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High Risers App User Positive Comments 2023

High Risers app received 140 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about high risers?

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High Risers for Positive User Reviews

Super funGreat mechanic, amazing polish, nostalgic retro graphics and somehow still triggers a fear of heights.Version: 1.2

Fantastic!Great to play on the go. Quick & simple gameplay. Worth a try!.Version: 1.3

Needs a “plot”I’ve really enjoyed playing this game, it’s great for passing time. I have only one problem with the game, there’s no drive in the game overall. For example, in Temple Run you’re running from these crazy beasts after stealing an artifact. You’re not just aimlessly running through these abandoned obstacles. If you could just add something similar like that to this game, it would be amazing. Thank you..Version: 4.8

Me and my friend found and tappy cheatSo all you do is tap your screen with both hands and 3 fingers in each hand and you tap as fast as you can I got a high score of 158 in 17 mins and 23 seconds this is the best game ever would recommend 7 beans out of 8 maconori.Version: 4.8

FunGood game, no ads.Version: 4.9

Very funGreat time killer. Challenging fun.Version: 4.1

One of the best time killing an dun game my highest score was 360One of the best time killing game.Version: 4.8

I love this game it has know killing in itSweetie honey I love you.Version: 4.7

GoodGood.Version: 1.3

SkippyMy favorite character is skippy.Version: 4.6

LitIt's a lit game honestly.Version: 4.1

No ads and actually fun👌Neet.Version: 4.8

Very unique!!So finally we get a nice strategy, endless kind off game that done really have a lot of things in common with other endless games. Love this totally addictive. 5 star earned.Version: 1.2

HeheheheheheheehIt’s so cooooooooooooooool :)!!!! 0o0 To get higher and higher instead of going one at a time skip to multiple once you get the hang of it. cuz if you don’t got the hang of it- you gon’ fall, multiple, multiple times. so…uhm… try before you die a million times 😼😼😼😼😼😼😼😼💀💀💀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊✊✊.Version: 4.8

GameI love the game I really mean it but like where’s the back story the plot are they running from someone or something. But that’s all..Version: 4.8

AmazingPlease reply back: I love this game and I got all characters apart from shuffle and it’s not letting me have my free gift or win a prize even though I have over a hundred coins please reply back.Version: 4.5

[Content Deleted][Content Deleted by Anonymous].Version: 3.0

Great and better than some games(fortnite)This game is epic and better than Fortnite!.Version: 4.7

AwesomeA great game with no mandatory adds!.Version: 4.9

Good gameIt’s a great app for when you have time because it’s so addictive 😀.Version: 4.7

ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGI loved the game and the characters, this is my new favourite game. It's an amazing game too play..Version: 4.1

BruHow do u get brent and the other skins. Excellent game tho.Version: 4.8

Good ol daysThis game reminds me of early video games and always makes me feel nostalgic. I stay completely immersed in the game because there aren’t constant ads shoved down my throat like many other games. Not a single ad. The game has no glitches that I have run into and runs very smoothly. Kudos to the devs on this one. 👍🏼.Version: 4.7

Awesome game!Great game with hours of potential fun! Very simple objective but fun! Most certainly would recommend this game..Version: 4.3

GameThis game is hard but not too hard to beat and it’s super enjoyable.Version: 4.8

Super good gameThis is a very good game. There are many things to unlock and the game gets fast-paced and fun as you go on. It’s very fun and I highly recommend..Version: 4.8

High RisersI love you high risers! I love you!.Version: 4.9

Love it!I have only just got this game and I already really love it five stars!! It’s a yes from me..Version: 4.3

Everything you need in a gameThis game is awesome. I played it for 10 minutes and I love it. It doesn’t have a bunch of ads. It doesn’t take up battery. And it’s also very challenging which makes you want to keep playing it. I give a big 👍🏻👌🏻to the creators of this game..Version: 4.7

Super funFun and lax on the ads too. Epic..Version: 4.8

Good job bro I almost like this more than minecraftGood job bro I almost like this more than minecraft.Version: 4.8

NiceGood game.Version: 3.0

HelpReally good game-however with the avatars instead of them just normally jumping make them do something else Also the office is all nice to play in but it would be nice to play in something else Hope you reply to this and do something to resolve these issues then maybe I will give it 5⭐️ok bye for now thank you.Version: 4.7

P2P MainiaIt’s very good but there’s a lot of p2p.Version: 4.7

CoolPlay it x.Version: 1.3

WowBest game to pass the time and so fun.Version: 4.8

Very fun & not ad hungryGreat game & not many ads.Version: 4.7

High risersSo good.Version: 2.0

AwesomeThe game is awesome and it is a fun app for crushing time.Version: 4.6

Terrific GameI started the game by playing wall kickers and this was made by the same company and just like wall kickers it is a game that doesn’t disappoint. Would definitely recommend.Version: 4.8

Great gameThis game is a great and simple game. I love it.Version: 4.8

BrilliantLoving this game, the variety of characters and backgrounds is great.Version: 1.3

Good gameLove the game. Very fun to play on your free time.Version: 4.8

Omg. I'm addictedThis is very addictive. Great game..Version: 1.3

Just get itHonestly have to say I haven't played a game on my phone for years until I saw this! Keep it up.Version: 1.3

One of the best!I love playing this game on road trips it just makes road trips fun!.Version: 4.8

Were is everyoneYou late for work on 911.Version: 4.8

YessirYessir.Version: 4.9

Omg omg omgHow have I just found this game! I highly recommend it..Version: 4.8

Simply wonderfulThis is a very simple but satisfying game. Although the avatars and backgrounds and movements are all really basic I think it adds to the relaxed, simple style. I think if any improvements were to be made it would just ruin the feel of the game..Version: 4.8

OutstandingPerfect time killer.Version: 1.3

GameTo much black character’s..Version: 4.8

GoodAwesome game play it.Version: 1.2

Good gameIt’s a pretty good game- basic concept, getting coins, unlocking new characters. I do hope that they will add more characters and also more unique obstacles. Other than that, bravo! 👌.Version: 4.3

BrilliantFantastic Time Waster.Version: 1.3

I love the pixel artSimple and has lots of charm, good for a bite size time killer..Version: 1.3

FunnyThis game is very funny and good.Version: 3.0

Endless funI love this game. Especially unlocking new characters and stages..Version: 2.0

Surprised! 😜😮😮😂Please take time to read. Thx👍 When I was starting this game for the first time...I thought it was going to be boring, pointless, and time wasting. Well... I was wrong. Very wrong. You see, this game (somehow) keeps pushing you for a higher score, over and over, which in a result, leaves you addicted 😀. I give it 4 stars for simple fun and genius gameplay within a 20mb game. Why not five stars? The game needs a little touching up. After all, it's been out less than a week! Thx guys JDStar008.Version: 1.2

Love itI could not find this game for years for I forgot the name but I just found it and remember how fun it is great time killer! 😍.Version: 4.8

Great off the BatI just got this game, but I’m already hooked. The concept is so simple yet so unique at the same time, and it’s a real good time killer. The only suggestion I’d make is to make some more skins and areas available in game instead of charging a dollar for almost all of them. Besides that the game is really good and I’d recommend it :).Version: 4.8

Help me in real lifeI love this game so much I played it for two days straight.Version: 1.3

AwesomeFun , love all the new characters and scenes.Version: 2.0

AwesomeVery addictive and awesome game you'll have so much fun when you start playing it..Version: 1.2

BLM PRIDEOk so I absolutely love this game the graphics are super cute I love how you get new characters and background things and it’s just super entertaining. Stay safe everyone!!.Version: 4.8

Love it but wish they added different tower texturesI love this game but I just wish they will add some different tower textures for example if I'm in the underwater map I should get an underwater tower not a regular office building but I love this game apart from that.Version: 1.2

Simple, clean, addictive!Lovely little came, great retro graphics and non intrusive ads make it a joy to play..Version: 1.3

Super fun game but the hopping sounds can get a bit annoying after a whileI find this game really fun and enjoyable and I love all the different characters and locations you can play as, I especially like some of the ambient music that plays based on whatever location you’re in but it can become hard to enjoy it with those constant hopping and stepping noises so I’d love if their was a setting where I could keep the music but turn off the hopping and walking noises. Thank you!.Version: 4.8

BrainI think this gamer is good coz it makes you use your brain.Version: 2.0

Surprisingly addictiveSimple but really fun..Version: 1.3

Very interesting gameI like it very much!.Version: 4.0

ImpressedA game that requires skill and is fun. no faults here.Version: 4.3

Cool ExploitTap with multiple fingers at the same time to reach insane speed!.Version: 4.8

Just the right level of frustration!Not too easy and not throw-your-phone-across-the-room hard. Simple game mechanics and simple, yet beautiful rendering. If you enjoyed Crossy Roads, then you'll love this..Version: 1.3

AwesomeLove it highly recommend.Version: 4.0

Good gameI like this game its surprisingly calming, calms me down when im having a panic attack. also really fun!!.Version: 4.8

The problemThe walking part pops up so much it is annoying plz change it😪😪😪.Version: 4.8

Can’t think of a title😂This is one of the best games I’ve ever played..Version: 4.8

No ad pop up.The fact that the Ed’s don’t pop up in your face makes me want to play this game and watch the ads to help the guy who made it out. Good job man I’m very happy with your app :).Version: 4.5

:)Very addicting and entertaining.Version: 4.3

Fun little time wasterI just love it. It's a fun little time waster..Version: 1.3

FantasticGreat game !!.Version: 4.1

I like the game but one problemI like the game but one problem the game would be more fun if you added rising lava.Version: 4.8

Great GameVery simple and fun. Little to no ads..Version: 4.8

Chicken is best NAYou can play as a chicken. That's a bless up ting for a big black man. Me like that dark meat with huge thighs dunno..Version: 3.0

AwesomeSimple but challenging. Great casual game!.Version: 4.3

I luv this gameIt is really addictive and I can get all around the city!.Version: 4.3

GreatA great game Well done.Version: 1.2

Great gameSimple concept, beautifully executed. High Risers is fun, but doesn’t try to be addicting. It’s not covered in ads, won’t destroy your battery, and doesn’t require an internet connection. In an era when most games are built to extract every possible penny from users, High Risers is a breath of fresh air – a gift from game developers to their users..Version: 4.7

Please read me, oh developers!Really great game, it's very addictive! For a small group of game makers, this is real good stuff! Though there are few things you may want to work on. Hehe :) Characters don't really change gameplay at all, it's cool to have a bunch of office workers and all, but if some characters were super fast or great a jumping, that would be cool! How about you add yourself in the game? Or even spin-off characters like Indiana Jones or maybe Darth Vader! Another thing, maybe it's just personal. But the sections with the little man in the crane are kind of tedious. Dunno really, I enjoy fast paced hopping without thinking. But all in all, it's a really nice game! I'll be following any other apps you make! Hope you make a really good game!.Version: 1.2

Awesome!!I love this game! It's so fun and addictive!.Version: 1.2

Surprised.This game is simple yet it leaves you wanting to beat your high score again. I love the art style and it looks beautiful... 10/10.Version: 1.3

Highly addictive old skool gaming funSuperb stuff from the makers of 2 of my favourite platform games ( clue: the main character is a bean ) . I have to say i am not normally hugely attracted to jump n run games, but this has had me hooked from the first game i played. Cute, quirky, simple yet challenging. And very slickly programmed. Plenty of characters and themes to unlock , and no need to buy anything so far, the adverts aren’t too intrusive. The levels where the men in cranes keep you safe ( you need to bounce off them ) had me perplexed for a couple of games . This is looking like a keeper..Version: 4.8

✔︎Great game, really fun, good to pass time, don’t know what else to say. i like the game シ.Version: 4.8

High RisersThis is soooo addictive try it.Version: 1.3

Very funThis game is so fun and challenging and y’all should get it🍞.Version: 4.3

ProfessionalThis game goes in the harder ones it gives you a challenge the more you go and it has hood graphics for seeing your position overall I think it could make this game harder.Version: 4.8

Amazing!It's a really addictive game which acts as a brilliant time-killer. I would highly recommend this to people that are a fan of platform games. P.S. It would be great if new characters and stages were added because it's quite easy to unlock them all :D.Version: 4.0

Cool gameI love this game the characters are cute and they arent cringey. i also really like that it feels retro. definitely needs more players :c.Version: 4.8

AmazingJust copy and paste my review for the wall jumping one....Version: 4.8

AddictingI don’t know what it is about this game, but I like it!.Version: 4.8

GoodVery addictive, good time killer , lots of fun, simple in a good way..Version: 4.8

A very good gameA good game although it is quite tough to unlock new items without a free gift but apart from that I would highly recommend this game.Version: 4.8

CoolGreat game to play during class.Version: 4.8

5 stars luv this gameWoo.Version: 4.8

Amazing gameIt’s a really addicting game and I like the concept it. However, I would suggest that you add some kind of ability for each character or or something to keep the game interesting as at some point I would probably get bored of it. Thank you 😊.Version: 4.3

Woo!Cute lil fun and addicting game, fun way to waste time!.Version: 1.2

Awesome highly addictive gameThis highly addictive game has stolen hours of my time. Although it offers in-app purchases they are not essential to the enjoyment of the game, and there are no annoying ads to ruin my day. Couldn't recommend highly enough..Version: 4.0

Fun game, well done.Very simple yet you can be challenged. Not buggy and not over bearing on adds (two major 👍👍) won’t drain the battery and the background graphics look good. I have the game play and it everyday it’s fun try it..Version: 4.7

AwesomeAwesome game.Version: 2.0

Simple, beautifully made, AWESOMEDang this game is great. It gradually gets harder. It’s very simple and easy to do. The people and places are very fun and make the game even better. It’s addicting and a very nice game. Good job and thank you! 😁👍🏻.Version: 4.8

See belowThere are no ads unless you watch a video to earn some coins. Coins also spawn randomly throughout the game. There are no ads anywhere else and it’s a lot of fun.Version: 4.8

Wow!A truly FREE app that is incredible! Super simple design, beautifully executed. Mildly addicting, and majorly competitive when your wife downloads and starts her own rise to the top! You even get to be a penguin! I’ve named my Penguin, Patrick. Download and get high today! #truPM.Version: 4.8

PerfectI love the grafics, the sounds, enverything!.Version: 4.3

THIS GAME IS AMAZING🐽😍😘😇I really enjoy this game it is amazing and its rly fun to collect lol the characters and scenes it’s rly addictive.😝😘😘🤪😛😝😜😗🤨😉😎😇😎😌🧐😉😝😇🤓😇😝🤣😝🙂😛🤨😊😇.Version: 4.3

Uhhhhh.....I HATE this game but i also LOVE IT !!! Nuff said 🥵🥴😁.Version: 4.7

Good stuffIt’s a great game where you can challenge friends and family to try and be your record.Version: 4.8

GreatThere’s no glitches its not slow I love it.Version: 4.7

FabulousIts FABULOUS!!! 🤑.Version: 1.3

This game is so goodI love the graphics and the gameplay is simple but fun Also spamming go BRRRRRRRRRRRR it makes you go nearly vertical but its funny as hell, please never patch it, it usually results in you dying anyway All around, very fun game :).Version: 4.8

Up there with DoodleJumpA real simple, quality classic in the making..Version: 4.3

Finally a game I enjoyEasy to pickup. No annoying pop up ads. Clean and well designed game. Worth the download..Version: 1.3

A requestI love this game. It's addictive and looks great. Right now I see four different areas. Normal, construction, horizontal and complex. It would be nice to see a game mode of entirely complex..Version: 1.3

Addictive afKeep on jumping..Version: 1.2

Too good. I'm sorry.This game is too good. This game is basically just a game where you climb a tower. When you drop, it's just overwhelming and super frustrating, and don't think that's bad because it makes it addicting. Just. Download. It. NOW!!!!!.Version: 1.3

AddictiveGreat game, super addictive.Version: 1.3

WIt’s a fun game, love all the maps and skins.Version: 4.8

Great game but one complaintThe game is great but it the boost is to high making playing without the head start useless also the game is to easy at the beginning levels..Version: 4.8

Fun!Simple idea - great game!.Version: 1.3

GGGood Game.Version: 1.3

IncredibleBest game ever.Version: 4.7

Good gameGood game but touch doesn't respond sometimes.Version: 2.0

It’s pretty okIt’s really just a good game for free there aren’t many ads and it’s pretty addictive I wish I could Give it 4.5 cuz that’s what it is but you know it’s decent for the type of game it is.Version: 4.7

This game is greatBut I don’t like the down under theme ( upside down😫) l would also like some BOSS BATTLES.Version: 4.8

Fun!Lovely time waster..Version: 1.3

Best game everThis is my favorite game, even better than subway surfer's. I’ve played this game for over 200 hours and it was so worth it.Version: 4.8

Addictive and funReally polished game with cute retro graphics and a simple mechanic that's easy to learn and hard to put down. Really addictive and easy to pick and play whenever. Nice one!.Version: 1.2

A difficult game to me😂😂😂.Version: 3.0

=3Nothing here Add spin off characters =3.Version: 4.0


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