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Xfinity App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Xfinity app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Xfinity? Can you share your negative thoughts about xfinity?

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Xfinity for Negative User Reviews

Alert sound not consistentA waste of time and frustration. Just go to your admin page through your browser. Absolutely zero help with app flaws. While I appreciate being able to see unauthorized devices connecting to my network. I am dissatisfied and disappointed that the alert notification does not always work. How effective of a app is it, if it’s basic alert system does not function properly all the time? I am constantly having to check for myself to catch the unauthorized devices connecting, to pause them. I have spent since April 2020 trying to get Xfinity to address the unauthorized devices ability to keep connecting no matter all the menu actions I repeatedly take, and switching out my modem 4xs so far, and still I have unauthorized devices reconnected within a week or two. Why does Xfinity have a app to find issues, but it’s like pulling teeth to get anything but basic help for the issue instead of actually diagnosing why it keeps happening? Very frustrating. I like the app, but Xfinity customer support is time consuming to get them past just the basics each time. Customer support is in bad bad shape. Who are their Trainers? Epic fail! The app is great, but fails to notify consistently..Version: 3.18.0

Good but with considerable annoyancesThere are many nice features with the tv aspect. With the remote it is easy to navigate, but the order of channels is random. There are many levels of packages, but rather than group the stations by packages, their arrangement seems random. One nice aspect is that the remote control is voice activated. The biggest weakness is customer service, there is essentially none. Probably to save money they use AI with a computer system to handle customer service, no options to talk with a human. Almost everything I enter as a problem, the computer tells me to restate my problem using different words. I have subscribed to MLB Extra innings, but the programmers do not understand the difference between teams. They show the logos of the teams, but often the broadcast is for the opponent team. Again there does not appear to be any manner to report the problem. The computer seems to know only one manner of fixing a problem - reboot the system..Version: 3.30.0

XfinityIf I could find another service in my area, I would fire Xfinity,I have had trouble with this service since 2016,yes that’s correct, I’m getting bills from my insurance because my medical equipment is not online,I have had it with these people, I pay for nothing,surveillance stays offline,slow to no internet,I’m a disabled person l need my equipment to work,fire alarm goes off no internet, no phone,if nothing is working nothing is done, I’m sick of you people, I will find another service but in the meantime you all just keep taking my money for bad,little to no service, I would recommend that no one buys property here especially if they need internet services, I wouldn’t recommend Xfinity home either,it never worked, I have adt but it doesn’t work to par with bad internet services from Xfinity,$110 for internet that doesn’t work properly and don’t move or upgrade services you have created even more problems,pay more money and still get a promise,I know what the problem is and as soon as I try login in the app doesn’t show up as described, I would guarantee that Xfinity would not even consider reimbursing me for spending $400 a month because my insurance bills me because it appears that I’m non-compliant,I’m perturbed..Version: 3.41.0

Little functionalityI’ve been trying for more than 12 hours to get a new modem/router online that we purchased to replace a failed netgear router. It’s bad enough that I paying outrageous amount of money each month simply for Internet for a weekend house that we are only able to get to 4 to 5 days per month. I previously had a router I purchased when we switched from AT&T to Comcast. It failed. I didn’t wanna pay an additional seven dollars a month from the rest of my life for a piece of equipment that cost $150. So we bought a new one. Everything about the router is working. However, neither the Xfinity app, nor the technicians on the chat feature can clear the firewall for it to work. I’m convinced Xfinity does this to punish you for not using their Xfinity gateway. They keep telling me I need to register the equipment. When I couldn’t do it on the app, I contacted the technician on the chat feature, gave them all the information, and they told me it would take 45 to 50 minutes for it to come online. That was 7 1/2 hours ago. Everything on my end is green. When I put in the IP address, it sees all of our attached devices. The problem is with Xfinity and the app doesn’t seem to be able to clear the problem..Version: 3.44.0

APP No Longer WorksI’m giving this 2 stars due to the fact that it used to work well before & we never had issues with it until now. Something is wrong and it won’t allow us to log in on mobile devices. It acts as though it doesn’t recognize our password. We have changed it thinking maybe that would reset it somehow and that it would begin to work again. NOPE!!! We have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times and also tried to change the password AGAIN still to no avail. I need the app in order to be able to check the feed for the cameras that are on the outside of our home and not being able to sign in makes that virtually impossible. When ur paying $200 per month for services u expect to be able to use an app that goes with one of those services. I really was going to leave 1 star but only gave it 2 due to the fact that it worked perfectly fine before this issue. But for the money they are charging us we should all have an app that works without issues of this kind..Version: 4.13.0

Unfortunately it’s completely useless to meMy Xfinity app acts as though I don’t have a Comcast modem. I do have the Comcast XB8. However, the app actually has a box as soon as I open it asking me that I need to rent/lease a modem from Comcast. I have no buttons at the bottom of the main screen at all, no “Overview”, no “Connect”, no “People” or “more” like I used to have. Those buttons are completely gone. This same app worked fine when I first got the XB8 modem. I had all those buttons, the app at the top said my modem was connected and good to go, I could see my wifi name. But I switched it to bridged mode to use my own router. My own router has now died so I switched the XB8 back off of bridged mode just today. Since then, the Xfinity app doesn’t think I am renting a Comcast modem. I’ve tried powering the modem off/on. Switching back to bridge mode then back to unbridged. I’ve uninstalled the app from my phone and reinstalled. Nothing I do is making the app know that I am currently renting a Comcast XB8. Since Comcast moved port forwarded, wifi name and password changes exclusively to this app, my XB8 is now more or less useless. Should I be surprised? Not really..Version: 4.16.0

Slowest App in Existence!!If I could give this app negative 5 stars, I would. One would think that an internet service provider would have one of the fastest, sleekest apps in existence. They would be wrong, however. This is by far the slowest, worst, most intolerable app I have ever attempted to use. It even puts their obnoxious voice attendant to shame, and that’s nearly impossible to do. Xfinity certainly blew everyone out of the water with the worst costumer service and voice attendant to date, but they truly surpassed everyone for the worst app ever created. I can’t help but wonder if the irony of Xfinity, an internet service provider, having the slowest app on the planet is lost on them. If I had to bet money on it, my guess is they just really could not care less about their customer experience (and I pay over $200 a month to use this garbage). This app is truly a pathetic experience I would not wish on my worst enemy. User beware and be prepared for a frustrating, tortuous app experience that will have you wanting to delete it as soon as you try it. I could never recommend this app to anyone but the Xfinity app creators and their CEOs. If they had to use the worst app on the planet on a daily basis, we would not have to. Of that I am certain. Don’t do it. You will regret it immediately. I give it -5 stars..Version: 4.1.1

Xfinity internet no connectionI have given review several times. When it works, it works well. BUT, when it doesn’t work it’s difficult to find out what the problem is. Now both my wife and I have had difficulties when WiFi supposedly is good plus we have >100% of plan speed. There apparently is NO Internet Connection. It doesn’t show up as an outage but neither of us can get new emails, the weather goes into “cannot load new data” and several other Apps can’t get updates. Usually there are several bad days. Have had to reset router three times today and a couple each day previous. No outages detected but no internet connection on any of five devices. When it is working we get better than plan speed but for no determined reason internet just disappears until reset then fine for a while. This repeats every now and then but is VERY annoying on weekdays when trying to work from home. Once before this happened, service was interrupted and some module was blamed (down the street from our house). Glad I have an AT&T phone and unlimited cellular to use as a back up (as a hot spot). Xfinity Really needs to be more consistent..Version: 4.10.0

Customer serviceCustomer service is mediocre at best when it comes to the TECH SUPPORT DEPARTMENT! I’ve had Xfinity/Comcast over 10+ years, so this review is coming from someone dealing with the tech support department for a really long time and I’ve never made a review about them but maybe this review will bring about much needed change! Usually 85% of the time I end up having to issue out a tech worker to come out and they say it’s nothing I could’ve done on my end but for whatever reason these cable boxes will say no signal and they always refer to the HDMI cord but it’s never my cord, and always keep a 6 pack of HDMI cords handy for this very reason. Now as far as the tech support agents, it sounds like they have a heavy foreign accent and it’s very hard to understand their English. The most frustrating thing is they will charge you to come out and do a repair or a replacement for your system on top of all the other money they charge for monthly. IT’S EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE AND THEY MAKE DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN THE SERVICE WITH ALL THE ADDED MONTHLY CHARGES WHICH SEEM TO COST MORE AND MORE EVERY MONTH!.Version: 3.24.1

Lacking transparencyThis app is totally lacking in transparency. Transparency to show when payment periods are due. Transparency about what data plan we have. Data usage is hidden in the settings. It’s not a settings guys, it’s relevant information and probably what interest people the most. I get a message asking me to enroll to auto payment which I already have but I doubt I would receive a message telling me my data plan is about to go overboard..Version: 3.0.0

Bad directionsSuperb offering from Comcast and in the first months it performed flawlessly! Now the overall cost has risen significantly ... I guess Comcast thought forcing large price increase was the best way they could deal with at the peak of COVID pandemic! After those sweet first few months my service from Comcast service suddenly got far more ‘in your face’ instead of keeping a well oiled machine operating smoothly with no interference with customer! Now it’s all about interacting actively with customer with screen messages (that block content being played) like ‘are you awake’ or ‘are you there?’ After you dealt with the question Comcast then most often ignores your response and takes the interruptive actions it wants do or at a minimum grants you permission to continuing viewing with a CARRYON. Well thanks! Worst of all is the things done inwardly hours of morning, like sending loud noises over normal broadcasting including some damaging signals!!! I am having to replace one of my tvs. As the industry catches up with great Comcast innovations and Comcast’s descent into customer harassment I look forward to my contract termination date!!!.Version: 3.31.0

Uncaring company who broke our waterline and refuses to fix itComcast “upgraded” our lines and in the process ruined our internet experience and our lawn. We called and they came out in a day to fix it and found the upgrade had created issues. So they scheduled a tech to come work on the lines a day or two later. In the process they broke our waterline to our house and left. When we noticed it a few days later with soggy lawn and then a huge spout of water coming up, we called and they made a rocket to fix what they broke. Several days later now they refuse to call us back to actually do the work while my family lives with no water, backed up toilets, unbathed kids and parents, no ability to do laundry, cook or clean. We have been loyal customers for over a decade and even have our phones with them but now will be trying to ATT and Verizon since they have treated us like we do not matter. Uncaring when they break stuff but they will be there should your internet be down. Shameful service and I will be suing them in small claims court for damages and mental anguish. We have a 3 year old, a 7 year old and a active 14 year old who plays football and now has to go to school smelling like he slept he hasn’t showered in a month hurting his self confidence and image at school. This is the worst experience I have ever had from a company and will never use their services again..Version: 3.43.0

App does not answer my question.Would like to speak to a human being.Version: 4.2.0

Crooks & conmen in cable providers clothingThe amount of data taken by your app is invasive and inappropriate consider the prices already paid to have the service. Your selling and profiting from your customers data & personal information customers who you are already over charging since you’re lowering the quality of the content you offered when they joined or upgraded replacing that content with something you own and therefor don’t have to pay a licensing fee for. Why you’re not put in check is beyond me, oh right you already practically have a monopoly and all the money you’re saving is going towards buying support in Washington to make sure laws aren’t passed that do something insane like pass laws that limit your abilities to exploit your customers or even employees and make sure that you can profit from capping data & charging insane amounts in overages during a global pandemic when many Americans are forced to attend school in online classrooms and work from home using the internet to remain connect or even access online web portals to their employers. It’s too bad cancel culture isn’t ever used to cancel corporations..Version: 3.28.1

Worst customer service everThe Automated assistant just takes you to an endless loop of frustration..Version: 3.5.0

Wow - Really?First I get a random past due bill when I signed up for autopay and that should never happen. Then after spending two days trying to talk to someone, I randomly see on a bill that my account has been closed and they’ve given me a new account number and not bothered to transfer the amount due or transferred over the autopay information and no human that worked for them could see what had happened. And then, all of a sudden, my Internet stopped working. I spent three days trying to find a human to talk to and filling out the “call me back” feature over and over and over and never getting a call back and then they kept telling me that my Mac device had changed when it had not and when I asked them to set it back to the one that I was using, they kept saying, “Yeah, sure, we can do that.” But they never did. And I still haven’t found a human to talk to about not having to pay for the three days where I had no Internet. How are these guys still in business? How is this the best the twin cities has to offer for internet Providers?.Version: 3.26.0

App hasn’t worked in over a monthI previously moved out over a month ago , the app worked fine before then, when I got to my new address the app tells me to text an agent so we can get you up and running. I text the agent , the message says we have found multiple addresses associated with my mobile number and to determine my proper location and to enter my house number. I text the right address ,then It says we’re going to call you. Comcast customer care has transferred me 4 times trying to figure out why I cant sign in. I tried deleting and re-installing the app, they checked to see if i’m at the right address which It was ,I still can’t sign in. I can sign into the “my account” app and also the xfinity website, my modem is working fine I have over 200 mbps. Comcast customer care tried nothing that I didn’t try , asking me if i’m using the right account and password , its incredibly frustrating when I need to use this app for the XFI pods, when they go down theres nothing I can do about it, I can’t check their status nothing , It shouldn’t be this difficult to figure out considering it was working fine at my last address, i’m using the same modem I had before makes zero sense..Version: 3.11.0

I’ve never had trouble till I had to change modem and now that I have upgradedI’ve actually downgraded to not being able to use my apps on iPhone its unbelievable I’ve had two techs out and been to store several times they said the apps weren’t working due to a update so i wait for update after deleting apps and reinstalling them again hoping after they were updated it would fix the issue. But to no avail they do not work anymore and the techs don’t really try to get to the bottom of it they just connect cables outside to indoors and connect tv boxes and modems /routers if i could go back to the old router/modem i would and I may do just that or stop using Xfinity if they cant make some kind of effort to fix this issue or even investigate what is causing the apps not to work. I pay way too much for services from comcast Xfinity to not be able to use my apps anymore that’s unacceptable. I’ve been through enough. And im not going thru this anymore I will disconnect it all and take it all freaking back to them this for the birds.Version: 4.1.0

Update messed up the appI rarely ever leave app reviews but I had to come on here to talk about how difficult using the app to pay bills has gotten. Before the random app update you were able to see your statement as soon as you logged in the app. Now the homepage doesn’t even include the bill. It’s on the overviews page which I guess is fine but viewing the electronic statement and previous statements is on a whole different page. Also You have to pay your billin the xfinity chat box which is so random and would be fine if it included a tab for payment activity or transaction history here as well but it doesn’t. You can only view (at least based on my knowledge) current and previous statements as well as any transaction history when you go to the account page. When you get to the account page there is no clear button or tab to get to the statements page, you just have to automatically know to hit your total balance. The app is used mainly to pay the bill and view the bill so why have the developers made it painstakingly hard to do both? I go through a goose chase through the app every month trying to figure out how to see my statement. This is the worst update I’ve ever seen done to an app. I’m not even certain when the update occurred but I know that every since it occurred using the app has been a terrible experience..Version: 4.9.0

No details on UsageI’m new to Comcast and they let us know about all the awesome features with the app. Being new to Comcast we got two courtesy months to see our potential usage would be. First month (December) we went over by 10% on a 1TB of data. The month of January last courtesy month and this month I had some family out of the country for 3 weeks so less devices and less time being home throughout the month and by the 20th of Jan. We were notified we used 125% of data. (So we went over) called customer services they can’t see and not very helpful. Unable to tell me why or how we went over all I see is the several devices connect and 1-17% daily use which doesn’t tell me how many gigs or usage is actually being used. To top this all off we were notified if we wanted to upgrade we can go unlimited for $15 more so I decided to use my own modem and return there which even out because of their $13 device fee. But soon to find out it’s $50 extra to go unlimited if we use our own modem which not disclose by a rep or on our contract paperwork..Version: 3.1.0

AbysmalNo devices listed, no way to activate new gateway. support gets stuck in an endless loop saying use the app, but app has nothing in it also chat is awful. if there is a new message the keyboard disappears, so frustrating, like the rest of this company.Version: 4.16.0

Can’t access any of the main menu features on the appIt’s very irritating that the app refuses to exit out of the virtual chat when I open it. I’ve been having connectivity issues with my WiFi and xfinity isn’t able to do a thing every time I call. They make it virtually impossible to talk to an actual representative and when you’re finally able to get in touch with someone they blame it on a local power outage and they give you a time frame when it should come back up. Mind you that I was told 4 different time frames each time I was able to “chat” with someone and that I would receive a text and call for when the internet would come back up. It’s been almost 2 days since my internet has apparently been down with a supposed timeframe that it would be up by the end of the first day and no such text has arrived. The only way I have somewhat of a connection is if I restart the gateway from xFi app. It gives me internet for a few hours give or take before I have to do it again. However when I click on the app to restart the gateway, I can’t access the main menu or any settings on the app because when I open it, it forces me to either activate a new gateway ,speak with the virtual robot, or sign out. There’s no way for me to exit out of these options. Please fix this issue at least because you can’t even resolve an internet issue..Version: 3.16.0

What???You need this to download and sign into this app on a smartphone to activate your Xfinity internet access, no exceptions. If you have your own equipment, Xfinity mails you a package with absolutely nothing in it except a little card instructing you to download the app. If you open the link on your phone browser, it instructs you to download the app (with no further instructions). If you open the link on a computer browser, it instructs you to download the app. If you call the automated help line, it'll text you a link to download the app and then hang up. If you manage to get through to a real person at the customer help desk, they instruct you to download the app before proceeding. My phone wouldn't sign me into the app for whatever reason. It would NOT. Thankfully, the gal at the help desk was wonderful, and she helped me get around downloading the app, then later told me, you sometimes can't sign in to the app before you activate your service. need the app to activate, but you can't sign into the app before you activate? Make it make sense. This was anti-convenient. This was a lesson in patience that I didn't think I needed..Version: 4.16.0

Call System is SmegmaAll I want is my admin and pass for my modem. The phone system makes me go through a modem reset as if I’m a 90 year old man who loves the internets, even though I’m one of those security + people… so I’m stuck in normie land listening to fake typing from robot lady telling me to do a modem reset when I know that the admin and password on Xfinity Gateways are neither default nor printed on the device for the user and having been so for at least 8 years. Why isn’t this information saved for the user on the xfinity website for advanced user configuration? Why am I constantly being forced to perform common trouble shooting steps when it’s not remotely in the ballpark for what I’m seeking? Short answer, trouble tickets for the tech side of the house. Problem with you keeping that information from me that I pay for a tech to fix if I screw up. You get money if i mess up the config, a tech gets paid and can feed their family, and i get my lines checked for ingress, what’s not to love? Please give us more options, we pay a great deal for the service, the least you could do is give us options..Version: 3.35.0

Do not use xfinity unless you have toIf i had the availability to use any other provider i would. Comcast/xfinity has always been just absolute garbage. Such a money hungry corporation, random changes in your monthly charges. RANDOMLY - For two months i went through “100% of my data” and this was after about 20 months with xfinity. My life did not change bro, how and where did data percentage even come from for my wifi. And with no changes to my life, i am no longer using “100% of my data” for my wifi. Don't know how it resolved itself but for 2 months apparently i used crazy amounts of wifi - with a 2 person household and NOT the cheapest plan whatsoever. I can see when i made payments for the last 2 years, but i cant seem to be able to see how much i actually paid each month. But i can guarantee, whatever amount they say the plan or “promotion” is, will not be the amount you will be paying. You will be blasted with dumb fees, and you will also not get the quality wifi that is promised from the promotions. Takes time but you will see how money hungry xfinity really is. Outsourced customer service with a frontline of an “xfinity assistant” on the mobile apps that accomplish nothing. False promises and false advertising.Version: 3.32.0

Forcing people to download your app has to be against it starting with the attorney generalSo Comcast is forcing people to download this silly app to be able to tell certain things about your account I think that it is deceitful that they are going about it this way just to get people to download this crappy app so now I cannot see if anyone else is on my Internet connection unless I download this app. however why am I mad I know that Comcast is a dishonest company along with the rest of these companies out here price gouging people doing deceitful things like this forcing people to download your crappy app so you can track us even furthermore I know a lot of people do not believe in God but when you do deceitful things and you practice being deceitful in your business one day Comcast believe it or not it’s gonna come back on you guys the same thing that’ll make you smile now Will definitely make you cry later shame on you I am calling the attorney general then the FCC to see if what you’re doing is legal. I should not have to download your failing app to service my account it is deceitful..Version: 4.14.0

Poor customer serviceWe have experienced intermittent internet service since we upgraded modem and speed to 600. Last week, our service was interrupted on 2 occasions for several hours each time. I have contacted customer service a few times. Again, I had occasion to call the other day. I was on the phone with service rep for 25 minutes before she hung up on me. I informed her I had restarted modem twice prior to calling. I also informed her I ran a speed check etc. She asked which device caused the problem. I explained it was the internet connection not any device. She placed me on hold several times. I suggested a technician check connection outside my home. Again I was placed on hold as she stated she was scheduling a day for technician to check for problems. I informed her that since upgrading and adding extra speed etc, we had experienced problems. She ended call with me, which was most definitely unprofessional. She did not contact me after the fact, hence the negative review. The customer service was unacceptable, there was no resolution and no technician came to check anything. I have now awarded 1 star as I have received no response or assistance from anyone. I would like to escalate to a manager, but have noticed other individuals have also received negative customer service. Thank you..Version: 3.22.0

Could be so much betterThis app has room for much improvement! 1. I checked connected devices and found my security hub was connected to wifi. Using my security app, I found it was not! Don’t you have dynamic functionality and just not store previous connected devices? 2. This is the biggest problem. When modem firmware is updated I can tell because I am unable to establish good connection to Netflix directly from my tv. I use the app to test and restart the modem and I still have a problem connecting to Netflix directly! I try again. No improvement. I power cycle the modem and it allows good connection to Netflix! Why is that? I think it’s because some modem firmware updates directly affect network functionality. I strongly suggest that the app notify the user when power cycle is recommended, or better yet prepare to power cycle using the app! When I want to watch a movie, it ducks spending a half hour or more didfling with the app and modem . I usually give up. Yesterday I checked connectivity to Netflix and fixed it hours before I wanted to use it. I’ve been a good customer for 30 years or more. It almost seems that the more sophisticated things become, the less common sense is used..Version: 4.17.0

Really unintuitiveIt looks fine but if there’s an unusual device detected, there’s no options to do anything about it. Reboot your device and you’ll never see it again - it unhelpfully reports it as offline..Version: 4.3.0

Regret having their service EBB department conduct to disabled personsDefinitely none of this is showing up so I assume this will just die off. My bill was changed in Sept to cut out cable and someone put the double play on it and charged me for Tywin months. They would not go backs to when I officially called with my EBB number. It said Driving, ill call u back pending and I was told not to worry about it and they never applied it and it’s expired I was transferred more than 6 times hung up on and had 2 good reps but not able to help the EBB department saw their mistake and told me too bad. Told me they would not go vack and apply my benefit. Months went by and now they said to refill it out they never applied it so r told me it was still pending four months later they were uncooperative and I’m disgusted with being stuck with people who when I tell them I’m disabled treated me worse. Nobody would give any names or if without a threat of complaint and then no help at all. I’m so disgusted by the treatment I got from EBB department and supervisors I could just cry. I have been on the phone for hours and im just home from the hospital.Version: 3.45.0

Don’t like update (July 2021)I have gigabit internet and I used to have a lot of trouble with my connection, so much so that I had to get a new gateway. After that (over a year ago) no trouble (although I stopped using the assigned profile and restrictions features just to be safe and stopped trying to use their pods). Since then we regularly get 1200 mbps to the gateway and over 400 mbps to devices on wifi and outages are rare. BUT Since the app update we are getting slowdowns that I can’t really troubleshoot because I used to be able to use the app to test the speed and get an mbps figure. Now you can use the app to test the speed for any device on the network but it will tell you that you have a “strong connection” it doesn’t give you the actual mbps and who knows what their threshold for strong connection is. It obviously isn’t performing as well as it was but I have no metric for figuring it out. It was a much better app before this update and it doesn’t inspire confidence in me to switch to the new gateway upgrade they are pushing.Version: 3.37.0

App leaves the poor vulnerable to hackersAs Americans we are taught to take care of our things. And when we do those things have, or may have, some resale value later on. This message was created using an iPhone 5C which is working perfectly well as a phone and with apps, except for this app. If this phone belonged to someone and it was their only phone then XFinity has created a problem for them by not having a last working version available to customers. Ransoms hackers are getting the upper hand not because customers have older tech but because rich companies refuse to honor the purchase of the consumer and make sure their firmware, websites, and apps work with a last valid version option. - It's not the consumer who is the problem, it's the companies creating the problem by no longer standing by the technology they wanted people to purchase. - Xfinity get the last version option for this app so people can protect their networks from older phones. You are to blame when people loose functionality, not the consumer..Version: 2.7

Electronically Neutering the End UserI much preferred X Finity when you could log onto the modem itself in order to alter settings and change Nat functionality for devices such as game consoles. Now the modem tells me to login to the xfinity app, which is literally one of the most useless pieces of software I’ve ever had the displeasure to encounter. Now let me preface this by saying that I realise this is a decidedly first world problem. I am playing a game console, A non-essential piece of technology. However when I am spending $150 a month for a service I expect that service to work reasonably well. But when I try to enable port forwarding from my modem interface it sends me to the Xfinity app which appears to have no functionality or capability to do port forwarding. By the appearance of this situation that I’ve observed tonight,The quickest way to optimise my Internet service for gaming seems to be to change Internet providers. I dearly wish that this was an easy thing to do but apparently this is not the case. Please Xfinity, get rid of this appAnd place high-level functionality back in the hands of people who know how to log onto your modem..Version: 4.15.0

Terrible app, by a terrible corporation!Where do I even start? We first got Xfinity years back for homeschooling, it was $10 a month for around 15Mbps. Very reasonable at the time, but the internet has changed, and obviously 15Mbps is nowhere near fast enough today. So a few years ago I upgraded to 50 Mbps, and was charged somewhere around $50 a month. Fine, the internet was fast enough for my needs. But 12 months later, the price doubled. So, I called and got a better deal. Again, 12 months later, price was bumped up. Same thing, except this time they forced me to sign up for a tv service I didn’t want or need in order to get a lower internet price, which ended up being more expensive than before. Now, for the problems with the app. First impressions after downloading it, VERY confusing. No clear way to set up a home, way too many options. This last month I went over 250 GB and was charged an extra $40. Absolutely ABSURD. Nowhere on the app or Xfinitys website is there a spot to see what device pushed me over. I usually never use more than 800GB in a month, but somehow this month I am pushing 1500 GB?! Xfinity is a greedy, corrupt, monopoly corporation that puts profits first. I live in a large city, and Xfinity and Satellite are the only two options. If Xfinity’s competitor from the county next to mine served our area, we would have no data limits and the price would be less than half of what Xfinity charges! SHAME ON ALL GREEDY CAPITALIST MONOPOLIES!.Version: 3.29.0

Xfinity has too many appsThe latest looks like an advertisement page and is very repetitive. It is somewhat difficult to navigate thru since you click on one thing and it takes you to another xfinity app or to the website. If I wanted to navigate thru the website I would just go to the website and not download the app. There are multiple Xfinity apps available and they all need to be condensed down to one and made much more user friendly and simpler like perhaps single icons able to be moved around to the customers needs. I shouldn’t have to go thru two apps just to sign in twice on the actual website to locate my plan details and billing details, or hunt it down in one app, when I could just click a small square icon that says “view my bill” I am not impressed at all and please remember some people of all ages are not very tech savvy so simplifying everything and condensing everything into one app would save money with less of a need for hourly rude customer service representatives overseas and/or local that are frustrated trying to walk granny-Yetta through and app to locate something over the phone..Version: 4.3.0

Haven’t even gotten past loginIts just that, it refuses to send the verification code to my phone number, and if it can’t even figure that out im not giving it my social security number thats for sure. Not only that but im telling shaw they lost business because of this app. There are no other help options available if you aren’t logged in so i guess this is all i can do?.Version: 4.7.0

CodeI have downloaded this app. But it’s not sending me code on my phone to get it started. What should I do?.Version: 2.6

App doesn’t work wellThe app is great for controlling downtime for individuals even down to specific devices. It’s helpful to be able to restart the router or see which pod is or isn’t working. I love that I can see how much time each person is using electronics and even which app they are using. However, the app itself needs work and should be updated. It suddenly stops working on a certain device and it thinks it’s a new device so that your settings for downtime and even name of device suddenly don’t work. This is hugely problematic when you have kids and you don’t realize they’re still on their device when it’s supposed to be in downtime. The app doesn’t refresh quickly enough and you constantly have to exit the app and reload it, it takes forever for a conmand to work, and it’s constantly telling me that there is an error and try again later. VERY FRUSTRATING. The concept behind the app is great. They really just need to update and refine its capabilities..Version: 4.18.0

Be awareAs a loyal xfinity member I was disappointed by their contract. I fully understand what a contractis , however xfinity does not let you aware unless your physically seeing that bill every month. I signed up for paperless billing to help me save an additional 10 dollars and receive my statement through my email. I also sign up for autopay to have xfinity take that money out of my account every month, which also helps me save money. I however like a lot of people do not live in my email box nor do I have the time to view the statement. The money is taking out of my account for a bill that I pay and assume I have coverage. I was amazed to find out how much my bill would have been if I would not have called and made aware that my contract was expiring and I would be charged almost double the amount for what I pay now. Xfinity is horrible and bad customer service for not letting customers physically aware of the contract expiring. I phone call would be nice, at this point I would even settle for an automated voice letting me aware of contract details. By all means my dentist calls me for an appointment!!! B aware and don’t trust and assume that xfinity has your back, because just like any corporation there in it for the money..Version: 3.47.0

Dont buyDoesn't even accept my own phone number.....Version: 2.8.1

Update from me on xfinity internet and phone service!Aside from the inability to reach a customer service agent that is human For help which I wrote a prior review on, In approximately July or August when trying to lower my bill for Internet I was tricked into believing it would lower my Internet bill if I added a phone line. Bad on me for believing them they lie consistently. I knew better but did it anyway. Now I pay not just once a month but 2 to 3 times a month anywhere between $30 and $109 currently due! It confuses me why and what I am being charged for and why it’s not just once a month anymore, I understand I added a phone but every other week I receive a threatening text saying they’re going to shut off or slow down my Internet if I don’t pay more money. this last bill for a total of $109 I did not have the ability to pay until a week later, by some miracle I was able to reach a human being for customer service they allowed me to have my Internet turned back on and set it up for me to pay a week later. I appreciate that but I’m tired of the threats and bills thru texts that I receive 2 to 3 times a month. it’s confusing I don’t like it. I do not recommend you sign up with Xfinity for the above reasons.Version: 4.19.0

My new xfinity system doesn’t work stillSo on July 9th I was excited for my supposed new great system from Comcast. I was told I would have faster internet, reliability would be excellent.... Well after install that night my bedroom tv wouldn’t work on any channel . I was told to reboot my new less than 10 hour installed system. It worked for about 30 minutes and froze again. Because of my busy schedule it was 6 days later before I could meet a second technician to resolve my issues. He worked hard my living room tv seems to work better and my internet seems to work better, but my bedroom tv still freezes and needs the box to be reset every couple of hours. Don’t know what the problem is but I still don’t have a dependable system. The people are willing to come out in a couple days but the fact is I still need to clear my schedule to let them in and free time is not a luxury I really have. Not sure how to feel about the whole situation other than angry and frustrated at the same time. But they still are sending me a bill for an in dependable service that I can not seem to use when I actually can sit and relax after my 16 hour work day..Version: 2.14

App is not functional at allThe current version of the app doesn’t let you get past the sign in screen. I tried it on multiple different versions of iOS, but no dice. It seems everyone else is having the same issue. The app prompts you for your login info through their website but that information never actually gets sent back to the app so you keep getting redirected to the sign in page. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if there was a normal work around to set up the xfi modem/router with internet service like any other setup. Currently the only way for new customers to set up their internet is through the app, which doesn’t work. Comcast must be losing a lot of money on this, so I’m pretty confused why they haven’t just rolled back the latest version. If there were any other ISP in my area, I would have jumped ship while struggling to set up my new service. I was able to at least get my internet funcional by talking to a live agent in a chat room, but they had to do the entire set up manually; and without the app, I only have some of the functionality I’m paying for. Sad times..Version: 3.44.0

ServiceLive service is terrible to reach.Version: 3.48.0

Log in loopDoesn’t let me log in, known issue for years that happens randomly, having to shell out $100 to have a technician come. Knew I should have got starlink..Version: 3.43.0

Avoid if you canThis app is so annoying! I get multiple notifications about our existing devices that they joint to the network for the first time. They were added a long time ago….Version: 3.33.0

Service is not goodI lose service in my house, I get 13 mbps and I pay for 100 with several devices. When you call you don’t actually get a person but an answering service that is beyond garbage. You probably have 20 CSR’s all based out of a different country that you route calls to every once and a while. The problem isn’t always turn it on and turn it off. Y’all think we are stupid. You want to keep costs low but charge your customers high costs so your CEO’s and head guys can have a nice bonus. Well, guess what? Your service is awful and the service is NEVER consistent. Even worse is northern Cali doesn’t have any good options for service. I just want to stay logged into my devices without having to log in every two minutes. Stop cutting costs for your sub par service. Hire some dang people to answer the phone. Maintain your product. I guess you don’t have to worry bc you didn’t put down the original lines, your just profiting off what someone else already did but your doing a bad job. What should I expect, right? I call all the time about the service and yet nothing has been done..Version: 3.45.1

Comcast is Out of ControlThis clown show of a corporation is now requiring the app to do basic gateway functions like port forwarding, managing devices, and firewall settings management, and has shut down the website that used to allow these functions without a mobile device. Of course the gateway manager is also useless now. For such a shameless display of anti-consumer practices that could only be possible with the backroom local monopoly deals ISPs and telecom giants have with each other, one imagines the Comcast executive suite twirling their mustaches and cackling maniacally while adjusting their monocles, warming their hands by the fireplace that has been stoked with fresh live puppies. While it is well known that Comcast is perhaps the worst of the worst in terms of shameless corporate greed and evil, it deserves saying again. In an age when access to the internet is an essential private utility, this behavior is more than shameful. There will be no reprieve I suspect until internet access is classified officially as a public utility and regulated as such, but since Comcast seems to have adopted a policy of shamelessly spitting in the face of consumers, the least I can think to do is spit back. May every SVP-level exec and up at Comcast suffer every misfortune that life has to offer, and be duly and eternally punished in the afterlife..Version: 4.16.0

Okay. Could be better. Please add a data usage feature.So, this app is great for being able to change wi-fi settings in your xfinity modem/router. But, at times it seems like when I apply new settings things can get chaotic. Such as the wifi restarting itself and the settings not applying. Now my biggest complaint is within the app you can see how much "usage" everyone has been doing on the internet. Now when I say usage I mean, how much time everyones spent using the internet. I'd much rather be able to see just how much data everyone has been using or how much each device is using in data because of Comcasts new 1000 gigabyte internet plans. Going over the 1000 gigs you have to pay an extra $10 for another 50 gigabytes. So instead of knowing how much everyone's using the internet, you get to see the amount of "usage" or who's been using the internet more which doesn't help because someone could just be we surfing but be on the longest and show up as the one who's using the internet the most. So please, PLEASE, add a feature that allows you to see just how much each person or each device on your network is using so you can keep track of who's using to much data and so you don't go over your restricting 1000gb bandwidth limit and charge your loyal customers more. But Comcast/xfinity usually only seems to be about the money these days..Version: 2.15

Horrible internet issuesUpdate: I posted the below email and got a response to go to a forum with a link for more help and when I try to click on that or copy the link it is impossible to do so. Seems to be another way Comcast just messes with you. Thanks again!!! I have been paying for the highest speed of Internet, and for the last seven months have continually had intermittent Internet connectivity, which is even more frustrating now that we are all working from home as we get constantly kicked off of our VPN. I have spent over eight hours talking to Comcast people on the phone and through their stupid chat line, and have yet to get any resolution. They make it so difficult for you to troubleshoot and speak to anyone to get the problem fixed, that you end up just getting frustrated and giving up. I am not giving up, but I am so frustrated and I’m looking for other Internet services other than Comcast. In a society where customer service is the most important thing that we produce these days, this company has absolutely no idea what they are doing, and have done everything in their power to make it difficult to receive any customer service. Comcast if I could give you zero stars I would!!!.Version: 3.10.0

Trapped?Had a Netgear router with which I had all sorts of problems stemming from what appeared to be Dos attacks. Kept asking for a new IP address and Comcast wouldn’t do it. Their instructions to shut off the router didn’t work, even if shut down overnight. So I pretty much had to go with Comcast’s gateway if I wanted consistent access to the internet. So now I’m trapped with a gateway that allows me access to the internet, but is not customizable at all. I can’t shut down access to everyone, unless all devices are assigned to the same profile. Not very helpful with young kids that need parental controls to filter content. Parental controls are advertised, but they’re really Comcast Controls, and parents have no input on what content is filtered. And the Comcast Control does let pornography through. Not my idea of good parenting. Overall not happy with my extremely limited choices here. Choose my own gateway that Comcast seems to do whatever they can to prevent it from working, but is customizable and controllable, for those intermittent periods of time that I get internet access. Or, get internet access with with no control over content. Really thinking I might cancel it all-together..Version: 2.15

Want more freedom on....I love the app. But I gave it three stars because it only lets you set the sleep time for pre-adjusted times. I’m not able to set my own sleep and wake times. Which would be very, very useful if I could. Like for example with the pre-adjusted time I have the Wi-Fi paused at 9:30pmand I can only have turned back on all the way up to 8:30am. I would like to be able to set my own sleep and wake time. Like for instance I have my children’s Wi-Fi paused at 9:30 PM and I would like to have it un-paused at 5:00pm the next day. Because my room is on the other side of the house so I have the Wi-Fi paused at 9:30pm to make sure my children are not getting on their games, phones etc. after I go to bed. In the mornings my children get up and go to school. Well sometimes I’m not always home when they get home from school. They know they are to do their homework before playing on the games, phones etc. but as anyone should know any teenager is not going to follow through on what they are supposed to do especially when a parent is not home to make sure they do as their told. That’s why I would like to be able to set the sleep and wake time as to what fits my lifestyle..Version: 1.8

Worst app everThis app sucks and never works..Version: 2.23.0

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