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PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER VS KAIJU BATTLE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER VS KAIJU BATTLE app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER VS KAIJU BATTLE? Can you share your negative thoughts about pacific rim: jaeger vs kaiju battle?

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Kaiju crapThis game is terrible, and was built in about 5 minutes in someone's basement by themselves. At least, that's what the quality and gameplay suggest despite it having corporate funding; And even worse, half the time it won't even load right. I've gotten gimmick apps on here more well developed than this. The devs for this literally just stole the producer's money and ran them dry for a money scam..Version: 1.0

CrashesI have an Ipwd 1 and as soon as I open the game it says failure to run QCAR and when I click close it crashes. This game looks good, just like the movie, but I cant see it because it crashes!.Version: 1.0

Don't waste time on thisThis is it don't waste your time on this app. All it is is an infinite amount of battles with a good or bad guy and there's no story or even upgrades and worst of all you can't even see your characters.Version: 1.0

Don't recommendIt's laggy unresponsive and I cant get it to position right in batte and when I take pictures to put the models in they come out black and you can't see them. Overall don't get it it's a waste of app space..Version: 1.0

HORIBBLEWould be a terrific game if you could actually control where you move and just be able to control your bot. Don't waist your Time on this game! I wish I could give this game negative stars!!.Version: 1.0

The bad gameI love the movie but I can't say the same every time i play this it becomes black and I die try putting effort into it next time and more monsters and jagers Warner bros shod have kept there rights the game sucked since I started playing don't spend your time playing I've seen glitches better than this someone help ban this game please fix it play pacific rim breach wars it's much better than this get rid of this game most of the reviews are bad.Version: 1.0

Honestly...Not the best game of its kind. There is only two attacks, and combat it pretty flimsy. This game truly has potential, the developers just need to put some work into it. Sorry, but I'm settling for the other pacific rim game..Version: 1.0

Not compatible with iPadThis app will not work with iPad. I have contacted support several weeks ago with no response/updates. My 7 year old is highly disappointed..Version: 1.0

Quite badCrashes and very laggy controls were very weird and with four buttons it made it very repetitive if i was mean i would give zero stars but since this is on an ios i want to see the battle more i see tons of improvement but i see it has some good things..Version: 1.0

Fix a glitchA glitch keeps kicking me out of the game right when I am about to do something.Version: 1.0

Fix Please!!I loved the movie, loved it so much I watched it 2 times. But the game well.... I don't know. I just got this game, graphics seem cool, but once I try to fight the Sydney Kaiju, it just crashes on me. And it takes forever to load. Please fix!! I love Pacific Rim! And one more thing...add more Kaiju and Jaegers!.Version: 1.0

Too easy, bad graphics!This game gets old after the first minute of gameplay. Don't waste your time on this game, go find a game with graphics that actually look realistic like infinity blade!.Version: 1.0

HorrificFirst of all the graphics are terrible and that is a stupid idea to use a video for the back round also it is very boring.Version: 1.0

F this piece of crap.It's laggy, for some reason my battles are viewed over-head which disturbs my eye sight even though the images in the app store for this app, shows the camera looking from THE SIDE talking about false advertising, then the controls are BARELY responsive, then better explanation is needed. This company seems to have a problem dealing with lag..Version: 1.0

BadThis game is so slow! When I battle the guys are like slow motion stop motion! And when I take pictures I try to save them but they take me to my home page and the picture is NOT there! Otherwise cool idea. Needs fixing!.Version: 1.0

Garbage!I wish I could give this 5 negative stars. This is the worst game I have ever seen/used... This is a by far the biggest piece of unworkable crap I have ever wasted my time downloading. Did you guys even test this before you sent it off? Did you build it while sleeping? Did you not hire any QA? Apple please ban these people from ever uploading any of their work here. Also, Warner Bros. should sue you for being stupid! I have never written a review so harsh but I truly feel that this deserves it. Between nothing working and the constant crashing, do yourself a favor and don't bother with this one..Version: 1.0


PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER VS KAIJU BATTLE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact PACIFIC RIM: JAEGER VS KAIJU BATTLE.

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