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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Clue: The Classic Mystery Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about clue: the classic mystery game?

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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game for Negative User Reviews

Should be much betterThis game is not as good as either of the PC versions that came out in 1998 and 2008. The graphics are fine and the app works as intended, but it isn’t faithful to the game, and the in-app purchases or deceiving, in my opinion not in good faith. First, the board is different than the original board game. Players all start in the center, rather than in their traditional peripheral spots. Miss Scarlet normally always go first, which I guess they’ve dropped for equality. But the doors and spaces between the rooms have all been changed, which removes the strategic component of using your token to block out other players. Also, classic rules are that the player must declare if he or she is going to use a secret passage, or stay in room that someone has moved them into, prior to rolling the dice. This version doesn’t follow those rules. My biggest issue is that there is a $6.99 Classic Board and Characters bundle, which I purchased, and no refund is possible. The board is exactly the same, just with different artwork. That’s outrageous...if you advertise it as the classic board, it should be the classic board. But it has the exact same terrible new layout, the changes are only cosmetic. It seems like every ten years a new electronic version of this game is released, and each one is worse than the previous one..Version: 2.7.4

Last update (Aug 27,2021) broke the game.You can no longer play online or with friends. I will let you know if they ever fix it, until then do not bother..Version: 2.8.7

There are some issues...If you love clue, you will definitely enjoy this app. I do, and I play all the time. I do have a problem with it though. I recently purchased the “Warning” hint for $2. It is supposed to show you how close other players are to solving the crime. I have tried it in single player and multiplayer mode, and it doesn’t work. Tried clicking on it to activate it, it gives a message that says the hint is permanent and doesn’t need activated. Looked on the app for a way to report the problem, there is no way. Even tried coming to the app store and clicking the “App Support” button to see if I could report the problem that way, and it took me to a page that says “404 error page not found.” If you want people to spend as much money on this app as you expect, you should most DEFINITELY have a way for them to report errors. Until then, my rating stays low..Version: 2.6.7

Keeps disconnecting and no way to rejoin gamesGreat game but when someone gets disconnected (happens a lot) they can’t join back in. It’s a huge issue and we only get to finish 1 game out if 10..Version: 2.7.10

Update issuesThe game is fun an me an my wife play almost every night. Except since the most recent updates. For some reason we can not play private games with one another.Version: 2.9.1

Needs Pause Function & See Notes in Post GameFun game, but in dire need of Pause ability for when you’re playing with family & friends and need to pause the game to attend other apps or matters-at-hand, or play the game as players have time. The way it stands now, the entire game is lost if any one player is interrupted by another app or “timed out”. It wouldn’t bother us if it took an entire week to play a game by pausing it as necessary. Just add a notification for when it’s your turn to move. We don’t always have time to sit down and play a full game start-to-finish. We’d just like to finish the ones we start. Also needs ability to see Notes after the game is over. That would increase the joy level tenfold..Version: 2.9.3

I wish I hadn’t spent the moneyWhat you pay to start with is not all you will pay trust me. Once the game loads you have to pay more money for boards and avatars. You are looking at bout $40+ to really enjoy the game. The game has good graphics and is interesting to play but I’m not really sure it’s worth the money you have to pay. Cheaper to buy the game in a store and play with your friends IRL. Change the amount you have to pay and I will give a better review. High I hadn’t spent the money..Version: 2.0.4

FreezesWould be a great game, but Everytime we start a play with friends we barely get a move in before the whole game freezes and we can’t end our turn to continue..Version: 2.9.1

No Pass and PlayDisappointed there is no pass and play. Listing local multiplayer as a feature is extremely misleading. Wish I could pass my iPad to another player before the cluesheet is shown..Version: 2.9.3

Good game overallThe single player game is very enjoyable, although like some other reviewers have already pointed out, it would be a good idea to roll dice for the starting icon in a single-player game, as frequently you can end up doing all of the work for the AI and losing by round 3 due to bad luck. It’s also really unrealistic that the AI always guesses correctly, even in cases where they could not have eliminated a suspect, weapon, or room. The multiplayer is still a bit buggy (and I agree that the prizes for winning seem meager), but other people have gone into that in much greater detail than I need to. My main purpose in writing this review is to let the developers know that these latest updates completely obliterated my tokens, my game cards, my score and my ranking. That’s not cool, folks. I’m sure you’re fully aware how much time your players invest in this. To have a lot of work wiped out due to an update is genuinely discouraging..Version: 2.0.3

Multiplayer - Bugs and GlitchesOther than that we were playing with no interruptions except for this. Also an option to choose timed or not would be nice, with tweaks to how slow or how fast you want it. Also someone else tried to use the reveal card and it didn’t work for them. Reveal needs fixing. The game on multiplayer was in-sync with us this time though. The dlc is what I call way overpriced since one board is more than the game itself, and seeing as how you have to pay more than the actual game clue itself, even with multiplayer semi-fixed I’m not sure why the boards and characters cost so much. Fix the glitches with the 3 things u get to use every game please. It still is getting stuck when showing someone a card..Version: 2.0.3

Let us look at the notes after the gameI play pretty much exclusively with AI, and the biggest reason that I knocked off 3 stars is the frustration dealing with said AI. I don’t recommend anything less than all hard due to how stupid situations come up way too often. Such as getting locked into a corner cause everyone is in the same room and has to repeat the exact same suggestion that includes your character (4-6 players), knowing the answer due to finding out no one has the cards and passing. Occasionally an AI will make an accusation with ruled out cards (the game added the x automatically to the character and weapon for example, leaving only the room as the logical choice to disprove the suggestion yet was the card in the final accusation), unclear source of information or “guess”. There is no way to keep the AI “honest” or learn from own mistakes, if there is no way to go back and verify notes afterwards. This is the only thing holding 3 stars back..Version: 2.8.8

What the?I would give this game five stars except for a few truly annoying features: - you pay a pretty commensurate price for a game of this type and quality but they want you to pay more on in-app purchases to “unlock” all the characters/boards which, per their “deal” right now if 55% off would be over $30. Seriously??? For a board game?! and that’s over half off what you’ll charge people later? - it gave me a profile name “politelion” and won’t let me change it anywhere that I can see... what? How the heck did I suddenly become “politelion”??? Never in a million years is that a combination of words that would even come out of my mouth. So strange... - in game advertisements. Usually when you pay for a game you don’t have to see any advertisements but they have no problem throwing up huge ads for their other games that you have to consciously Avoid pressing on it less you be taken to an option to throw more money at them I do love playing the game and on the single board they provide for your $4 and the limited characters it is fun. But it would be great knowing I paid for the full app and don’t have to spend more money to use other characters and boards.Version: 1.5.1.

Based too much on luckI downloaded this app and played for about a week before I deleted it. I learned several different steps of logic and reasoning this game involves. Unfortunately, a lot of the game depends on when you take your turn. If I was the first to take a turn, then on my 4th turn I wouldn’t have enough information to know the answer. However, if I was fifth or sixth to take a turn, I wouldn’t get a 4th turn because one of the computer players would have the opportunity to answer first. In either case I had to guess on my 4th turn with less than enough information and just hope I was right. I’m not interested in guessing; solving a mystery should only involve logical application of reason. The rules of this game are ridiculous. As soon as a player wants to offer an accusation they should be able to do so. It should be about who can solve the mystery first, not about whether or not it’s your turn..Version: 2.6.4

Don’t waste your moneyDon’t waste your time and money they want you to pay to buy a character- ridiculous 😡.Version: 2.8.23

I wanted to love this …Because it would have been so fun playing w my family. But … if the multi player options are anything like the single player option, there isn’t much of anything to actually play. Sure, I tapped the screen to roll the dice. But that was it. The game zipped along, with each player in a room after each roll. No one was ever stuck in the hallways, because every roll was close enough to get into a room (except for me, because when I was trying to move it somehow thought I was ready to make an accusation halfway through and left me there). But the biggest disappointment is that it filled out my entire sheet for me! Not only who has what, but even who doesn’t have what. It gives me an option to mark things, but there’s nothing left for me to mark. I tried to find an option in Settings to disable that, but no dice. (Yes, bad board game pun.) So … I’m honestly not even sure what’s the point..Version: 2.8.23

Needs a few new features, but good start.There are not enough options for note-taking. Numbers should be at least 1-10. I should be able to make notes in my own column. I miss the deck of cards, but it plays well enough without that if I could just take more notes, like one would do on paper. Nice art on the character cards and board. Animations are also nice. It would be nice to be able to skip thru them when short on time or battery. I like that you give character options for your cards. ★ Thank you for your response. Also adding that each character COLOR should have male and female options and even some ambiguous options - something for everyone. In notes I want a column or two separate from my competition to make notes in. Thank you! Up ★★ → ★★★..Version: 2.7.10

A Bit BuggyI love Clue, and was super excited to see that this was available to purchase and play online with other players. The games great when it works. The loading for online players for a six person match is messed up. Either you get stuck in a five person loading lobby waiting for a sixth player - or when you do get a lobby with six players it doesn’t continue to the game. There’s also a bug that when a game finally starts and it’s the first players turn - the dice doesn’t show up for some time so your sitting in a game that’s about to start for some time. Once the game gets going it’s fine. But to actually load in and start a game is where the frustration lies. I feel as though if those bugs were fixed people would be more inclined to purchase in app purchases because the game is fluid and actually works..Version: 2.7.9

GlitchFor some reason after one game being solved the second game I play has the exact same combination in terms of order in the list which is dumb..Version: 2.7.10

The online room with friends does not workMade my friends get this game so we can play a room and we cannot join. Keeps saying the code is invalid. Only one person can join. If two people make it in- it doesn’t show them on both persons screens. Huge disappointment and waste of money. Please fix the app..Version: 2.7.9

Purchase History Fails to SyncBought the Ultimate Package on my iPhone, but on my iPad although the game says that I have already bought it, the boards only shows “Buy Now” and cannot access it. Hasbro, learn some basics on how to design mobile games first, or I’d rather hope you stick to your traditional physical board games..Version: 2.8.16

No more online?Trying to play the game online and it remains faded. Why can’t we play multiplayer anymore?.Version: 2.8.7

$10 per theme pack?!I like that you can finally play a legit version of this game on your devices but I find it ridiculous that after you pay for the game, you have to pay more money for more characters and different boards. And on top of that the prices for those things are really high! $10 for each theme?! Come on guys. They should make those things unlockable over time with certain achievements, or the more you play a certain character, the more versions of that character you can unlock etc..Version: 2.0.4

Keeps crashingWant a refund I can’t play it won’t stop crashing.Version: 2.8.15

Loved it but not anymoreThe new patch take too much memory on my phone (it double) I bought this game because they were no in app purchase. They just added some. Disappointed..Version: 1.3.5

Always want more moneyI loved this app when I bought it (3.99$) and it was ad free. Now all they want is money for hint cards, money for new characters, money for new boards and they advertise their other games like the Life game on the home page. I am so frustrated that I paid for a really nice app and that they ruined it with all of their money hungry updates. Give me the version I bought back and I’ll be happy. Also, even at 55% off the bundle for everything is just ridiculously priced at 42$, I don’t even want to see the regular price, for that amount I’ll buy a physical version and stop being harassed for more money!.Version: 1.5.0

Game freezes constantlyTried playing with my coworker in the office, we all bought the game only for it to just freeze and bugs out. We never got through a whole game.Version: 2.9.2

Si seulement…Si seulement le jeux ne bloquerais pas au milieu d’une partie.Version: 2.9.4

Pay ExtraAnnoyed that all the characters who are people of colour, except one you have to pay extra to unlock.Version: 2.1.3

Mrs. white?Ok, so im a big fan of the original game, (and film) so i wanted to play with the original suspects, but mrs. white is not among them? yu just replaced her with dr. orchid! (youre lucky you didnt cut out green or there would be a lead pipe in your future!) so, i bought the murder express white, but its not the same because shes called dr white. if you could add an original version of her for free, then that would make me happy and rate 4 stars. if you want 5 stars then, well... maybe if you got permission from paramount... could you add a pack for the movie? it could have the standard 9 room mansion (maybe with the cellar and attic), and the 6 suspects (and maybe wadsworth the butler and yvett the maid), all as they look in the film. it may be a lot, but if you do this you dont need to make original white and ill still rate 5 stars. oh, and if you want to know who killed mr boddy, i did, in the hall, with the revolver..Version: 2.8.23

Unity opt out button not availableHaven’t even tried the game yet, but based on family’s opinion it sounds great. However in your personal data statement it says if I wish to opt out go to setting screen and click the Unity Data Privacy page button. There isn’t one. And when I look at the info off App Store, it says that much of the data is not tracked. These are opposing concepts. Either change the App Store details to reflect the correct information that includes the opt out and/or fix the settings so that there is an opt out. I’ve purchased most the the Hasbro/Marmalade games provided. Love them all. Exceptionally well done..Version: 2.7.10

Not badIt’s good, you win through making suggestions. I would only maybe suggest adding a little more? When you win, it just ends, there’s nothing to reward your victory. Not even a better upbeat background tune. It leaves much to be desired after spending so long winning it and recovering the bare minimum. In real life, the reward is seeing the others defeated looks or yells of frustration, but you can’t do that online so I thought they’d have some other way to make it worthwhile. Honestly speaking, not really worth 4$ if you have the actual board game and some people you can play with. Not to mention how you have to pay so much inside to game for all these individual things, quite clearly a money grab scheme..Version: 2.7.10

SuggestionWhy not have an option to join next available game? I really don’t care which board I play, but sometimes I pick a board and wait and wait but it’s a nuisance to skip in and out of boards to find a game. WHY HAS MULTIPLAYER STOPPED WORKING???? NOT HAPPY ALSO, I BOUGHT ALL BOARDS WHICH INCLUDE UPDATES & SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED TO PLAY NEW BOARD. VERY UNHAPPY Where is the challenge when Plum is the only character who will accuse? Eliminate Plum and I can't lose. The game needs levels of difficulty. Pick your character faces wisely. It costs money to change them. The discounted package exceeds $30!!! Save your money! I bought the snowy peaks. It is cool however Miss Scarlett still can't lose so there is still no challenge. I even tried online (which might be slow computer and not people there is no way to tell) and Scarlett always wins Also, no improvements to Tudor mansion. I'm glad I only spent $7 not $36!!!! FIX MULTIPLAYER IT STILL FREEZES CONSTANTLY & RUINS THE GAME FIX THE COMPUTER PROBLEM! I have lost at least 4 games because your computer puts an X in both opponents & then when I accuse, it says it's a different thing THIS KEEPS GETTING WORSE. MY SCREEN FROZE FOR A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME. THEN ANOTHER PLAYER SOLVED AND WON WHICH WAS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE I HAD ONE OF THE CARDS. FIX THE GAME.Version: 2.4.1

Needs improvementSolo is great, while multiplayers needs some improvement such as: -Kicking out those who stall every turn or who disconnect. We have to wait minutes just for them to make a move or hit continue since they are either trolling, taking too long, or disconnected. A normal 6 person game that usually takes 20 minutes took 40 minutes. -Awards and permanent score system is needed. We play games just for the leaderboard to reset, so whats the point of playing 100+ games just to have it reset? We need some incentive more than just a temporary leaderboard. Why not have a permanent leaderboard or level system to unlock new characters or boards that you can’t just buy? -Chat system is needed. Maybe not a full on chat system, but pre-filled phrases would be great. -Final accusation troll fix. Some people just hit final accusation to troll and then back out. -Final accusation bug. Whenever the timer runs out and you hit the submit button at the same time, your map turns into a blue background map, unable to see what’s going on until it’s your turn. -Different game modes. It would be cool to have different game modes such as a speed game, “can’t suspect your own card” game, etc. -Different music. The looping for some map music soundtracks get a little annoying. More music for those who don’t want to mute. This a good game and I really want it to be great. Hope you take my suggestions into thought. Thank you..Version: 2.1.1

No Online playingWon’t let me play with friends or online. All it does is stays faded.Version: 2.8.7

Where to beginOne Star for the game is fun to play as is without any of the in app purchases. Also it's half the cost buying it here than on Steam on a pc. Customer service is great if you have or find a bug, but... Buying the in app purchases for this game at current price is like living in the Arctic and paying extra for yellow snow. Selling a theme pack 1/2 price of 1/2 price is still to high. If you ever did? (Why I would have no CLUE?) decide to buy everything unlocked after you bought a single would be buying that pack & or characters again. Offline and rankings? Why? There is no way to see offline or online the thousands of users only the top 20 and bottom 6. Are the thousands real? Don't be afraid of online games. There no chat feature...if????? It's all real people (doubtful) there's no way of tracking who your playing unless they are on Facebook and you can find them. One plays with way to many people that use characters that you have to buy at an unrealistic price. In the top/bottom 26 only 2-3 have paid the ridiculous $$ (currently can tell by the gold frame). When you play against standard characters, you are playing with real people most likely. It would be nice to know if someone has a poor internet connection (connection speed% would be nice). However, they do drop eventually I think. Instead of charging ridiculous price for in app purchase. How about discount for placing 1st 2nd 3rd...?anywhere in the top 20 for the week? How about one dollar for a theme. More real people might play for a chance to win. HMMMN. If any of these issues are addressed I will edit my review or if they create new issues...expect the same. Who knows if they fix these issues like so many have pointed out they may get better reviews from more real people..Version: 2.3.1

Great game, but.. $$$It’s a great game! Exactly what I wanted.. but VERY expensive!! The basic game is almost $6. The whole game is almost $50!!! Very disappointed.Version: 2.0.5

3 1/2 StarsI’m pretty sure I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I’ve seen it through all its changes and additions. I started when it was just the one board and character set. The game has always worked well; I’ve never had problems with bugs. I paid for all the current and future boards/players months ago, and I mostly wish I hadn’t. I liked the Halloween and winter sets, but I’m not a fan of at least three of the other boards/sets—some of the themes seem weirdly lazy. I also think the characters all should have titles of at least Miss or Mr. I don’t like that there’s no way to get hint cards anymore, either. Another player said that they wished a roll of the dice would determine your playing sequence because going first isn’t really an advantage, and I agree. Hint cards come in handy when you’ve missed solving the puzzle by one player several times in a row. Sometimes you just need a win. My final beef: I don’t understand why you can only play one of each type of character. Why not be able to play all the Greens or Plums or Scarletts against each other? My suggestion to the developer for the next theme: royalty. How much fun would a medieval castle be?.Version: 2.2.3

I’d give it 0 starsAnimations run extremely slow..Version: 2.8.15

Online play still has computersI love this game and play it often, but I recently discovered that half the time you are playing “online” with people, it is actually just computers playing instead. You can tell because at the end if they get it right, when no one has a card to show, they will not make an accusation, and then the game just continues until it’s your turn and you “win” because you now know all 3 cards. I can also tell when I go into a game lobby and then go out, then go back into another theme and it’s the same usernames in each different theme lobby. Just really disappointing and also makes it way less fun. Please fix this issue. I would rather wait for real people to play with instead of just a bunch of fake computers on “online” play..Version: 2.9.3

Play with friends feature freezesDownloaded this app to play with friends, and we hardly get through the game and it freezes. Every time, please fix your play with friends feature….Version: 2.9.3

Too expensiveIn game purchases are insane! I’d love to pay and play more but I’m not paying 50-100$ for the whole game, I’d rather just stop playing when I get bored of the one board. So much potential but out of price range for most people..Version: 2.8.2

Great game but CRASHES ALL THE TIME!First off, this game is amazing. All the different settings and character outfits are incredible. The art style is very articulate and beautifully created. They do a great job with setting the stages well. What they don’t do well is their updates. We haven’t received any new levels for over a year and when they do update the game, they seem to add a whole bunch of glitches to the game. I’ve lost track on how many times the game has frozen in the midst of a match, where are my friends and I have to reboot the game and start all over. We’ve seen glitches where the backgrounds of scenes suddenly have weird kaleidoscope errors or portions of the background disappear entirely. If it wasn’t for all the errors and glitches, I would happily give this game a five out of five stars. But the lack of care they seem to have for just stabilizing the game much less add a new contact is straight up disappointing. 😔.Version: 2.9.2

PointsI’ve accumulated so many points playing this. This is the only game I’ve ever played where you can’t use or get anything in return for your winnings. I’m so confused as to why you all are wanting people to pay for everything, and don’t give the option to win anything?! I’ve been playing for months with basic characters and the one basic map. It’s getting old because it’s the same thing over and over, I cannot bring myself to buy anything extra after already paying for the game itself. This game could be so much better especially having to pay for it. There are free games that have more features than this one which costs. Confusing..Version: 2.8.24

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