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GTA: San Andreas – Definitive Positive Reviews

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GTA: San Andreas – Definitive App User Positive Comments 2024

GTA: San Andreas – Definitive app received 26 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about gta: san andreas – definitive?

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GTA: San Andreas – Definitive for Positive User Reviews

童年的回忆,特地来付费补票很好的游戏,内容一直在线。画质优化感知不明显。.Version: 1.72

Great but still can be betterIt great to play definitive edition on phone but every time I close the game and open again, resolution will turn back to default, I hope you can fix it. Also, please add cloud storage to save game progress, no matter iCloud or social club account..Version: 1.72

Mmmm idk2 hours ago the game was running good but right now I’m trying to get in and when I press “resume” the game just keep crashing… I have the last iOS version.. i hope u guys can fix that.Version: 1.72

Prefect mobile experienceThe gameplay feels smooth, graphics look great & haven’t ran into any bugs. Best experience so far..Version: 1.72

Finally!Love it, can’t believe this is on a phone.Version: 1.72

Great gameBut requires too much battery power at playing. Hope you guys can fix it..Version: 1.72

PaymentIf you delete the game you have to pay again even though you already paid for the game.Version: 1.72

有的细节PC版都没有这次移动版谁移植的,还有怎么没有云存档?.Version: 1.72

Game really needs cloud save support!!Please update all three GTA Definitive Edition games with the addition of support for cloud saves! Absolutely crazy that we paid $19.99 for each game with no option to enable cloud saves yet Netflix subscribers get the peace of mind of having cloud saves for no additional cost to their subscription..Version: 1.86

GoatedI play the game on ipad m2 pro 11inch and iphone 12 promax and it’s perfect the (classic graphics) brings back a lot of nostalgia, but please make a bundle for DE games..Version: 1.72

Add cloud archiving functionality.Hello author, I hope you can add cloud archiving functionality like the original version to prevent data loss..Version: 1.86

Better than the Console Versions!The mobile version is definitely better than the console version of the definitive editions. I do wish that it had the Rockstar Social Club so it syncs with my other devices. Hopefully the console versions gets this upgrade..Version: 1.72

Thank you, RockstarHello, Rockstar Company, thank you for these beautiful and improved parts, but we aspire to develop. We want GTA IV or Redd Redemption 1. There are devices with powerful processors such as the iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Pro M2. Please look into our case, as there are many who use mobile phones to play..Version: 1.72

LagUnstoppable Lag,Screen Freeze.Version: 1.72


如果能把bug修复修复就更完美了。😂.Version: 1.72

Хорошая играВ сравнении с обычным изданием намного улучшилась графика и ощущения при взаимодействии с игрой, изменены локации и задания, $20 за ностальгию по детству - почти ничто.Version: 1.86

Needs draw distance and icloud savesAmazing and top notch port. Needs a draw distance slider and iCloud saves urgently please, Rockstar!!!.Version: 1.72

Amazing jobRockstar did a great job on this game. It looks amazing and the controls are better easily 5 stars.Version: 1.72

.Very good.Version: 1.72

This game is a lot better than the console versionTHE GAME IS SO GOOODDDD! BUT TWO IMPORTANT FIXES. The weather for the locations, the gps needs to be fixed because the location that you’re supposed to go to is on the ocean. But overall 8.5/10 console version 7/10.Version: 1.72

Is rockstar open to suggestions?Everything is good. Amazing 5 stars. But it would be cool to have multiplayer and play with others on this. Wouldn’t that be so cool?.Version: 1.72

一直闪退20美金买的这个游戏,一直闪退,你们能不能优化一下.Version: 1.72

Looks better than the consoleBest mobile game out there if you like gta.Version: 1.72

Amazing gameIt is a amazing game with beautiful graphics compared to the original one it has a few bugs but is still one of the best mobile games out there would recommend buying it.Version: 1.72

Rockstar Social ClubIt is the best game I have ever played, but please bring Rockstar Social Club for importing saved games from it, like its classic version..Version: 1.72

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