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Stairway to Heaven ! app received 200 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stairway to Heaven !? Can you share your negative thoughts about stairway to heaven !?

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Stairway to Heaven ! for Negative User Reviews

Very buggy and reinforces bad stereotypesThis game is really buggy with buttons, animations and ads not working very well (it’s not very fun when an ad starts blasting at full volume on your silent phone). Besides the bad user experience, this game reinforces quite a few bad stereotypes such as giving you negative points if you’re playing as a boy and cry or as a girl when you turn down a marriage and lose points. The game is a really good concept, but it’s unfortunately poorly executed..Version: 3.1

Stop with the ads 🙂Warning for those who wanna play it: UNLESS YOU ARE **PATIENT** THERE ARE LOTS OF ADS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE OF THIS. To get coins you need to watch ads. To not move down like 30 steps you need to watch ads. You get an ad after almost every decision. To get keys for characters you need to watch ads. To even get your stats up you need to watch ads sometimes. I’m sure this game is enjoyable for a lot of people. But those people must have a hell of a lot of patience. If you want people to keep running your ads, to give you money and to keep your games coming. At least tone down the ads a lot or make it so that you can buy something to turn ads off. I’ve never seen a game with so many ads..Version: 3.8

Worst game in the worldI downloaded this game thinking it would be great. Nice and easy. But after every question there is an AD. It also gives u the option of watching extra ads for coins which I skipped. The problem is when you get to the after life you have to furnish it WITH COINS and unless you watch the ads you get none so it is impossible to complete unless you spend all your time watching ads. ALL IN ALL DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GANE IT IS THE WORST GAME IN THE WORLD😡.Version: 4.1

Waste of timeUltimately this game is a waste of time, and anyone who other wise are the developers. All the game is, is a walking simulator where you just press and hold and answer questions. The questions aren’t terrible, thought the “correct” answers to them aren’t the greatest as it almost seems as if they’re trying to pass some sort of Christian agenda, which kinda does make sense on the basis of the game and it’s title however it may not make sense if your beliefs and world view are different. There are way to many ads. The amount of ads in the game are almost unending, because after every action you take there will definitely be an ad full guarantee. In some situations you will even be punished if you don’t watch a ad by the devil, and the punishment may be falling 30 steps to straight up death just to make you play longer..Version: 3.1

Meh😕The game is fun 🙂but there’s to many adds and there’s like 700 steps and kind of glitchy🙁.Version: 3.6

Can’t watch ads when it matters1. Too many ads 2. Still end up watching an ad even if you dont want the reward 3. Certain options don’t work, such as the floating ‘step’ bubbles, apparently only works once. Also the ‘would you rathers’ after completing it to get the reward you are required to watch an ad but it doesn’t let you. Maybe because you’ll get to heaven to quickly.Version: 4.1

Stupid questions and Annoying adsHad to turn my phone onto airplane mode to get through this game because the ads were doing my head in. Some of the questions have dumb typos so they clearly haven’t been quality checked. Some of the “bad” and “good” choices don’t make any sense either, for example I fell 5 steps as an elder for choosing to leave money to my grandkids? Also some of the questions have all bad answers. Very overly opinionated in some places, such as drinking alcohol/flirting with someone??.Version: 4.1

Ads like no other obvious cash grabI’ll be honest most games now have ads after ads but this game takes to to far you start at 700ish steps and there’s decisions every six to ten steps after every decision there’s a thirty second ad of course you can skip a lot sooner but it took me out of the game so fast even the answers that weren’t as popular in the ratings were still right so the game was very easy to beat I’ve not finished my first hundred steps and I watched a total of ten to twelve ads I lost count after a little while I don’t recommend you play you’ll see why if you do it anyways very disappointed in the way the developers handled the game a obvious cash grab and I don’t care if they respond it’s very obvious that’s what it is zero out of ten nothing is changing my mind.Version: 3.2

RUBBISH!!!So I don’t usually write reviews on apps, but i just downloaded this game and ended up uninstalling it after about 10 minutes. There are quite a few issues i have with this game beginning with the adverts. I can understand the use of ads in apps, but when there is an advert after any interaction with the game it becomes extremely annoying. In the context of this game, there is an add after almost every desicion you make and all you do in thr game is make decisions!!! I would estimate that there is an ad every 20-30 seconds which just completely spoils the game for me. Another issue i had with this game is that it kept crashing / freezing and i would have to completely shut the app down and restart it every few minutes!!! This is also incredibly annoying as half of the actual gameplay is consumed by ads and then they cause crashes! As a message to the developers, if you would limit the amount of unnecessary ads in your game and fix any bugs or crashes then i believe the game would appeal to people much more. However as of right now the annoyance that your excessive adverts and crashes caused has led me to completely uninstall the app with no intention of every redownloading it. Revise the way you develop your apps and actually consider the fact that people download your apps for fun not for an ad marathon. As for my final suggestion to anyone thinking of downloading this, i wouldn’t - it’s a pure waste of time..Version: 4.0

Disrespectful to religionHonestly I think it’s disrespectful to the Lord you don’t need an app to tell you if you are going to heaven or not and I downloaded it to see if it had any disrespectful and false questions some of the option are not even good it will give you and question but no good option 😐??? I honestly don’t think you should get the app because that’s not how getting to heaven even works you have to be baptized unto the Lord and hear and believe and also this you have to tap allot which is allot of unnecessary work and just because you do one small mistake does not mean you are gonna go to hell right away God will forgive it’s a disrespectful app and an insult and blasphemy to the Lord honestly should not had made this game in the first place the creator should know better.Version: 3.7

Good game with a problemThe game is great and really fun but there is a lot of ads and if you don’t choose the right answer, eventually you have to start over completely..Version: 4.4

Bad and disrespectful😔👎So I just started playing this game and so I saw one of the reviews and thought (I could make a video on this..) because it was horrible So I decided not too because I wanted to try it out first. So when I opened the game It said choose female or male I think? So I started the game and I thought (This is horrible.) So I started off as a baby cause that’s how your supposed to start your life. I walked up the stairs. And so the first answer was “Your mom tells you to say mama.” And so I picked the answer that said “Mama” and my kindness level got up. So then there was another answer that said “Your teddy bear stares at you.” So the question I picked was “Cuddle it.” And so my level got up again. And the next question was “Your mom tells you eat your food.” So I saw that the questions there were saying “Throw up on her.” “Cover your mouth.” And I forgot the last question but..then I froze...I don’t know WHY the questions were saying that but I was mad then I turned into a child and there was this question that said “Ants take your favorite candy.” I was like-awww let the ants have the candy! But you won’t believe what happened when I saw the answers...- it said throw milk on the candy and the ants...and...I just got so FREAKING mad of this game that I deleted it right away. I’LL NEVER ...EVER GET THIS GAME!! ITS HORRBLIE AND OFFENSIVE!!😡👎🏼.Version: 3.5

Ads alwaysEvery time I answer a life question it always shows me a stupid ad and I’m tired of it every single thing I have to watch a ad is tied of this rn not everything has to go by ads and u even have to watch an ads to get keys and I have missed like at least 14 keys until I was at the millionaire level remove the ads and make the key free or I’ll rate this 1 star and a harsh review I will never forgot.Version: 4.4

This app...This app has the right idea for entertainment and fun... although it is not fun. Maybe to me it would be a bit more fun if they weren’t ads every single thing that popped up. Because of that it lessens my phone because I get 30 second ads that I cannot skip. Some things that I do it weren’t bad and more angelic but I still got sent down the stairs. Once you run out of one of the key things apparently you die??? I ran out of wisdom and it said I either get more with an ad or I die.... that logic just doesn’t make any sense. some questions pop up that little tiny children under the age of 14 would not understand. because of the ads and things that I said I only give us a two star rating... how does this ad have an average of four? Please improve..Version: 3.1

Horrible graphics and too many ads. Never playing Loon Studios games againLion studios games are usually terrible. But this one is just garbage. Who would want to play a game with SO UGLY GRAPHICS! Also, this is the game I got has the most ads I’ve ever gotten and get this. I played this game in 6 minutes and deleted it because I got at least 13 ads, I’m not over exaggerating and for people who want to go to heaven. Your gonna be in a rough ride. On the magma steps, the demon forces you to go down 30 steps unless you watch an ad, Who in the right mind approved this game?! This game should be banned for such a bad reputation it reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 but WORSE. Everyone let’s put this app on 1 star and have apple remove it off the apple store just like Cyberpunk. It has to be done. Lemme give this game tags: Ugly graphics, Too many ads, and more. Lastly, one last thing, every time I do a choice, the game is silent because of a glitch. They always say they fixed bugs but nothing changes..Version: 4.1

Love the conceptLove the concept and initial gameplay of the app however there’s quite a few issues to work out before any real refinement can happen. Including spelling issues, the claim option failing to work (forcing you to miss out on rewards), poor graphics etc. overall I think it is worth sticking around to see how it develops. I’d encourage the creators to further the projects development :).Version: 3.6

Bad gameThis game got too many ads and it’s really glitchy and in the afterlife you don’t really get much point don’t get this game please.Version: 4.1

Boring and doesn’t make senseYou make it to heaven only to decorate it like it’s your house? And what’s with the red skinned vacuum cleaner salesman? Or is that supposed to be the devil? Why does he just take my coins or kick me back? There’s no theme or sense to any of this game. So strange.Version: 3.1

I like it but...First of all what kind of game is this there are people and the people are walking isn’t you finger tired of just holding the screen and so many ads well I’m not because I didn’t have ads you know why because everytime I told me to grow or something I would push buy but what happened a scam happened you can’t push the button you can’t grow this game is so stupid I repeat THIS GAME IS SO STUPID. I don’t know how or why people make and play and download sich stupid game just like this oh and creator of you see this it’s true and you really should not make another game like this EVER! Oh before I forget it says the game is free but if you scroll down it say in app purchase and if it says yes then it’s not free😂 how stupid are these people. These are my emotions in emoji’s. 😡😂🙄😒🤬😤 You guessed it mad and I’m laughing because the creator is SSSOOOOOO stupid ugh 😩 ok well thx for wasting my time and by that i mean it took 30 minutes to download and I have good service and internet so....Version: 3.4

No rateBy the adds this seems like an awesome game really but I have to give it a zero because when I open the app it doesn’t even fully load if I keep it open for a while it would just be loading for hours. It was a waste of storage for me and I really was upset about that but I also thing this game is kind of wrong because the concept is about heaven and making choices but those can be personal or even inappropriate things but yeah. It may not take awhile to load for many people it could just be my phone but of course I’m still very upset but also by the adds I feel like this would be a game a kid would want to play except it’s really not that kid friendly from what I see from the adds. Of course this could just be me or this isn’t true but I really would give this app a thumbs down I’m very sorry but I’m just disappointed that it wouldn’t even Load for me so I never got to try so I can’t be very judgmental and all but of course other people would have other opinions because they probably got to try this game. As I said I’m m disappointed encause it was a waste of storage for me obviously it wasn’t that for others but that’s just what I think based on what happened to me I understand other people’s opinions and I hope y’all understand stand this is just mine and yep! I bet this may be a good game but still a zero for me and also definitely not a kid friendly game like at all.....Version: 4.4

Horrible and UnplayableNow, I had no expectations for this app, but this is the most ad heavy horrible game I’ve ever come across. Even with purchasing “no ads” there is a mandatory (and mostly unskipable) 30 sec ad about every 10 seconds. I’ve watched the same ad over and over more than I’ve played the game. What a joke. I’m trying to figure out how to get a refund on the ‘no ads.’ It mentions that it only means the banner ads AFTER you buy. The settings don’t work either. I turned off sounds, and it still plays. What’s worse is that it won’t allow me to play sound in the background, so all I can do is listen to the ads or sound effects. The quiz answers are wrong often too. They either completely omit a correct answer or repeat answers. Nowhere does it explain this (or anything for that matter) being a gameplay feature so it seems like a bug. I never even bother with refunds, but this was such a poorly developed waste of time it shouldn’t even be on the app store for being so misleading. It’s such an obvious and frustrating cash grab it comes off as a scam. You know, you should provide your consumers with SOME value even if you’re incompetent and greedy..Version: 4.1

Waste of timeThis game is the worst!😡 it is a good idea but u can’t even pic a person to be before it crashes. I tried everything! Fix it or no one will have it downloaded for more than 3 minutes!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠.Version: 3.1

Garbage GameDon’t buy this game, it’s not fun, you have to watch an ad to be able to do almost anything. This is a scam of a game. All this is here for us to make these company money off of ads. No real content. Do Not download or these companies will continue to make garbage, mind numbing games. The App Store is getting bombarded by trash like this.Version: 4.0

;-; whyyyy ;-;It’s boring and doesn’t make sense like it only has 3 choices for each question and sometimes when it says like ‘you found a stray dog, get or lose it’ and if u press get it goes on an add but when the add ends it either takes me out of the app or doesn’t give me the item! Please make this game fun and make it have a point pleaseeee Thanks.Version: 4.1

How the actual detention terror shock did this happen?I played it yesterday and it was pretty fun! I played so I can become a good person but yesterday I was having so much fun then today whenever I pick a choice that I chose correctly and went up steps it let’s me go down! It go back to that question and picked a different option and it pushed me down steps again! Even if it is the choice I chose yesterday then I chose the bad chose that sound obviously rude and disrespectful then I still go down I chose every choice in the question! It still makes me fall down steps! It’s not fun today but it was yesterday and there are SO MANY ADS! I don’t like ads nobody likes ads and this game makes no sense! When you do something bad YOU LIVE LONGER? What the heck?! No! Makes no sense! So it is like when you do good things YOU DIE FASTER? When you do bad things YOU LIVE LONGER? Like it makes NO sense! Are you telling kids that when you do bad stuff you live longer?! And when you do good things you die faster?! How the actual detention terror shock?! This game makes no sense!.Version: 3.6

Wouldn’t purchaseI mean... this game is okay but it is just annoying how many ads there are. Also some of the options for the levels didn’t even seem that bad to me but when I chose to “return the dress and get a refund” it sent me down four steps. I don’t looove this game and quite frankly... it frustrates me so much sooo yep.Version: 3.2

Eh..It’s an alright game, fun in concept. But ads kept popping up all the time and I couldn’t claim coins or keys, the buttons to claim them wouldn’t work and then I’d have to lose it. Or when I step on the ‘He’ll’ step, I’d have to fall back down instead of continue. All in all, needs some improvement..Version: 3.1

This game is one giant ad.Sooo many ads, All characters are white, (you should put some variety in your game) Did I mention TOO MANY ADS? After doing ONE question I got an ad.... EVERY SINGLE TIME I had seen more ads then the actual game at that point..Version: 3.1

ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH DO NOT DOWNLOADTruly THE WORST game i have ever ever played. firstly, the choices are so obviously easy, and it’s plain what the good choice is, so the bad choices are only there if you want to go down the steps on purpose. secondly, ads pop up every 2 seconds. it’s a ridiculous amount and it’s always the same ads. I got bored and just wanted to see what happened when you get to heaven so i turned wifi and data off to avoid ads and got to heaven pretty quickly. the only way to get money ( which you have no use for) is - surprise surprise - watching more ads. when i finally got to heaven, it was even more disappointing as “the demons have destroyed heaven” and there’s just more never ending steps to go up. truly the worst game ever made and i DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE. too easy, too boring, absolutely rubbish!! please don’t install..Version: 4.1

:/Not to be critical but this game just ha way to many ads which really takes the actual game away ! I don’t really understand this game I mean you walk up some stairs and then get a question every 10 steps. And the ad i saw did not reflect to what i just played. I mean its still quite a creative and adventurous game but this game does need a bunch of updates such as - Ads - Making the game more realistic and more fun which will really improve the ratings if you fix that/ - I think it says 12+ but why i don’t see the harm in the game you just walk up some stairs and get some questions! I mean this game may be addictive to little kids but more older kids there’s no point. I’m only 10 and i played it for 5 minutes and i got bored! Thanks for reading my review!.Version: 4.1


EhThis game is fine. But in one of the choices it’s your first love. You get kissed, but all of the options are bad options! So you cannot get past that level. The game is also laggy, It doesn’t work as well as you’d think. This game needs improvement, but other than that love it!.Version: 3.1

Nice concept but some suggestionsI honestly like this concept of this game. you have to make life choices in order to get to heaven. there’s different things other than questions too. but i have a few suggestions that will make the game so much better. first off, there’s WAY too much ads! i can’t go one second after a question without the same ad popping up. i probably lost ten minutes of game time just because of these thirty second ads that pop up after every. single. question. another thing about ads is that the “devil” sometimes pops up and tries to make you watch an ad or you fall down steps or you lose something. i honestly somewhat like that idea except it happens almost every 20-30 steps and it’s really annoying since there are already ads. another thing is that sometimes the game glitches and there’s like 20 things in the screen at the time! it’s not a major issue but i honestly find that really annoying. some other things are that the quality of this game is just meh, and that’s not a big problem, the big problem is mostly the ads. i understand that of course, like every game or app has ads. but don’t put them everywhere! when people describe this game they’ll probably say, “it’s a good game but the ads are horrible” or something. i hope you guys fix the ad problem soon..Version: 4.2

Terrible 😡😡This is like every other mobile game I would rather get I different one and the game won't let me in this game is the worst don't waste your time on this game IT SUCKS.Version: 3.1

To many ad’sThis game at the start was fun but then all these ads start popping up and it is frustrating as you just want to play the game if there was no ads I would be playing this often but the ads just wreck the game for me and you so creators of this game please cut the ads to a low amount of take them all away it would be helpful..Version: 4.0

BadSo many adds unplayable.Version: 3.9

Ok-I enjoy this app when I’m offline as there are no adds but when I’m linked to WiFi I completely dispose this game. The adds are on ever 10-30 seconds and the adds are longer than the actual game itself and I find it uses practically all of time with stupid adds. I know there has to be adds but there is to many! Also, there are many simple questions which makes it quite boring. If u don’t go out of WiFi much o guarantee it will last on you apps for 10 mins at the most! Though in can be a fun when ur offline ✌️.Version: 4.2

WhyI was playing and it was fun then I got a star level where you get multiple and they’re moving but it gave me an add first and after the add it said I failed I was confused then I realized it played the star level as I was the add so I clicked retry and it did the same thing!.Version: 4.4

Too many addsThere are over a hundred ads please don’t put so many ads.Version: 3.1

AdsI downloaded this game seeing a review about the ridiculous number of ads. I thought, it won’t be that bad. IT WAS! The game itself is amazing but I have one complaint besides the ads. When you go to heaven and then be the same character again, the questions are exactly the same making the game boring. The questions only change with the characters. I am very close to deleting the app mainly because of the ads. The ads happen every 10 seconds and to do half of the activities or unlock your results for one of those activities, you have to watch an ad. In the span of 2 minutes I recon I watched 15-20 ads. That is a lot. THANKS FOR READING! :).Version: 4.4

ADSOk they needs ads but there is literally one every lvl like can you not.Version: 3.6

Way to many adsSeems fun, but with the amount of ads it’s just not worth it. Wouldn’t recommend at all unless you want to be watching a video every 30 seconds.... then you pay to remove them... for $5 which is just a waste... played for 10 mins the deleted the app.Version: 4.1

TerribleI hate this game. It is buggy and has an ad every two steps. There are many many terrible stereotypes such as kissing someone will make you unkind or that fighting an abuser is wrong. Do not download this game as it is frustrating and not fun at all. If i could give this game a 0 I would. I downloaded this off of an ad because everyone said it was terrible so I wanted to see what all that was about. Now i see that those people were right..Version: 3.2

This app is amazing, but...I am in love with this app, however there are a couple of details that I am not okay with. 1. I keep losing my points under wisdom, honesty, and kindness. I at one point had 60 honesty and 35 wisdom (I believe I had more but I hadn’t realized I was losing my points), but then I was back at 20 like what the heck? 2.) I RARELY complain about this, but the ads are sooo annoying! I am all for ads, but I know that’s how the app makes money and I do watch the ads (if it’s not the same ad over and over again). However, this app has waaaay too many ads. I can’t enjoy the game like I want without their being an ad after every choice I make or every single time I want a reward. Every single reward you apparently “Need” in heaven requires an ad. It’s annoying. I hope to see changes in the next update. Other than these things the game is a really great concept and it’s really fun. Please fix it so I can keep playing. Thank you..Version: 4.2

ADS EVERYTIMEI’m not sad, I am a bit frustrated. There is a ad every single time, and did you know that every time you get a good choice and press continue, a ad pops up, and very long ads! So I say, you not get premium (sorry if there is no premium, I mean no ads) there can maybe be a ad probably about after every age (long time), or the least I can take is every ten choice you make right! So thanks and please reply if so, thanks a lot and bless you! 😊The reason why it’s 2 stars is because it is too frustrating! Thanks and please answer for your app Developers, thanks!.Version: 3.8

Repetitive but all around good + (a lot of adds)The game gets a little repetitive as your constantly doing the same thing however w the different choices it’s still a great game to sit and play because has more context than most games - I like that there isn’t as many games like this app but I don’t like the fact that you can’t choose bad choices as well to spice up the game bcs now the game is basically just trying to choose the right answer. Never I LOVE the update and I think it’s a great game to play for whenever. It’s an all around good game I’d just tweak it slightly! :-) The adds do get very annoying tho, to the developers - can you please have less adds I think it’s puts ppl more off playing the game but other than that 👍.Version: 3.1

Very bad.First of all, this game has WAY too many ads. You get an ad after every interaction and it is extremely irritating. Second, when I received a “gift from heaven” or found something, I couldn’t receive it! I clicked the collect button and it never worked. Third, the game would be SO much better if there were less ads and all the buttons worked. I’ve only had this game for 5 minutes and I’ve already deleted it..Version: 4.0

Don’t get it.You will literally spend 2/3 of your time on this app watching ads. They play every 5-10 seconds. No, I’m not joking. Oh and there will be points where you either have to watch an ad, or LOSE progress in the actual game. Could have been a great game, but ruined with absolutely spineless money grubbing. Keep your garbage off the App Store if you’re just going to fill it with ads..Version: 3.6

It’s good until a certain pointSo basically I love this game, you can become a celebrity a billionaire or just an average person. But once you play for a while and you become elderly it won’t let you press anything, like I got to a point where the devil said “HAHAHA I WONT LET YOU GO” and it gave me an option of “get off of me” but you had to watch an add, and then there was an option where it said “fall down 30 steps” so of course I just decided to press the option “get off me” but I pressed it and it wouldn’t let me pick it, I did it like 5 times and it wouldn’t let me, so I pressed fall down, and that works. And you walk back up the stairs, and the devil does it again, and it still won’t let me. And now it won’t let me get passed him.. So that’s my reason for three stars..Version: 4.2

Downloaded it just so I could write thisThis game is so ridiculously stupid, I didn’t even have to play the game to know that this is just ridiculous, the ads are moronic, the subjects are NOT for 12 year olds. First of all the ad, what I saw, was a slightly old man playing as a woman.. kinda weird, and he was like “dUr aLriGhT sO lEtS sEe hErEeEEeE” and he played through some of the questions, the commentary was hilarious and not in a good way, one of the questions was like “your teenage daughter got pregnant what do you do?” And the answers were “Find the father” or “kick her out” not questions for 12 year olds.. and this moron right as he was about to get to the top, he failed because he chose not to wear a mask in public which um you shouldn’t be putting questions that involve the pandemic, its ridiculous I’m not saying that I agree with what he chose, its controversial and shouldn’t be in this game. So yeah thanks for listening to my rant if you did. Don’t download this.. if I could give it zero stars, I would..Version: 4.0

I like the object of the gameBut I agree with someone I’ve read on your page about the criticism you should have more freedom it should be like a real life like they choose what is right and wrong in whatever decision they she’ll make leaves until the path that they will leave when they go to heaven or hell on this game is so did you put the wrong answer you go straight from the beginning and when you pick the one they want to pick that’s when you go straight upstairs to heaven and every time you pick a wrong answer you just have to start right from the beginning again it’s not right they should be more freedom with choice there should be more results to your choices it should be like well life everything has a choice everything has a cost.Version: 3.7

Really?I uninstalled the game within two minutes! That doesn’t include the HUGE amount of adds I mean come on! After every choice I made I had to sit through super long adds. The choices were super easy like: You mother got you food from a posh restarting that you don’t like. Do you A. Scream and through a temper tantrum. B. Politely ask for something else. Or C. Call her a bad mum! This game is garbage and I do not recommend getting it at ALL!!.Version: 4.2

Watch an ad to find out my title!Constant ads no matter what you do, just a quick money grab which is a shame as the game itself has potential to be a fun little game. Everything you earn? You need to watch an ad to actually then unlock it. Do a bonus game? Watch an ad to claim the reward. Climb 10 steps and get to the next part? Watch an ad anyway! A free key, you need these to unlock new characters! Best pick it it up but then you need to watch an ad! They devs obviously are trying to make an app to make money from and not a fun game for their audience. Uninstalled after half an hour..Version: 3.2

AdsToo many dumb ads, deleted it for that. Half of the time it doesn’t even let you select the options!.Version: 3.9.1

Too many adsI have uninstalled it because i fed up with the ads. The game is quite fun. Not the best. Just okay. The ads is too much. Spoil my mood to keep going. There goes 1 star for you. Why 1 star? Because i saw here people complains about the ads too. Like since long times ago. But they seems dont care with the review at all? Company who doesnt care of reviews doesnt reserve any recommendation AT ALL. If there’s zero star i would not hesitate to give them zero..Version: 4.0

CrashesSo I saw an ad for this on a different app and to me it looked great so I downloaded it and while it was downloading I look at the reviews and see people saying that “it’s good but there are loads of adds”. There was one review that caught my eye and they were saying that once this app was downloaded they were trying to get on it to play but can’t because it is crashing on me. I also have that same problem which is very annoying and I want to play but can’t cause of this app crashing. Please sort this out otherwise I’m deleting it and I don’t want to delete it and surprisingly this is my first review to an app which is like this. I always give honest reviews and I am being honest. Please sort this issue out cause if not, I’m sorry that I have to remove the game..Version: 3.1

Not happyWhen I see something that involes watching video like a the stray dog it won’t let me do it even when I press on it let me watch the video and get the stray dog and other stuff but other then that it’s boring your just walking so slow and stop most of the time for boring stuff.Version: 3.9

It’s a No for me sorryFirst there are WAY to many adverts like after every question 2 the questions are like EASY but then some questions are weird like “you walk into ur parents kissing in bed” A film it B Secretly watch it and C which is the correct answer apparently congrats them on a happy relationship if ur parents were kissing u would just leave as that is gross 3 idk if this is my but I don’t think it is I find it very glitchy like it glitched so I came of but then I couldn’t get back on!.Version: 4.2

Terrible!I hated it. First things first, I’m an atheist. I got this app as a way to pass time but I’m shocked by how horrible it was. It’s either you live in a blank world and never do anything even close to fun or you aren’t going to heaven. When my character was a teenager I chose to share a drink at a party with a friend of hers instead of not drinking. I wasn’t even choosing the worst answer and it sent me down a bunch of steps! Everybody goes to parties and has a drink. It’s shoving this false aspect of religion down the throats of its players. Don’t even get me started on the lack of individuality! You can only be a male or female, and you guessed it, they’re both white! You can’t choose a different sexuality, race, gender, or any other inclusive types of people. This game is basically that old lady in church that says you’re going to h-e-double hockey sticks if you go trick or treating for Halloween...Version: 3.5

Again with the adsThe game itself was pretty interesting... but it lacks originality for every player. There’s no actual good/bad ending it seems. You basically pick an option, and it says good choice! +10 kindness or when you pick a choice that makes sense it says bad choice! -5 honesty. In the end when you reach “heaven” you can only spend the money you make by watching ads and start all over again. Pretty repetitive. And the amount of kindness wisdom and honesty you accumulate is only for coins which you could use to decorate heaven. Doesn’t have any other use. But don’t even get me started with the ads! Playing only one life makes you watch over 30 ads. I get that this game is trying to make money, but in the end most players are only going to end up deleting the game. It’s that frustrating..Version: 3.1

Very badThe amount of ads this app has is insane and very annoying so I suggest you just makes a app that makes wools watch ads and not make this to heaven game cause it’s not a game it’s a way for you to make money off of ads so why even make this dumb game.Version: 4.1

AddsFun game to play but makes me have rage issues with all these adds.Version: 4.4

Not the bestIt’s kinda fun at first, but, after a little bit it gets really boring. And I don’t have a problem with the ads because you can just turn the wifi off and they’re gone! However, people playing with ads… well… it feels as if you spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game you downloaded. It’s a waste of time and you will get sick of it very easily. This absolutely needs to be changed. Another thing, you don’t get much freedom. Like, for example, you don’t get to decide your sexuality (you’re always just straight from what I’ve seen), looks and you have to choose either female or male which is annoying as a non binary person. The options are very limited and sometimes I feel like I’d never do any of the options listed. I understand I’m a bit older than the majority playing this, but it’s really boring. I think I’m being generous giving 3 stars, as this game would just be something you’d install and forget about a day later. Overall, kind of disappointing.Version: 4.4

Too many adsAd after ad after ad how does one play a game when there are so many dang ads?.Version: 4.2

There are better games like this tbhIf you understand the difference between right and wrong, you will find this game very easy! It’s original, and somewhat addictive, but there’s just too many adverts, it’s very laggy and always shuts down, and it’s repetitive. Maybe more interesting choices, less adverts and things getting in the way, and it will be WAY more playable. Namaste.Version: 4.2

Way too many adsSpent more time watching ads then playing the game.Version: 4.1

Okay game.This game is good, however the amount of ads is ridiculous, you can hardly play the game. I also feel as if the questions are always repeated and in the same theme. I enjoyed playing a little bit but I realised that it was just repetitive. It is a fun game however I’m sure you will realise the amount of ads when you play the game..Version: 4.4

Ads all of the adsSo many ads.Version: 4.2

Doesn’t remove adsThis game is ridiculous! I paid £3 to remove ads and it doesn’t even remove them. I still have to watch ads when the devil kicks me down or takes my money, for would you rather rewards and quiz results. I didn’t pay to only remove the banner ads at the bottom. This is crazy that even after paying it doesn’t provide the service advertised. Do not install and definitely don’t pay to get rid of ads..Version: 4.1

To HeavenLame game. I started playing the game on first man really interesting but everytime I wanted to do something answer a quiz, collect coins (don’t really know what for as of yet) get a huge advantage in steps, again not knowing what the money is far every ad is getting me further but pay attention to something else for 30 secondary’s. Man makes it to heaven which is completely destroyed by demons. I don’t have enough money to fix it all so I choose billionaire next time up stopping at everything to get money. Finally second time up fix everything, but now it says more rooms to come. So I figure play ahead knowing I already fixed heaven so spend easy for virtue honesty, wisdom and kindness. Now I can’t spend anything due to I am supposed to fix heaven but there’s nothing as of yet but to fix because the DEVELOPERS have only made 3 rooms. So pretty much it’s one long COMMERCIAL for stuff I could care less about and after 3rd turn you ability to do anything is gone. Useless game.Version: 3.5

UPDATE: You need to give us more ads & clean up - 5 ⭐️UPDATE: After reading about the game play, I’m opposed to giving any time to it. I thought it was biblical and could be used as a good learning tool. I had only played about three or four screens before quitting due to the amount of ads. But now I find out it’s not at all what I thought and as a matter of fact, it is totally against God’s word, and it’s by no means children appropriate. I feel this is just another sick way to mock and persecute christians. I will not be playing this game again. ORIGINAL: I played this game tonight for the first time. I thought it would be a cute game; different from the others. And it is, but there are so many ad videos I quit playing within 5 minutes of downloading it. Idky you developers think we want to watch a video ad after each tap of our stylist. So with that being said, I am deleting this game. I thought I downloaded the game, not the ads. I wish I could give it a - 5 ⭐️’s..Version: 4.4

So many ads... do not recommendSorry but there is too many ads it ruins the app.Version: 4.2

Two stars is accurate ⭐️⭐️This game is easy but there are many bad things about it. In my opinion there were too many adverts in between the questions. For me, there was an advert every two questions which made me want to tap out. Next, the actual questions them selves were too easy. For example, there was an ant eating your sweet so you... 1. Take the sweet 2. Pour milk over the ant 3. Eat the ant and the sweet. (That was actually one of the questions) Also, you would have to tap the screen every step so it took so long just to get to the next question. Overall I don’t recommend this game..Version: 3.6

Waste of timeMe and my brother downloaded this app and within about ten minutes we deleted it. There is more add time than the actual game and my brother couldn’t get off an add and had to close the tab to restart. I know this is for money, but they try to fit in an advert at any chance they have. For exaple if you don’t give a certain amount of money to someome( by watching an add) you have to delete some of your progress. There have even been glitches in this game wich takes even more time to sort out. So do NOT dowload this game and try to avoid any others like this as they are just greedy for money from adds and is usually terrible..Version: 4.4

What was I expecting?I’ve had this app for a couple hours now and have already completed everything it has to offer. There is no real goal. There’s no sense of achievement. At first I thought the idea was to get to heaven, but then I made it to heaven and realized that “demons” had destroyed bits of heaven and you had to go back and replay through multiply lives and collect coins in order to really complete the game. Even after finishing all of the lives available and decorating all the portions of heaven it just says “more areas coming soon.” It just feels like a sloppy execution with no point or real end goal. The ads are atrocious. I would say if you took out the ads there would probably only be 30 minutes of gameplay on the app tops, but the ads make it hard to really do anything. You have to watch ads to progress past two spaces, collect keys, get coins, pop bubbles, and even to do some upgrades in heaven. Oh also if you choose not to watch an ad on a “hell” space it can drag you back or take some of your coins. Maybe if the developers put as much time into the game as they did placing the ads they could actually have something fun or worthwhile. This was forgettable, a waste of time, and I regret taking moments I could’ve spent doing something else playing this game..Version: 4.1

Read this pleaseThis game is fun and I would of have it 5 stars if it didn’t crash every 2 minutes I don’t know if it does this for everyone but it does for me and it is really annoying..Version: 4.4

It is okay but......It is fun but too much ads.Version: 3.5

Not terribleI would recommend this if you are prepared to watch a ton of ads. I think the the game is good and I have had no problems with it. There are a lot of ads though, I know that you need ads for money or what not but if you could take a few out that would be great. I only have one complaint when I was the girl I had brown hair majority of the time and then it suddenly turned blonde! Do not know why this happened but it’s fixed so I don’t really care. Overall not that bad..Version: 4.2

This game hacksWhen I downloaded this game it seemed like it was amazing I loved it and played it for weeks then I started to notice my phone was glitching; it wouldn’t turn on and I couldn’t play any other game than stairway to heaven. I even downloaded it on my friends phone for her and she experienced the same thing. I deleted the game and my whole phone became the same it worked perfectly so I can only assume this game hacked my phone so. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! You have now been officially warned..Version: 3.4

Waste of time !I started this game tonight and finished it in less than 30 minutes ! After a teenager, I became an Adult, after which I became Middle Aged. In real life, you are STILL an adult until death ! You are just a middle-aged adult and then a senior adult. The questions are all about life but in a heterosexual orientated world - when asked the question ‘You are about to marry your girlfriend’, I picked the answer ‘Have second thoughts’ and I was reprimanded for it - in reality I wouldn’t have a girlfriend and I wouldn’t get married because that’s not my thing. When you get to Heaven, you get to spend all the money you’ve saved watching no end of repeated app ads along the way, but I was only allowed 3 items and one of them was FREE, so I needn’t have bothered ! That’s it ! You just get to start your game again. I’ve had more fun listening to all the crap that Trump spouts off ! This app is probably made by an American, Bible-bashing, money-grabber who doesn’t know anything about the World outside of the U.S. of A. DON’T BOTHER !.Version: 3.1

READ THIS, DEVELOPERS!I recently downloaded this game, but whenever I try to play it, it crashes, so I haven’t even been able to start! I’m sure it would be a good game... If I could actually play it! Please try to fix this, or I will just delete it, as there is no point in having a game you can’t play. So can you please actually fix it!!!!!!!!? I read the other reviews, and many also complained about this problem. SO PLEASE ACTUALLY LISTEN!!!!!!!! Your game would have a much better rating if you read the reviews! Okay, I am editing this now. The game has stopped crashing, but it is soooooooo boring! You only get to make about three decisions, then it’s just endless steps! Please add more stuff!.Version: 3.2

TerribleWhen I press the claim tab to collect my prizes I can't watch an add to claim it.Version: 4.1

Could be better/needs many changesI was downloading the app thinking it was good and I chose female the. I went up some steps an ad came up and it it wasent even a good ad for my age ad when I’m a teenager I come up to a step and guess what it said “You have a crush on your best friends gf” and that’s not good for people like me who is 12 - 13 and it would be nice if you could add some more features to this game like being able to choose your partner and skin color so onto the point this game is just for a quick money grab so I suggest not downloading it and everyone has said this IT HAS SO MANY ADS I’m so annoyed by that and why was there no black people that’s just racist and it should let u choose how you act like a path plus that’s not the way to get into heaven that’s in the Bible wich makes it even more racist and the reason why I have it a 1 star rating cause it’s not appropriate for my age AT ALL like I said it’s a quick money grab from people so I suggest you in instal this app well that’s it for my little review and if you don’t agree with me that’s fine with me this is just my opinion on this app thanks for taking your time to read this is your still here!.Version: 4.1

So annoyingThis app puts on so many ads and I can’t even press some buttons in the game. Every time you make a decision the screen goes black and then an ad plays. The app is so annoying and it glitches a lot, once I was nearly at heaven and it sent me back to the start and I had been turned back to a baby! I can’t press the buttons like claim or when I get a gift from heaven..Version: 3.5

Intriguing idea for a game...... which is why I downloaded it. Started playing - fine. Good concept but... after several minutes of play, the icons to randomly pick up money, play mini-games or defy the devil and watch a video instead (which applies to all of these occasions) - all just stopped working. I couldn’t CHOOSE to pick up cash or keep my cash (devil) or take a chance to earn more or win 50/70 steps. Something badly wrong with this game..Version: 3.1

It’s alright I just think you should have more freedom with choicesThe idea on it’s own is alright, but there are a few issues I would like to address. First off, when you make a decision sometimes it says, “-5 honesty” as if we were lying. I feel like it shouldn’t assume that our opinion is “false” before taking off points. Also, most of the choices are straight up bad advice, for example one of the questions was, “you have a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend what do you do”, or something like that. The choices are either straight up propose to him, tell your friend, or make up stories about him. In my opinion all of those are bad advice, if you tell your friend it will turn into an argument, if you propose to him without even dating him before then things would get even worse, and if you make up stories that’s just disrespectful. The ads are also repetitive and sometimes inappropriate, maybe add a child filter? Or maybe change it to an ad every 10-8 decisions instead of every 2 decisions. These are just my opinions and suggestions for future updates. Edit: one thing I forgot to mention is a glitch I’ve stumbled upon. When there’s a choice for you to watch an ad and I press “yes” the button won’t work no matter how many times I press it, it would be cool if that can be fixed in the future..Version: 3.6

Too many adsPlaying it with my friends kids, they gave it a good go but there’s an ad after almost every decision you have to make. Not just to get coins or other bonuses (which I would understand and so would they) .. but after short decisions that move you up or down the stairs? .. they lot interest quickly and I don’t blame them. It’s a good game if there wasn’t so many ads. (I understand how games have to have ads, but not that excessively..) Sorry.Version: 3.6

It’s ok...This game you made is pretty cool but there is one issue for me maybe not for other people but.. THERE ARE TO MANY ADDS! That is the main problem with every game I play and I know why you creators put it the adds there it because you add something to buy no adds. It’s pretty annoying that their are so many adds, it makes me want to not play these games anymore and delete them ..Version: 3.3

Huge waste of timeThis game can be fun, but there are more ad steps than actual fun steps. To me it’s just a BitLife ripoff, but with way more ads and less fun. Don’t download this game. Just buy BitLife. It’s also free and way less ads.Version: 4.1

Just badThis is so unoriginal, SO many adds, there are never any adds while your playing but there are 700 STEPS, and your character is so slow.. you’d basically have to watch a bunch of adds to go further unless you wanna spend your day climbing.. this game is way to long too..Version: 3.1

Not the bestWay way too many adds add very slow but very fun to play with only play when no wifi.Version: 4.1

To many adsssssThere are so so so many ads and there’s barely any game.Version: 4.4

It’s okay, it needs some changesFirst things first, the story doesn’t add up. It said I became an adult, then it said I had to get a driver’s license but before that, it said I drove to a concert. Also, I like that you did add some new genders but, there are other genders out there too. This is 2020. Also, could you add actual jobs. Not just being a celebrity or something. There are people walking all around you with different unique jobs, but we don’t get to choose the job. I just wish you could choose your lifestyle. For example, if you could choose your partner or skin color, that would be a lot better. Another thing is, the basic woman and man don’t really have a goal in life. I think this game would be more realistic if you could choose what you want to do for that life. Without going through the storyline that doesn’t really make sense, and not having a choice in what you look like, your gender, your skin color, your partner, or your job. To end it off, I’m really not trying to be negative, I just think this game needs a few changes. That way it’ll be more entertaining and relatable for people who download this game..Version: 3.1

Forced adsTrash game. Forced ads make it in playable.Version: 4.0

Not greatGrim and glitchy.Version: 3.1

Really BadNormally I don’t write resides on apps but this one was really bad and I personally think a waste of time. First they are way to many adverts after every choose another ad comes up. I also do not like it because once you do reach the top it is really boring and a waste of time because u don’t have enough coins or even close to enough and the baby stage looks kind of mushy and gross. Another reason is you can only choose female or male not any other genders so it is a no from me and i would not recommend.Version: 4.4

The only reason why I don’t like it as much is...Ok, it is an amazing game BUT there is an ad E v e r y S i n g l e T i m e I press something- I press no thanks is an offer of some sort comes up and it almost seems like out of spite they put an ad there mine are usually ones that there is no X button and I have to watch the full 30 second ad for no prize. It is a good game but overall it’s very annoying..Version: 4.2

So many ads!Honestly, so many ads and I get really annoyed. I’ve been playing 10 minute san dim not even half way yet. I’ve had like 12 ads and they are driving me mad. However some of the choices make me laugh. Overall good but fix the ad problem please!!!.Version: 4.4

Game belongs in HellIt's a free game, so I expect it to be filled with ads but this game is ridiculous! Every 10 seconds there is an ad, and there are literal roadblocks they stop your progress unless you watch the ad. The question are somewhat interesting, but some are just designed to give you a bad outcome no matter what you pick (so you get sent back and have to watch more ads)..Version: 3.6

Waste of my timeI wanted something fun to do but I kept getting stuck on the loading screen, this lasted hours, I checked the updates, deleted and reinstalled it, turned my iPad off and on, swiped it off but it still got stuck. Not even been able to start the game but it wasted my time, it got stuck for 2 hours once. Seems it’s only happening to me though, would love if this could be fixed and I could actually try the game. Thanks! :).Version: 3.9.1

Kinda boringThe game is really repetitive and is very ad dependent. Like all you do is climb up a huge staircase and try and collect money while also being a good person. Then you have a chance of the devil taking all your money away so you have to re-earn it all over again. It also gives you the opportunity to watch an ad to get more money but I think let you just get it without watching an ad but just put more ads in without getting a reward..Version: 2.9

Too many addsWaaaay too many adds fun but really too many adds.Version: 4.2

.Idk why but. I’m just reading the reviews I downloaded it cause I saw it on an ad. A lot of bad reviews. Idk I’m just doing this for a video.Version: 4.2

Ads are so annoyingIn this game you basically have to watch ads for bad stuff not to happen. You miss out on stuff. You step on these steps which make you lose loads of progress or you watch a 45 second ad. You cant even turn off wifi to not watch ads its so annoying. Overall this game is pretty bad unless you like ads cuz in playing 10 minutes i wasted half of that watching ads. This game is just bad..Version: 3.2

Don’t recommendBad game with lots of ads and it’s pretty much pay to win..Version: 4.1

In app purchasesIn app purchase to remove ads does not remove adds and still shows them ever few minutes..Version: 3.6

Way to many advertsThis game has potential and is actually good , however with the adverts coming every 5 seconds it got pretty annoying FAST, Now I would HAPPILY pay 99p or something to get rid of them ... however it’s £2.99!!! the game is NOT that good and I’ve deleted it from frustration!. dear App developers make the price cheaper to get rid of the adds please and thank you.Version: 3.7

LaggyThis game is laggy like rlly laggy -Proud Potato.Version: 3.5

Issue that needs to be fixedI’m new to this game so can’t say too much about it yet, but there’s a glitch of some sort. Whenever it asks me if I want a dog,more coins, a key,etc. I’ve hit yes (knowing I had to watch an ad, which I was fine with) every time. It doesn’t let me claim the reward or watch the ad. I’ve tried hitting the button several times but it just doesn’t work so I am focused to decline the reward. Also you should be able to change your skin color, it’s giving the message of “only white people get the opportunity to go heaven” or “white people are the generic race” which isn’t ok. [Note: I’m saying this from the point of view as a white person]. Otherwise it’s just another app to pass the time, it’s a fun concept and it has potential..Version: 3.5

Please read this!!This is a cool game and I like the idea, but of course there is a problem: I can’t receive any bonuses or gifts or even a dog, because when I click the ‘claim’ button, it doesn’t do anything. I’m happy to watch an ad for gifts, but it won’t give me the ad OR bonus. Pls fix this ASAP! 🙏🙏🙏.Version: 3.8

AdsThere is literally an ad after every single choice you make and it glitches a lot for me. So developers if your reading this please make less ads pop up because it’s annoying.Version: 4.0

This is just plain offensiveAs a Christian I find this game just plain offensive😡 also I didn’t mean to give this game any stars🙄 I hate this.Version: 3.7

AddsI tried to play this game, but I can barley do so! Way too many adds, but if you like watching adds. This app is for you..Version: 4.2

I saw the add for this gameI saw an ad for this game and the guy went to hell for not wearing a mask. A mask and the vaccine won’t protect you from COVID god does not want us to wear masks all over the place and be controlled by the government. This review might get deleted by the developers but it’s the truth..Version: 4.4

Dog 👹👹👹👹Give more dog.Version: 4.2

Can’t actually get into the game!This looks like it might be an excellent game. I like the questions both about personality and knowledge, and the what would do ones can make you think a bit, but there is an add about once a minute! Way, way too many. You don’t get enough time to get into the game and become involved. Until such time as I can either remove the adds, or the makers realise that no one will play this game with the amount of adds in it that this has, I’m sad to say I’m going to give it a big miss!.Version: 3.2

Needs to fix bugsWhile the ads every 30 seconds or so are annoying what I found more annoying were the options to watch extra ads to gain advantages (such as keys and coins) that didn’t work! So each time I had the option to gain something I couldn’t take advantage of it. This was particularly annoying when the only other option was to lose coins, which I then couldn’t gain back. Needs to fix the bugs and ensure the game works before launching, they must have some money available from all the ads they include!.Version: 4.0

Why is there a game in this appAll I wanted was an ad viewing app but this app showcases some short games between ads.Version: 3.1

Don’t play!This game is an ad trap I got a total of 30 ads 50 stairs in yeah I counted! DO NOT PLAY.Version: 4.4

Way too many adsHas the potential to be rather interesting but its chock full of ads, more so than other games. It’s actually quite ridiculous and frustrating. Of course you can pay $5 to remove them but what’s the point, still have to watch ads for certain rewards I’m guessing. Less ads. I won’t keep playing..Version: 3.7

AddsThis game has so many adds that it is not worth playing every single time something happens other than moving up a step there is an add straight away afterwards. The only way to earn money or keys in the game is to watch adds which is stupid. It is pointless saying that you get to design heaven when all you get to do is press the button to spend your money not actually choosing anything. Also half the time when it says press to claim (you have to watch another add to claim anything) the button doesn’t even work and you loose the reward anyways..Version: 4.0

Stupid. Just plain stupidMany options with no good solution. Watch a million ads to advance. Thinking an infant would make good vs evil choices. Dumb game. Dumb developer.Version: 4.1

Shallower than meAds, ads, ads; ads, Ads, aDs, adS, ad’s, and ads! Wholly crap the amount of ads in this game is only rivaled by those apps that “pay you to play.” The “gameplay” (if one could call it that) is tapping the screen about 700 times, watching the same walk animation on a loop (as in the right foot steps first every time) and occasionally making a decision who’s final outcome doesn’t coincide with the points gained or loss. And I’m pretty sure the amount of votes the would you rather and others have are artificially inflated. This game was a waste of my time, my phones memory, your time, and frankly the developers time. Also did I forget to mention their are a sickeningly high amount of ads? I think what can go a long way to help the game is to ton- PLEASE WATCH THIS AD TO CONTINUE THE REVIEW.Version: 3.4

PLEASE READThe game seemed good at the start and then it started glitching and it kicked me out so I tried again and the same thing happened so I gave my iPad a reboot went back on the game and it was so glitchy so I checked my WiFi it was fine so I checked the game again and it was so glitchy and then I got off the app and my hole iPad was glitchy and then I deleted the app and my iPad was fine do not recommend unless the figure out away to fix all of that just want to add took me 4 times to write this review I kept pressing cancel by accident.!!!📱🤞.Version: 4.1

UnplayableToo many ads. Unable to enter ‘heaven’ as there’s no choice other than to be kicked down 30 steps at the final hurdle. Really bad game..Version: 3.7

Quite badThe game is great, not gonna lie. But there is 3 problems with the game. 1. Adverts, I got up around 5 steps and it gave me the easiest question so I answered that and it gave me an add. I thought it was just a one time thing and continued turns out after every single question THERE IS 1 30 SECOND ADD So it’s a HUGE waste of time and data on your phone or tablet. 2. CRASHES, this game is absolutely absurd with the amount of crashes it does, it crashes every 1 question for me and it’s so annoying when I have to wait 5 minutes for it to unfreeze then it repeats. 3. The easiest questions, it’s so easy to pick the right answer for every question showing up they really need to make them better. In my opinion do NOT download the app it’s really bad quality and will just waste your time on useless adds. They should just rename it to “add game” it suits it better I deleted the app and won’t be planning to play it anytime soon unless they update it..Version: 4.4

I’d rather take the stairway to Hell.This might be not only the worst, but the greediest mobile game I have EVER played. The “gameplay” consists of you holding down on the screen and watching some of the ugliest character models to ever exist climb a flight of stairs. To really spice it up, they ask you to make decisions that not only barely impact anything whatsoever, but also contradict themselves. For instance, you’ll make a choice, and the game will give you “+10 Wisdom” before knocking you down the stairs, systematically reversing your progress. I played through it once, and the sheer amount of times this happened was both confusing and infuriating. They will also give you some of the easiest trivia ever, such as “what is 7x5.” Not only do these waste more of your time, but they also don’t do anything... it’s not the least bit satisfying. To boil it down, it’s like a bootlegged BitLife, with slow, painfully boring and aggravating gameplay. But there’s more. The ads. Oh my god, the ads. They bombard you with the “opportunity” to watch one of these probably every 2 seconds. Want to get enough currency to upgrade Heaven? Ads. Want to unlock characters? Ads. Want to not have a 10th of your progress randomly stolen at any given time? Ads. Want to see the results of the stupid personality quizzes they FORCE you to do? Well, watch an ad! I’m used to ads ruining mobile games, but when your core gameplay isn’t the LEAST bit fun? Make a good game, and THEN maybe I’ll watch ads. If you are still reading this for whatever reason, just please, for the love of god... don’t download this. Play BitLife, or literally ANYTHING else. The game isn’t fun. In fact, it’s not even a game. It’s a virtual nightmare, horrible in every way..Version: 4.0

DONT DOWNLOADIt teaches kids not to be happy for themselves which is awful! Also one of the decisions was like “what is your dinner?” And I chose something I like and it said wrong saying I have to only eat leaves. Also it was shining light on sexual harrasment because it made me go back when I chose that the sexual harassment made me uncomfortable. One of the questions had something to do with my body image and I said that I would post a pretty picture on Instagram and it said wrong so it’s teaching kids to not express that they like their body. Another question I got was “you find out the password to your boyfriends facebook account” and all the options were not ok, it also implies that they tried to figure it out and that’s apparently ok to this game. Another question was like “it’s time for your driving test” and all of them were illegal and that’s the last one I did because I didn’t know which was the right answer because they were all morally wrong it was like, bribe the instructor, drive without a license, or have your friend take the test for you, which are all illegal. It didn’t specify if you were going to fail, but just do your best wasn’t an option. And not only is it super inappropriate there were so many ads, like ads after every question. It’s just messed up, and you shouldn’t download this game..Version: 4.2

Too many adsThis game is good but shoved with ads. Every time I do something I get a dumb quiz that I need an ad to know my results. Or I get a gift from heaven or I can’t go up unless I watch a stupid ad. Every second I get an ad. I thought turning off the wifi would work, BUT THAT DIDN’T WORK EITHER..Version: 4.4

BitLife but make it less interestingIt’s buzzfeed meets bitlife, made by a person who heard about heaven through video games or something I wasn’t looking for a religious game or anything but this does give off the impression that you can just easily get into heaven, with random life choices that have nothing to do with going to heaven. Also if you come across satan you HAVE to watch a video I tried the falling down some steps and coming back and he still didn’t leave so I don’t really get the option I feel like you could have just put something like “you find a wallet with 1000$ do you turn it in or keep it” and you could slap an ad on the turn it in one but instead it’s just satan telling you he’s going to push you down or something..Version: 3.4

BugsSooo I was enjoying the game BUT then I saw a korgy and if you don’t know me I love dogs! But when I clicked to see an ad it wouldn’t let me see it and I will keep it so don’t worry but it would literally be a DREAM if you fix that and even there was A LOT of ads for me so maybe put fewer ads and if you fixed those two little things it would be a wonderful dream! Don’t take this as I hate the game please and I recommend getting the game it’s really cool! Thanks for listing bye! Btw the game hacks u.Version: 4.2

Too many adsThere is an ad after each question. Would be a fun game if there wasn’t so many ads. They make it almost unplayable. Had to delete..Version: 3.7

Ads and “lag”As soon as I installed this app my phone started lagging so bad that I could barely open anything. Also the ads were at every step and sometimes I wouldn’t get the “reward” for watching the ad and would try again and either it wouldn’t work (no ad played) or it would lag the phone out again. Btw as soon as I uninstalled it the lag was gone..Version: 3.6

Just noSuper glitchy and way way to many adds.Version: 4.1

IT’S A SCAMIt teaches kids to be bad and be awful with no respect at all! I tried the game out cause I was bored and when I saw for the first time, you get a ad every five seconds that doesn’t let you skip. It’s embarrassing how they get money from doing this. They also give you inappropriate questions and the only way to get them right was to answer the one most people left with. And the ads are horrible as well! An adult man litteraly failing every time is horrible acting and it’s just embarrassing. Also if you think that the people in the background are real. They’re just bots to give you a lot of attention. One last thing before I go. They make you watch ads just for something that’s useless and it’s always the same as every time with no enthusiasm. Worst app I every seen🥱.Version: 4.4

Poorly made and executedThis kind of game has potential but the way it was executed was terrible. You can tell it’s a lazy attempt at an app which is fitting considering it’s really a method of grabbing as much ad revenue for as little effort as possible. You can’t go 15 seconds without watching a 30 second ad, the gameplay was subpar and uninteresting after a while. I don’t mind bad graphics when there is a lot of creativity and work put into the storyline or gameplay itself, but this has absolutely nothing going for it. I don’t usually write reviews but this app just disgusted me enough with its blatant and obnoxious ad cash grab combined with lack of effort and quality gameplay to write one. Don’t waste your time, even if it’s the 5 minutes it takes for you to decide this is a piece of hot garbage..Version: 3.3

Too many adsNow everyone who has ever played a mobile game that was free or cost less then 6.99 knows ads are unavoidable. Often times like in puzzle games they are used at the end of a level or to get more coins or hints. Here there is an ad after almost every single thing you do in the game. Some parts of this even force you to watch ads or be set back. All of this frustration only to find out when you actually get all the way up the stairs the choices and morality system never mattered. Only the coins you suffered through the ads for did and you only have 6 decorations to choose from that are so overpriced it’s like they expect you to watch more ads. Deleting this app I want 30 minutes of my life back. This game is a highway to hell not a stairway to heaven..Version: 3.1

.This game is fun and the choices are sometimes OK. Now, this would be true... if there wasn’t and advert after every choice you make and you could actually PLAY the game overall the game is trying WAAAYYY too hard to show you it’s sponsors and just wants to earn money so my review is that you will get super angry and give up and stop playing and honestly this game is just a scam I don’t understand at all. Anyways I hope this review was helpful and not just to the people who play the game or are going to download it, but also the creator/creators of the game so that ,if they make another game, it won’t be so unsuccessful and ridiculous..Version: 4.2

Too many ads and it won’t let me get the keyI thought this game would be cool but turns out it’s not too many ADS and when I try to get a third key it’s not LETTING ME so I say this game is trash.Version: 3.2

So many ads would do 0 stars if possibleMore ads then gameplay the game should honestly be called “stairway of ads” because there are actually a ridiculous amount of ads. Every 20 seconds and 30 second ad pops up. And sometimes, there are 2 in a row so up to a minute of ads at once. They clearly only want money here FIX IT OR UR GAMES DOOMED HONESTLY.Version: 4.4

Not bad but my least fave so farI absolutely love the app , no joke it really does test your honesty. But I just have 2 problems. 1. ADVERTS I get why people use them because it’s free and if we want things for free it comes with a price. If I remember correctly it is £4.99 for no adverts quite a lot in my opinion . I don’t mind adverts occasionally but as soon as I answer a question it plays a 20 or 30 second advert. 2. There are so many people coming up the stairs with you. I’m not to sure if it’s literal people playing or bots . They get in my way and I don’t know why they need to be there with you. Apart from that I love the game especially if you do not mind a lot of adverts. I like it but it’s not good enough to keep on my apps . All I can say is 1. Please keep adverts on an average scale about 2 in 3 minutes. 2 please stop showing up bots or other people that are playing..Version: 4.4

Wow,..this game is something else,....Like everyone else said the ads are ridiculous but I know you’ve heard it a lot so I’ll just stop there. But this game is disrespectful in some ways and almost racist if you look at it in others. You can’t pick your skin color or partner or even have a goal in life. Your born, go up steps, and die. The order of your life doesn’t make any sense. I’m going to party’s with alcohol when I’m a young teen and can’t drive. Im getting hit on and inappropriately touched when I’m no older then 14. I’m 90 years old and the dog I had since I was 10 is still by my side. Sweet but so not true. And I don’t get it, when you make a bad decision you go down steps,... so your teaching children if you do bad things you’ll live longer?! Like what?! If anything you should be going up steps. When it said your friends were having drinks at there party and if you had some you would go down steps. So your saying if you have drugs you’ll live longer?! No! Overall I liked the idea of this game were you could choose answers and go through life but it’s all so pointless and a waste of time..Version: 3.4

TerribleI don’t even know if I spelled that correctly. All I know is that I paid $2.99 to remove ads because I am in the Navy and I don’t have the option to have internet on deployment. So, it just made sense to me to pay that now so that I could fully enjoy this game. So, the ads are still there and I don’t have the option to get any of the cool stuff without the ads that I shouldn’t even have to begin with because I paid to remove them. Sorry about how repetitive that was, but you get the point. I already read the other reviews that are upset about the religion and the racism and the biases. So, I won’t bore you with that. I’ll just say that I don’t play a game expecting to be please by its level of religion, accuracy, sexuality or w/e. It is slightly annoying not having the option to choose my complexion but not as annoying as the ads. That should tell you something..Version: 4.1

It’s okThe game itself is actually pretty fun but it asks you questions that are so silly like for example it once said an ant is stealing your food (forgot the AWNSER thingys) but first of all u could just pick the sweet up and an ant would never do that. Next resin is of corse the adds every time you finish a question it givea you an add and the questions around 5-10 seconds so they make a lot of money but I think the game would be fun with less adds so maby an add every 10-26 rounds?.Version: 4.1

Would not recommendWell let’s just get started, I loved the adds that a saw for this game. It looked fun and interesting, but boy was I disappointed. First of there are WAY too many adds. The only was you can unlock new things is by watching adds. So I was supper annoyed by that but that’s not even the worst part. I than proceeded to buy the no adds which was not too expensive. So I got the no adds and than it would not let me do anything. Like I said earlier you needed adds to unlock new things so instead of it just giving me all the advantages for free it would not let me move on at all! So basically I am back to where I started accept even if I wanted to watch an add to do something, it does not let me. So overall I would not recommend this game..Version: 4.1

:/Ads... Ads, ads, ads. When it showed “you found a stray dog” and if I wanted to take it I had to watch a video right? Well I tried pressing on that button it just didn’t work, I pressed it and pressed it and nothing happened and that’s the same with the other things “if you want ____” you have to watch a ad but sometimes I do want it and I try pressing on it and nothing happens. I also think you should be able to edit your character. Please fix these!!.Version: 4.0

HORRIBLIEOkay so , I think the app is good. But the amount of ads in the game actually is terrible! I understand the use of the ads but I’m the game there are ads every 15-20 seconds. The game also kept freezing an shutting down completely , at one point I had to shut my iPad down because it was making my iPad glitch! I never normally write reviews but this had to be addressed My messages to the developers are , -Try not to put as many ads in! -Do you guys know why it’s glitching -Try change up the questions because you get some of the same questions 7 or 8 times in one age! (When I mean one age I mean like teenager age or something like that) Thank you for reading I’m going to un-install the app now!.Version: 4.1

Great premise wrong developersThis could’ve actually made for something interesting but due to these moron developers it is nothing more than a blatant cash machine for them. If you don’t turn off WiFi you will get bombarded with an ad every five seconds and if not it will require you to watch some to get any money to the end as if you don’t that stupid demon man appears. Your actions don’t have any actual impact but monetary gain through watching ads and none of your choices matter. This could’ve made for a great game if any ounce of passion was added..Version: 3.5

Too Many Adds!!!!!!It could be a nice game but the adds are over the top. My recommendation would be that it would be better to design it so that people won’t delete it after 10mins because the adds are so distracting. I actually don’t mind adds and understand why they need to be there, however when their is a forced add every 2 seconds it’s not worth my time.....Version: 4.1

Okay, that’s just pettyHa. Stairway to heaven? More like stairway to way-too-many-ads land. There is LITERALLY an ad between every single choice you make. It’s fun and all, but this can’t go on. I’m deleting this game, sorry. I don’t recommend..Version: 4.0

Frustrating game!Most frustrating game ever! Tooo many ads , and who pays $5.00 to get rid of them. It didn’t even let me press the claim it button, only the no thanks button, definitely recommend for people with alotttt of patience, people who are willing to spend $5.00 on a game and people who don’t get frustrated easily!.Version: 4.0

Terrible Game For Many Reasons I Go OverFirst of let’s talk about the ads. Every two choices there is an ad, most of which definitely not appropriate for 12+. The ad button doesn’t work when you want to watch one for something like a dog. There are choices where if you don’t watch an ad you go down 30 steps lose your money or even die which is just dumb. I could go on but you get the point. Secondly the game is extremely racist and disrespectful to religion. Just the idea of the “Stairway To Heaven” is disrespectful and has been said in the Bible that’s not how you get to Heaven. Now on to the racist part of that. When you start there is no option for skin color and there are no colored people on the stairway. Another thing is how inaccurate the gameplay is. Many people have gone over this so I will keep it short. For doing bad decisions you go down which is basically extending your life. The choices are not at the correct age at all. Also if you get a dog it is with you until you die so if you get a dog at 5 and live until 90 that dog is living for 85 years, and that happens often. Overall this is just a stupid game for the devs to get quick cash. They don’t try to improve the game at all and probably look at no ratings. Thank you for reading this and stay safe!.Version: 3.9

Worst app. Waste of time.Saw this on an ad and decided to try it but the actual game is much more different than how it looked on the ad. The amount of ads this app has is beyond me. These ads I am receiving are not appropriate for my age, and an ad pops up about every 30 seconds. Based on the disgusting ads I have received, I do not think they should have the age to play as 12+. It doesn’t let me watch ads to have a dog or coins, when I click watch ad it just doesn’t work. Events are a little off and not matching the age when given the age these things are being done at. Just one example of this is kissing as a child or drinking at a young age, but there is much more I am not going in depth to explain. They take ALL of your money if you don’t choose to watch an ad. I didn’t even finish the steps to get there before deleting the app because of how bad it was. Ridiculous. Waste of time.. deleted this app a few minutes after downloading. Also, this is the thing that really made this app terrible: they are VERY racist. I saw no black people in the staircase.. not one at all. Other people in reviews have mentioned this as well. Every race needs representation. And to have a literal staircase to heaven is disrespectful to religion..Version: 3.6

Things I think need to change!This app is good don’t get me wrong.. but it’s very repetitive and if you don’t get coins you have to start all over again! the ads are every second but if you have the problem simply turn on airplane mode :) The game is also crashing due to lots of pop ups on the screen whilst playing, not a very good quality. Either way to the developers, please update or fix these things and every thing would be much better..Version: 4.2

How are people playing???For every 7 seconds of gameplay there is a 30 second ad. Honestly- this is such a lazy and basic game that’s just had a load of ads crammed into it. It steals the users data and even includes “fUN qUiZzes” which are just paid for surveys - in other words, it’s what companies normally pay the public to do. It’s an awful lazy and bland game that they’re making loads of money off of and I have no idea how people are able to tolerate it..Version: 4.0

Good game although...This game is pretty good to pass the time. However I have noticed that it gives you options for free coins, a pet, too move forward extra steps etc. To do that you have to watch an add which it doesn’t let you do so you ultimately lose out on any perks which kind of bums you out and stop playing. This is definitely something that should be looked in to and fixed because otherwise it would have been a great game.😬.Version: 4.2

Morally bankrupt and inaccurate.In so many of the questions, there is no morally right answer, just equally bad choices. You don’t get to heaven by being a good person. It makes me sad that people actually think like this. John 3.16 for God so loved the world that he sent his only son (Jesus), that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to heaven except by believing that Jesus is the son of God, that he died on the cross, that he rose again on the third day, and is now seated at the right hand of God. By confessing out loud that we believe this, and repenting (saying sorry to God) for our sins, that’s how we get to heaven. And demons could never destroy heaven. The battle has already been won. Jesus is king. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. He died for you. He died for your healing. He died for your freedom. He died for your eternity. If you were to die tomorrow, where would you spend eternity? It’s a long time if you’re wrong..Version: 4.6

Good time killer, but...It’s still a bit buggy. Optional ads to earn extra goodies stop working after a short time, but you’re not informed of this until an ad doesn’t play, so you’re forced to miss out on the bonus unless you close and restart the app every few minutes..Version: 3.9

It’s okThere’s so many ads and it’s annoying but it’s fun to play.Version: 3.1

Too many adsSome ads are good, but one every ten seconds is ridiculous. I wish I could enjoy playing this game..Version: 4.1

The game keeps crashingLooking through the reviews, it seems that the game isn’t just crashing for me but many others. I was playing a game and I saw this add pop up, I downloaded the game as it looked very good. I was so excited to play. I opened the app after it had downloaded and I tried to select the male, it kicked me off the game. I tried again and again and it did the same every time! I tried turning on my data, still didn’t work. I tried getting rid of it on my tabs and opening it again. I won’t even try to reinstall it because it seems that doesn’t work either. Please fix it, I really wanna play!.Version: 3.1

EhOkay so this app is good, however the choices it gives you are SO EASY to get right. For example: Once it said something along the lines of “your mother wants you to come down the stairs!” And the choices were: Throw a tantrum, come down the stairs or say you are busy. Something like that anyways. Another HUGE issue is yes, ads. Now, there are complaints about adverts in almost every review on every game, however, this has an advert so many times that the game is almost impossible to play. There is an advert after every option it gives you almost, (every question is about 10 seconds apart from each other) so yes, an advert around every 15-20 seconds is my estimate which is absolutely disgraceful. Overall it’s alright but you will get incredibly bored and uninstall it, I’m telling you now-.Version: 3.4

WiredThe app itself is fine if you have no wifi but you can’t really do much, but if you do have wifi on you get so so so many ads and the ads are very inappropriate there are ads for me chat there are ads for games about guns there are ads for games with very disturbing visuals with blood and other medical malpractice the only ads that I saw that were appropriate were from rise of kingdom and when I say all other ads are inappropriate I mean it! But really when you don’t take the ads into account the game isn’t the best somethings icons will disappear with no reason and it’s just kinda boring… but earlier when I said you get a lot of ads I mean it you get an ad from no reason or reward ALL THE TIME so if you are thinking about getting this app I suggest playing with no wifi (so you don’t get all those ads) and just setting your expectations very low… there’s not much to do in the game itself as or writing this October 1st 2023 good day.Version: 4.6

EmilyThis is a 1 star bc it take long to load and it kicks me out lots times Don t get it.Version: 4.4

Please fix problemThis game is fun except the adds are a real pain after every single choice you make an ad pops up if they could change it and make it one ad every four choices it would be better but the game is a bit of a time waister.Version: 4.0

Too many adsThis game is fun, but there’s so many GOD DAMN ADDS LIKE JESUS CHRIST I CANT ANWER A QUESTION WITHOUT WATCHING A GOD DAMN ADD JESUS CHRIST!!Thank you for your time.Version: 4.1

AwesomeDon’t think I can do anything with the other stuff I need you and your family to come to my room. The first thing that I have had is the fact that I don’t want to have a lot of work to get the money from the other side of the game but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of fun and it is a little bit more than the other one I have to play with the other games I have played for the last two games and I have to play it for a while and I have to play it for a while and I play this one and I love the play I love it so much I love it so many of the best games I’ve played in the world and I love it so much I love it so many more levels I love it so much I have played it all day so far I have played for the first two months now and I have to play it for a while and I love it so much I love it so many more levels I love it so much I love it and it is awesome and the graphics and graphics were awesome but it is awesome I wish I had a little better game but it would have been better to get better graphics.Version: 4.4

It’s a ok gameHey there. So I just wanted to try out this game because it seemed like one of those “choose your life decisions” kinda games. I do agree it is like this but when I get a chance go choose something and it wasn’t the right answer I get thrown back so far back. It nearly took me 50 minutes to get to “heaven”. Also the thing I really want to point out is that when I came across keys, dogs, and free coins, I tapped it and I had a watch a ad but for some reason I couldn’t even watch the video to get the stuff. I don’t know if it was a glitch or something but i just found it really annoying. Then when I actually got to “heaven” I didn’t even have enough coins to decorate it. I honestly think this game is great but it’s just the ads thing. Also every good decision I make I got a ad. So I think you have to have a lot of commitment and patience for this game. Anyways it’s a cool game, it just takes awhile to reach the goal..Version: 4.1

DisrespectfulThis game is so stupid and highly offensive towards Christianity and probably tons of other religions it’s not your actions that get you into heaven and giving people that impression is just wrong even if it’s just a simple game.Version: 4.4

Too many ads ruin a cute gameLiterally an add after every question. Too bad, it was kinda fun..Version: 4.1

Whatever u take, doesn’t workThis game is fine at first but when I played it, I chose a responsible answer for it but it says it’s a bad choice, I fell down stairs and had to repeat the question, I repeated it 3 times and chose different answers, yet they were all wrong. There was no right answer..Version: 4.1

GameIt’s a good game but there are to many adds.Version: 4.0

Honestly terribleThis game is pointless, there’s so much ads for NOTHING! For example whenever I say “no thanks” to an award that needs an ad I STILL GET ONE. And plus even if I said yes to everything there is still no point. As might as well call this “stairway to hell”. Look, I’m sorry if I offended any creators of this game but this ad thing NEEDS TO STOP. And I find it incredible that you need to pay money to stop ads. I’m not saying that all ad removal should be free but in this case with like 1 ad every 10 seconds it’s unbelievable! This is also really offensive. Look I’m not a strict churchgoer nor am I to crazy over religion, but this is offensive. For example there a some claims in this game that are not true at all in the Bible or real life. And honestly this is 2020 I mean c’mon! There’s only white people in the game! Now with all of these looters and the BLM thing goin on this is not a great time to not put any African Americans. You guys are excluding people (not on purpose). Look, the point is that there are so much ads in the game and that you should put some African Americans. If any of you guys/girls are reading this, I just wanna say thanks for your time! Stay safe during COVID-19.Version: 3.4

ReviewWay too many ads. Also if you dont press the ad the game punishes you. That’s really bad in a game. Bad experience.Version: 4.1

HORRIBLEBruh you guys are ad thirsty and you die if you lose kindness, it makes no sense. you need to watch an ad for EVERYTHING. if you dont, you die. its basically a trash ripoff version of bitlife, which is way better than this trash. you guys make me sick.Version: 3.7

Ads every 3 secondsThis game has a great concept but the adds are unbearable. I am not kidding when I say the ads appear every three seconds. The ads make the game very frustrating to play..Version: 4.2

AddsAdds every FIVE SECONDS! good game overall but no time to play..Version: 3.1

Most ads ever in an app. Do not buyS.Version: 4.4

I deleted it so dunno what it’s about reallySo I downloaded it and you can choose whether your a billionaire a celebrity or a normal female which is what I chose. So you start off as a baby 👶 and you look a bit wet and sloppy and you have to hold down for your person to move which hurts your hand ✋. Then you come to a child and you get to adopt a dog 🐶 which is nice but there are so many adverts and because of one of those adverts I deleted the game. Because different types of adverts are linked to what the game is to do with and my mum was watching as well. And the ad was so inappropriate that I’m not going to say what is was but me and my mum already knew that it was bad and maybe even 17+. We didn’t get it again and if you read this review which please do then I would recommend for you to stay clear of this game. Also the game in general had way too many ads and some of them are bad. You get one every ten seconds after you have finished a question. That’s another reason why you will never get to heaven. And sometimes there is no X you have to watch the vid. So annoyed with this game..Version: 4.2

It has it’s ups and downsOkay, so the main thing I wanted to type down was well... the main gameplay of this app, yes I know it’s an app for kids but after I got the ads for this game, I kind of wanted to check it out, and......... BOY WAS I NOT DISAPPOINTED! First off, there are where too many ads, the gameplay is practically “Hi! Welcome to the game, choose your gender, now choose your character. Perfect! Now up to heaven you go! Oh, first question, what a wond- AN AD HAS INVADED, okay up the steps!” Question, AD, up the steps, question, ad, up the steps, question, ad. I think you get it at this point, another thing that irritated me (irritated is a smarter way of saying annoyed, sorry I had to) was the fact that it took several minutes just to get to the kid stage, the game was honestly pretty boring, now onto the positive things I guess, this game can be a pretty good “time killer” if you have nothing to do, the background character designs are interesting to say the least, and I think with time this game can become a pretty good game. Sorry if this was a huge thing to read I do the “one hundred word review challenge” every time a make a review on a game..Version: 3.7

Too many ads!Good concept for a game but completely ruined by an unnecessary amount of ads. I understand whoever created this app needs to make money through it but if you want people to keep and enjoy the game...this is the wrong way to go about it. I downloaded it for about 5 minutes and then realised that after every other milestone a 30 second- 1 minute ad is played. Wouldn’t recommend unless you enjoy being plagued by ads..Version: 4.0

What guysTern off the internet and hotspot ok.Version: 4.4

Great game but please make the ads lessI think the game is amazing and I like how your actions can affect the results. The one thing I don’t like about the game is the ads. It’s like after 2 decisions I have to watch the same ads over and over again. That’s boring and annoying. If I like the game, I would have already downloaded it. Also, it can be annoying to play the game because I feel like I am spending more time on the ads than the game. I get really nervous after I made a decision because I’m afraid there might be another ad. If you can make the ads less, then the game would be really popular and you can even add purchasing items too. For example, you can have the user pay money to get more keys. Other than that, the game is amazing and if you can just make the ads less, it will be super. I hope you can consider my suggestions and I really recommend the game to everyone. ( just make the ads less please, it would mean a lot to us).Version: 3.1

Ads ads adsGot the no ads add-on & still i have ads like whats going on here man.Version: 4.0

Play bitlife insteadThe only good thing is it was a bit of a time killer. There are A LOT wrong with this game. First, it’s ads are terrible. Any decision gets u an ad and there are lots of decisions. Sometimes you suffer if I choose not to watch an ad like lose money, die, etc. Even when you refuse a reward because of an ad, you still get an ad. You basically get the punishment no matter what. Second, the game gets boring fast. The decisions have little impact. You make a bad decision and go down a few steps, you can hold it for a second and go back to where you were. Not to mention the ad after that decision takes time. There are also random trivia that just waste time as well. Third, the game lacks diversity in other characters. Only white people on the stairway. Either they are too lazy to make a character a few shades darker, or any minority goes to hell in their universe. If you want to live your life full of decisions, play bitlife. Forget the religious stuff and you have freedom. It has ads, but they aren’t constant and you can just pay for no ads and other rewards. You have several lifes and can do different things to see their impact. And you get a random character from all around the world..Version: 4.1

Strangely biased and generally not goodJudging by the reviews when i first got the app, i didnt think i was gonna be impressed, and i was right. About 70% of the game is completely just ads. You even need to watch an ad or else your money gets taken away which is not fair at all. It isnt even a game at this point. It’s just an ad farm. The choices and the game deciding if it was wrong or right was kind of weird and biased to me. One of the scenarios were “you see a good looking guy but you are with your fiance” and an option was “dont look, that is cheating” and another “look but hide it” so I chose that one because that isnt freaking cheating! You can look at people and support an attractive person without calling it cheating! And it pushes me back! Which is totally biased regarding what you do with your body sexually, also the scenario with your husband being in the shower with someone. You might be into it and not think it’s bad, and it really isn’t if you are comfortable with it, but the game doesn't give you that choice which is just really disappointing and not open minded at all. There is also no sort of diversity. No character customization, no choice of sexual orientation, just the same people. Had to delete this right after finishing it, it was that bad..Version: 3.5

Boring, inappropriate content, too many ads1. A lot of the questions you’re asked along the way up the stairway are adult sexual content & completely not suitable for a 12 year old. Which is weird, because other questions are stupidly easy, aimed at children. So who is the game aimed at?? 2. It’s incredibly boring. You go up stairs, stop along the way answering dumb questions, and eventually get to the top & realise you’ve wasted some of your own precious life on this game. 3. There’s too many ads. But you can go on airplane mode & play without any. So that seems good. But then you don’t earn enough coins (because you’re not watching the ads), so you can’t complete the game, once you get to heaven. Dumb game..Version: 4.4

Too many ads!1) TOO MANY ADS!! this app in general is pretty good besides all the ads! Even when I turn my data and wifi off I miss out on all the good stuff! The ads need to cut back and until that happens I’m deleting the game! 2) GLITCHY + LAGGY sometimes the character lags and i have to leave the app and go back in, fix this please! 3) GETS BORING you need to add more questions and better gear because after maybe 10 minutes I get bored ... and I don’t have ADHD Surely at least add that pets can die or that you can have a relationship (not a real person, a game character) and maybe name your kids Thank you for reading, this is just my opinion btw! xxxx FIX THESE PLEASE.Version: 3.7

The adsThere are so many things I hate about this game but the ads have to be top on my list. You often get ads after answering questions it asks you and they are so annoying. I used a timer and played for a little bit to see how long it took me to get an ad after just having an ad. It took about 40 seconds and could have been longer being that some of the questions have to make you think for a bit. On topic of the questions, the questions are also problematic. This app is 12+ but some of the questions are talking about things no 12 year old would know like what type of alcohol is your favorite to drink at a party in a personality test. Those tests also make you watch an ad to get the results and you have to wait for what feels like ages to wait for the “No thanks” button to pop up and those tests ask things like “what color hair do you have”. This app doesn’t cost any money to play but it does cost your brain cells. Anyone who plays this over 10 minutes would probably be about as smart as a snail..Version: 4.2

Not bad toMany adsNot a bad game but so many ads it’s extremely irritating. Takes forever to finish a game.Version: 3.1

I like it but the ads are so annoying.The app is fun and I like it. It’s just the ads that annoy me so much. I get it you guys want to make money but like I get a ad every 10 seconds! Can you please just slow it down a little with the ads?!?! They get so annoying and you get the same ads over and over again. Every time I choose an answer an ad pops up. It ruins the fun for everyone. I have some suggestions 1. Stop putting so many ads. 2. If you want to claim something just use some coins to buy it you do not have to put an ad every time. 3. To get coins you just watch 1 ad. People will like the app better if there isn’t so many ads every 10 seconds just to claim something or just because they tapped an answer..Version: 3.1

Me:No you can’t have a baby go 50mph! Game devs haha baby go ZOOM!This game is just bad, you get three decisions at the start but after that it is nothing and the model does not change from a baby and it climbs the stairs at Mach 1 after it gains speed (an exaggeration but it is fast) and there is no reward for when you get to “”””””heaven””””””, which is four pillars on a platform, not even a key which unlocks other paths which are just different three questions and slightly different baby model and the only way to get keys are to watch ads. I don’t know if this happens for everyone but this was my experience with it so... just don’t play the game and if you do, prepare to be disappointed..Version: 3.2

👎🏼Was really excited to try but won’t even start..Version: 3.7

AdsThe game is pretty good over all, but the ads make it pretty annoying but it's a really fun game afton that!.Version: 4.1

Poorly Designed Ad FarmAfter seeing this game advertised heavily on other apps, I decided to download it and play through while installing a software update on my computer. Literally every question was met followed up with an ad upon choosing a decision. The storyline was terrible, and gave no meaningful insight into life. I was able to complete the game in about 30 minutes because there are bubbles that pop up which advance you 50 steps for watching YET ANOTHER AD! Some of the questions had four choices with a duplicate answer. Example: “What is your best feature? a.) Eyes b.) Voice c.) Arms & Legs or d.) Voice If the goal is to completely waste people’s time and annoy people with 30 second, un-skippable repetitive ads every minute, then you’ve succeeded. If that wasn’t the goal, please go back to the drawing boards with this one..Version: 4.0

Bad gameI thought this game would be fun but every single time I am playing there’s one advertisement and it’s soooo annoying. Also, I can’t even upgrade my heaven because they don’t let me watch advertisements against money ( for heaven ) or things in the game. Everytime I watch an advertisement against something in the game, they don’t give it to me. This game is bad and not fun..Version: 4.2

Too Many AdsThis game is alright, but not worth downloading because of the ads. After each 6-7 steps, which is pretty much every 20 seconds, a 2minute ad will come on, and it is often the same one on repeat. Do not get this game, as it is not as fun as it looks, and the quality of questions on each step is not worth sitting through the ads..Version: 3.7

You didn’t even get the chance to play the gameI was really intrigued by this game when I saw it in the add from another game, it seemed fun so I went ahead and downloaded it. From the start the graphics wasn’t that good and anytime I wanted to do something, it would give me the ad sign. Either way whether I wanted to watch the ad or not it would still put up an add. Some are EXTREMELY LONG and some are skippable but it still doesn’t help. I’ve had this game for 10min and I already cant stand it, I would say put less ads in the game and let people get money, or have a pet, or see the results without seeing ads. It would be a more fun game to play, this game was a waste of time. I downloaded this game to waste time for fun, but this just made me wanna fall asleep because of the amount of ads. I understand you have to put ads and all that but this was just too many. I don’t recommend this game.Version: 4.2

Good but..This game is fun when you get to live lives. But it has so many adds, and can be irritating, it also takes such a long time to get to heaven. Maybe just make it “400-500” in stead of “700-800” steps to heaven. Overall this game is fun..Version: 4.4

A decent concept, but horrible executionTL;DR: has a good concept, but expands on it very poorly, and you end up watching more ads than actually playing the game. The idea behind this game is pretty fair and has a good opportunity to be interesting, where depending on your choices you get go through life with different opportunities and choices, etc. However this game totally fails to do that. You’re provided with arbitrary question after question which doesn’t actually determine what kind of person you are, because the game incentivizes you to choose what everyone else does based on vote percentage. And let’s say you try to be a bad person to see what happens (like I did), you just die and have to restart (or watch another ad). Speaking of the ads, like most games of this quality, expect to be spending more time watching ads and looking for the button to close out of it then accidentally pressing it and going to the App Store, than actually playing the game. This is a very clearly money grab game just looking to shoot out as many ads as possible with a concept interesting enough to get people to play it at least once. The only reason this gets 2 stars instead of 1 is because if they genuinely cared about their players opinions (which I doubt they do or will), there’s a really good opportunity for them to make a lot of changes to the game and make it interesting..Version: 4.1

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