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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations App User Positive Comments 2022

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations app received 66 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about the game of life vacations?

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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations for Positive User Reviews

Love the game!!I love the brand new update and love the new save feature, now I can finally finish a game for once! can’t wait to see new maps and new prizes and new cards for the scrapbook in the newer updates down the road!.Version: 0.1.2

Quick entertainmentJust when I need something quick to do when I’m riding in the car and want to tune things out instead music I play this game. It’s not long and drawn out like the board so I’m very happy this game is available. Love the short videos of the game actions they are pretty funny. Great entertainment..Version: 0.1.4

So funThis a fun game and I’m glad you don’t have you buy anymore stuff on the original It costed a lot of money and also you need to add a new island and make the map a little longer.Version: 0.1.4

Just needs more destinations!!Literally one of the best games out there!! Even better than the original because you actually get to engage the events!! Totally awesome and worth every penny!!.Version: 0.1.4

The game is amazingIt is really easy to use but I think it would be better if you could change the players names.Version: 0.1.4

Awesome new versionLove the animations!.Version: 0.0.6

Great game, disappointing faultGreat game, my Daughter finds the game fun and easy to follow but it crashes each time she lands on the 2nd photo before the end of the game. My Daughter has only managed to complete this successfully once despite many attempts, please can someone look at this. Thank you..Version: 0.0.8

GreatLove it.Version: 0.1.4

Life game for vacationI have one problem with the spin. I spin the wheel few times. Then. Spinning I feel unfair about spinning. That's problem. I liked this game. Get high points. Then other players..Version: 0.1.4

Need new mapsDefinitely love the features graphics and play it’s definitely a great step in the right direction!! Would love to see a ski resort or an amusement park of some sort!!.Version: 0.1.4

Small IssueSo I downloaded this game and I started playing it but when it got to the loading screen to put you into the round when it says "volcano land" or whatever it says it freezes and the game crashes. Is there a way that this could be fixed if not I would like a refund if possible. Otherwise it seems like a great game. Thank you.❤️.Version: 0.1.4

More game boards plzLove the game, just wish there was more than one game board. :(.Version: 0.1.4

GreatIt’s so great.Version: 0.1.4

Great reinvention of an old classicLove the new style. Brings something else to the classic game. Would be good if more locations were available to travel to as can be very repetitive if only in one place as many of the spaces are the same actions each time..Version: 0.1.0

Fun for the familyFinding this really fun to play on your own or with friends. Collect postcards, photos, and souvenirs in your scrap book from a volcanic Polynesian island. Get rewarded at certain points with new avatars or new vehicles. No hidden in-app purchases either, or subscription fees..Version: 0.1.4

Can't see some graphicsDaughter just purchased. Very disappointed that page to select type of game shows for a couple seconds & then is covered by white boxes. Clicked in general area of single player to start game. Then spinner is not visible. We can swipe & hear spinning, but no graphics. Kind of boring if there aren't colorful moving graphics. May need to request a refund if we can't get this to work. :(.Version: 0.1.4

Love this game!This entertained my family and I for months during quarantine. I hope that there will updates soon..Version: 0.1.4

It is goodI like it and would definitly recomend it but it is hard to spin.Version: 0.1.4

Suggestions?Maybe make different islands completely with different themes. And make them ranked so you must complete the first one, then second, and then so on. You complete an island when you have everything collected <3.Version: 0.0.9

Sister bonding!I’M LIVE WITH THE APP/GAME. <3 Even though my sister did win the game, I still loved playing against her but at the same time bonding together! Before this game my sister and I did have complications with understanding and talking to one another. Now, I’m able to have fun with my sister and be excited too! We love this game so much! Personally, I think you should save up and buy this app. You will see how easy it is to play, either against a bot or family members as such for what I did. AND did I forget to mention online players as well??? Please, download. Then tell the creators whats enjoyable or not about this game! Bye!!! ^^.Version: 0.1.4

Game of lifeI love it I rate it 33333333333333333.Version: 0.1.4

More locations needed please!This game is great but having to play the same location over and over again. In my opinion this makes the game feel as though it was not worth my money. If it is possible Marmalade studios, please let there be more locations. Thanks!.Version: 0.1.4

Can’t play itI buy it today and it won’t let me play. When I’m on the loading screen it kicks me out. I hope you can fix it. I really love The Game Of Life, I buy it in real life and in videogame. I regret that I never play it in too many years, but now I’m having fun playing it..Version: 0.0.6

Overall pretty fun gameAs a whole, this game is well worth the money. The game’s image has very vibrant colors. The location was creative, and it has independent concepts from the original Game of Life. This gives the game a different feel. The customization is much more extensive as the original. There’s a lot more options with characters and vehicles. The wheel is very glitchy and could use fixing. The point system makes the game a bit unbalanced as it would be difficult to make a comeback. The board is very short. If you roll maybe three ten’s, then that’s the game. Lastly, there wasn’t too much to do minus taking pictures. There’s no mini games which can cause the game to become a bit uninteresting. For the price it’s good, but you’ll go back to the original life for the mini games. This game has a one month longevity. The cutscenes are nice though..Version: 0.1.4

Best game everI can’t describe how amazing this game is..Version: 0.1.4

FunI like the game - and it’s fun but I’m really hoping for more destinations. Also I believe the hotel seems like a useless feature because aren’t we on a cruise ship? Why would we need a hotel then? Instead of hotels why not do excursions? I also would like to suggest some duels like what is in the original game of life - that would be fun! I’m looking forward to new features and what upgrades you guys come up with 🙂.Version: 0.1.3

This game is awesomeI like this game bc you get to go on a vacation take pictures bring some stuff from your trip and many more adventures!.Version: 0.1.4

Highly Recommend! Great for Family Game Night!Play with with the Whole Family! Just Mirror it to the TV & everyone gets to play! Love this Game, not only on Phone but also in the Board Game!.Version: 0.1.4

Fun but isn’t loadingI can’t finish my saved game because it won’t even load to my game. It gets stuck at the last bit of the loading bar and never finishes, even if I restart the app..Version: 0.1.4

Love the game...minor bugI was playing with a friend and I noticed that when I picked cliff diving the interactive graphic was me tubbing and when my friend picked tubbing the interactive graphic was her cliff diving.Version: 0.1.4

Great gameThis game is cool but it could have extra islands you unlock after completing a certain amount of collectables or with holiday specials.Version: 0.1.4

Great fun & brilliant graphicsReally enjoying playing this game with its fun graphics..Version: 0.0.6

Best game everI can play this can forever Even by myself or with friends.Version: 0.1.4

Love it love it love itThe anamations are really good but it would be better if there were more maps🤞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 0.1.4

Spinner doesn’t work wellI enjoy the game but the spinner doesn’t work well and have to try a few times.Version: 0.1.4

Love the gameI love playing the game but can you please put a fast forward button in it like the regular game of life has and the spinner acts funny sometimes. I’ll try and spin it and end up having to spin like 4 or 5 times before it works.Version: 0.0.8

Loving going on virtual holiday...especially since we can’t go on real holiday at the moment..Version: 0.1.4

Amazing gameI don’t know where to start with this game it is the best game ever I even have The game of life life is soooooooo much fun you get to pick your character and then the game begins whoever goes first is always fair you pick your hotel and get bonus points and go on safaris and take pictures and you get souvenirs.I love this game and I hope you do to so what are you waiting for download now!!!!.Version: 0.1.4

Love the game, but...I always love the Game of Life and I enjoy the vacation version, but there is one problem; I’m being put down as the last person to move. The last game I played, I was supposed to move second but somehow I find myself being the last person to move on the round. Please fix this!.Version: 0.1.4

Fun w/ some Suggestions!We need more game boards or opportunity to have a themed board for certain themes of the month. Maybe in addition to editing our own board pieces for fun with wacky hairstyle or signature pieces. And the ability to sign our names in sharpie etc. And a preset of messages to use during gameplay..Version: 0.1.4

Great game, but needs more destinations!This is a great game as a spin off for Game of Life, but as there is only one destination it gets a bit repetitive. More destinations are needed from the start..Version: 0.1.3

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER😁😄😂I love this game so much. The best game I've ever played.Version: 0.1.4

So Much Fun!This is so much fun I recommend this game to everyone. This was even more fun for me because I couldn’t afford to go on vacation this summer and playing this game makes me feel like I can go on vacation anytime I want. I do really hope they add more vacation islands to visit!! Great job game developers this is an amazingly fun game! Everyone go play this game right now!!.Version: 0.1.3

EhhhSo I played it with my mum pretty standard right but then it got a bit glitchy so I stop playing it for a while and then when I got on it again it was fine.Version: 0.0.9

Good game but...I bought this game for my seven year old daughter yesterday and I can’t stop crying and it is not a good game but the game is so good 😊.Version: 0.1.4

Very funI wish I could play with my family but they are working but even if I’m playing with bots it’s fun I wish I can play all day everyday I would recommend but there is one problem sometimes of players don’t ready up but you did on online play it’s kicks you out for “inactivity” but either way is amazing to play in summer and I also recommend game of life 2 and 1.Version: 0.1.4

Love to play this gameOne I wish I could choose the amount of players to play with like to play with two players only not three and definitely not fours..Version: 0.1.4

Buggy, but funThere’s a few glitches in the game (avatars are flipped around so they’re backwards, select “tubing” and your character does a cliff dive; select “cliff dive” and they’ll go tubing), but nothing that detracts from the game. Also, please add more destinations, though — I don’t want the vacation to end!.Version: 0.1.4

Life is great!Love this game. I like the friendly competition of the CPU players or that you can invite your own friends. Not sure who thought they had to enter a social security number but you definitely don’t..Version: 0.1.4

Who would not love this appI’m obsessed with this app! Nobody should hate this app! It may have a few glitches but I love it! I really love the characters, islands, and the app itself! It is one of my most favorite apps ever! Therefore who would not love this app ⛱🏖🏝🏜🌋⛰🏔🗻🏕⛺️🛶🗺🛳✈️.Version: 0.1.4

Fun Game - needs some improvementsOverall this is a very fun game, but I have a couple suggestions: one, the spin wheel usually takes me a few tries before it actually spins, so that could be improved. Second, the board needs to be longer, at least in some spots! If all my spins are 6 or above I miss over half the board..Version: 0.1.4

FunGreat fun take on game of life fantastic animations spinner can sometimes be hit or miss overall worth your time and money.Version: 0.1.4

Game freezes when loading continued games.I love playing vacations but can’t always play the game through. When I tried to play a continued game. Stuck. Closed and tried again same thing. Help was none..Version: 0.1.4

The best!This game is awesome.ilove it soooooo is way better than number 1 because number 1was very lumpy but this and number 2are the best!.Version: 0.1.4

Screen going blackThe white boxes that show up to pick which play mode are glitching. Then, once you pick your color and character and start the game, you can hear sound, but the screen is black. Was working great for a while, but bummed we can't play now..Version: 0.1.4

Better then the originalI like it, being able to win different players and such is an improvement from the original. You definitely need a Fast forward button with a new update. Other then then that. I love it so far..Version: 0.0.8

Needs more islandsI love this game but it gets boring to just play the same island but it would be fun if you could add a island that is Disney world Disney world could have rides when you get to a certain place ex: it would say Magic Kingdom or Hollywood studios and there would be rides from there and you could have Disney stores with stuff in them and you could go to a certain section ex: when you would go to the hat section them you would would get a random hat from that section and when you pick your hotel you can have a tour of it and also you could skip your turn for 30 points.Version: 0.1.3

Best Game In The Game Of Life SeriesVacation Time!!!.Version: 0.1.4

Great game, great customer service!I’m really enjoying this variation on The Game Of Life! I especially like that you’ve implemented changes to the game based on reviews and suggestions. I have two requests: 1 - ability to skip the board overview between rounds, but somehow in the settings so I don’t have to press “skip” every time. 2 - the ability to set a default fast forward and skip the CPU player’s turns and animations - again, as a setting that is global. Thanks!!.Version: 0.1.2

I never go in order!I actually like this game, but a couple things..1 it takes like 3 times to spin the wheel and I never go in the right order! I’ll spin and it says that I’m number 1 but then I end up going last??? That’s very frustrating.Version: 0.1.4

Game Of Live VacationsI was playing My Cafè Recipes and stories and it came up in an ad and I thought I’d download it and give it a try. I’m enjoying it but have one problem where you’re supposed to go tubing you’re actually cliff diving. When you’re supposed to go cliff diving you’re actually tubing..Version: 0.1.4

4 ⭐️I love everything about this game! I will make this short because of course u have other reviews to read. The only thing I would change is the volcano. You should have new levels, and on the level u get a new place to stay. Like Disney or Paris..Version: 0.1.4

Working fine!Fun game to play with the family.Version: 0.0.6

ChoicesI really like the game, especially that you can play with friends or people in your household as well as online players. I wish you would fix the bug in the Tubbing vs Cliff diving option, it does the opposite of each. Well at least on mine. Maybe I have to download it again, but just barely got it today so don’t see how that could be it. Otherwise it’s fun, now if only I can master the wheel spinning lol, my wheel doesn’t like me..Version: 0.1.4

I love itI love the board game so when I saw this, I got it. Just wish there was a longer games and more opportunities to do more with the game. Otherwise it’s great for 1.99.Version: 0.1.4

10/10 ratingThis is amazing you can choose your name like I put mine as MIITOPIA and it’s the vacation from the game of life so keep it up 😁😁😁.Version: 0.1.4

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