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Psych! Outwit Your Friends App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Psych! Outwit Your Friends app received 117 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Psych! Outwit Your Friends? Can you share your negative thoughts about psych! outwit your friends?

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Psych! Outwit Your Friends for Negative User Reviews

Ads are extremely annoyingSo this app was awesome until today when I played it and several times throughout the games ads were played. Now I get there has to be ads (even though I have already purchased additional packs), but the ads play for 30 seconds with no option to cancel after a few seconds and then a second add plays which allows me to cancel after 30 seconds. In addition to this only I get ads (not the other players) when I am the only one who has paid for content and they come right at the end of the game so everyone finds out the result before me. Fix this and I might change the rating.Version: 9.6.26

FUN but too SLOWThis is the best game I’ve ever played, I play it with my friends and I highly recommend it! Unfortunately, there’s one problem that ruins everything! It is so slow and keeps crashing not just on my device but also the other ppl I play with, whenever I go off it for a minute and come on... AGAIN it takes agesss to load! I played it yesterday for the first time non-stop, but today every time I tried to play, it crashed, or just didn’t load..... if you could do something about it I would really appreciate it as it is really bothering me!!!! But again, besides from that- BEST GAME EVER.Version: 9.6.22

Great fun, but ads and a few glitchesThe game is such great fun to play with friends, however the amount of ads is ridiculous and causes lots of problems and glitches and £2.99 is excessive to remove ads. Furthermore when playing one of the categories “the truth is out” you can change the deck to any other category when playing that one so you’re stuck on that category until the game ends so you can’t change things up a bit on that category which is quite annoying..Version: 9.2.53

FOMOI would love to play this game however the keyboard does not pop up. Thank you Ellen. I now have fomo..Version: 10.8.85

In app purchases disappearedCringe.Version: 10.8.50

Not loadingI’ve played this game many times however now when trying to play the game, it stays continuously loading while the remaining members playing enter game easily. I have updated the app, restarted the app as well as delete the app and reload it and I still face the same problem. It is absolutely agitating when you are the only person not able to join a game while in the same residence and on the same wifi. Whatever this error is needs to be updated ASAP to allow everyone to play. Please fix this..Version: 10.6.185

App keeps crashingWhack app what a scam keeps crashing won’t even let me go past the launch screen 🤡.Version: 9.6.19

Good Game, But...Listen, everyone is right. This game is lots of fun. But I refuse to give credit to Warner Bros and the game developers when they copied a game that’s been running for EIGHT YEARS. In 2004, Jackbox Games released Fibbage, a game that plays just like this one, but cleaner, better, and more fun. It is on PS 4, PS 3, Xbox One, and PC. Jackbox makes so many fun games, Quiplash being their most popular. Since 2004, they’ve been making upgrades to Fibbage, and you can get Fibbage XI, with more players and an unlimited amount of others voting for answers, making the game great for streaming and parties. You play on your phone, but instead of the answers popping up on a small white background, they’re on a colorful TV. Stop rating this game and actually buy the much better original version - or any of its improved versions. I’ve been playing Jackbox’s games for years, and I’m telling you that any one of their games is better than this. This company is a billionaire business, so it’s surprising that a not very well known game company can make a better game..Version: 9.6.19

Good game but a real cash grabI would probably enjoy this game a LOT more if it weren’t for the number and length of ads. But for $13USD, you can block the ads and fear not, if you want more than a few decks you can buy them for $33USD. A cash grab with a horrible benefactor. Buy it or Ellen will yell at you and treat you like crap..Version: 10.9.54

Psych CrashMe and my friends were playing psych and then we got a question that none of us knew how to answer. So my friend skipped the question and everyone’s phones ( everyone who was in the game) crashed. When we tried to get back into the game it didn’t let us . We tried everything . We turned off our phones , deleted and reloaded the app and still nothing. The screen stayed blank or loaded forever . Me and my friends used to love the game so we hope you can fix this bug soon . Thanks x.Version: 9.3.35

Why just whyYou have to pay on a FREE APP. I now hate this game. Why.Version: 10.9.57

Needs to be betterAs much as it is fun overall, there needs to be a timer and/or a notification cause sometimes at least one person doesn’t pay attention to the game and the rest of the people in the game must wait until every single person answers. So if someone takes about a half hour to answer, that’s how long everyone has to wait. There should be at least a notification if the game isn’t timed. For example, if one person is taking a long time to answer, the other people in the game who are waiting could be doing other things. And whenever that person answers, the rest of the players should be notified that the person has already answered..Version: 9.6.19

Another good game gone down the commercialism tubesI was lucky enough to find this game early on. It was truly great, and my family had *many* hours of fun together. It was simply well done and easy to navigate—so good that it didn’t need to be flashy. The entertainment alone was enough that I even bought a few extra decks. Since then, it’s just gone full commercial mode. Pay to remove ads, pay to play new decks, pay to unlock features that should be included. Harder to navigate, and full of trackers just like every other money trap app nowadays. Absolutely not something I would feel comfortable recommending to my family any more. TLDR: My honest recommendation: Don’t bother getting attached. It was a great app to start with. But greed has made it a hard pass for me. Not something I could comfortably recommend anymore..Version: 10.7.9

Love it! However it doesn’t workMy friends and I were all enjoying the game. Then out of nowhere the game crashes and it kicked me out. I tried getting back in multiple times, but it still doesn’t work. One friend that was playing texted the group chat saying “Mine isn’t working.” Everyone replied with “Me too” or “Same”. I then tried to delete the app and reinstall it. That didn’t work! Lastly I resorted to powering my device off. When I checked back... It. Still. Wasn’t. Workingggg. This got me a bit upset because I really enjoyed the game. It’s like the game just broke and can’t be fixed!! Hopefully it can return back to normal or the people/whoever is reading this review can help my friends and I. Anyways, loved the game just there are a lot of bugs and doesn’t work after a while. (I only had it for about 2 hours). 👋👋.Version: 9.3.35

Kept crashingThe game itself is really fun but it must have crashed at least 6-8 times during our 40 minute game of 4 people. Super frustrating when only 3 of us could play so the whole thing had to be put on hold. Lots of bugs!!.Version: 10.6.33

Not WorkingIt sounds like a fun game... except for the fact that it doesn’t work. My sisters and I downloaded this to play together while we were bored at home, and we were excited since it looked really interesting. The game didn’t work properly for any of us. We all had problems while creating games, joining games and even just loading the actual app itself. It kept freezing and exiting out for no reason. We tried everything, from getting a better internet connection, to using cellular data, to restarting our phones, and it still didn’t function. We didn’t even get to play a single round because of all these bugs. I still really want to play since I love Ellen and I love these types of games, and this one seems really cool. We just wanted to know if there was anything we could do to fix these problems and actually play the game. Please let us know how we can fix this!! Thank you.Version: 9.6.19

Game GlitchesHi, I was wondering if you could help me with a glitch in this game, sometimes I am playing and it will leave me behind whilst everyone else has moved onto the next question. It's a good game, though not when this happens as I have to quit out and then lose my score..Version: 1.3

The game WAS great until nowOnce ‘ and the truth comes out ‘ was charged for my friends and I stopped playing the game . This was the only game I enjoyed apart from guess the logo . I really wish they made it better as it’s a great way to connect and enjoy quality time . Overall I love this app and it’s layout but I do wish they could have made and the through comes out free.Version: 10.6.33

Great game but glitched and won’t turn onI love this game so much, played it non-stop with my friends. But it giltched during a game for us all and now won’t work for any of us no matter what. We’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app. Restarted our phones. Nothing works to fix it.Version: 9.4.23

The app doesn’t even openPressed play and nothing!.Version: 10.6.157

UGHThis used to be a good game, but with every update there are more, longer, unskippable ads, and the answers are just vague. I really dislike this even though it used to be my favourite game. And FIFTEEN dollars for no ads? What a scam. You only get 3 free decks and have to pay 3 dollars for the others, even though they USED TO BE FREE!!!.Version: 10.9.45

Great, except for when the game crashesPsych is a great game! The only problem is the fact that the game will crash in the middle of the game. Sometimes I’m in the middle of the game with some of my family, and then the game crashes for someone. This is problematic for everyone who is playing because we have to wait for that person to get back into the game. Other than that, the game is a great way to connect with family and friends across the country. As soon as that crashing problem is fixed, the game will deserve 5 stars, for sure!.Version: 9.2.53

Good gameGame is great for having good laugh with friends and family and a variety of decks to play, adult games for those check night with friends or just plain fun with the family. Downside is that if can hang on the launch screen for ages and goes back their if you move off screen. Also have error message often , glitch or bug in software maybe, cause most of our group experience thos issue..Version: 10.5.5

Problem with loading inI can’t play the game it won’t let me load in or join friends. I tried restarting my phone, updating the app, deleting and re download, and check for all the recent iOS updates. All have been done and checked and still I can’t play. Can someone help :(.Version: 10.8.35

Can’t even downloadI can’t download this game no matter what I do. I can download every other game and app but this. It’s a bad game if you can’t even play it..Version: 9.3.35

TrashTerrible. Nothing is actually free. Trash app. Trash idea. Trash..Version: 10.9.54

Please update for iPhone X and laterScreen still needs to be optimised for iPhone X, a year after the phone was released... please do it!!.Version: 9.3.35

Bhen chod start pe click nhi ho rha Chudi hui gameLauda game.Version: 10.8.29

Glitches everywhereDon’t want to take away from the idea of the game or the enjoyment. Due to the current situation (covid-19) it’s a fun way of playing something with our friends and we do really enjoy it and the concept. HOWEVER The glitches are just not okay. We added one person which took 15 minutes to do and once she was in the round that took another 10 minutes to wait for the next round to even start. It takes way longer than it should and takes away from the enjoyment tbh. The bugs need fixing..Version: 9.6.19

AppFun app to play with my family and friends. But the app keeps crashing after a couple rounds playing.Version: 9.2.53

Full of ads even after paying for a gameThis game is bloated with unskippable ads. Ellen has enough money to not fill a sponsored game full of bad games that you have to pay for each individual game and then pay 2.99 to get rid of ads. Paid to play with friends, but find the app pretty bare bones for the price of entry..Version: 10.6.185

BoringLiterally the most boring game I’ve ever played, please don’t waste your time on this.Version: 10.6.143

Fun but Too many adsGreat game but ads too hard and annoying to get rid of quickly.Version: 9.3.35

Good gameBut the app is very buggy :-( </3.Version: 10.8.15

What happened?I absolutely love playing this game although it just stays on the play button. At first I thought it was my wifi wasn’t working but it’s working fine. It won’t load onto that actual game part anymore ☹️.Version: 10.8.54

Keeps crashingI bought a deck for this game but the game keeps crashing (black screen) after every commercial. Crashes on other iPads as well..Version: 10.6.180

Keeps crashing please helpThe game keeps crashing so I tried deleting the app but now I let me re-download the app. Please help..Version: 9.3.35

BuggyPlayed one game, half way through the second the app refused to open.Version: 9.2.53

I DID love this game!!!!!Me and my friends would play this game all the time. It was a fun way we could play together even at our own house. It was perfect......... until it stopped working. We can no longer get our daily reward cause it glitches out. The screen goes black or it starts loading for absolutely ages. It will glitch in the middle of a round for the leader and we will all be stuck on it. Sometimes it won’t even let us play in the first place. Is really bad and until it gets fixed we are not playing it. Extremely disappointed!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 9.3.35

Insufferably slow.Ads ads ads, Ellen surely you’ve made your fortune by now that you don’t need to clog up your game and servers with minute long ads after every round? Game crashes after each turn and syncing up with friends is a nightmare. Scrap the ads and make your Money from the expansion decks.Version: 9.6.26

Don’t be fooled, it’s a pay to play gameThe best part about this game was “the truth comes out”, it’s the only reason me and my friends would play it, and now all of a sudden we have to pay to play that category. This is purely a pay to play game, you might as well just make people pay to download it at this rate, I remember when you could earn coins to unlock the packs, over the years it’s become more of a pay to play game. I just want to enjoy the game with friends but having to pay for everything just takes the fun out of it.Version: 10.5.5

ExcellentOne of the best games I’ve ever played..Version: 9.4.23

Ellen is money hungry and i’m angryI’ve had this app for almost five years now and I adore playing it with my friends. Our favorite game mode has always been “and the truth comes out”. During quarantine we’ve been having game nights once a week to keep us connected. Today I went to start a game and saw I needed to download an update so I did. When I opened the app, almost all the game modes now cost money to purchase. Seriously? You didn’t tell me that in the update description! I’m incredibly disappointed that I won’t be able to play this super fun game anymore due to greed of a multi millionaire. Have fun losing a good chunk of add revenue from me and my friends Ellen!.Version: 10.5.5

Now we have to pay for all the decks?This game used to be so much fun ! And now we have to pay for ALL of the decks ? If you need money so badly just make other decks and have people pay for the new ones, instead of gatekeeping decks that used to be free ! Or just make another app, that you have to pay for. Making these decks unavailable will just make people want to delete the app in general instead of buying a deck just so they can play with their friends..Version: 10.5.5

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing. Can’t get through a game.Version: 9.4.23

Disappointing updateUsed to be an amazing game that my friends and I played so so often. Now you need to pay for a deck that used to be free. Probably won’t be playing anymore sadly because chances are, in every group, at least one person won’t want to pay (understandably). Really disappointing.Version: 10.5.5

DOESNT work!The app hasn’t been working for months!! It will open but as soon as I click play nothing will happen! I’ve tried everything. Pls fix this immediately.Version: 10.6.149

Not about the app in general, just about the latest updateI have played this game 4 times with other people in the last two weeks. The first 3 were great. However, we all got a message the last time that we had to update the app. Then 3 out of 7 people had to remove things from their phones to make room for the new version. We seem to be getting ads much more frequently like less than every 10 minutes. Also we got an error and none of us were able to return to play the game. So we planned to just leave the game and start a new one. However, mine was frozen completely and whenever you shut down the app and come back in it tries to put you back in the current game and you have no options. To get out of the game I had to actually uninstall and reinstall the app. Will not be playing it again until some fixes are made. Otherwise it’s just a drag to play. Before last time I loved psych. Fix the bugs please!.Version: 10.5.5

Like the game butI got offered to buy the packs for 9.99 instead of 24.99 in the app, i clicked on it and still got charged 34$, with the exchange. so false advertising in the ad.Version: 10.9.38

Fun but glitchyThis is a fun concept and we have tried it several times on virtual gatherings through the pandemic but inevitably we have to quit the game at some point because the app crashes for people and then locks them in a cycle or error messages. Too bad, hopefully can be improved..Version: 10.9.54

Fix itGame won't even connect to server. Plz fix this.Version: 1.1

Great game, but too many addsThe reason I fell in love with this game, was that it was a great way to banter with my friends, whether sitting in the same room, or now being separated during social distancing. The issue I have is that now there are ads following almost every round of gameplay, if not for yourself then for one of the other players. These ads last from 5-40 seconds it seems, but its almost always in the second half of that range. I would appreciate if the ads were trimmed down to 5-10 seconds; because at the current state the game is nearly unplayable. It takes about 1-3 minutes for my friends to all come up with answers, and then another minute is devoted just to ads. In a ten round game this adds up. I implore Ellen to reconsider about the frequency of ads. Thank you..Version: 9.6.26

App is broken!We were playing a game and it force quit every player. Every time we reopen the app it quits out before you can do anything. I tried re-downloading and turning off & on my phone, but it’s still doing the same thing!.Version: 9.2.53

Couldn’t playI couldn’t even enter my name when starting the app..Version: 9.6.26

GlitchyDuring the self isolation me and my friends downloaded to play against each other. However, very disappointed as we haven’t managed to play a single game. It takes ages to open the app, when you do finally get in, it won’t let you press play for any of the games. If you are lucky enough to pass this stage an error message displays to indicate not enough players. Terrible!! To add insult to injury I have paid extra for some of the decks and haven’t been able to access it. Don’t waste your storage or time downloading!!!!!.Version: 9.6.22

Great game, ridiculous pricesI love to play this game with my family and friends as it is a great addition to Family Game Night. However, within the last month there has been a price tag on almost every game and the ads between rounds are ridiculously long for my kids, even after I paid for the ad-free version. I expect more from Ellen, whose net worth is over 300 million dollars. The fact that she charges over a dollar per game is absurd and there is no reason for it, especially in these dark times when many don’t have jobs and are looking for a bit of happiness in these trying times. Please lower the prices, at least temporarily, for the sake of everyone..Version: 10.5.5

UPDATE TO FIX BUGSI was in the middle of a round but i crashed! I keep on trying to get back in but it goes to that same point in the round and then crashes. I have reinstalled the app and restarted my phone but nothing works. It’s a great game but now i can’t play. FIX THIS..Version: 9.3.35

$$$$Sooo many ads. Have purchased decks that then disappear and developer never responds when I contact them about it. They just want your money, couldn’t care less if they work.Version: 10.9.45

App doesn't work anymoreThe app just is always stuck on the home page. I tap the play button but nothing ever happens. Tried uninstalling the app and installing a new version but nothing works.Version: 10.8.50

Started GoodExcellent game a year ago. Purchased for a reasonable price—worth it! Now…it won’t load!! Uninstalling/reinstalling didn’t work. Very disappointed..Version: 10.9.54

Awful changesThe fact that previously free decks now cost money is not cool. a huge part of the appeal of this game was that it was mostly free. not cool also ellen is just stinky.Version: 10.6.180

Great fun but ads failEvery time the game tries to show an ad the app hangs and I need to close and restart the app to continue playing.Version: 10.6.180

Technical issuesGame won't load.Version: 10.8.15

It doesn’t work *PLEASE READ*It’s a really fun game to play with friends and family, but IT DOSENT WORK. It won’t let me into the game. It’s just sits and loads. There isn’t anything wrong with my WiFi because I tried changing networks and even played in different locations. I still had the same problem. I even did a hard restart on my phone, and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I was playing with 5 or more of my friends and they all had the same problem. We can’t get In. Please fix this because it is a fun game to play when you are bored, but I can’t play it!.Version: 9.6.22

BugsIt was a very fun game me and my friends all played it together but after a few rounds we all kept getting notifications saying our a phones have bugs and our phones kept crashing one of my friend got a phone call from a strange number that didn’t know as soon as it happened might not have any thing to do with the game but it still scares us. Other than that it is a fun game but do not download unless you want to take a risk. Please fix this game. Do NOT download !!!!.Version: 9.4.23

Inaccessible With VoiceOver Screen ReaderThis is unbelievable...this app is not accessible to users who are blind or low vision! We use the screen reader built into most or all Apple devices called VoiceOver. We can see that there's some text there, but the elements themselves that we activate don't actually show up. All elements need to have a true IsAccessibilityElement. If you probably don't know what I'm talking about, google "Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS" and there's some great articles right from Apple there. Please try your best to make blind people playing what I hear is a great game a goal for future app development and as part of the bug fixes list on your radar..Version: 9.3.35

RatingLoved this game until they made it cost 😓 just let it be fun and free :(.Version: 10.5.5

Not working!Me and my friends were enjoying ourselves the first couple of rounds. But then it started glitching and slowing down, I’m not sure what to do..Version: 10.6.33

FlawedQuality game but crashes after a few rounds. Restarted, reinstalled everything and it still crashes. Please fix!!.Version: 9.3.35

Free game turned money hungryIt seems Ellen ‘the Degenerate’ Degeneres wasn’t content with trivialising the awful conditions of the prison system and generally being one of the worst talk-show hosts on and off-camera. Now she’s decided to start charging people to play the only game for which anyone would bother downloading this ‘free’ app. Presumably off the back of everyone using this game to make the most of their time in lockdown with their friends online (since not everyone has the run of a multi-million dollar ‘prison’ in lockdown), Ellen - or some underpaid intern - has made ‘The truth comes out’ and it’s associated variants £1.99 to play, instead of free, as it was previously. You might understand this, given the strain on the servers that come with added users during this time, resulting in money needing to be spent on improving them. But no, at £2 more expensive than before, the servers (and general app) still don’t work half the time. All I ask is why? Why, beyond general selfishness and hunger for more money, did they need to start charging for this? Is Ellen not making enough, as is? Perhaps an improved server in order to make her game run properly could be her gift to the world? In order to apologise for mocking inmates and the general public in lockdown, making life a living hell for staff on her show and making near-every guest she’s had on her dying talk-show feel somewhere between awkward or uncomfortable and downright mortified..Version: 10.5.5

Love it but the ads kill the vibe!I really love the game, but some of the ads that pop up and take over are a real fun killer - especially when they force open the app store and are promoting gambling… I’ve paid for more decks as they are great, but would love to see a restriction on the types of ads. If that was fixed I’d be rating this 5 stars!.Version: 10.8.84

What happened?!This used to be our go to party game, it was great fun and we’d play it all the time. It’s one of the only apps I have ever paid actual money for… I ended up buying all the packs! But now the developers have got greedy and it is plagued by adverts every few founds which districts the game, not only that everyone gets different adverts of different lengths and they get served at different times to different people, so you are constantly having to wait until someone “finishes their advert!” They obviously don’t care about the user experience! I’ve paid a small fortune for the app already but now they want 8.99 to get rid of ads (I assume that’s for each player?!) very poor. If you were going to serve ads why not do it once the game is complete?! Very sad that a good game has been ruined!.Version: 10.9.54

Great fun, but missing a vital featureFirst off; this is a great gimmicky app to play with your mates. It’s simple and fun and the new update seems to have fixed any of the connection problems! It works. However; there used to be an option to watch ads to generate this gold currency would you could then use to buy packs. It was always quicker to buy the packs with real money, but you could earn them for free if you wanted. That is NOT the case anymore. Packs can only be bought with real money and there is no option to earn them. I get that this got rid of the ads everyone hated...but it’s ruined it for people who actually were earning using ads. At least I got to keep the packs I bought. All the money I had saved up has vanished, however. So those ads were a wasted investment..Version: 10.3.7

Good for a bitI got the game because all my friends had it and I started playing it a bit with my friend but after about 10-15 mins of playing it with her it logged us out of the app so then me and my friend kept on trying to get back in but it kept on logging us out of the app. We then decided to delete it and get it back but it kept on logging us out. Whenever we tried to get back on you could see the round but then it would just log you back out..Version: 9.3.35

Great concept, but game has been milked dry for money.Last year, I downloaded this game to play with friends, and it was a great game with a nice basic assortment of free decks. Back then, my only problem was with the ads that interrupted game play. Today, I redownloaded the app onto a new phone and I was incredibly disappointed to find out that not only were the incessant ads still there, but that this game had been milked dry for its money as now only one to two decks were free while all of the other decks cost money. TLDR: This game used to be good but now it’s not worth it as there’s too many ads and most of the decks cost money..Version: 10.6.33

10 to 0When I first got the game today I was enjoying it with all of my friends until all our phones wouldn’t let us play, whenever we clicked on the game it went back to the home screen. Due to the fault happening on all our devices we know it’s not our doing it is the games. The game is enjoyable but 1 hour in of having it it faulted and still won’t work. Hopefully you decided to take action on the problems on the game so I can enjoy it all over again bug free Yours faithfully.Version: 9.3.35

Fun, but using lockdown to charge you.Used to be a fun game, It has a few glitches and it’s no surprise if each time you play it freezes, goes slow or crashes completely which I didn’t mind when it was free. However it seems like knowing people can’t see their friends and would turn to games like this to keep the fun, they’ve cash grabbed and are now expecting you to pay for something that once was free, bad move..Version: 10.6.22

What happened to Phsych! Ads🤬I used to love playing phsych with my family the a little while ago I opened it, after having not played it in a while. I started a game and all of us quit the game because there were too many ads. This might cause a lot of people to uninstall. Great game though! I know you have to get money but please could you not do ads after every round. Thanks.Version: 9.6.26

Fun when it’s not crashing....Just like other reviewers, I found this very faun! I purchased this on sale in December, and I think at the sale price it’s a good value HOWEVER the app crashes repeatedly. It’s not always the same person, but during the course of about an hour, and least one player (out of 7) was dealing with a crash and trying to get back in. The game USUALLY will allow the person back in after you close the app completely and try to get back in? But not always, really annoying a made playing way less fun. If they fix this issue, it would be well worth the cost. Otherwise, don’t waste your money unless you get it on sale..Version: 10.6.180

GlitchesThe game is really fun, but there are a lot of glitches. The game crashes a lot, and right now I can’t even get onto the game without it crashing immediately..Version: 9.3.35

Technical issues recentlyA very good game when it works, however it has suddenly started to have technical issues with all of my family’s versions of the game. Try to start a game and the screen either freezes or says ‘not enough players’ and then cancels, so can’t start a game at all. More annoying with everything that’s going on with coronavirus so we are trying to entertain ourselves, so very unfortunate that it has started to glitch now!.Version: 9.6.19

They redacted a game modeHello everyone! First off, I’m rating this out of sadness, so no intense hatred for the game, just sadness. I’m very upset about the most recent update. My family and I love to play this game all the time. It is funny and cool, but our favorite game mode, “and the truth comes out”, was no longer free. So to play the game mode again, we have to pay $2. What a rotten way to get more money!!! They replaced this game mode for a “teaser” of it. I’m not just mad, I’m just sad. I highly doubt they will redact what they did, but I still thought I would write a review. That said, it is still a good game, and there are 4 free game modes (out of ~ 10), so I can’t be too mad..Version: 10.5.5

Terrible server lag and wait timeThis is hands down the most terrible app in the “family game” genre that I’ve had the misfortune of downloading. The gameplay itself is not the worst in the world and actually made me laugh a couple of times, however having to wait time and time and time and time again for all the players to connect to the server just to have to wait through *even more ads is extremely frustrating, especially when all players have very fast internet connections. I will be playing jackbox games and other games in the same genres with more reliable infrastructure and a better developer..Version: 9.6.26

Good and bad reviewI love this game me and my friends play it all the time..... but now that you have to pay to play it’s not as fun because there’s less choice to chose from....Version: 10.6.185

Bug p-filled glitchy messUsed it two months ago in early April 2020 and it worked great, but over the past few weeks it has been a dumpster fire. Games crash out, server connection issues, 30second ads for one player making the others wait, and so on. This is even when I purchased game packs. If you want to have fun with friends or family, don’t download this game..Version: 10.5.5

Good fun, but is money hungry.Great game, a lot of fun with family and friends but is ruined by all of the ads, and gets boring because of the fact you have to pay for unique decks... Decent overall though..Version: 10.7.9

Fun but the Ellen is sneakyThe game is fun. The ads are predatory and take you to the App Store constantly..Version: 10.9.54

What happened?I used to love this game and played it with my friends every lunchtime. I haven’t been on for a while, now when I tried to get on everything is broken. I just can’t start a game. After less than a second, it gives the “not enough players” message and throws me out before anyone has the chance to join! After being thrown out like this a few times, an additional glitch starts. When you click on a game, you can’t get off the page showing you what the game is. The back button and start-a-game button are frozen and you have to leave the app to escape it. My family tried on several devices and got the same errors. Please fix this! A few months ago this would have been a five-star review. Also, I’m disappointed to hear that ads have been introduced, although I haven’t got far enough to see if this is true! Surely with the world in lockdown you’d get enough money just through Premium..Version: 9.6.19

PsychCrap!! Won’t run on my iPhone No visible support.Version: 10.6.180

Love it - but...Okay. The game itself is loads of fun and keeps me connected with friends and family scattered far and wide across the country. However...many times all of a sudden, everyone gets booted completely out of the game over and over! And, after trying several times, we cannot get another game to launch. We jokingly say it’s the universe telling us we have spent wayyyy too much time playing Psych. But, I mean, like, come ON! So...many thumbs down for that irritating glitch. But many thumbs up for the game itself!!.Version: 9.3.35

Good game when it finally opensFun when you're playing but it takes at least 10 minutes to open the app. And we got 4 people in a game and it tried to start the game for at least 5 minutes before saying error occurred. Tried many times. Getting sick of waiting at least 10 minutes for the actual app to open up.Version: 9.1.11

Maybe Ellen really is mean..This app used to be so much fun, my friends and I would play all the time. Then you suddenly had to start paying for parts of the game which were previously free!!? Completely ruined it for my friends and I. Who wants to bother paying for something that was once free? Feels like a total scam. I don’t know if this was put into place after COVID-19, but if it was, then I have completely lost all respect for Ellen and her business for suddenly charging people to make a profit. There are people who aren’t getting paid anymore! I suppose it just goes to show which businesses actually empathise with the current situation of the world right now. Beyond this, the app crashes when opening often enough for it to become an issue - and this has been happening long before they started charging people for, like I said, previously FREE features. The concept of the game is so much fun and I used to really enjoy it - despite the crashes - but the payments have totally ruined it..Version: 10.5.5

CrashingBro so I bought no ads, and when my family and I play, we get like 20 mins into a game before mine (and only mine) looses connection? And then if I close the app and reopen it doesn’t work and we all have to stop playing till a few days later? Like bro fix your app it does it every time.Version: 10.8.35

PsychLatest version crashes.Version: 10.8.62

Great concept just buggy = disapointingThis is great fun to play when it works smoothly , unfortunately it rarely works smoothly. Most games, at least one player is thrown out and has to restart the app. This can take several minutes. Other times it fails to register that players have voted. It’s just a very frustrating game to play. Considering the person who’s name is behind this I would expect a game that is more professionally presented and at least had some higher level of user acceptance testing. Disappointing.Version: 10.5.0

Bait and switchConfused about all the good reviews. To begin with it’s sort of a less fun version of Jack box games, I guess it’s more portable and there is a lot of variety in the packs. The problem is you have commit to buying a card pack before you can really know how fun the games are. My biggest gripe is that there were no obtrusive full screen adds until we paid for two card packs and then our second game of 10 rounds was interrupted by 3 full screen video adds. I’m guessing that timing was not an accident by the developers..Version: 10.9.54

SPELL CHECKThe game is amazing. I play it almost every day with my best friend and her mom. However, especially in the new holiday deck, the spelling and grammar mistakes are laughable. I have upwards of thirty screenshots of misspellings and grammar mistakes on the game's end, whether it be the question, Ellen's answers, or the right answers in other decks. It would take a simple read through on the developer's end to fix these things, and yet, it's turned into a game in itself to catch mistakes when they come up. PLEASE, for the love of god, just READ THROUGH your questions and answers. Take five extra minutes to check if there's a red squiggle under a word and fix it. Any basic spellcheck would catch these things. Fun game, but fix this, for god's sake. It's Christmastime..Version: 10.9.52

Game doesn’t loadI have been playing this with friends and on multiple occasions when we’ve tried to play a few people’s apps just don’t load or they take forever to load and then an error message will come up. We have uninstalled the app and re-downloaded and also quit the app and opened again with no luck. If this had been a one of situation I wouldn’t have thought twice but it’s now happened multiple times..Version: 10.5.0

Was good now it’s ruinedA couple of weeks ago this game was very fun and I enjoyed playing the full truth comes out game with my friends. The other night I clicked on it to discover you can only play the teaser game now for free. Considering the current circumstances of us all in lockdown, it seems unfair to suddenly start charging people for something they didn’t need to do before. In the teaser game you only get a certain number of questions which are on rotation so it gets very repetitive, very quickly. Clearly there has been a spike in people downloading the game and they have so kindly taken advantage of that, thanks a lot..Version: 10.5.5

So soGood game when it works but there are several bugs in the game that prevent me and my friends from enjoying it to its capacity.Version: 1.3

Good gameIt’s a good game! Just limited to the options and how many categories there are. Wish there were a bit more..Version: 10.6.33

NopeI’ve had it for an hour but it keeps crashing so I literally haven’t played yet...annoying. Also Ellen problematic✨🥳.Version: 10.6.33

Good game now ruined...2017-now it's better!!Spent several days having a great time with this game, brought one of the extra packs (and I never pay for extras normally!).....and then yesterday the ads just became ridiculous. Often my screen goes white or black and I have to restart. Even when that doesn't happen the amount of ads is so high there's just no enjoyment in the game. Having had less ads at the start, I know the game can be good, but it's also glitchy with dropping out, getting stuck on the no peeking screen and scores coming up differently on each other's screens. I'm certainly not willing to pay $2.99 for such a glitchy game....and nor am I willing (or able) to continue playing with the current level of adverts. Was willing to give the game 4 maybe even 5 stars before they hit greedy and bombarded us with ads. Now it's barely worth 2 stars. Just shows how greedy people can be. Thankfully the makers of this game listened!! Less adds, a way of saving reward to 'purchase' new packs, some really great new packs to play and so much less glitchy! I also like being able to add 'Ellen'! Now we just need some more packs and other things to buy in as we go....maybe some new 'people' to play against? Great fun app redeemed at last!.Version: 9.2.53

Great Game, But....The basis of this game is great. My friends and I play this quite regularly when we have get together but recently the game has started to frustrate us to the point it’s not worth it! Not only are the games interrupted by annoying adverts, but most of the time we give up playing because the game crashes. Most of us have paid the £2.99 in game purchase to get rid of the ad’s and but the games thinking it might help, but to no avail. The game still crashes, freezes and skips about. Maybe that’s Ellen’s ultimate “Psych!!”.Version: 10.8.50

Can’t get into appIn the past this app worked absolutely fine on my iPad. It’s an amazing and really fun game to play with friends online. I recently re-downloaded it and every time I click on the app the loading screen appears and then it completely cuts me out the app. The exact same thing happened on my iPhone 6. I really wanna play this with my friends on the other side of the world but the app isn’t working at all!.Version: 10.6.149

The new update is terrible! Otherwise ok but please fix fastI've been collecting coins for MONTHS waiting to get cool new packs. Now, right when I almost had enough to get one, you take away the coins and make me pay!?! My schnooklebottom insane family LOVES this game but the new update keeps making it crash! Our favorite thing to do is the truth comes out first to 50 points but the new update is a mess so people keep getting bored, they get bug reports, overall it's just a terrible experience than what I've had in the past. Please fix and bring back coins and my review will be five stars. But the bugs are too annoying to give it any more than a one star. And I'm never gonna buy a pack if I can't earn them. Sorry for the rambly review but PLEASE FIX AND BRING BACK COINS!.Version: 9.4.23

GrrrDid the last update and I lost access to “the truth comes out deck”. Apparently have to pay for a deck I used to have..Version: 10.5.5

Tip: Don’t Pay for adds!Tip: don’t pay to get rid of adds because you’ll still have to wait for everyone else in the group to watch their adds! Even if you are playing a deck you own. Until they fix this what would be the point of paying in the first place? Also: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MANKIND, PLEASE ADD A TIMER. When playing with big groups this is an issue because people take too long deciding/get distracted etc. Why on earth do different people get adds at different times during the game? Makes no sense. There is no advantage for the owner of the game nor the user in this scenario. Everyone should get adds at the same time..Version: 10.3.7

Fun but so slowApp is frustratingly slow and always crashes. But if it didn’t it would be great!.Version: 9.6.26

Great game, but a rip offThe when the truth comes out deck SHOULD be free, as it was before. Not cool of them to charge us for something that was free before..Version: 10.6.33

Cash grabThis game used to be fun in it’s early days. I remember seeing so many decks and u were able to unlock them just by collecting coins, and i remember having no ads. But the more it developed, the stupider it gets. Ads became a thing, it didn’t really bother us a lot. Then they removed many decks and u had to pay with real money for only 3. But me and friends only played the truth comes out, so it didn’t bother us. But now, we can’t play a single thing, you have to pay for EVERY deck, and that’s just a cash grab. Instead of in app purchase, just charge the game, it’s as simple as that. This game clearly shows that it just wants money, and it isn’t portraying it in a good way. Charge the game itself and let everything in the game after purchasing free, and not needing to pay even more.Version: 10.5.5

Fanstantic gameThis game great for play with family!! I’d give 6 stars if couls..Version: 10.8.54

Doesn’t work on 6sHave seen it played and looks epic! But when downloaded on an iPhone 6s, it doesn’t allow the keyboard to come up and type your name. So you can’t moved past the point of creating a profile!.Version: 9.6.26

GlitchySuper glitchy! This app is garbage.Version: 10.6.180

Game is brokenThis is a really fun game...but I can’t even play it anymore, it is frozen on a match I was in and it keeps resuming to that match then it crashes straight away, I tried changing the time, turning off internet and restarting my iPad and nothing happened....Version: 9.2.53

Ads ruined itThis game was better when there were no ads and I could earn coins for more decks. I understand the need for ads to help pay for app maintenance, but the ones they added are 30 seconds long and pop up too frequently, slowing down the game significantly. Not only that, but I paid for more decks (with real money); you would think that would remove ads. Instead, I have to pay $2.99 in addition to the decks I purchased. Game-wise, I like that I can play with family remotely since we live several hours apart. Some of the decks require long responses, which don’t work very well for larger groups. Loading is a bit glitchy sometimes, but I think this is because everyone is on a different WiFi network. It’s a fun game and cool idea for getting people to interact with each other outside of “social” media..Version: 9.4.23

Fun but needs improvementThe app keeps crashing. It’s really fun when it’s working properly tho so that’s disappointing..Version: 9.6.19

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