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THE GAME OF LIFE: Road Trip App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

THE GAME OF LIFE: Road Trip app received 46 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using THE GAME OF LIFE: Road Trip? Can you share your negative thoughts about the game of life: road trip?

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THE GAME OF LIFE: Road Trip for Negative User Reviews

Wouldn’t let me continue a gameWhen you press continue game it won’t let you load in and will send you to a screen where you can move the load bar to whatever position you want. Please fix this!.Version: 0.1.4

Won’t spinTried to spin the wheel and it straight up doesn’t work. Closed and opened the app again and still it won’t spin. Waste of money bugged out p.o.s.Version: 0.1.5

Game crashesGame keeps crashing. Nice.Version: 0.1.4

The game was awesome until..I loved the game!! but after, when it uninstalled (cause i didn’t have enough storage so my phone started uninstalling a bunch of apps/ games) it would kick me out of the game?! i spent money!!! 🤦‍♀️ otherwise i think it’s an awesome game, you should totally get it!!.Version: 0.1.4

Do not buy!Do yourself a favour and don’t buy this game! The developers have released a game where the main action the player needs to do (spin the wheel) has a huge bug so that most times it won’t spin properly, thus you as a player will end up having to try 8 or 9 times on each go just to get a pathetic spin which is enough to move you. It’s very frustrating! Stick to the normal game of life games which the developer seems to have done properly.Version: 0.1.5

CrashesI’m not happy with paying for a game that doesn’t work, it crashes every time I get past the first choice, I’ve never got any further. That’s after the latest update, before that it wouldn’t load a game at all. Needs fixing I’m extremely disappointed..Version: 0.0.8

CrashingGood game but keeps crashing. A bit disappointing.Version: 0.1.4

Spinner doesn’t spinJust dowloaded this game and everything was working fine until about 5 minutes into the game the spinner stopped spinning for me. I’m able to move it but it won’t do a full spin and land on a number and continue with the game..Version: 0.1.4

HelpI was charged the wrong price for this. How do I go about fixing that up?.Version: 0.1.4

Doesn’t even loadGame has taken my money, I haven’t been able to play it. Tried to reload app and still nothing. Don’t waste your money on this.Version: 0.0.6

Screen FrozenWe got screen frozen in the middle of the game and it kept happening for every single time..Version: 0.1.4

GlitchesIt is great but there is so many glitches!!👎🏿👎🏿.Version: 0.0.8

Please read and helpI don’t know what happened. I played monopoly and bought the game online made by you guys I loved it people don’t wanna play with me and here I can play online. I loved monopoly so much I bought another game made by you guys. I got this one and I started went online play and waited and no one was there literally no one I couldn’t play that is bad u buy I game hoping to play with someone online and I can’t. What’s up with that. Please do something about it.Version: 0.1.4

Needs more vacations placesIt’s ok gets boring very repetitive cause you can only play one destination . The computer cheats I can never win against them every time they land on a souvenir or picture they get a unique one so it adds the points up at the end and they always win without fail.Version: 0.1.4

How is this game still in beta?I loved the game ever since I first bought it. But something was always missing; the fact that there are still no updates to this day. I understand that the game is still in beta, but why wait a year for the next update? The game still has a lot of bugs, and you aren’t doing anything to fix it, as far as I am concerned. You’re just focused on Clue, or some other big project. Please return to this game soon..Version: 0.1.4

Fun game, but….I got through volcano island thinking I would move onto the next destination, but it doesn’t exist. You would think that since the game was created 4 years ago that new destinations would have been created/added. It was fun, but I’m disappointed that I can’t move on to a new destination. Maybe that is why the game only costs $1.99. I would love to see a new destination in the near future. It’s not any fun playing the same destination once you have collected all of the postcards, souvenirs and photos. The game would definitely be better once new destinations are added..Version: 0.1.5

Good game but glitchesI really enjoy playing this game, but after I played it a few times and I had 46 of the 48 items collected, it crashed every time I reached the point when the game was played. I deleted it and tried to reload it again. It worked, but I lost all my items and have to start over collecting them. I really regret getting this game. Although it would be a very fun game if they fixed the problems. From what I’ve read, its been going on for quite a while. I won’t play this game until these problems have been fixed..Version: 0.1.3

It’s interestingThe reason why it’s not a five star or four star it’s because you can’t just have one little piece in the human. If you don’t get to pick up animals or kids and stuff you literally have to pick like just one person or you have to pick a family. It’s kind of annoying. and I don’t like how we don’t really get to create our own stuff, but I do like how we don’t take away our points and I like how we have just like vacation like likes this doesn’t really make sense but oh well and I like how we get to pick more fun stuff I really like the volcano. I never really made it past . The game is kinda long. and also, you can still play by yourself.Version: 0.1.5

Spinner won’t appearThe idea of this game is a fun concept but unfortunately on my device when I am spinning at the beginning of the game the screen stays black, and once the game progresses there is no spinner that appears. Was really looking forward to this one but was sadly disappointed..Version: 0.1.4

Good but...I like the premise but would like more boards soon and please don’t make it like the other game where I have to pay to get the other boards I already paid to download the game that should be enough..Version: 0.1.4

Not workingI purchased this game for my wife and I to play together. Unfortunately it lets us choose our characters and then the following loading screen loads half way and then the game shuts down. Furthermore, the game has now disappeared from the App Store (I had to follow a link from a review website to be able to leave this review) so I’m not sure what’s going on with it..Version: 0.0.6

This is My Favorite GameI love this game! I play it all the time. I love the fact that for every 3 pictures or souvenirs you collect, you get 100 extra points. I just wished that was also the case for postcards and there were more destinations. Okay, since this last update the spinner doesn’t spin. I used to only have to swipe it once and it would spin. Now I have to swipe it 4 or 5 times to get it to spin. It’s very frustrating. It’s been 9 months since the last update. Even the Marmalade logo hasn’t been updated, like the rest of their games have. Instead they put out The Game of Life 2. They’ve totally abandoned this game..Version: 0.1.4

Please read this ReviewA download this game because I thought it would be fun but I wish that the spinner could be fixed with the original version of the game I only needed to spin it once now I take like 4,5, or more times now to move I wish it could be fixed I hope you will see it and fixed it..Version: 0.1.4

Dont play thisWaste of money, there is only one map to go around with the same scenarios every time. After 3 games it gets boring and repetitive, I dont usually pay for games and this is why..Version: 0.1.4

Spinning the wheel hardly worksSomething is different on this as with GOL and GOL 2 I have no problem spinning the wheel makes the game frustrating when I have to make so many attempts..Version: 0.1.4

Ok but....Does anyone else play as unless I play local and that’s against the computer I can seem to find anyone to play with which is frustrating.Version: 0.1.3

Good family gameGood g.Version: 0.1.4

I expected more for $6I bought the game and it won’t let me load it past picking your player, keeps glitching out and exiting the app.. very disappointing..Version: 0.0.6

Spinner doesn’t workSo hard to spin!!! I try 10 times before it finally acknowledges that I’m trying to spin. Gave up on the game after my third turn It was so frustrating.Version: 0.1.4

Frustratingly hard to spinTakes a while to get a valid spin. Frustrating. Not relaxing at all >:/.Version: 0.1.4

Too Many Glitches!Keeps glitching and needs a wider variety of options. After you’ve played it through a couple of times it’s too repetitive 😕.Version: 0.0.6

Give my money back!!I don’t why I planned to get this give me my money!!!.Version: 0.1.4

Feel like I got robbed!I was so excited when I saw one of my favorite childhood games had become an app. However, I wish I had looked into it a little more because it’s horrible! There are none of the best things that you look forward to when playing Life. There’s no getting married, having kids, picking college or a job. I am truly disappointed and if I could rate zero stars I would! What a waste of a $1.99!.Version: 0.1.4

Needs more optionsLove the game but I am already sick of playing the same game over and over, also I have 47/48 items missing a postcard and have played it over and over and cant seem to get the last item. It emis extremely frustrating and makes me think there is a glitch that the last one isnt even popping up in the game at all. Please fix!!!.Version: 0.1.4

Literally can’t playI can’t even spin at the start to determine who plays first! I spin and it stops but nothing happens so I keep spinning, nope, still nothing. Wasted my money on this lie. Would rate 0/5 if I could, it’s literally USELESS.Version: 0.1.4

Ok but has a problemI love the game and I like how you fixed the loading problem but every time me and my sister take more than 1 photo, it crashes! Can you please fix this bug?.Version: 0.0.8

A little glitchyI love all of the other Game of Life games. This one I didn’t get a chance to play, all I did was put my name in and pressed play and kept glitching out of the app. Then when I go back in it’s just a blank screen, like paper, like it’s on the main page screen but without any of the buttons. Thanks for reading! Okay in the paragraph above I said that I couldn’t play. After several tries it worked and I played a game. I am adding a star because it’s pretty fun, only it gets kind of boring after a while. Maybe if you added islands and you get to see which one you go to, just suggestions. Also, this is just a small thing but I can be a little㋛ sometimes. On the wheel you have to spin it hard enough to make it “sparkle”. It’s annoying when you land on a good number but you didn’t make it “sparkle” so you have to spin again. I also think that the games need to be a little longer, closer to the length of a game in The Game of Life 2. Thanks again for reading!.Version: 0.1.4

It is okayI like it but you need more people and colors.Version: 0.1.4

.lWhy is it that whenever I go onto this game the screen stays black when I am supposed to spin. Want a refund...Version: 0.1.4

CrashesI downloaded this game on my iPad mini, but when the game would start to load, it would crash and I would be on my home screen again. If this game was free, I wouldn’t care so much, but I paid and my money is now wasted..Version: 0.1.4

Needs more and needs consistencyI LOVE The Game Of Life. And I love that they’re renewing the platform. But having one destination only gets a bit tiring. I only need one postcard, but it won’t tell me which one! That’s a little frustrating. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter what number you roll at the beginning, the game picks its own order for players to go. And the turn endcap is a little weird. Players will pop up randomly with the big map showing, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. I could have rolled a 1, be in last place, and landed on a post card, but I’ll still show up randomly in the lineup. It needs order! I’m looking forward to future updates. Even these little setbacks won’t keep me away. Love Marmalade..Version: 0.1.0

I want a refund!I downloaded this game and everytime I click play game it just crash everytime..Version: 0.0.6

Keeps crashingYou’ll get half way through then it crashes I’ve only completed it once and have played it 5 times! Very disappointed!.Version: 0.1.4

Cute game, kind of frustratingI love this game! Super fun and cute! Nice spin on the original game, but...I have a HUGE issue. When playing online, if someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to do, like if you choose to duel with them, and they don’t spin, it just sits there and “waits” it should time out at some forces you to end up having to leave the game, because they did not respond. PLEASE fix this..Version: 0.1.4

DisappointedI was enjoying the game, I’ve played a few times now. However, today the app will not open. I restarted my phone, and then reinstalled the app. Still won’t open. Everything is up to date. Very disappointed as I PAID for this app!! And barely got to play!.Version: 0.1.4

Avoid this gameI get as far as choosing my character and then it slings me out, so I’ve been unable to even play the game. Developers, Please can you even fix the bugs or provide a full refund?.Version: 0.0.6

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