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GTA: San Andreas – Definitive App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

GTA: San Andreas – Definitive app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GTA: San Andreas – Definitive? Can you share your negative thoughts about gta: san andreas – definitive?

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GTA: San Andreas – Definitive for Negative User Reviews

Not respondingThis is a great game I love playing it great graphics but every time I open it and bugs out at the rock star logo and kicks me out not able to play the game or even get to the menu.Version: 1.72

:(Heats up phone along with frequent crashing..Version: 1.72

USAThe game is not stable the resolution isn’t that much I expected and also the game is become blurry after 10 minutes exactly when I drive fast it’s blurry and out of focus i hope to fix those problems.Version: 1.72

Absolutely a piss off and not worth 26$Basically if you have the originals on ios just play those because while the hd textures and quality of life improvements are absolutely gorgeous it will never out weight the dog water performance this game is currently sitting at. I am on a god damn Iphone 14 which is no where near an incapable phone and it stutters literally every 2-3 seconds and destroys the immersive aspect. ITS LIKE they WANT to piss everyone off more even after the abomination of the trilogy remake and Definitive … STOP SCREWING WITH PEOPLE “GARBSTAR” and give them what their money is worth … worthless devs release such dog water performance should be fined..Version: 1.72

ResolutionWhy do you have to go in and adjust the resolution again every time?.Version: 1.72

喂喂喂游戏能不能优化一下,越打到后面越容易闪退,好不容易抢夺了好多地盘要去存档突然闪退,没心情玩了 还有在那个路上开车能不能让其他的车打个转向灯在变道,突然变道过来真的躲闪不及的 -机型:iPhone14ProMax-1T版.Version: 1.72

Bad quality and seems like it’s unfocused.I have the original gta and this new one seems to have better graphics than old one but I can’t get it to work. Even when I put on highest graphics it seems like nothing is in focus, I can see that the graphics and lighting is better but it’s all blurry. I have iPhone 11 Pro with latest update and I think it should handle it because I have games with much better graphics that play much more smoother than this..Version: 1.72

Not good at allAbsolutely disgusting I want to change my review, I can’t even start the game and play properly.Version: 1.72

Anyone else got the same bugThe game menu (the map) will incessantly turning itself on. The bug will stay on unless you restart your device. (Rebooting the game wouldn’t solve the bug).Version: 1.72

Has never been updatedGraphics drop, no cloud saves, no controller support, and has never had a update since release..Version: 1.72

SMHMy goodness my game on iOS iPad just randomly an will not stop auto pausing unless someone is trying to play too what’s up with that smh.Version: 1.72

Open more graphic optionsOpen more graphics options, ok? I can’t believe such terrible graphics belong to a game running on m2 chip devices.Version: 1.72

Keeps crashing.Needs an update ASAP and plz. This was expensive enough for it to keep crashing..Version: 1.72

Too expensiveWhy is it $20 for a game? The PC version of the collection can't cost so much, stupid rockstar.Version: 1.72

Worst money ever spent on a mobile gameDon’t waste your money on this version of San Andreas. It has horrible audio quality and the graphics are terrible, way worse than normal mobile version. Buy the normal version instead which is way cheaper with a lot crispier graphics and audio..Version: 1.72

Poorly optimized and buggy!Good things: - newer HD textures - new lighting system - weapon wheel UI Bad things: - poorly optimized, frequent stuttering on M1 iPad Pro (unacceptable given that RE Village runs great and that’s a much newer game and a lot more graphically intensive) - runs capped at 30fps with terrible frame pacing - various rendering issues with building interiors and exteriors - render distance is extremely low and somehow worse than the original iOS release - audio somehow sounds worse and lower quality than the original - lots of little bugs like HP bar not showing up during the restaurant food menus and CJ teleporting when exiting cars - some radio songs are missing but I doubt this can be fixed due to copyright If all of the above issues are fixed, this game would actually be worth the price, otherwise just skip this mediocre at best port and spend your money on a much better game on iPad like Alien Isolation or RE Village, both of these game are way more graphically demanding yet looks and runs miles better..Version: 1.72

Urgent need for improvement机型14pro。不支持云存档。进入游戏加载界面经常闪退。很容易玩到中途闪退来不及存档。很粗糙的移植。请更新!.Version: 1.72

Worse than gta 1 wheres my refundNo smoke affect for airplanes when damaged cj can easily kill someone with the bmx bicycle) one of the worst games that i ve played soo far i want a re fund overall has bugs and bad physics why buy this? apple wont publish this review.Version: 1.72

It’s a port and it feels like it.Someone said that in the reviews and I just wanted to highlight it. I want to go over some of the changes I like and strongly don’t like. First up, what I don’t like: Free aiming is in the game technically, but the game is bugged to where the aim button doesn’t appear on screen, so you’re only aiming feature is when you hit the shoot button and move from there, spraying bullets everywhere. You can’t drop waypoints in other regions in the map you haven’t unlocked yet. Movement controls are overall less smooth and worse to use than the original game The buttons have to be so far apart for some reason. You can’t have them close together like the previous version, which no longer allows me to drag my finger onto the brakes or drift button when in a car. You have to press it. You can’t check your vehicle skill, fat, stamina, strength stats by holding down your weapon on top right anymore. You have to go to the pause menu. There is no horn button when you use cars so you can’t honk or turn a siren on/off. Hitting your bumper off your car will often make it levitate up and stay in the air Controlling motorcycles is harder when steering. Controlling planes is a little more annoying. They don’t steer quite the same. What’s good: Weapon wheels are added. The map is more 3D and highlights a travel path for you when you place a waypoint. You can move your camera around when flying in a plane, finally. Graphics are better to a degree. The shader is most impressive. Vehicle and plane explosions are absolutely beautiful now and doesn’t leave you with just a black carcass of your mode of transportation. There’s actually texture to the carcass left behind. Fire and smoke are beautiful. You can finally see the entire city you’re in without the terrible fog from last version. Redefining controls is better than previous version, with it being less finicky. It’s still a little finicky, but less so. ————————— I’ll probably play through the game just to see what else is different, but I’ll ultimately be going back to the original version because it’s much more fluid and better adapted to the phone in my opinion..Version: 1.72

There are a lot of bugs, in addition to poor gameplay controlThere are a lot of bugs, in addition to poor gameplay control.Version: 1.72

BugEl luego esta bien. Por el momento el único problema que tengo es el que cuando entro al juego la resolución de los gráficos siempre se baja por si solo y tengo que subírselo cada vez que entro al juego lo cual es fastidioso de ahí mi experiencia es buena hasta ahorita solo espero que arreglen eso.Version: 1.72

A serious mistakeThe game freezes after completing the mission with a jetpack. When I arrive at the red circle, nothing happens, the mission is not over. Fix it, otherwise I can't play any further!.Version: 1.72

Iphone15不停的跳游戏菜单辣鸡游戏20刀 根本没法玩 ios17.2 iphone15promax bug:不停的触发菜单按钮.Version: 1.72

Unoptimised, constantly crashesVery unpleasant gaming experience, do not recommend buying this version as it crashes every few minutes, often in the middle of missions, even on my iPhone 14 Pro..Version: 1.72

ButtonsThe button sizes are to small, if your driving you can easily slip off of them. I liked the old button layout right now I can’t drive without stopping. It’s difficult because I am disabled with cerebral pulsey. Please make the button sizes adjustable or like the regular gta apps..Version: 1.72

Got it because I grew up with itLet me get a #9 , Really just play it when I’m bored at work or whenever I think about it. Do a mission or two then get off for a week or two lol guess I’ll finish this before gta6 next year.Version: 1.72

No cloud save slotsThis has mo cloud save slots. Be careful..Version: 1.72

Graphics looks awful on ipad M1Looking forward to the next update to fix the compatibility of iPad m1.Version: 1.72

CrashingBe a lot better if the game didn’t crash every five minutes.Version: 1.72

Crashes upon openingLove this game but after purchasing and downloading which took some time, it just crashes each time I try to open the application to play it. Please fix and optimize for iPhone :).Version: 1.72

GoodThe control is perfect but there’s something wrong with the graphic Look like 2d shape with mosaic.Version: 1.72

BugBug!bug!bug!.Version: 1.72

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