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Grand Theft Auto III for Positive User Reviews

Awesome.To the people complaining about how it has ps2 graphics... It's a port for a reason, not a brand new game. And restart your iPod before you play for the first time to avoid crashing, pretty basic stuff... Or get a better ipod. This game is awesome. End of story..Version: 1.0

GrandtheftautoIt crashes during the 1st missions but I read in a review to turn ur I pod pad off fully and then turn it back on then it worked fine for me great game.Version: 1.0

Awesome!Great iOS game. Just like the original. I loved playing it on XBOX back in the day, and this is the exact same game. I am playing it on my iPad Air from 2015 😮, and have absolutely no issues. I cannot stop playing it. I really hope you love it. And you can beat the price!.Version: 1.5

A great port of a fun 20 year old game!If you didn’t play GTA III back in the day, this is a fun game with a tonne of missions, decent touch screen controls and a good way to kill time on your phone. If you played GTA III back in the day, it’s all here for you, plus some added extra control features for the touch screen: *Map accessible by touching top corner *On-foot camera rotation *Vehicle camera rotation *Better textures and effects It loses a few of the PC updates, the most noticeable being the aim function - your character simply shoots whoever is closest to them when pressing fire. The game also supports wireless controllers, and I have been playing on a PS4 controller with my iPhone connected via HDMI to my TV with the official Apple Lightning HDMI Connector. There’s no lag and the game runs smoothly. When playing via controller the additional touch screen features of the control scheme aren’t accessible, meaning that you just play the bog standard PS2 version. I’m not sure if the ability to camera swap was available on PS2 - if so they should add that function to the controller. Overall I haven’t quite left the first island yet after about 5 hours of playing, but so far the experience has been a good one!.Version: 1.5

IPad must have.Good to play this again and it's still a great game after all these years, a lot of its features are things we now take for granted in games. The touch controls are obviously not as good as a controller but work well enough, I've got 100% completion and found nothing ridiculously hard, a few scoped rampages seem hard but they all have a good position nearby to make them easier to pull off. A good update would be the touch targeting of San Andreas. If, like me, you played the Vice city and San Andreas IOS ports first and worry this will be disappointing, it won't be. Worth the price of a couple of pints any day..Version: 1.3.5

FixerComment number .6 you need to hold the sleep button and turn it off wait till the shut down is complete and leave it for about 1 minute.Version: 1.0

Great (had problems at start)I have and IPad 1st gen . When I first loaded the game it would just crash just before it started . I turned my IPad rite off and back on again now it works perfectly it is the best game I've ever had on here.Version: 1.0

Great AppWorks excellently on iPad 2. The interface is actually quite good for a game like this, and the graphics look good even for an iOS game. Worth getting..Version: 1.0

NostalgicVery rememberable early 21st Century video game and a very iconic one from the past by GTA series being the first 3D version. The game feels so Millennium which is why it is significant to it's time of release, now historical. I had this game way back in Oct 2001 PS2 port on release. And I tell it's that same game but however enhanced and improved on iOS. No cheats in this version.Version: 1.3.5

NiceCan u make some cheats please I still like it thought ps2 and psp version better hope you read my comment and take it into consideration good luck with all your work and updates.Version: 1.0.1

The bestTo explain this it had the best adventures in this game. The plot was hard to understand.Version: 1.5

Camera needs fixingLove this game it’s a gem but when playing san andreas or vice city on iOS you have the option to lower or raise or zoom out with the camera when in a vehicle but GTA 3 just gives you a silly zoomed in angle that’s cute off the back end of the car and looks shoddy if you ask me I’m sure rockstar could just pull the camera back a few inches. Just like their other games on iOS.Version: 1.5

Brilliant port of the classic that changed gaming...Have run on iPhone 7 and iPad Pro (1st gen) and it plays perfectly. Prompted me to purchase Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars, alongside the other Rockstar classics Bully and Max Payne. No in app purchases or usual BS you get from current games. Be great to see Vice City Stories or even GTA IV (iPad Pro 2018 could handle the rendering surely?) added to the Apple Store?.Version: 1.3.5

AmazingI love classic ps2 games and I’m a huge gta fan so this is amazing, I can play my favorite gta anywhere now that it’s on mobile and the graphics are better than on the ps2.Version: 1.5

ClassicClassic GTA game.Version: 1.5

Great gameGreat game, really fun to play, too bad it doesn't have much extra features though like owning businesses, flying helicopters, etc. apart from that, great map, great gameplay. Highly recommend it..Version: 1.3.2

TokaBest for more space.Version: 1.3.5

MintBought this game ages ago, still lives up to the memories of it that I have, it's translated perfectly onto mobile and never ceases to provide me with joy..Version: 1.3.5

I wanted to give it 5, but there is some room for improvement.This is an amazing game! Don’t let the title fool you. I give it a 4.7! Controls and scaling are my only hang-ups. You may have to Google a few times to figure out some of the functions. The display feels cramped, and trying to change weapons pauses the game due to the phone’s pull down menu. Scaling down and framing the gameplay area would be a great adjustment! Keep the game playing without interruption. This game brings back so many memories for me. This was the first Rockstar title I ever played! Thank you so much for the nostalgia trip!!!!.Version: 1.5

Great game. No issues.As someone who never completed GTA III, I loved my time completing it on the iPad. It takes some time to get used to the touch controls in addition to the outdated driving mechanics, but once you have a hold of it the game becomes a lot of fun. Runs perfect on iPad Air with no issues whatsoever. The updated visuals really makes the game easier to enjoy. Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.3.5

Good but there’s one thingThis game is really good,the story,the characters and a whole lot more, one thing that annoys me is that the driving controls for me are bad,the car sometimes doesn’t turn when you press the turn button and at times the joystick gets stuck or doesn’t work.Version: 1.5

Awesome!!!This is a brilliant port of GTA3 from the PC. To any new-comers of GTA3, don't be put off by all those whingers complaining about no multiplayer. They obviously didn't play the original. There never was native multiplayer support, and about the only things misding ftom this app are cheats (which are awesome but you can still enjoy the game without them) and custom playlists. These are only minor issues, and apart from that it's the best PC-iOS port there is. In-game lighting could be improved a little bit and sometimes it can lag, but otherwise it's a great game. Once you began playing you won't be able to put it down. Cheers Rockstar! Now for the rest of the GTA3 era games please such as Vice City, San Andreas ect ect..Version: 1.0.1

NiceThis is very good but can you please make 2 player mode. And also this gta game brings the old memories never gets old this game was made on 2001 on the ps2 people say that this gta sucks and gta v is better but this one is still so fun! And also every time I play the game it kicks me out please fix that.Version: 1.5

Liberty CityI remember the day my dad and I went to Babbages and bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto III on PS2. It was a very memorable experience. Liberty City became this perfect place for a corrupt individual to reside in. The sights and sounds filled everything with life. The mobile port is perfect for someone like me who has to share their TV with the rest of the family. It's great that Rockstar puts their classic collection on mobile phones. I've always tried to reason with people who questioned why I played GTA. And it's because I've always had a wonderful time playing this series. Rockstar puts a lot of hard work and detail in their games. I'll always remember this series and the games that came after it..Version: 1.3.5

Amazing at first but now it freezesI absolutely love this game, I would have given 5 stars however I’m all the way onto the third island but after a recent iOS update the game now freezes/jumps two minutes into gameplay which renders the game unplayable. Rockstar please can you fix this glitch so I can finish the game!.Version: 1.3.5

Great!This game is already great, but please make it like GTA V or make a mobile GTA V..Version: 1.3.5

Ausome!!!!!!I got this on my iPod touch 4g and I was very very impressed on how this was ported to IOS. I personally recommend you get it . Just make sure you turn your IOS device completely off not sleep off just completely off as It will crash. P.S I haven't had any problems as in crashing on my I touch 4g :P.Version: 1.0

Great appAll the people who say its laggy might need to get a better device. Smooth fps with no lag its like reliving my childhood! No problems what so ever, even quitted mid game and continued instantly! So stop whining its a graphical game and people are whining because their devices are to blame not the game. 5 stars. -ipad 2.Version: 1.0.1

Really goodThe grafics are not good but there still good its really fun and a great deal.Version: 1.5

Dodo won't workFor some reason I can't fly the dodo properly, I've tried everything, I can get up into the air but after about 5 seconds it starts falling like the engine has been cut out! Somebody help me out. Great game though.Version: 1.3.2

Really great game but...But when I swipe on the right hand side to look around it sometimes doesn't detect it and doesn't respond, and it's a bit laggy. If you could fix this, it would be five stars And make more sales. AND ONE BIG PROBLEM, IT CRAHES AT THE FIRST MISSION WHEN LUIGI ASKS YOU TO PICK UP HIS GIRL, THE GAME JUST FREEZES, PLEASE FIX THIS WITH AN UPDATE, THANKS...Version: 1.0

Great Game, but a bit glitchyI really enjoy the GTA series along with this game. This game is good, but a bit glitchy. I would guess it's because it's on mobile, but the steering I guess "sticks" where vehicles will steer to the left or right while you're not even controlling its steering. Another glitch is I went into the safehouse to save the game, but nothing happened when I went in. It went into that high camera angle aiming at the door and the door closed, but the controls and stuff were still on-screen. I closed the app and then restarted it, but I just spawned in the safehouse. I can't get out and can't do anything about it..Version: 1.3.5

Love this game!My favourite GTA game on iOS. Been playing this for years, it never gets old..Version: 1.5

Really, really fun gameI’m not the best at video games but I was still able to get through this game pretty well. The story doesn’t really throw you for a loop but it’s still entertaining to follow. The missions aren’t super hard but not too easy either. The final mission I had a hard time getting through, but rightfully so. In my opinion they’re near perfect difficulty wise, at least for someone who doesn’t play video games very much. Every once in a while it gets a bit laggy but clearing other apps and restarting the device usually fixes it right up. Once finishing the game, all the cars, boats, weapons and the fun to fly dodo plane, keep the game entertaining. I recently finished the game but have still found myself coming back to drive around or start a police chase in a tank. Amazing game, highly recommend!.Version: 1.3.5

Worth buyingThis game runs so smooth and is an amazing game..Version: 1.5

Great gameLove it.Version: 1.5

Perfection PortedGTA3 is an epic game in its own right, and it has been well ported to iOS. On screen control pattern works surprisingly well. Look forward to other GTA titles joining it on iOS..Version: 1.0

Awful CameraThe game is great but the controls, and specifically the camera are just horrendous sometimes. I mean, the camera doesn’t even turn in the direction of movement/looking until you’ve walked for like 30m, what’s up with that?!.Version: 1.3.5

I love the game just one thingI love grand theft auto III just I want the graphics to be better and can you add motorcycles and bikes in the game and aiming to ally guns thanks also I want physics to take over the death pose in stead of a death pose how about when you murder someone :> they free fall same with falling in game and also can you shoot with all weapons in the car oh and can you choose who you want too shoot cuz I had 4 stars and I was in BIG trouble so I tried shooting a cop but instead it killed a citizen ☹️and also can bold go freely too and pls don’t let ncps despawn there you have it these will help meek the game a lot more realistic.Version: 1.5

This is ... GANGSTERReally fun game. I can remember when I first played Grand Theft Auto. I couldn't read the title so I called it the stealing car game and this brings back memories of that. You have come along way from your first Grand Theft Auto game so congratulations Rockstar. This game is absolutely fine on my iPod 4th Generation no lag, glitches or anything like that. I recommend this game to anyone who is thinking about getting it. Also be sure to put more Grand Theft Auto games on the App Store, because I will by them! 😃 The above was my review about a week ago. Now it's a lot different, it is lags all the time , crashes when I get wasted, busted, try to save my game and other times are just random. I'm not sure if it's my iPod or the app, but if it is the app can you please update it. It probably doesn't still deserve the 5 stars, but I don't want people to not get this because when it was working it was the best game ever for IOS.😢😭 (please, please, please try and fix).Version: 1.3.2

Good GameIt’s a game..Version: 1.5

Old fogey (@apprentice_life)Well what can I say other than Brilliant! I remember when this genre of classic games first came out and it was awesome then! With technology today growing as fast as it is, it's gone from strength to strength. Awesome game and good fun sometimes too..Version: 1.3.5

GreatGreat throwback and a good way to cherish how this franchise started. Game is difficult yes game is also very old and its what built the other games to such success. Its worth playing just understand its on a phone and it is an older game if you can get over that you will enjoy it. If you have never played a gta game this is the game to start. Play before trying another as there mechanics are a-lot better and it will throw you off going from a newer one to this. The story is incredible and you wont regret it.Version: 1.5

One of the best Classics right hereWow I can remember the first time I played this on my new PS2 and I was just so hooked to this game. First 3D GTA was such a game changer after playing the, from the top view GTAs on PS for a few years and at that time even those GTA was fun. But GTA Liberty City was it! If you started playing GTA after San Andreas your not going to enjoy this classic, and especially will not enjoy it if you started playing GTA games on PS3 lol.. But if you like playing classics and want to see how this 3D GTA thing started, play this and move down the list. Thanks Rockstar and Apple for bringing this classic to our phones 🙏🏾💪🏾💯🔥.Version: 1.5

AwesomeLove the whole series.Version: 1.5

Great Way to play on M1 (with controller)Of course GTA III is a classic game, so I won't waste time on the quality anymore than to say: this is the game that all of the later GTA games are built on, you can get lost messing around for hours, or play the engaging story mode. On my MacBook Air M1 the experience is seamless. Paring a dualshock 4 takes seconds, and just works as soon as you launch the game. The default contol scheme is fine, but you cannot change it. I wish you could change the button mapping, but it works and is more than adequate to enjoy the game. The game looks great on the MacBook Air's gorgeous screen and I am sure it looks even better on the new MacBook Pros. It runs without any hiccups, and is an awesome way to bring GTA III with you places. One final minor gripe is that apple music opens everytime the game launches. It's cool that you can play your own music (I think I have admittely not tried it), but it is annoying because if you want to use the in game music, you have to close apple music every launch. Overall with a dualshock 4 (or another bluetooth enabled controller), the experience is pretty seamless and you can get up and running and playing this classic game in minutes..Version: 1.5

Awesome funReally enjoying playing it again. Controls are good enough on the ipad but when I get an uzi and driving I often accidently shoot some people. The shooting and steering need to be moved slightly further apart..Version: 1.3.5

Awesome!......... But could be better.Hi, I love this game I just think though that it could be edited with:P If you would, it would be cool for you to make cars not tip so easily, or perhaps give them a damage bar. Next, it would be could to be able to aim yourself, with all the guns, also, would you consider, updating the graphics slightly, so perhaps when you kill someone their money doesn't sit on the ground, making you have to go and pick it up, could you instead make their money automatically add to yours? And, could you add a bit of blood to the game!!! That would be cool. Well Thank You. If you read this then Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! :D.Version: 1.0.1

Love the gameI remember playing this game on console when it first came out! I forgot how fun the whole trilogy was! The only complaint I have is the camera angel while driving. It cuts away half the car if you want to see in front of you. If you want to see the whole car, you can’t see where you’re going at all. The game is still playable of course, it’s just annoying when you can’t see the car you’re driving. Other than that, the game is perfect! I’m so happy that I can play GTA in app form..Version: 1.5

GTAThis is my first time playing GTA and I really like it it’s one of my favourite games now.Version: 1.5

Rockstar you rock :)Thank you guys for bringing this game up to date for the lastest iOS devices. I was kinda worried that this gem of a game will be left behind. One of the best 3D GTA entries ever and now we can enjoy it on our brand spanking new iPad 11 inch ;). Keep up the good work..Version: 1.5

Excellent port to iPodGreat to play this game again 10 years later, for me the app has run perfectly despite the large environment and NPCs etc. Those complaining of graphics have obviously only been gaming in the next gen era, I'm just surprised my phone can handle this game, cutscenes and all. Doubt it could handle San Andreas etc for the time being but in 5 years or less should be no prob. My only complaint would be the touch screen controls make driving, shooting etc a pain, but I suppose the only improvement would be via joysticks..Version: 1.0.1

A must haveI have been playing this game for while and when I went onto it again this morning it got to the main menu and crashed and came straight out of the game so would love for that go get fixed asap.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome!!This is the best app I've ever purchased, brings back so many memories!!! It's worth every cent!!! All we need now is San Andreas on the iOS, because I would definitely buy that!!! Btw is there any cheats for this???.Version: 1.0

A true playstation 2 gemThis is probably my favourite pedestrian splatter game besides the first carmageddon for iOS. I mean in vice city peds don’t seem to spawn when your driving and they only seem to appear when you slow down. and in San Andreas it feels more realistic where you tend to slow down when running into somebody but this game truly masters the gore effects and the music is really nothing special but there is some hardcore cheesy hip hop and half of the scarface soundtrack to keep you going! and it runs perfectly for the most part but does tend to glitch out at times when you’ve gotten half way through the story and have to lose all your progress because you can get out of a vehicle or your character won’t move. which is why I’m going to start using cloud storage but like I said it seems to be a problem with the vehicles like the beach buggy (Bf injection) where I was in the car and turned the game off only to come back the next day and found that when I tried to exit the vehicle the game crashed. but hopefully that can be fixed.Version: 1.5

Works like a charm on iPhone 13 also with controllerWorks like a charm on iPhone 13 also with controller, full screen and button can be moved around, really happy with my purchase!.Version: 1.5

Good gameGood game,i like.Version: 1.3.5

Still a joy to playDespite being over a decade old, GTA 3 has stood the test of time. The game's fun factor hasn't diminished in the slightest and its gameplay, visuals and sound are still a treat. The only minor qualm (and this is very minor) is that, for me, the driving controls on the touchscreen are somewhat difficult to master. Nonetheless, this it is not game breaking and certainly did not detract from my enjoyment of the game. A great purchase..Version: 1.3.5

Almost perfectSo I have been playing the game for 3 hours on and off and I noticed a couple of things you can't do. You can't do drive-by shooting and you can't aim wherever you want when shooting people. It was kind of a let down even though those are minor flaws. I'd love to see a update in the future where these two things might be addressed. Other than that, the game is amazing. Oh and it'd be neat if there was a way to enter codes to access all weapons, armor and to be able to drive the tank. Update: if you could make this game full screen and fix the bugs that are making it freeze up that would be great. I noticed GTA Vice City got an update and it looks way better in full screen for iPhone XS Max.Version: 1.3.5

Just like I remembered it!Absolutely no complaints. It plays perfectly. If only I could say the same about Final Fantasy 7! And that cost over twice as much. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway Rockstar, would you please give us GTA 1&2 for iOS? GTA 2 is my all time favorite! Come on, throw us mid 30's folks a bone! It can't be all about the new games right? I would gladly fork over $9.99 for a GTA 1&2 bundle! Please make it happen! I must battle the Krishnas and the Loonies from my iPad!.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome gameJust like I remember it on ps2.Version: 1.5

It's greatGot no complaints if you are old school and love gta when it came out this will bring back memories if you young and you never played old school gta I doubt you would enjoy it as much as people born in the 90s and all that the touch screen controls on it is good and once you get used to them it be like you playing it on a console.Version: 1.3.5

FantasticVery good video game for a mobile port I really want a GTA 5 on mobile with very good graphics and controls like san Andreas please rockstar if you make an online multiplayer for mobile for free for GTA 5 mobile that would be a dream come true so yeah very good game highly recommend.Version: 1.5

Pretty nice port of a revolutionary gameMy only complaints are that once I got to the third island, my game would constantly freeze for a few seconds, and it ruined my immersion a lot. It got worse the longer you played the game. I’m currently on an iPad Air 2 running the latest iOS as of writing this review. There’s also a few texture bugs where sometimes things would turn into weird gray squares, but they're nothing game breaking. Gun controls could be better as well, but they’re enjoyable for the most part. The game gets a bit repetitive the more you play it too. But besides all that, it’s a solid and fun game. Interesting story and characters, nice soundtrack (although there’s only 4-5 songs per station), decent graphics for a mobile game, fun gameplay, and plenty of things to do besides missions. Be warned, though. The game has definitely showed it’s age. Overall a solid purchase and I’m happy. I just finished the main story and got everything I wanted to do done. Go ahead and buy it! I think it’s worth it..Version: 1.3.5

Excellent gameIts exactly like the ps2 version,which is awesome! one of the best ports of a game I have ever seen! Runs no problem at all on my 16GB 3GS, and to the person complaining about your 11 year old playing it, be a better parent, if you let him use your credit card to download it, thats your fault.Version: 1.0

GTA IV pleaseLove it, but could you please port GTA IV though please! I do still LOVE this game, and also try to implement the controls from San Andreas to GTA III and GTA Vice City please!.Version: 1.5

Fix this game and update it, y’all need toThe game is still good and fun but when I would the into a vehicle sometimes it would randomly steer to either the right or left by itself I couldn’t control it I had to go back and forth in controls it would flip, and also sometimes when I stole a car Claude wouldn’t get in he just throw the person out and he stay, had to tap 2-4 times, and also when I would aim a weapon like the sniper or rocket launcher I would turn around and I had to turn back and aim forward again, also lastly you can’t throw grenades right you can’t aim..Version: 1.5

This commentWill never be seen because apple reviews.Version: 1.5

The memories!This game just brings back so many memories from my childhood! It even looks much better too. Small little things here and there , like the screen flicker or graphics but that's to be expected converting such a big game. It doesn't take away from the game at all! I do suggest buying a steel series nimbus. It's a tad expensive but it really does make a huge difference , and if you enjoy gaming on your phone. You won't regret it!.Version: 1.3.5

Full featured awesome console game in my pocket!!I didn't expect the iOS release of this masterpiece to be this great! The graphics and the controls are truly well done! The game is perfectly ported and I am so happy to play it again on my iPhone 4S! I look forward to an update with GameCenter!! I was wondering when this day would come!! But I always knew it would...Version: 1.0

A Classic GTA ExperienceAnybody who remembers the old ps2 era GTA games will enjoy this re-release of GTA III. I bought this game in the GTA collection bundle along with Vice City and San Andreas. I struggled to get into Vice City because of its camera and found the controls in San Andreas to be a little awkward but on mobile these games work great! New features like a full map for GTA III are also a needed improvement over the originals. If you have trouble getting into the older Grand Theft Auto games then I highly recommend you check this out..Version: 1.5

Great game!!!!This game by far the best GTA game. I have played the ps2 versions and it was good. On mobile, it’s really good, the controls are a little tricky to get used to since it’s touchscreen and so does the driving. But, once you get used to it, it’s fine, though if you don’t like using the touchscreen, it’ll also work with a Bluetooth wireless controller or a ps4 controller. By far, this game is still the best in the trilogy, highly recommend it.Version: 1.5

Working again!!!!All the hitching and locking has been fixed and the game looks amazing on my iPhone X. Aside from Vice City, this is the best game on the App Store. Plus it supports MFi controllers so even if you don’t like touch controls this is easily playable..Version: 1.5

Amazing but....I honestly love this game, it’s entertaining and the graphics aren’t too bad. Though its been a few days since I passed the “Waka-Gashira Wipeout!” mission, but once I failed to pass “A Drop in the Ocean” and logged out of the game, when I went back that night, the game crashed whenever I pressed “Resume” and when I also tried to press the saved slot with the previous mission. I tried restarting my phone (IPhone XR) and I don’t want to uninstall it just to buy it again and restart the missions. Hopefully this gets fixed soon to continue playing, but overall the game is great..Version: 1.5

Add some cheats to the gameThe game is fine and I highly enjoy playing. Just add cheats so I can cause mayhem and destruction around the streets.Version: 1.5

AwesomenessNow with controller support, its a must buy..Version: 1.5

Finally goodby Chinatown hello gta 3!!!Thanks so much Rockstar this is an amazing game from an amazing game company it's so great to have my favorite game in my pocket ready to play on the go! It would be even better if you made an update to add cheats and fix the lagging and crashing and to fix the sprint button because that does not work..Version: 1.0

ClassicThe game runs beautifully and it is really fun.Version: 1.5

Brings back old memoriesPretty much identical to the ps2 version only difference being controls. Think graphics should be improved but it's an epic game regardless of graphics.Version: 1.3.5

Best game!GTA 3 is the best game everyone should totally play it! Keep up the good work rockstar!.Version: 1.5

Like the PC version but….When I connect my ps4 controller and try to look, it automatically switches to first person and stops walking. pls fix. other than that its like the pc version but on mobile..Version: 1.5

Bang for your buckRockstar this is an awesome classic and I've recently got addicted to it, however for some reason it crashes every time I press resume. I'm on the second mission on the second island, I've tried doing a hard reboot a RAM reset and none of these work please fix this.Version: 1.3.5

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing.Version: 1.5

The good old daysThis game is such a classic. My childhood memories are flooding in more then a submarine with a hole in it. It is a little bit harder since it’s on a phone but that’s not stopping me.Version: 1.5

Nice and compact.This game is almost 15 years old. First released on the PS2, GTA III is the first GTA that a newbie should start with. And also long time fans should go to. I have found a few bugs that could kick me out the game and make my car stuck. Other than that, A must buy!.Version: 1.3.5

ClassicRuns beautifully and I love how there is controller support..Version: 1.5

Best game on app storeIt crashed alot but as soon as i turned my ipod off and back on again it worked fine. The game is absolutely brilliant and the graphics are nicely updated. A great idea to bring this classic onto the app store! Hopefully vice city and san andreas will be put on app store aswell!.Version: 1.0

Great, but MAJOR BUGThe game overall is amazing, but soon after you unlock the second map it gets really glitchy. When you go to save your game in your safe house, the doors will not open and you will be stuck. And even if you kill yourself with grenades, you will not be able to open those doors again. And the save game menu will pop up in the middle of missions and you will not be able to continue..Version: 1.3.5

Insanely Fun!This is definitely the best 3D iOS game by far. You should create an update where we can activate cheats and swim. Also you should definitely consider creating Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the iPads and iPhones because that obviously is the best GTA game ever..Version: 1.0.1

Nostalgic...Almost no loading but the Mr. Whopee truck doesn't workBig GTA fan I bought all the ones available...gta 3 is still fun to play I recommend it for any one defiantly worth the money since it doesn't require Internet...I like that when you go from one part of the city to the next you don't have to wait for it to load like the ps2 so it's almost no loading...I still give it 5 stars my only complaint is when u steal a mr. Whoopee ice cream truck you can't distribute to the customers.. I really wish rockstar could fix that.Version: 1.3.5

Really great gameI think the game is very good because it has a special place in my heart since it was the first grand theft auto to be held in third person..Version: 1.5

9/10Defiantly worth the money 🔥 Sometimes it’s hard to turn the screen angle, while already moving :/ but great game collection!.Version: 1.5

Brings back great memoriesGreat to see these on an iPad. Granted it’s harder with a touch screen but still doesn’t make the gameplay really suffer. Iconic game changing games when they came out on the PS2. Spent hundreds playing GTA series. Still great to play. Love the subtle humour too..Version: 1.3.5

A Fantastic Port Of A Classic!GTA 3 - The first ever 3D GTA game released for the PS2 in 2001 and a revolutionary game for the Open-World genre in general. Enter Claude, the silent protagonist of GTA 3. Claude roams the streets of Liberty City as a Criminal working for the “Leone Family”, the Yakuza, and many other organizations. The game is jam-packed with missions that have a variety of action, adventure and driving. GTA 3 is optimized for newer iPhones that have notches. This game, while not as talked about as other GTA games like Vice City or San Andreas, is a must-play for anyone looking for an Open-World Action-Adventure game..Version: 1.5

It’s great.Excellent quality on iOS..Version: 1.5

First got into it on the PS3Hey I just downloaded the game and it looks awesome! Lots of levels of fun though am still on the first mission can’t find the safe house 😖 New day haven’t got frustrated by the mode of controls but I am Stocked that is on my phone!.Version: 1.5

AmazingPure nostalgia this games a must have have for the anyone who grew up playing these titles I’d definitely recommend the rockstar bundle all hit games if you ask me and controller compatible is amazing the only thing I will say is I hope rockstar revamp and improve vice city just a tad but other than that 10/10 all day.Version: 1.5

Make him swimMake him swim pls.Version: 1.5

PerfectBut I'd like to know specifically what the "64bit support" update actually provides... Better performance, battery life, better graphics, metal, or what? :) thanks to anyone who can provide the answer.Version: 1.3.5

7/10Great game with average controls. The game hasn't aged very well. Car physics and AI are a joke. Police chases are out of the question. They ram you from behind, car flips over, you get out and BANG!! Your car explodes, you lose half your health then you have 8 cops shooting you with infinite ammo. Good but the PS2 version will always be my favourite..Version: 1.3.5

HelloD3pAcIt0.Version: 1.3.5

Perfect.My favourite Grand Theft Auto flawlessly ported!.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome!!I'm a love the gta series and have been waiting for one of the games to come to iPhone and now that it has I never thought it would be as good. Awesome game although it has been crashing on my device but I'm sure they'll fix it. And I can't wait for San Andreas to come to iPhone.Version: 1.0

Excellent on M1 Mac!I didn't realise there was controller support at first so didn't play it. But turns out you just connect a controller (I use a PS4 controller) and the buttons should be the same as the PS2 version. Great way to play, this is the first time I've played the whole game now, so interesting to see where the 3D games began! Very happy that this has been made available to M1 Macs :).Version: 1.5

Freakin' AMAZINGThere are a lot of tough missions in GTA III, but being able to beat them all was so rewarding while embarking on my journey through one of the earliest 3D open worlds and traversing through a life of crime. Being able to do the missions my way made for a truly special GTA experience on my iPhone, and even facilitated me purchasing a MFi Controller to be able to control Claude with even more precision, it turned the mission SAM and several other final missions into a cake walk so i heartily recommend one for this game. Overall it was fun to reexperience Rockstar's gaming history on the go..Version: 1.3.5

The 10 year old in me is happyThis is great for Gta fans whos been with Rockstar through the OG PS era. Its touch screen so you'll have to get used to that before anything, especially ppl with fat fingers ( such as myself). Once you get the hang of that its all second nature. From the hilarious commentary you hear from the ppl walking the streets to crashing your car recklessly and killing ppl. Gta III was my first Grand theft auto game I've ever played so it will always be my favorites. It plays just like its PS1 counterpart and has even better graphics!.Version: 1.3.5

Quality game. Quality port.Every aspect of this port does justice to this game. On smaller phones (pre 5) the sniping missions are a bit hard because any adult with normal sized hands would have a hard time hitting the target exactly. Overall the controls are pretty clean and the ability to adjust their placement on the screen makes for easy gameplay. The only challenge is the game itself! As for the game? The environment, the writing, and the missions are all what we've come to expect from a great Rockstar game..Version: 1.3.5

Pure Nostalgia! Love playing this gameMan what I can I say about this game, brings back good memories. GTA III is the first game I had with my PS2 back in the day. Still enjoying playing it in this mobile format. Game play is good, overall it’s easy to play, control functions are okay and needs some getting used to, camera angles on some cut scenes as well as in-gameplay can be a bit off and cut off sections of the characters. I still give this game 5 stars because it’s still pretty original and not much different then what I remember playing all those years ago. If you loved the game growing up, buy this one you won’t regret it. I bought the bundle so I’ll be spending lots of time in the GTA world 😃..Version: 1.5

Best GTA EverThis game is a classic. Can’t go wrong with this game. You will find yourself running around doing missions, and you will lose track of the time, so make sure you give yourself time if you wanna play this game all the way through. Even if you don’t want to do the missions, there is enough things to do in Liberty City to keep yourself entertained. This game has great graphics for how old it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for reading. -Hector.Version: 1.5

Good effortThis was more of a nostalgic purchase for me, I have a 3GS and although it doesn't crash it is slightly laggy sometimes and the resolution isn't great, and it certainly doesn't look as clear and vivid as the preview pictures. Don't get me wrong for $6.49 this is a great purchase, but on my 3rd gen device at least it seems a little bit watered down..Version: 1.0

I wanna thank youI have the physical copy of this game when it released on the ps2 there was one mission I couldn’t get pass to progress till last week it was called lennys last lunch objective in 5 minuets you must drive his car to 8 balls shop put the bomb in it. Then drop it off activate the bomb mess one scratch on that veichle and you must respray it. With the ps2 controls I would always forget to hit arm then get out I hit arm then start engine then get frustrated it was a mess that was in 1999 I think till now with your controls I got some of my child hood back thank you 🥰5out of 5 ⭐️.Version: 1.5

Kinda good could do way betterSo I'm giving this game a 4 to rate because sometimes it could be boring I love the fact that where ever u go u can play it without having wifi something that u need to change is to not have the same people walking around like there twins I also love the fact u can have a job as a taxi driver a cop and an ambulance one more thing I like is that u can go on the train and airplane but I still wanna figure out about the airplane so please someone tell me how to get on the airplane thanks.Version: 1.3.5

Wow love itMy all time favorite finally on my iPad. Still playing this game on psp with 4 others via Bluetooth multiplayer every day. Hope they bring multiplayer to here too.Version: 1.0

Super CoolThe Graphics Are Nice When I Go To The Garage The Cars Gets Fixed Amazing App 10/10.Version: 1.5

My friends are always looking over my shoulderIt’s so nice when you have something that people are jello about. I bought the three pack of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas..Version: 1.5

GreatYo I love this game it’s great there’s only one thing, when I play with Bluetooth controller there’s no way to change the controls, but can you fix that pls. And also if you could I know it’s going to be hard to do and idk if your in the making of it, but if your not can you try to make GTA 4, probably not but Maybe GTA 5 but I’m obviously not the boss of you but you guys know that aallll the people want this so pls and thank you… again you obviously don’t have to do it but… maybe.Version: 1.5

NiceAdd more vehicles such as motorbikes and make the boats easier to control. I have finished all the missions except the last one!! It is really hard could you make it easier and it is annoying how they take $1,000,000 of your money on that mission if you fail!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

This game is great but it won’t start up anymoreI have had a lot of fun on this game but for some reason it won’t start up again and I am afraid to delete the game because I will probably lose my save in the game. If can help me I would really appreciate it..Version: 1.5

Old and still funWhile yes it’s still buggy and has its flaws it’s still a fun game for its time and I had distinctly remembered playing this game so much when I was younger and I remembered where that “very fast car” was near 8-balls junkyard since I never progressed in the game. I picked this game back up last week and it’s just so fun even with how broken it might be at times, if your debating buying this I would recommend being on an iPad though or using some sort of controller because aiming/looking around is a pain.Version: 1.5

*A True Masterpiece*Acceptable Gameplay. The controls were perfectly manageable for an iOS device. The quality of the graphics are the definition of perfection. This Game is a masterpiece in my opinion and is worth double it's price. I'd advise any Grand Theft Auto fan to purchase this video-game..Version: 1.3.5

I would've paid more!$$Okay man this game is on point. Works offline, it doesn't drain battery that bad, sound quality is 10 out of 10, story mode is on point ( I say this after beating the game). The only bad things about it are little things. Things like no cheat codes, no flashing lights when you steal a cop car, auto aim on every weapon except the M16 and Rocket launcher. But yeah I would've paid like $2 extra if it meant I could have this game in my pocket..Version: 1.3.5

It could be better...I got this app not so long ago and I saw planes and helicopters flying and stuff and I thought that when I got to the next island I could fly one but u can't and that just annoyed me. Oh and u should add a gang with monster trucks 😋.Version: 1.3.2

Good but could use improvementsI enjoy the game so far, I do have one complaint however. I feel that the firearm combat was too automatic, I understand that it would be a pain to manually aim but at least make your character prioritize targets based on if they are armed or part of the missions or not. I kept dying on the mission where you kill a pimp and there’s an enemy with a pistol and one with a shotgun in a car with a flaming paint job. (First Ammunation appearance). A lot of the time I would accidentally shoot pedestrians instead of my targets that had killed me 8 times in a row. If you tweaked the combat a bit better I wouldn’t have any complaints..Version: 1.5

Worth it.This game is a classic and is totally worth the purchase. No other installment has been able to replicate the feeling of GTA 3. The soundtrack is incredible, the visuals are dark and stunning, and the voice acting is top notch with performances by Frank Vincent , Goodfellas (1990), Joe Pantoliano, The Matrix (1999), and Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs (1992). For a title released in 2001 that set the standard for future 3rd person gameplay, the amount of attention paid to narrative structure is just as impressive. The controls can be a bit cumbersome at times but what else can you expect on a touch device. Playing this game after swearing by San Andreas as the best pre GTA 4 installment for years, I have to say that GTA 3 will still give San Andreas a run for its money any day..Version: 1.3.5

Get this If you haven’t played the original yetThis game is a pretty good port which doesn’t have many glitches and runs pretty smoothly. If your new to the series I recommend to start out with this one. Many people have experienced glitches after getting to Staunton Island. For me the game kicked me out and kept doing so after the loading screen which made me delete it and lose all my progress. Good game overall but some things need to be fixed ASAP that literally make the game unplayable.Version: 1.5

Pretty Awesome!Every now and then a couple missions have glitched on me (missing objectives like trucks you need to destroy, or you've completed them but it doesn't register), and the steering control is very picky on where you need to press; have accidentally shot my uzi out the window cause of this and I can't adjust where these buttons lie. Otherwise it's been very fun playing and Rockstar is pretty good at looking into any issues you bring up in support... (verified when I had some trouble with San Andreas). I bought this on sale and my $2 has been well spent! If you're not opposed to running through some missions a couple times, it's worth the nostalgia!.Version: 1.3.5

Just as I remember, for better or worsePurchased this game as part of the bundle, can't beat the price. I love it, the developers did a great job converting this to a touch screen platform. The controls take a minute to get used to, but they aren't difficult. The poor vehicular handling is just as I remember it from the PS2 days, so be wary of that, just drive nice and easy and you'll be fine. I did mark it down a star though for the lack of targeting, basically just shoot whoever is in front of you, whether an enemy, cop, or pedestrian, I guess complete missions in the classic GTA kind of way..Version: 1.3.5

Love this classicI've played just about every GTA including this one, but I never would have dreamed of a GTA game actually being on my phone. This game was an essential buy because I always will love that old nostalgic feeling of replaying a GTA game and GTA 3 on my phone runs so smoothly, without a single issue. I will probably be playing this game for decades before I get bored of it. I definitely would even recommend this to someone who's looking for that nostalgic feeling from an old video game from their childhood and to new gamers looking to find the roots of GTA and how Rockstar created this controversial blockbuster called GTA 3 to start their 3D universe of Grand Theft Auto games..Version: 1.3.5

Good GameI bought this game and it plays smoothly and feelt like i got my childhood days back.Its an excellent game..Version: 1.5

Great game, but the cars won't move out of the way!!This is great game, good missions, nice sports cars, but whenever I steal a cop car, fire truck, or a(n) ambulance, and turn the siren on, the cars don't know where to go! Some of them swerve right and then swerve right into me and knock me off the road, some of the cars even commit suicide by driving off the road into the water when they hear the siren come up behind them. Other than that, great game, having a great time doing head on collisions with dump trucks and busses, and the missions as well..Version: 1.3.5

U should be able to swimI think it's a great game just completed it. I really think you should be able to swim I don't like the idea that u die wen u get in water. Also you should make it easier to go thu poles like traffic lights and street lamps. Besides that the game is awesome.Version: 1.0.1

GtAGreat fun game never crashes only thing they could improve was better graphics and making the lights work.Version: 1.0

Dis is awesome!!!Please make San Andreas for iPad, dat was my best game ever on ps2, I hope dat dis game is only da beginning to much more cooler rockstar games on da way, please make gta San andreas, please!!! Also make Chinatown wars again but with the real graphics like gta3 which just came out on iPad!!!.Version: 1.0

Fun gameAmazing games, brings back memories of better times, only things I don’t like is the camera angle when driving; can hardly see. And the targeting system, you just press fire and hope to shoot the right person (unlike vice city where you can tap on a target and it’ll aim it on them for you).Version: 1.5

GTA 3!!!I cannot explain how much I loved this game when It released way back on the ps2, was my first game for that system.. Nostalgia aside, this game still continues to deliver! I would have thought by now it would have gotten boring but that isn't the case. This game performs better than on the ps2 thanks to Morden technology, yet the only thing that lets it down ever so slightly is controls! Don't get me wrong they are great for the iPad but you don't get the same feel as you do a controller like thumbs sliding off the edge of the screen and temporarily loosing control, but this is the same with any other game on a touchscreen device! I still give it a 5 star as this is a true greats that defined a genre and still continues to deliver despite its age! Thanks Rockstar!.Version: 1.3.5

Very happySo happy I can play this on my iPad Pro I did not know I could play it outside PlayStation consoles I used to play it heaps on the ps2 many years ago now it's still cool.Version: 1.3.5

AwesomeSo far so good , been playing for around 4 hours , it’s a very good representation of the original. The controls will take a bit of getting used to on the touch screen , and it’s a shame you can’t manually aim , which makes some missions difficult, as you aim at the wrong person and can’t shoot cars etc ,but other than that, I’m very impressed , just downloaded vice city to play after ..Version: 1.5

AwsomeThis game is great this is like the only game I play even though i do play minecraft this game keeps me busy but if you are going to upgrade it then please add indicaters in the cars for the new update everything else is fine.Version: 1.3.5

Controller compatible pleaseGreat game otherwise.Version: 1.5

Game is stuckGame only loads turismo mission by the pay phone at this point please fix.Version: 1.5

Tad unwieldy, but worth $5 for nostalgiaPretty good pocket-sized translation of my rampages of yesteryear. Pro: No cell/wifi needed, quite forgiving about keeping your place when paused without saving Con: 1) no cheats on iOS. My main activity with this game 10 years ago was cheating infinite weapons and starting a police standoff; without cheats you'll have to work to get to that point 2) controls can be frustrating (I get that it's impossible to translate the PS2 controller perfectly to a flat screen) but what compounds is that the camera angles are often uncooperative when, for example, making very precise on foot jumps (such as when reaching some trickier hidden packages) and it won't let you see where you're going. Finally, I found that the endless low-res murders that used to entertain me for hours are pretty monotonous now. The game is exactly as it was; it is I who have aged a decade. Still worth $5 to mess around though..Version: 1.3.5

Best on the go adventure shooter game on IOSLet’s be honest, Grand Theft Auto and the series behind it has been one of the most successful franchises in all of gaming history. When it was released on mobile devices for the 10 year anniversaries and thanks’ I knew nothing about it until my brother got it. These are the classics that are being re born onto our little hand-held devices people love so much. I’d recommend you’d buy this if you are one for a) the Grand Theft Auto series and b) one for the adventure and shooting thriller games of the past few decades of gaming..Version: 1.3.5

Good, but crashes......This game is good but when I got to the second island after it crashed. After crashing it will not let me back on to any saved games, so I have to start again. It's happened twice now and is getting really annoying. Otherwise amazing game..Version: 1.3.5

AmazingThis game is amazing it's so good that I've been playing it since I was 5 now I'm nearly 12 and not even completed because I'm so into the open world definitely worth the £5.Version: 1.3.5

Memory Lane For Previous Players / Great Gameply For Newbies(reviewed on iPad2 and iPhone 4S) Having long been a fan of the GTA series on my PC I was thoroughly excited to see it in the App Store and let me tell you - I wasn't disappointed! There's many an hour to be had enjoying this game representing excellent value for money!.Version: 1.0

Great but glitchyIt’s a great game altogether although I got half way through the game and it glitched out and crashed my game, I had to re download the app and found that I had lost where I was up too and had to restart from the beginning. Also other GTAs should be added.Version: 1.5

Love this game but no full screen support for iPhone XI love this game but I have an iPhone X and I fill like the full screen isn’t supported and there’s a lot of the screen that isn’t used which makes for it more hard to play. I think it’s great all it needs is a full screen support for the iPhone X series with like an update. Please please please make the app full screen supported on iPhone X. If I didn’t spend money it wouldn’t be a big deal but please do that and the app is perfect in my eyes. Also make it to where you can use a controller like the San Andreas one. Thank you so much. Make the bluetooth controller button layout like San Andreas too..Version: 1.3.5

GtaGood game but the controls need to be better.Version: 1.3.5

Great!This game is awesome and I love all the gameplay & graphical updates they put in. Stoked to revisit liberty city wherever I go.Version: 1.5

EnjoyedI like this game (not as much the others for mobile) but I have gotten so used to playing San Andreas that I can't seem to get a hang of these controls,I know it's something that probably won't get changed but just in case, I would like a way to use the controls from either San Andreas or vice city so that people coming here from those games can still play with the controls their used to(I'm mostly talking about the camera movement in gta 3,it really irritates me)..Version: 1.3.5

GTA Advance for iOS please!!!!!!This is the best GTA game ever in my opinion. It’s great to be able to play it on the go. What would be a fantastic addition to this game is if it included GTA Advance (since it’s a prequel to this game). Say like if there was a game shop in this game and you could buy GTA Advance from there, the same way you buy weapons from AmmuNation. Then once you’ve bought it, it becomes playable at the safe house or on the games menu screen. Please at GTA Advance to this game, that would be awesome!!! I would personally love to see a remastered version of GTA 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC (and maybe Switch aswell). Where all the Missions and Rampages etc stay the same, but with extra things to do in the game like being able ride motorbikes, fly plains and helicopters, Pizza and Noodle delivery missions, being able to socialise with 8 Ball and go on dates with Maria etc (and of course play GTA Advance in the safe house). That would be awesome!!! Also Rockstar Games please can we have Max Payne 2 for iOS, that would be a dream come true!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!.Version: 1.3.5

Amazing game but a few glitchesI loved this on ps2 and have finished the game probably 10 times now since it's release so I love that I can take it with me and play it anywhere. It is on a phone so it's far more difficult to do anything but that's as expected. Truly appreciate the free floating controls for steering and movement though (makes moving a dream as opposed to stuck controls that u might miss pressing on the screen which happens a lot). The only issue so far is that when I am driving with the analog controls the vehicle pulls to the right consistently, forcing tiny corrections the whole time. It effects slides and cars that are actually fast more. If you guys could fix that on Saaaaturday that'd b greeeeaaaat okay?.Version: 1.3.5

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