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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app received 119 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes? Can you share your negative thoughts about lego batman: dc super heroes?

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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for Negative User Reviews

Very DispointedBUYER BEWARE Purchased an overpriced app and payed the price... Very glitchy and slow, and expects you to pay for in app purchases even though I already payed for an expensive app. Not Happy!.Version: 1.7

Language settingsMy son loves this game however being 6 has accidentally change language from English to Japanese. The support email is invalid which is frustrating as we can't change it back to English..Version: 1.7

Pas de sauvegardeNous sommes incapables de sauver la partie et devons recommencer au début à chaque fois!.Version: 1.8

CRAP💩💩💩I Spent $4.00 for this and you have even more in app purchases, waste of my money and a waste of my life..Version: 1.7

F this dumb gameCan’t even do the boomerrang in normal mode of the controls boomers hoe go die👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕.Version: 1.8

MadI was in the middle of the game and there’s no way to complete that level Give us A refund.Version: 1.8

Kinda annoyingThere’s no sound whatsoever from this.Version: 1.8

GlitchesThe game has some major glitches (iPad version). When robin is wearing the biohazard suit it's nearly impossible to aim the hose at the toxic puddles which renders the stage impossible. If your persistent you may get lucky after trying every possible angle but no good for a young kid....Version: 1.7

It's okIt's not really that good it needs improvements like more levels and it needs mods that will make it really fun and co-op.Version: 1.4

FrustratingSound won't work and stuck in the same room. Extremely frustrating. Wish I never downloaded.Version: 1.7

Restore PurchasesMy son accidentally deleted the app and now you won’t restore the purchases I made in this game? What kind of garbage game is this? I want my money back or my purchases back plus. I’m not happy with this and there is nowhere else for me to make this statement which is even worse that I cannot reach out to you!.Version: 1.8

Don't expect spam in a game I've paid for!I paid, I don't expect spam. Won't be downloading anymore Lego games in future..Version: 1.7

Red Blocks MissingI had finally got my red brick detector and went back to Free Play the levels I had not yet found them on. That 2x Stud Multiply would be mine! Except it isn't there. You cannot complete the level! Oh, you can buy it. With gold blocks. That you HAVE to buy. Disappointed. What is the point..Version: 1.7

Nice classic lego gameNice gameplay variations. Not easy to control. But entertaining..Version: 1.0

It sucks it’s fake the beyond Gotham one is realOk.Version: 1.8

Needs a saving option 😠I bought this game for my son, he plays the game loves it and bought the characters and was about to finish the story of the game, but he let his friend play on a new game and now his upset that his game wasn’t saved but was replaced with the new game with out the characters that he bought so I try help him locate his game but couldn’t find it and he has to start all over, can someone have the game fixed so this doesn’t happen because I am not buying more golden bricks every time a new game has started. It’s a total rip off. If you want good reviews better start fixing the game. Honestly should have read the reviews before buying, lesson learned. Since I mentioned the reviews apparently you guys had this problem for three years now, why isn’t it getting fixed???.Version: 1.8

In app purchases lost daily and cannot be restoredDevastating to a little boy who spent his Christmas money on the game and the in all purchases and his guys are alway deleted the next day. He wasted his Christmas money. Should have option to restore purchases.Version: 1.8

DO NOT BUY THIS APPMy 5 year old was SO dissapointed -as was I. It is simply a re-run of the movie and once you DO get into the one game he found- the only way to save the supehero was to SPEND MORE MONEY. Not only is it SUPER expensivce to start with but it is continually asking you to SPEND SPEND SPEND ..If there were a no-star I would award it..Version: 1.7

DisappointedI found this game a waste of money. After paying to unlock several characters and playing the game. I closed the game down, when resuming I found these characters were now locked and this happened a few times. Emailed directly to the company no reply. Very unhappy..Version: 1.7

Good Game but...So After I Played the game and finish I got kinda bored so I revisited some of the old levels and I keep getting frozen in ice like every hour even when Super man is not around I still keep freezing even when Mr freeze is not around I still keep getting frozen sometimes I even gotten frozen as Super Man Please fix this but overall It’s My new favorite game.Version: 1.8

It is good butIt is really good it is a great game but it still needs more updates and more levels to get it better.Version: 1.8

Deleting all my hard workI worked for days unlocking superheroes and then they all got deleted!.Version: 1.4

Not like previous Lego games. Not worth the cost!This Lego game has very few levels. You also have to buy gold bricks to buy certain characters which in my opinion is totally unfair the stud multipliers are gone UNLESS you pay even more money to unlock x2. You can't beat the game (and unlock all the characters and extras) without buying golden bricks. It also has ads I paid 4.99$ and it seriously has ads. I do not recommend this Lego game..Version: 1.7

StupidI can't download it.Version: 1.0

Fix the glitch or else I want my moneyOne of the worst things is that one off the levels I got stuck from entering a tunnel I want my money back.Version: 1.8

Feeling Ripped OffGreat game, however my son and I purchased 2 character packs and when we started a new game to use them they were no longer available or we could not find them anywhere in the options. basically spent $4.19, purchased and unlocked the characters and after 10mins restarted the game and they were not available. Unhappy :(.Version: 1.3

Great game can't purchase blocksCan't seem to purchase blocks keeps saying internet connection needed although using both wifi and 4G please rectify.Version: 1.7

Hate the gameI hate this game because I hat to restart it all over again and I gave it a one star ..Version: 1.8

TheivesPaid to unlock all the other characters and a day later they were gone and it asks for you to pay all over again!!!!! So basically you have to pay £20 a time for the characters! Do not download this app not only do you require other characters to complete certain things in each level but once purchased they disappear when you close the app and need to re purchase all over again!.Version: 1.8

Money wastedMy youngest girl downloaded this app last year in which I spent money buying her the characters needed to complete levels. She accidentally deleted the app and now we can’t get thos characters back. That’s a bit of a joke considering how much money has to be spent to complete the game at least make it so there is a login/register so you can restore purchases. Never again with this game, very disappointed and so was my girl.Version: 1.8

Fix the final levelI can’t beat lex because it won’t let me target his shield with the explosive, and I want this to be fixed because otherwise the game is impossible to finish. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but I don’t know how. I tried looking on google for answers but of course I got nothing. So please either fix it so I can beat the level or make it easier.Version: 1.8

What a piece of crap.You pay $6 for the game and the next thing you know you have to buy credits to unlock characters to continue with the game..Version: 1.7

MemoryWhen ever I try to get it it says I don't have enough memory when I've got more than enough. I'm blaming this one on apple..Version: 1.0

Please fix lost in app purchasesMy 5 year old grandson very disappointed. I have iCloud save data and documents on and when we return to game after turning iPad off, all in app purchases are locked again. I have spent over ten dollars for nothing now. Please tell me how to get purchases back. I know not to delete the game. One time he started over from the beginning and they reappeared, but not this time. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 1.7

Won't work after new IOS11 updateI have 4 LEGO games and all of them are on the list of games that won't work after the IOS11 update..Version: 1.7

ChargesI was charged $44 for this app what the hell! This is ridiculous and no one to msg to find out why!!!.Version: 1.8

Bad experience.If I pay for a game, I expect to be able to complete everything without paying for in app purchases. You can't get one particular red brick unless you pay for gold bricks to buy it. Bad form. Also there's this issue where if you put the game in the background and open another program you risk the game resetting on itself, and with not enough auto save points you end up losing progress. The controls are okay, except when they respond in a manner in which you don't want them to, like running a different direction than you're dragging, or trying to cut the red bricks with laser and it getting stuck on a corner until you swipe 50 times..Version: 1.7

STUPID!!!!WARNING, DON'T BUY!! It ate up my money than didn't download even though I had enough space for it..Version: 1.0

It's okayI was disappointed that this is a boss level game. Would have been better if there was a more adventure side to it and you could roam an open world. I deleted it within a couple of days. Though if you like these kinds of games then it could be very enjoyable..Version: 1.4

It’s so hardI hate it it’s hard for me makes me cry.Version: 1.8

Unable to purchase gold bricksI downloaded this game for my son and he loves it but I am unable to purchase gold bricks to unlock some of his favorite characters. I keep getting a message telling me I need to be connected to the internet, I've checked the connection several times but nothing happens. Please fix..Version: 1.7

Rip OFFI spent $6.50 for a game that doesn't even allow you to swap players, to finish a level. This just makes DC Comics look bad..Version: 1.7

Still has too many glitchesThere ate a few parts in this that have very twitchy glitchy actions. They don't test your skill, other than your ability to not throw your iPad across the room in frustration. They are necessary for completing the game so you can't get around them. Also, you used to lose your characters randomly. Now they tell you to turn on iCloud but if you uninstall the game you lose all your bought characters even if you ask to be kept on the leader board! Extremely frustrating. Just play it on Xbox, it's a far better experience..Version: 1.7

Good butWii’s better because you can access Gotham city I wish I could access Gotham in this version.Version: 1.8

Cool but laggyIt's a boss game but its sooo laggy plz fix this.Version: 1.4

CONThis game is an absolute con. You buy coins to be able to purchase your superheroes and then after time they all disappear. You end up with no superheroes and a very upset child. Not only do you loose your purchases but you also loose where you in the game and you have to start from the very beginning. This has happened twice and i refuse to spend anymore money..Version: 1.8

No save??Others have mentioned it but having to start from the beginning every time I exit the game is ridiculous and frustrating. For $5 I would have expected better than this. On top of that you make us pay even more just to unlock characters?? Greedy cash grab and the game doesn't even save where you left off. Save your money and skip this..Version: 1.0

Not Xbox controller compatibleLove all the Lego games but enjoy playing them a with controller. Once the game supports the Xbox controller then I will give 5 star like the others, but I feel like I have wasted £5 as I find it difficult to play without the controller..Version: 1.8

Nothing to doTheres nothing to do after your done the game.Version: 1.8

Needs to be updated!Son changed language to Japanese now won't change back. Making it very hard to progress thru the levels..Version: 1.7

In app purchase failed to add gold bricksIn app purchase failed to add gold bricks and no way of contact to address this. Very poor customer support measures.Version: 1.8

Worst lego game everI really want a refund. Every time I try to start a level it crashes. Do not waste your money on it! Please give me a refund!.Version: 1.7

LEGO Batman DC Super Hero”sI’ve been playing LEGO video games for years. Whoever is the creator of this game was just his/her way of earning a quick buck. Not a care in the world obviously not enough time was spent in creating this game app. When downloading the app it took several attempts before it would download. After going through all the trouble once I i made it into the app it kicked me out of the app before I even got a chance to play the game. So I’m going to end this review by saying yes you’ve gotten 1 ⭐️ because not enough effort was assessed in making this app..Version: 1.8

Great graphics, would be great if only....Why are all the characters my son purchased not usable?? Why aren’t the tokens he wins used to purchase the characters? It locks up. My son gets so frustrated at his characters he just bought not being available and I, in turn, get frustrated that I can’t fix it. Bought a game, bought tokens.....a lot of tokens for him to repurchase over and over again the same characters for them to be unavailable. I hope the fix comes soon. This has been going on for months. I deleted the game so it isn’t visible to him. Will wait for the fix..Version: 1.8

Really badWouldn't even download my 6 year old was heartbroken.Version: 1.7

CrashKeeps crashing at the first cut scene right at the beginning :(.Version: 1.0

Do not use this appThis app is rubbish, I paid nearly £20 to unlock characters so my son could play this game. Each time he went back to play they had relocked and you have to pay again! Then the last time we unlocked them he couldn't change them!! It's a total con and waste of money!! I wish I read read the reviews beforehand because it looks like a lot of people have had the same problem and can't get a refund. Zero stars for this.... it's a load of crap!!.Version: 1.8

MrHi,, I've bought carecters from the game,,using my Visa card , it's registed on the apps store, the carecters gone next day,, I don't think it's fair,,can I have my carecters back or my money back plz.Version: 1.7

A decent D.C. GameI bought this game mainly to play as superman. I was glad he was in the game but there isn't much to do. This game needs free roam like the console versions. It would be much better because there would be more to do than just playing the missions over again. Another problem is the gold bricks feature. I am unable to purchase them and am really frustrated. The controls can be unresponsive sometimes also..Version: 1.7

Does not work iPad mini 4Won't even start..Version: 1.7

TerriblePurchased additional gold within the app. Payment was made and then the purchase never showed up. Unable to find where to restore purchases. Not happy!!.Version: 1.8

To many glitchesCan't pull a simple leaver in Arkham Asylum and jump through the lightning.Version: 1.7

I can't get out of the bat cave I finished justice league mode and story modeI completed all the levels and everything I also have almost all the characters in the game I want to get out of the bat cave. If we can't then this is a wast of money..Version: 1.7

Peace of trashIt is so stupid.Version: 1.8

OkPretty good game.Version: 1.8

Missing in app purchases and saved progressMy son has ha$ 5his game for quite a while. We finally broke down and bought some Gold bricks for characters. He played all morning. After supper all saved progress and characters that he acquired have disappeared.. Help!.Version: 1.8

I want a refund - I was robbed!!!!!This game keeps crashing. My 10 year old paid $6 from his pocket money and this game keeps crashing every few minutes. Have tried reinstalling but no good. Aren't games tested before companies take money from children? Shame on you Warner Bros:-( Further to this review have emailed their support people 3 times now with no reply. Obviously once you have paid your money they don't care..Version: 1.0

RubbishI would like a refund for this game. You click on any of the options and you can't get back off them for ages. No rhyme or reason as to how you get back to the game. I couldn't see any options for help either so you are playing blind. How do I get a refund?.Version: 1.7

Buyer BewareBuyer beware: I purchased a cave of 125 gold bricks for $9.99 for the game for my son. He used about 20 of the 125 bricks, and the next day, all of his bricks were gone and the characters he bought with the 20 bricks were locked again. Looking through the reviews, this seems to be a common problem. I submitted a help ticket to the developer and got an automated response that did not even remotely address my problem. I also did all of the troubleshooting schemes they suggested, but to no avail. I am submitting a request for a refund through iTunes. I’m not happy. Summary: the game is fine when you play it, but don’t make any in app purchases..Version: 1.8

Needs City FreeRoamHi, it's a great game, that I bought because I loved playing it on my old wii. My favourite part of the game was the part where you could just roam around the city having fun. It really needs this feature, but as it's an old game, I doubt it will change. Just a warning for people who only want it for free roam. :D.Version: 1.7

BatmanIt takes so long to download.Version: 1.0

Needs UpdateI give this app a two out of five star because I am still on level one and I can't go one level without the game freezing on me, and making me quit out. It is still a decent game but I think the whole auto-attack think isn't very fun. It is fun what lego Star Wars does when you touch rapidly to get a kill. I like the Xbox version 1000 times better because there is no auto- attack..Version: 1.7

Don’t buy it won’t load upBought for my batman mad child . Game wouldn’t load up. Can’t contact any one for help not worth the effort.Version: 1.8

Disappointed with game savesBought the game today and had read that the last update 1.2 made more regular saves. Unfortunately discovered to our cost that if you quit mid-level, (unless we've missed something) you still can't get back to where you were. There seems little point in saving more regularly if you can't continue your progress where you left off. Also, speaking as a parent, it is more difficult to stop a child playing when they could potentially lose their progress as a result. We've played most of the lego games on Ipad and PS3 and so are sure this game will be fun. But the ability to return to where you exit (or at least nearby!) is important when a single level might take 40mins+ to complete..Version: 1.2

DON'T download - refund plsPurchased at £3.99 for my son. Long download and won't even open, just closes immediately. Tried to contact Warner Bros support repeatedly, no contact whatsoever. Apple please don't charge me for this game as it doesn't work and has now been deleted!.Version: 1.7

Great game but not when it keeps re locking charactersGreat time but the huge flaw is that all the characters you work to get suddenly re- lock the characters. Very frustrating as time is spent to unlock each one and very disappointing for a child.Version: 1.8

Speed upThis is sssssssoooooo slow!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3

CoolEh.Version: 1.8

Deleted all our character purchasesMy son has loved this game on his IPad, but today he showed me that all of the characters we have purchased are locked again as if we never purchased them. I’ve tried to get in contact with someone but haven’t gotten responses. Really dissatisfied, if I can’t get the character packs back I would like to get my money back at least!.Version: 1.8

Well😐First off in some stages I remember getting my screen all dirty because I was jumping as robin but was acting all buggy and the controls were slippery. There is also glitch when I open the game and start a stage this ice berg keeps me frozen for a few seconds and that’s with all stages. Really need this fixed then this will be at least a four or five. Thanks.Version: 1.8

Corrupted file notification and crashI downloaded this app for 5$ and it is corrupted everytime I re download. It crashes at the first cut scene. Please fix this ASAP. Send me an email soon or refund my money. Don't buy this app until they fix the crash..Version: 1.0

RefundI want a refund because The areas are too small and I don't want one big storyline I want loads of different stories so I can fight against the joker how many times I like..Version: 1.8

😭😢😭😢Right I'm going to ask this once can I plz have a refund of 6 dollars 50.Version: 1.0

Reset issuesGood game but for some reason it keeps resetting and loosing characters that I've had to pay for a few times. It resets all levels. Please get back to me about refunding money..Version: 1.8

DONT COMPLETE THE GAMEThe reason I’m saying this is because when you finish all levels you can’t leave the bat cave on mobile,please fix this.Version: 1.8

The app deleted all ten of our characters and progressWhy can we not restore purchases?! Even if our game progress was deleted we shouldn’t lose our purchased characters. Not impressed..Version: 1.8

Why do I have to keep buying the same characters over and over?I bought my son many of the characters, and the next time he tried playing they were gone! He was upset because I made him earn the money to pay for the characters. I didn’t know what happened, and I didn’t have time to call support, so I just repaid for more characters. Today he is playing again and tells me they are all gone again. I just checked the reviews and I see this has happened to many other kids. Now I’m telling him he can’t play this game anymore because it’s broken and he is upset..Version: 1.8

Game completely reset itselfMy 7 year old son LOVED this game and worked hard to earn new characters and levels. He even did chores to earn money for in app purchases. The game completely reset itself erasing all of his hard work. I can’t find any help option or contact info, just other reviews mentioning the same problem :(.Version: 1.8

Don't download !!!Totally agree with other reviews won't even download!.Version: 1.7

Rip offWorst controls and AI of any game I’ve played. There are about three actions you can perform through the whole game but some levels will big out or just go on for 40 minutes... if it’s for kids then don’t make the levels 40 minutes long and if it’s not for kids then put more than three actions in for the player to enjoy over their long pointless levels. This is an extremely lazy port designed to be a cash grab. The console games are great. These ports are awful..Version: 1.8

It atarte all over againWhy does this game not show the levels where we are at? It is unfair that sometimes I need to start all over again. Angry birds games always show a menu where you can check the levels. So easy! Come on guys!! It's a basic necessary feature!.Version: 1.7

Would like a full refund for other Warner bros app I boughtGetting no response so I’ll complain on here. When I bought other WB apps I don’t remember reading that you can only play the app up to the time that Apple updates its iOS because we won’t be updating the app then. So, I now find that I can no longer play several WB Lego apps because of the iOS updates. Tired of all the good apps bought with good money that I’ve lost because of an Apple iOS update over the years. It’s time somebody took on the big companies and demanded something be done. Shame on you warner bros. You’ve taken every bodies money and done nothing to update the apps. Disgusting..Version: 1.8

BadBad.Version: 1.8

I want a refundIt says I do not have enough storage. How much it need 1.5 G.Version: 1.0

Update please!!!This is a fun game but it crashes to often please update it and will get 5 stars!!! (:.Version: 1.0

MehIf you have played the wii version you won’t like it very much.Version: 1.8

👎👎👎👎This thing stole my money I tried to download it 20 times and it keeps saying I don't have enough space when I have more then enough space.Version: 1.0

Have to start again every time the app loadsDoesn't seem to be saving or I've never reached a save point but seriously, if you have to play the game to finish the entire level every time it's not exactly ideal. Reinstalled, it always says "data corrupt" on first load. I'd give stars because other than that, it's an amazing game. I originally did but after a few days. No. One star- fix this.Version: 1.0

Bug or Ripoff?Why does this game require additional purchases on characters that I paid to unlock? Is this a bug or a ripoff? This would be a great game for my son if it actually worked. We bought the game, bought some characters, but that’s not enough apparently. Now we have to buy coins to use the characters. I wonder what would happen if I bought the coins. Will the developers up the ante and require yet another purchase of some sort before the bought-and-paid-for character can be used? I’m not willing to pay to find out. Either fix the bug or quit being greedy and let your customers enjoy the product they purchased..Version: 1.8

Trash and a rip offI bought this game for my four year old son, he used to play it on his fire all the time so when we upgraded to an Apple it was a must have, I purchased all the DLC characters becauseHe had them all unlocked on his previous game, but in this game if you buy all the characters and you save it wrong you pretty much flush $20 down the drain,I don’t understand how DLC can be wiped out by a safe stay because in no other game you could do that, in fact if I erase half my apps and then re-download them and sign in those purchases are still my purchases and I have access to all the data, but nope not this trashcan of a game..Version: 1.8

Hate itI want a refund plz I hate it..Version: 1.7

Rip offThis game is a total rip off. I would like a refund because it's a terrible game..Version: 1.7

SavingDon't buy this game it says it saves but it does not.Version: 1.2

Wow just wow, the freaking controls are pretty….stupidI gotta say I love the game because of nostalgia reasons but the controls are the worst and for a 5 to 6 dollar game, pretty trashy but if you have tinier fingers than I do them this game is for you, because I think that’s one of the reasons I just can’t with this, it’s because the controls are so small that it’s so hard to play it. But it was still pretty cool and I guess fun if you have smaller fingers then I do (no offense to anyone who have small fingers) but besides that it is a 2 to 3 star game for me, sorry, good try though Lego but no, just no..Version: 1.8

PS4 (iOS 13)MFI controller, what the hell is that? No thank you. Update this app like every other app has and add DualShock 4 and whatever the Xbox one iS..Version: 1.8

Good but not the same as Game Console versionI just want to start by saying that this game is not the same as game console version... Cut scenes are the same but the levels are very different (similar but different). You also dont get to drive around the world like in the PS3 version. Anyway, this game is amusing, but the controls are a bit awkward. But what annoys me most is that it is way too easy to overwrite saved games (my 3 yo plays too and keeps overwriting mine!) so I keep having to start from begining, making me not want to play anymore, quite frankly. Can you guys pin protect the save games or something? or multiple prompts if the overwrite is for a lower percentage over a higher percentage??.Version: 1.2

OkThe games ok but the story line is different which is what I hate This game is for you if you don't care about controls or story.Version: 1.7

Need update!I don’t mean to offend anyone but this game needs a major update big time but please let players into vehicles and let players exit the bat cave and into Gotham city..Version: 1.8

Good at the beginningWhen I first played it was fun...........and then I got further where I had to pay a buck because I didn't have a guy who could destroy silver. I'm probably not going to buy it,I know a dollar isn't much,but I hope you guys change it because before I got to this part it would of been 5 stars..Version: 1.7

Piece of crapI want my money back won't open u guys stole $6 from me.Version: 1.7

Lost all progressI’ve been playing this game with my son for last 4 days. Finally got far enough to realize I had to buy some characters to keep progressing in the game. I bought some gold bricks and then got the characters we needed. We played for while longer then put the game down. My son later asked me to help get through something in the game and that’s when I noticed all our progress was gone along with all the characters I spent real money to unlock. Not cool!! I tried clicking on the app support link but that pretty much leads nowhere. This is absolute garbage..Version: 1.8

Awful Controls - Deeply DisappointingVery disappointing. You can only use the “Casual” controls which require you to tap targets on the screen etc. rather than the usual d-pad controls. The d-pad option exists, but there is no apparent way to use the batarang if you use the d-pad, and this makes many levels impossible. Beyond this generally movements are blocky and feel stilted compared to other Lego iOS offerings (e.g. Star Wars and Jurassic park). A very poor interpretation of Lego iOS franchise..Version: 1.8

Paid for..???Paid for bricks to buy a ton of characters and the next day they are gone with no option to RESTORE purchases. Thanks for letting my 5 year old freak out..Version: 1.8

One more idea :)Hi I'm not sure if my first review got sent.. ;( But I'll make it quick it crashes a lot once u have collected characters it's boring maybe put all the teen titans in and more.. Should be able to go into Bruce Wayne's mansion and inside there are people standing around with wine cups talking and Alfred is in there but u can only be normal people in there ya know with out there costumes and should be able to go through out Gotham make the batcave better also be able to go to metropolis and have a teen Titan story mode and a villain story mode also in Gotham city and metropolis u should be able to go into the police office the hospital the museum and a few houses also Wayne manor inside the houses people are getting robbed and u can stop then etc etc.. Sometimes I fall into the bat caves water and can't get out so I'm stuck there lags crashes sound affects are quiet as um should be able to go to zoo and places like that like bank um needs multi player through Bluetooth and there's chat in Bluetooth to say where to go make flying Easier make some new story modes if put beast boy in he should fly and turn into bird swim and turn into shark have super strength and turn into gorilla and also super speed and turn into cheetah also put more characters from DC In and fix crash and add some ideas pleeeeeaaase great game for kids super fun please read this.Version: 1.2

Add more missions and things to doIt’s a ok game but I wish there were more missions and stuff because I completed story mode and justice league mode but there is nothing else to do also in the bat cave the helicopter and Batmobile just sits there and you can’t even use it or go in the city and just have fun and beat up criminals THERE IS NO FREE ROAM/ OPEN WORLD ON IOS ADD IT!!!.Version: 1.8

Plz addIt’s good can they add freedom.Version: 1.8

Doesn't workDoesn't work on my iphone 5s. 4-5 stars when fixed.Version: 1.4

Needs controller supportThis game would be great and just like playing on the PS Vita if it had support for IOS controllers. If it had that I would be giving it 5 stars. Ps. Would love to see Lego Indiana jones released on iPhone. With controller support of course..Version: 1.7

Rip Off!Great game. Paid to get gold bricks but they NEVER appeared even though they took my £10. I requested help and finally asked for a refund 9 times and have been ignored! Do not try to buy extras. Not compatible with IOS 11 even though they will still take your money for initial download..Version: 1.7

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