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Probably one of my favourite games right nowThis game is really good and I ain’t no bot but I love brawl stars and seeing a clash of clans,clash royal and brawl stars in one game makes it so much fun now I would recommend to download this game.Version: 4.326.10

Supercell marry meHaven’t played yet but if supercell is making it, it must be amazing. Please marry me.Version: 4.326.10

GameplayHey there ,Great game but there is one thing I would like to see implemented is being able to use long range characters attack while moving and each character having a special ability which would make game play more fun.Version: 4.326.10

Amazing game (for now)Greg 🗣️🗣️.Version: 4.326.10

NicePlz make it go global.Version: 3.1999.3

運|Shark⚡Игра прикольная, поиграл и меня затянуло. Игра только вышла в глобал и я буду олдом).Version: 3.1999.3

GoodGood👏👏👏.Version: 3.1999.3

StunningAll in all a really good game but it has one thing missing where is the mini pecka it would work so well in this game because we don’t have any high dps low attacks speed troops and mini pecka would fill in those shoes.Version: 4.326.10

Great; however…This game is a blast! It's super fun and enjoyable, with a concept that really hooks you in. I gotta say, I appreciate that it's not all about squeezing money out of players. I hope they keep it that way because it has the potential to be a massive hit from Supercell. The only bummer is that it seriously munches on your phone's battery. I mean, after playing it a few times throughout the day, I've had to charge my phone like three freakin' times! But hey, it's a new game, so I'm hoping they'll optimize it with future updates. Fingers crossed!.Version: 3.1999.3

So far really good graphics and game!Just started playing and this game is good!.Version: 4.326.10

Too casualNeeds some sort of competitiveness to make it last like a main character you spawn in with no matter what that you control and the chest gives you npcs that fight.Version: 4.326.10

First commentI win.Version: 4.326.10

GreatGreat combat, Great characters and how they evolved into better looking versions of themself overall great game.Version: 4.326.10

AmazingThis game is the best supercell game I’ve ever played! I love the amount of characters and evolutions and the spells mega units etc. There is so many things to do in this game! I will never get bored of it. Obviously the game is gonna get new characters added to it frequently like brawl stars, but may I suggest that you add Buster from brawl stars because the game is called “Squad BUSTERs”. If supercell read this thank you, and to all the other people wondering to get it or not. GET IT, ITS AMAZING! 5 stars..Version: 4.326.10

Very niceRlly good game! It’s difficult to see your squads hp in a fight tho..Version: 3.1999.3

SigmaSigma Ohio rizz.Version: 3.1999.3

SQUAD BUSTERS!Just downloaded it and already started and the game is really well made. Can’t wait to play fully! 😄👌👍.Version: 4.326.10

Love itKeep up the good work supercell. Love the games that u come up with, and ur creativity is really great when it comes to making games like these..Version: 4.326.10

Great game but…Purchased this game as soon as it released. Very fun to begin with however it gets a bit repetitive. I also think that it lacks the need to be skilful. Anyway fun to play but would love to see some updates that bring new features..Version: 4.326.10

Great gameI just got this game and I can say it’s really good. I can’t wait for more updates. I wish there were more ways to get gold or make things cheaper..Version: 4.326.10

Honest opinionAlthough this game was made by supercell, which will obviously hype up the people in the community, the amount of detail and dedication the team has put into this game is amazing! Now i am able to experience all the supercell games in one!.Version: 4.326.10

BrilliantThere is only one bug that I have found When you loose connection and the game reloads, it just gets stuck in a loop cycle where you can’t do anything untill that game has ended and returns you to the main menu. There is no delay between the reconnect error and the next attempt to reconnect….and you have no option to quit to the main menu because of this. Except for that, this in an unbelievable achievement again for supercell..Version: 4.326.10

The only thing I’m sad about is the loadingOne of the best things about any supercell games is the loading jingle, the fact it just says squad busters is kind of a let down, besides that it’s amazing.Version: 4.326.10

Great Game, Highly RecommendAnother classic from Supercell, it has fun gameplay that is varied enough that it doesn’t get repetitive, colourful graphics, fun characters and overall a good time..Version: 4.326.10

First review on this app lolThis is a really good game at first I thought it would be boring but it seems really fun hope to play more of this game.Version: 4.326.10

BadIts like playing Rainbow six Siege you Want to‘ Hang yourself After one Round.Version: 3.1999.15

OkSeems good but I think it will get reptitive and boring fast as I think it’s not the most exciting formula of a game just from playing it I can tell Again depends on your opinion.Version: 4.326.10

Good, but other Super Cell games are betterI can see loads of inspiration in here form other games from Super Cell, like brawl stars, clash of clans, etc… So I thought it would be great if the game had some special own characters. Also, it isn’t even close to tame like brawl stars, as I think the competition in it is low and most ‘monsters’ are easy to kill, so I also think it would be great to make these ‘monsters’ a lot stronger..Version: 4.326.10

Controller Support RequestPlease allow controller support for a better gaming experience!.Version: 4.326.10

W gameThis game is so sigma, it just came out and is soo skibidi. Top 3 mobile game..Version: 4.326.10

Really Fun and Easy to PlayThis game is so addictive, its fun to play with random enemy teams but also fun to party up with friends or family too. I haven’t seen anything to suggest its pay to play at the moment and i’ve put 6 hours in at least. Previously tried Supercells latest releases, Everdale (or whatever it was called) and Brawl Stars (which was no fun at all) but I think they have learned from that and as they always do, listen to the SuperCell community in producing this! The battles are medium not short and its really nice to see SuperCell adding characters from Clash of Clans to Hayday! Recommend 10/10 from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.326.10

W sigma Game chat🗣️🗣️🔥🔥This game is so skibidi ohio and all the characters all got GYATT. I can edge to this like a NPC everyday and rizz everybody with this game..Version: 4.326.10

Awesome ideaGood idea good gameplay one of my favourite supercell games.Version: 4.326.10

Très bon jeuJe simple et addictif qui promet un bon développement.Version: 4.326.0

Cool beansIma be the first n the games tough as real fun should download 👍🏻.Version: 4.326.10

Pretty fun so far!The game came out about 10 minutes ago for me after playing the tutorial and having my first 2 games i can see this game is pretty fun with character from clash of clans/ clash Royale, brawl stars and other supercell games it’s combat system works by when you aren’t moving there’s a circle around your characters and they will attack enemies in this circle I’m really looking forward to what this game has to offer!.Version: 4.326.10

I think it’s very goodWhen I first played it I thought it was good and I still love it and I have no bad complaints about squad busters.Version: 4.326.10

Awesome Game!Ive been playing for a bit now and this game is actually kinda fun! I always love games with crossovers and this game does that for me! There is some bugs but that’s expected for a game that released today. This game gets a 8/10 from me!.Version: 4.326.10

Squid bustersThis game is so good from all the supercell games all the characters are in this game and like in brawl stars the box’s are gone but this has box’s and this game makes me so happy I can play this all day.Version: 4.326.10

RunFun.Version: 4.326.10

Good GameGood game just a little hard to see who’s winning in a fight becuSe there is so much going on.Version: 3.1999.3

!Must read! Good review of my gaming experience.This game is very new and underdeveloped, however its action and creativity has hooked me in the first few games!😂 I think this is one of the first reviews so that’s pretty cool. I’ve been playing games made by supercell for over 9 years and I defo assure that you would enjoy this whenever your a passive or agresive type of player. Overall I would highly recommend this game for anyone who’s looking to get into a game, it’s online (play with your friends) and has a fun and quick matchmaking process. 10/10 from me. 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 4.326.10

9.5/10Game is amazing I played before world launch it is very fun and enjoyable the only thing for me is that some cool skins could be added but I’m sure that will happen in future Thanks.Version: 4.326.10

Amazing game!This game is amazing except for a couple things: 1. To evolve your troops you have to have 10 “baby” troops of the person you want to evolve so if you want one 3 star troop you have to have 100 “baby” troops! And it takes a loooooooooong time to get “baby” troops unless you are a pay to win person! 2. Now I’m just recomending this but it would be nice if in the bottom right or left corner there would be a box that showed all the troops you have so you could see all of your troops. And except for all of this, the game is amazing! And I do recomend the game!.Version: 4.326.10

Squad bustersThe game is 10/10 a little buggy but perfect game glad to be able too play it.Version: 3.1999.3

Amazing gameThis game has just released and it’s amazing there are no bugs and the game is just overall very fun it has characters from other supercell games it is super fun and it has a lot of very good features such as the trees which give you gems and coins to round it up this game is amazing I recommend you download it..Version: 4.326.10

GoodReally good game buy now for free one of the best games every play it now!.Version: 4.326.10

Review For Squad BustersGreat game honestly it's a mix of a the supercell which I love. I mainly play Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and Clash Of Clans. The different characters from all the games but one thing that made me choose 4 stars is the way how people just steal kills, its sometimes impossible to get kills and sometimes lags me out..Version: 4.326.10

Pretty boringJust want to be a og review unless they rid this game to.Version: 4.326.10

Good game so far, wonder where it’ll goThis is a really interesting game from supercell, and seems like a bit of a departure from the rest of their titles. Most of the time there’s a team-based competitive aspect to their main games, but that’s not here (yet, at least). The gameplay loop is pretty simple, but it is absolutely NOT completely dependant on luck as many people are saying. A there is a lot of luck involved, but the overall goal of each match is to place in the top 5 of the 10 players. Your job is not to *win*, but to *not lose* which involves quickly adapting your strategy to the options that are presented to you. Maybe you need to take Greg because the loot on the map is running low, or maybe you need to take some chickens because you don’t stand a chance in a fight and need an option to run away (hog rider my beloved). You’ll typically be transitioning through a spectrum of fighting to farming, depending on what your options are. Speaking of options that are presented to you, the current progression system. You start of with a set of characters and slowly unlock more as you go along. There seems to be some kind of soft cap with unlocking characters from chests, could be to improve the odds of you levelling up characters you own, or could be to try and get you to buy the characters in the shop for around 100k gold each (which would likely take a couple weeks per character). Each game you play has a random selection of 5 characters of each rarity (common, rare, epic) and can have any character that is available to you. What this means is that if there are 5 epics that you have available via your world but are not unlocked, you could have a game where your epic character list won’t have anything available to you. What’s more is that chests in a match give you an option of 3 characters, and if it rolls a character you don’t have unlocked then it takes up a chest slot and you can’t select them. Basically, sometimes chests will just be unlucky and only give you 1 option, the chance of this being lower the more characters you have unlocked. However, again, there seems to be a soft cap on character unlocking, so we’ll see what’s up with that when it goes global. Overall though, the act of levelling up your characters is satisfying and fun because it’s not strictly stat boosts, they’re new mechanics that give the character more identity. As for “oh this is p2w”, the game is about being above average, not winning. You can absolutely place above average in many games with baby characters, though having more options with stronger abilities certainly helps you place higher more consistently. Anyways I’m done yapping. It’s a different game that I didn’t expect to like as much as I do. There’s enough macro and micro gameplay that it feels satisfying and engaging, but not too overly competitive that it breeds toxicity. I’m excited to see where this goes and wish the best of luck to the devs for a successful global launch..Version: 3.1999.19

Amazing supercell game, as alwaysNever a bad game made by supercell, and this is no exception! I love this game it’s actually so fun to see all the other characters running around as babies, I tend to play supercell games a lot and I see myself playing this a lot too. Thanks for making another amazing game!.Version: 4.326.10

Feedback on first impression!I really could see this game go global, but there’s some things that could be changed. I think that there’s too much of randomness in game and it might be a little bit too much chaotic (maybe reduce squad capacity) The progression is really good (much better than clash mini) and that is why this game have big potential! Continue working on it! We can break the curse!.Version: 3.1999.3

DecentFun and nice for a quick game or 2 but difficult to see what’s happening on screen I don’t know if I’m winning or losing the fight But is fun either way Thank you SuperCell 👍 Also can’t connect supercell ID please help me fix or fix it your self thank you.Version: 4.326.10

A review for supercellI am loving this game! It is so fun and it is an excellent that all supercell games are combined into one. You should be impressed with this game. 𝐻𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒶 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝒹𝒶𝓎!.Version: 4.326.10

Game has PotentialThis game has so much potential only issue i am experiencing as of now is a bug which occurs when you’re playing on mobile data, once you find a game and during the connecting session it’ll just infinitely loop, then crash giving you a loss, hopefully supercell can address this..Version: 4.326.10

Combination of all popular supercell gamesLoads of characters from other games, gameplay is also quite fun..Version: 4.326.10

Squad Busters is amazingThis game had given me so much happiness as it is really fun and I could play with my friends. The combinations you could use on the busters are so amazing and I am yet to find out more. I recommend this game if you like brawl stars or just like to play with your friends..Version: 4.326.10

Epic game, could do with some more variety thoI got this from a preorder from brawl stars and I think that it is pretty good, it reminds one of clash Royale, brawl stars and the discontinued clash mini, with the variety and combos I can make. It provides areal experience of fun that is really difficult to find in games nowadays. Hopefully supercell won’t kill this game like it did clash mini because that was sad then and I feel that this game if it keeps on track from its current gameplay should be good for the rest of its time in the App Store..Version: 4.326.10

Squad BustersIt just came out today and it already better than expected totally recommend getting it and happy to say that I am an og in this game uehegeeheg.Version: 4.326.10

SQUAD BUSTERS!!!Okay where can I begin, the game is absolutely amazing!!! I love the unique style and how it’s almost like a free for all. I love how easy it is to keep on playing, I could play 20 matches and I wouldn’t even notice. I also really like how many of the Brawl Stars characters are here too, (my other favourite game) but seriously great job super cell! I also like how you can only attack while standing still, so it gives you a chance to survive and escape, can’t wait to see where this game goes, so glad I pre-registered..Version: 4.326.10

It’s a good gameThe game is definitely good as it is a blend of the various games supercell have made but I feel it’s a little too much like brawl stars, as the content does have other games produced by supercell but it’s got more brawl star blend then any other. Like a milkshake that gots too much of one ingredient that it starts to taste more of that ingredient then any other..Version: 4.326.10

I love this gameSupercell delivers once again.Version: 4.326.10

Just Tested itGreat game, tutorial is really helpful and easy to understand. Many cool functions to play with. Since this game just came out, I expect a lot of updates and balance changes (better be good). Still far from Crash Royale and Brawl Stars but hopefully will be the new supercell’s ‘main game’ in a while..Version: 4.326.10

HiIt's a really great game from supercell it shows how many games we have lived though.I just wish they added more skill based play.Version: 4.326.10

10/10Squad busters is 🔥.Version: 4.326.10

Great Game!This game has only been released for 2 days since this review was written but I’m already hooked! This game is so action packed and I just can’t stop coming back for more! I love how the mechanics work as well as progression speed. This game is truly a free-to-play-friendly masterpiece! Truly excellent.Version: 4.326.10

Five star funMy only gripe about this game is that it is too addictive that and having to wait to receive new chests. Great work team..Version: 4.326.10

We upppRelease.Version: 4.326.10

I MEAN ITS ALRIGHT🤷‍♂️Theres way more pay to win then clash royal but less then clash of clans but if you lose 3 times in a row having to spend gold or something else just to play another game.Version: 4.326.10

Pretty good game, has some issuesOverall starting out the game is pretty fun, however the issues are there as the combat can be strange at times, having to stop moving to attack leads to people running away from you and being unable to do anything about it, the combat can also be unclear leading to being unable to recognise when units are killed or when they are low due to the combat just smashing units together, it so far seems to be devoid of the usual pay to win aspects of supercell and is a relatively solid game overall.Version: 4.326.10

Love it!Really enjoying the game, not difficult to understand, not sure if it’s just me but the app keeps closing during gameplay, not every game but about every other. Not a negative comment, the game is great, just seeing if this is a common issue the developers might want to fix.Version: 4.326.10

Crushed itI’ve been waiting for this to release and you guys didn’t disappoint. Good game, hope you keep working on it.Version: 4.326.10

Squad BustersVery nice game it fun you guys made up when you defeated him you putted in busted and I love and the baby’s version are cool and that and lastly the upgrade are insane like they grow up and they also get spells love the game.Version: 4.326.10

GameThis game is great. I’ve been playing it for months now. so fun and it has brought me closer to my son. I highly recommend playing this game it is truly a masterpiece..Version: 4.326.10

RatingThis game is pretty amazing because it has action in it and overall I would instantly give this game a 5 star rating.Version: 4.326.10

An extremely fun game but can be unfair sometimesSuch a fun game that any supercell fan will love! Characters from all games are available and the maps combined with the mods make for a unique experience and prevent it from feeling dull. My one critique is that given the match making is based on what map you are on, those higher up in the map can much more easily defeat you and can spend real money to advance very quickly.Version: 4.326.10

Honest opinionI’ve only been playing it today but it’s been a fun game at the moment . Although I doubt the longevity as it remind me of clash mini with the initial hype and then had little to development with the game. If this game is monitored and has development this will stay a great game ..Version: 4.326.10

Amazing gameSo far i love it but the one thing i don’t understand is the fact i did my supercell id and i haven’t got archer queen —thank you for the quick fix i love you supercell.Version: 4.326.10

ModesAdd new game modes some team ones and those keys ain’t it.Version: 3.1999.3

Thank you supercellThis game is what i was hoping it was gonna be thank you for never disappointing us❤️.Version: 4.326.10

Amazing!This is my first Supercell game, and I regret not getting any more because this game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Since launch, which was yesterday, I have not stopped playing this game! Probably my new favourite mobile game! Cant wait to see future updates!!.Version: 4.326.10

Very fun gameReally fun to play and for a game that has just released, it is performing very well and looks good.Version: 4.326.10

It’s AMAZING 🤩All it is is all the supercell games comibine into a game where you have to collect gems and defeat other players, super fun been playing for 2 hours 😎🤑🤩.Version: 4.326.10

Where do i beginI can’t believe i can how bust with my friends, this game has changed my life, i will bust with all of my friends now. Thank you supercell for making such an amazing game ❤️.Version: 4.326.10

Great game even in early stagesIt is about a day into it being released and it is a great game, it requires strategy and also has a fun aspect to it. You have outdone yourself this time supercell.Version: 4.326.10

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