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Puzzles & Survival App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Puzzles & Survival app received 125 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Puzzles & Survival? Can you share your negative thoughts about puzzles & survival?

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Puzzles & Survival for Negative User Reviews

AnnoyingThis game is fun for what it is, but what it is, is making you wait for things to happen. When you do play, you run out energy. Oh, and apparently there were issues with my troops going AWOL, as during matches, there are so many “hero missing” messages. I jest. The game could do with an editor that is fluent in English to fix some of this..Version: 1.1.1

Works not on all wifi connectionsApp seems to connect to certain IP addresses, also issue with SSL certs where the game won’t run, also updates within the app and not through the Apple Store ?.Version: 4.0.100

HmmOk not sure about this, but the ads for this showed puzzle after puzzle, I had 3 or 4 puzzles, now I am building a city, if I wanted that I would have gone for z nation or the like. Puzzles and survival, doing puzzles to get someone through a set of traps yeah, not building a city. Also you have to follow the tutorial regardless of whether you want or not - why would I move a square to create a group of 4 when 2 lines below moving one square would give me a line of 5 cmon really..Version: 4.0.11

MisleadingAnother game with misleading ad. Deleted..Version: 4.0.9

GreedThe bad part of this game is predominantly how the developers attempt to cash in with every update, in many cases with little to no warning. The final straw for this review was the immigration ticket prices. They gave 18 hours notice (and no specifics) that immigration cost was going to change and left many alliances stranded in two states, in many cases where the one they were leaving is hostile to them. As of now, they have not done the decent thing and rolled back the update to allow for proper warning or provided reimbursement/compensation to the many people who were bilked out of their money (by the way the ticket increase for me went from 20 to 52 which is insane with less than a day of notice). If they do the right thing and reverse this terrible decision if only for a couple weeks to give the notice THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN IN THE FIRST PLACE, I may see fit to amend this review. But for now it stays a one star do to developer greed and lack of empathy for their customers..Version: 4.0.46

It's a scamThe game is different than then Ad.Version: 4.0.135

Do not spend money on this game.Don’t spend money on this game unless you want to waste it. If another player attacks you in your state, you can lose MONTHS of progress as well as 100s of dollars. Money you spend on this game can be taken away in mere seconds. The only way to get back all your work is to spend 100s of more dollars. Yeah no thanks. It is impossible to grow. You will waste much of your time just to get to the exact same level you were at. That ruins the fun and makes it more like a task. I really think that they need to not allow troops to get “killed” because it doesn’t make me want to spend money to get them back—it makes me want to spend my money elsewhere and not support the game any further. I will not be buying ANYTHING else on this game because of this aspect of it. 4 months of work and money got sent down the drain in one hit. Not okay. All this game does is try to steal your money for the same thing multiple times over. Other people got attacked when I did and multiple of them stopped playing the game because of how difficult it would be to get back their progress (and expensive). Get a clue, this doesn’t make people want to spend money on your game. Wish I never downloaded this game..Version: 4.0.90

Misleading advertisingI have downloaded this game and expected to play what was advertised, very disappointed, those options are not in the game, I played the game for a little while but I downloaded the game for what I saw advertised and it’s not like that. So no longer play.Version: 4.0.30

Huh?The game has absolutely nothing to do with the ads I saw. Not even close..Version: 4.0.134

Puzzles are secondary.I found this title based on a challenge to get the HQ to level 18 in 21 days. During my time with this I can confirm that this is not possible unless you pay for extra support. There are several choke points which ask for ridiculous amounts of resources to advance, never mind the build time taking several days by itself at this level. So if you plan on doing this challenge, don’t bother. As for the game itself, it’s very much more about the survival than the puzzles, which seem secondary. The main game screen is bloated with far too much stuff going on like events, or several promotions for you to spend money, which is expected as the app is very pay2win. If you want a puzzle game which is more fairer, I recommend Gems of War over this..Version: 4.0.106

Carry On ZombiesThe gameplay is good, but is it really necessary to use comic book characters from the Seventies? I’d prefer to play as a female character who is fully clothed, but instead the women all look as though they’ve stepped out of an old sitcom. You know that women so play zombie games, right? Try watching the Alien films to see what a female hero really looks like..Version: 4.0.63

Amazing bias, designed addiction and BULLYINGI played for more than 2 years. It is a dying game because of the constant changes in rules without addressing the core - specific countries (and people that VPN from advantaged countries) have designed advantages for upgrades and concentration of power before main wars allows for those same advantaged players to grab even more from the servant states. e.g. - you are not allowed to participate in events for 72 hours when you join an alliance BUT all the biggest players can collect in one alliance for state vs state events, take all the rewards and never send any of the "loot" to other players. If you do not play the way you are told then they burn down your fort, demolish all of your guidl and WILL NOT LET YOPU PLAY ANYMORE. As has been said in other reviewe - the upgrades are outrageously expensive and specific countries have BUILT IN ADVANTAGES. The hugfe bias and money grab makes this "planned" war without any good competition and basically a farm game and tyrants run amock. stay away and spend your money elsewhere!.Version: 4.0.118

Not like the addDeleted as soon as I seen it was not like what was advertised..Version: 4.0.137

Kool but not KoolMy Alliance that I join is the only reason I’ve stay this long which probably has been about 4-5 months and has spent over a thousand because everything’s seem like a setup to just spend money, I’m always in situations of training troops and building might the game isn’t much like it’s advertised with the puzzles only in the beginning maybe first couple wks depending on how much your active on it. But like I say my alliance and our relationships keeps me active on here, no matter how much money you spend you gifts and rewards don’t get any better nor anything else in the game. For example if you pick 10 gifts and place on a wheel chart that’s spins and randomly select it’s going to pick in order of the least valuable and your going to run out of chips to spend of course and force u to buy more if you care to get what’s on the wheel that much.Version: 4.0.69

ONLY DOWNLOADED TO WRITE REVIEWThis is the DUMBEST game I’ve EVER seen. So I was just playing my game and then suddenly this stupid ad comes up and I’m like ima bout to skip but then the download thing instead of skip comes up and I can’t skip so apple, just make them pay more to put up ads don’t let them pay to remove skips AND REMOVE ALL ADS WITH NO SKIPS OR IM SWITCHING TO SAMSUNG!.Version: 4.0.92

Terrible devs + greedy ownersGame used to be good but they expanded too fast, so many issues they won’t go and fix while releasing spam bulk updates that aren’t checked with tonnes of bugs. Screws up events with no compensation and gives the middle finger to ftp. If you want to be screwed, spend your money here. They’ll beg soon enough because even all their whales are fleeing. Fix set nano reward claims 10 k scrap is a joke..Version: 4.0.117

Completely Unbalanced GameAs per the title - if you’re new to the game and a low level you are constantly picked on by higher level players, your sanctuary is attacked, your troops gathering resources on the world map and in the pit are also battered continually, making the game extremely frustrating. Almost always these attacking players are many , many levels higher than you making it impossible to take any sort of revenge. Until a level restriction on attacking is brought in, I refuse to spend any more money on this game - there are far less frustrating games to play..Version: 4.0.118

False AdvertizingThis game is nothing like the ad shows.. total lie!! Build game with other alliances that constantly attack and destroy your bases.. waste of money and time! Someone should sue your asses for false game advertising ! Downloaded and deleted just a quickly !!.Version: 1.1.1

Need to some changesThis game has some great features and plenty to do, but there are some things that need to be changed. 1- The arena needs to have more groups. The lower levels don’t stand a chance at hitting the top, until they get their heroes upgraded. I think there should be 3 or even f 4 groups to make this fair to all players. 2- Reservoir Wars is so badly matched. You have teams that may have a similar amount of might, but one teams players will have a lot of might in one or two players, and the other team it’s all the players might together that makes up the might. This needs to change so it is more fair for all teams. 3- I don’t understand why you changed the names of some of the heroes, there was no need to. 4- Can you make it so we spend less to, this game is becoming more expensive the higher the level. And it is becomes harder to do upgrades unless you spend. Please make these changes until then it’s 1 star rating..Version: 4.0.12

Not the game advertisedIt’s still incredible that people make a complete game, then advertise another game wishing people will still play ….Version: 4.0.134

Avoid like the plague!The game starts out fun but then your state is invaded with what appears to be nothing more than 37 games sending alliances around to drive sales. I have played many war type games and 37 games packs are below par for the price you pay. Other games give you much greater quantities of useful materials compared to 37 games. It is obvious 37 games does not care about the players as they are complicit in driving players away from the game. They try to act like they are giving you some huge discount with their pack prices, but that is utter bull crap. They make the game and provide the packs through programming. I promise you their profit margin is way too high compared to similar games out on the market. I started out enjoying the game but after XxX in 414 and OVO in 403 it just isn’t fun anymore. XxX is now in 485 and heard OVO is in 400. Do not buy their overpriced packs. You can play other games and get greater quantities of useful materials for what 37 games is charging. It’s pirating at its finest if you will. Avoid!!!!.Version: 4.0.80

Very glitchyGreat game if enjoy building more than actual playing. The puzzle portion is based on energy points so once you’ve used it all up, all that is left is building or attacking. It’s fun! The game offers LOTS of freebies in the beginning to help you grow fast but beware, you’ll be constantly bombarded to purchase in game chests etc. However, you can still grow and enjoy the game without spending money. This is reminiscent of other building games so you can grow fairly fast in the beginning. My biggest complaint and frustration? Too glitchy! I play on my iPad and the game will shut down at random times. A LOT. I’m writing this because it just shut down on me…again. The game recognizes if you shut down in the middle of a puzzle battle and will take you right back but still. Very frustrating. I’ve spent real money on this game but am considering quitting because it shuts down on me so much..Version: 4.0.46

WeirdSavoury stuffing game and my sister up tomorrow poop.Version: 4.0.134

Misleading adThe ad for this game does not resemble actual game play whatsoever.Version: 4.0.8

PvP eventually ruined itI get why PvP is a good thing for this game but it needs to be adjusted. I played about a month and was really enjoying it and then one morning I woke up and my base is on fire and all of my resources are gone. Turns out one person had attacked me about 15 times overnight and took everything. Only needed a few days of this before f2p just wasn’t allowing me to gather resources enough to counter what was being plundered. Ruined the game and now no longer play it. Other than that it was a great and fun game.Version: 4.0.99

Not what I wantedAnother game that is nothing like the ads. How does Apple allow these scam games with paid reviews to run rampant? Download this game just to review it poorly..Version: 4.0.12

Game constantly glitches & has to be worked on.There’s always issues with the games. It’s always glitching in someway, valiant weekend I put on a three day shield, a few HOURS after putting on the THEEE DAY shield the game had glitched and my shield was gone so I was attacked and everything was gone. I had over 100 million in food and wood, 5 million in steel and 1 million in gas that I had been saving all week to upgrade my troops to t9. Obviously upset because it’s 5,000 diamonds for a 3 day shield I contacted customer service where they continued to try to gaslight me about the situation. At first they said there was never a shield purchased and then when I kept pressing the issue, they changed their story and said that one was purchased two days before and that it expired right before the attacks which was also a lie, because I put one on that day. The CS person helping me also tricked me into closing out our chat as problem solved so they didn’t have to deal with the issue anymore. HORRIBLE customer service and buggy game. I don’t recommend to anyone..Version: 4.0.64

Beware of Poor Customer SupportThis is fundamentally a good social game, but those with the most might can dominate this game and the only way to build that kind of might is to spend obscene amounts of money. Customer support for this game is simply the worst of any game I have ever played. There is significant lag in the game and you will tap actions you did not intend too because of the lag. Asking customer support to undo that is like sending a message into a black hole. The first response almost always shows no understanding of the issue you raised. I almost think they do it on purpose to get you off their backs. When you persist and clarify, they will send you a canned response that doesn’t address your issue. I have never dealt with customer support for a game that is this poor. I think part of the issue is that many of the support agents do not have a strong grasp of the English language. Not a fan of app developer and don’t think anyone should support them or this game. This is an update a year later. I have stopped spending money on this game because the customer support is horrendous. They won’t answer your questions and blame you for their poor game design. They publish no guides on how new features work and expect players to figure it out for themselves and share with the community. If you haven’t started playing this game yet, please avoid the headache - it isn’t worth it..Version: 4.0.107

Exactly what you think it is. Money grab.It’s another pay to win, sorry you joined late game. The game rules rewarded someone 15 levels over me with most of my resources then greeted me with a “recovery” deal for sale before I knew I had been attacked 56 times in two hours. I’ve never attacked anyone. Then the rules punished me for being low level with days of fire and days of rebuilding unless I bought thousands and thousands of diamonds (one of the in game currencies). The leveling heroes and killing zombies with puzzles is fun. Until the game rules decide you’ve gone far enough, fast enough and you go from straight rolling 3 waves of zombies to the next level where you can’t make it out of the first wave without 3 of your heroes dying. Mostly because the puzzle pieces won’t line up so your healer can’t heal and combos don’t go. I’m going to start checking into game publishers and their place of operation before I give them any of my money next time..Version: 4.0.95

Getting annoyedSpent a fortune on this game and I’m not spending anymore. It’s one thing getting attacked by someone but to let them do it 18 times on a run is ridiculous. I’ve just got over being repeatedly attacked by someone else. It should be capped. Your loosing customers and money because unless you spend tons of money you can’t progress. If I can’t progress due to being repeatedly attacked then I loose interest in game Then you stop spending money and then you delete game. Look after your customers. I like this game but if this keeps happening I’m going to get rid. It’s gone too far.Version: 4.0.9

Poor Customer ServicesThe game in general is very good until something goes wrong and you have to contact customer support to sort it out. I will not be changing my review until I have a satisfactory resolution to my issue. They have promised me now for the past 4 days my compensation will be given every day, guess what we’re on the 5th day and I’m still waiting. Excuse after excuse and they never back up what they say. If they sort it out in the next 24 hrs then my review will change to 4* until then be wary if u ever have an in game issue. The game deserves 5* but after the bad experiences I have had to deal with a 4* it will be. I will also be reviewing this on another platform so everyone knows how poorly they are at dealing with players issues..Version: 4.0.22

Meh...More for Pay to PlayStarted alone based on an advertisement in another game. Pretty complicated at start with lots of things going on - build your base, build your heroes, heroes attack zombies and other players, build your army, attack zombies with your army, attack other players with your army, get allies, participate in challenges, etc. You only get one builder, so have to constantly be online to keep it busy upgrading the myriad of buildings in your base. I followed the suggested course of action diligently and once I felt I was getting the hang of it, two other well-advanced players attacked me and wiped my army out. I wasn’t too interested in starting again, so will uninstall it. I think this is a game meant to be all-consuming and allies are important. Pay to play gets you a second builder, plus other perks like better heroes. Bottom line, if you have a lot of time and only want to play one game, this might be it. For a casual player, I wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 1.1.1

All they want is moneyWhen the game lags because they can’t fixed it you get hit and loose a lot of resources and complain and they say it’s your network that’s the problem when another device on the same network works perfectly fine. Everything now increases and revolves around money can’t do much but talk to friends unless you want lag when hitting and want to spend a fortune.Version: 4.0.52

FakeBe careful, I downloaded the game. It was something else. I don’t know why Apple Store allows this fake game up and running on IPhone!!! 🛑DON’T DOWNLOAD IT.Version: 4.0.137

People not allowed to have livesYou’re not allowed to be a causal player. Joined a alliance with a group of friends, we’ve all put time into it, but because we’ve all got lives and haven’t been able to hop on for a few days because of IRL, our alliance has been disbanded, this isn’t the first time either. Stop putting too much focus on Alliances and the side stuff believe it or not some people might just want to enjoy the story..Version: 4.0.106

Your app is garbage, I hope you go out of business.This app is what I imagine eating sandpaper is like, dull, hurtful and overall a bad time. Also, love the way you objectify women in your adverts, you can tell this is made by a soulless company only to trick the mentally unstable into spending money. I hope you go out of business, your adverts feel like what I’d imagine sitting on a pin to feel like. The only ads that come close to how awful yours is, is state of survival or garden scapes/home scapes and at least they eventually implemented what they advertised into their app. Your app feels as dead as the still images of zombies you have in this Shlock. (EDIT: I have to congratulate you on one tiny detail though, in the adverts it shows someone so brain dead that they can’t figure out a simple sliding puzzle, I’d like to think this is implemented on purpose to show the viewer that “I’m so much better than this guy who can’t even slide a puzzle” but I like to think it’s more than that. I think it shows this apps average developer, brain dead. If your also spending money on this app, your just as brain dead.).Version: 4.0.13

Basic information would be niceI saw this game repeatedly advertised in another game, and the Escape The Prison challenge looked interesting. But that’s not what this game is. Apparently this is a PVP MMORPG, yet nowhere is that made clear in the description. Barely into the tutorial, I’m prompted to join an alliance - another requirement deliberately left out of the description. I wanted a fun single player game to pass time, which this game apparently is not. Also, there is absolutely no information about gameplay, resources, or what exactly anything is, so I end up tapping random things without knowing what I’m doing and never knowing what the outcome is. I have notifications that something is important, but again, there is absolutely nothing to tell me what it is or how/why to use it. Oh, and don’t forget the endless prompts to make in app purchases, again with no information about what they are selling and why I need it..Version: 4.0.64

Not for free play***Look at my star rating and read this carefully before considering this game: I have played and been in an alliance for about 2 years on pretty steady, the one thing I noted is while you are spending cash the rewards are pretty good, but if you try and free play, your day to day activity will be slow and boring, and probably have other players not want you around. Count on spending at least $4.99 a day and if there are "parties", it will be another $4.99. Also, if you don't have at least 3 hours per day, nobody will want you around because you wont be able to participate or complete daily tasks that are available different times throughout the day. Another thing, the game has group clicks, and if you don't get along in one group, you can try another, or you may suffer or experience types of bullying and exclusions by the members. Some members are helpful but many are not. Overall, there is a lot to do, its pretty fun, graphics are okay, but leaving individuals to decide your rewards and positions can be another real frustration..Version: 4.0.110

Become a transparent money grabI started playing 15 months ago when moderate and free to play players could still grow and enjoy the game. In the last 8 months the game has transitioned into a naked money grab. To get a specialty skin or march from an event expect to pay literally between $300 and $1000. There are chance event where you can spend 200k diamonds and get nothing but crap. The new timed tavern requires you to buy coins and you’ll spend $15 for 10 coins and not even get a hero. The new heroes are pay to play only in the timed tavern, so you may pay and still not get them. There has been a boycott but the lure of new digital crap wins out. You come for the fake advertising and stay for the people. If you like to spend $1000+ a month on a game to show you are the best, this is the game for you. If you are a free to play player or moderate spender, this is not the game for you. You will be very frustrated and disappointed. A good 60% of the benefits for free to play players have been removed. All I can say is download at the peril of your wallet..Version: 4.0.123

Zombie scamBeware items missing after updates! customer service do not respond in 24hrs as stated and when they do simply deny all knowledge, rest of game is just rich bullies stealing from new players many are devs, keep stealing in the hope you will spend to make a difference, one to avoid.Version: 4.0.42

Immigration systemI’ve been playing this game for close to a year. While it was fun for a long time, the immigration system they have in place allows a few to ruin the game for the many. Bigger players came move their base from older states to newer ones, allowing them to easily dominate with no competition. This effectively allows a handful of people to ruin the chances for hundreds of others who will never be able to catch up to the extra months of years they have ahead of them in gameplay. As this issue is becoming more and more prevalent, the game is practically unplayable and I would urge anyone considering downloading the game to pick one of the many others like it instead..Version: 4.0.69

Good and BadThis is a fun game, for a couple of weeks. It combines some of the best aspects of Clash of Clans and Candy Crush and mixes with zombie Apocalypse theme. It’s great stuff, with good art and gameplay It’s problem is that it’s only good for a couple of weeks and then you start coming up against the Pay-To-Win crowd. It’s ridiculously PtW, you can’t even beat the game’s mission mode unless you fork out money to get the stronger characters.Version: 4.0.12

Shields before a server vs server eventDevs put system enforced shields on every account due to a login issue on Facebook. The shield protected everyone’s account for three days. It was disappointing because the event “Valiant Conquest” is by far the best event, but it protected those that could not sign in. They fixed the sign in problem, took the 3 day shield off and placed an 8 hour shield on everyone’s account. People signed on and it still acknowledged a 3 day shield countdown but all shields dropped about an hour after the event started. People lost hundreds of millions of resources because of this and all they received from complaints was an apology but no compensation for their losses. This is unacceptable. Accepting responsibility and then saying there is nothing they can do about it is unprofessional on many levels. Fix your mistakes no matter how long it takes. People double checked to protect their investment and still lost everything due to incompetence..Version: 4.0.100

👍🤙Good as.Version: 1.1.1

Hope you like base buildingMaybe like me you were attracted to this game by an ad showing a prison escape game where you solved small puzzles to open doors and gain allies as you fled a pack of zombies. I'm a week into this game, and that hasn't shown up once. Or maybe you were looking for that "candy crush with zombies" clip you may have seen. Yeah, that's in there. For about 15% of it. But the vast majority of this game is base building. LOTS of base building. Lots of click here to upgrade, wait for two hours unless you want to spend these diamonds you can earn... Oh, out of diamonds? Would you like to pay cash for some? Lots of collecting resources. Lots of upgrading structures. And of course, you can't upgrade one structure before you've upgraded two more that are barely related to it. And so, so, so many different kinds of currency. Some to upgrade your heroes, others to "enhance" your heroes, some to speed up build times, others to speed up training times, some to raise your gear, others you can trade for things at the "Alliance Store." I still can't keep track of all of them. So if you like base building games, I suppose this one does it pretty well. And while I can't say I'm "enjoying" it, I'm finding it to be an occasionally fun distraction to chill out my brain. But if you were lured in expecting ANYTHING else, turn around now and walk away..Version: 4.0.64

Starts well then goes down hill rapidlyI really enjoyed this game to start with. I liked the mix of puzzles and mission. However, the base building and missions have pretty much become unworkable. This is mainly due to higher level players targeting lower level settlements. I’m not talking one or two levels higher, it’s players 20-30 levels higher. And it can happen repeatedly in quick succession. When this happens, you have no resources and in turn means you can’t heal your troops. When it gets to this point there really is no point working the settlement and missions side of the game and all your left wth is the puzzles. While I did enjoy the game I now find it a waste of time. If developers haven’t got the time to make the game fair, then there’s no teal reason to keep playing. I’m just glad I didn’t spend any money..Version: 4.0.9

Commit 100% or delete.I installed because the little adds, in other games, suggested it was a puzzle game. Now I am deleting after 3 months! I got everything up to level 15. It’s sooo repetitive, it’s another complex society building war game. Puzzles are a minor part you can actually skip. It was fun following the red dot indicators to achieve stuff locally at the start, but the whole alliance stuff is unexplained and hugely annoying. By level 15 it’s clear you can’t accumulate resources fast enough without alliance knowledge or paying cash! Stuff that! Good bye!.Version: 4.0.61

Waste of timeThis game is nothing like the ads. Don’t waste your time with it, unless you like deceptive advertising..Version: 4.0.13

Not like the adsThe game in the ads was like a maze where you had to solve three to progress. This game isn’t anything like it. The sexualised ads and characters are disappointing, too.Version: 4.0.98

I thought loot boxes were banned!If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to barely be relevant, don’t play this game. Even the big players like Ichi who spent tens if not hundreds of thousands have left. First, I was misled by an ad on what the game was (where you at Apple?). 2nd , if you don’t find a top alliance or good state; you are just cannon fodder for pirates. 3rd, every “special” event reward is only achievable if you spend LOTS of cash. And the RNG is so rigged you have better luck at the lottery. If you don’t spend the devs don’t reward you; it’s that simple. Plus, it’s the same monotony every week/day they don’t even try to hide their laziness with repeat events; but not rewards so you have to start over. If you don’t have multiple accounts to farm growing is impossible. Plus, they don’t care about their players as they frequently screw up events only to make up for it with the bare minimum. So, unless you want to buy your way to the top; and then, what’s the point: pass on this game.Version: 4.0.117

Use to be GreatWant a game where there is a lot to do? This is that game. You build hero’s, build a city, research, and build an army. You get some action, in ways of reservoir war and wasteland king, where your alliance or state battles other alliances or states. The best part of this game is the people you meet or interact with. Pretty good community. The problem with the game is that the developers have turned it into a pay to play game. It has micro transactions for everything, when I mean everything I mean everything! Which is sad because the game also has grand events where you need to pay to even complete the event. In the beginning of this game, these grand events could be completed without spending money, but if you spent you got better stuff. Now that you can’t even complete them makes it very sad. I like playing the game but soon may stop because the paying for everything is putting me off. Maybe they will fix the content, but for some reason I don’t think they will..Version: 4.0.129

Your ADs are disgustingYou have an ad where a half naked guy keeps moving over on a bench so that a young woman keeps sitting on his lap, even though she is obviously uncomfortable. So that would be an act of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Why are you using that as a way to try to get us to download your game? Yeah I get it. It’s a cartoon so it’s not actually showing a sexual assault but the fact that it’s a game ad and that youth are going to see that and think that it’s funny to do that to other people. Not only that, but in the end, the woman ends up dying, and the dude who was sexually assaulting her, survives. If you want to use that because you think it’s funny, then at least have the guy die at the end because that’s kind of what he deserves after sexually harassing an innocent woman. Your ad team has almost unlimited concepts that are available to promote your game and the fact that out of a team of people, y’all sat around and went. “Yeah, this is the ad the one that clearly shows a disgusting act that actually happens to women in person every day across the world, but yeah, let’s use that for a zombie game.”.Version: 4.0.100

Spend money or lose!Need to defend yourself? Spend money. Need to get stronger? Spend money. Want to earn it for free? You’re “matched” to fight against someone ten times more powerful than you. Free rewards? Here are free things that you can use when you reach level 20; but you’re on level eight, and it will take months and hundreds of $$$ to be able to access those rewards. But hey, they’re free! And we’ll even give you the option of converting them to something ten thousand percent less valuable. The ads are nothing like the game. There’s no walking through a maze. Just a match three puzzle that never seems to work in your favor. Events are so disproportionate; randomly get chests and keys to open them, but I got 43 chests before I got my first key. If you want the rewards inside the chests, chests that you’ve wasted your daily allotted energy to collect, you have to buy them. And if you don’t spend money keeping yourself shielded 24/7, you will constantly be attacked and stripped of your troops and resources..Version: 4.0.64

False advertisementThe ads you see is nothing close to what the game play actually is....Version: 1.1.1

Tap Your Screen and kill Zombies mmmkaayThe game takes you into a compound where you try and build defences and earn materials to strengthen your characters. Strategic Bejeweled-like Zombie killing combat mechanics with an “easy button” auto-play feature. For some reason this company censors the word/has in their word list to be censored with asterisks: Covid/Co-vid which I found to be interesting. This game is fun if you like the sound effects of guns. Working together in an alliance is easily done with communication and at first the game makes little sense. THE TRUTH: The game makes no sense at all, but that’s okay! Grind away!! TRUTH #2: The Advertisements are ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THE GAME. FALSE ADVERTISING - THERE IS NO 3D 1st PERSON ZZzzzzzzzZzzzz.. You can spend hours on this game and time flies. I’d say it’s worth playing, but keep your wallet or purse tucked. There needs to be an option to slap away every monetizing advertisement. That goes for all freemium games which could be much more fun to grind without a stupid money grabbing gacha pop-up. Pretty sure this is an old game so here’s a +1 review from an OG gamer. Cheers and Beers!.Version: 4.0.103

BIG MONEY GAMEReally cool game but there is boxes everywhere and I mean everywhere for you to buy. You can’t just buy a pack because you need to buy the next pack because of the thing you get init to much the developers need to sort that out but they are not going to because they are getting rich so unless you are going to open your wallet and KEEP it open then carry on looking hahaha. To many events like wasteland kings but at the same time you have other events on that you have to spend money or you don’t come anywhere. They don’t put events on that you can do in game without spending money and if they do it is not very often well that’s my review I have been playing since it come out and 200 pound down and only 40 mill power that’s because with the 200 pound spent the game forces you to spent once you open your wallet lol.Version: 4.0.10

So many thingsWhere do I even begin with my complaints with this game? 1. It’s one big money grab. Everything is set up to cost you money to get anywhere in this game, or it will take you forever to get anywhere. It can be done, but it WILL take forever. 2. Updates are just ways to try to force you to spend more money. Like the new feasts. Now you can actually get into them, but they really aren’t worth the trouble now that they don’t give you hero frags. Or how they have reduced the amount of pits to force you to attacks other players to get into one. The arena is a joke. Your opponent is always a way higher level than you. 3. It is absolutely nothing like the game they show you in the ads. Definitely a bait and switch situation. 4. Customer service is a joke. And they are blatantly sexist again female players. Honestly, I hate this game. I would give this game zero stars if it was an option. The only reason I am still playing is because of the other players in my alliance. I will truly miss them when I quit playing And I will quit playing..Version: 4.0.92

Must spend money!!Started playing the game, was actually pretty cool but noticed after the tutorial once your shield runs out you will get attacked by other players so if your willing to spend lots of money to survive in this game to buy shields etc this is the game for you.Version: 4.0.8

Nothing like the advertisement.The advertisement for this game is so good, and polished. Too bad the game is NOTHING like what is advertised. What a disappointment. That being said, if you ever make a game like the one you advertise you should let us know. Until then, this is just a waste of time..Version: 4.0.71

This game was burning my phone, that allThis game was burning my phone, that all.Version: 4.0.133

Don’t trust the in-app purchasesI purchased a small bundle that cost less than $30, and they took $55 from me. Other than that, though, it’s a pretty good game.Version: 4.0.90

Pretty good gameI love the game however there are too many upgrades and other things to that really take away from the overall game - is there a way to make it easier. The upgrades with buildings, heroes, mail, and everything else etc are all over the place. I find myself clicking in an d out off the same each request and claims for a good 5 mins before Playing the actual game. I’d rather be playing the actual game than do all those other little niggly upgrades, claims, mail etc. upgrading heroes is a guessing game there indication which heroes need upgrading until you actually click on them individually to find out. Sometimes none of them need upgrading - that could be a glitch in the game maybe. I still love playing the game overall. It is as simple as matching the colours to kill the zombies and choosing your team to go through each stage, I think it would be better if we had challenges where killing the zombies and collecting a certain amount of the colours per stage would m all e it more achievable to playing the game more than doing everything else..Version: 4.0.12

Puzzles&Games ad showing animal abuse is DISGUSTINGYour original ads made your game look interesting, but as stated all through your reviews, the ads are nothing like the game and even after giving it a try, I quickly got bored and deleted it. That’s not what made me decide to write this review though. I’m writing it, and I’d give zero stars…NEGATIVE stars if I could, because of your latest ad depicting animal abuse. A man kicking and hitting a puppy is the FARTHEST thing from entertainment that I can imagine. It’s disgusting and it made me so angry that I couldn’t just ignore it. I had to at least speak my mind. Because when that kind of thing starts to be used as a form of entertainment, it only makes people numb to it and eventually they’ll this it’s okay. THIS IS NOT OKAY. it’s appalling and it’s not the way ANYONE should want to bring attention to a freaking GAME. I’m, personally, disgusted and because of that I will never consider your game or ANY games developed by 37games..Version: 4.0.98

A big ShameGame awesome in most parts, here’s the big but. BUT 1)it’s all geared towards the high players so they just get stronger and stronger. 2) it’s nothing like how they show it when they advertise which is a big let down. 3) it’s fixed and they control who wins in the arena part of the game, the players you are matched against are always so much more stronger and it’s just one sided. 4) to get anywhere in the game you will have to spend money and I mean a lot of money..Version: 4.0.56

Impossible to advance once you get into itYou can advance and level up for a while (I got to level 16) but then it takes an insane amount of resources to level up and just in case you get hopeful because you’re getting close to the resources you need for that next level you’ll get attacked and your resources will disappear. For reference, to level up my headquarters to level 17 I need: Food: 7,812,131 Wood: 6,754,343 Steel: 793,037 I had the steel and nearly all the food (but not wood) and got attacked and I was knocked down to about 200,000 of everything (yes that’s the correct number of zeros). Did it again. Got to all steel and half food (not nearly enough wood) and again got attacked and knocked down to about 200,000 of everything. Getting the resources is a hassle too. You can’t get enough of each from your resource ‘factories’ at a time so it can take weeks to get even to where I was and I didn’t have enough even after all that long. Then it takes literal days (level up from 16 to 17 on my headquarters says it takes 2 days, 19 hours, 12 minutes, 4 seconds) to actually complete the level up once you get the resources. (Oh, but you can purchase the resources with money of course). Definitely a scam. Refuses to allow you to level up without spending money on resources (which I won’t do). Gets real old to try to get the same thing over and over and then get knocked back down to start over..Version: 4.0.120

Play at your own riskThis game can be very fun. The ads are very misleading but you’ll notice that right away. These style of games can be fun and the people in them tend to be very nice. Joining an alliance is usually best. The reason for my review is a lot of the wording in the game is misleading. I spent a small amount of money in the game and after a few weeks began running into major issues. Too many to list. Sometimes you would get rewards from the game for them. Most the time they are nothing. The support is not helpful at all. They will apologize but tell you there’s nothing they can do. I finally asked for my account to be closed. They asked if I wanted a refund and really wanted my account to be closed. When I said yes they told me they couldn’t do that because it would be unfair to other players. What does my account and the money I spent on the game have to do with other players? Idk but it was unfair to offer something that can’t be delivered on. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else..Version: 4.0.52

Boring, expensive and a conIt’s basically a tapping game with some really easy puzzles and some fighting. It’s all fixed favouring those who spend more money. The best bit are the other players. Not a lot to do with zombies. Been “playing” it for a couple years now and totally bored of it but just ploughed too much time and money into it to just dump it. Recently there was a technical issue, meant all of the resources is been saving for a couple of months were plundered and the support guys just say “sorry”. They would have made buckets of money out of it! Take my advice, don’t get into this ‘game’ it’s just a front for taking money. They’ve now added an extra button to get into rare earth mine which was boring enough already just to try and get you to pay £4.99 for extra resources! Boring rubbish! They tell you things are reduced but how can imaginary diamonds cost £89? It’s a con..Version: 4.0.104

Please don’t install this game.This mobile game does many sponsorships with small creators to actively take advantage of the viewer base of those streamers, setting unrealistic goals for them all with the intention of free marketing and gaining temporary players to boost their numbers, one of the goals that at first sight may not seem unreasonable until you actually play the game is “collect 50 5 star heroes” while this may seem easy without know what the game entails, it is only possible to get 5 stars in 1 gacha and it’s almost impossible to get the rolls you would need to reach that goal. This game takes advantage of its players, it’s content creators, and you. It has “sales” that are used to get people to spend obscene amounts of money for upgrades by advertising it as something that would normally cost a lot more such as one of the “deals” being 30 dollars for something that would normally cost 600ish. This game is a rip off and it should be held to a higher standard then it is. I can’t fault streamers for getting into deals that will not provide anything for them but if you are a small streamer that is planning on taking this company as a sponsor I urge you to think twice about it, you will most likely be scammed for free advertising and lose out on a worth while sponsor as a result..Version: 4.0.117

Too much of a hassleThis game is a pay to play game and way too time consuming. Resources are slow to accumulate and you have to be on every 3 hours or so to collect enough to advance a small piece of your base. If you are trying to accumulate a large amount of resources and do not shield up, someone will attack you and you’ll lose all of your resources it took weeks to collect or buy. If you do have resources left over, everything will go to healing troops which also takes days. The fastest way to advance is through in-game purchases. It gives people who spend more an advantage over everyone else. There is no way to defend yourself (other than a shield) if a high level/might player comes along to attack you. You must also join an alliance with other online members and participate in many different events to advance at a decent speed. If you do decide to play, expect to be on throughout the day for multiple hours, have money to spare, and be prepared to potentially lose everything you’ve bought/worked for when your shield expires..Version: 4.0.106

Waste of timeAll this game does is force you to tap on the screen where they want you to. The laborious tutorial is endless & you give up trying to play independently of the tutoring. For Christ sake, let us learn how to play the game instead of ramming down our throats all this ridiculous strategy. Typical of developers incapable of taking a step back & examining their games from an enjoyment point of view..Version: 4.0.23

GoodSuper.Version: 1.1.0

Puzzles and SurvivorsI have played this game since the first month it came in line and I am strong and compete well. However, more and more the changes and additions to the game favor the big spenders. It’s hard to get hero frags for the newly introduced heroes which can only be obtained through special events. Resources are obtainable if you collect so you can build no problem. Just heroes, special nano weapons, really advancing your chips gear modules etc, takes years if you don’t spend decent money. When I started it wasn’t that way, but they game is now broken into the elites who are unbeatable unless you are one, and the rest of us. I still love the game but feel less competitive and rather stuck because of the direction the devs have taken it. They want money and from the top echelon they get it. The rest of us will never reach those levels because there is no in game way to get there unless you are willing to wait years!.Version: 4.0.127

Almost a good game.Overall game mechanics is pretty simple. I love the events they put here and skin alterations for your characters/building/troops. I would recommend. But the only catch is you have to PAY to win. You can’t progress without spending. Other than that it’s pretty interesting game..Version: 4.0.137

ScamGame is a scam. Listing rewards in tournament and taking them away weeks later during the playoffs due to an error. It is illegal and false advertising when people are using money to perform well in the tournament. Unless you wish to spend well over $10k on this stupid game you are nothing but a small insignificant spec for the bigs and developers to walk over. Do yourself a favor and do not download this game!!.Version: 4.0.106

Not like the adsNot like the ads for the game that are everyone.Version: 4.0.12

Ganking makes this game not enjoyableThere is no restrictions to make fights fair. Base constantly attacked by players that are significantly stronger resulting in it being impossible to defend against. Fix the game, restrict players to attacking others say +/- 5 player levels or +/- 10% might would make help fix the imbalances..Version: 4.0.106

Predatory Money Pit, DO NOT DOWNLOADDo not download this game. It is a predatory game that cashes in on addictive personalities. It lures you in by seeming like a simple and fun little match 3 game, and before long it’s sucking you into pay to win faction warfare, which is compulsory in order to make progress in the game. The game has an absolute pay wall and in order to get the full enjoyable experience out of it you have to open your wallet, preys on that excitement you get with a progress which becomes increasingly reliant on spending. It encourages a toxic level of constant interaction through threat of losing everything if you don’t shield to protect resources, especially at later levels. The community, while there are some diamonds in the rough, is overpowered by toxicity, which ruins the games fun if you aren’t spending enough to be part of the upper echelons of the server..Version: 4.0.12

Not as advertisedI saw this advertised on Facebook and Instagram and it looked fun. They sure make it look entertaining and fun to play but it’s the opposite of that. Don’t waste your time..Version: 4.0.135

Do you want get ripped? Instal the game!I play this game long enough and I can tell you one thing, I am just shocked that some people spend here 100$/£ daily/weekly, some I spoken to spent even 5000$/£ or more just to progress in the game. I know there are people out there with deep pockets, but come on ... really? And what are you getting in return? Unstable game, glitches end even more and more attempts to milk your wallet dry? Is this happening on the weekly/daily basis, ohh no don’t be silly, the show must go on! Do you want to be best? Then you must splash the cash hourly! and I am not talking about small donations, I’m talking about thousands of $/£ per event. Trust me, spending 10k $ in one day or even one hour is very easy task for somebody willing to win a challenge. Honestly I cannot believe in this massive ripoff. I understand nothing comes free and the developer needs to rise money somehow, but this game is a robbery in white gloves. On the top of it the company is registered in the tax haven Virgin Islands which makes it even worse. Greed at its finest!!! I always thought, to win a game, any game, you need to show skills, devotion, commit to training and spend some time to get better. Not in this game! In this game the only thing that matters is your money, nothing else matters! Nothing!!! Very disappointing.....Version: 4.0.27

If I can give negative star I willAt first I really enjoy the game so I spent hundreds of dollars to buy perks in this games. I thought that this game about zombies and to kill zombies. I never thought that this games is for bullies to bully and ganking new players who just joined the game. I was level 10 when a level 36 player attacked my town and plundered me 10 times. This is when I was away. Then when I managed to collect resources again, level 114 attacked my town and razed to the ground. Now our guild has been razed non stop by old guild who are level above us every day and hours. Literally can’t play or do anything. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. Unless you like being bullied..Version: 4.0.8

Great game..butHave played the game for 3 weeks and it’s great, however after 3 weeks and money spent it won’t let me get past the loading screen it then tells me to contact support, which I click on and it takes me back to the loading screen, I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing happened. Can’t even start again. Money wasted. No way to contact support to help either..Version: 1.1.1

New pits settings are terribleGames is fun and addictive, but the new updated pits are the pits. You can’t harvest more than a couple of hours before getting attacked by bigger enemies. There are now about 10% of the fields available to mine and steal from and are never able to find a lower level pit. Where there was higher number of pits before, it gave lower might people the ability to get and even hold a pit through completion at various mining rates, but now the only option is to do the lowest and attack and then be attacked. This was the dumbest update I’ve seen and absolutely hate, hate hate their settings that make it so easy for bigger players to beat up on anyone smaller. There are no feasible options for beginners and this change was the worst. They need to bring back the old settings or they will likely lose players or prevent people from being able to grow. The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer, and the game developers keep getting more greedy making it harder to grow and play without having to pay. Shame, shame shame, as this game was super fun and addictive to play..Version: 4.0.92

Don’t bother with this gameI’ll start with why I ended up hating this game. Other players can attack your base as many times as they want. Players that have been playing long enough or early enough or paid enough to reach higher levels are allowed to attack weaker players repeatedly. At only level 16, I’ve had my forces assaulted by players at level 45 and higher multiple times, damaging the camp defenses badly and killing off my troops. It takes days to rebuild the fortress defenses. The final straw was when I got attack by some idiot at level 65. He attacked my forces, not once, not twice, but 12 times.. The clown wiped out all my troops and decimated my fortress so badly that it would take weeks or months for my encampment to recover. Moreover it would take weeks to rebuild enough troups before I could go outside the camp to fight zombies. My only solution was to delete the game. There are other problems with the game. After building enough troops, you an go into the surrounding countryside to fight zombies. While you can select the heroes, troop types & numbers, and which zombie to attack, the system then takes over and does all the fighting. BORING! One of the buildings is a Trap factory. While a player can select different traps to build, there is no mechanism to deploy the traps. What good are the traps? This game turned out to be a drag. DELETE!.Version: 4.0.120

MisleadingAnother game that is nothing like the add, they shouldn’t alow this fake advertising..Version: 4.0.135

Get your wallet readyIn order to progress after a certain level you need to spend spend and again spend real money. Yes building works fast initially to let you imagine it’s a faced paced game but then starts to slow down and that’s when your tempted to buy things to progress. On this basis the age rating needs to be higher as there are gambling slots in this game to win things too. My account also got hacked. I’ve asked for all my data to get removed to get no response. Reported to Apple with concerns..Version: 4.0.12

Fake Ratings, False Advertising, TrashAll these 1 and 2 line generic reviews are fake. Even the photos on app page are fake. This company spams ads on other games showing gameplay that isn't anywhere in their games. I decided to at least look at the game since I had already been tricked into downloading it. It's nothing but yet another "Stamina" game where there's nothing to do while you wait for Stamina regen 💤. Puzzles? Matching simple colored tiles isn't puzzling. The only thing puzzling is the fact they overwhelm players with too many events going on at one time. Mediocre event rewards are locked behind a payment. Don't forget about the unoriginal characters and enemies (Silent Hill, Marvel, Resident Evil, DC, etc.) 37games should be sued and ashamed of themselves. This trash shouldn't be in the App Store. Hands down the worst game I’ve had the unfortunate experience checking out. This is the perfect example of why App Store games aren’t taken seriously. Deleted..Version: 4.0.120

Addictive and great until you wake upI played this game for a year and was totally addicted, not missing any of the events, helping to run the alliance etc. I fell into the trap of spending money, it is impossible to progress far enough without spending. If you are not there to take it seriously then you could just join a lower level alliance and chat to people but you won’t be able to play the game to its full potential. The game is taken far too seriously, by me included in the past. It can easily take over your life and it has done for so many. Some spend thousands upon thousands of pounds. If I can give any advice, don’t start to play it. It is great game but you can’t progress without spending and there’s always someone better than you..Version: 4.0.61

Was enjoyingWas starting to enjoy the game but now I try to log in and this stupid 32 page pops up before the game start, the page is blank I try to click accept it does nothing I click decline and it kicks me out of the game please fix this problem.Version: 1.1.1

Fun game, but needs fixesI’ve been playing for a few weeks, currently level 7, and I have a decent amount of resources... or so I thought until a level 30 decided to attack my town 10 times within 30 minutes and take everything from me. Literally, I have no resources left and I had about 10 million food and close to the same in wood. This is completely unfair as I don’t have a lot of money to buy shields and I’m being attacked non stop by someone who is more than 20 levels above me. The puzzle games are fun, but seriously. If it was a one time thing, fine. So be it. But it’s multiple times the exact same person. It’s like playing clash of clans, being a town hall 4, and being attacked by a town hall 12 multiple times over and over until you have nothing left. My advice, if you don’t want your phone to blow up because you are being attacked over and over again or you don’t have a lot of money to rank up fast, stay away from the game. If this continues, I will be deleting the game tonight. Game creator, fix your game. Nobody wants this bs..Version: 4.0.8

Must Pay to ThriveLet me start by saying I liked the game when I started. It has a lot to do and the alliance feature is nice when you find the right one. Now, here is the issue, unless you are willing to pay (in large amounts) you could be on a server (state) that has someone who will. The one I am in has a player who has obviously spent tens of thousands of dollars. He is at least 4 times bigger than the next player and is unstoppable. The problem is, the game has no checks and balances. He can attack any player over and over and over again until everything they have and built up is gone. He will teleport his sanctuary into your alliance, attack anyone who does not have a shield on for days. He typically brings a couple others from his alliance. They will attack generally lower players relentlessly and if a higher player tries to help. He attacks them and with the money he spent, there is no stopping him or defending. Other games I have played had limits on size of player you could attack or a cool down period so if you have to work like most people, you are not designated when you get home. For normal people who need to sleep and work and don’t have thousands to spend, this is disheartening and no longer enjoyable. If you are looking for a game to relax and play, spend some money to help you grow and develop, THIS IS NOT IT..Version: 4.0.13

Inevitable waste of timeI’ve played this game for awhile now. A year maybe. I enjoyed it at first. Match 3 puzzle is fun but there were lots of other fun things to partake in to earn resources and other rewards. Hero duels were fun too. At first. It’s clear that money has to be spent to be mildly successful in this game. I know. I’ve made plenty of purchases to help me out. But what is the point? My headquarters is level 18 my commander level 30, my top heroes 226 down to 210. So why am I always matched against players with heroes 100+ above mine? And why do all their heroes get to attack one after another after every move while mine have to wait for jewel build up? Today was the final straw. A level 50 commander attacked my headquarters 21 times in a row. I put shields up as often as I can but you can’t earn those so easily and I don’t turn on notifications because I don’t want notified of stupid things like my troop is done training. If there were some way I could retaliate even though they’re higher level or if there was a limit to the number of attacks! 19 million food resources gone! 5 days for my troops to heal! It’s B. S. really. All the stupid researching, gear, chips, modules mean nothing. I just wish it were a more fair matchup system..Version: 4.0.55

Can’t open the appHeard great things about this game so i downloaded it and it keeps crashing.Version: 4.0.100

An hour of gameplayLiterally an entire hour of it telling you where to tap. An hour of it telling you to spend resources and speed ups you probably don’t even want to use literally non stop. Honestly i completely lost any interest in the story because i just want to PLAY, i actually want to experience the game, and an hour of tutorial didn’t even cover other stuff- you literally need to cover a whole CHAPTER to learn anything else. What is this resource? What are these boosts? How do i get them? What does this mean? How do i do this thing? I don’t know, but it’s telling me to use them. It’s so frustrating, i literally said out load “oh my god, just let me play the game”. I hate apps which tutorials FORCES you to spend materials i would love to save for later, and if you think the same way then this app isn’t for you. If you love sitting through an hour+ of the game constantly telling you what to do literally non stop, and spending resources you could save up for better choices. if you love them waving five star characters in your face by letting you use their abilities that insta kill bosses and then tell you “you need to pay for this”. If you love gathering resources without even knowing what they do because the tutorial literally covers everything except what you want to know, then you bet this app is for you. It’s been frustrating, confusing, irritating and all around a terrible experience right out the gate..Version: 4.0.12

Immigration changesI absolutely loved this game and spent quite a bit of money. Now that the immigration rules have changed regarding older players, I won’t be spending a cent more. You have not only destroyed the game play but have also destroyed team moral. It’s a war game not FarmVille.Version: 4.0.65

Nothing like the adsDon’t know why you can’t present the actual gameplay in your ads..Version: 1.1.1

Forced updates, change in rules to penialise players!I cannot believe they gave no notice to an update that has now split my alliance! We were in the middle of a state move. Flight tickets are very hard to get and are expensive to purchase. I had 2 flight tickets left to get yesterday, this morning I woke up to a forced update and now they want me to get 42 Flight tickets! 42! It’s £4.99 for 1 ticket! Then goes up in price if you want more, or you have to wait for a cooling down period before you can buy another 1 ticket for £4.99. I’m so upset by these changes. What’s the point in playing the game now that half my alliance is gone and the other half of us is stuck!.Version: 4.0.46

Not as advertised.I was attracted by the puzzle aspect of the game. However the game is diametrically different to the advertising clips. Thought I would give it a go to see if the advertised game play popped up somewhere. After a few days realized I had downloaded a game that I did not particularly want. But if you like base building it’s fine but I have already got them. I am a bit miffed by the misleading advert, but it’s free to download and free delete..Version: 1.1.1

New TermsI’ve been playing this for 3 months. You recently set up that we MUST agree to a set of terms and conditions before entering the game. I read them and in the country I reside in, you can’t legally take or obtain certain information you say you will. You may ask for them but not automatically take it whenever you see fit such as my date of birth, my gender, and my camera. It may be no different than say Facebook but games are a dime a dozen. I can find other games. P.S. What the new terms show is vastly different than what the terms say in the App Store..Version: 4.0.23

Okay gameI was enjoying playing till I noticed Amber Heard avatar. Horrible person! Game deleted!.Version: 4.0.12

Money hungryI gave this a 3 star. 1 star for some of the folks I met over the year + I played. 1 star for the content, events and the fact there is always something to do. And 1 star as an overall. I subtracted 2 stars because of the ways they get you to buy. It’s quite ingenious really lol. I made it to HQ31 with t10’s. Millions of them. I spent waaaay more money on this game than I care to admit. And for what, nothing. It’s a game of constantly being on and checking in. But in order to advance you have to be in a “FarmVille” type state and under NAP (no aggression pact). To me that get boring but if you are in a state that there is war, you get creamed by people with billions of might. If you think you are strong at 300, 400 or even 800 million, hulk over there would like to show you how weak you are. If you have 1000’s of dollars laying around for a game, this is the game for you! Seriously. If you have a job, home, kids and/or animals, just skip this one..Version: 4.0.126

Nothing like AdNothing like in advertisement..Version: 4.0.134

Nothing like the ad you watchThere are some simple puzzles to solve but this game is more like a far more cancerous clash of clans. Mine/find resources, attack random zombies to get other resources. Build your base, keep up the same boring, crap. But why this gets 1 star is the other players toxicity. You start as a weak sanctuary. Immediately after you reach level 5 ish more powerful players begin to attack you, destroy your base, and steal your stuff. It costs huge resources to repair yourself forcing you to spend real money if you want to repair yourself in a reasonable amount of time. Then after you join an alliance to help you grow the attacks intensify. The strongest alliances in your state randomly attack the weaker alliances at will. If you don’t have a defense shield up 24/7 you will be attacked and ravaged by stronger players. Each state’s governor is supposed to discourage the attack of weaker players but those doing the attacking belong to the governors alliance; so he does nothing. This game is just an infuriating, cancerous money grab. Avoid it at all costs..Version: 4.0.65

No point now…The devs changed the immigration rules for their own greed - this will NOT stop players migrating to newer servers, but rather, it will cause the big spenders to spend more. Some teams were already part way through immigration, but half their team is stuck in their old state because they can’t afford x60 tickets instead of x15. For me, the time & work I have been putting into a route for me & my friends to escape our current crappy state is wasted - Devs, you have ruined the game for us! Please make the new rules start from the next state, and don’t backdate it…it’s the only fair way for everyone..Version: 4.0.46

As you would expectAs with all of these games you pay to win. As someone who does not play well with others and has no desire to spend my wages on the desperate need to build quicker or have the best of the best, needless to say I just enjoy at my own pace. If you’re happy to take out a second mortgage for the sake of some better characters in a game then more fool you..Version: 4.0.134

The good and the badThe developers are obviously greedy demons. And, the customer service stinks. The game is okay. A bit tedious but a few of the events are fun. The best part of the game is the social aspect. The worst is that players spend enough to buy a stinking house and of course that gives them the run of the playing field. So, if your super rich and wanna beat up on little folks this is the game for you.Version: 4.0.23

Broken trashGame crashes every 5-15 seconds for the amount they advertise they sure missed the mark don’t waste your time.Version: 4.0.69

Need changesI understand the app is to make money from…but it has gotten ridiculous. You only reward the players who spent a lot of money. The pit since update stinks. Only the people who have spent a lot of money can farm there. In Nuka you have players with level 23 hq but over 1 million plus might not fair to players who are at same hq level or lower with much less might (just because we don’t spend as much). Nuka needs revamped. Should be based off might and even gear factory (gear, module, chips, etc..) not just hq. arena is another area that needs to be revamped. Can never win, everyone might is 13,000 plus. Again another area where you should encounter equal might but don’t.Right now the only thing that keeps me playing is my alliance and I am not alone in this. You make everything so hard to get resources and long to upgrade unless you spend money. Not sure how much longer I will play..Version: 4.0.92

GarbageNothing like the preview on tik tok at all hate this wasted time.Version: 4.0.135

Devs seem to hate their own playersEven the screenshots are not really what’s in the game. I played for about a year and a half. It’s started as a decent game, and there are plenty of nice people to meet. But the updates just feel so hostile to players. If you are free-to-play, you stand no chance. I played this way, and was able to do fairly well by optimizing everything around events, saving up for the best rewards. This game used to reward patience & planning. There will always be whales who just buy their wins in these games, and that was okay…I don’t care about being on top. But now, events regularly get replaced by “special holiday events”…they’re just reskins of the regular events, except the items you have to save up get replaced by holiday-specific items. This means you can no longer save these items up for better rewards…you have to pay money to finish the event. And of course, there’s a made-up holiday every month. The biggest problem with this, is that they’ve killed any sense of long-term goals…there’s really no point in playing anymore..Version: 4.0.97

ZeroWould have given it a zero if it was in options. Nothing like it was in advertisements. Its ridiculous how Apple is allowing scams like these on app stores..Version: 4.0.133

Payment details compromisedTo whom ever reads this please treat it as a matter of caution and also information. This app security in my opinion has been compromised since there been fraudulent and suspicious transactions been charged to my credit card. It’s minimal charges but been occurring. I’ve set the payment to only approved with my finger print. But since the payment approved and invoice sent to my email 3 times, without my prior knowledge. I know something is wrong. Checked in the app for purchase records section does not show any purchases been made. So now I am either duped on your app to pay something I should not or someone is using your platform to gain access to credit card information of players. Whoever is playing this currently please check their purchase history and if there is any suspicious payment and make a report..Version: 4.0.33

False advertisingNothing like the adds.Version: 4.0.13

Decent game but expensiveI love the game play with building the base and upgrading hero’s. My favorite is valiant war were you get to fight other alliances and you don’t lose your troops. The bad part is they charge for everything and to get high level bases it cost a lot of money, very greedy designers and I have seen this before in mobile strike when the developers ruined the game. The puzzles are horrible! It’s all random crap so you can have much better hero’s and still lose. They also rip you off because you can get a different chip for your commander in arena but you have to get into the top 1000 to be able to get these chips, completely un fair to low level players. The game would be a lot more fun without the bogus puzzles events that’s why I rated it a 3. It’s 5 star for base building, hero’s and troop battle and 1 star for crap puzzle events. Don’t bother playing if you do not want to spend money and I am hopeful that the designers stop being so greedy!!!.Version: 4.0.92

Great game but crashes all the timeThis is one of the best games out there, plenty to do and you can play for ages. It’s cheap in the beginning but once you get higher lvls 20 hq ... you need to start digging deep into your pockets to hit 30plus HQ . So not a cheap game. I dig deep in my pocket but I get really annoyed about the latency etc. I play on an apple iPad, sometimes I can crash every 5 mins. So don’t play on an apple device....mas they had more and more states every day , this seems to get worse. No other app causes me too crash. So don’t play if you are poor or hate getting interrupted during play time..Version: 4.0.14

Game has gone from moderately unfair to terribleThis game is fun but you have to expect that the chances of crafting / chance stuff is less than what they say. It used to be 5 to 10 points on average less than they say but last half year they don’t even try to pretend any more. It is impossible any more to get any good stuff without spending big bucks. I used to get Apex nano about once every 6 months crafting all the time which was not terribly off from supposed percent but now only get rare or epic about that often without rare designs. It seems like they’ve nuked the game unless you spend big money. It’s gone from lying and moderate deceit to borderline fraud. If I hadn’t spent so much on this game and friends I’ve made I would quit and find another game. I’ll probably just slow up on the game and quit spending for a while since every time I try to get a little something from spending they just stick it to you..Version: 4.0.135

Was an avid fan of this game played everydayNow I cannot log in keeps saying contacting server and it fails every time for the past eight days really disappointed I invested quite a bit of money into this game and time as well and was looking forward to more time spent playing this game and I’m sad it no longer works even after uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times.Version: 4.0.69

A mediocre game with a mediocre support teamDon’t spend money in this game support team might take away your account This game is like every other in its category except for the fact that there’s the match 3 mechanic which just adds more paywalls to the game you need “Combat Manuals” From 1 to 6 to get your heroes upgrade to get these you need to play the campaign which is just Candy Crush but with zombies, and don’t get me started on the store one of my alliance members spends a ton of money in this game only to have his account taken away from him by the games developers because he contact them for not receiving an item he bought, My alliance is in war with another alliance and the alliance is reporting our strong members just so they cannot play due to this marvelous games support team I have no idea how this game is supposed to be played if you run the risk of losing an account because the support team was feeling cute and took away your account, I’d give it 0 stars if possible don’t recommend.Version: 4.0.93

Don’t play unless you can spend a ton of moneyI thought the game was fun at first but then when you upgrade your HQ to ten, you face a never ending onslaught of attacks. Super high levels can move their base right next to your alliance and wipe out your whole alliance easily. Over and over. When this happens they take almost all your resources, and they kill all of your troops, every single one of them! You can’t even play the game without your troops for several days while they heal. So two days later you get your troops back. Then bang! You get razed again by a level 30. It’s a never ending in cycle of getting smashed and waiting for them to heal then getting decimated again. This game developer should make it so such an awful mismatched higher level can’t constantly destroy your base and take all your resources and kill all your troops. It literally takes all the fun out of it. Even if you pay money, that just helps heal your troops faster for the high level to come kill you again as soon as your healed. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNTIL THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIGH LEVELS CONSTANTLY DECIMATING LOW LEVEL PLAYERS BASES. Unless your rich and don’t mind getting destroyed over and over and over..Version: 4.0.92

Give it a miss, expensive!This game is extremely weighted towards players who pay a lot of money. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money, £1000 plus, then give it a miss. As each update comes along it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve anything in the game unless you spend money. Tasks and events that you may have been able to handle will become impossible after updating. If you don’t spend serious money you will get nothing out of the game. Glitches and bugs don’t get fixed after updating only the cost of playing increases. This game should be avoided unless you like throwing money away!.Version: 4.0.129

MisleadingAbsolutely nothing to do with the advertised game!! So disappointing.Version: 4.0.133

A good game, but not for the majorityI’ve played the game for a couple of months now and think I have a good grasp on the dynamics. In theory, the concept of the game is great. As a new player, you arrive in a new state together with other new players. You have to build a base and various other things and whilst it’s all really confusing initially, that’s also interesting. But, what you don’t realise is that a lot of the players aren’t actually new, but second accounts from experienced players (which the game not only allows, but encourage). And this is where your lack of experience vs other players become a real problem. Since the game allows players to attack each other, you’ll constantly find your growth hampered by more experienced players unless you either spend vast sums or join another alliance of experienced players. You won’t make it otherwise. Even if you do one of those two things, be warned: the game is dog eat dog and full of people who enjoy bullying the small guys. It’s not a nice and pleasant environment. Some will enjoy that, but many won’t and it takes time to realise the game’s true nature so think carefully before you download and invest time and money. If you like survival of the fittest games and are willing to spend a larger amount of time and money on a daily basis, you’ll love it. If you don’t have time and money and still want to play, prepare for heartache..Version: 4.0.44

Another copy paste gameAnother copy paste city builder that wants you to pay money so that you can succeed. Waste of time..Version: 4.0.135

OK but could be better!This is an ok game but the ratings just don’t reflect the game very well. It can appear initially to have a steep learning curve, but once mastered it gets a little boring. You can end up spending more time building your account than actually fighting…isn’t this a war game?! It’s options are very limited when compared to Final Fantasy for example. You cannot send any gifts to your friends other than resources, and even then, only within the same alliance. There is also no option in the settings menu to log in and out of multiple accounts like in most other games! Should you want farm accounts supporting your main account with resources to grow you may find achieving this a little challenging as they really need to be in the same alliance. The main options only allow for one account in each State, there are ways around this, but it’s a pain to do! One last thing, you are encouraged to bind your accounts to google, twitter, or facebook, but be warned, if you do that there is no obvious way to unbind them later!.Version: 4.0.63

Mediocre at bestThe game doesn’t do what a lot of games of this type does while also promoting fake ads. It’s a terrible combination that’s plaguing mobile games. This game isn’t worth your time nor your money. I have absolutely no idea how the rating is so high for a game that demands a lot of time for barely anything in return. I like it when games make you feel like you’re making progress with your heroes/characters but this game’s RNG isn’t RNG in the beginning, it’s all scripted and that makes it worse. Why ask players to pay for heroes if you’re being stingy with the low level heroes? On top of that, their abilities usually stink or is barely useful as you progress. I also don’t appreciate that this game has a paywall while also being stingy with LOW level heroes. If you’re looking for a game to build a strong team, stay away from this garbage. It promotes fake ads, it sells s3x in order to attract players, its stingy with lowest tier heroes. Not even the base building aspect of it can redeem it. It’s all bad..Version: 4.0.62

RubbishWhat a load of rubbish I downloaded this game because I saw it as a puzzle and I wanted to play. I was enjoying the game I created an alliance and everything then because there’s some family thing I couldn’t go online for a couple of days. Next I know someone took over my alliance. so I created another alliance, and guess what the alliance was disbanded. I just want to play the game at my own pace I don’t want no one telling me I need to be online every day I need to do this I need to do that I just wanted to enjoy the game..Version: 4.0.90

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