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Build Master: Bridge Race Negative Reviews

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Build Master: Bridge Race App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Build Master: Bridge Race app received 171 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Build Master: Bridge Race? Can you share your negative thoughts about build master: bridge race?

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Build Master: Bridge Race for Negative User Reviews

Not a bridge building gameI downloaded this app because I thought it was a bridge building game. That is just a small element to it. You basically have to build and level up your world to fight battles eventually to play the bridge building part. It’s very addictive and you have to click a lot. A bit like a idle game where you have to keep progressing your empire. The developer tries to get you to spend real money to progress more quickly. I suspect this will mean I delete the game soon because it takes too much time to progress without spending real money..Version: 1.250.529

FALSE ADVERTISINGWhy do so many games feel the need to a) lie about the gameplay in ads and b) have some form of battle aspect or puzzle aspect.. WE WANT TO BUILD WHY DO WE NEED TO BATTLE PEOPLE. It’s crazy because the ads always show exactly what the user wants to play, so it’s not like the developers don’t know what people want to see. Why can’t you guys just build a game we want to actually play?? You clearly already know what we want to see. STOP OVERCOMPLICATING THESE GAMES..Version: 1.250.526

RU kidding??Trash game, trash ads. WHY do you constantly advertise a game that DOES NOT exist? I quit this game already but notice the update and false advertising. This is nothing new. They’ve never advertised their actual game… which is full of toxic psychopaths and developers who continue to ruin the gameplay. Trust me. There are WAY better games. Don’t waste hours or months of your time or money on this. You’ll find out soon enough that it’s not worth it. I quit and have not missed it for a second..Version: 1.250.517

HerosAfter the game updated, all my heros went back to 1 star after I've spent money to upgrade them. If this is going to keep happening then there's no reason to keep playing the game and spending money. Now I have to rebuild each hero. That's not right. Heros should be able to keep their rank. I get you have to make money but at the same time we shouldn't have to keep building our gross after each update. You can make money in other ways..Version: 1.250.528

I wanna give it a five!So I usually don’t pay to play games or anything… but the one time I do and it looks like a great offer it won’t let me buy it and everytime I click on it it freezes me game! I love it! Not!!! So time I don’t even mean to click on it and then boom my games frozen! They really need to fix this! Honestly would I still like to get the offer sure maybe if they fix there game! Because like I said before this once wasn’t bad! Can’t say for the rest tho! Most buying options are straight up garbage/scams!.Version: 1.250.528

False advertisingCompletely NOT the game advertised. Blatant character ripoffs of Mario and the Minions (even named a character Gru!). Animations and artwork are very nice, but it’s basically FarmVille. Glad I didn’t pay for this. Deleting..Version: 1.250.231

GAME CRASHESThe game crashes and even when you uninstall it goes back to the same screen it crashed on Such a shame because the game is quite good.Version: 1.250.533

Weird story attached to itThe actual puzzle part of the game is a small portion. It’s mainly just a weird city builder game set on mars and every now and again you’re allowed to access the puzzle part.Version: 1.250.517

The game was fun. Not now!!This game was fun to play at one point, but the developers keep making changes. They are only interested in top players who spend thousands of dollars. Do NOT download. It is a waste of your time in its current state. All your hard work will go away when they make a change. I beg you. Do not spend money on this game. I made the mistake. If you plan to spend money then make sure you spend $3,000 dollars to even stand a chance playing the game. The power gap between an average player and the top is absolutely absurd..Version: 1.250.230

Bait and Mostly just AnnoyingThe ads look fun to play, but when you actually get into the real game it’s just gibberish and some levels don’t even let you build your own bridge. It will force you to put the part where it is. There is also too many ads. This game should probably stop giving out ads and stick with none..Version: 1.250.528

Doesn’t loadGame doesn’t load, and just as well really, after having read the reviews , it’s not bridge building like that advert makes you think, so I would probably have deleted it straight away anyway !.Version: 1.250.537

NOT A BRIDGE BUILDING GAME!!The advertising is VERY MISLEADING!!! I downloaded this game because I thought it was a bridge building game. A puzzle / brain training game. It’s not a bridge building game. It’s. City build kind of game and as far as they go it’s a rubbish one!! Bridge building is just a rare mini game by the looks of things. Deleting now! Why not build a bridge building game like your advert??? Maybe I’ll look into it.Version: 1.250.541

Potential to be fun, but sadly bullying is rifeThe game has the potential to be fun. However, it is hugely unfair. Players who spend vast amounts of money upgrade to more and more powerful armies (which I get), but then in competitions between alliances all these players get the rewards, when the lower ranking players have no chance of competing. Also if you do decide to purchase certain packs, the price of them is then doubled or tripled if you want to purchase again. Most of the packs are not even that good value for money. They don’t do much compared to the progress they help you make. Another aspect that takes the fun out the game, again involves the players who spend hundreds of £££’s, they then use their strength to actually bully other players. They can be abusive, make demands, and if you don’t comply or answer back and stand your ground, they simply destroy our base, or threaten to destroy others in your alliance. The fun runs out pretty quick.Version: 1.250.530

Bridge building is nothing as advertisedAs you progress further and further through the game the bridge building becomes less part of the game and instead just gets replaced with more and more battles instead. The bridge builds you do look NOTHING like the video adverts, they’re more basic and you just drag parts to build a bridge from a select amount of parts. If this is what you’re here for don't bother installing. If you’re interested in building an alliance on Mars, ranking up you’re team, building a small city and battling other users then go ahead and install..Version: 1.250.539

Click baitNothing remotely similar to the ads they push. Fake as f$&@ Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.250.531

RubbishSaw advertised as a construction game .. downloaded and was nothing that was advertised .. You are forced to follow a story, forced to watch adverts and just not that fun when you aren’t free to play how you wish .. no idea what Apple are doing when ads are meant to be checked or do they revenue too much cash ….Version: 1.250.222

Vaincre morganIl n’y a rien à faire .. le radar ne trouve pas morgan je suis pris et je ne peux plus avancer ...Version: 1.250.526

Deleted after 15 minutesThis looked like a cool physics-based bridge building puzzle game, but it turned out to be yet another stupid resource-building/grinding thing. BORING! To be fair, I did get to build a few bridges, but this introduced some crap conflict, territory defence rubbish. I would politely suggest you don’t waste your time..Version: 1.250.541

MisleadingGot it to build bridges and ended up mindlessly pressing buttons..Version: 1.250.231

Not even close to the adHate when they do this give us the game the ad has screw all the click bait download trolling.Version: 1.250.539

FraudeCe jeu decide tout bêtement de remettre à zero les héros pour lequel nous utilisons des pack acheté en ligne pour les améliorés. Ils redonnes seulement les posters qui nous permets de conserver les héros mais tous les investissement fait pour les pieced’or ou amethyst pour acheter les items necessaires sont perdus aucun remboursement des investissement de notre argent fait..Version: 1.250.223

Not what it seemsThis game is advertised as bridge building buts it’s some word fun timewasting ‘adventure’ style game. You spend more time going through a stupid story with stupid characters that the bridge building occurs with such infrequency as to be a novelty. This is a terrible game and I deleted within 10’mintures.Version: 1.250.525

The game was nothing like the adIf game ads could Catfish..Version: 1.250.231

No customer service!After making a purchase for a legendary character that I did not receive I asked apple for a refund, apple made the refund but the developer blocked my account and could not get in touch with customer service! So I lost the purchase I put in these games before asking for a refund!.Version: 1.250.512

To much going on.I thought this was just a simple game from the in game ads, but it has a storyline. The concept is good, but there is too much going on with upgrading and limited direction to what to do next to advance. After the first couple of levels you’re tasked to disarm several bombs in about 2 to 3 hours so you’re forced to keep playing. I deleted at level 20 with 3 more bombs to disarm and no idea how many more levels I’d have to do to get the codes. Probably would have played longer if it wasn’t for the timer..Version: 1.250.526

Always one alliance that ruins the gameThought this would be a fun game, got into it joined the strongest alliance and was doing well for a couple weeks. That was until 2 people spents thousands of dollars to become the strongest and just go around the whole server and troll and ruin it for all others. 10/10 do not recommend this to anyone looking for a fun bridge building game. In a month of playing i maybe built 30 bridges the rest is pay to win or even be competitive..Version: 1.250.530

Half fakeYou gotta do multiple things to get to the actual building part. Game is dumb. Nothing like the ad. 1 stars because you can kinda do whatever the ad shows, but it takes time and it’s annoying, otherwise, i would have given 0 stars if it was possible..Version: 1.250.538

Nothing like addsTerrible game play..Version: 1.250.541

PointlessIt starts off with forced tutorial like ever game except this one drags on and on…followed by a period of time with many fun but repetitive events. Then you start seeing the rankings and realize quickly that if you don’t have deep pockets (and I say this with no hate toward the Asian community) you will be farmed and for some reason the Asians in my experience like to use lots of money become number 1 and then go around and attack everyone everyday and the only time you have any piece is when you have a shield on which you have to use alliance contribution to purchase or 600 amethysts. This server has been out a little over 2-3 weeks and the discrepancy is huge..Version: 1.250.229

SCAM ALERTThis is NOT about building bridges. YOU play as this were a build a city simulator but in mars. You don’t make bridges or anything that this games advertises. This is an illegal practice for this game company that introduces fake advertising and drags the consumer like us to believe this is a game about building bridges such as the in store app pictures includes. Such disappointment and I hope eventually in the future there is a game better then this that offers us exactly what is advertised..Version: 1.250.522

Waste of timeAs usual advert makes it look fun where you just build bridges, but then it keeps taking you to a weird town where the main characters all look different and are a rip off of a mixture of illumination and Pixar characters 😂.Version: 1.250.519

No goodTo be honest you could of made a option to buy data chips cause now I’m stuck and I cannot do anything unless I expand my city it’s very stupid wouldn’t recommend.Version: 1.250.526

Stay away from this gameThe game can be very addicting and enjoyable; however, you quickly learn that it is a massive money grab. In order to be even halfway decent at it, you have to spend A LOT of money. On top of that, the game falsely advertises what you purchase since they reset many of the things you pay into back to zero which means you effectively paid for nothing and lose your money entirely. Google play and Apple need to step in and shut this game down. They’re essentially stealing from people..Version: 1.250.519

StupidThis is not what’s shown on the ad.Version: 1.250.518

Leveled downAfter all the effort into leveling up the characters, they were all knocked down to level 1 and all the effort is gone. Yet the invading pirate difficulty remained where it was! Absolutely garbage.Version: 1.250.527

Idk what this isAll I wanted to do was build bridges but in this game I ended up, building a city for a fake Mario, training fighters, and then fighting pirates. It’s genuinely shocking how confusing and far fetched this game is. I don’t understand why the devs thought what they were doing was a good idea this game misses every mark ever. Immediate delete. My advice is to save the time and creativity. Just build the simple game you advertised. It’ll save you effort and make you money. 0/5 don’t waste your time..Version: 1.250.526

FalseNothing like adds , don’t waste your time. Stupid game.Version: 1.250.222

BadIts even worse then getting tortured by my parents.Version: 1.250.526

Only a small part is bridge buildingWhy do all these games trick people into downloading them thinking it is one thing when it is obviously just a 'normal' world / empire building war type game, boring.... and only reason you dont get zero stars is it won't let me pick that as an option . 0 / 5.Version: 1.250.544

Language and false advertisingDownloaded because I seen many times it was advertised as a traffic car game and I like repetitive games. However it turned into a long story where you have to click through everything, makes you lose interest and then they throw in swear words. Boring game wouldn’t bother, if it had another word in you might as well make It a boom there’s that much writing to get through before you have to cut down a tree 🥱.Version: 1.250.221

I hope you don’t like building bridges.I thought this would be a physics-based, bridge-building game. I thought wrong..Version: 1.250.526

Total waste of timeAlmost impossible to turn off. Extremely juvenile almost to the point of being insulting to one’s intelligence. Finally deleted after 10 minutes. Total waste of time. Graphics and storyline incredibly bad..Version: 1.250.528

DisappointedNothing is quicker to be a bigger disappointment than playing something that seems like a fun resource collecting game than to find out it’s actually one of those “play all the time and give us money to protect your settlement and launch attacks or you’ll lose resources bc of other players attacking your settlement” games.Version: 1.250.203

Not recommended for under 16Frequent swearing and non-friendly conversations in world chat. Stronger players show no respect and practice bullying behaviours all the time. Not recommended for under 16 years old. Not for relaxing purposes..Version: 1.250.549

Not as advertisedPreview showed a bridge building game. Downloaded to play that. Played for 30 minutes, never saw a bridge to interact with. There’s a knockoff Mario and he can apparently survive on Mars without a spacesuit before the bubble is built over the colony. His boss seems to be straight out of her telemarketing day job. Pretty good cutscenes for a free game, but as I said in the description, not as advertised. Gameplay is pretty decent, so I gave it 3 stars..Version: 1.250.231

Fake advertisementFake game.Version: 1.250.526

Don’t waste your timeLoud repetitive music and game is so poorly constructed that they have to guide you through every step. Not the fun skill based building game it looked like in the advertisement.Version: 1.250.526

LiesI knew it was a lie but wanted to give it a shot anyway. Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.250.531

Non-stop problemsNormally I don’t write reviews, however I am loving this game except for the huge glitch where I’ve not been able to get any passcodes to detonate any of the bombs at trade centre. I am currently stuck unable to upgrade anymore due to this glitch!.Version: 1.250.528

Fake AdsIt’s not the game advertised!.Version: 1.250.535

Nothing like the adsThe game is COMPLETELY different to the ads. It’s not even called the same thing when you open the game. What’s the point of this.. terrible marketing. Most people will delete the app when they realise it’s not what was advertised. Silly..Version: 1.250.522

UPDATED: fun, becomes annoying. okay and glitchesI saw an ad for a game where you were able to build bridges for trucks to go across. It reminded me of a game that I played as a kid, so I was intrigued and downloaded it. This game is very different from that, so the advertisement was deceiving. That is just a mini game within the game, and it’s far and few between with the levels. This game becomes very confusing very quickly. There are so many different components and parts to it that I only play a fraction of what is offered. It’s a fun game despite the deceiving ad. The game also glitches often. It lags, quits itself and makes my phone overheat at times. UPDATE: probably deleting this game. There are teams on here that bully smaller game players for fun which makes game play annoying. If you’re not looking to fight wars and attack others, beware you’ll be targeted if your team members attack someone else. I’ve lost so many resources as a bystander because of issues other players started. There’s also no way to report players for inappropriate playing or bullying that I’ve been able to find so the game is a free for all. I’m on here to enjoy majority of the other features. Most teams also delete you if you don’t play everyday so you end up alone often if you don’t keep up daily..Version: 1.250.526

New update awfulNew update is complete trash, been playing for a long time and they launched an update today, changing the whole game and basically starting you back at square 1. Awful decision..Version: 1.250.218

False advertisingNothing like the ad advertised.Version: 1.250.522

Chat Malfunction in the game for alliance strategiesOur members have been dealing with chat section malfunction. Upon attempting to send messages, they have observed that although the letters appear in the white rectangular box as intended, clicking on the send button does not initiate the message transmission. This has hindered our ability to communicate within the game and is significantly impacting overall user experience. We have sent emails to the customers service but no reply back. l hope this issue will resolve quickly otherwise the game has no value if you can not communicate with the alliance members. lf you can resolve the issue we will update our review. Thanks.Version: 1.250.530

Not really the game you think it isI was hoping to play a fun little physics game about building bridges. That’s all. It was what was advertised after all. But no. Bridge building is a small part of the game. But it’s a base building simulator, for some reason. You spend more time in a tutorial clicking things to make buildings happen on a base on Mars and not enough time playing a simple, fun, physics-based bridge building game.Version: 1.250.521

Email bindHi, Can someone contact me about my account urgently. I logged into another account and for some reason can’t log into my original even though it was binded to my email address. Thankyou.Version: 1.250.536

Super slow!Lost interest after 4 seconds of slow gameplay and 10 minutes of talking characters and loading screens. Terrible.Version: 1.250.551

So boringWorst beige building game ever.Version: 1.250.523

Waste of timeIt’s a cheap version of Mario as main character, FarmVille-ish full of advertisements game. Turn arround and don’t download this game..Version: 1.250.224

NoNothing like the adds or pictures. Only good thing is characters have voices instead of reading.Version: 1.250.231

Down badThe moment I downloaded this game I could tell this wasn’t a bridge building game if you want the game for this reason your getting scammed. Its just a typical cash grab.Version: 1.250.529

Build MasterGame sucks. After level 1 it’s been stuck and can’t move forward.Version: 1.250.518

Issues in gameWe have some major bugs. The metal cow icon keeps sticking on a single tab. We can’t access Marscraft to claim exp. No one ever answers on game help. This needs to be fixed as quickly as possible and affected players need to be compensated..Version: 1.250.546

No attention to detailThe whole game was built under a the influence of politic, when did hongkong and Taiwan became a country? Stupid developer just got back fired..Version: 1.250.509

Still buggy - still pay to play - still not about bridge buildingGame is 1% about bridge building (probably less than that!) There are a few tasks that stop very quickly for that. Rest of the game is a build an army to fight others, but you have to pay for everything otherwise just accept you will just spend your time being attacked On top of this game is full of bugs. Have to force close repeatedly. Things not loading (no matter what connection, even if on 1TB work connection, or home Wi-Fi, or 5G) so it’s not connection based. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.250.522

ScamNothing like the images advertised. Literally a children’s game, a 3 year olds game at that..Version: 1.250.530

App needs fixingA couple of days ago I downloaded this app and the first day was amazing! Everything about it caught my eye and I had so much fun with the story and the characters. Yesterday afternoon I tried to get on and everything was lagging. I would move the joystick up and to the left and my character would turn in that direction but not go anywhere. It was like the character was doing the running man. Went into the in app chat to ask if other players were having the same issue and at least four different countries were dealing with this. This slows everything down. It’s super frustrating not being a let to play a game that lags and glitches but offers you in app purchases. Why would I spend any money that I work so hard to get on an app that lags and glitches? App needs a serious update !.Version: 1.250.522

I spent so much time playing and loved it but I’m really annoyed now!!So I spent so much time playing and levelling up my heroes, buildings, troups (with actual money as well!!!) and they have reset everything down to level 1 again. What is the point of spending time and money if you are going to erase all that just because??? I don’t like this new game play, and it feels like just another way to get people to spend more and more money. Greed sinks many things guys, just a heads up. It’s likely you’d make more money by maintaining a game that people like than changing it with money in mind where people will just move on especially if you reset the levels! What did I spend the last however many months and money for???.Version: 1.250.520

No supportSupport is non existent in this game, there is people being racist, homophobic, sexist, just downright rude? Oh well get on with it. There’s an issue with the game? Oh well just get on with it. There’s a problem where you can’t spend money. I must fix this straight away. You see the problem, when you value money over the people spending the money you get a game which is fairly unsavoury to play. We have had an issue that has been going on for days, that is affecting multiple planets no fix in sight, no notice to say you are aware of the issue and why is this? Because there is no support in the game. I have spent a lot of money on this game, more than I care to admit, but hey it’s my money to do as I please, I would just expect a little respect for all of us who play and put our time and effort into this. Because without the many players on this app you wouldn’t have an app as popular, so let’s get your finger pulled out and get the game put right. Put a support button in to safeguard the game, we have an alliance on our planet who promote r**e of woman, this is wrong, put a support button in place to help us get issues to the developers quicker. People will stopped spending and move on to somewhere else if they can’t play this game, that is a fact..Version: 1.250.546

Terrible PlatformDeveloper is manufacturing false five-star reviews. This game is highly unbalanced and they don’t care, just a money grab. Im sure this rating, like many others, will be taken down as they can’t stand to be called out for their terrible developing. They take your hero exp and they reduce them to zero, every single season. Cater to the rich and their customer service is non existent. They have done zero to help the players, like before, just a money grab. The false five-star reviews started popping up when I told them I was going to rate them one star. Sad really, check out the reviews folks and look at how blatantly obvious the five-star reviews are. Stick with clash of clans, they actually balance the game and don’t allow one person to crush a whole clan. Also, you can upgraded things for a whopping one percent increase and then the buildings look the same from level one to 100. Pathetic developing and pathetic customer service.Version: 1.250.515

Doesn’t Do Anything.I downloaded the game, loaded the game, it didn’t do anything apart from tell me to repair the road there was nothing to tap to repair the road, there is nothing on the screen other than settings, goals, and a world logo that you cannot use yet. I have tried looking at every way of starting the game, I have even removed and re downloaded and still exactly the same. No way of contacting anyone for help or anything either. Waste of time..Version: 1.250.513

Billing problemsThe game charged me twice for purchases and then I got a refund on the second charge only to have the game give me negative resources, despite still getting paid on the initial transaction. Now I can’t do anything with my account from an upgrade standpoint. Be careful. They fraudulently charge you for purchases and then take it out on you when you catch the illegal activity and lock your account from growth by putting you in the negative by such a margin you can’t get out of it from normal game play. And the customer service button just doesn’t work and there’s no way to talk to anyone in customer service about the issues. At least Apple got me my money back on the incorrectly charged purchases..Version: 1.250.534

Nothing like the adsThis game has two main problems. First, the gameplay is nothing like the ads suggest. While the gameplay is interesting, this leads to the second problem. The second problem is that the game pushes in app purchases pretty hard. While I understand, the developer needs to make money from the game, not only does it have ads everywhere, but it also pushes the in app purchases, which I refuse to do. If the game were more balanced, and it looked like the ads suggested, I might be amenable to paying for no ads or something like that. However, because of the above two problems, I was unwilling to spend any money on the game, and eventually uninstalled it..Version: 1.250.223

Nothing like adThat is the shortest I’ve ever had an app installed for - 2 minutes..Version: 1.250.538

Way too much dialog, horizontal onlyClicked on the ad because it looked like a fun non-commit sort of game to just blow off some steam solving puzzles. But there’s all this dialog of things that absolutely kills the mood of why I clicked download in the first place standing in the way. IMO remove all the storyline and go straight to the puzzle solving, and allow the game to be played in vertical mode, it’s not ideal to hold my phone horizontally unless I’m in some sort of a racing game..Version: 1.250.528

Not really building muchToo much talking, it’s not like the ads. You barley get to build a bridge, you just put a plank down and done like, what?.Version: 1.250.550

ScamFirst off the game isn’t what’s in the screenshots at all (this is more of like a kings of Avalon game style), second you buy hero’s as to make you able to attack and withstand attacks (some of my alliance members spent hundreds of dollars) and the dev team changed the hero’s attributes to make them basically useless as well as stripped players of items due to a glitch they caused (some people bought these items with real money, and they stripped them of these items and gave them in game currency). I wondered why I am in planet 13 and only a few planets below mine but now I understand because they have to combine planets due to players leaving. I highly do NOT recommend this as it truly is a scam..Version: 1.250.225

Connect errorI can’t start new game or play that game.Version: 1.250.551

Could be funCould be fun but then your stop from all these other wannabe “story play” its annoying and it sucks. Just let it be a simple puzzle game damn it! You’re ruining your own game with all these flafla’s. i got fed up of just clicking… so much clicking to get to the next bridge. Jeeeeez.Version: 1.250.530

To much pay to playI like the game but I don’t see it lasting to much longer alliances are having to drop people every couple days cause players just quit getting on very bad glitches translation doesn’t work no way to report bad players who Harass you everything cost to much, chats are bad ect I would love to keep playing but I can’t travel planets & start over unless I create a whole new profile and on planet 82 my alliance is already 8 on power & kills so I would hate to start over if I would I I would quit playing because it’s just not worth starting over plus this game has ALOT OF FAKE LYING BACKSTABBERS edit to add it doesn’t even have that many bridge puzzles in it which is why I signed up I hate the war part of it im in 267 & barley get to do bridges now :(.Version: 1.250.526

Don’t waste your time!The game is built to get you hooked by proving easy growth early on and allowing you to feel that your winning but then you hit a wall and the collection of resources and potential to earn decreases rapidly, forcing you to spend money to continue growing. ITS A SCAM!!! Also none of the side missions or games displayed on the ads or screenshots are available during the game. You can only cyclically upgrade the same buildings over and over again until you get bored and then delete the app and they have your money. The developers need to add the mini games as a real part of the game and increase the rate of everything in the game. Having people move faster through upgrades and growing their city will keep them longer. Do better!.Version: 1.250.508

IOS version constantly crashesRunning this on an iPad and the game crashes all the time. It means I have lost out when upgrading characters as it takes the cards but doesn’t give the rewards. Crazy.Version: 1.250.519

NahDownloaded it because it was advertised as a basic bridge building game.Version: 1.250.231

Click baitThis game is NOTHING to do with building. Its another pay-to-win game that chokes your progress unless you buy items with real world money. Played for 2 months and in all honesty it becomes pointless. Collect resource, build buildings, some mini-games. Just a yawn..Version: 1.250.524

Build MasterYou’ll probably download this game because you saw an ad and want to build bridges. You probably won’t be terribly surprised to find out building bridges is hardly part of the actual gameplay. I’ve been giving this a shot anyway and I honestly don’t even know why I’m doing the things I’m doing in the game. Upgrade this! Train that! Buy this! Harvest wood! The game may make sense for you if you want this type of thing but what it smells like to me is that I was brought in for something and given something else - all of which serves the explicit purpose of getting me to fork over actual cash..Version: 1.250.528

Unnecessary and irritatingThe bridge building part is good... apart from when you get balloons and things to hold up bridges. Physics aside, the REALLY irritating part is the slow and annoying planet building bit in the middle, with a really rubbish and unnecessary back story. It seriously detracts from the game and makes you not want to play it..Version: 1.250.511

What even tf was thatIts a me mario.Version: 1.250.526

Crap. Not a bridge building gameDont be conned. They lure you in with bridge building but that disappears quick. The game is getting worse and worse by the update. Another money hoarding game. Zero customer service. Crap updates. Crap game play and crap chat translations. Shame because it was promising at first, now doesnt seem like these devs know what theyre doing. First and last game I’d ever play of this company. Dont bother paying for this. Its really not worth it and definitely DO NOT support this brand..Version: 1.250.531

Not bridge building,doesn’t work on 4gWhy doesn’t the game work on 4g? Really annoying when your trying to acctually enjoy the game,also not exactly a bridge building game either,but I am liking the game And now a stupid update that has ruined the game, all heroes reset to zero,.Version: 1.250.542

Players in Planet 99 from FHZ are forcing players to quitThere’s no support from any developer of this game. Planet 99 is a disaster because of FHZ Alliance. Players under this alliance makes a lot of players quit this game. TrollHunter are sending fake nude photos to different discord of alliance and pressuring players to give up and quit. Most of the spenders already quit because of this player so they can sell their account to new players. Hope developers check this as this is bad for this game. There’s a lot of racial, sexism and discrimination going on in the chat. FHZ is bad for this game and most of their players are threatening players not to return to play especially if the player is spenders. Hope Developers will check it..Version: 1.250.534

From hero to zero.A great game to start with and one of those rare games where I was slowly starting to spend money. However today when all of my game character’s were zeroed from rank 55 to 1 I will not waste anymore time. And after receiving no fed back from the customer service team I’ll not waste any more time on this game. I am sorry as I was enjoying the game..Version: 1.250.521

Developers do not listen to when complaints re madeTo be honest, I really do enjoy the game. But when complaints are made about players, nothing happens. There is a MAJOR BUT!!!!! There are players that think it’s ok to talk about raping little girls. Yes you heard correct. I have screenshots to prove this and many other players have reported and nothing has been done. The profile picture, and it changes, is of young girls with older men doing adult things. It’s hard to comprehend how filthy and disgusting the individual is. This, and I’ve already said, has been reported by many players, many times, but nothing happens..Version: 1.250.541

Was great until season 2Wow a game I finally loved and put many hours in suddenly became the most frustrating piece of crap game with one update. Season 2 is awful. In addition it’s impossible to get support for this game online. For example when season 2 started and everything got reset, something broke as part of my raider job. Level 10 gets you slow production saving 30 mins on a lot of stuff. Ever since the update it’s red and says level 10 settler required, but I’m a raider 3 at level 39. This has crippled my workflow and is frustrating because I should have that benefit. Let me just say I’m so glad I didn’t spend money on this game..Version: 1.250.507

MisleadingMisleading description and screenshots. The game is very frustrating to play - constant pop ups and slow. If you want a good city builder then try Pocket City or Pocket City 2 which both cost very little, have no in-app purchases, are straightforward and generally excellent..Version: 1.250.516

Do not getThe game is a total scam.Version: 1.250.551

Unable to move past lvl89I have bombs on my trade Centre that I cannot remove I have codes but unable to input them. Which means I can’t upgrade my HQ so I literally cannot do anything else in the game anymore I was enjoying the game so this is very infuriating.Version: 1.250.526

Bug in the game - lose all your progress in the next levelSuddenly, you lose all your game progress. There is a bug in the game. Do not waste your time building your path through the levels and suddenly lose everything. Also the game developer email is fake and does nit work..Version: 1.250.526

Not really a strategy bridge building gameCouldn’t get through the intro, levels were unbelievably simple, and the game turned into a city builder within 5 minutes that lines itself up for micro transactions! No thanks….Version: 1.250.519

Don’t oppening!It îs stack..Version: 1.250.532

Tombeau du PharaonLes ruines ont été explorées et le niveau du tombeau du pharaon ne fait que charger sans ouvrir 🤦🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.250.224

Will fraudulently charge you for purchases you have not madeThe game fraudulently charges you for in app purchases you have not made, and overcharges for purchases you have made. The customer service is non-existent. You send a message to raise an issue and they do not reply. Fraudulent behaviour has been reported to Apple..Version: 1.250.535

No senseThis game makes no sense. According to the game you land in Mars. But there is green areas, player is not wearing a suit. (?) Looks like they created the game first and tried to fix it later. Main character is like Mario Bros but yellow and the captain in the first clip looks like the one in WallE.Version: 1.250.509

I just wanted to build bridgesTook forever to download and most of my time playing has been dialogue and city building. I just wanted to build bridges not a worse sim city..Version: 1.250.531

Not happyGame was nothing like the advert. Thought it was a puzzle game but i was going around with a pick axe collecting rocks. Due to the intro was unable to come out the game had to switch my phone off then back on to get out the game..Version: 1.250.224

Misleading, Misleading in app Purchases, ETCLet me first say that I have been playing this game for a month or so it is fun. But the advertisement I received was about building bridges. However when you play the game you don’t build any bridges, it’s more of a build a city, Army kind of war game. Now the in app purchase price is also misleading, if you pay something it says $25 or example all the way threw check out. But but charge me 38$? This game will rob you blind with the in app purchases if your not careful. In app purchases are quite expensive compared to many other games and is setup that way to encourage you purchase. So my one star is because the game is fun, but the game takes a loooooot of time very time consuming, overcharges for in app purchases, expensive shields oh and you can never get a response from them..Version: 1.250.233

Preview is not the game you get.Total rip off of other games’ characters. Mario is the main character. Game is nothing like advertised. It’s interesting for a few levels but then is just repetitive nonsense and you literally have no choice in what’s going on. It’s just following instructions for rewards. Very tedious. Shocked that there’s such racy language and I’m not prudish. It seems like it’s been developed by a bunch of thoughtless bullies; it’s pretty awful..Version: 1.250.216

Very Misleading!!Not just building bridges…theres a whole annoying storyline. They also copy characters from other films or games. It’s also very difficult to exit the game back to the phone home Screen..Version: 1.250.526

Not what they advertisedNot like what they showed in the video and it’s not good.Version: 1.250.231

Not as advertisedThis game makes no sense… the bridge builder looked ok but the weird space ship, settlement, Sim city, farming and battles to get to each level and finding password codes is stupid…! It’s like a bad school project where everyone did their own thing and just stuck it all together…..Version: 1.250.546

Will not connect, constantly glitchingWill not connect on any form of connection. Glitches consistently. Causes me to lose progress. On multiple occasions I have gathered gems and other resources but upon return of my force nothing registers into my resources after 18-27 hours of gathering level 5 resources. Many combat options in the game are confusing at best. Very difficult to figure out how to work with my alliance and/or attack others..Version: 1.250.531

Misleading advertisingI wish these folks just showed the real game play. Don’t advertise in a way that is so misleading..Version: 1.250.224

Really badJust really boring and low quality.Version: 1.250.552

Need new optionsThe game is great but I want to be able to change worlds to be with my friends without having to restart my whole game..Version: 1.250.223

All my hero’s lost levelsTrash have to start from the beginning but all my buildings are high so I can’t move forward.Version: 1.250.546

False advertisingNo bridge building like how its shown in ads. Toxic people waste of money and they dont give refunds greed.Version: 1.250.522

RubbishDon’t download.Version: 1.250.526

Rip OffGame is a complete rip off. Keeps dropping character levels back to level 1 so you have to keep spending money..Version: 1.250.233

Couldn’t playTried to start the game, keeps disconnecting from internet and restarting over and over again. Why? Why does this need internet to play a tutorial? What data is it collecting?.Version: 1.250.526

Misleading and a copyBlatantly misleading adverts show gameplay that isn’t even close to the game. When you play, you soon realise this is a full clone of a certain zombie game - everything is the same with different graphics. Boring!.Version: 1.250.225

ScamGame is a money grab and hardly works. Constant overcharges from in app purchases then when you receive a refund on wrongful charges the developers will ban your account. Customer support never replies nor do they respond to emails.Version: 1.250.544

Not as advertisedDownloaded the game and was confused as the game looked nothing like how it was advertised..Version: 1.250.532

Don’t waste your timeThis game is nothing like it is advertised, the pictures are totally misleading, the game starts with that story that you have no choice but to follow but after a short while you are then into a very different looking game. This is where the fun starts (or not as the case may be), where the game is being absolutely ruined by certain players who are so set on total domination that they spend huge amounts of money to buy their way to the top and when they get there all they do is ignore everyone and do as they wish, stifling others development and creating a miserable experience, because if you do or say anything they don’t like, they just attack you and completely destroy your base. If you want to progress at all you have to pay, it’s “offer” upon “offer” upon “offer” and everything is up for sale for a price and people are taking advantage of that to the detriment of everyone else..Version: 1.250.226

Not a bridge building gameJust the usual "it's all about that cash shop" baby kinda game Yes, you will get smashed by higher level players, yes it's a pvp game I laugh at all the comments below how good a game it is, bla bla bla Constant barrage of ads to buy this pack, buy that pack. Of course I ignore them 😂. And fix the 🤬 chat box. On the iPad app you can't even see what your typing - no wonder world chat is pretty much dead 🤦‍♀️ It's fun to play for awhile but the novelty had worn off. Deleted.Version: 1.250.522

False advertisingIsn’t like the advertising.Version: 1.250.530

I just want to build bridges, not the other stuffMaybe 5% of the time is building bridges. Not worth the download.Version: 1.250.525

It takes to long to progressIt is slow to slow you never build bridges and when you do it is showing you what to do not like the adverts do not buy💔.Version: 1.250.552

It’s okay but buggy (help needed)My game is currently bugged. I cannot do the mission on the road map with slows down progression. I’ve reached out to customer service but they are nonexistent on there (dev can you help).Version: 1.250.526

Terrible and crashes constantlyDon’t bother!!!!.Version: 1.250.540

Not the game I downloadedThe game doesn’t resemble what was in the ad at all, plus it requires internet connection for no reason.Version: 1.250.506

It’s about fighting, not bridgesHardly anything to do with building bridges, looks nothing like the ads. It’s actually a story map fighting game with heroes that you can level up by collecting rewards for completing puzzles. Also there are space pirates? Uninstalled..Version: 1.250.526

This game is not what you thinkFirstly, if any users are looking for an actual bridge building game, the game your looking for is a website (it works on mobile) and you can look it up on Google to find it. this game shows a bridge building game, the ads show it, which you see sometimes, but I have never seen an app that was so misleading that it shows the gameplay images and EVEN THE APP ICON as a different game (it is a minigame in this app, but you see it very sparsely). if I get a developer response like most of the other reviews, take not that your game is rated badly because you are dicepting people. Space flight simulator is a very specific game in what you do, but there is a large community behind it, this game could of had that..Version: 1.250.529

Customer service..I game?Support is non existent as well as a general manual of sorts to know how to play the “game” yes there’s hints etc but… minimalistic! Unable to get a response one about account and one about purchases…. It’s a pay as you go…not great deals for short OR long term playing… Really am miffed that support doesn’t respond to anything…hoping they may get in touch through this portal…..shame as format has got potential as it keeps most players involved….if they get a response…? PS don’t get game if you expect decent graphics! Decent control of screen elements…..Version: 1.250.537

Pay-to-Win get GlitchesFirst off this game is a classic bait and switch. It is nothing like the advertised video. Secondly this is a Pay-to-Win game. If you aren’t going to spend some money then the best you can hope for is mediocrity and forever to be at the mercy of the more powerful money spenders. Expect frustrating glitches that further hinder your ability for advancement in the game and do not expect resolution from the in game “Customer Service” which will at best respond with boiler plate “Thanks for your feedback…” usually three or four days later.Version: 1.250.522

PayThis game charged me stuff after installation. You think it is a puzzle game but no it is hayday on mars.Version: 1.250.519

Does not have adversed gameplayWhy is none of the advertising in the actual game. I want to play the game advertised but there isn’t even mini games with the bridge building aspect. Total waste of time..Version: 1.250.525

Definite advantage to Hong Kong teamsAs has been stated, there is plenty to do when you start the game. You almost can’t stop upgrading the first month or so then, everything slows down. Just as you get settled in good they also change the way the game is played and rest you back to zero experience on your heroes. Not to mention you are given tasks to kill pirate ships that no one on the game is strong enough to kill and customer service says this is not a mistake. Everything is designed to get you to spend more and more money (unless you are from Hong Kong apparently) the alliances based in Hong Kong are typically twice as strong as any other alliance. My advice is don’t waste your time and money on this game..Version: 1.250.514

Turns out differentIt is not what it is advertised. Waste of time!.Version: 1.250.524

What i paid didn’t get it..I purchased bundle of tank skin.. but I didn’t get it. Even i tired to reach support unable to reach them...Version: 1.250.528

Clickbait Game - AvoidYet another game that thinks it’s ok to blatantly lie about it’s gameplay in ads. Surprised how app stores don’t ban these bait and switch games outright. Developers should really be ashamed they need to deceive people to try their game..Version: 1.250.522

Click bait - not a simulation game at allNot at all the game that is advertised or described in the App Store. It’s still kinda fun so I’ve kept playing, but I have advanced to a point in the game where bridge building is literally non-existent. It’s been at least a week since I’ve had to do anything of the sort. The game is basically just a typical Battle Royale game with a different theme, and the occasional bridge building mini-game. Also the bridge building levels I did play were (from a physics standpoint) cartoonish at best, utterly nonsensical at worst. As an engineer, this game is about as far from a simulation game as you can get..Version: 1.250.524

Misleading advertisingThe ads and the store page for this app are so misleading. First you have to spend a lot of money to build your base at a reasonable rate. Then other players and alliances can attack you when you are offline and take things you spent actual money on obtaining. At the beginning of each season (about a month) they reset all your characters to 0 so you have to spend time and money building them back up. Don’t download this if you are looking for a fun little game where you build a city. This isn’t it. It’s a cash grab from the developers, and the people that spend a lot more than you do will destroy you. There are constant windows that pop up asking you to spend money to buy items. The gameplay could have been fun if it did what they actually advertise. Find a different game to play..Version: 1.250.226

Big time pay to play!STAY AWAY!!!!! Bait and switch!!!! 1-2 Uber players can kill and entire planet of 400 players. In my planet there are over 400 dead accounts!!! Unless you have some bucks to throw at this game, don’t play. The attack/defense logistics are such that you have to do understand not how troop numbers, but troop levels and their attack/defense play, as well as attack/and defense buffs within research can help. Same goes for hero’s on attack/defense where you have hero rank and level. So someone with 2,000 troops can defeat your 20,000 troops and then move on to 10 other alliance members and do the same without a refresh (if I could post pic I would). So two members from another alliance can completely destroy an alliance. On top of that they can build “subways” and instead of having to travel 3 hours to reach you, they can reach you in 5 min. PAY TO PLAY. You’ve been warned! Oh and most of the 5 star reviews seem to be fake!.Version: 1.250.508

Very deceptiveThis game markets itself as one of those ‘chop trees and mine ore to expand the map’ games, but it’s actually a city/army builder like Lords Mobile..Version: 1.250.208

GlitchedCouldn’t play as the game loaded into what I can only assume is a glitch. Couldn’t complete anything once loaded. Ex: ‘repair road’ (x3), ‘build apartment’, or ‘build: wind turbine’. Watched a few gameplay videos online to see if I was just oblivious and missing something but none of the videos I watched started the gameplay the way mine did. I can only assume the game glitched for some reason on the first time loading and continued every load after. Cleared the cache in game setting but still continued to load incorrectly. Deleted the game and reinstalled but still continued to load incorrectly. Cleared the cache in reinstalled game but still continued to load incorrectly..Version: 1.250.512

Not as advertised but not a boring gameI only wanted to download this game because I saw a lot of ads where they build bridges and it seemed very mindless/easy. However I opened it up and there’s a lot more to it and you don’t even build bridges like advertised after a while. I don’t mind the game but it’s definitely not as advertised. It’s more of a long term useless game used to scam young kids out of their rich parents money. Imagine charging $50 for a dumb game package..Version: 1.250.522

What is happening 😭This game goes way pasted not being like the ad. I played for a bit and honestly it felt like they tried to put a bit of everything from every type of crappy mobile game. They Ai voice “acting” is unbearable I would have rather the guy who made this game in his basement to have done a voice impression for ever character. But they at least I didn’t get any ads 😭 This kinda felt like a kids learning game like if I gave it to my dog he’d learn basic math or something..Version: 1.250.526

I waste my time by download it😡😡😡😡🥺🥺👎🏽👎🏼Waste of time.Version: 1.250.535

Adds don’t workStupid greedy devs at it again. Creating a game loaded with adds that freeze up your system. Making the game unplayable! If your that hard up for revenue, find another job! Cause you fail miserably at the one you have now!.Version: 1.250.210

Nothing to do with bridge buildingThe games got nothing to do with bridge building, you spend more time either fighting people or in the settlement. very basic level bridge building when you do get it and the game definitely isn’t as advertised..Version: 1.250.551

Different game??Literally a completely different game. Was expecting some bridge building game, but I’m walking around on mars collecting rocks???!.Version: 1.250.231

False advertisingThe add clearly advertised bridge building Nothing of the sort. If you were honest and said I’d have to build a city fight invaders, blah blah blah blah i would gibe it another star.Version: 1.250.539

Good game terrible supportIt’s a good game, but there is no support when something goes wrong and it is impossible to talk to developers or customer service to fix anything.Version: 1.250.551

DeceptiveThought it was a bridge construction game However it’s only for the 1st couple of lvls It’s a very confusing game with way too much going on..Version: 1.250.514

Bridges?????I thought this was a bridge construction game??? But no it’s a completely different game. If I could zero star it I would!.Version: 1.250.231

Change some stuffBackground music is bad. At least have it so you can adjust the volume of the music. Game itself isn’t too bad. A lot of ads but I can deal with that. Need to fix so people can’t use inappropriate names or say inappropriate things in chat. Also, need a report button on people’s profiles so others can report behavior or inappropriate names..Version: 1.250.520

Garbage gameShame on the developers who made this game! Such a waste of time …..Version: 1.250.526

Bugs galoreSo far I have not been able to get past the tutorial due to the bugs. I have had to delete and reinstall it 3 times in the hope this clears any issues. So far the game does not function properly and I’m not even last smashing my first rock. 😳.Version: 1.250.202

Game is not what it is pictured.!If only you could add photos to reviews so people don’t waste their time on this game.Version: 1.250.526

DisappointedI started playing this game and it was actually fun, i played 16 hours and I finally made a clan and people joined and everyone was helping each other out. We are going to attack a monument. Well the next morning when I logged on, I was in a new clan… I wasn’t the leader I was in a completely different clan. I look on the map and it moved me to a different location from where i originally started. When I looked at where my base used to be my entire clan was still there but I wasn’t apart of it and I couldn’t move back or join as the new leader is an inactive bot. I’m very upset and disappointed. I reached out to the admins and haven’t received any response. Don’t waste your time and money..Version: 1.250.226

It’s nothing like what they advertised do not downloadIt’s just a scam it’s no fun and is nothing at all to what they advertise.Version: 1.250.552

Review updateApple had reached out and explained the confusion with charges and we are on a pathway to monitor the findings. 3 stars atm will update in April.Version: 1.250.550

Terrible supportThe game itself is fun in its own way, but you will require to spend at least $1k a month to stay ahead of the game. And don’t think spending that much money gets you any priority support. Due to in game errors I have lost resources, which I bought, and when I requested it to be returned, I was told in a very patronising manner that the game devs will not carry responsibility for the error and therefore I never got given back the resources which I paid for. This was just one of many incidents, but it was the last. I lodged a formal complaint with Apple support and First Fun Hong Kong Limited. Don’t waste your time with this game as it will just leave you angry and frustrated as it is designed to cheat you out of your money. At the very least you would think you would get priority support for spending so much money….Version: 1.250.518

Frozen from getting more woodGame is not fully flushed out freezing you out at level two and unable to complete next level as you need liber and there is no way to do that. Poor development and should not have been released yet..Version: 1.250.208

100% FAKE GAMES WITH FALSE ADVERTISINGSo not what's in the ad, which is why I downloaded the game! 100% not the game I wanted? if I show you oranges at the grocery store but when you peel them you realize that there are apples inside would you be surprised? then surprise this game is for you! if I could put -5 stars I would.. really disappointing from a company that thought it was a good idea to advertise a fake game and put something completely different….Version: 1.250.231

Not what they advertisedTotal rip off!! Made by bunch of losers and the game is nothing like they advestised . Senseless game.Version: 1.250.506

Liked the gameplay but no easy way to report playersI love the gameplay, although the ads for it are slightly misleading. I would continue to play if it weren’t for the endless inappropriate comments in the English chat. I have only played for an hour and have already blocked 4 players due to sexual comments they have made. I wish I could report them rather than just block them, or at least the game could have filters on what can be said in chat..Version: 1.250.529

ScamThere was one unapproved charge on my account from this game which I disputed through the App Store. Then once I received my refund they completely messed up all the other resources I have worked for that were never even part of this fraudulent charge that supposedly gave me resources. I tried to reach out to customer service but have gotten no response and the email provided is not valid. Can someone reach out to me from customer service? Thanks.Version: 1.250.530

Pay to WinThis game can be fun, but it is impossible to have a good base without spending money. People outside of the US have cheaper prices and therefore are able to grow stronger quicker. They then dictate the whole game, and it’s impossible to ever catch up without spending hundreds of dollars. I play with friends, but it feels like half the time is just doing whatever the biggest alliance that spent the most money wants. There is no equaling dynamic, so each planet pretty much turns into a dictatorship. It’s too bad, because it’s a fairly fun game..Version: 1.250.505

Chat issues and disappointing restsI’ve enjoyed this game for a while now however, I cannot use the chat or ask for help as the live chat won’t connect stating connection too slow. This has caused me to be booted from alliances because I cannot view messages Also, why the hero reset, took me a while to get my hero’s to decent levels only to be put back to level 1 Cmon give the little guy a chance……..Version: 1.250.536

In game errorsHi, I actually love this game and continue to play it. However, I’m unable to seek customer support in game and I am experiencing issues. I am no longer receiving rewards such as xp and crystals for attacking space flies and pirates! Rewards I had saved have also disappeared. Please can you help me..Version: 1.250.531

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