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WBFYC Screeners App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

WBFYC Screeners app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WBFYC Screeners? Can you share your negative thoughts about wbfyc screeners?

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WBFYC Screeners for Negative User Reviews

No cast to TV?You want me to consider this for awards, but you want me to watch it on a tiny little tablet screen? Casting to a TV would be ideal. I’m not watching a movie on a tablet.Version: 2019.11.1

Hopefully this won't replace traditional screeners!Apparently WB is okay with guild members watching their movies on tablets or laptops. I know "Mule" isn't exactly "2001" but I'd still like the opportunity to watch it on a bigger screen (without lugging around an HDMI cable). If not, I just won't bother watching it, let alone voting for it. I'm deleting this app until WB makes it Chromecast able..Version: 2018.12.0

Simply doesn't workLast year fine. This year not so good, actually totally useless, I wonder if it's been configured for Monterey?.Version: 2021.11.1

Useless inneffectual appThis app's refusal to allow secodary screen such as a TV to be used means big budgets films in contenciton for awards are innnstead viewed on tinny lpatop screens with less thann ideal sound and vision. WB is really letting down film makers, and making it hard for BAFTA members to vote for any of their movies..Version: 2022.3

No air playBeing a member of CAS not being capable of playing a movie on big screen and Dolby sound system , renders this screener system USELESS! Straight to iPhone. Is that a thing?.Version: 2019.01.0

Can't load multiple titlesStuck on one movie. Even deleting the app and reloading doesn't solve problem. Can't watch the Little Things. Rubbish app..Version: 2020.12.0

Just a black screenThis HDCP stuff is getting riduculous. My equipment is HDCP compliant, and I have no other apps running..Version: 2022.1.1

UselessNo air play to a big screen. Totally pointless app..Version: 2019.01.0

Can't ChromecastHow ridiculously stupid of the WBFYC team to only show screeners in their app, which can't chromecast. I don't watch movies on my computer or phone, I watch them on my 106" screen with surround sound. Thus, I will not be watching any of the movies on this app. Hope they send DVDs I guess..Version: 2021.01.0

Doesn't workAs other reviewers have stated, this doesn't work when connecting to a TV. Blank screen - doesn't make it easy for us to view and vote for your films!.Version: 2021.11.1

Seems basicNo picture in picture view..Version: 2019.01.0

Access cut off before voting deadlineI still have another 14 hours to vote for the SAG Awards and it says my login ID has expired because it’s “only active during awards season.” I guess Just Mercy won’t be getting my vote even though I hear it’s a great film..Version: 2020.01.0

Poor standard for FYC screenersThe films crash, freeze, and playback at low quality and then when downloaded sometimes just disappear! The app blocks screen mirroring so members are confined to watching on teeny screens with poor audio quality. Why are studios happy for academy members to view their films this way? But it is not just this app, it applies to many FYC platforms and it needs addressing asap..Version: 2019.12.0

Does not airplay or chrome castNeither AirPlay or chrome cast works!!!!.Version: 2021.01.0

RubbishI can't make this work.Version: 2021.12

Abysmal audio qualityStarted off ok as the picture quality was surprisingly good, but the audio sounds like the track is duplicated and then offset by 2 frames. Since I was given this screener to judge the audio for awards season, you’d think they’d have figured out how to make it sounds remotely listenable. Gigantic fail..Version: 2019.12.0

Doesn't workJust a black screen with audio for Little Things.Version: 2020.12.0

Can’t mirror to big screen!!?!Not going to watch a big movie on a little screen. WB what are you thinking?.Version: 2021.01.0

Aggressive watermarking ruins filmsHow am I supposed to evaluate a film when it is constantly broken with incredibly aggressive watermarking? Awful. Just send discs with whatever marking they had before. This is trash and I won’t bother using it next season. EDIT: Guys, you’re watermarking every 10 minutes over the center of the screen. Other studios don’t do this. And I live in an area where my guild does not screen films. I’m well aware of the dangers of piracy, but you’re kidding yourself if you think you’re providing a worthwhile experience. Go ahead, you got a video stream working on the internet, pat yourselves on the back. But don’t pretend that what you’ve made here is watermarked the same or as flexible as the screener discs. Don’t even..Version: 2019.03.1


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