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Grand Theft Auto III App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Grand Theft Auto III app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Grand Theft Auto III? Can you share your negative thoughts about grand theft auto iii?

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Grand Theft Auto III for Negative User Reviews

I love this game but...Sorry to have to post this as a review but I couldn’t find any other way to request support. There were links to supposedly be able to email support but these all just lead back to an original link and there’s only so many times I’m going around that loop. The game is fantastic but currently it keeps stopping, very frequently during play. I close the app, reset the phone, close unused apps, check everything’s up to date.... but it carries on!! I use a fairly new iPhone 8 - bought new this year, 256GB so there’s definitely no shortage of space. What do I do? If I delete the app and reinstall I loose all the saved games so have to start at the beginning. Is this solvable?.Version: 1.3.5

It’s okay, not perfectIt’s okay, the camera doesn’t quite work when trying to control the angle whilst moving. And the analog control needs fixing to the screen as it would allow better control when driving and generally moving. Also crouching, there’s no way to crouch. Also can’t damage vehicles with weapons. Maybe give us the option for a permanent cross hair so we can manually aim. It’s alright tho, playable I guess, and I’m sure rockstar probably won’t be changing anything. If you’re looking for the original experience you probably won’t get it here, although for a few quid it kills a bit of time..Version: 1.3.5

Worst Gta ever invented on this planetHighly recommend to not buy this game unless U want to smash Ur device against the ground. Camera angles are horrible. The guy never shoots the targets right in front of him but he sure knows how to shoot a wall. Driving is horrible. The cars jump out of no where while Ur on a impossible mission just making the game even more frustrating. The map is super off. U will get lost constantly. Missions are extremely impossible especially with the horrible Controls and camera angles. You try to make the guy look around him to check for enemies around the corner but the camera keeps fighting Ur finger and wants to stay where it wants to . Theres no free aim option available. And don't destroy your bullet proof patriot before U get to that horrible mission called "fertilizer to go." Just some advice in case U decide to torture yourself with the most frustrating Gta ever created on this planet..Version: 1.3.5

Doesn't work on macDoesn't work with wasd.Version: 1.5

Controls need an updateThis controls in this game are incredibly difficult to use when walking, running, and shooting. It’s nearly impossible to choose a target and the character could be shooting at any direction, so while you want to shoot in front of you, he’s shooting somewhere off screen and you can’t turn and shoot where ou want in time. Frequently you’ll end up getting shot in the face until he does and be unable to do anything because you can’t choose who to shoot at. It’s so frustrating and gets to the point where I’ll just quit playing for a while and then come back hoping I can just tough it out because the game is really fun, it’s just things like this that ruin it. Here’s one out of five stars in hoping it gets the game creator’s attention and maybe they’ll make a fix for this. Update: I didn’t realize I had already written a review when I came here to write this review. I tried deleting and re-downloading this game (among other things) to get it to work. It’s so glitchy that I can’t play it. It’s disappointing..Version: 1.3.5

Love this gameI love this game, but on my iPhone SE running IOS12 the game will get very laggy and glitchy after 3 minutes of playing.Version: 1.3.5

GTA 3I’m still stuck inside my home & I can’t get out can you please fix this glitch I’m inside.Version: 1.5

Glitchy to start withNice bit of nostalgia, but, it was lagging and stuttering when I started which was driving me nuts. I googled the problem which suggested turning of the cloud backup on the app settings and saving on the other slots , this seems so far to have worked . Hopefully I can enjoy the game now ..Version: 1.3.5

Severely lagsI know gta is a good game, but the app versions lags so bad u can't even play, save your money.Version: 1.3.5

Horrible updateAfter the last iPhone 5 update I have opened the game on my iPad and the buttons to accelerate and such have shrunk to the size that I can't see them and of course are the size and in the position of an iPhone 5 screen but I play on my iPad and don't have an iPhone 5, so please fix it. It was fine before but now it's sort of broken in button placement and size.. I can't even see the dam buttons to play its ridiculous.Version: 1.3.1

Old and Now… it’s actually worse…Lack of instructions in missions are still here, making some missions impossible to complete without a guid… (also the credits bugged out! The game kicks me out into the main screen during, and I all of a sudden the credits music stopped! - HOW ANTI CLIMATIC - IRONICALLY CONCLUDES THIS MOBILE PORT) Also on top of this frustrating game, the controls are not good! Why couldn’t they keep them consistent with the other two GTA games? like GTA SA(which btw imo are the best for controls). Camera controls are terrible and the auto aiming is non functional at times! This doesn’t feel like a remaster, but instead just a game with all its previous major issues still there, and with added terrible controls. Only good thing is a texture update. (Also the UI is terrible - why can’t I easily find or access the settings while playing? Like in GTA SA?)..Version: 1.5

Saving ProblemI know it’s an old game, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t stop fixing bugs. I lost a lot of progress as I was unable to save and a glitch occurred and I was stuck in a cutscene. Basically just wasted a day’s worth of playtime for nothing. Would’ve given it five stars if this didn’t happen..Version: 1.5

GoodThough i am enjoying the cooky radio stations that a very funny to listen to and there is an open world out there to explore, for me the experience is not a fun one i just can’t get down with the driving, the driving is actually mediocre but when playing missions navigating a vehicle the police the weakness of the cars the random ai, i'm finding every mission a repetitive chore, my experience is anything but smooth, though i hate to downvote a game because of difficulty i have to in this case because i'm progressing at a snails pace if at-all, i just feel the requirements are to high for an ios device and cars blow up so easily not to mention 2 star police are an absolute pain, i love gta 4 i very much am having a misserable experience with its predecessor..Version: 1.3.5

IOS 11 crashCan’t play more than a couple minutes until it crashes to desktop since iOS 11. There’s been several iOS updates and none from rockstar. Unusable and an unacceptable waste of hard earned money.Version: 1.3.5

Misleading advertisingWhile I know this is a fantastic game, claiming that it works on iPad 1 is an utterly false and misleading statement. The game doesn't even make it past the opening cinematic after numerous attempts. It's not overly surprising that Apple won't own up for selling a product that doesn't work. Terrible form not putting any kind of warning. No wonder people use piracy to test apps before buying; I wish I had, then I'd at least still have my money. Let this serve as a warning to anyone with an older iDevice - skip this game, avoid paying for something that will not work..Version: 1.0

100% unplayableDO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME OR ANY GRAND THEFT AUTOS OFF THE APPSTORE. The shooting on foot controls are terrible and you can not change them at all. During gunfights your only option for fighting back is running around holding the “shoot button” this means your character is locking on to random NPCs that your character model is facing towards and shoots them until they’re dead then locks on to the next person and does the same thing. YOU CAN NOT FREE AIM ON YOUR OWN IN ANY OF THESE. There is only that terrible lock on system. During shootouts you ALWAYS lock on to civilians that are running in the opposite direction. There is no options to change or fix any of this. I bought the package and all Grand Theft Auto games on the app store are officially UNPLAYABLE. I genuinely want my money..Version: 1.5

IPhone X/Xs Max supportGame needs to be full screen.Version: 1.3.5

Major problem with the controls..This was a real let down..The game was working pretty much fine for a few hours..Suddenly for no apparent reason I could no longer walk or move or do anything outside of jump. The run button also stopped working completely..Real buzz kill when ur in the middle of a game youre enjoying and it just stops working for no reason..Not even a crash (which would have been better), just a complete control freeze out while the game runs normally..Tried resetting the phone and game, no luck..Its like something just broke and now cannot be fixed. I will be seeking a refund as this game does not work properly and apparently has fatal controls bugs..Real disappointment.Version: 1.5

Issues even Apple can’t helpProblems with app you get to the bit where you leave the city go over the bridge to work with the Chinese n Italian women stops working shuts the application down n you will have to start again which is a joke as u get that far n then cuts off I paid for this game n I ve been robbed thanks rockstar I ve played your games all my life paid full price if I wanted to I could get the apps the games for consoles free but I choose not to I can see y people rob the company as you rob ur customers 🖕🏽.Version: 1.3.5

GlitchyWhile this game seems good I haven't had the chance to play it often, I played it once then quit out of it after that it wouldn't work, no matter what. While playing it, I found it laggy then over sensitive please fix these bugs, I have had the game for about 3 months and still no updates to fix these.Version: 1.0.1

SettingsWhy are most of the settings gone (resolution,shadows,draw distance,camera hight,visual effects) 😐.Version: 1.5

Claude is backOh my god what can I say this game takes me back to my early days of Gta remaster the first 2 games and I'll Defo buy played Gta all my life and every game so far, loving Gta online especially but Gta 3 in my very own hands for God know how many years fantastic remaster thank you rockstar can't wait to see what you have in store for Gta 6.Version: 1.3.5

Game FreezingDuring the level Bait the game consistently crashes sometime between destroying the first and second car. I’ve tested across multiple iOS devices and installations to about 20 hard crashes. Don’t know if devs are still working on this but would greatly appreciate some help as it’s impossible for me to get past this level and access the rest of the game. Thanks.Version: 1.3.5

BuggyThis game is good, but like other users have noted, once you reach the second island, the game becomes extremely laggy. The maps don’t load properly, and what gets me frustrated the most, is how the car you’re driving always pulls to the right. Aiming controls aren’t good, and it’s hard to pan the camera around corners which consistently gets me killed in some missions. Currently, I’m on the mission ‘Decoy’ with Donald Love. The objective is to divert the cops attention for about two and a half minutes in an armored truck. Around the 30 second mark on the timer, the game freezes and restarts itself. I have tried to complete the mission about ten times now and the same thing happens every time. This has kept me from progressing in the game. I’ve tried everything to remedy this and nothing has worked. What a bummer since I literally bought every GTA game on iOS. I’m playing on a new 10.5 iPad Pro. There should be no excuse for this. Please fix this!!!.Version: 1.3.5

Game goes back to home when finished loadingJust as im enjoying the game the app cant start all of a sudden.Version: 1.5

Takes me out of the just before it's done loadingIt constant takes me out of the game after it is completed loading at the end so it frustrates me.Version: 1.3.5

Garbage gameA Garbage game for garbage people..Version: 1.5

Barely playable on newer iOS devicesThe game itself is great. Unfortunately Rockstar seems to have abandoned these iOS ports to their detriment. And for whatever reason GTA III and Vice City perform miserably on devices newer than the iPhone 7 (the iPad Pro included, which I bought with the partial intention of playing these games on). The games freeze multiple times per minute, many times for three or more seconds at a time, making gameplay almost impossible. I’ve tried force quitting all other apps, rebooting prior to play, turning off Low Power Mode, turning on Limit Refresh Rate, turning off True Tone, and nothing seems to make these perform like on my old iPad Air or iPhone 7. Please fix these, Rockstar. And buyers beware unless you’re using an older iOS device..Version: 1.3.5

Needs Graphical Update for Newer DevicesCertain effects and graphical details (fog, tire tracks, certain emissive effects and lighting) were removed from this game when it was ported to iOS years ago. It would be great if those effects were included for iOS devices that can surely run it i.e. the iPhone 6 and later models. Also, I noticed that certain effects that weren't even on the original GTA San Andreas were added in GTA SanAndreas for iOS. Maybe the developer should take a break and pay more attention to its early, yet popular releases such as this one..Version: 1.3.5

Unplayable mess, a rip off to sell in this stateLet me start by saying as a game this is an absolute classic, as all GTA’s generally are. This isn’t a review of the game it’s a review of the app which, as it stands, is an unplayable mess and that is a major understatement. All this app does is mini freeze whilst doing anything and gets to the point where it’s like watching a slide show. I’ve lost track of the amount of times this has happened and how many other reviews and forum posts mention this. No improvements or updates in 2 years, it’s shameful to sell in this state. Sort it out Rockstar, we expect better of you..Version: 1.3.5

Serious upgrades needed nowThis game is really good but first of all it doesn’t comes with a full screen on iphone X so it make the gameplay so bad that i dont even feel like playing it anymore so if you can atleast bring an update for the full screen for iphone X users it will be good ..Version: 1.3.5

Grand theft autoCan u add boats and tractors and planes and this is the thing that could change the grand theft auto and make it the best game ever make multi player I will just love that u could have your own gang with your friends or local wifi and blue tooth plz do that I guarantee that more people will play and it will be higher one the App Store thank u.Version: 1.3.2

Could be betterThe game is good and hard but seriously it has some major flaws. Using the sniper rife is near impossible. Then there is the auto aim on the weapons. Someone is right in front of me and I'm facing him, and the stupid auto-aim shoots at people at the side of me. It also doesnt aim at vehcles. So I recommend using the shotgun cuz u dont need accuracy and in 2 shots BOOM no more car. Then on the cars, they tip so easily. But there is a good variety. Then the police. They are good but they are hardly ever around. And finally Amunation store. Instead of being able to chose your weapons you have to phisically go towards the weapon and by then you will have run out of money because you will have brought every other weapon apart from your favourite..Version: 1.0

When the player enters the car cam?Takes me back to the ps2 gta iii. A lotta fun but now something’s missing. Like the camera when the player enters the car. Ps2: when u press triangle, the player reaches the car opens the door and the cam immediately goes into vehicle cam before the player is even in the car and about to shut the door. Pc/ios(mobile): press the ret/f/door button, the player reaches the car and opens the door, oh wait... only this time the cam STAYS in on foot cam mode until the player enters the car and shuts the door. Theres a lotta differences in the platforms. I know this is a minor thing a minor difference, but I would like an update where the previous stated pc/ios(mobile) gta iii would EMULATE ps2s said “player enters the car - cam switches immediately to vehicle cam before said player is completely in the car shutting the door” kinda like gta 4. Fix this problem please and I will GUARANTEE 5 stars :).Version: 1.3.5

Too hardI hate mission 33 paparazzi purge how dare you make it a hard mission you are at fault.Version: 1.5

Save corrupted and i lost all my progress 💔Did troubleshooting on the rockstar website and everything with no luck.Version: 1.5

Radar problemsThe only thing I don’t like about this game is how you cannot place destination markers on the map and I don’t know where I’m going and also sometimes in missions the destination blip on the radar is so small and so blended in that you can’t see it. Also it can get pretty laggy on my iPad mini 4, gameplay was fine in the early/mid part of the game but after the mission “s.a.m” it starts to lag quite a lot I’m pretty sure it’s because gta 3 wasn’t optimised well for iOS and my iPad mini 4 is pretty powerful and it can run gta San Andreas perfectly with zero lag. its just gta 3 it has trouble running even though it’s the least graphical gta on mobile.Version: 1.3.5

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!This game repeatedly crashes at random on my iPhone 8, 10, and now 10S Max. All troubleshooting methods do not work and both Rockstar Games and Apple Support are useless and will not assist in any way and you will not be able to obtain a refund. The game has not been updated for over 3 years and the developer (and Apple) are aware and blatantly choose to allow people to purchase a bad game that will not work on newer iPhone models and possibly older ones as well. The iPhone XS Max which is supposed to have the smoothest gameplay of any smartphone out runs this game very poorly. It is extremely laggy, choppy, and crashes. There is no way to fix it without an update from the developer, which they will not do. Please DO NOT BUY!!.Version: 1.3.5

AlrightLoving the game play it just like playing it on the playStation 2 only problems with it is the controls especially when you driving it always seems to be going the other way than the one I wanted. The other problem is that it seems to freeze/ be slow to react especially when on mission, which is very annoying..Version: 1.3.5

Can’t beat 8-Ball missionSniper while zoomed in moves too slow so you have next to no chance to snipe the enemies and prevent 8-Ball from getting wasted.Version: 1.5

ADD RUSSIAN LANGUAGEPlease add Russian language.Version: 1.5

Great game but glitchy, and no cheats!Been playing for years and was not glitchy before.. iPad Air 2/iOS 11 hangs, crashes, and locks up for seconds at a time during gameplay!! Very frustrating. Would also be nice if could change sensitivity of the analog steering.. Sucks most that cheats don’t work, deal breaker almost...Version: 1.3.5

Mission brokeOne of the Chinese guys missions are completely broke. There's supposed to be a guy to drive me but he's not there so I couldn't progress. I knew it was broke quickly because I've played it on Xbox but if I was a first time player I would have spent a long time trying to figure out the problem when there was no solution. So I've wasted my money and since I was enjoying it was pretty miserable about it too..Version: 1.3.5

Waste of moneyEverything is perfect except for one thing that makes this game a waste of money - there is no proper AIM FUNCTION. You cannot complete any missions that require shooting many targets that attack you you, because you just can’t aim at them. The auto aim starts working only after you started shooting and is very poor. I just can’t understand - wasn’t this game tested before the release? Or the developers just don’t care, knowing people would buy it due to its legacy....Version: 1.3.5

>:/I hav no complaints really besides the silly auto-aim & a glitch in the save house. The door closes nd I'm trapped inside, I always have to hav a explosive with me to commit suicide & spawn back at the hospital but it does it again nd I can't go further than my last save!!!!. I've reported this problem before and nothing's been done about it :/ I paid for this and I'm a little mad..Version: 1.3.5

CrashesThe game worked for awhile and now it just crashes. I spent 10 bucks on this app. I want a refund.Version: 1.5

Great game but..You've had how many years to address the purple nines glitch? I just wasted the last few days collecting all the packages, beating rampages, getting unique jumps, vehicle missions, etc. Only to find out purple nines won't spawn. Rockstar are a bunch of lazy ingrates. Noticed the MP3 radio station barely works as well, but it's okay. I know you've already made enough off of the game and don't plan to update it again. Just thought I'd screw with the overall rating and write this review to even things out a little. PS would it hurt to add aim sensitivity so using a sniper rifle/ rocket launcher doesn't feel like you're moving in slow motion? FFS!.Version: 1.3.5

Very disappointedRunning an iPod 4 (which is what this app was designed for) with iOS 6.0.1, i bought this app expecting for the reliance and stability of this game as I have seen on my PSP. So as I excitedly began playing, and crashing over and over, and deleting all other applications ( I now have 2.7 gig clear) it still crashes! I don't recommend this to anyone (unless you have an iPhone 4S, 5, or iPod touch 5. In which case maybe you should try) to get this game. I demand that you either fix this immediately, or give me my money back! Everyone trust me with this, I made the mistake of ignoring the other reviews and I don't want you to this this too. If you don't fix this or pay me back I will remember this, and tell all my friends about it. And who knows rockstar games? I may even end up with you in court..Version: 1.0.1

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