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Lightleap by Lightricks App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Lightleap by Lightricks app received 127 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lightleap by Lightricks? Can you share your negative thoughts about lightleap by lightricks?

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Lightleap by Lightricks for Negative User Reviews

Not freeVery little is free in this app. Everything sends you to buy one of the plans. Basic editing is free and can’t use any of the filters, overlays or erasing feature..Version: 1.8.6

Very disappointedIt’s like that “It seemed like a good idea at the time” things. I have many editing apps but this one I thought looked fun. Downloaded it, pulled up a picture just to play around with to get the feel of the app and they wanted payment in order to proceed. No thanks. I’ll continue with one of my free apps that allows me to do the same. No 7 day free trial or anything. NEXT!!.Version: 1.9.4

Not quite there yetPretty cool concept but has major limitations. If you just want to remove an object or person you hat is far away and the background is not complicated then this app works great but if he person you are removing is close up or touching another person you will get very distinctive artifacting. I tried removing a person on a pier. The wood behind him was totally messed up where he was removed. When water or sky was the background it worked really well if you are never going to zoom in or view it bigger than 3x5. This would be a great starter for Photoshop. Remove something with this app then export and refine on Photoshop. It would probably save you quite a bit of time. In all, nice novelty but no real world application. Save your money. Upgrade is definitely not worth $60..Version: 1.5.9

Great app but developers being sneakyI purchased first app when it was released, paid in full for a lifetime. After few years greedy developers decided that's too much for normal people and created 4 other and took first release app off the app store. Not even giving money back or alternative option. I understand you need to upsell etc. But not this way guys. I would give one star. For the customer service. Why on world you sell lifetime to take it off the app store later?.Version: 1.4.100

This isn’t freeDownloaded. Was hoping to try before I buy. No option. I have deleted..Version: 1.6.2

Bullsh*t FraudListed as free app but you immediately have to pay for it before using. iTunes shouldn’t allow this type of listing..Version: 1.8.0

App is great crashes too muchI’m not going to say much about the tools and stuff the app has because they are great, but I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and I have a love hate thing with it. I hate that I love the app and have so many different edits saved under it because I would totally delete it and stop paying for it if it weren’t for that. My problem is I am sooo over the app crashing ALL the time! I feel like I can only make ONE edit and then it takes forever to unfreeze and let me do something else. It also always closes out while I’m trying to save a picture or it saves a whole bunch of them at once… there is like no in between. I am so over a picture taking way too long to edit in between the freezing and crashing of the app. I thought it was my phone, but I got a new phone and I am having the same problem. Over it..Version: 1.9.10

What a scam buying from the App StoreSee all the ads for Lightleap removing people from an image. I paid for the yearly subscription and the heal function that removes people isn’t part of the program...that’s obviously extra...what a rip off. I can’t see anywhere on the Apple App Store where I can get a refund. The AppStore app is getting deleted off all of my Apple Products....what a scam....Version: 1.8.4

MehThe free version is a decent photo editing app, with a handful of unique filters and some solid editing tools. But the available tools are pretty similar to the adjustments you can make in other free apps. I think it's worth having the free version for an extra handful of editing options, but unfortunately all of the features that really set the app apart require a monthly subscription. Personally, I didn't see much that made me want to commit to that. If I'm going to edit a photo professionally, I will go ahead and use photoshop on my desktop. I'm already paying an arm and a leg for that subscription, so I wasn't really interested in adding this one. If you could make a one time purchase for the app (that did not cost $60) or if you could pay by individual feature/filter, I would be more impressed. To me it wasn't worth the price, but maybe to others it's a good investment. Note: They do have their subscription fee on sale right now!.Version: 1.1.1

I’m not Rate ing A app i’m just Talking About itOkay Why somebody pay money When they can get screenshots and then they can edit the screenshots so what the hell is the point of paying money! Either why double tap the home button and then you can take a screenshot of it and then you can edit the screenshot to have the full picture!.Version: 1.9.5

Why?This used to be the best app for editing photos like ever. It had features that even Adobe Photoshop included few years later. While it was called: “Quickshot” it had the best features even in the free version. Now, I don’t even want to pay for it because I didn’t got anything. Now this app is average and it’s just like any other editing app that you have in the store. Why would you change it so much and remove the most useful and unique features of the app?! Huge dissapointment for me. I even got sad that I won’t have the most unique and professional look on my photos anymore. If there is a way to return the old version, I would gladly do it without any hesitation..Version: 1.9.8

DisappointedTerrible app You cannot pay any less than $40 upfront for a years subscription despite it saying it costs three dolllars something a month you cannot pay a monthly fee.. only a lump sum…. Also you cannot remove objects from an image without leaving the image blurred (this is using an iPhone 12) it simply looks terrible Certainly do not recommend this application at all..Version: 1.9.12

App Crashes OftenApp crashes all the time. Very awesome app, but very annoying problem when you pay for something.Version: 1.4.98

Not worth the monthly or any other feeToo expensive for what you get.Version: 1.5.7

Cancelling my subscription due to it crashing all the timeI’ve had Lightleap for a couple years now and paid for a full subscription. At first it seemed to work well but for the last 20 months it has been soooo slow. It takes about 5 mins to load the app initially, once it’s crashed a few times. Then when editing, you will click one button and it stalls for several mins until it lets you press anything else. And this goes on continuously. Literally so frustrating! I update it religiously, have spoke to the support but it’s never got any better. It was only last night that I realised that I’ve just got used to how slow this app is and I thought…why am I paying for this..when there’s a million other editing apps! Pleaseeee try sort out all the lagging, as you would be the best editing app out there if you did!.Version: 1.9.19

Very slow and annoying app!!I saw this app advertised on Instagram and thought it looked so cool! So of course I downloaded it and that’s when I realised... 1- This app wanted me to pay $27 for the filter that it was advertised to be! 2- It was so slow I didn’t even get to use the free filters that it came with!!! 3- It kept wanting me to pay for extra add ons that I didn’t even want!! Every minute it would want me to buy another special effect/filter for another $2! Overall I don’t really recommend this app, I mean if it was free I would love it! The filters look really cool but not worth the $27 that it expected me to pay!!!!!.Version: 1.8.8

AHA!I was not able to see the X in the corner of the screen, exhorting us to pay for a plan... now I can see that it *is* possible to check out the app for free. To the developer... might be a nice idea to make that X a LOT more visible, I’m sure there are many others who have not continued with it but have not reviewed, and simply moved on... 3 stars for now, I have not yet used it but wanted to correct my original review..Version: 1.6.8

Other free apps r betterWhat’s the point of paying for this when you can get the full desktop photoshop cc for the same price. Yes the fully functional with all the filters, layers, effects of industry leading software or this piece of crap. Pointless. It’s not even any better than any of the countless free apps that do the exact same thing. Also the reason photoshop costs so much is because they have to invest millions of dollars into mathematicians who come up with the algorithms that run all of its filters snd editing effects snd they have to do this without degrading image quality or creating digital artifacts snd stair stepping do it takes many man hours. The hum drum filters of this app are going to create jagged edges, stair stepping , pixelation, chromatic and geometric aberration snd etc. so just get photoshop. Plus photoshop has countless free tutorials online.Version: 1.8.3

Bring back “Primers”Bought the app, loved it and they suddenly decided to remove Primers. Not happy with the decision. The app now is no good than any other app in the same genre..Version: 1.9.4

It was a great appThere was a recent update that took away all the filters, overlays and elements I used. Now it has taken them away I have no reason to use this app anymore, it’s such a shame because I really like this app and I paid full price for it. I don’t like any of the the features they have added in replacement of the ones they had. Also the paintbrush/masking tool where you can paint/erase is good and bad, it’s good because it’s feathered but it also makes it somewhat frustrating that I can’t straight up erase parts of mask on the photo without having to go crazy on my phone having to zoom in on every little tiny part and scrubbing my screen. Very disappointed..Version: 1.9.5

Freezing when using textFor some reason this app locks up as soon as you attempt to add text to a new project. I thought the latest bug fixes would surely fix this? Anything coming up?.Version: 1.5.7

How is this app getting such high reviews?I don’t understand the five star reviews, and I noticed that some of those are actually giving a negative review in the body. First of all—the “heal” tool that they advertise as being so amazing is really terrible. It gives you some tips to make it work (like making sure to overlap so it can gather the colors to replace the object), but when I was watching the samples, I was trying to figure out how they made the rest of the mountain appear flawlessly and the like. So I thought I’d give it a go… as suspected, it just leaves a blurry mess of color. So I had a picture I needed to blur some stuff on really quick and thought it might be a good one to try. It worked ok for that, but when I went to save the picture it wanted me to go pro. Really? You want me to try this out with the basic features and you won’t even give me some sample saves? I even tried to screenshot it and an owl meme came up with “REALLY? Want your real shot? DON’T SCREENSHOT, SIGN UP FOR LIGHTLEAP PRO!” 🙄 Don’t waste your time or money on this one..Version: 1.9.8

This app is a lie.If I could give no stars I would. This is not a free app at all. The the designers can say all they like about fine print and T’s & C’s,it misleading and the features didn’t even work when I tried to use them. I paid the subscription fee, and then cancelled. This is false advertising. Don’t download this app..Version: 1.8.6

It’s okTake the sky effect as an example. It seems the app only ‘flood fills’ the effect. If you have an image where sky appears through branches of a tree, it ignores sky of exactly the same colour and hue. If you choose an effect that closely matches the original, you’ll be fine but for anything else, it just doesn’t work. I don’t understand why they don’t apply a simple rgb mask as well. It’s how I’ve been editing images for 20 years....Version: 1.5.9

After last updatIt looks like since the last update confused me and confronted me with a sluggish app response & left me wondering why I was unable to save the photo I received a response from the app developers help desk and wish to update my last review , sharing it here so others benefit should they had issues as well — My Thanks to support 🌹— "Thanks for writing in. To export an edited image, tap on the Export icon at the top right then choose between Save Copy or Replace and tap Export at the bottom of the screen. If you're having trouble doing this, get in touch with our Customer Experience: Tap on the Help icon (second from the top left) then tap Contact Us. We'd like to help!".Version: 1.9.5

Lost interest due to constant $ demandingI really don’t know how well this works vs other editing software because I lost confidence in the app before I finished my first evaluating session. This app demands money so often I concluded that there is something wrong. It’s like the company calling my cell and emailing me constantly telling me I need to buy a warranty for my car. Maybe they have a great warranty with super customer service. But I doubt it. Maybe the time I listened to a pitch on a timeshare I missed out on a great deal. But I doubt it. Maybe the people constantly trying to get me to buy trinkets and stuff in Mexico were offering me an amazing deal on a quality product. But I doubt it. See the trend here? I got the same feeling the one and only time I tried this software. If this is really so amazing I see no reason for the developers to emulate the sales tactics I used for examples in the previous paragraph. As such, I’m moving on to other editing software for my needs. Maybe I’m missing a deal but, because of this reason, I doubt it..Version: 1.8.8

Locked behind paywallI’m honestly really upset at how expensive this is. $24.99 or something like that for only a month subscription? This is ridiculous. I have been really getting into editing my photos more and editing the sky is one of my fav things to do but all the cool, decent sky’s are locked behind, you guessed it!! A freaking pay wall!! It’s ludicrous in a pandemic to charge this. I wanted to like this app because it is amazing and very easy to use that’s why it gets 2 stars but that pay wall is stupid and it’s dumb. Give us at least a free trial! 🙃.Version: 1.9.0

Not the bestI really wanted this app as my friends had recommended it to me when I purchased it it was fine I used it without the premium feature. It was fine at first then after a while I wouldn’t let me save any of my changes to my pictures. I tried to screen shot it because I really needed it for my work. I do not want to buy pro and I can’t do anything with it now. I do not recommend it if you do not want to buy the premium feature. I would like to see some features that are free and you can save for free..Version: 1.9.1

Not worth itWhen I went to use the healing tool it did not work to well then when I went to save it I would of had to pay so I thought I would screenshot but no it monitors that too so I did something else to save my photo even though it didn’t look that good 😏🤫.Version: 1.9.4

Good, but costly. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!I like this app, and I think it is really good. But it’s a bit sickening that it won’t let you access over half of the features without having to pay a very large amount of money. They call the upgrade “Pro”, but I’m a professional already, without the upgrade. I won’t pay any money, I’ll never give in. I suggest that you should not get this app if you don’t want to pay for the upgrade. A good thing is that it never makes you watch ads. You can also send a link to someone else. If they get the app, you will earn points, that you can use to get free pro exports. I haven’t tried that yet because I’m not exactly sure how. Photography is my strong suit, not sending links. I just wish it wouldn’t charge sooooo much. Other than that, it’s really good, and fun. But I’ll just say this to the inventors, “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE PEOPLE HWO ARE NEVER GOING TO JOIN PRO BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE FUN!” Thank you kindly..Version: 1.9.5

Grainy JPEGs not good enoughI like a lot of the features this app has (you keep gating stuff behind a paywall though which is not fair), but my biggest gripe is the export options (they are non existent). I could just about accept that your textures, overlays and elements were about 20 pixels wide and no use for larger images without being pixelated and ugly, but why can’t I export my image as a png when I’m finished? I’m so sick of these nasty condensed images after putting time and care into making a nice edit. What a waste..Version: 1.9.5

Not actually freeMarketed as free with in-app purchases but you can’t actually upload photos without paying for a package. The app is literally useless without upgrading. I don’t mind that it’s a paid app but transparency is important..Version: 1.6.4

Was a good appThis was my favourite app for editing, but since you changed the set up for the filters, I just don’t use it anymore, they are completely different for my editing style now. I used to use the original set up film look ones but now what’s there is just not the same and I don’t like how it looks unfortunately :( I wish there was a way to have the original layout and filters from 2020 back..Version: 1.9.12

No intructionCould you Please give us instruction how to edt the photo and save.Version: 1.9.13

Something’s not right with the app...I wanted to trial the app, but there are no options to do this. I wrongly presumed there would be a cooling off period after paying for it. There was not. I really would like my money back, as I will not be using it. I’ve given it a go, but realised three major flaws in it. Firstly, if you are trying to erase or ‘heal’ something within an image, it cannot be near the edge of the photo. The app just doesn’t know what to use to copy and so what is left are weird lines and a blurry area. Basically it looks worse then leaving a random item in the photo. Secondly, you have to close down the app every time you want to add any new photos. Ludicrous. And finally, there appears to be no home page with a next action, you’re simply stuck on the photos page but cannot add any more or edit them. Great idea, but poorly executed..Version: 1.8.3

Rip offThis app charges you before you get a chance to use it. Then you find out it offers nothing more than what is available for free from Photo Editor. Advertising that it will remove unwanted images within your photos but when you get it it’s less than useless providing pixel mess..Version: 1.8.6

WHAT HAPPENED?This was my all time favorite app! I literally showed all my friends and even shared it with individuals on Instagram ~ I have around 2k followers. It already had limited features as I’ve had this app for at least a year. I go to edit a picture for my place of work and now everything is limited. The only features available really is the basic editing features such as brightness, contrast, detail, and their so called “magic button” which isn’t really magical at all. They have even locked my “saved looks” from me and I can’t access unless I PAY! I spent a good amount of time on those.... I will give them till the end of the month of November to release back some of the features that makes them UNIQUE or I will just delete the app and advise my friends to do so because there’s other apps. What made this one different was being able to access a limited amount of features for free and the really cool ones you would still have to pay for (which makes sense)..Version: 1.8.0

Free trial not really a free trialIn the app store it says free, apparently a free trial, but you can’t really trial it free - if you want to export an image you instantly have to upgrade, well then its not a free trial is it? now i’ve tried to remove it before I get charged after the ‘free trial’ and can I find anywhere to cancel the trial? of course not so the developers are going to take money from me because they make it impossible to cancel. ‘Cancel anytime’ if you can find the ‘cancel’ button (good luck finding it). I’ve removed the app & tried to report a problem via iTunes but no joy. Developers of this app note - this is my notice that I want to cancel this immediately before you take my money.Version: 1.6.9

AwfulSo not impressed!!! I had downloaded a free photo editing app and assumed that this one would have more features; NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! I hate that I paid for a subscription and can’t find away to get a refund. NOT WORTH IT!!! I’ve had the app for less than 24 hours. Deleted it ... going to download PICSEE again instead. Can’t remember if that’s how to spell Picsee, but you get the idea; it’s a wayyyyyy better app!!.Version: 1.5.7

Why did you ruin it?This is the best photo editing app I have and I use it every day. That is until a week ago when you ruined it. You took away the circle feature inside effects which is now called overlay. (And when you change an app to such an extent, why on earth don't you put a notice about that, so when you open the app you know what to expect?) Anyway the circle feature allowed me to move the effect in many different ways, change the size, change the was awesome, absolutely what I need every day for my photos. And why are you would take away the one thing that made your app unique is mind boggling! Is there any way I can restore the previous version? Or how about fixing this!!!!!.Version: 1.6.5

So disappointed… i’ve used this for years and now I plan to cancelThey have changed everything about this app over the last year and it is no longer worth the cost. This used to be my go to app every time I needed to edit something the filters were perfect the way they were they changed that and all of the other editing features that were functional and easier to use were either removed or changed as well. This app is the perfect example of some thing that was already perfect and should not have been messed with whoever is working on this app needs to go back to the way that it was. I’m going through the reviews right now and it looks like you are going to lose plenty of customers who have been regular users for years over the same exact reason that I plan to cancel my subscription. Listen to your users. Stop changing the app, bring back the old filters and features that made this app great, and stop messing up something that used to be great. This used to be the best photo editing app but I refuse to spend my money on it anymore..Version: 1.9.8

Was my favorite . . . update RUINED it!There’s not much else to say, I hate what you did to all the choices for each step a creator had for each element, look, filter, layer. You ruined it by taking away the freedom to scroll across the bottom with multiple—many, many, many choices, to those awful fake looking options in the stupid circles. Sometimes it is a BAD move to update. And, YES, I’m a PAID subscriber. Don’t try so hard to improve something that was beautiful, offered many options, was effortless to use. The best thing you could do is dump the last update and take us back to earlier 2021. As soon as the update came out, I wrote you an email. You returned to me a ‘so, sorry,’ that did nothing to help or rewind. I’m searching for a replacement and will drop my subscription when I find it..Version: 1.9.5

Big Mistake They want more money even after I Purchased ProBad App, Bad App don’t risk your hard earned on this money pit of a scam. If my subscription renews I will be raising some Red Flags with the App Store, Apple and my Bank. They do not provide the service they advertise. This app is not for the average person wanting to have some fun with the photos they take. I was accidentally subscribed into a year long subscription and Pro only to find out that this app is a money pit. I got nothing. I wasn’t able to use anything. And now that my subscription is due to renew the cancel subscription is inconveniently missing from my subscription screen. Only for this money guzzler though. Unless you are a graphic artist and have access to unlimited funds DO NOT, DO NOT go down this rabbit hole..Version: 1.9.3

HorribleLooks like BAD photo editing done by a 5 yr old. Also, take a look at their privacy policy. Thank me later..Version: 1.4.100

MisleadingBasic features are free but they do less than Instagram can do. The main feature that they advertise is a paid feature. The advertisement is very misleading. Over $100 a year is an absolute joke.Version: 1.9.12

Money trap!!!This app was advertising on Facebook and they say most of the functions are free but DON’T bother downloading this unless you want to pay an expensive price for a photo app! There’s no option to save the photo you edited- bypassing the pay pay pay screen! “Buy this” thing keeps popping up every time you try to close and save the picture and you can’t even save it without paying. Useless. There’s no instruction to show you which effects are free. You just create something and can’t save it..Version: 1.8.9

Needs fixingUse this app frequently for work. It is amazing with the stuff it can do. However, constantly freezes and shuts down. Sometimes decides it doesn’t want to open at all. Been months and months doing this and still hasn’t been fixed. If it wasn’t for the sky function I would of moved onto a different app..Version: 1.9.8

TeeheeWhen I tryed to screen shot it said wow get the pro!.Version: 1.8.6

AnnoyedI pay for the subscription to this app and am really annoyed with the update. The “new” skies are just less options, and they aren’t as good as the old ones. Ugly colour schemes and just backgrounds that never naturally overlay on a photo. The old version was WAY better. You should change it back before your paying customers cancel and go elsewhere..Version: 1.8.6

The worstIf you use the heal it leaves a smudge and you can’t save the photo without paying for light leap pro and you can’t screenshot and I don’t see the point in this app except to waste money. Deleted the app as soon as I figured this out..Version: 1.9.19

Total scamThis is listed as a free app but you can’t get past a subscription screen. Total scam.Version: 1.2.4

ProblemI usually love the app, and recently paid for my second yearly prescription. However recently I’ve been having problems with it since it freezes very frequently, and sometimes just turns off half way through (luckily it does save my last step on the photo I’ve been working on). But now it’s even worse, all I can see is the opening slide with the logo for a very long time, then it switches to the gallery but only shows the loading flower icon and then the app just turns off. I don’t have this problem with any other app..Version: 1.5.3

PurchaseI don’t know if it charged me or not but if so I would very much appreciate it that if I did get charged to not get money taken from me for something I didn’t even purchase. I just downloaded to try out, maybe see if it was something that I liked, and it’s alright but I don’t have money to sit and pay for a app when I can do this in real life. I tried to back out of it instead of make any kind of purchase , I didn’t agree to any purchase but this app is in my purchases for whatever reason. I’m not paying for something I’m not using like that just for future reference if I do get charged I’ll be back lol, but great app good job and thank you guys.Version: 1.4.9

For paying people onlyNot even a few options for those who don't have money to put on an apps. Don't download if you can't or won't pay. Should be advertised as "$ to use"..Version: 1.4.97

UpdateLoved this app but since the update it’s too slow to use and is not the app I originally enjoyed. Received an email response and pending reply to requested email. Hopefully the issue can be fixed..Version: 1.1.1

Have to payOnly the basic options are free and if you want to save your edited photo directly from the app you have to pay. There are many better editing apps don’t waste your time on this one..Version: 1.9.4

Help! Still have not been helped!!!My app is only letting me upload videos to edit and no photos! I have tried reinstalling it over 5 times! This has now been happening for days and I am needing to edit my photos. Very frustrating after paying for this app..Version: 1.4.9

Another app, another subscription.This app has a lot of nice features and is easy to use. But it’s yet another app locked behind a subscription paywall. How many subscriptions do you have now? Do you even keep track? Who wants 100 subscriptions active on their phone just for the apps? I appreciate devs need to make money, and I also appreciate that unlike many others these devs added a lifetime unlock tier. But I’m not going to dump money into an app that looks nice without a trial period. When are these app makers going to figure out that we want to be able to try out their app, and that means FULLY try it out - including saving. Even if I could save to an area in the app that gets unlocked when I purchase it, that would be better than losing my work. As it is, another app that I would give a good review to, keep on my devices, and pay for, is instead uninstalled..Version: 1.7.4

SLOW-I’ve had my subscription for almost a year now- on my iPhone 12 5G and this ap would be wonderful if it wasn’t painstaking SLOW! Literally, it will take 20-30 seconds between each step/ overall about 3 minutes to upload, edit 1 picture and save- for lighting only, no fancy editing. When I have 10 pics to edit that a 1/2 hour for something that should take only a few minutes. It also FREEZES OFTEN, so I just get out and use another app. It’s very frustrating. It’s gotten so I edit the lighting in my pics ( if I can get through it within 3 minutes, or 3 clicks) and then I just screen shot the edited pic because I don’t have ANOTHER 3 minutes to add to my time, for ONE photo! Super disappointed. I’m only continuing to use it because I paid for a 1 year subscription..Version: 1.9.13

Needs improvementsYour filters need improvement. I’ve experimented with the sky filters. It’s ok if you have a big open sky just over land and not a lot of trees. However, if you have sky over water, the water tone doesn’t change accordingly. If you want to change the sky in a window it won’t catch all the sky. Some of the filters are just not that impressive to me they are so, so. I had an owl in a tree and wanted to change the sky but it only changed the big parts of the sky and missed the smaller parts like in between branches. It did not look natural..Version: 1.9.5

I’m not paying nearly $30 without seeing how the app works.Title says it all, I understand limited effects or time bound restriction but I’m not going to pay upfront with no idea on how the app works. Also, no option to just login via email, what if we don’t want to be linked with google, Apple or Facebook. It’s a no from me..Version: 1.9.3

ITS NOT FREEScum bags act like its free until you use your 1 free edit. ONE FREE EDIT. Then they charge you a ridiculous amount for a useless app.Version: 1.4.99

Monthly charges???When I purchased this app I payed what I thought was a single $5.49 payment which would last 7 days because I wanted to edit some holiday photos with the pro features. This month I have been debited another $5.49 from my account. I would like to buy this app once off but it is no way worth the 1 time payment price. I would pay a maximum of $10 - 15 for this app. Not to mention it’s buggy and sometimes it won’t allow me to directly save images, so I end up having to drop box it to myself. I want a refund for my money as I didn’t agree to monthly payment. Or charge an acceptable once of payment for the app..Version: 1.2.5

No free trial?I downloaded this app to try out the free trial for the hide option to delete objects from my wedding photographs. However there was no free trial option only sign up. So i signed up however i have now used the hide app and it does not delete objects as clears as the adverts for this app show. You are left with a fuzzy blur in the area where the object was. I am very disapointed with this app. I would like to find out how to contact the Devleopers to apply for a refund as this app is not as it is described on the instagram ads.Version: 1.8.4

Terrible!Doesn’t do what I thought!! Want my money back!.Version: 1.4.101

Have to PayI started playing around with this app and it was fantastic! I thought they’d have some free features like other apps but they don’t. You can edit photos but to export them to your phone you have to pay for the pro pack which is an ongoing subscription and quite expensive!.Version: 1.9.16

Great productVery great app the only down fall is . My app close at least 20 times while trying to edit 1 image.Version: 1.4.2

PeevedFrankly I’m peeved off! I downloaded what was advertised as a ‘free’ with ‘in app purchases’ app however I couldn’t even try anything on the app without opting for a subscription. Normally I would just delete and move on however the monthly option was only $2.99 and the demo did look really good.. I had hopes of this app being easier for me to remove backgrounds or items... well it doesn’t do that well at all! It leaves a very distorted area where you select to remove an item, nothing like the demo! It crashes constantly and doesn’t save to my photos most of the times. In fact all this I worked out within hours of downloading so therefore went straight in and canceled subscription. What did I find? Yes it let me cancel however it says i have access for the whole year and they’ve taken the yearly subscription of $27 from my account! What the heck! Why have a month subscription if you have to do it for a year and more the point how dare you advertise a free app that you can’t even try without having to buy in the first place!! I wasn’t going to review or write this as I thought oh well I should never have fallen for it just play with it anyways. However on continuing to try to use it frequently crashes, in reality it doesn’t do anything better than my regular editing app and is a pain in the neck to save creations. All in all it’s rubbish that’s cost me over $27 for nothing!! Learnt my lesson but if I could get a refund it would be appreciated!!.Version: 1.5.7

.This app worked like a charm! (Almost) BUT LET ME SCREENSHOT. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY?! Don’t waste your time on this app..Version: 1.7.1

You get what you don’t pay forI almost deleted the app right off the bat as when you first open the app it goes right to paid subscription page and takes a minute to figure out to close out of that to get to the actual app. Then once you get there, you only have a few “free” enhancements which you can do on most edit features on your mobile device or even the free apps like Lightroom mobile and others. If it was like $15 or less to outright purchase as a one time offer would look at it more serious to purchase. If your willing to purchase their full price then yes you will get some really cool edits that is quick and easy..Version: 1.4.92

Don’t D/L Unless You Want to Pay Right AwayThe app seemed to have some great functionality and I would have loved to use it, except every single ‘free’ feature is a one off that’s lost in a see of superior ‘pro’ features and constant pressure to buy the pro product. There was zero attempt at subtly to push the pro product and there is no sincere effort made to let the user deep dive experiment with the product, without paying up front. I’ve paid for multiple photo editing apps and I’m always excited for new options, but the ones I grew to love were those that had a legitimately enticing free product and then pro features that went above and beyond. Unless you’re willing to whip out your wallet from the get go, this app is more akin to an electronics store’s video game kiosk. You can play for 20 minutes but you can’t actually get into it, and there’s nothing to take home and explore..Version: 1.9.12

Not freeRequires paid monthly or yearly dues.Version: 1.4.105

Seems cool, but doesn’t work?App seems to work well, effects look great and tools are intuitive. Just downloaded it and only used the blur background feature (which is free) and when I go to export the photo it just freezes on that screen. Bummer, because I’ve been looking for a reliable editing app. I did try to just screenshot my free edit so I could still use the photo, and they have a hilarious image that pops up to thwart you. 🦉.Version: 1.9.7

Great - BUTLove this app, it’s quick and easy and I’ve been able to save some presets under ‘looks’. Lately though it keeps crashing, every time I try to save the image, it crashes - without exporting it. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app, and it’s not fixed it. There’s also no way to reach out for support help. And now I’ve lost my presets... I’ve also noticed it diminishes the quality of the photo a bit more than it should. I know any editing can do that, but surely if it’s a high quality pic, it should diminish this much?!.Version: 1.8.9

What have you done!Enlighten used to be such a great photo editing tool that gives you freedom to edit almost every property of the photo. I don’t know what happen to it now it’s all preset filters and it’s terrible! Why do you turn a great tool into a useless app!.Version: 1.5.9

Amazing but..I find this amazing and how you can erase things completely but everything you need to buy and if you take a screen shot it is just an owl not my work and I found this out after spending an hour rubbing out the buildings on a photo and getting it just right and then I was using it as a test not the actual thing so I could not save or screenshot it.Version: 1.7.1

False advertising, does not do what it showed in the ad.False advertisement. You cannot edit out people or objects from your photos as shown in their Facebook and Instagram ads. Also, the effects (Storm, night, etc) also do not show in your photos. Stay away from these scammers..Version: 1.5.7

Not as advertisedI downloaded this based on an ad that purported to show that you can use the app to erase entire people, objects, etc from a scene. This doesn’t do that. The free/sample version at least. All it does is smudge the object into oblivion but then leaves smudges on the rest of the image which means you can tell it was altered. Not clean at all. Maybe if you pay the $85 for the full version you’d get better tools but I’m not paying to take that guess..Version: 1.5.7

Accidentally subscribed but got to charged for a yearCan someone help?.Version: 1.9.19

Terrible direction Since New OwnershipWow! What was once a serious app to bring beautiful skies to photos has turned into a gimmicky cartoon of hearts and Santa sleighs flying in the skies. Fine if you want to include them but why would you ever get rid of the past skies which were unique and exuded professionalism. Also your ad is misleading as you show skies which you have deleted from this app..Version: 1.9.0

Not as good as it seemsThe editing tools are not as good as they appear in the demos! The heal tool does not remove an unwanted object without smudging the scene around it. As well, the sky tool is a farce - patchy job at best!.Version: 1.6.7

Not professionalNo photographer who calls themselves a professional will use this app. This app is a money grab for cheap, ridiculous looking results. If you want to be scammed then this is the app for you. It’s okay if you’re looking for junior high level results..Version: 1.9.0

SadImmediately asks for money. Unable to try first. Seriously NO!!!....Version: 1.4.1

Deleted it after 10 minutesI downloaded the app and it immediately pops up a screen with their paid subscriptions. It took me forever to figure out how to get off of that paid to try the free version. So much so that I actually emailed the customer support. So red flag # 1 - their customer service email is an “undeliverable” address and your email will notify you that the email cannot be sent. Upon using the free version I immediately tried the option to remove something from a picture. It “removes” it by making the whole section look blurry and like water ripples basically. The only thing that was kinda cool was changing the sky background. But even that was very poorly edited depending on the photo you chose to use..Version: 1.8.4

Good but....I really wanted to like this app given the advert for it was so promising. Sadly I don’t do monthly subscriptions, happy to pay a developer for their work but I’m not signing up for regular payments it’s why I no longer use adobe products and their creative cloud..Version: 1.1.3

Great app .... when it worksGreat app and friendly to use when it works properly. Almost un-usable at this point because it freezes as soon as I try different filters. Constantly have to force the app to close and reopen it in order for it to stop glitching (which only works sometimes). Would give it 5 stars if it worked consistently..Version: 1.2.5

Paying for fake sky?Yes, the sky packages offered look good. But you can use so many free apps that will bring out details and brilliance of the sky behind while masking the land below the horizon. Paying to eliminate background objects?? This too is a free feature of other apps. Plus, the app crashed on free mode while processing an object elimination job once. I was able to get it work subsequently. Overall, I could never see myself paying for these services. I wouldn’t want a picture with a prefabricated, fake sky that so many other pictures from the same app are going to have. I gave it an extra star because the effects do look decent when used appropriately. Not a fan of the user interface either. It seems to be too dumbed down for me..Version: 1.8.4

MoneyIt looked like a good app and it is but 84 bux for features like why it’s stupid I got this app to Mayne start a photo editing and this app is like no pay 84bux fo just put a filter on. Don’t get it unless you want to spend 84 bux.Version: 1.5.7

Love/HateI LOVE this app! It’s got great settings and filters and makes my photos look way better than before! But I can never export my photo!!!!!!! Why does it never let you save an image? It crashes every time I try and save a session and then I have to re-try over and over again and it still never works! You really need to fix this problem because it makes no sense to be able to edit a photo but to never be able to export the new version! Ridiculous! And no matter how many times I try it still never works, even deleted it and re-downloaded it! I pay monthly too for the subscription and I won’t be paying anymore because I’m so tired of it now!.Version: 1.6.9

Updated- no ‘portrait’ option anymoreI used to love this app and used it several times per week. But they’ve updated it and lost the PORTRAIT setting. It was the main thing I used it for. It seems to be replaced by ‘face’ which is rubbish. They do have a portrait option under filters but it’s no where near as effective. So sad I will need to cancel my sub. Any recommendations for portrait editing anyone?.Version: 1.8.9

Full of bugsI have paid for a subscription for a few years now. and for the last year, there is a bug that makes the photo vivid pink, it affects several filters, it exports like it and it ruins the original to be able to edit it in the future. i’ve complained about it several times but always told no update. told i can get a refund through apple but they aren’t very helpful so i just gave up and took the loss..Version: 1.9.19

It’s not free.Free to download and do absolutely nothing else with it. It’s a monthly subscription or a one time fee. Not even a free trial. Delete..Version: 1.4.100

Not Free at AllYou can’t do much with the free version. It doesn’t even let you take a simple screenshot. Don’t even download it. There are better cheaper (or even free) apps ‼️.Version: 1.8.9

App sucksBad app.Version: 1.9.20

So disappointedThis used to be my favourite editing app, it was so quick and easy and the filters were actually decent quality. I’d left VSCO behind and never looked back. Now all of a sudden it’s changed to light leap and all the filters are part of the package that you have to pay for, when it had already made a feature where you can’t screen shot your edits, which I used to use to compare which I liked better! I’m so disappointed, they clearly don’t care about their customers and is another money grabbing machine. Not everyone can afford to pay that amount a year. Unfortunately won’t be using this app again which is a shame cause it was so easy to use. The iPhone edit feature is better than this now. 😔.Version: 1.8.0

It’s bad if you don’t have vipI think it’s a really good app but it only wants to take your money. The filters that vip people have its more cute and cooler than the ones that other people who doesn’t have vip. I think that I understand they need to make money as the app is free but instead of vip they should just sell the things that are so good and put £0.50 or £1 but other than that it’s a good app.Version: 1.4.4

Misleading. Don’t bother.Downloaded then deleted after it was NOT free as per the misleading advert. I read the other reviews on here after and most are the same. After leaving said review, you then get a ‘token’ (copy and paste) response from the developer telling you the app has plenty of features you can use and that it is totally free to use. Well that’s true, but you can only use THEIR stock photos and not your own, which is kind of the point. All in all, unless you are prepared to pay, it’s a useless app from the get go..Version: 1.3.5

Almost perfect, except....This app is amazing. The sky effect alone is almost worth the money, and the other adjustments are also superb. Possibly the only editor you need, except for three problems that make it very hard for me to use. 1) Photo extensions are not enabled, so it can’t be called up from within Photos. 2) The edited photo can’t be put back into the album from which it was imported. 3) Most problematic of all is that the date is changed when you edit a photo, which presents a huge issue with Photos and especially with Google Photos. Bottom line, as much as I love the features and effects, the workflow is too cumbersome. I won’t be paying for Pro..Version: 1.4.101

App problemHi this app is really good but I have some problems in it after couple week to use where this app couldn’t access anymore when I want to edit a picture which they ask me to contact the developer. How I can fix the app back? Jimi.Version: 1.6.1

Works great but isn’t free - Deceptive!I downloaded it to do some simple repairs on a picture, it said in Ap purchases - but won’t let you save ANY pictures you have edited unless you pay. Payment for their hard work is fair. But I resent being sucked in via dubious promises. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere..Version: 1.7.2

PriceyFor what this does, not worth it, can get tons of free programs to do same thing. Not much to it for $25 a year! Won’t be renewing..Version: 1.8.0

Great but...I do love this app, it’s one of my favourites to edit with and I’m now into my second subscription (the only subscription I’ve ever gotten) BUT I hate how they constantly remove (and sometimes bring back) features. The final straw and the reason I took the time to write a review is my huge disappointment when I realised they’ve removed one of my favourite features, primers. Why? Please please please bring it back or it’ll be a waste of 17 quid, sigh..Version: 1.9.4

RefundThis App is not good, there is lot’s of things about this app, first of all your privacy, second the tools in app doesn’t work the way they advertising, Fake advertising, since I have downloaded this app I am gating random scam calls, I don’t feel my privacy is secure, I demand my total refund.Version: 1.9.13

Disappointed with recent updateVery disappointed with recent update so giving 3 stars instead of the 5 I would’ve given. They made some changes and I don’t like them at all. I paid for the unlimited subscription and use it DAILY! They’ve now created “Elements” and “Overlays” which just used to be “Effects”. Now some of the lighting effects are in OVERLAYS and you cannot resize and reposition them any longer, which is BS. I really have no use for 75% of this app because of this senseless update. I’ll be contacting customer service for a downgrade and prorated refund. You’re supposed to make the app better, not worse. Great job QuickShot team!.Version: 1.6.5

Annoying freezesI have the pro version on an iPhone 11 Pro Max that’s updated as well as the app updated. App continuously freezes and also shuts down to which I need to re add the photos I’m working on. Already tried deleting and reinstalling app. Really annoying, won’t be renewing. Great app otherwise.Version: 1.9.12

Ummm ok90$ for a glorified filter app. Are you guys crazy? This app should be no more then 6$ full unlock. There are better apps out there for way less then 90$. Did all your friends give you your good ratings ?.Version: 1.1.5

🤢🤮It’s so bad the main thing they were advertising you have to pay for and the filters are trash I do not recommend this app at all..Version: 1.5.7

Good photo editing but too many adsThis app is good for editing photos but it’s annoying because you can’t actually do much without upgrading to the premium. I would say 85% of the editing tools and choices are only for premium and the other 15% are really basic tools, And even if you try screenshoting it won’t work. Another annoying thing about this app is about every few minutes or so when you are in the middle of editing a screen pops up telling you to upgrade to premium and that really stops my flow of focus. I think this app would be extremely good if they weren’t always trying to get you to upgrade to premium and you could use all of the tools for free..Version: 1.9.18

ScamCannot use unless you pay. Not a free app..Version: 1.7.2

Cash grabImmediately asks for money after downloading the “free” app. No free trial, no nothing - strait to “pay us” not impressed..Version: 1.8.0

0 stars0 stars... first of all you can’t even try it at all. Monthly, yearly... or $84 to buy this?? Seriously? Too many bad things about this... Overpriced !!.Version: 1.4.100

Does not do what is advertisedDon’t get it. I wanted to edit things out, in the examples it’s easy to do because the photos are set up to be compatible. Real life photos do not have pure solid backgrounds. When you go into manage subscriptions, there is a pay more option but not a cancel..Version: 1.9.5

Don’t waste your timeNone of the features in the commercial work, it’s false advertising.Version: 1.5.7

It does NOT remove bits from imagesI purchased for lifetime access after being impressed with the demo video of how easily you could remove/clean up people/things out of images. But instead it just blurs the background colour over what your trying to remove, essentially leaving a smudge on the photo! very misleading, not happy!.Version: 1.5.8

No free version. Pay to test.Sky look good on small devices like phones but could look fake in bigger devices like tablets or laptops. Demo mode only allows you to test in photos specifically taken for the app. No way to test the app on your own photos unless you pay. Quite expensive subscription for few features. Will check the app again after few versions. Won’t spend my money for limited time use..Version: 1.1.7

Too Many Tools Missing for a $60 AppI don’t even care about layers, but this is missing too many of the basics. No touch up tool! Seriously? No bokeh for portraits. Why? No vignette options (just more or less dark). No levels. The sky replacement tool is nearly as good as desktop—and earns the first there stars alone—but there’s nothing more to this that you can’t get for free in Photoshop Express or any number of other free apps. And the HDR mode is pretty weak IMO. It needs a wider range. It currently works about as well as, but no better than, SmartHDR in the built in cam. You still need to manually adjust even moderately challenging scenes. If the developers addressed the above shortcomings, I’d pay for this just to have the connivence of having everything in one app. But since I still have to use other apps for basic touch-ups, no. In fact if there was any indication that these features were forthcoming, I might even spot the cash upfront. I’m not expecting complete Adobe Lightroom functionality. However, for this price you should really be also able to do adjustments in just a specific area of the photo, not only globally (like Lightroom does)..Version: 1.4.106

The app. Is incredibly slowThe app. Is incredibly slow when editing and often closes while editing. You need a lot of patience to use this app. Pretty bad since we’re paying..Version: 1.9.20

Nice to play with but…Not worth the money for a app you can’t even open always down. Garbage!.Version: 1.9.5

Data collectionUnlimited use of your info..Version: 1.9.20

Subscription required before photos can be exportedThis app does not have a free option! You can import a photo and make changes but when export is pressed, nothing happens. The only option is to ☑️ subscription if you want to save photos and export them. A waste of time and app now deleted!.Version: 1.8.4

Not even an option to test their claimsMost app’s that carry such a hefty price tag at least give you a grace period in which to test their wares. I’ve been stung in the past by developers claiming their app’s do this and that, then when you try them out the interfaces are clunky or just don’t work as well as expected. If you’ve paid up front, then you’ve to go through the rigmarole of applying for a refund. This should at least have a 7 day free trial to test out whether the app works for you. If it’s as good as they say, they shouldn’t be afraid of folks not buying it at the end of their trials..Version: 1.8.5

Used to be goodUsed to be good when it was called quickshot. Now is all expensive subscription. Very very expensive.Version: 1.8.9

Not Worth itFirst of you need to pay to use some of the features and it’s not even worth it. Second it isn’t as accurate as the demo..Version: 1.6.8

Used to love this app!I’ve been using this app for YEARS! The recent update is just AWFUL!! Not only has the look of the app changed, but many of the features I have used for years are just gone! I paid for a yearly subscription last month, and I definitely would not have, if I had known this was coming. I get that things need to be updated, but at the same time, loyal users should be able to continue to use the same features we always have. I’m so disappointed right now. That being said, I’m sure new customers will enjoy the app the way it has been redesigned..Version: 1.9.5

Bad, sorry but its bad 😩Its too expensive. I have to pay to have filters and everything. I don<t recommend this app for people who doesn’t like to spend money on apps. 😕.Version: 1.8.8

Completely changedThis used to be one of my favourite apps for changing the sky in my pictures. I particularly enjoyed using the plain blue sky with no clouds, which looked very natural. Unfortunately, the app has been completely changed and a lot of the sky overlays have been removed. Most of the ones now left look unnatural. Such a shame as I used to love this app. It’s unlikely that I will be renewing my subscription unless this is rectified..Version: 1.9.4

ScamThere’s a lot of negative reviews here especially about the fee and it not working properly but I thought I would try for myself. This is not a free app. It shows you 4 things the app supposedly does, then the next page you have to select your payment. Yearly. Monthly or one time purchase. You don’t even get to see the app or tools to decide if it’s worth paying for or not and too many reviews say it doesn’t work even the 5 star ones. There needs to be tighter laws around false advertising getting pretty sick of scam artists..Version: 1.9.12

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