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True Surf app received 114 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using True Surf? Can you share your negative thoughts about true surf?

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Game is gnarly, the business model isn’tDevs. On the whole, well done. Business: you demonstrably chose the wrong business model. ************************************************** THE TAKE AWAY: With the UX flatlining hard after just a few weeks, the subscription model is not sustainable. ************************************************ But you didn’t need me to tell you that. Look at the reviews. Why is opinion so divided? The game’s potential is squandered because it has been turned into a generic Mobile Game. Specifically, by the in-game purchase system and subscription offering. You guys may be scaling in terms of Daily Active Users a few months after launch, but this game has a very limited shelf-life. Why? The exceedingly slow levelling and currency systems. It’s plainly obvious what you’re trying to do and why ($$). But trying to force gamers into resorting to In-Game payments and/or the subscription model, you are screwing with the hard work the Devs put in. The actual mechanics of the game are (initially) awesome, but it gameplay itself also gets repetitive. Unless you can barrel, you can’t score. And there is a very limited range of manoeuvres on offer, so the scoring system needs a complete rejig. + graphics + gameplay - progression system - needs to be updated/re-released with an up front payment offering.Version: 1.0.10

Great game, customer support?Love the game, controls and life like nature of surfing wave is really cool. Really disappointed with lack of response to emails. I’ve sent 2 emails about issues I’ve had with the game and have not received a response. 1 issue, I jumped 10 levels without earning clams, tickets, etc, To be able to get new gear. Also never received the rewards for the competition I entered. Add to this the issue 2, of scoring in the competition. Where barrels and airs score poorly. If they could take a leaf out of youriding’s book maybe? Or look at how waves are scored in real surfing, most radical manoeuvres in the most critical parts of the wave, or deepest longest most technical barrels. Not 8’s for 20 cutbacks to the beach!!!.Version: 1.0.5

Great game, but it destroys battery life.This game is great, and the waves are pretty darn accurate, but playing this game, my phone goes from 100 to 60% in about five minutes. Also getting clams should not cost over a hundred dollars..Version: 1.0.4

12 HOURS!?Okay the old travel systems problem is once you get to like level 6 and traveled to different beaches it becomes very hard/long to rank up and get more travel coupons/clams especially if you can’t travel to good swells. On top of that surfboards are so expensive if you want to travel a lot you basically have to stick with the first fun board. Now you have to wait 12 hours to travel!? Is that a joke??? The swell won’t even be the same by the time you arrive??? That’s like a day of waiting to play your game. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to stop playing simply because they have to wait half of a day to try out one spot. Kinda a bummer I used to love this game, and if I had one suggestion it would be make it a bit easier to earn clams and cut the travel time to like 30 minutes or else people are just gonna forget about it. 12 hours??.Version: 1.1.03

Awesome to begin withPhysics are epic, but I’ve been on level 17 now for about 6 months... it’s ridiculous. Can’t travel anymore and there’s no realistic/affordable way to buy plane tickets or new boards etc... whoever’s in charge of revenue needs to look at a career change.Version: 1.0.18

Pay to win mechanics at its worst.Fun gameplay with awfully balanced levelling system that all but guarantees you will need to spend money to unlock any of the good stuff in the game, or continue surfing the better waves when they are available. Feels like a cash grab....Version: 1.0.17

It gets worse, my second review.Update: I lost all my progress by cloud saving! I signed in to my true axis account on my old phone to save its data, it says it does it automatically so I signed in but after signing in on my new phone it restored a brand new game and saved it. Going back to my old phone it auto cleared the old save and everything’s gone. It bothers me more as the grind is a fair amount because of all the bugs and physics. Just makes this game that much worse. Original: Many people including myself love this game, the way the surf data is gathered. The waves, controls, just the style is perfect. To perfect In fact you have to play the game perfectly just to have some fun. There are plenty of random issues. Biggest waves of course are the hardest but falling of randomly, trying to catch the wave, clicking to wait for a wave only for it to place a model of the player and bug out is so annoying! Almost unplayable. Beaches need to be bigger. Waves more refined and physics need much improvement. I find my self shooting out of a barrel to fast for no reason and then going over a wave just trying to ride it. 90% of my tricks I can’t land because it lacks depth and I end up going over or falling of my board once I land. It’s fun but needs improvements!.Version: 1.0.18

Fix the controlsGood game with a great idea but the controls are terrible. Pls fix.Version: 1.0.4

Not badI do enjoy the game, although it does seem that barrels are the only way to make a good or excellent score and there is no reward for combination of manoeuvres or turns. If someone locked into a a 5 second barrel and launched in to a 740 air reverse it would blow people’s minds, but I got a 5.2... just thought that was funny. Not sure if it’s the app or the new iphone11 but after every commercial, the game freezes and forced to exit and reopen the game which is frustrating especially when you’re 30 seconds into ‘perfect storm’ mode. Apart from that, if you just want to fill in the time and not worry about scores ect.. then it’s good fun..Version: 1.1.08

I played 1 year straight to get from level 21 to level 22I have played this game daily for two years. I wanted to “beat” the game without paying a cent. First off I want to say the mechanics and gameplay are very good, as a lifelong surfer who wants to get my shack fixes, it hits the spot very well. The graphics are getting better, and the realism is improving. But, I have never played a game so vigorously and seen so little progress. I am not ignorant to the fact that this is a ‘pay to play’ scenario. But still, I was determined to get to the top. About a year in, as I reached level 21, I began to realize how impossible this task might be, as the game is designed to be impervious from progress the further you get. It has taken 1 year for me to get from level 21 to level 22. I wonder how long it will take me to get to level 35??!! Honestly? I’d say 5-6 years, after my wife has left me and my parents have expired. I’ll still be staring at this screen, getting one fingered barrels, my real body wasting away in the background, countless real tubes are slicing their way down coasts around the world, but here I am, fixated, obsessed, determined to get to the peak of mastery. The boards that allow you to ride better and get more points are SO overpriced it seems like a real joke. Plus, the surf is only ever good in a few spots ever. Most breaks are so terrible to ride, why do they even exist? I mean, I understand the realism that is trying to be achieved here, but c’mon, this seems like a way to funnel travel tickets and perfect storms into nothingness because even when you use a Perfect Storm on some of these breaks, they are unridable. Don’t get me started on the ‘competitions’ they hold, which consists of bots doings endless 360’s to get those well-earned 10’s. What I’m trying to say here folks, how about focusing on fun, rather than Money, just for a minute, for once. The money will come anyway, your product is great. I’ll be deleting now. I’ve wasted too much time..Version: 1.1.10

Travel update is destroying an amazing appYour iOS surfing game is quite literally the most fun and responsive surfing game I’ve played. I love it. However, your recent update changing how I can travel to various spots limits that ability which also has had the effect of limiting how frequently I play. Perhaps this is potentially a way to get me to buy tokens or whatnot to monetize the experience. However, what I would offer is that for this user, it is costing you your repeat engagement. I travel constantly for work, and play this on my weekly flights, waiting at airport or countless other bite size chunks of time as a way to unwind etc. I do very much love the game... and hope that this recent change isn’t permanent. It takes away from the game. I had played long enough to have scaled to a level 18... I used my points won to play constantly at my favorite waves... now I am running low on travel points and not playing because I can’t jump to the places as easily / frequently as I did previously. It’s a bummer....Version: 1.1.06

Lost all my xpDon’t get me wrong this game is really fun, but it still has a bunch of issues... I made myself a true axis account, I was level 9 and now I have been dropped down to level 5?! I also lost all 10,000 of my clams. Another issue is that the scoring is messed up, I will get an 18 second double over head keg at skeleton bay and get 0.8, which makes it unbelievably hard to level up. The distribution of Shaka is out of it. Like I’ll get mega xp for an alley oop landing at the back of the wave, not even riding out, yet getting nothing from a 30 second wave doing countless laybacks and snaps with some barrel time... whatever, not hating, just want you to fix your game, because it’s so close to being sick😤.Version: 1.0.3

Best and Worst phone gameBeen playing this game daily for 3-4 years, amazing mechanics, everything flows well, but at this point you may as well just delete the “leveling system” because it’s an absolute joke. It’s not like this is the first app to be “free” but have all in-app purchases to actually do anything, far from it, but why even try to lie to people and make them think there is some kind of leveling system or ranks to climb, when in reality, it would probably take a family 6 generations to reach level 5?😂 Guess these Devs are just playing the “game” huh?.Version: 1.1.53

Was stoked now disappointedThis game worked very good up until a couple of days ago i couldn’t even open the app and now I figured out how to get in I can’t even travel or surf it just says traveling to prototype 264hrs or something and every time I pay to skip the time and pay for fast travel it hat takes my money and i don’t get to travel anywhere or do anything very disappointed now. Was my favourite now I’m deleting it..Version: 1.1.08

It’s ok but needs improvementIt’s fun but it’s too hard to earn money once you get higher in levels. It could also have some better customization. It annoys me that without using a perfect storm token the waves won’t grow more that 8 feet and even with it they are only 15 max. A more natural cycle would improve the game. As well the waves are all the same at the locations, for example at pipe the waves are unpredictable and everyone is different but if you surf it enough you will learn how to slightly predict it. However in this game every wave is the same. Improved board controls would also keep me interested longer and the ability to do snaps of the back and not fly off. Overall it was fun for a few hours but after that I lost interest.Version: 1.0.5

Game is great......but....I think we should all boycott these games that ask you to continue to pay in app to upgrade, it’s actually borderline criminal. I would gladly pay $40-60 onetime fee for this game to have full access maybe some competitions to advance but I just want to free ride also the game needs more scenery to differentiate the locations. I really hope game makers listen to the people and stop with in app purchases and charge a one time amount for full access. The game itself is really good and the controls and physics are great too. I will change my review to 5 stars when they make an unlock all feature.Version: 1.1.19

Great in many ways but could be a lot betterThe controls and visuals are good, and give you the ability to get better as time goes on. The controls are a bit limiting, so no major tricks other than through turning (airs, floater, barrel, and various degree turns). Having played things like youriding, this game is better for graphics and wave conditions (overall), but hugely lacking behind in keeping players engaged. No sophisticated tricks, very limited wave selection. Progression is the biggest annoyance. Once you get to level 16, it's practically 5 hours plus of game play to get to 17 (there are over 30 levels!). They need to finesse the game to make it more engaging, otherwise it becomes very boring..Version: 1.0.8

Bizarre monetization strategyA few points on your monetization strategy that make no sense to me -travel times are ridiculous - why would you incentivize people to not use your app for 15 hours as I fly from skeleton bay to pipe, you are literally shooing away your user base. -pricing in game is absurd - nobody cares enough about one board to spend $50 on clams, make this faster pace, and smaller bites - it’s called a micro transaction for a reason - I don’t want to spend the equivalent of one year of Xbox live membership just to get one level 13 surfboard. Would I pay $3 for one? Probably -make this more bite sized - I don’t want to play for 4 weeks just to level up once and then have to pay $50 for a surfboard. I want to surf a few different spots for 10 minutes between meetings at work and maybe play around with a few different boards - make leveling up easier, make boards less expensive (on a clam level), make travel easier, and you’ll see 10x the engagement (I’m actually on a growth hack team at another mobile game company so I’m being serious) -introduce ads as a solution? - hate to say it but an elegant solution could be to watch an ad to travel or get a couple extra clams or to get a perfect storm token instead of waiting for 15 hours to travel or level up for 4 weeks Thats all I have - the monetization strategy here is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in mobile gaming.Version: 1.1.19

Shocking gameGreat potential but poor execution. Did any of the developers actually try playing this game ? Totally counter intuitive + shocking gameplay.Version: 1.0.1

A Good Distraction, But...Generally speaking, the game is fun. The waves look great. The mechanics of them are pretty realistic. The different boards move differently (ie, longboard is lower, turns wider). It’s a good distraction and helps me zone out in a relaxing way for a few minutes, BUT, the scoring is terrible. The only way to accumulate high numbers of Shakas is to get barreled. I just threw 3 360s on the longboard and got 100 shakas and an average score of 6.0. Seriously?? And you need a HUGE amount of shakas to advance level to level once you pass level 8 or so. I mean hours and hours worth of playing when you get towards level 15. It’s a little ridiculous. And why can’t we walk to nose on the longboard? Please work on that. You can throw turns and spray and do airs, hanging 10 is the most classic move in surfing! I’m almost done with the game because it’s so hard to advance levels and the rewards for advancing are negligible..Version: 1.0.10

Move the exit buttonGames pretty good but I can’t understand why you’ve put the “x” to cancel a wave in the bottom right corner where you constantly hit it by accident when doing turns. It’s frustrating when you’re coming out of the third good barrel section at J-bay or something and you go to hit the lip with a big snap only to hit the “x” with you thumb by mistake. Seems like an obvious design flaw in the layout. When I first installed this game I thought “surely they’ll fix that soon enough” but no. Otherwise it’s a fun enough game.Version: 1.1.19

The scoring and rewarding system ANNOYS!This is a great game. Great mechanics. Fun on a phone. BUT, and this is a huge “but”, the scoring and awarding system is BUNK. The only way you can really get points is getting “tubed”. Admittedly, IRL it makes sense because it’s a very difficult thing to do. But in the game, one can do so much on the waves, including getting air and flipping the board around that’s simply ignored. So many times I have had a run with 3 x 360’s and great cuts in and out of the pipe, just to see a mere 6.0 in scoring and just a few xp points. But I can go to a beach with long pipelines and cruise to high scores and a ton of XP. But that’s BORING. I don’t even get to see my surfing that way. Just a wave and xp points racking up. I know, I know... turn the scoring off in the settings and just have fun. Screw that. I like to achieve too. Do something about it will ya?.Version: 1.1.19

Great fun except for locking on adsLove the game but exasperated by the pop up ads which cause the game screen to freeze even if you close the ad immediately..Version: 1.1.08

Great at first, not so after a while.Loved the game but it is getting so hard to level up without $ as you played. I’m about to delete it..Version: 1.0.12

Great game but the weather sucksThe weather for the past 8 months has been competely garbage, i know its supposed to be real time weather but cmon. All the waves are like 5 ft when i used to get 30 footers..Version: 1.1.20

Lost a lot of moneyI don’t know where to say this but all my clams were taken away when I logged in with Facebook, I went down in levels and it says i have no clams it says nothing about amount. I also brought some a few times and lost them. I brought some more to see if it would fix the problem but it didn’t, the scoring is screwed up though. It’s a good game besides that stuff..Version: 1.0.18

Good concept, poor controlsVery cool idea. The wave are well done. You can tell the difference between conditions. The controls are terrible. Even Kelly Slater pro surfer in 2002 did much better. It’s not even “easy to use, hard to master”, but “hard to use, impossible to master”..Version: 1.0.1

So much potentialA couple tweaks and this game would be hot fire. For one, the only way to score Shakas is to get barreled. Laybacks, carves, ridiculous airs get just a handful which needs to be corrected to get the scoring right. Also I’m on level 18, and went to Skeleton bay for some tube time. 95 second barrel netted a whopping 3k shakas but the Shaka meter didn’t budge! Wave after wave 2k Shaka here 6k Shaka there and the meter doesn’t move. How many do I need to get to the next level? I legit got barreled for like two hrs, with each wave netting an average of 3k shakas and I’m no where near level 19. What’s worse is that if I want to advance I need to go to barreling waves so like half the destinations aren’t even worth going. And good luck scoring a 10pt ride anywhere on the planet. 95 second barrel a rodeo fillip and a 540 air reverse netted a 9.7. Crazy. Anyway it’s a fun game that needs just a little tweaking and it will be great since it gets super boring once you get to level 15.Version: 1.0.10

TrashIgnore the botted reviews.Version: 1.0.4

Love it, but....Would love to have different views, just to add to the realism.Version: 1.0.10

CAREER MODEReally good game with amazing visuals, think it would be a lot better if you could do a “career mode” which you are a pro surfer and have to become the best by training and doing competitions, winning cups, whilst also getting sponsors and having media interviews. This shouldn’t be online so you have a chance of progressing in your career. Would be so sick !!! 🤙.Version: 1.0.2

Good but got bored quicklyBecame too hard to level up and lost interest due to travel restrictions and lack of progress. I really enjoyed it to start but unfortunately there was not enough going on to keep me interested..Version: 1.1.12

Rewards and missions between level upThis game is great but could better. A few improvements could be rewards (items, shakas, etc) and better goals, in between level ups. An option to pinch zoom as you please instead of the fixed camera view options. Rewards for difficult dropping in. Designs for surfboards, stickers. Just my opinion, but all in all a very good quality game!.Version: 1.1.33

Needs a few tweaksOk so as far as a surf game goes this is epic, graphics, controls and waves are awesome. Having said that it needs some tweaks, firstly the scoring for waves is all over the place with the recent update not really fixing the problem, there needs to be more available maneuvers and lastly it’s too much of a grind to level up it takes way too long! Not only do you have to spend your own hard earned xp to change surf locations but you have to try and use that to buy new boards and gear and it’s ridiculous!!! Please look into these improvements and for any new comers you’re in for a grind...which is no FUN!.Version: 1.0.8

The wave and game is Rad, the surfer is notOk, so this has been my DREAM GAME, incredible work and the waves look great the scoring is fun and the live aspect is so rad. Great work, but it needs a fee crucial apects to make it actually playable and addictive like real surf. 1. The controls are not very easy, sliding up and down is just the rotation of the board and whenever you think about doing a snap or air or even just going near the lip you just sink out the back which suucks so much when you want to pull off an air. 2. Theres no drive, theres no flow with the board and you go as slow as possible even with the fast boards i feel like as if the surfer is just sitting there on his/her back foot intentionally slowing the momentum sinking into the wave 3. Barreling, the tube is beautiful, the gracefulness of the ride, is not. Youll pull in and right as you think youre gonna make it out your surfer falls, bails, hits the tube wall or something even if your dead center and off the foamball. Please i fully support this game, this is the next best thing since Kelly slaters pro surfer but for IOS, incredible work, best waves ive seen. Just please make them ridable, you guys keep it up all love from San Clemente. 🤙🏼🤙🏼 yeww.Version: 1.0.1

Looks great, plays terribleI was looking forward to playing this game as there are too few good surf games in the history of gaming. And this one looks great, beautiful graphics, I love the variance in the waves and that you can choose your takeoff point. BUT, the controls are just unusable - see “Surfing Game - World Surf Tour” as a lesson on how to implement good controls for mobile and tablet. Simple and you get a good flow on a wave. Because I couldn’t stand the controls I can’t speak for the rest of the gameplay. I just hope the developers don’t go too much for the in-app purchases. I’d much rather pay $10 for a beautiful game that plays well long-term..Version: 1.0.2

Feedback from help centerThey stop replying to emails because they couldn’t correct a bug. After several emails, they didn’t took the time to reply..Version: 1.0.9

It has been ruinedThis game started off being a great game, but when they introduced this new travelling idea, where you have to wait for hours to get to your surf spot without being able to skip it with clams, it just ruined it. I understand that they are trying to make the game all realistic and stuff but I just want to get on the game and play it at whatever surf spot at the time I feel like it. I don’t want to get the urge to play and find I need to wait 10 hours to travel to a good surf spot. Overall the game was epic but now it is almost unplayable because of the travelling and only the travelling. Very disappointing.Version: 1.1.17

Good potentialI love the gameplay and mechanics, although the levelling needs to be changed. Getting new boards is always difficult, since the only way to gain shells (in-game currency) is levelling up which takes forever. If the devs could fix this issue I feel the game would be way more fun, less pay to win or grindy. I also feel some kind of in game recording system would be great, similar to the one in true skate..Version: 1.0.18

Decent gameI’ll start with the bad. There’s no way I’d pay a subscription fee for a mobile game and I don’t buy iap unless it’s for a full game unlock. I’ve been having fun playing this but there’s not much to it. Seems like the graphics and physics are great but it’s like a demo where they’ve missed out the tricks on purpose as there’s nothing to do other than rotate your character. In short great potential but needs some tricks and a better payment model as iap and subscriptions are a pass in my book. I’d rather just use my ad blocker and play for free.Version: 1.1.42

Good game some issues !So I’ve been playing this game for awhile I’m level 10. But this game destroys my battery. I’ll go from 100% to 50% in like 20min of playing on a gaming iPad..Version: 1.0.3

Great game some advice to the makersI love this game and %90 of it but there are a couple of things I would change for example giving a daily login bonus because when you run out of money it is really hard to get more quickly also from previous experience I have continued playing games for that reason another thing that would help is making a guild typed thing where we can talk with other players thanks.Version: 1.1.10

Still nobody has got it rightControls become limited quickly. Landing airs is rare, and unless you pay you will be waiting a long time to level up or a new board. If you want to buy the cheapest gun for the bigger waves you will have to pay £30!!! Also I have been on several times and everywhere is flat or unrideable 🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.1.19

This app had so much potential.When i first downloaded this game, i was thrilled. Next level capabilities. Now not so much. The idea of this app is awesome because no surfing games have been out really since trans world surf. Aside from Youriding, which no longer exists. Because of those two facts, i feel these developers are lackadaisical. 1. Only new additions are pay to own. (surfboards, wetsuits, swim trunks) 2. In the amount of time this game has been out they should’ve been able to add at least 50 new waves. 3. There should be some sort of campaign mode. Where you must complete challenges to advance to the next wave, unlocking as you go. Rather than minute challenges at a handful of waves to help “boost xp” . 4. There should also be a tour mode, where your character battles it out to win titles. 5. Their current tour mode is live tracked to actual events and you just compete against other players. There should be single player available for said tour stops as well. Legitimate heats. Because of these reasons i feel TrueSurf is a failed app. I still play, because it’s the only game available of its kind. But it’s kind of a bummer they capitalize on that. They should be doing tons more. - An honest review..Version: 1.1.35

Good game need to stop being money hungryVery fun game to play to pass time good controls and overall smooth gameplay but a big problem is they made the levelling system impossible to complete without buying shells etc you can unlock new boards without spending days on end playing they recently made a new update making levelling seem easier but they didn’t they just made it seem so by increasing amount of shells you can get per wave but it now requires more shells to level up so is there a change? They should think less about the money and more about their players and their game’s longevity.Version: 1.1.51

Fun But Gets Stale QuickIn love with the gameplay - controls feel super smooth and it's fun to jump into now and then but since a few updates ago level progression is super slow. Due to the lack of progression there's not much to bring me back to the game, which is a massive shame since I'd play a lot more if the publisher hadn't sacrificed fun for money 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.1.08

Good ideas. Mechanics need more workI like this game, but the mechanics are too twitchy. Over sensitive. Check the speed of drag motion by player to determine how much turn is executed, not just how far player moves control. Also a visual indicator for the turns used in a “basic mode” would help,with orientation. Problem with this game is “stick ability”. Left and right falling waves should have same mechanics to turn etc.. I think you’re onto something. . thank god there are no ads..Version: 1.1.19

Too hard to advance/earn shellsThe game play is great once you get used to the controls and the waves look amazing. Beyond that, I have some complaints. If you look at the replays from the contests, virtually all of the top scorers perform almost identical rides, including glitching at the end of the wave, bobbing up through the lip. Exploiting a glitch shouldn't be the way to win contests in a game that stresses realism in its description. Also, it takes way too long to advance in higher levels (for me it started at 17). It would be nice to see how many shakas I need to get to the next level instead of just a slowly advancing blue bar. I have earned many rides over 300 shakas, including some over 800, and I haven't even started seeing the blue bar advance yet at level 18, so it seems like I'm not earning anything. It doesn't seem like I'll ever make it to 19. It would be better if I saw 5,432/1,000,000 or something to that effect. Some other opportunities to earn shells would be great as well. The 2,000 you are awarded for leveling up gets spent fast when you have to travel for good waves..Version: 1.0.10

Plays well , but scoring is way offI like the feel of the game and the real time conditions. Lately scoring is insanely low which gives no incentive to improve or keep playing. Getting a 1.7 for a Wave that kills is frustrating:.Version: 1.0.8

RubbishThis game is so fun at the start, but after a certain amount of time playing it you come to a dead end. This is where it becomes impossible to level up, earn credit, purchase items and travel. So your basically stuck at the same wave forever which more likely than not, isn’t even breaking. Due to the “amazing technology” they use to generate conditions based on live forecasts 🥴. So much potential to bring in competitions and a campaign line and make it possible to progress, yet the games ‘new update’ failed to address any of the issues that are brought up time and time again in the reviews. Great job guys🙄.Version: 1.1.08

CloseIt’s so close, but a touch annoying how there is no other manoeuvres like being able to do some different types airs or being able to nose ride on the longboard! The two most annoying things when you do a big air and it looks like you’re about to land... nope the board disappears and also why on earth are you not aloud to sell the boards you have already bought if you think they’re rubbish?!?.Version: 1.1.10

Latest update has broken the gameThe game incorrectly registers inputs and often you simply cannot take off on a wave as it won’t register the input when you tap to stand up. Also the sensitivity will seemingly change at random when up and riding. Often a left turn will be registered as a right turn too. It’s unplayable in this state and needs to be updated asap..Version: 1.1.37

Used to be funThis game used to be super fun, but it seems like with every update in an attempt to make the waves more "realistic" they just make the waves worse. Most waves don't even barrel and have weird choppy sections that make the wave basically un-surfable. I get that part of the fun of surfing is the unpredictability, but come on, this is a video game. A lot of the times the waves in real life are better than what the game is portraying. This game has a lot of potential but it's been several years and i feel like it's gone backwards. It's a mobile game, stop trying to make it realistic, make it fun. I genuinely like how the waves reflect current swell size, and how every wave that comes in is slightly different. Build on that, focus on what makes surfing fun, not what makes it annoying. Not to mention how unbelievably hard it is to level up, I've been on level 21 for about 6 months now.Version: 1.1.35

Good but buggyGreat game and realistic but too many annoying bugs that stuff the game up. Not worth it in the end.Version: 1.1.10

I would give four but…The three stars for me are because i have so much fun playing and trying out new boards and surfing my favourite wave (skeleton bay) super super fun to do combos with airs and barrels. But… its so hard to level up and buy actually decent boards so that ruins the idea of four stars for me as they are big problems which restrict getting travel tickets, perfect storms and the currency in the game. I would love to surf more boards and its so hard to save up which is frustrating. That aside the graphics of the game are not amazing but i appreciate the simplicity and the work already done on it. The physics are not realistic yet but they are manageable. For 5 stars- the graphics need to improve, players need to be able to access better boards easier, levelling up should be less of a mission and the rewards slightly greater and adding some new features to the game as nothing has really changed.Version: 1.1.32

Please fixThis game, when it’s working, is hands down the best Surfing game on IOS. The live conditions and physics are amazing and accurate for the most part. I have no issue with player progression and cost of In-app-purchases seems fair. This is the only reason I am giving 2 stars instead of 1. My issue is solely with the ads. Not the ads themselves, but the timing and inability to resume playing make this game very frustrating. When surfing during conditions as they normally are, I may see an ad every 10-15 waves. I am fully aware of how the logistics of how ad revenue works, however, when activating perfect storm I get one or two waves before having to watch an ad. I would happily watch this ad or skip it (I have done both) but when returning to the game it becomes unresponsive and my only option is to hard close the app, losing my perfect storm and wasting the power up. I have stopped purchasing power ups for this reason. If fixed, I would happily give five stars.Version: 1.1.08

Please read thisTrue surf is an incredible game, and I absolutely love it but we need more. More surf spots Cheaper prices and more boards - the price of boards is absolutely ridiculous, would literally cost 100£ to get the top pyzel board in a virtual game, you can almost buy a real one for this sort of money. The greed of devs is this games biggest down fall, everything is so expensive, and you getting shells is next to impossible, I’ve been grinding on this game because I love it, but I’m still on the red twinny and it’s my best board as the others are stupid expensive, I could of saved all my shells but then I wouldn’t be able to travel. I don’t get why travel cost so much, it’s a silly concept Xp takes years to grind and the reward for this is next to nothing. I really wish the devs would see the potential of this game, and how much better they can do just through reducing their greed and it’s sad to see that a game like this is money driven.Version: 1.1.19

Meh , getting stagnant now .The game went from really cool to really boring , really quick . Guys please update it ASAP . Surfing the same wave over and over and over and over again trying to stall and stay in the tube to get more shakas for a crappy 5 second tube than I get for pulling off 20 manoeuvres is getting old . Scoring is so out of proportion and your in app purchase prices are laughable. You want this game to stay relevant , throw a one off cost inline with what other developers charge so we can at least move around and use the perfect storm to experience all the surf spots at a decent size . Reading back through the comments though , you guys don’t seem to be paying much attention to the advice the majority are giving you as to what your players want . It gets old real quick . Went from playing all the time to just being a time waster when I’m having a dump . It’s almost like the game winds the swells down the further you get to try to get you to purchase the perfect storms to get some actual size . Either that or the whole world ironically just dropped off to a sloppy little swell all at once which has lasted weeks . Bout as relevant as angry birds now unfortunately. It has so much potential too which is a shame . I even bought your passport to try to keep it interesting, but I’m finding I’m changing waves every 5 minutes . If it’s not a hollow barrel to stall stall stall , good luck getting points . It’s not even worth learning how to pull off tricks ..Version: 1.1.17

Aerials points systemThe problem with ALL surfing genres is the point system. Esecially aerials. I just pulled into a barrel for 15secs and got a 4.2. I pulled in to PIPELINE and got a 2.1. ITS PIPELINE!! The only way to get high points is to do a stupid amount of impossible aerials. In fact one wave I done 1 aerial and got 4.9. This takes the AUTHENTICITY away from every unique wave you offer us. I can’t believe you have overlooked this for this long..Version: 1.1.19

Too hard too get clamsThe game good it just costs a lot to travel and so you waste clams fast. You should introduce a new way to earn clams. eg: what true skate does earn clams for how many points(shukas)that you get on a wave. And you could make travelling cheaper therefore players can travel more for the same price as before..Version: 1.0.20

Most realistic but some flawsReally kept my attention for a while but scoring way off. I’d get barrelled 3 times at skeleton bay and do some cut backs and get a 1.9 and then do a single barrel at Peniche and get a 9.2 Now on level 11 and it’s taking forever to get to 12 getting slightly bored.....Version: 1.0.9

Beautiful waves, poor gameThe modeling for the waves is beautiful, I could sit here watching them peeling off and be content without even catching any of them. Only occasionally does the wave get glitchy, folding in on itself, for the most part the physics is perfect. Unfortunately the gameplay is not so great. Entering contests is less interesting when you’re competing against hundreds of perfect 10s, all from people doing the longest barrel rides, with effectively no rewards for turns, airs, variety. No fun. Progressing is difficult due to a bug that causes shakas to stop getting counted, whenever you get several high scores in a row. Would love to see a story mode instead of competing against boring perfect 10 glitch riders. Also surfboard costs are impossibly high given how little you make for leveling up. Great wave engine, love the live surf, just fix the gameplay and rewards and you have yourself a masterpiece! Wish I could perfect storm my local break right now. 🤙.Version: 1.1.12

TERRIBLE PLEASE READ!!This game is fun however its made to make you spend money. To buy good surf boards it can cost up to 40,000 in game currency. However there is only 2 ways to make game currency, the first is to use the wave hunter which will grant you 300 in game currency once everyday. the downside to this is you have to spend half or even more than what you make from it to just do it. The second way is by tournament’s. But the tournaments are totally rigged unless you spend money on the game, this is tested and proven because i used my friends account on his phone which he had bought 50$ worth of in game currency, and my account on my phone which i spent no money on. I entered the same tournament with the same jersey the same board and i did the same 3 turns and got a 7 on my friends account AND ONLY A 0.3 on my account. i tried this many more times for data and every-time i did it, it would have similar results as the first time i did it. This means that the only way to truly get in game currency takes absurdly long for very little reward. The game developers need to add ways to make game currency and take away the current rules in place for tournaments..Version: 1.1.50

Great Game but too expensive!I love this game, but the way they charge for absolutely everything is ridiculous. Really highway robbery if you ask me which is a shame as it’s the best mobile surf game. They should just charged 10 bucks for the entire game, would’ve paid that happily. Instead they were greedy..Version: 1.0.10

SurfTakes waaayyyyy toooo loooonngggg to level up.Version: 1.1.50

Needs to be balancedGreat game for control and graphics. But scores need to be balanced . Turns inside the barrel are the only way you can score points?? Not realistic . Get more points for launching airs and landing out back of the wave! Re adjust scoring so carves and turns off the lip score more . Becoming like wsl judging and scoring high for airs and nothing for turns.Version: 1.0.14

Good appInitially this is a very fun app, the controls are simple which is great for starting, but after a while it becomes a bit limiting. One of the more frustrating issues is that there is no goofy stance option. This is a massive over-site and hope the developers correct this soon. Tried send them an email but the email add doesn’t work. Hopefully this gets back to them..Version: 1.0.14

Very good...until you hit lvl 20The wave dynamics, links to live conditions and variety of waves make this game excellent....until you progress past about lvl 15. At this point it becomes clear the designers just want you to buy their coins to upgrade your equipment. Progress is SO SLOW and before long there’s no real achievement to aim for. I’m disappointed that this doesn’t fulfill its potential - a lot to learn from you riding..Version: 1.1.06

Great gameplay with a buggy backendI really enjoyed playing this game. Feels very true to life and kept me wanting to progress. Two MAJOR problems with this app: 1. Ads cause the game to crash, prematurely ending “perfect storm”. 2. Not one item that I purchased with earned in game currency saved. In other words, I spent hours grinding until I could afford upgrades. When I finally spent on the upgrades, they were unavailable for use in my inventory. This is fully unacceptable, considering that people have the option to spend real money for credits to buy these things(Thankful I didn’t). I just can’t understand why a developer would put all that time forth programming excellent gameplay, and then do an obvious rush job while coding the store and ads. Do you not like money? That is how you drive people away from spending on your product. In fact, I was so offended that I wasted my time earning nothing that I promptly deleted the app..Version: 1.0.2

Not bad, could be greatOnce you hit a certain level you you will run out of travel cards really quickly. I understand the need to make money but I won’t make in app purchases. The price is way too high. Using shells to move around the world means you can’t upgrade your board and after level 12 it takes a while to level for more. Judges scores, even though it means nothing, are way off. I’ve spent 30secs+ in barrels and have only got 9.8-9.9. That’s with cut backs, floaters and airs thrown in. Have the judging contribute shaka to have more relevance to the game. If you want to generate revenue for the game put adds in the game. But not videos. Have floating pontoons with ads on them out the back. That would add to the immersion. If you added multiplayer that would be awesome or even AI to compete for waves while you’re waiting for sets to come through. Controls are great for this game. Challenging but easy enough to get your head around. I don’t mind surfing small waves. It’s good for variety but the judges give you low scores instead of judging by wave quality and how you ride the conditions like they would in real life. All in all it’s a great game. It just could be better if it were more immersive..Version: 1.1.08

Next update?Guy, freaking great game! Possible next updates: • Barrel spits every now and then (that would be sick) • A few more surf spots. • Sharper turning when kicking the lip of a wave. • Potentially activate trick or flips. • The controls are great but I feel that sometimes it gets a little monotone. • My biggest irritation are the boards, there is not all that much difference between them. I feel that this game would have been amazing if there was an upgradable features that could unlock better performance maybe surf spots. That would have been 100 x more addictive than the game already is. Either way, great game! Well done to the devs!.Version: 1.0.10

Unfulfilled potentialThis game is really fun at first. The ‘physics’ of the actual surfing part and the waves is really pretty good. The scoring is way off though. The only thing that will get you excellent scores is tuberiding. You can make 5 ally oops on the one wave and still only get a 4 point score. So if you want a good score you just have to sit in the tube, just stalling all the way which is boring. Also it would be SO much better if you could compete with your friends online and see their waves in real time etc. It’d be also great if you could surf heats against top CT pros and see them surf their waves. It would have only taken a little more development to make this a truly great surfing game. As it is, however, the novelty wears off pretty quickly and it seems little effort has been made to improve it since its initial release..Version: 1.0.18

Please fix gameplayOk. What the hell did ya’ll do with the gameplay in the recent update. Now my surfer is bouncing off the white water and lip in the most obscene and strangest ways, including going upside down when I’m trying to do a little lip hit? Why would you change it so it’s like this? Carving on the face seems to be the same, but anything involving the lip and whitewater you have totally screwed to hell. It’s like someone came in who hadn’t surfed a day in their life, and decided that whenever the surfer’s board hits the white water and/or the lip, they should turn in to one of those little plastic remote control surfers and go flying in completely illogical and random directions. It’s like for this one thing, they decided the way a surfer behaves has more in common with the goat in goat simulator than an actual, real life surfer. Please change it back. I am just so baffled how this could get approval to begin with..Version: 1.0.21

The grinding for clams is simply ridiculousI’ve been stuck at level 16 for about 2 years..Version: 1.1.37

Money grab for a game with a lot of potentialPlayed this game about 4-5 years ago when it started getting some attention and just forgot about it, was able to get most of the good boards and was level 16. Flash forward to now and I started from fresh thinking it was no problem, bought the unlimited perfect storm subscription to help grind through the levels only to realize the sci-fi 0 board I wanted had gone up about 20k and it takes an unrealistic amount of time to build up the money for it, but of course there’s a pack in the shop selling the exact amount of currency needed to purchase the board for $20. Game is still a blast don’t get me wrong but it’s going in the direction of all the bad free to play games such as war thunder, takes forever to grind but the easy option takes 20-45 dollars out of your pocket and gives you just enough for one board. I was having fun until I realized this, and yes there are other options for much cheaper but come on, the same board I got a few years back almost tripled in price and the best way of getting any currency is the tournaments but Goodluck winning them when the people you’re going up against have the top of line boards they dropped 45 dollars on… 3/5 since it’s fun to play when you’re bored but definitely not worth the time to grind. Please don’t be like Gaijin, no one likes that..Version: 1.1.50

Fun at firstThe only way to get a decent amount of points is through getting barrels, I’m ok with this but now they’ve made one of the best barrelling waves (skeleton bay) super inconsistent with sections that close out way too quickly. Not to mention they don’t forecast that spot at all, probably so you would spend money on perfect storms. Seems more and more like a scam with each update. Also how can I get a 120sec barrel without getting a perfect 10 point score from the judges?.Version: 1.1.08

Stingy on clamsTakes way to long to progress and earn clams, and it’s a bit jerky..Version: 1.0.18

Don’t change statsI used to really like this game then they made it very hard to level up and to get the best board. I mean it went from like 45 minutes to get a board you can have the most fun on to about 20 hours. It is ridiculous that the devs made this fun game a pay to win. But this new update has just made it even worse, they changed the stats for half the boards so there aren’t any fun ones anymore, the uncontrollable but super fast turning and light board is too heavy to do the fun and ridiculous airs anymore. It’s just sad how hard the devs are trying to force players to pay money so they can have fun while saying “refinement” when it is the exact opposite of what the player base asked for. One step forward two steps back..Version: 1.1.18

Freemium greedy pay to play gameThis could have been a brilliant game, but the greed of the developers has ruined it with subscription fees and outrageous in game currency costs. The only think extreme about this game is the expense. This sort of thing needs to be banned. I would have happily paid to unlock the full game, as would most people, but this is a total scam. It literally locks you out of game play for 12 hours to change location unless you pay. They’re literally holding the game random demanding premium transactions. Greedy c***s..Version: 1.1.50

Fun but glitchy...It’s a fun game, but it can be pretty glitchy..Version: 1.0.5

Great game but needs a little tweak.I love this game and have played it a lot. Bit too be stopped for months as my progression has just stopped building I’ve been stuck at level 21 for ages and my progress never seems to go up so I’ve pretty much given up playing it. Too hard now to level up to many shells required to get better equipment or aids to allow progression. Now just feels like a way of getting my money if I want to get further..Version: 1.1.32

Fun but hard to get moneyOnce you’re past the first couple levels, even if I score huge points most waves it takes forever to get coins. They should make different ways to get coins. Even a daily login chest to open or something..Version: 1.1.32

Got boring really fastLoved it for the first week but it’s just the same with little ability to change up my style or try new tricks and moves. Way too expensive to purchase for the amount I play. Be better to have more control of the view angles. I don’t have to many mates that stand on the beach choosing a wave. At least elevate it slightly. When surfing pipe over 20-15ft, you can barely even see the wave to be able to position yourself for take off. Be good to have a wider view of the shoulder. Not being able to see what the wave is doing limits ones ability to know what moves to pull. What’s with the take off dial too? Give a little more flexibility on taking off. We’re surfers, not finger pushers..Version: 1.1.19

Scoring/XP is shockingScoring is bad. But gaining xp is even worse. This game would be so much better if you could level consistently without only trying to do airs that award a reasonable amount of shakas. This makes clams horrendously hard to earn and they are far too overpriced to be able to purchase a board you actually want. Big update required..Version: 1.0.6

Was 5 stars now 2I used to play this every day. Frolicking in brown waters of Skeleton Bay. But with the update you gave, you screwed with the wave, now this game is just barely ok. But seriously, a perfect day at skeleton bay, sectioning out and unmakable? It was never like that until the latest update. It was my favourite spot and fantastic for over a year. Maybe too good and people were not changing surf spots regularly enough (Spending money)..? If that’s the idea behind tweaking the wave quality, it won’t work for people with a favourite surf spot. They just won’t play it. I don’t mind spending money. (I’ve had unlimited perfect storms from time to time and i paid to remove ads). Maybe make board upgrades a little cheaper. Anyway, I’d be very happy if skeleton bay was returned to its former glory. Thanks.Version: 1.1.08

Countless HOURS of play, very little progress or reward.After playing for almost 2 years, I have to say the in-game progress is way too slow and the in-game purchase prices are ridiculously high. Almost to the point where it actually makes no logical sense. I’ve been attempting to reach a level to get a decent board for what feels like ages and there’s practically no progress for the HOURS that i’ve put in. And even if i do spend my ENTIRE LIFE playing the game and reach a decent level, I won’t even be able to afford a decent board. You’re awarded 2k in game currency for leveling up, but the decent boards are priced at ~40k?!? (And it’s practically impossible to level up past level 10) You guys are practically equating one in-game surfboard to approximately $29 USD. I mean seriously, make the game make sense. It’s so apparent that this game is strictly a money grab for WSL..Version: 1.1.17

Good game but...I think this is probably the best surfing game on the AppStore. It keeps you hooked for the first 10 levels. Then... it gets quite plain. This game needs more too it. You can’t keep on just adding new beaches, I think you need to make it easier to level up and make more levels, also you should make goals/challenges , so when the player completes these they have more opportunities to level up and earn clams. This game gets boring if there is nothing to work towards. If the only way to earn clams is by reaching new levels and entering comps that rarely are available, this game just gets boring. Also, this one is a small thing, it would be helpful if the bar that shows your level could also show how much points you need to reach the next level, and also adding a few different boards, like the skim board and boogie boards would also be good. P.S if you are thinking of adding new beach, add the wedge, the shore break would be pretty fun on this game..Version: 1.1.12

Need more surf spotsPlease add more surf sport. Maybe the one in texas the BSR waco surf and kelly’s wave pool and a couple more spots in hawaii and all over the world! Please! And also make it easier to get money or tickets because i hate running out constantly. Mahalo.Version: 1.1.50

Old newsI am really deeply dissatisfied, true surf once was a go to entertainment source. I am deeply saddened by the fact this game with such strong potential has not been further developed to satisfy people all over the world. Your game is lacking so many key elements in which to keep someone attracted. It was absolutely astonishing when I first saw a decent surf game in the App Store, which to my disappointment has gotten old and run down very fast. The game requires some sort of challenging aspect to entice people and make the game more worthwhile. By simply adding such a small thing such as daily challenges in which you can earn shells from to be able to actually obtain some of the better boards that are in the game... rather than making it near impossible to level up once you reach the merely low stage of 15. Making the scoring more realistic would definitely be an amazing change. The game is lacking so much which could be so easily fixed. Please save true surf!.Version: 1.0.17

Hoping for improvements!It’s good fun and by far the best surf game. Would be nice to be able to stomp airs a little easier. Have just been set back to level 1 again, after working up to level 8. Hopefully these glitches can be ironed out..Version: 1.0.2

What the hell have you done!?!?!?Just updated where it says “updated to improve Skeleton Bay and Pipe. Now it’s a crock of sxxt just closing out all over the show! You fixed the scoring or lack of, but now the waves have all gone fxxked. The chance to earn cash is only 2500 each level up forcing people to shell out cash if they want to get the unobtainable board. You can’t even get it through grinding it out. Only pay to play. Need to add grabs to the airs. Damn shame too because this has so much potential, but is let down by bugs and cash greedy devs.Version: 1.1.14

So much potential but let down unfortunatelyThis game has so much potential- it’s really well put together however you don’t seem to get any points for turns or carves which really is the essence of surfing no? Also it’s is near impossible to land any kind of air? A few tweaks could really elevate this game. Have tried emailing support but the email bounces!?! C’mon guys sort it out !!!!.Version: 1.0.14

Beautiful but flawedThe graphics are amazing, the game is addictive there is so much to love. Sadly there is a fundamental flaw, to score big and progress the longboard is the best surfboard to use. Check out the in game contests (Pipe Masters 2018 as an example) all the top scores we achieved riding a longboard due to the ability to get into the barrel for longer and rack up a higher score. I would rather the game reflect reality a bit more with the short boards able to do that!.Version: 1.0.10

Progress too slowThe game play is fun but progressing through levels is wayyy to slow, the competitions cost a lot and you get nothing out of them unless you actually win (good luck lol), it would be cool if there was more competition aspect to it where you’re not facing 10000 people.Version: 1.1.51

ClamsCome on.. let the clams be easier to get. Been stuck on the same level the same board for ever...Version: 1.1.33

The best surfing game, but has its major flawsThere is no question that True Surf is the best surf game for iPhone right now, and I truly hope that there’s enough of an audience for this to spur on a console version with deeper and more advanced features. Nonetheless, I must reflect what the vast majority of players say here, and that’s that there is no goal to shoot for. I’ve been on lvl 20 for probably 12 months now and I play for 10-15mins most days. Progress is glacially slow. I see no reason why this game couldn’t have downloadable content - I.e more surf spots, even community generated spots of you could built a wave builder like YouRiding used to have. I’d also like to see the option to choose the conditions. So instead of just live conditions or perfect storm, you could choose “10ft and offshore” for example and begin to explore how different sizes and wind conditions effect the waves. Also, I’m not sure what you’ve done to the scoring in the latest update but it’s virtually impossible to score above a 4/10 for what previously would’ve been a 9/10. Probably making progress even slower. All in all, it’s a great game, I like it so much that I wish there was more to do on it and more of a career style, with progress and regular new spots added. Not just WSL stops..Version: 1.1.20

Good game but where are all the shakka?The graphics and game play on this are excellent however one thing that is super annoying is that if you get long barrelled or a high scoring wave then you seem to hit a limit on the number of shakka (points) you can pick up and it stops recording them. Not sure if it’s on purpose or not but very very frustrating.Version: 1.1.12

!!I dont understand why a game would create bad conditions to surf... why not make it always pumping and let people have fun.Version: 1.0.10

Please update&fix!!I really like this app. The controls are easy to use once you get used to them. The waves are amazing. THE CON IS: every time I enter a competition it brings me to another surf spot and after it ends it won’t bring me back to where I started. I’m down to only 8 tickets when I originally had like 23. It always sends me to a surf spot with the smallest waves and it leaves me there—it’s not fun. PLEASE MAKE IT SO IT BRINGS YOU BACK!! I look at the forecast and it doesn’t change the height in waves. I really hate spending so many tickets and shells just to get to a surf spot. PLEASE MAKE AN EASIER WAY TO EARN TICKETS AND SHELLS!! WATCHING A 30 SECOND VIDEO—TO A MINUTE ISNT A BAD IDEA. TO BE HONEST ID WATCH VIDEOS EVERYDAY JUST TO EARN SHELLS AND TICKETS!! I’m sorry but until this is an update and gets fixed I’ll be playing less. I find it unfair that it does that. Please listen and read this through. Thank you..Version: 1.0.14

Problem with entering eventsGreat Game and enjoying it but for some reason I can’t enter in any event to earn Shakas 🤙🏽 but I can only view previous winners.Version: 1.1.10

Could be a decent game but...Controls are kinda difficult to understand, plus the tutorial doesn’t really reflect how the game is played. Also I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not but the “surf” section of the game is entirely blurred and just says “updating weather conditions”. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a feature or just something that has gone wrong. At least it’s free. 🤷‍♂️.Version: 1.1.12

Sept ‘23 update doomed multiplayerThe best surfing physics ever. The Sept ‘22 update changed the scoring which caused the multiplayer contests to become too easy to get perfect scores which then caused a bunch of customer complaints that the contests had become all perfect scores instead of competitive. For example the first rider to score a perfect score would often not even win any rewards because they would get bumped back by the perfect scores of the riders after them (the game does not recognize “ties”) So the devs canceled the multiplayer contests because of that and also the contests were consuming bandwidth that the devs did t want to pay for because their funds were so low due to lack of monetazation development. Before Sept ‘22 update the scoring was not perfect but it was better. It was cumulative instead of goal based. The contests were epic and riders would out-do each other and watch each other’s rides. The devs should tweak the scoring to make it harder to get perfect scores and turn the contests back on. Now it’s basically a dead single player game. Warning: if your clams go past 500,000 the game will take the clams and your gear away and your not getting any of it back unless you earn it again..Version: 1.1.53

Great at first. Needs an updateThis is a very good game. Really is the realistic surf game I’ve played. At first you enjoy surfing and doing tricks as you rise up in levels, but then it makes 2 very serious mistakes. Firstly the in game purchase option regarding surfboards is ludicrous. Second - You’re suppose learn and do more and more tricks or do unrealistic stalling to get long tube rides so jump a level and get some money. Then you spend that to get a board and repeat. Now that’s not a bad thing for a while but then becomes repetitive. I think a one off 2.99 payment to unlock a few more boards and items would be a fairer option. Like I said it’s a great surfing game but just falls short of being a truly great video game..Version: 1.1.35

Pay to make progress or don’t make progressOnce you get to a certain level and an alright board, you have to start buying to get better boards as you level up very slowly and get hardly any reward. Alright game but annoying once you’ve levelled up to a certain level :/.Version: 1.1.12

Hmmmm, bad updateSomething is way off with shaka earnings in the new update, enough to the point that it completely ruins the fun. Previous surfing that awarded large shaka, is now giving very small/useless amounts. I could maybe understand the reason being that the old shaka rewards were too high for the overall score...except my overall scores are now higher than they were pre-update. So it doesn't add up. As a level 18, it seemed like 19 would take a while, but I could crack away at it slowly. Now, it's simply not worth the time. This is one of my favorite games of 2018, every commute had some time set aside to rip for a bit. I've never participated in a competition (because well look at the winners it's a joke) please keep this game fun. Fix the scoring or at least bring back the same as last version..Version: 1.0.7

Terrible gameIgnore the botted reviews this game sucks!.Version: 1.0.4

Fun with high skill ceilingThe game is really fun and has a high skill ceiling with solid controls. However it falls short when it comes to progression as you need shells. You can only get them by leveling up but once you get more than 30 mins into the game it takes forever to level up. A new feature that they just added that shows they don’t care about making a good game is the new traveling system. Before you needed to use shells to travel or the travel tickets which you get from leveling up. Recently they removed the feature to travel with shells. WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS???? Now you either have to buy travel tickets or wait up to 9 hours to go to different beaches. And by the time you get there the surf will be flat. The live surf is a cool touch but for the last week all of the beaches have been flat and the game becomes really annoying. Easy solution would be to have a practice beach always available with controllable waves (height, shape, break) Most of the time this game is awesome. But not having a place with good waves is one of the dumbest most short sighted game design I think I have ever seen and hope, HOPE the devs make a change. Edit- I don’t feel like rewording my last paragraph. But the devs are getting greedy and not listening to their community. They need to understand that in a surfing game you need to have good waves. Almost all of the time the surf is flat and if you find a beach that has good waves you are gonna have to wait up to 9 hours to maybe have a chance at riding a decent wave. TO THE DEVS. PLEASE STOP IGNORING YOUR COMMUNITY. YOU ARE RUINING AN AMAZING GAME WITH GREEDY GAME DESIGN!.Version: 1.1.08

FlawedHard to level up past 15 . Inconsistent scoring and Shaka points randomly stop dropping, very frustrating when you get 2,000 + shakas and nothing counts. ( only way is to stop app and restart in a fresh tab ) Price of clams to buy is ridiculous and can't swap back boards. Shame because game looks and feels ok.Version: 1.1.12

Glitchy and uncaring developersThis used to be great but there are so many frequent glitches now. Recently they had problems with one of the events and showed some good will with giving some clams out. The next event I placed incredibly well In nearly every category but was awarded absolutely no clams. After contacting the developers they tried to tell me they already showed goodwill and I had to write a detailed email explaining how they were confused with the previous events problems and that this was the next event. Once I cleared up their wrong assumption they then thought I was a different person. When I tried to clear this up they then just replied that they won’t be doing anything. Clams cost money. I showed screen shots of all the places for the categories I should have one clams for yet they refused to award these or acknowledge they app has a problem. Poor service and feel frustrated their is no recourse for solving. Maybe apple will step in when this comes down to not being issued something that has monetary value..Version: 1.1.39

Boards/ easier to obtain shells with out competing to buy birds and accessoriesCan you guys please make a way to sell back boards for shells making it easier to purchase new boards to experience. Also maybe make another way to gain shells through missions, etc. or even gain more shells for leveling up since all of the good boards are in the 30k shell range. Buying shells is also pretty crazy expensive for a virtual experience. Lastly, please please please make surf ranch a surf spot you can got to for besides tournaments would be gnarly. And do something about the sensitivity feature bc so many people win tournaments by throwing the sensitivity wayyyyy up and just performing a bunch of 360 degrees and up turns by simply using this trick enabling them to win..Version: 1.1.36

Fun but ...Fun game but the in-app purchases are crazy expensive. It takes far too long to generate enough points to upgrade boards etc. In short the game is fun but way to spendy. I’m thinking if I play 7 hours a day for the next 3 weeks I may finally be able to upgrade to the next deck 😕.Version: 1.0.8

Surfing for BarrelsThe game is fun, exciting and very realistic; I have the 3/5 star review due to the results of such hard work with minimal surfing results. The contest section will show you perfect 2/3 waves with the surfer only getting barrels and not ever turning, floating or airing, cool yet to get a perfect 10 on any wave you just ride barrels. I enjoy surfing, watching surfing and playing a game of surfing; yet the rewards given to players for making the most boring ride is at fault for an over all boring game. Watching the top players surf barrels and not anything else, getting perfect 10’s is horrible surf. Honestly, if the top players were pro surfers they wouldn’t have a career. I’m not a professional gamer. Product placement is gold, boring surf is worth more and barreling every wave is the idea of a faulty game. The top 3 players have the same score, ride the same barrel; why would this be interesting at all? It’s entertaining making an exciting run on my own yet that’s a 3.0 wave because I only barreled for 4 seconds and the floater for 7, air and turns made an overall wave at 3/5... wait that’s the rating for the barrel I rode on the App Store..Version: 1.1.03

Good quality but hard to advanceHonestly the game is amazing in terms of how real and fun it is . But you can’t play online with other players , even during competition dates I could never get in on a single comp. also, very expensive and unreal Shaka earnings. Like honestly you should be able to play online with anyone so you don’t get bored surfing alone . Plus it costs money to travel to different waves and the 2k you receive when passing level is extremely low. I’m at level 18 for like 3 months now and I play a lot. Aí an unforgiving game and very expensive. Honestly be realistic guys . Let us play each other online and travel to other waves at cheaper rates and buy cooler boards. 50 dollars for a cool board? That’s ridiculous.Version: 1.1.10

Takes forever to advance to next levelVery cool game, seems realistic, it’s fun to ride. Scoring for the rides though seems too random. It’d be cool to choose morning, day or night at each location when you surf, or if it’s sunny or rainy or cloudy. Temperature of water would be cool to know, otherwise there seems to be no benefit to wear a wetsuit. And the different clothes the character can buy, do any of them offer any extra advantages? If all the clothes are just there with no benefit, why do we want to buy them? Most importantly, I want to get the really cool surfboards, but to do so I have to advance levels a bunch, and it takes so long to advance. I want to get all the boards in the quiver, and I want to become pro, but to do that you will have to invest so much time. That would be cool, but just surfing wave after wave without barely any progression happening toward advancing to the next level becomes super monotonous. 1) make it easier to advance levels 2) offer coins for other achievements besides advancing levels 3) offer more coins when you advance in higher levels as opposed to early levels 4) offer sponsorships where you get awarded with coins 5) lessen the price of the top performing boards.Version: 1.0.8

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