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Boom Beach App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Boom Beach app received 91 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Boom Beach? Can you share your negative thoughts about boom beach?

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Boom Beach for Negative User Reviews

BB zzz.Eve Echoes makes BB look like a cheap cartoon made for mentally handicapped children..Version: 42.37

Update bugsLoads of bugs with last update. Including but not limited to game closing down trying to load troops from gun boat.Version: 34.147

Crap gameI used to love this game But it’s got ridiculous now the long waiting times for upgrades on buildings stupid rewards when you conquer somebody’s island also the troops are getting boring now when the season tournament begins get rid of that freeze season it is crap you start off with the worst lineup ever you have no chance of concreting or winning but even if you do win a challengeTells you that you’ve lost it I spent hours on this I don’t even bother now it’s a waste of time when there’s better games out. Developers can you come up with new characters it’s not worth my time anymore and it’s a real shame are used to love it but at the end of the day corporate he’s going to read this message and nobody will do anything about it.Version: 44.243

CoolYeah its a pretty cool game I guess but it kinda has a bit of s bug..Version: 35.113

It seems to be stuck on the update screen.I've already updated this app but when I try to open it, it just tells me that an update is available..Version: 33.108

Now whatEnjoyed boom beach for a long time. But Now I’ve upgraded everything now what. Resources everywhere and nothing to do. Game is getting stale guys.Version: 44.179

Good game if you can afford itThis is a well crafted game, BUT you can only go so far before you find the limits of trying to get enough resources to upgrade before someone comes along and takes them off you. Without buying gems you won't progress. At least with Clash of clans you can progress if you're patient, not so with this game, disappointing. Don't mind paying for a games, but this is just greedy. Come on guys, you're already making millions!!.Version: 14.57.1

Connection problemsI live in the Styx which means I have rubbish internet and playing this game is an absolute pain, if you loose internet you loose your attack (if doing imitation game or something similar) you also tend to loose all of your troops even though you may have completed the attack on your phone - the server says otherwise! I’ve been playing for a long time now and they still haven’t addressed this problem and in my eyes, along with many people in my TF, this NEEDS to be addressed. E.G loosing connection during a TF attack means you loose your attack so the whole TF suffers. Big problem needs to be addressed..Version: 32.87

Please readI quit playing this game 3 years ago but never wrote a review on why I quit playing this game my reason of my not playing this game anymore is it got boring and nothing new was ever added to the game I ended up deleting this game off of my phone and started investing my time and energy into games that kept adding things new to their apps like clash of clans they are constantly updating their game and adding new items to it this game was fun while it lasted but in order to get me back as a player I constantly like to see new changes and new items added but this game I was only seeing the same items after every update I did create my own clan but I deleted it shortly after just because I wasn’t seeing any big changes or new items added this game couldn’t keep up with my needs of wanting new things added so to my hearts dismay I had to delete it and move on to games that could keep up with everything I wanted and expected out of a game and I expected changes and new things added so for this reason I only gave this app 1 star the game lay out I wasn’t impressed with it always stayed the same and it never looked different when the seasons changed but with clash of clans they always change the seasons.Version: 43.87

Love the game but...Only mobile game I play, but matchmaking really sucks. I’m HQ 16 level 45, being put up against HQ 19-21, all being at least level 55 but most of the time level 60. Can’t attack, can’t defend, can’t get and keep resources, can’t upgrade..Version: 43.87

Good but please add one thingThis game is very addictive and fun but I wanted it to add one more thing. I want it to have more builders. You only get one builder. That’s just a bit annoying. Clash of Clans have 2 builders at first and if you can find gems you could have 5-6 builders. Plus I want more builders because this game has like 23 HQ levels and if I’m going to have 1 builder... that’s gonna take a long time. My parents won’t allow me to pay money on games so I cannot pay for extra builders. Please add extra builders or this game it going to take forever!.Version: 42.37

Addictive but slowI like this game, it is a solid "have". But, unless you have money to spend on diamonds, it is slow and can be frustrating as things take FOREVER to be built and lesser opponents with money to spend have a big advantage. It makes it even slower when you get much higher players on your map that either wipe you out or is suicide to attack. I have reached the point where unless I spend money, the game is not that fun anymore. Add to above. MASSIVE DOWNGRADE!!! Two BIG problems I have with this game. 1. Why do long range units move into the range of shorter range units. Isn’t that why I developed/purchaseuse long range units in the first place? Some of the most stupid programming in a game EVER! 2. Warships. The most waste of time “upgrade” of all time. It has disappointed me so much that I almost stopped playing the game completely! Touted as a PvP addition, it is NOTHING CLOSE TO THIS. My actions during battle have no effect on the opponent, the whole POINT of PvP. All it is is the game redesigned so that two players race to destroy each other’s ship. They could have saved a lot of time and just let players destroy each other’s bases in real time. The most stupid part of the warships game is the “race” to destroy each other. If I destroy you and you destroy me, we are both dead, it doesn’t matter who did it first. I HUGE disappointment and falls way short of the hype. Again NOT PvP..Version: 37.104

Too desperate.Overall this game is a good game. After coming back from a about a year ago I saw a new and good improvement. Those were warships, I thought they were awesome. But in the past few updates I realized that they were trying to hang on, I’m pretty sure it’s a dying game so I understand. However, when I try to get to my daily reward, I tap on the boat and I get sent to the “double builder, instant troop spawns and a warship perk or something” and it’s not even that. They put you right in the middle of the buying stuff, so I have to scroll to the left a little bit. Don’t you think that’s going to far? I feel like I’m playing EA sport where they have to by everything. I mean like, waiting time is way too long. And as I progress in the game I feel like there would be less involvement. Waiting, if I were waiting then I wouldn’t play the game yet, and when it’s done I would go on. Do a few battles and upgrade what I need to do and wait another day or two. It’s just not right at all..Version: 39.73

Bad reviews lol 2 1/2 stars hahahahahhaPay to win garbage. It deserves the 2 1/2 stars it got. Change it. Never again would I play this uselessness. Too much time needed and I don't want to waste money that I worked hard to get..Version: 31.146

The game was fun.The introduced warships to add a PVP element to the game. I’m thinking ok, I’ll give it another shot, I understand that my first base was extremely rushed. Second time around I start to enjoy the PVP addition to the game. Only to realize that the season is extremely short, ok no big deal. I can wait 8 days to play again. I’ll just not play until the beginning of the month. October roles around, I check in on my base daily just to keep it from getting completely raided and losing all of my resources, (A drastic change that needs to happen is not losing all your resources in one raid). I’m not attacking because I only get islands that are 10 to 15 levels above me. This makes the game increasingly difficult to attack and get resources after losing all your resources. So October come and I’m excited for the 4th season of warships, and that’s were they lost me. 8 more days of waiting to be able to play again. The people at supercell has a disconnect with their players, Clash of Clans has had the same problems for years, yet supercell won’t fix issues that the players tell them are ruining the gameplay..Version: 38.108

Oof you supercellFirst of all why did you make a clash of clans mod name boom beach?! Second so you made the game I’ll said ok the game is still not bad maybe i said it a year ago but now where the hell are updates? Third ok so it is a mod of clash of clans but clash of clans is more popular u know why? Because it has way too more options if you are now a little sad please don’t ban me I love all of your game from clashroyale and brawl stars to hayday pop! But boom beach hasn’t got any walls!you say what of course ill go and install clash of clans instead of boom beach! I am Sam You can name me in one f your videos supercell if you want or you can make a creator code named Sam LOL XD.Version: 42.37

We’ve come a long way but...I’ve been playing this game for 2.5 years... most days... I’ve invested a lot of time. No other game has kept my attention anywhere close, I’ve built friendships in a task force with people on the other side of the world and well, I’ve never paid a penny for any of this, just pure dedicated game play. So why 3 stars..? Well, reading through comments I’m clearly not alone, I’m level 65, everything is maxed out, I have nothing to do. Even Mega Crab has lost its charm and the daily events are repetitive and lacking reward enough to want to take up the challenge. Please build out the game, quite honestly I would happily pay for some sort of an add in... so many options, to name but a few... - grow your island - new weapons and troop options - explore new added locations - mix up the daily challenge - do something with the random message in a bottle - let task forces go up against other task forces Honestly I could go on for hours. Please do something... I really don’t want to leave behind the hours of effort!.Version: 35.130

Amazing game but data is a little messed upI love this game and it is so addictive and amazing but they have data problems. A long time ago I got really good at this game but for some reason I quit. Just recently I started playing it again and I loved it but every time i booted it up it asked me if I wanted to load my old game witch was pretty annoying. I figured I didn’t want to because I forgot everything and it gets more and more complicated so I just would be confused. One time I started playing it and I wanted to upgrade one of my towers so I clicked it but as soon as I clicked the notification came up again. I accidentally clicked load and it didn’t even ask me to confirm it it just immediately loaded. As I thought, I was really confused and I had a different tactic on my old account then I did my new one and so it was hard to play. It also didn’t let me reset my data (it got so bad to where I didn’t care if I restarted it). I tried so many ideas (even deleting and downloading again) and it still would just load my old account.I really like this game and recommend it but I had to take away two stars because of this problem, please fix this..Version: 38.93

Money, Money, MoneyAfter all the hype I feel really disappointed, I stuck with the game for months because I thought it would improve but now just feels like I am forced to spends money on diamonds for upgrades... I lose countless battles in a row and end up moving further away from the next upgrade available and unless I have diamonds have to wait for hours to get troops back, that means at any one time I get max 3 hits and if I lose them all I am worse off... and then lied the next problem I don’t select my opponent that means I could end up battling someone who is far more upgraded than I am and just end up getting wiped out very quickly.... I have a strong suspicion that Warships was intended as a money spinner for Supercell rather improvements for the gamers.Version: 37.125

Average nowTo new comers. This game is awesome. You definitely need to try it out. It might be a bit slow at the start, waiting for resources, having not enough units to raid, raid bases are too hard etc. Once you get past that it’s more fun when you join a team can do a team operation get more loot. Grow your base set it up so people don’t always win on raiding your base. Then you get to max level everything. Now it’s just boring. I don’t need resources. Don’t care if I get raided because I still don’t need my resources. Maybe still stay in a team so you can help out on team operations with other less than enthusiastic team members which watch you more resources that you never use. Mega crab event was fun and guess what it earns you more resources. Supercell seriously need to make another hq level and new upgrades..Version: 35.158

An all new low!After being very disappointed with the new warships game, unfair battling, me with 3 engines being matched up against those with 7 engines and stacks of prototype weapons, finishing a battle long before your opponent only to see the win going to them and on one occasion my opponent destroyed only 1 of my engines while I destroyed all of theirs and they still got the win? I persevered, and played to the end of the season, building up my defences and strengthening my troops and then...... season ends and we have to wait a few days for season 2..... no biggie, my base is starting to look good and my troops are starting to max out and I’m looking forward to some new challenges but no...... we’re all reset back to basic level, great, so now the horrible frustration begins all over again! Yaaay I think you guys are taking the proverbial now and like so many other reviewers I feel this game isn’t focused on player satisfaction but how much real hard earned money you can part from your gamers. ‘‘Tis a shame for sure..Version: 37.125

EnnuyeuxRépétitif !.Version: 44.243

Purchased item expired earlyPurchased 2nd builder for 1 month before the update my expiry is set for dec 10/2019. I did cancel auto renew earlier then it should of stopped but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get what I paid for. Since the update where they have it so you can purchase it one time I can’t double build anymore well before the expiry..Version: 40.71

Trash..Version: 37.81

Great concept but matchup flawedThis is a terrific concept with just one fatal flaw - the matchup process is deeply stuffed. Progressing normally (I.e. attacking other people) means you will increasingly be matched with opponents with much more advanced bases. Unfortunately the key to this game seems to be to not collect medals - attack only during special events (crab, Dr T, etc) when medals aren’t awarded - that way your victory rank stays down. The all-or-nothing battles means that winning is pretty much impossible. Add to that the fact that you’re being raided by higher level squads, sometimes five times in 24 hours, and the game is frustrating. It’s almost as if they want you to rush your HQs to higher levels. Clash of Clans had the same problem but fixed it. Seems Boom Beach didn’t get the memo. PS. Why do we get winter scenes in the height of summer? There are two hemispheres guys!.Version: 43.87

Bad Xmas 2017 Update - Keeps Crashing During AttacksWhile the game itself is good, the Christmas 2017 update is not. The game keeps crashing during attacks, resulting in the automatic loss of all your forces and no rewards, even if you were winning at the time of the crash. I'll wait for the next update before playing again..Version: 33.108

Extremely unbalancedThis game used to be so fun with all the strategy and tactics until you start getting better at the game, now when you are headquarters level 9 (like me) you get headquarters level 12 enemy’s! That and the fact everyone you attack can just barrage you when you don’t even have the move. But other than that 5 star game (Which I would have voted if it was balanced) please read and fix!.Version: 43.87

Please Fix ThisThe main game is really fun actually and Warships can be but it suffers problems that need to be fixed asap. Around level 11/12 whenever I wait the grueling 2 or so hours to train my troops after 2 attacks I’ll load into another match and the only thing that Im beginning to notice is that people only barrage the Engine Room because they’ve upgraded their barrage since they first started playing. This is so annoying it drives me from playing the game. Not only do I have to get enough of the gear thingys to upgrade to the next section and get another engine room for my base but its so hard because it takes forever to win a match because all people do is barrage the engine room making it so I have to get atleast a 100% on their base which isn’t easy at all. Another thing to note is that you need not only 25 keys but also 500 gear thingys to upgrade to another engine room. In order to get the 500 required gears you have to upgrade other things which only grant about 20-25. Considering I cant win any matches to rank up and get more chests but its at the point where I need about my 2-3 chests to even upgrade anything but it’s pointless anyway because someone can simple barrage my engine room. I think ive just about explained it enough but the warships mode is quite flawed and I doubt it’ll be fixed. The Warships mode is cheesy/uneasy and not even worth it. -K.Version: 38.105

Warships need permanent upgradable structuresI like the idea of the tech tree, but having most of your progress on warships erased after each season is a bummer. I would like permanent structures that don’t get reset at the end of the season on warships. On the start of a warships season I have weak troops to chose from and not enough upgrade and unlock tokens. I have had battles where I can’t even take down 1 engine room because of poor selection of troops and I win by percentage. I can’t unlock crates easily because my army is too weak. Unlock crates based on combination of stars and engine rooms? Add new defenses and troops to warships as permanent upgradable content that’s progress can’t be erased with the start of a new season. I love this game, and can’t wait to see what comes next! Also please let un-used unlock and upgrade tokens carry over to the next season! Otherwise there is no real progression on the warships base..Version: 43.72

CheatThe game is just ok but when you attack I’d say 10% of the time it will either say connection lost and you just lose all your troops or you will finish the attack and on the summary you will lose the connection and lose all your troops or during the challenges they have you will get far into the attack and then it will say connection lost you lose your troops and your progress and the worst part of all is that if you ask for support they will automatically blame it on you. It’s your connection that had a problem it’s your fault you weren’t on WiFi or your phone is lagging whatever their answer is it’s your fault even if all your other games apps radio internet is working just fine a minute ago or seconds after or even the radio during game play it is still your fault because then you shouldn’t have had the radio running. So basically their answer is to play this game you must be right next to your router have no other apps running or anything else running that is connected to your router and do not move you must stay right next to it so you have full bars. If you don’t do these things and record yourself following these steps then anything that happens while playing is your fault.Version: 38.108

Boom beach buildersThe game is great overall, with fun tactical strategies and amazing graphics. The only issue I have with this game however is having only 1 builder. Something that makes other game’s similarly designed to this more fun is the ability to progress quickly with good results. When playing this game I always have full storages and I can’t really do anything but attack. I’m not willing to spend money for another builder so I hope you guys can implement more builders in this game for gems or something f2p players can use to buy it..Version: 43.72

AverageThis game is alright but is not user friendly, for one you only get one builder and to get another you have to pay for a monthly fee as if it's a TV service. So that leaves your base development days long just to get to the next tier, or you could just flash some cash and skip this annoying problem and filling their greedy pockets. But that isn't the only problem the matchmaking is horrible you are constantly paired up with people who are 2-3 base levels above you. The matching making system goes by your account level which you get points for building and upgrading builds but if you are the type of person who upgrades everything before you move on you are dooming your self as people who just upgrade the occasional thing will be your same level but twice your base level, hence the unbalanced and broken match making. Clash of Clans their previous title didn't have any of these issues, this just shows how overcome with greed they have become extra builders for a monthly fee, horrible matchmaker which encourages real life spending to remain relevant. Don't play this game Clash of Clans maybe by the same greedy company but it is less rigged against you..Version: 34.181

Don’t sign up with SupercellI recently bought a new phone and because I had signed up to a Supercell ID it has become a ridiculously onerous task just to play a game. I was asked to list all the devices I have played the game on, that sounds easy except I have been playing since January 2015! The city and country I started the account in, and receipts for all the purchases I have made from apple and google since that time! Also the last time I played the game, date and time! I know they are really security conscious but this is ridiculous! On other occasions with both my Boom and Clash accounts I have have been asked to create a new email address, I now have 5, 3 I don’t use for anything else and am expected to remember which one is associated with which account! You can’t find this out in your settings so even though I have the accounts on a couple of devices this vital information is not available to the user. My advice to any players is DON’T sign up for a Supercell ID I never had these problems with Apple game centre or Google..Version: 44.243

Something that annoys me “ALOT”There is the reinforcements or ‘backup’ troops in the battle ship, and.... i was wondering why the backup is not full when i go back onto the app is this some kind of bug or just something really annoying? Because i dont necessarily have much time on my hand and i have to be in the app for then to refill?!... if that’s how it’s supposed to work you really need to change it, otherwise fix the bug!.Version: 37.125

Updates please. Something for level 65 to continue.Love the game as I have been playing it for over two years. Now I have upgraded everything and have maxed out every defence, weapon, artillery etc; it’s quite repetitive! The mega crab is great but need some additional challenges to keep those of us that are level 65 (MAX) engaged. I have nothing to spend my resources on now so I’m just collecting them without being able to spend them. Please can you add new challenges to keep me playing or I will have to find another game to play. Like I say, I love the game and has kept me entertained for many months and would like to keep playing. There is too much of a gap between mega crabs which leaves the game, in some instances, boring to continue..Version: 35.130

What is going on with the update?Can’t do the latest update....Version: 32.87

Iphone 13 problemAfter nearly every attack I do, the game force closes itself..Version: 44.243

Update problem (again)This used to happen every time a new update was available. I thought you had got over this what with the last few updates working but it seems that the problem is back again. Update is available but when I go to the update screen the only option is to open the game but when I touch open it goes back to the game where the only option is update etc round in circles and NOT updating. Spoiling my game time as it just doesn’t work and it used to stay like that for a day or two. I wonder how long it will take to right itself this time! That’s why I gave you only one star rating this time. The game is top of the range when it works..Version: 39.73

Warships is FlawedI’ve been playing Boom Beach for a number of years and Warships was a great addition. However, it has one crucial flaw which has allowed what seems to be a legitimate form of cheating. I’ve just played against a player who has only deployed 4 Engine Rooms whilst I have 6 as the map dictates. The map extension is for 6 Engine Rooms and he has clearly kept two back. He should be forced to deploy all of them, and not be selective. You may argue that I should be quicker, but that’s not the case as he has more defences to defend fewer Engine Rooms and that immediately places the attacker at a disadvantage. Please make it that the Engines Rooms, when earned, are deployed automatically and players are then forced to defend them, as the situation simply allows players to not only have a higher defence to Engine Room ratio, but the reward for clearing the map is also out of balance, and is not fair. MARCH 2022 I have now taken the decision to permanently delete this game, having played it daily for a number of years. The recent March 2022 Warship season continues to see players choosing to deploy fewer and fewer engine rooms, which in my view, is a form of cheating, but is allowed by the developers, who don’t listen to feedback and have now made it even more difficult to make contact with customers. They clearly don’t care, so neither will I..Version: 44.243

Winter UpdateIt won’t let me play. It opens the news and then does nothing. I would’ve rated 5 star except i won’t until you fix this. Device:IPad.Version: 33.114

Game over at level 65Its hard at the start. Getting stuff together and the like. Upgrades come slowly. But eventually you hit level 65 and its effectively game over. No real challenges, and resources are a waste of time as you cant do anything with them at that stage except see attackers take them. Dont get me wrong, its been fun, and task force games can be fun as well. But when you hit level 65 the fun drops off quite fast. If you get a year oit of it then its not all bad. Just dont waste actual cash on it, you will just get to the boring defence is perfect. No attack either. Just play it and have fun til it stops being fun anymore..Version: 38.105

Could be soooo much better!Quality game just cant play on it that much through out the day, not enough bases to attack or the bases are far too hard to beat for my level of attack strategies. It would be alot better if it was the same as This Means War, where u can flick through multiple bases until you find a suitable one to attack. This would make the game alot more enjoyable to play and players wouldnt find themselves grinding the game out. Also there are not enough builders, but you dont really get the chance to make enought supplies anyways so that doesnt really matter. Sometimes i find myself really wanting to play but i cant because i cant attack bases that are 10 levels higher than me, there defences are far too strong for my attack, this in turn means i actually lose more than i gain in terms of coins. This has to change!!!!!! Thanks.Version: 43.87

Name problemI Don’t know why supercell added this name difficulty on the level to radar I can’t find a proper name that has already been taken I can’t join any clan or something I remember why I never got back to playing boom Beach supercell fix this problem because a lot of people can’t play the game because of this stupid name thing on the level 2 radar. Because I won’t be able to properly play the game if I can’t upgrade my radar. wouldn’t recommend if you want to have a migraine looking for a name that has already been taken. this has been a problem for five years as a veteran player.Version: 44.243

I finally remember why I quit playing 5 years agoI used to play this game a lot back in the day and it was great until they updated the game and added AOE stun based defenses aka shock launchers that nullify 75% of the strategies that would otherwise work. Even worse though is that the developers decided to add more of said types of defenses in the form of mines and what not. But I guess that wasn’t enough so they then decided to make said defense buildings have the highest HP of all defense towers making them even more of a pain. Finally there’s the matchmaking that will continuously match you against higher leveled players the more matches you win which is great except for the fact that the algorithm doesn’t take sandbagging into account so more often then not you’ll find yourself faced off against impossible bases. I’m gonna call out the developer on that one because that’s been a issue with all supercell games for the past 7+ years and they still haven’t figured out how to fix it like all of the other big gaming companies. 2/5 stars because devs don’t know how to save their game TDLR: longtime player returning back to the archipelago 5+ years later only to see that not much has changed and that the devs basically killed their own game..Version: 43.72

Fun but a waiting gameI like this game, it’s really fun, however it gets a bit annoying when you have to constantly wait for buildings to get built or upgraded, can take over 7 hours. Which makes it hard to stay involved and I usually end up leaving the game and playing something else and coming back later when it’s finished. I can use diamonds to speed it up, but then I would run out of diamonds and still have to wait. But all in all I do recommend getting the game if you like battles, it’s pretty good and I don’t regret downloading it. It’s a great free game. UPDATE: I have actually not played it in a while now, I lost interest because of the waiting game. Especially when you loose characters in battle and have to wait up to 24 minutes to get them back. This type of game is a play here play there, when you make us wait that long, we leave the game and life goes on and then all of a sudden it’s been a year.Version: 43.87

Gamers bewareThis game is fun to play, love building up my fortress and successfully ransacking other islands but what I don't like is that to get further up the game ladder, become stronger, upgrade your buildings, build bigger armies you either need a ton load of resources which is impossible if your just starting or have to spend actual cash to purchase diamonds to gets upgrades. It's actually quite expensive buying the diamonds and you only get to upgrade 1 or 2 buildings. So my advice to those with disposable incomes is spend away but if you have a family and young children to feed, steer clear of this game as you will need extreme patience to get anywhere in this game as spending money on crystals may mean you don't have money for groceries that week..Version: 16.5.1

BuildersTakes hours to build anything and i only have 1 builder.Version: 44.243

Warships is a waste of timeI’m still to reach level 12 at my home base, but I can still play warships. However it seems in this game mode the strategy is, is to just fire all your artillery at one generator and hope either the person your playing against doesn’t do the same thing or actually attack’s your base and destroys it all. my artillery and boat are both not upgraded at all as I have gone for the more defensive approach. My defences are totally bypassed though by the artillery where someone waits to see if my attack was unsuccessful and then fires artillery destroying one of my generators without even landing one of his troops. To stop this annoying strategy where it’s more taking advantage of the low health generators the artillery and other gunboat abilities should have little effect on the generators, for example add a resistance effect for the generators. Warships has so much potential but literally just before I decided to right this complaint, this strategy was used on me 5 times in a row!!! Please fix it..Version: 37.125

Okay...but:This is a reasonably fun (read: time-killing) little game, but one thing makes me nuts: every time you guys update it, I fall into a continuous loop of “there’s a new version available” to clicking on update (takes me to App Store), where there is no “update”, only “open”, which then returns me to the game’s “new version available” screen. This goes on for hours, no matter how I approach it. No update shows in my update queue, so I’m stuck. Other than that, it is a fun, silly game for killing time. Update: the above didn’t happen when I did the new Warships update, so thank you for that. Otherwise, it still is a silly, little time-killing game with the emphasis on TIME-KILLING. It takes far too long to upgrade things. As another reviewer stated, you not only have to take a long time to collect sufficient resources to afford the upgrade, but then you are forced to wait many hours and sometime days to complete the upgrade. Yes, they want you buy diamonds to effect an instant build/upgrade, but hell will be long frozen before I spend a cent on one of these “free” games..Version: 37.66

Needs new thinking and ideasI have been playing BB for a number of years. I even stopped playing for over 6 months. Decided to go back and the new Battleship challenge has been added. At first I thought great something new. However what a farce it is. It is I’ll thought out and frankly a poor attempt to add new challenges to the game. This season (7) they have tried to stop the heavy chopper fiasco and have tried to bring strategy back and not a speed race. However for me my last season meant i started this new season at level 10. The issue is the offence is woefully under powered compared to defences. Therefore you are stuck. Progress is done by destroying engine rooms however you cannot reach them. Total madness and with seemingly no thought by the developers. The only way to progress is to deliberately lose which lots of players were doing as well. So all the effort of the last season is wiped out if I need to go backwards just to get out of a rut created by poor game creation. It’s a shame this is my longest running game but unless the start listening to feedback I will sadly stop playing..Version: 40.93

Bad update please fixThis game has recently released a new update with a new warship map and it was great until I used up all my troops and now it says that I have to wait over 400 DAYS!! (OVER A YEAR!) to get fully loaded troops again please fix this it's really disappointing that this happened..Version: 37.66

Starting overI had to replace my IPad, I do not like evasive programs like game center. I have recovered my game in the past,but apparently my game can not be found. I was told that the couldn't recover my game,I gave them whatever information I had, hard to believe that wasn’t enough!!! All the money that was spent on diamond is gone, It took me along time to get to the level I was at. My base was very well armed and protected. I can’t tell you how upsetI am, that I have to start over! They need to find a better way to identify players,,,save your money until they do. The flares that direct your men don’t always work .In spite of my placement of the flare the men wonder around and attack things I-was trying to avoid in the first place, causing a loss off men that was expected, this causes a lot of upgrading that is not fair. This is a game of strategy, why can’t i get my men to go were I want them to go? unnecessary deaths could be avoided. also why do you loss men during a retreat ? Isn’t that the point of retreating, saving men..Version: 40.93

Fun, but notI legit go offline for an hour and i lose 10 villages, all my resource bases and its all to people who are better than me. Troops also dont listen to flares, especially heros and it just gets so boring. needs more work, like new stuff and fix up the fact that the resource bases dont get attacked every second.Version: 44.243

CheapHay there. Deleting Boom Beach just became to boring. All my friends have quit now I'm the last of the clan to pull the pin. Moving on to something exciting. Cheers.Version: 39.73

GLITCHES ARE KILLING THE FUN!!What’s wrong with the clock??? Something is truly wacky about the warships timing. Many times I finish way before my opponents and I go to spectate their attack and I STILL end up losing!!! Sooo frustrating and disappointing. What is worse is the fact that Some other times, I end up loosing just because the troops for, some reason, do not detect that there is an engine in front of them and they simply pass by it and by all the weapons around it as if they are not there. My only choice is to either launch a flare to draw their attention back to the engine, but in that case will also draw other troops in another area to also come running and end up dying under heavy fire on the way; or the other choice is to let the troops pass by the engine blindly without directing them. In this case they also endure heavy fire until they reach a certain area of their own choice, and most of the time they die under fire before getting to where they feel they should stop!! Extremely frustrating and joy kill. Just knocked up stars to 2 star..Version: 40.93

A bit disappointingI’ve stuck with this game for some time now and spent a fair sum of money on it. Unfortunately it seems to settle down to being surrounded by opponents who are several ranks higher than you and even as much as 15 or more ranks higher, which are impossible to defeat. Very occasionally you will find one who has not laid out their defences very well, but this gets rarer as you rank higher. If you are a millionaire’s kid with unlimited funds, it is probably a hoot getting to the highest rank, but for ordinary mortals it becomes tedious. Also Warships is borked and keeps wrongly giving victories to my opponent when I have clearly won..Version: 40.93

Totally biased multi playerI’ve been playing this came at a very limited bases for years and for the most part I have enjoyed it. Recently I have been spending more time playing this game, especially I’m multiplayer modes, and if I know then what I know now I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago. Multiplayer matches are totally flawed. After destroying your opponents base in head to head mode and waiting until they finish their round, you wait until the results screen comes up only to find out, even though you had to wait for them to finish destroying your base, the supposedly destroyed your base faster than you destroyed theirs and in fact they won. I find this incredible especially when you have already destroyed them and then go into spectate mode and watch as it takes several more seconds for them to complete the match than you! How can this be? This becomes even more ludicrous when playing against ANY Asian player. They ALWAYS win. Apparently the programmers are catering to the more lucrative Asian markets and bias all matches to pay-to-win players. Just like many of the games out there, unless you plan to spend big $$$ in pay-to-win fashion, don’t bother with this game..Version: 40.93

BadThe timer logic is dumb.Version: 44.243

Boom Beach recent glitch/questionAfter the new update I logged back on and collected resources started an upgrade and then checked the map and a a free base had been taken back by Blackguard. But I’m on level 25 and the town was level 60. It looked extremely hard to beat and I’m not sure why. Also I searched a new region on the map and another one appeared there and it was level 60 as well. Just to clarify these aren’t mercenaries they are the standard bases..Version: 37.104

Fix itPay to win.Version: 44.243

Not making senseI had to delete this game since I run out of room in my storage but, then I update to a newer phone with plenty of room.....and uploaded the game again and it seems I lost everything . All that money I spend to upgrade my ships and troops along everything else it’s gone. It’s a rip off... no way in hell I will spend more money on this game..Version: 40.93

Warships is rubbishI have enjoyed playing Boom Beach for a couple of years now and when they brought out the warships I thought I would give it a try . First off how to play the game is not totally clear and upgrades are not exactly explained well . Unless you spend money on it you don’t have a chance of getting past the basic levels because unless you win battles you dont get the points to upgrade unlike Boom Beach you don’t get anyway of building your points to use as currency to get the necessary upgrades to defeat your opponents to earn points. It’s a viscous circle that only you spending money can solve. Good concept very badly put together..Version: 37.104

Base editingEverything is good but y’all gotta make is so you don’t have to move buildings one by one to edit your base and to be able to save it the way you want it, cause when you upgrade HQ you then gotta move everything out the way again one by one. You guys made COC c’mon, make base editing easier like COC. It’s just gotten to the point where I don’t play strategic on my base anymore cause base editing is trash but I love the game and spend money on it so please please please fix it!!!😩😩😩 same with troops! Make it so you don’t have to train them first to be able to save them!.Version: 43.87

Why it sucks1 it does not give you enough time to attack 2 enemy weapons deal a lot of damage and it kills troops to fast 3 troops and ships, ships need to hold more troops and troops need to deal more damage 4 the first hero you get is dumb she need a consistent rate of fire not stop and go 5 the upgrade cost on weapons and troops is to much 6 resource bases, any time i get one the weapons get upgraded but when i lose it they get upgraded again and it’s dumb because you have level 15+ weapons and level 5 troops that do nothing to them 7 the sculptor, should not limit you to how many idols you can have because i end up collecting gems and have no way to use them 8 upgrade time is to long unless i spend money on diamonds i end up waiting 7 for a boat to upgrade to level 8 same with weapons and defences.Version: 44.243

C’est même pas égaleA cause que mon wifi est pas le jeu dit que on est égalité WTH.Version: 44.243

Money eaterThe game is fun, but it takes years to reach the highest level and to upgrade everything Or you have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to do it in a few months. The games extremely skewed and is unfair to force you to spend more money. It's like putting a 6 yr old to fight a 20 yr old, except that they both have the same name. Having the same name doesn't help the 6 yr old to beat the 20 yr old man..Version: 31.146

Update crashJust done the lastest update now game loads as soon as I see my island the game crashes and reloads and it starts again then crashes. Please help.Version: 43.52

PAID SUBSCRIPTION FOR BUILDERSAs the title says. One time purchases and purchases for gems to speed a long grind (which can also be speeded up via skill), is what makes games like this good. I play a lot of clash of clans and thought ill download every SC game. I’d downloaded this in the past but deleted it and couldnt remember why.. until my ONE BUILDER was busy and it said SUBSCRIBE FOR £3/month for more! lol dont care about the game at all I occasionally spend £20 here and there on clash so that probably works out to more than the subscription fee... but its the thought of a reoccurring payment that just puts me off. I dont a monthly bill from a mobile game. Would advise everyone just to get clash instead. If they remove this I might try the game again..Version: 34.181

About done with this gameWhen you spend 400,000 gold to retrain grenadiers for troops (and the excessive millions to upgrade them), I’d expect them to have their range programmed in well enough so they won’t walk into range of something like a canon or MG (and they’re always in range of sniper towers now too apparently) when their range is clearly much longer. This is not the case. Without using a flare, I’ve seen entire boats of grenadiers mowed down by MGs or canons that they JUST WALK UP TO AND DIE. Why don’t they stay at maximum range? Why do they push each other forward instead of spreading out and throwing from max range? How does supercell release a portion of the game that is so obviously not finished yet? Seriously, if I’m making that character in the game, I don’t release that character until they do what they’re supposed to do. But I guess it comes down to making people spend gold so they’ll run out and have to use crystals, aka real money... maybe I’m gonna be done playing a half baked game that’s been more focused on releasing paid parts of the game than maintaining the basic fundamentals. Best of luck in the future.Version: 34.201

WarshipsI’m trying to play warships and it says my troops will be done training in 413 days. I’m not waiting a year and a half to play Boom Beach. Quick uninstall.Version: 37.66

Used to be great - now it’s just averageThe normal mode of this game is awesome. Lots of fun to play, the tasks force are fun, and overall it’s a good mode. Warships is completely hit or miss. Some seasons are fun, some are horrendous. There are many times were I’ll lose 10+ battles in a row, usually losing two straight levels as a result. How this happens is beyond me, considering that NEVER happens in the regular mode. The intelligence of the matchmaking needs to be drastically changed to have players with win streaks play each other, and players with losing streaks play each other. Warships used to be a lot of fun because your win loss ratio would usually be 1:1 or 2:1, and you’d never win 10 or lose 10 straight. Now you can go on long streaks either way, and losing 2 levels is impossible to come back from. The morons who decide the order for unlocking items for Warships clearly never play the game, or else they’d realize how laughably wrong it is. I work as a developer in IT - so I actually know what I’m talking about..Version: 42.37

New warships update ruined this gameAs a 4 year veteran: Boom beach has been creative and trying to maintain its players, but the latest update on the warships from stars to engine rooms ruined the game, especially near the end of a season when everyone’s rushing to build on their pre-existing commitments. Now the chest earning system only favours ONE type of player and ONE layout, and particularly one that is tricky to manoeuvre. Simply put, this game has begun unfair. Moreover, in the past, free to play players can enjoy the game as much as those who pay, the new update completely wipes the enjoyment out of the FTP players. It’s all become this grand strategy to get everyone to pay money. 2 stars on the basis that I once had a great time on Boom Beach.Version: 37.104

BillingI did not request this game and suddenly I see it and have a bill for it. Please remove it and drop the charge..Version: 42.37

What’s the point?I have been playing this game for a few years now but it is a habit rather than enjoyable. I struggle to understand some elements of it. I win tokens but it won’t allow me to spend them. I have competitors islands in my area ranked lower than me but with sites almost impossible to beat. I upgrade my troops but they don’t appear to get any stronger. The alternative game with the cargo ship is quite bizarre, still trying to find out the point of that one. Realistically, save yourself the time and go to Clash of Clans.Version: 40.93

Supercell has become lazy with boom beach.The game itself is as exciting as it has ever been which isn’t much. I play to max the village and get some attacks in. I had already maxed it and started over by choice. Where the developers have become lazy is on the map where you have the resource bases it seems you keep battling the same people after some weeks when requesting a new opponent. How ignorant is that. I have had the same person in my map more then 3 times and to add to ignorance that player gets thrown on to multiple resource bases at the same time. Seems they have you locked in to such a small grouping of people that are close to your level that this is happening. At the moment I have 2 resource bases I can’t win because it’s the same person that is at a higher level then me. It’s just really f$&@%£¥ annoying that to get multiple resources bases unbeatable because you give it to the same person. One time one player had 3 resource bases on my map. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that lock you the bases to one player when you do that, ask yourselves, what sense does that make. Creating the best change for fair play is to not allow for monopoly to occur. It was not like this before this has happened in this past year so it only means it was changed to make something easier for the developers at the cost of the players ability for fair play and enjoyment. How about putting some work into that, thanks..Version: 43.87

Warships combat is rubbishThis game has been made better by warships (I only play mainly for warships) but At combat level 11 up you start to go down in which is ok but when fighting all you have to do is maximum upgrade bombs, destroy one engine room with 4 bombs then get their other room half health and is basically luck if they manage to destroy 1 building just before you. So I what I’m saying is that the combat isn’t really strategic anymore in terms of troop placement and where you attack first, which is what it should be, if necessary strengthen the engine rooms by a large proportion. Other than that love the warships game mode and the tech tree idea so you can experience high level defences which is cool and troops.Version: 37.81

Fun at timesDon’t spend season battles are very in even.I get they need to make money but at least make it fare.Unfare games a way to bully people to spend.George fin.Version: 44.243

Don’t waste your timeAs a maxed player since almost the beginning, I can honestly say don’t waste your time. The game may seem fun, but it actually isn’t. The main problem is Super Cell is very LAZY in doing anything to improve any aspect of this game. There has only been 2 updates in 2 YEARS. And for only building health. It’s a continuous recycling of the same crap. Mega crab brought every month is the only thing saving this game sort of. Again repetitive maps month after month, only thing changes is tribe boosts to help, Which most do nothing. WS is the biggest joke ever… the game is too difficult to advance even a little… takes days to maybe go a level.. every base looks exactly the same and you don’t get a even playing field from the beginning since you start 40% where you finished season before.. easy for players at the top who remain at the top since we all don’t start even. PURE CRAP… The hardest operation is too easy with a 50 man base playing top level completed in 30 attacks. Since the handover from the original developers, the game has sunk and Warships sunk it big time..Version: 44.243

Broken gameI was just playing a warship battle and beat my opponent, I had enough time to go and spectate his attack, but guess what... I LOST!!!! how does that make any sense it claims be the first to destroy all generators you win, I did but still lost because this game is broken it’s happened not once, not twice but seven different times, please fix your game I do enjoy playing!!!.Version: 40.93

GAME NOT UPDATING?I’ve been playing the game for almost two years now and don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing game. But ever since the proto troop update came out I haven’t been able to play the game. Very disappointed about that..Version: 41.112

Crashes constantlyCrashes every time I finish a warship battle. Sometimes the app crashes before the game even loads. I’ve been playing for 6 years or more but I give up on this game as it seems the developers have too. Game has been crashing for weeks every single time I’ve tried to play..Version: 44.243

You get banned for no reasonToday I try to get my lost base but they banned me PERMANENTLY for « account phishing attempt »..Version: 39.73

Fun but broken currentlyThis game is fun to play until you reach account level 18-20 which despite being two levels because of this game breaking troop combination it lasts FOREVER, all players need to go to dominate resource bases and annihilate player bases is get the doctor hero and two squads of gunners and any infantry after that, I watched the doctor hero heal these troops enough (by the way his heal is passive it replaces his attack) too completely render: 2 Machine guns level 8. 2 cannons level 6. 3 sniper towers level 7. Two mortars level 8. And a level 1 flamethrower. It’s not fair how broken his healing is especially because he can be collected this early....Version: 35.113

They sucked the life out if this game..I have been playing this game for years. Pretty much from the games inception over 10 years ago. Now it just seems like you’re in a nonstop battle I’m trying to defend your territory. What I never liked about this game is if you’re unable to play which I was in the hospital and was not physically able to do anything for two months, The game goes on and you wind up losing rank because they have no way to pause the account where you don’t have to actually lose anything. They should’ve made this where if you can’t play it for a long time while you’re on vacation or whatever the case may be, you should be able to stop the games progress meaning your invisible, nobody can attack you, you can attack anybody. Then they came out with warships. I don’t like this having to play against other people where is one other poster said, you can clearly see you beating the other guy first yet they beat you by several seconds. The trader are used to come with good stuff to trade… now, she always wants diamonds or what you already don’t need. And I have not seen the rainmaker for God knows how long.. where is that? They just took the life out of this game and I don’t even play it nearly as much anymore.. fix this thing and stop worrying about making money on every single thing you put out!!!.Version: 43.87

5 stars to 1 starI’ve loved the game for the past 3 years. Just updated the game and was very happy to see that they finally adding something new for all of us players at the top level. Until now once you maxed everything out there was literally not anything left to do in the game. Now that warships came out I played for just few hours trying to understand the new side of the game and became quickly frustrated to the fact that after barely achieving level 4 the only way your troops can regenerate/reinforce is if I pay with diamonds, pay a monthly $10 subscription(total joke) or if I wait 400+ days for them to naturally regenerate on their own without paying for it!!! That’s right you read that correctly 400+ days is how long it will take my heavies to repopulate so I can use them in a battle. I will be able to use them again sometime in June or July of year 2020. Seriously........ what a joke!!! I feel like this is such a rip off that now I will have to subscribe monetarily to play the game. Disaapoint d in the cash grab mentality. Exactly why I stopped playing clash of clans. No need for patience or true gaming if you just buy your way to the top. Very disappointed in Supercell!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 37.66

Update PVPDon’t make my mistake in new pvp mode don’t upgrade engine number expansion to quick, upgrade everything before you do or it becomes unplayable can’t win a battle at all now others way to far ahead in upgrades, my fault but can’t get any materials for upgrades without winning battle I’m now to weak in defence to win so stuck.Version: 37.81

BGame not updating with latest patch just keeps looping back to App Store....third update release this has occurred about advising your user base when there are issues..Version: 34.202

SupercrapSpend, spend, spend on garabage( if your a sucker that is )!!! Lol , Will delete and check bck in 2021 ..... Maybe by then a map upgrade but probably not!!! So it’s June of 2021 and this developer is a frkin joke!!! Nothing has changed!!! Cashed in have you supercell or shall I say supercrap and abandoned !!! Will delete and check bck with this game in 2022!!! Negative stars given - 2 !!!.Version: 43.87

Someone attacks your base you get demotedI’ve had this game for 5 years I really liked it but I know this was my problem but with my iPhone 7 I never updated my iOS and therefore my apps so I couldn’t play if I wanted to and I couldn’t see what my other name was for the game to save it. So when I transferred everything from my old phone to the 11 it didn’t transfer the data on my new phone. So my app wasn’t updated enough so I could use a supercell .I.D and transfer the data to the new phone I was very disappointed/ frustrated with that but whatever I don’t think I could’ve done anything with that. But I remember when I first started playing when you attack other bases you get promoted but what I don’t remember when I first had the game is getting demoted I get so annoyed now whenever someone attacks my base I get demoted and I’m remembering that wait they didn’t have that when I started playing. It’s really annoying they should not have that because it’s like oh yeah you work so hard for something and then you get it taken away from you like what. I mean overall the game is really good it’s just those 2 things that were annoying. I like that you can upgrade whatever you want and you don’t have to upgrade certain things first before you do something else. I have created a supercell .I.D for my new supercell games so hopefully when I upgrade my phone to the next one they will transfer. Thanks and great overall job, just fix those couple things.Version: 40.93

Warship winsIt’s happing again!!!!! When playing in warship mode, it’s starting to get rather annoying when winning and then at the end of it, it says you lost. I.e you play, you smash all your enemies generators and the meter shows you won by showing no more gens to smash, you then go to the page that shows you the % smashed, time it took and it says you can spectate on your enemies progress, it then says I’ve lost!!?? It is also stating I have smashed all the generators with my the opposing attacker having 1 or 2 left..... then when I’ve finished it says I’ve lost???? Can someone explain this or can this be fixed as like I say it’s annoying!!.Version: 42.37

It’s not my wifiI downloaded boom beach and it won’t load same with coc.Version: 32.87

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