and didn’t see the update in time to make the team with him on it the primary team. Maybe there may be a way to select the team you want to use for matches instead of me having to go and change the primary..Version: 14.1.02

Please add This foreverMake it so we can trade please.Version: 12.4.02

Absolute master peiceEverything is just amazing the graphics and it doesn't take long to load in the game how ever is does take a while to update or download the game but every from that it’s just amazing they have all the players.Version: 18.0.03

Great gameThis is easily the best football game on the App Store the constant updates are great all the events new icons team of the weeks (my favorite) the only issue I have with this great game is that it crashes but I think it's my device cause it never crashes on my friends again THANK YOU EA!!!! Keep it up.Version: 8.3.00

Internet with Ea sports is badHi FIFA, I play on IPad on FIFA and when I play it always say u have lost ur connection with Ea sports…My brother play’s fifa too, using the same network…So I don’t understand what is wrong…Can u please please please fix the connection with Ea sports.Version: 15.5.04

Trop NiceJe trouve que c'est un joue avec beaucoup de bonne caractéristique car il est bon pour notre avenir parce que on doit acheter économiser et vendre et en plus le jeu nous donne des très bons joueurs dés le début ( sa fait 4 jours que je joue et je suis déjà 87) et vous pourriez faire mieux si c est possible car je suis un des meilleurs sans me venter.Version: 6.3.1

Absolutely dogwaterThe market system is faulty because nobody buys players and the only way go get good players is to: a) Be a virgin loser and spend money on the game b) Open TOTY packs even though it gives you 1 out of the 20 players you already have. In addition, EA rigs their matches. What you may notice is how someone with trash players and a overall is somehow whooping you in H2H and VS attack, why is this? because EA gives an unfair advantage to players lower than you like: 1) Extra player speed 2) Making the players better 3) Giving them more and better chances in VS attack The entire game lacks proper content and they have been milking the fifa world cup for almost 7 months… The only real event we had was the Pele event, but thats gone now… EA is too lazy to work on this game so they take every opportunity to construct one gigantic market off the little kids who spend money on this game. It’s absolutely disgusting of a game, it uses addition and vulnerability to thrive.. RIGGED MATCHES!!!!.Version: 18.0.04

Greatly improved, a must for football fans on the goThe changes that have been made to this game have made it so much more enjoyable, the World Cup update got me back into playing it after my regular team stagnated. Love how much there is to do now, however I’ve had an issue where it won’t allow me to select the matchup winner for the WC semi finals. I’d like to see the players defence improved a bit against the CPU, because my team gets torn apart through poor defensive positioning, I.e. my CB’s spread out wide for no reason and leave a huge gap for the ST to run through. players not making tackles and just allowing the CPU forwards to run past them and score. Like if I’m going to concede can it at least be a good goal and not just flawed defensive programming. Aside from that I don’t have too many other complaints, hoping the World Cup is staying in the game so once I’m down with Germany I can move on to other countries..Version: 10.3.00

Transfer MarketHey EA, Fifa Mobile is such a great game and I have been playing for a few years. One of my favourite parts of the game is the transfer market. With the latest edition of the game, the transfer market has changed a lot and not in a particularly good way. I think a lot of people would agree with me that it is very confusing to use and the older market was a lot better. The new market is complicated and there isn’t even an option to adjust the price ranges of the players you are looking for. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old market and I would appreciate if it could go back to how it was or at least slightly changed. Thank You.Version: 15.5.02

Annoying!!!Head To Head needs fixing literally I lose against like 80 ovr teams when my team is 100 ovr. And I lose like 2-0 that is shocking and I tried testing a 68 ovr against a 111 ovr only and I can’t believe he only beat me 1-0!!! And I wasn’t even trying I had no shots on goal and gave him like TEN CORNERS. Only managed to score once wow 😂why not u try a 68 ovr team. And also I really hate the last second goal when there’s 0 seconds left and then your opponent scores a goal that makes me so mad. Also there are fouls at random times when I was dribbling it told me it was a foul not offside and he ended up scoring from a long range free kick which shouldn’t of been a goal and the goalkeeper is crap because he either stands still or taps the ball over the net to let a corner for the opponent and then ends up scoring a goal and mostly quite hard to defend when cornering sometimes your lucky and end up your possession and then you break the play and then you might score. The leagues are terrible because there are like 85% of the teams are inactive and it’s ages to find a team..Version: 13.0.13

Need helpEvery vs attack I want to chat and say good luck or something but on my iPad mini it won’t pop up why? And when i take corners I try to curve it in to the goal and the game sends the ball to hell.Version: 12.0.02

Drg honest opinionI honestly like the fifa mobile game I honestly think EA you make A fifa 20 mobile game with manger career mode and player Career mode because i honestly I get bored playing the ultimate team fifa mobile and I want something different to play and being able to play a fifa career mode on my would be dope you bring new feature to since you already have fifa ultimate team mobile how about on the fifa 20 mobile you can create a team from scratch from the logo you can create your own manger have it where you start with off the a poor stadium and you eventually build it up and start your squad off with like a youth squad a build up the talent and competitive for titles and have to where you can put the in any league division the play wants to put them in and have to where we can do international jobs like on the console version I think it would interesting and could bring lots fun to fifa players who don’t always have time or who are always on the go they can play fifa 20 on there phones.Version: 12.5.01

Highly recommendedI would definitely give this game a 5 star rating. This is because I have enjoyed playing it. No matter if it is head to head, vsa, tournaments, world tour and most important the squad building team. This is great because I don't remember ever being annoyed at the game: apart from one thing. This is that in vs attack it seems to be as if you have been giving players that have a lower chemistry and rating better chances. For example, I am 128 ovr. I came across a 107 ovr player. I have 230 chemistry and they have 160. He somehow seemed to get more great chances and than me when I looked at the stats. air has happened a few more times but I didn't pay attention. Apart from that Fifa has done a great job with this game and I am excited for new events. My favourite one was Golden Week and Easter. All in all, I highly recommend this game..Version: 13.1.09

GlitchI was in the middle of a game i exit out went back on blank screen cleared the app opened it just black screen for 10 mins now my lineup is gone i worked hard for.Version: 12.0.03

BEST GAME!!!It’s so good this game there is so many features and the events are great it’s just like fifa ultimate team where you can make your team better by buying new players and opening packs at the moment my team is 86 rated and in the old one it used to be 91 rated but in the old one it was no where near as good it took me from February till August to get a 91 rated team but it’s taken me since the end of November till December to get an 86 rated team and right now it’s January and it’s so much better the controls are great but I would just like if you can pick which kit you want play for the match and add third kits in there and I would also like the season back rather than campaign because in the old fifa mobile you could have season where you can pick which league to play and I think that’s better rather than campaign but other than that it’s great!.Version: 8.2.1

Fun but hard to progress and a bit pointlessThis game is great but there are a few problems, such as you can’t progress at the start to higher levels because you get matched up so high and it wants you to pay 50 pounds for 3 90+ cards, also I think that playing at the start is not as enjoyable because it says, well done you get this player and it gives it to everyone so they keep playing, it has no great pack opening features like games like lacy it’s but that had no proper playing, if they both combined then it would be great. Overall, if you are a fan of football you should definitely get this games but there are other great games like brawl stars is really good for f2p. And finally they keep releasing events where you need great teams, and no new content for newer players. The worst thing of all is that once you get past the hard to progress stage, everything gets wiped for the next FIFA..Version: 13.1.15

DisappointedI love this game so much and was very excited for the new season, but was thoroughly disappointed when it finally came. First of all, you can be playing a VS attack match (or any skill game) and your screen will just randomly freeze. The game will just crash for about 15 seconds as if you hit pause (but The timer is still running). It will start back up only for u to see your opponent has scored 3 times already. Also, chemistry is killing me. I have an 86 ovr team and I have beat a 90 ovr team and lost to an 81 ovr team just because of CHEMISTRY. Who even cares how much your players “like” each other in real life? It’s not like you get to pick which players you want from the dumb overpriced packs that are offered without spending millions of coins in the market. You either end up with a player that will help your chemistry or not. At least do not make chemistry affect your chances that much! I really want to give this game 5 stars, but I can’t because I can’t progress as much as I should be able to because of these glitches and arbitrary chemistry numbers..Version: 12.1.00

I haven’t enjoyed FIFA properly since FIFA 13It actually saddens me to see how far EA has fallen down the micro transactions rabbit hole. The last version of Fifa I actually enjoyed was FIFA 15. Half a decade of shoddy gameplay, terrible servers and some of the most blatant attempts at trying to get money I have ever seen. I recently redownloaded FIFA mobile for the first time in a year and had to scroll through 6 tabs worth of micro transactions just to do a single objective. But at least it’s free? I would rather go back to FIFA 13 where I had to pay but still got career mode as oppose to the shockingly bad game we get now. The gameplay is worse than I have ever experienced, I would rather smash my head against a table for 5 hours than play ten minutes on whatever new engine they use. Bring back career mode and make me pay for the app idc but mother of god stop with what you’ve been doing for the past 3 years.Version: 13.1.07

MONEY PITWhen you first start playing great game to play. You will only get so far then won’t be able to get any further unless you throw hundreds of dollars of real cash to get the best players. You build a fairly good team then it’s end of season, update game and loose all your hard work and your back with a team of 60 ratings players. All they want you to do is throw hundreds of dollars a couple of times a year to play this game. Save your money, go buy a PlayStation and a football game. At least then you can progress through the seasons and not have to spend money every couple of months. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME..Version: 3.0.07

Fifa 23 updateThe game is brilliant but Fifa 23 came out a month ago now please update the kits and where the players play for example I was going to buy Lewandowski from Barcelona but I could not do that because he still on Bayern Munich the same with some other players like Ronaldo and Messi after they moved clubs I definitely think that you need to do this to promote your game further and I know most people who play Fifa on PlayStation or Xbox I play on both IPhone and PlayStation and there owned buy the same two companies but Fifa on a game console is much more better than this for example you need to add career mode In to this because the game is basically ultimate team which is ok but as I said if you did this it would promote the game to the become as popular as other games like mincraft, among us and Roblox you also need to lower the prices of stuff I was because you are looking at star players and then end up spending £20-£50 pounds them which some people will do but most of people will not want to do this because it is a waste of money and most people do not have the money to do so. I recommend you maybe putting prime Icon cards in such as Maradona and Pele also lower the prices of people like pukki..Version: 18.0.03

Vs AttackThe new fifa mobile has a lot more events, tournaments, PvP, but I feel it’s a lot harder at kick offs, and in VSA the start of your attack could start as a 50/50 ball or the other teams attacking right from the start of a turn giving no chance to pass or perform a skill move, in the event of a skill move you have just performed, the player obstructs you while his team mate easily gets the ball, clearly a free kick, but the game goes on without getting a free kick, I think that you should add free kicks etc for obstructions. Also clash of kits, I think I speak for everyone here!! About getting your on teams kit. And in events, instead of giving how many goes to complete a challenge, it would be good if you added options of how many turns you think you could complete challenge in, giving better rewards for picking less turns to complete challenges, like 3 or 4 options in how many turns you think you can do it on. Better rewards for picking 3 turns at hitting 3 targets, 4 turns for 3 targets and so on..Version: 12.3.00

CrashesVery good game, lots of fun, but lost a couple times in many different modes of the game due to crashes. Particularly frustrating when investing 100 totw points into a game and it crashes but takes the money!.Version: 8.1.0

Why it does not support controller yet ?So iPadOS has already out and no PS4/Xbox controller support ? EA please explain yourself.Version: 3.0.07

Wasting my timeToo much trainer at the start.Version: 15.5.04

GoodI like this game but Ronaldo’s price is so expensive, 35 million coins. Please fix it.Version: 18.0.04

Ignore the others they just aren’t good at the game😂The game is just, wow. It’s Fifa for your phone!! What else do you need???? VS Attack is where you play against an opponents team in one match, and the other player plays against your team in another match. You both play against the AI but because it’s at the same time there’s more suspense. Campaign is basically where you play certain things and then get rewards. There are different seasons and they get harder each time. You have a choice of many campaigns once you do things to unlock them. Events are games that reset after a certain time. You don’t have to spend money to be successful in this game. Last season I didn’t pay anything, just spent my time, and I got a 94 rated team in legendary 3. (That’s good) Unlike last year where you had to do plans and get packs for tokens and put tokens and players in plans for a reward, now you can get tokens in certain events and get plans. You can get lots of good players by upgrading your players, and get the free packs from the store. You see people with 100+ overall teams already, and that’s because they played season 1 so much and chose to spend lots of money to get a good team. EA rewarded people for their success in season 1 with tokens for packs and players when they updated. In other words, get the game.Version: 8.1.0

Best soccer game I’ve ever played!!!!Electronic Arts, what have you done?! I’ll tell you what, you’ve created the best soccer game on a mobile device. I’ve played all kinds of other games like Pro Evolution Soccer for example, and it just doesn’t have the potential in it as Fifa Mobile does. I have one suggestion for the app, however. In a later (hopefully rather soon) update can you start putting in the women players as well? Because even though I am a guy, I love to watch women play soccer as just as much as I like to watch guys play soccer (maybe even a little more than guys, hard to say). I’m even going to try and watch all the women’s Fifa World Cup games in 2019 in France!! I just think it would be a huge update for Fifa, especially since no other game has women players, and because I think there would be a bigger variety of better players. Also, it could even get more people to play Fifa instead of other games because of their liking in women players (like myself). But like I said, just a suggestion. Great game otherwise, no complaints whatsoever!!! Keep it up EA.Version: 10.3.00

HelpI had played this game 2years ago..I have a very good team with 90 overall..why I can’t back my team again?i just logging and playing same account Everything has become change.Version: 13.0.09

Being Honest Right Now, A must download for soccer fans.So Basically, im playing FIFA at like 7 in the mornings and then I got to lvl ten and I was like “yes time to create a league!” So it brings me to the league section and then it says I can’t create a league. So then I just get into a league instead and then it says: You must be 13 yr old to chat. And ur info says ur 10. And from that point I went crazy. 2nd thing, Why does my team spread out so much in the World Cup? Im playing fifa World Cup for fun and then my game starts to play with me and not let me switch my players so then the defenders just make a drive-thru for the striker on the other team who just scores a goal. Please fix this. Other than that it a very good game, Love it. The graphics, the way you sculpted the players to run and pass and shoot a goal, all the way to making the big crowd and also creating a functionable menu for everyone to enjoy, and also adding the ability to do emotes in online matches, and changing your jersey and logo! Moral of the story: it’s good, but needs some revamping. Here’s your 4 stars..Version: 18.0.04

Amazing gameThe game is amazing I love football games that allows players to be able to unlock the stuff that others buy by taking a bit longer it just makes it fair to everyone but I do have one suggestion for the next game/update which is substitutes being able to have substitutes would be amazing as it a lot of players that don’t fit in there team chemistry wise but be able to play them like in campaign you should be able to sub players if there tired and need to come off which would be a great way to bring in like subs and tiredness otherwise the game is great I really enjoy and hope to see the game keep improving.Version: 12.2.03

Good game idea but makes you want to delete itPlease read this review developers it has things that’ll actually make the game better (not just about the crashing).This game is fun to play but there are so many problems that it ruins a good game 1. There are a lot of bugs-it crashes often (though getting better) and this mean you lose all your rewards and energy which is incredibly frustrating, particularly in domination where you only have so much energy that you can play with and it’s hard to win, so if you lose this energy you probably won’t finish the matches. 2. It’s pay to win-when a event comes round you going to have to pay up to get a chance of ever completing it. Also the store is massive but everything requires Fifa points. I have never spent money on the game and have played very often until recently yet I’m still only 89 rated. 3. The vs attack system is poor-when it was first introduced it was great; you could choose who you played against, your overall didn’t matter and it was about skill. Now you get put against people with overalls 8 above you. The worst thing is the chance system-it doesn’t make sense as worse players should get better chances than better ones, making it more about skill. Finally the positives: The graphics are pretty good(although some players don’t look a thing like they do in real life) The gameplay is good particularly with buttons as controls rather than without.Version: 10.2.00

Game filterThis is a great game but I think you should bring back when on the market you can filter how much money you want to spend..Version: 17.1.01

Learn what a penalty isGreat game I’ve had for a year now I’ve a lot of joy and some mad moments there is won problem to this game. The other team can brutally slide tackle you and it will just be play on when it should have been a red card but nope it’s a play on. The same thing with offside you don’t even touch it and it says offside apart from that on of the best mobile apps and also please just please make goalies better if your inside the box and you shoot you don’t even think about the goalie saving.Version: 16.0.01

Great GameFIFA Mobile is a really good game and this season in my opinion is the best so far, but there are some features I’d love to see! Features: FUT Draft - Most FIFA youtubers are famous for play the more FUT Draft, fans have been really hooked to play but it takes a while to get 10,000 coins. I think the price should be like 100,000 coins and fans could get rewards for beating other squads, the reward could be higher for the better the squad is. (For example, an elite for an 85 rated squad, a Master for a 95 and a Legendary for 100+) Maximum Prices - Prices in FIFA Mobile are a huge problem! I’ve seen a bronze go up for 60,000 coins, these expensive prices need to stop. They’re stopping users to upgrade their squad for the proper price. (For example a gold’s maximum price should be like 10,000 coins) FUT Champions (Mobile Champions maybe?) - FUT Champions is something everyone wants to do, 100 participants with the best squad! (VS. Attack Record too) Then afterwards they can get awards. Well that’s it for these suggestions! You don’t have to include these but these are just a few things that I’d like in FIFA! Best Regards! -Aidan.Version: 12.0.03

Just one more thing...Fifa 18 is by far one of the best sports games ever! I love the players, the details, the realistic people and objects, and most importantly, the game. I really like how you gain more fans when winning a match, but lose fans when losing a match. I think that playing this game may give you more knowledge of soccer skills and can definitely encourage ANYONE to play soccer (even if you’re not that good at it, which is me). The only problem which is actually quite minor, is that because Cristiano Ronaldo has now moved from Real Madrid to Juventus, i must now change my team crest, but there is no Juventus team! I know this isn’t an actual problem, which is a good thing, but please add in Juventus. Thank you for reading this❤️.Version: 10.6.00

Plenty of room for improvementThe game is initially good however, the game FREQUENTLY spasses out and glitches which means that if that happens in a VS attack match, you won’t know if the opponent has scored and by the time it stops, they have already scored 2-3 goals in 10-20 seconds whilst you have scored none. Additionally this one skill game completely glitches and fails automatically without you even playing it. These things (that a big company like you should not have to be recieving complaints about) really annoy me and surely other users. On the contrary, the game play is really smooth and looks more realistic than previous versions of the game. One thing is also that some players are underrated-like leagues Dybala- and and too low to make a difference to the team’s overall. To end with, the idea and potential of this game is good, it is just the execution and minor setbacks that is stopping the game from growing..Version: 12.0.01

The game is good but the Audio…The game is amazing but an annoying bug is the Audio whenever I play matches there is never any audio. Additionally it continues to play the main menu theme instead if any sfx. This is really annoying since whenever I check the settings it says the Audio is fine but the only thing I can hear is the main theme song and then Suddenly I can’t hear anything. When I tested the setting I noticed that all the sfx only worked for around 5 seconds when I opened the game and then the game went silent. I really hope the game fixes this annoying glitch because not hearing anything makes the game so unbelievably boring since you can’t hear the announcer or practically anything. The game’s Audio matters so much to make it feel right and it’s a really big shame that such a popular and fun game like fifa is full of annoying glitches. My only request is that EA can fix the audio and make it work the entire time you play the game instead of only 5 seconds..Version: 17.0.02

Enjoyable but a question for developerHave enjoyed playing the game but am frustrated by how little of the special events can be completed without spending significant cash. I’m no idiot...I understand the need to generate a return from what is initially a free game but the balance just feels wrong. Question for developer: how much of the TOTSSF event could be complete without spending cash? I have played every day, completing the daily challenges and have completed each weekly challenge yet I am still nowhere near being able to pick up expensive players from the weekly trail and have managed to get one TOTSSF reserve player..Version: 13.1.10

Best game ever but some moreLove it but can you guys add a world tour like last year with the legends chapter and the players at the end of the chapters and remove divisions rivals and make something else for the ultimate points there to hard to get and can you make multiple chapters at once and... star pass can you add the icon pack in the store it’s an unbelievable game thank you 🤘😍😍😍😍🥰🙂🙂.Version: 14.0.03

Really greatI think this game is awesome and I know that it cant have all the things that FIFA has on a console but it’s would really like for it to have some things that I think would be great. For example being able to play with the team that you want to play with and I’m not saying get rid of ultimate team but to also allow playing with a real team. I would also really like if the app had controller compatibility, this means with a Bluetooth controller (like play station controller or a Xbox controller) you would be able to use it as if you were playing on your console. Some other large games including Minecraft, Fortnite, call of duty have all added controller compatibility. The next two things are about the game play. On FIFA console you had a cross button. There is now cross button here so adding that would be great. Last thing being able to use team management when playing against A.I. This means I can switch some of my players if they get a yellow card or something. Other wise a really great game..Version: 13.1.12

Great game, but...First of this isn’t going to be any rant or anything just a suggestion on how to make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. To start of everything is greet in your game. Your really generous in giving in game energy, skill boosters, tokens, and many more things, and I really love how I can create teams with correct positioning and chemistry and then play with those teams in vs attack and world tour, but here comes the problem. Often times in vs attack you face people with much higher OVRs than you, also they always have a higher chemistry then you. Take me for instance I’m nearing world class division two with an OVR of 88 and a chemistry of 120. Now you may be thinking that’s not half decent, but can you really think that when you are going up against people with OVRs of 93 and higher, and not to mention they always have 130 to 140 chemistry compared to my 120. I always get really frustrated when I just need to win one game to rank up and then I ended up going down then up then down then up until I just end up at where I was before all of it, and for this instance I propose some type of match making system not on trophy’s, but on OVRs and people’s chemistry. This is all I really had to say and complain about, but in the end I’m just happy to play the game IGN IAmAGremlin.Version: 13.1.04

I like it but...Ok so I love this game but I have a really bad issue: on division rivals I’m OVR 94 but I keep getting paired up with OVR over 130 all the time and never win so: if I don’t win I can’t get coins, so I can’t buy players from the market, which means I can’t train more players, which means I can never get good players like Donarumma or Firmino, which means my team will fail HORIBBLY, which means I can or will never get Legends like Beckham. So can you please change the people you play against in division rivals to actual teams around your level?! I honestly beg you or I will fail this game miserably. Thanks for reading, bye :) Edit: another thing is fouls and goals, my goalkeeper (Howard-belle) cannot save any goals buy gullet or hang wee chan because it’s just becoming pay to win, another thing, the other teams always ALWAYS foul me and I don’t do anything and somehow they always get the free kicks and even penalty’s, this is becoming a pay to win game and you need to fix this..Version: 14.8

FrustratingIn the world tour it begins to become completely unfair and overall annoying how from the start of the match they place you in ‘80 minutes in against a 95 rated team 0-1 down and expect you to be able to win and if you draw it counts as a loss not extra time or penalties. Apart from this the game is very enjoyable..Version: 13.0.10

BEST GAME EVER!!!This is my absolute favorite game EVER!!! I started playing and within a month I was already 80 OVR. I have so many good players and was a bit disappointed when I found out they where erasing my progress because of a new season because I have players like hazard that I have not leveled up enough to bring through and he has been with me since the start. My team also include players like Alex Sandro, Iborra, Matić, Coutinho and many more of my favorite players. The only problem I have ever encountered is that VS attack should be based of team OVR because I am only 88 OVR and I was playing against a 111 OVR team! Besides that though(which isn't that big of a deal anyway) I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys soccer.⚽️ RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 6.3.1

Add a career modeGood game just add a career mode.Version: 18.0.04

Pretty Good 👍 😀I love FIFA games! In my room, I’m in the middle of collecting them (FIFA 96 through to FIFA 23) and already have a good collection. When I saw FIFA Mobile while exploring the App Store, I decided to give it a try and thought it was expertly made! You can tell that it was made by EA. It’s just a superior experience compared to other football apps, despite the long loading time when you first open it up. When you open one of the reward packs and it vibrates in your hand, you feel like your holding great power. The tutorials show you how to play it easily and in an understandable way and the events come in varied amounts. Not too many, not too little, just the right amount which is good. It’s almost perfect, but what I think would make it even better would be if it had just a few more gameplay options from the original games but compressed for the app game like Kickoff, Practise Arena or a campaign like the Journey. I’m sure a talented gameplay company like EA could definitely pull it off. If you do make an update or something that adds those options, I would be delighted! Well done EA! Looking forward to the FC franchise! 😀.Version: 18.0.02

Do not play with short temperMostly this game is fun but like all games the computer cheats at just the right times. Here are a few examples that have almost cost me a new phone screen. It will not recognise you pressing the screen to pass to another player, it automatically selects a defence player no where near the ball play, it switches to auto control while you’re still holding down the manual button which slows you up allowing the opponent to catch up, it will change your goal kick screen swipe to a short lob, pass or just a general kick to no where, the opposition goal keeper blocks it when it should clearly be a goal..Version: 10.2.00

Fantastic GameI used to play eFootball.But Then I found this game Now me and my brother play it all the time. This game is the BEST.Version: 18.0.04

Good but maybe annoyingAs many people who play this game say it’s fun, but it lacks realistic prices, but most of all it glitches and crashes a lot. For example when your playing it the player your controlling starts shaking and getting really hard to control and slows down then goes really quickly and runs it off the pitch. Once I lost about 5-2 on vs attack, it glitched and said I’d lost 1-0 plus nearly every time I play the game I make my player go one way and he goes the other. It has prizes and It says you will get loads of amazing stuff if you buy it, and to be fair sometimes you do but most of the time you have to spend about £20-50 to get a good prize. But don’t let what I have wrote put you off it, I may not have included all the information and glitches but sometimes glitches are funny, sometimes change the score and help you win and sometimes are irrelevant. Anyway it’s a fantastic game overall..Version: 13.1.15

Absolute Ridiculous and FraudulentYou spend money in the shop they take all the money with the new update and take all your players and you don’t have anything on after you start a new season with a new app with absolutely nothing you know all your team just gone. How is this legal If you’re buying players and you have a bank we have money sitting in and has been removed because there’s an update. Update should be players in their uniforms in all these things but you still have the same teams and money and diamonds ridiculous that they can change things just like the wanna change it and you lose everything if you’re buying players. Ridiculous that they can change things just like that wanna change it and you lose everything absolutely absolutely fraudulent. If the company is not doing anything about it and I’m going to definitely complain to Apple all my money back because it’s ridiculous. I’m waiting for your response thank you..Version: 13.0.06

Good game but some bugs and please, please…I love this game. I like playing against my friends, getting new players, and the events they put out. It’s a bit pay to win but that’s ok. My only issue is that I can’t connect to game centre so if anything were to happen to the app I would lose all my progress.I have been able to connect on other games but not this. When I try, it shows the loading spinning football but then after a while it says it could not connect me. Also another bug, I sometimes keep on getting connection errors when I am playing but my internet is fine. Apart from that the game is fine but EA please fix the bugs Also, please nerf auto, I’m playing league matchups and h2h but people use auto and it’s like impossible to get the ball because they pass so fast and they can pass like to a player that is not even visible on the screen and that makes the game unfair. You might say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” but I play to actually play not to be watching a team play and auto kinda ruins it..Version: 14.8

Great gameThis is a great mobile game with great player graphics, the crowd on the other hand doesn’t have the greatest graphics (and I understand why) some people saying it’s and pay to play game when really there just not putting enough effort into the game I’ve been playing this game for a year and have a 99 overall rated team without spending any money. It’s also great because other mobile games give you ads out of nowhere however with this game it only gives you ads if you click on a button for coins, gems, or an event currency. So if you looking for a great FIFA mobile game this is the one to go for. Kind regards, FIFA mobile lover.Version: 18.0.03

GoodGood game.Version: 6.3.1

IdeaI really like the game and it works well for me but a good addition to the game game would be a Career mode we’re you can make a player then build up to a high level through different teams Kinda like fifa.Version: 15.5.03

Good but older fifas betterLooks all good but older fifa way better ngl and the big problem it’s sooo pay to win also it has some problems like since it’s ruined by greed and it’s wayyyyy to easy for u to get team of the years THAT ARE 98+ u can get them in a day it’s so easy I got all 98s at least they put exchange things all of the easy 1 per day team of the year team of the weeks are way 2 easy to get 1 per day But still Ronaldos amazing totw I think he’s the highest rated sooo still anyways I think that’s it basically good game ig.Version: 18.0.04

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