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Squad Busters App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Squad Busters app received 78 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Squad Busters? Can you share your negative thoughts about squad busters?

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Squad Busters for Negative User Reviews

Boring and OverhypedI was excited at first, but when I finally played it, I instantly got bored. All you do is run around collecting gems, like that’s literally it. A lot of the characters are adorable, but it’s not enough to make the game entertaining (unless you’re a young kid or just play to collect them). There’s not much to do control wise either, you move the joystick, then stop moving the joystick. So this game requires way more luck than actual skill. As I’ve said, I was really excited to play, but now I’m pretty upset. Just hope the next few updates improve on how empty the game feels, maybe make the game more complete or less boring (like literally, the game was in development for I believe 1 or 2 years, and the best they can do is add one mode? Modifiers are cool and all, but it doesn’t really do much)..Version: 3.1999.3

A lot to be desiredThe game right now is way to rng based and encourages third partying to an extreme extent. I was really excited about this game but it just isn’t that fun if I’m being honest rn.Version: 3.1999.3

Won’t openI open the app then it dose the loading screen and says out loud “SQUAD BUSTERS” and takes about 20 seconds before showing a prompt with “failed login” and makes me reload and this just repeats.Version: 4.326.10

Cash grabI thought this would be a new kind of game that supercell would make but looks like I was wrong, I’ve never seen a cash grab game throw it in your face more than this. Pay to win that’s the only way you’ll enjoy this game and it’s just disappointing they would do this, 6 rows of real currency offers before you even see an in game currency item. I’ve already stopped playing braw stars and looks like I won’t be playing this either.Version: 4.326.10

BadI have only played 2 min of this but that is enough to no it is bad. Ever since I have started playing this game, I have become a true alpha. Playing this game makes me feel like I am the only one in the world that knows how to do things properly truly a masterpiece game. Would recommend to anybody willing to sacrifice this soul. This leads me onto my theory. Super sellers planning on turning everybody broke that plays this game. Hopefully does a video on this and hurry up and stop being a sook. Give me free currency in this game or I will be very upset. Yours truly Ben Dover..Version: 4.326.10

Clash miniClash mini is gone for this.Version: 3.1999.3

гойдаЗа 140 мегаящикофв.Version: 3.1999.19

Pay to win and..This game is PvP but you can purchase boosts, so it’s pay to win. Gameplay is really hard to strategize or even know what’s going on when fighting, readability is bad..Version: 3.1999.3

Squad buster c’est nulSi le jeu aurai etait publié par un autre studio le jeu aurai clairement flop de plus le gameplay du jeu est completement claqué tres peu de skill sont necessaires pour gagner mais le jeu a quand meme du succés car c’est supercell.Version: 3.1999.19

Started ok but now won’t load into gamesCan’t play as every time I start a game gets stuck on loading screen. Tried to reinstall and didn’t work.Version: 4.326.10

Game stuck in loading screenWinning streak is ended due to the game freezes during loading screen..Version: 3.1999.3

Wallet DrainerIt is the most pay 2 win game yet by Supercell. If you pay, you will win. If you dont, you will lose. You need to buy chest to level up your fighters because after some time you dont get chests anymore. You need to buy the best characters also, they are 13.99$US. Do not play the game unless you are rich!.Version: 3.1999.3

C eteintC nul installer pas.Version: 3.1999.3

Fairly fun game P2W let’s it downPretty much title, it’s a almost fun little 3 minute at a time time killer. Unfortunately there’s a battle pass all of the micros and there are clearly and blatant pay to win items. No thank you $upercell..Version: 4.326.10

Annoying GameplayWas fun for the first few games but then I quickly got sick and tired of the fighting aspect. All people do is run away and they always somehow have more stamina. I hate the aspect that you have to stand still to attack, and combat is terrible. You can’t even tell if you’re going to win a fight because there are so many things going on and there’s too many units fighting..Version: 3.1999.19

Great but annoyingI got about 20 minutes of awesome gameplay before I couldn’t move my character anymore. Reported the issue and was told to wait for an update… doesn’t help much right now as I simply cannot play the game.Version: 4.326.10

Crashes a lotThe game has been crashing a lot for me at seemingly random intervals which sometimes costs me a match. There isn’t an obvious reason, though I’m assuming this is normal for new games. The game itself is decently fun. A main part of it is rng so sometimes you don’t get the character you want. It’s really confusing since the main objective is to get the highest amount of gems and how you get it is up to you. I’m not really sure what to do in the game but I feel like in a few weeks, people will be more used to it..Version: 4.326.10

WHY CANT I MOVEGreat game but I am completely immobile, my joystick moves around but my character remains stagnant stopping me from being able to do anything. The game has so much potential but this glitch is driving me mad.Version: 4.326.10

Honest opinionAnother dud game from supercell. Instead of taking the time to think and create a solid game they release a whole lot of bad ones. This game and the others that were released last year were targeted for kids aged probably around 3-10. If supercell were to create a game that could be played and enjoyed by all (coc and cr) ages that would be great. Also most of supercells fan base is 14+. The people who have been playing coc and cr for years and years - waiting for a good supercell game to appear. Instead of spending all your money on advertising and promotion, spend it on the game. Make something that even us older audience can enjoy and grind out. I don’t want to grind a game where by attacking you don’t do anything. The only thing you do is press the screen to move and upgrade the useless characters..Version: 4.326.10

L gameThis game is going to die just like rush wars if yo play this horrid game you must be lieing to yourself. This isn’t even a game at this point just a passive game like Hayday. No penalty in losing are you joking what is this rubbish. I’m super disappointed on how this replaced clash mini, it was so much better than this rubbish..Version: 4.326.10

Poorly madeYou can tell the talent left this company long, long ago. The game is just awful and seems like it was made by children or someone very inexperienced..Version: 4.326.10

Overall pretty funWorth playing every so often since it is quite an enjoyable and easy play style but it feels quite basic for a Supercell game. The level progression for characters so seems to take ages..Version: 4.326.10

It not greatThe game isn’t that great if I’m going to be honest, just doesn’t really fit very well and it filled with new toxic players and can’t even play it. Just get busted soon as you get into the match cause people had early access and are already good at the game they know what to do.Version: 4.326.10

Could be great but..Love the small amount of this game I have been able to play. Great visually and fun gameplay but there’s one HUGE issue. Any time I try to load in to a match I get stuck with an infinite loading screen. I cannot play any games at all. Please fix this!!.Version: 4.326.10

MehGood game. All about luck though. If you’re not lucky to get good characters, your game is over. Not much strategy involved, and not much reward for effort.Version: 4.326.10

Trop durLe jeu est beaucoup trop dur je me fait tuer tout le temps top 6.Version: 3.1999.3

Give me moneyPls now or I will hack you noob.Version: 3.1999.3

BoringThis game should not go global, the gameplay is so linear and boring compared to their other games, the art style is pretty mid Very no bueno.Version: 3.1999.3

Boring and entirely luck basedThere is no skill or strategy to this. You can be totally screwed within your first couple chests in a match and have someone rush you with great units and there is literally nothing you can do to get away. If you okay but not great, the match is just you running around trying to avoid the bigger fish and whales that paid for upgrades and mega units..Version: 3.1999.15

Colourful but dull.As a fan of Supercell games excluding Brawl Stars I thought this might be worth a look. This as far as I had played is a more single player game based on the same run around, kill things and collect and upgrade. it’s colourful, it’s smooth, it (for me) is uninteresting and unworthy of my time. If you like Brawl Stars this could be for you. If not then like me give it a few hours then delete it..Version: 4.326.10


The batteryThe game is good in all but the battery goes doing so fast I even plugged it in, it keeps on crashing as well I have an iPhone X so idk if it is good for the game..Version: 4.326.10

OkI’ve been playing the game a while and at the start it’s relatively fun, with fast progression and a long list of different squad members and people to fight. However, after about an hour of play time, it really starts to get repetitive and a bit boring, with little to improve on. I think that it would be better if you could have more game modes and stuff, but overall not to bad..Version: 4.326.10

Addictive gameplay but a few issues game is difficult to runGameplay is very fast paced and addictive but there are a few features which make the game pay to win. The game is very intense and can lag sometimes and there is no setting to lower graphics which uses alot of power and makes my phone overheat and crash mid game. (iPhone 12 mini).Version: 4.326.10

за 140 мегаящиковза 140 мегаящиков.Version: 3.1999.19

Worst Supercell GameThis game is worse than that mini clash game they made a while back. Absolutely mind numbing and pay to win. Gameplay: Quite boring and entirely luck based, kill mobs, buy chests, kill other players. The only real work is done at the start, and it largely comes down to which characters you draw. If your opponents draw better characters they snowball and there’s nothing you can do to win. Balance: Epic+ characters are direct upgrades to common and rare, there’s no trade off it’s just Epic beats common/rare every time. If you’re like me, you win the first 3 games by a landslide and get matched with players who have unlocked better characters and you lose just because you don’t have the same OP characters. Overall, doesn’t seem like they put any effort into it. It feels like they’re coming up with games like this to engage with people who have left/stopped playing their games for a money grab. Very bad..Version: 4.326.10

ZХз не играл.Version: 3.1999.3

Poor Gameplay LongevityThe longer you play the game, the more money you need to spend in order to keep up with other players. The game is obviously pay to win. Spend real money on coins in the shop to get keys and have either better luck in game (with re-rolls) or get just straight better characters in game. I don't think this game will last very long and will never live up to the other Supercell games..Version: 4.326.10

Its a bit boringOnly one game mode and like you just need to get gems that’s it so I’m just saying it’s can get boring really easy so 2 stars 👍👍👍👍.Version: 4.326.10

Potential…Nice graphics, and effects but the combat system is lazy and shoddy, it’s either (you chase someone all around the map) or (you get destroyed by some heros that aren’t even fusioned, all because some jerk has paid to evolve all the characters), also I’d love it if my characters were able to focus on other players, rather than npcs, cuz they do that ALOT and I lose for it. Could be fun for some, but to me I’m sick and tired of this running around with a zone, and only able to attack when stood still, I like games with skill, having something or someone to CONTROL, not just slowly watching my characters lock onto npcs and lose to enemies that are locked onto me..Version: 4.326.10

Game that you need to pay to advanceNeed need to pay to perform or keep up with others.Version: 3.1999.3

Disappointing ahhHonestly, it wasn’t worth the wait.Version: 4.326.10

Don’t get the super passWhat utter grease. If you buy the super pass for $6.99 and complete it, your purchase does not carry over to the next super pass you unlock after completing the first one. On top of that you have to pay $13.99 for the new one. Classic Supercell cash grab so honestly I’m not even surprised, but not telling players this beforehand is misleading and shady. This is bull**** on proportions with the weasels over at BattleState Games. They keep you coming back for more by making you think you get the mega units permanently, but no, you only get a finite amount of them from the free pass and you can’t even choose not to use them if you happen to draw them from a chest. Needs to be a way to keep getting mega units WITHOUT PAYING MORE. Your game is in soft launch, you should be trying to make people interested, not profit as much as you can before the game is shelved for being too boring. Absolute cash grab and terrible gameplay. Should’ve kept clash mini instead of this garbage since that game actually had a skill gap (in this game it is very linear, if you don’t have an equal amount of troops as the other guy you pretty much have to bend over and give up your gems). I Hope the game won’t continue to be like clash Royale where certain units (Evolutions vs Mega units) are locked behind a paywall. Get it together or your game will be scrapped..Version: 3.1999.15

Gambling game“I think I downloaded casino app not a pvp game” Writing for those who didn’t experience the game yet. Game is all about chances, you start with opening the box and it chooses what to offer to u: “bad” units or “good” units that will choose ur gameplay and how strong u will be throughout the whole match and then u also open another box and on and on… till the end of match timer unless u get eliminated. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate players if their army way smaller than urs because of sprint function BUT when u facing similar army as big urs than it’s impossible to escape, in the end u either end up eliminated or with 2-3 units which is already impossible to restore to the sizes lf army u had before. In the end of the match u get to open the chest that gives u power points to upgrade ur units or even unlock new ones! Wow I love unlocking chests! Of course its chances, what rarity u going to get or how big the chest going to be; obviously the chances to get the best chest is super low and even if u gained 7 chances to upgrade ur chest (u get those chances from the place u got in the match and ur win-streak if u have it) and it stayed the common and normal size chest: sucks for u (I think supercell should just remove those “upgrade chances” cuz after first 2 it never upgraded the chest for me). Looking at other supercell games, in the future i’m sure the game will become absolute P2W and it will be just tough to play as f2p player. I would change my mind about the game and even wouldn’t write this review if it just was PvE, the graphics and gameplay would be perfect for the game environment I said above. Btw don’t play with friends in this game, u can fight them..Version: 3.1999.3

It’s a fun game although I have a bugI have a bug that sometimes when I try to load the game (a match), it just goes onto a black screen and doesn’t let me play. Just continues with the music. I then loose my streak which is frustrating. Apart from that when it lets me play it is fun..Version: 4.326.10

L gameI hate that this game is ONLY about luck and not about skill and i HATE runners.Version: 3.1999.3

No point to this gameRandom play types, useless controls, no purpose…and not really fun. They could have something but it’s like playing a game they had around the office that shouldn’t have been shared with the public. It’s an amalgamation of ideas that just never land..Version: 4.326.10

Clash mini should have released globally and not thisThe game is OKAY, but for it to be released globally after shutting down clash mini still feels somewhat disrespectful But considering how clash royal has turned out i would be surprised if it’s riddled with micro transactions in the future if it isn’t also shut down.Version: 4.326.10

Needs improvementBasically brawl stars rip off with all supercell characters and a time limit.Version: 4.326.10

It changed my supercell ID namePlease change back.Version: 3.1999.3

KingbobNew supercell game that I can’t play because when I play a real match it stays on a blank loading screen and I’ve been waiting for about 15 minutes and nothing happened please fix so I can play this new supercell game.Version: 4.326.10

Pretty GoodIt’s alright I like the concept with all characters and the objectives, the animations are bit off a too quick. I think you might need to refine animations and add more fun features.Version: 4.326.10

So boringWas hyped for this game, pre ordered it and everything. But wow it’s so boring! You run to a box, it auto attacks it, then you run to another box and auto attacks it. Do that for 2 mins then at the end run over some gems to auto collect them. The end. I was expecting so much more but it’s literally a game made for 3-5 year olds. Insanely basic and nothing going for it...Version: 4.326.10

Rather poorNo skill. Extremely pay to win but can’t even beat them with skill cuz it is all luck. they should be disappointed with this one.Version: 3.1999.3

It gets boring very soonI played for some days in beta and the game gets boring after playing for some days. Mainly because of the lack of control during fighting. It becomes a mess. I hope they bring some good modes down the line. All the best super cell.Version: 4.326.10

Kinda boringYou run around doing nothing.Version: 3.1999.3

Decent game P2WLike all supercell games this one we reasonably well done, the major downfall is the p2w concept to get more chests. No point playing to not advance in the game.Version: 4.326.10

I like it but…I like the game but when you’re attacking people, you don’t tap or anything and you let them do it. It’s a complete copy of ‘brawl stars’ and you can’t even be a team with anyone! I can’t even get in a group with people and I’m not allowed to play with real players, only bots! I thought it would be cool to play but really.. I/you have wasted time to wait for this game to be created..Version: 4.326.10

Poor and fix ur bugs pls!!!I started playing it soon after it got the global release and it worked fine. It’s a good game for bus rides or car drives, but in my latest Game I had the bug, that even when I wanted to I couldn’t move. I was standing at spawn till someone came and killed me. I recored the hole thing and I would like to get the 5000 coins back, wich I had to pay for continuing my win streak!!!.Version: 4.326.10

LagI think it’s the servers for us in NZ/aus.. but i keep teleporting/lagging every few seconds in some games.. fix them pls.Version: 4.326.10

RNG is never a good ideaEntire game is based on RNG every single element from in game matches to trying to level up characters all of this is made to make you have to spend money.Version: 3.1999.19

Disappointing suppercell gameI was so exited for the new game but it’s just luck I like the consent but make it like after yiu walk on someone’s circle you can’t leave you must fight becaue there is no point if your low then you run.Version: 3.1999.15

Good startVery fun. Just can’t claim the pre order rewards for some reason, like the rewards for the pre orders..Version: 4.326.10

1 звездаЗа 140 мегаящиков.Version: 3.1999.15

Pay 2 WinGame is so pay to win just another cash grab.Version: 3.1999.19

Money grabThis game is also just luck, why are you giving some people heros their first pic, and some people get goblins and other trash, but dont worry you can pay to re roll! You can pay to win! Another money grab game where only effort made was to see how much money they can milk from one person. Awful controls, cant change location of controls, not user friendly..Version: 3.1999.15

Poor GameI’ve tried to give this game multiple chances. You cannot tell what is going on at all. You go into a fight thinking this will be an easy battle to get absolutely dominated. Other times you’ll be winning comfortably to then be overtook by someone 100 gems behind last minute. It’s not often i write game reviews but this game is poor..Version: 4.326.10

TerribleSo supercell decides to make brawl stars easier. All you do is collect gems. The only success I see this game having is if you get rewards for other games playing it. Supercell needs to focus on one game at a time and stop releasing games that won’t be played. Like who actually played Clash mini or whatever.Version: 3.1999.15

CringeVery no bueno, it’s mid.Version: 3.1999.3

Assolutamente buggatoQuando avvio una partita si sente solo la musica con schermo nero. Fallimento incredibile!.Version: 3.1999.3

TrashNice visual fun until after tutorial. No skill involved all RNG based and like always pay to win if you are not willing to pay lots of money good luck you ain’t winning anything progression super slowly with out spending lots of money. Super cell and not balance or make a skilled based multiplayer game if some one provided the game for them and all they had to do was turn on the servers..Version: 4.326.10

It’s not as good as COC.I felt confused when I first played the game last night. Later it made sense but confusion right in beginning may not give good impression on the game. It’s not clear as Clash of clans..Version: 4.326.10

Pay to WinIf you buy boosts for the game you basically guarantee you’ll win. Along with that you can buy special characters that are overpowered so you’ll never lose. The winner of the match tends to be the one who spent the most money. There’s also no tier system for players. The top 100 players get matched with the bottom 100 players which makes no sense and runs counterintuitive to all previous clash games.Version: 3.1999.3

Horrible.At first I liked it, but as you progress it becomes more and more boring. Games are frustrating as it takes almost no skill at all rather then having luck. You have people that waste money on mobile game micro transactions and buy keys, which makes the game even more unfair as others who are less fortunate and cannot buy your little micro transactions get put all the way at the bottom of the food chain. Implementing the keys is a good idea, but executed so poorly. 2 years of development for it to feel like a game recommended for 9 and under. This game was a flop and is overrated..Version: 3.1999.15

BoringI'm sigma.Version: 3.1999.3

ГовноНельзя зайти дауны разрабы паула тупая.Version: 3.1999.3

Lacking contentThe games fun for a short amount of time then just gets repetitive, ain’t much to do after you’ve played a few matches. Spent a while unlocking the plaza upgrades expecting it to unlock some cool new features, to be disappointed with it just allowing you to change some random decorations..Version: 4.326.10

The games great for the most part…The game truly stems from originality with every aspect of it seemingly coming from the most refreshing sources. I regret to inform you dear reader but this form of mere art comes from the most brilliant mind of our day and i would never sacrifice this art for anything in the world. My complaint is that it don’t do good with the function things..Version: 4.326.10

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