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Photomath App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Photomath app received 74 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Photomath? Can you share your negative thoughts about photomath?

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Photomath for Negative User Reviews

WTH is this?!?! Photomath Plus?! Excuse me?I was gonna rate this 5 star before this update because it was literally the BEST math app I could use in my whole entire life but now, oh no! You lose it! It wasn’t like this before 😭. Before was amazing like it even tell me the steps and explain in it in details like how to do it and it was free. But now you have to pay money for that??? Ok that is 💯 not fair 😡. Sorry to say this but it seem like the WORST math app I could ever use now. With this plus plus money thing 😭😡🤬.Version: 6.6.0

The update is trashI mean I would've of given this 5 stars if you guys didn't have this plus thing. But now you need to pay money to get the explanation. Thanks for the help 🖕🏻.Version: 6.6.0

I’m not payingGet rid of the pay for explanation.Version: 6.2.0

Good, but really costly. Especially for its targeted demographic.I know that even the developers have to make a living somehow. But the reason this app stood out was because we didn’t have to pay. Many of this apps users are students, and as you know, students don’t have that much money to spend on an app. Maybe instead of charging students so much money for our age groups(12-19) who earn minimum wage of $10 or less. Maybe run ads or make the subscription cost less. The app itself comes really handy when wanting a quick solve the many problems, so no problem there. It’s just the cost of it, if the targeted group was adults (21+) the cost seems great, but for teenagers it’s just a bit too high..Version: 5.4.0

Took my moneyDon’t get me wrong this is a pretty cool app i’ve got that one week free thing where I could use premium for a week. I had about $13 inside of my iTunes account and I kind of forgot about the photo math one week subscription which was free. They automatically signed me up for premium and did not even send me an email now you see with tax one month subscription was $14 but they still ate my $13 i’m not gonna cry over $13 but it’s that made me hate this app I have requested a refund through Apple but photo math if you can do something please help (don’t send me to some website).Version: 7.5.2


UghI had to pay! horrible.Version: 6.3.0

It’s sad nowLoved this app and it helped me with my math homework but the recent update requires you to pay in order to use it.Version: 5.4.1

ETAs on new problems?This app is great and I understand that it has limitations because it can only scan & solve so much before the calculator just becomes a word problem solver—which brings me to my question: is it possible for you guys to implement ETAs on upcoming math content that will be supported??Because sometimes the calculator will be able to solve one question but not a similar one yet they’ll be on the same topic, which I assume means that it’s a problem that’s currently “unsupported”. It would be helpful to keep track of upcoming supported math content & even let us give recommendations/petition on highly requested math problems you guys should solve next—straight from inside the app. This way, it saves a lot of wasted time being stuck on the calculator, trying to minimize user error by re-typing in the same problem differently, when in reality the question won’t be solved for who-knows-how-long..Version: 7.9.2

Calm down prices!!!!!!This used to me my go to app for help on math homework-mainly to check the steps or for help. I have used the app through my 6th/7th grade year to now. I’m now a junior in high school. They have taken off the option of viewing steps for free. I get the company having to pay expenses as it grows, but now that they have blocked solving steps, this has just become a normal calculator. The steps were the key to the success of the app. There could be other restrictions. Examples such as only blocking text books, video tutorials, having ads, word problems, etc. Now, I don’t know what to do because I don’t agree to paying this much. Annual or monthly fees seem excessive for the amount that they are asking. Especially, considering most of these users are children and young adults ranging from 10-24 years of age. Many people don’t have money or no extra to spend. If they do want to restrict this much then they shouldn’t have it for a monthly or annual fee. I’d probably spend $8 for the app over all, up front. This app is not much cooler than Minecraft which people barely spend $7.99 for. With the amount of people who have this app, if you only charge eight dollars for it all, then you would have just enough to pay expenses. The payments have blocked too many of the things that truly matter. It was a great app until they added all the extra fees..Version: 6.10.0

Used to be goodThis used to be a really good app, whenever I was unsure on those really long equations, finding graphs, really anything, I could get a detailed explanation of how to get the answer. I understand that they wish to be profitable, but taking away the feature from the free version of the app where you could have an explanation has made it only a little better then a calculator in some cases. I wish I knew how they got the answer and why they did such..Version: 6.8.0

Sneaky subscription updateThis was a great app that was very useful and well executed UI. However the addition of the subscription model in a recent update was sneaky. Further, to not be able to see the subscription costs clearly with transparency is a off the nose. To have to click through to the signing up for the free trial, to then see those outrageous prices, well, good luck to you. I understand that the Devs hard work should be repatriated, but a subscription model for an hardly used is a bridge too far. Especially when a quick search on google gets the same results. Personally I’d be happy to pay a reasonable amount as a once off fee for the “Pro” version. But as an early user of this app, I feel let down that the the Devs have taken away functionality that was parry of the original app to ask a monthly fee to give back..Version: 6.11.0

DissapointedWas the only math app that worked for me, until you added the monthly pay feature. My exam is in 4 days and this is a huge let down, I considered paying until I saw it was $12.99 a month.. which is so ridiculous. At least make it cheaper.Version: 5.4.1

U need to payIt used to be good but now you have to pay for the explanations. The explanations were key to having me pass the math courses, time to find a new app..Version: 7.9.1

Math photo changed a bitSo I’ve been using this app for many years and not a single ad comes up (mainly because I’m not at home) but even if I’m at home using my WiFi and using this app to help check my work there will never be an add but now there is which is kinda annoying I admit but this also tells me that the company who made this app now wants money, maybe not like other companies where they want loads of money for personal uses. But besides that I’m just outright confused on how will the photo math app learn to solve other equations when I can’t find an option that lets me tell suggestions on what kind of math problems it should answer for. Also many schools don’t use math textbooks and I’m wondering if there will be modules from mathematicsvisionproject because they have many math problems that this app can’t even solve. Also there is a paid version which helps you explaining how to do the work and having more textbooks, which I see now that this app is pay to explain which I don’t think it’s worth it. Like why would this company charge for the explanation and more textbooks, not ok to have that because they literally had it for free..Version: 6.8.0

Good ish - also switching to desmosI’m just going to get this out first, If you need a calculator that can get the job done fast, no questions asked, this is perfect. It’ll work incredibly for you, if, however, you want something that will detail the instructions to help you better understand it, then don’t download this unless you have almost 60 bucks a year to spare. I would have given this 5 stars, if they hadn’t make you pay to get a tutorial. But don’t let the money doubt this amazing app. It’s perfect for everything in math (as long as you don’t want a tutorial) except for graphing. And I 100% understand why you have to charge people for tutorials..Version: 6.6.0

Losing its CharmI’ve used photo math for years to help me with homework, although I have to admit it’s not been as helpful recently. This once was a 5 star app and has been a life saver when I missed school or didn’t understand the assignment. Not too long ago I would have taken a picture of a few problems and check “Steps” to learn how to do it, but it appears you now have to pay to check the steps. It will give you one or two steps and you have to have a membership with the app to get the rest of the steps. I truly think this is ridiculous because if I wanted a calculator I would just use the one already installed on my phone. Nobody is going to pay a membership they’re only going to use about 8 months a year. The app is quite useless and is simply a calculator taking up extra storage. I’d also like to mention that the app doesn’t even give me the right answer some of the time. Most of the time it’s great, but sometimes I’ll scan a problem and it will give me an answer to a problem in an entirely different book. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it certainly isn’t because of my camera quality. I don’t think I will be using this app anymore..Version: 8.0.1

Bad new versionNow I only have to pay to solve more than 5 problems, before it was free.Version: 5.4.1

They got greedy $$$If there was a zero star rating, I would rate it as that. It was the best ever Math app I’ve ever had until the recent update. $12.99/month for the access of solution explanation feature that was previously free of charge. I’m really disappointed to what happened. I know they need money, but solutions are the only reason why I need this app, and why I’m passing my math classes. It’s time to find a new app..Version: 5.4.0

Just stopBefore this update I would have given this app 5 stars but now not even a chance. I DO NOT want to pay to get math calculations. Especially when I can do the same on the internet. Just stupid!.Version: 5.4.0

Stupid updateWhy should people have to make an account to use ANY features in the app? It's unnecessary, it's just inconvenient for people looking for quick solutions..Version: 5.4.0

AdvertisingThere are now a unbearable amount of ads in the app making it nearly impossible to use,and worthless. The five star reviews were only relevant about a year ago when there were no advertisements.Also for an app used to help educate,in my opinion, the ads are simply unacceptable, and distracting. There are other apps similar and superior download those instead!.Version: 6.7.0

Ads?If you guys want money why do you not add ads..Version: 8.12.0

Great until it became paid forUsed to show you how to solve an equation step by step, now you have to pay for the full explanation.Version: 6.8.0

Bring back free PhotomathNo one wants to pay 4 dollars a month just do learn how to do math, this was originally designed to help us understand, I would give it a five star because it was free before but now this new 4 dollars a month crap is jus terrible , bad move developers.Version: 5.4.1

Sucks NowThis app was amazing before, it gave you explanations, told you everything in the click of a photo. Now if you want an explanation you need to get premium, literally anything you want to know the app is like oh get premium.Version: 6.7.0

App is a rip off 😡This app was perfect when it was free. Now they want to charge you a subscription fee 💵😡 just to use. Time to find another app. Just garbage now !.Version: 7.5.2

7 and 1Can’t even differentiate between 7 or 1 terrible at reading decimals, have to draw them large as a bullet holes.Version: 7.5.1

Absolutely Useless NowPhotomath was really useful back then but now, I’m being forced to pay money in order to solve questions. A five question limit per week is absolutely absurd!.Version: 5.4.1

Charged me for no reason?I’ve had Photomath on my phone since high school. I’ve barely touched it in over a year since I haven’t been using it for college level calculus classes. I was checking my spending and found that they charged me $10 this month and last month without my knowledge. I would never subscribe to Photomath because I rarely use it. I’ve never intended to start any trials with Photomath. I went into the app to see if I had paid for Photomath Plus without knowing but I don’t even have Plus access; I still have a regular account. I’ve never given Photomath credit card information but they got my Apple card somehow. I have filed a dispute with Apple to get my money back and they’re usually pretty good about undoing unauthorized purchases. But I can’t be sure that this won’t happen again because as far as I know I don’t have a Photomath account with credit card information so how do you delete an account that doesn’t exist?? I just deleted the app from my phone because I don’t need it anyways..Version: 8.27.0

No trigonometryFor an app that calls itself photo math for some reason it doesn’t identify triangles at all there is no trigonometry on it what so ever.Version: 7.4.0

New review why pay?Why tf should I pay for something that used to be free yall really sold out. I used to be able to use this and learn better then what my teachers taught now I only get anwser and it sucks bring back free explaination..Version: 7.5.2

Are you serious? NOT FREE ANYMORE.They only give you 7 questions they can solve for you every week, and then you are FORCED TO PAY if you want unlimited solutions. Let me tell you that it was ALL FREE before, a student’s best friend. But now, they want you to PAY 13 DOLLARS A MONTH to help you on math questions. This is outrageous..Version: 5.4.0

Need to payIt’s used to great when you don’t have to pay, but now all the explanations needs to be payed.. I understand your company need to gain money but it’s not being very friendly to students who doesn’t have money or credit cards, I wouldn’t ask my parents for them because they have already payed too much for my education, and you’re telling me that this app, which helps me at only certain maths conditions needs to pay $16 dollars a month is ridiculous. It doesn’t have all the solving solutions to my problems so I don’t think it’s worth me to cost that money..Version: 6.9.0

Premium + scanning problemOk look, I still use this, but can you please remove premium? Or atleast make some of the options free? Ads I’m completely fine with, but premium, not too much. I’m sorry if this is rude in some way. Another thing, it would be really nice if it could read off chrome books. I was trying to scan a question off a google doc but it was blurred and didn’t focus.Version: 7.5.1

Please read and reconsider the paying optionIn the past this app was completely free. Before one could find out all the steps for free and that’s why this was my favourite app because it taught me what my teachers failed to do. Now, as a student in high school I have to pay to be shown the true steps. I can’t afford that. I know you guys need to make profit but can’t you just allow all users to access what we were once able to and create additional benefits that paying members could use. For example maybe videos explaining concepts, worksheets, voice activated (user saying the equation) maybe even personalized learning. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Version: 6.8.0

It’s good but not good enoughIt’s good but not good enough.Version: 6.12.0

Photomath plus disappearing?!Hi, I’ve had photomath for a long time now and had photomath plus. For some reason that feature has been disabled and now I need to pay for it? I deserve to have it back. Absolute scam! You have removed a feature I’ve had for free forever and now asking me to pay for it? Please restore my account or get in touch..Version: 6.13.0

Went from Good to BadI have been a user of this app for quite some time and when I used it it was good because if there was a numerical problem I didn’t understand Photomath had me converted for free. Now after the Photomath+ update me trying to know how to solve the question step by step is more difficult since I have to pay $93AUD annually for the subscription, I understand the business aspect of the subscription because before Photomath was a free service and wasn’t profiting much (if at all). Just one request please reduce the price of the subscription so it’s beneficial for the app and the people.Version: 6.6.1

Fee problemI was amazed by how much this app can help me with my homework, until I switched a new phone. The new update now charges you to explain how to solve problems. Hate it, would not recommend..Version: 8.21.0

Great for homeworkWe shouldn’t cheat while doing our maths homework, but this makes it soo easy! It just scans the question and gives you the answer. The only problem with this is it can’t work out rounding, nth term, median or significant figures (plus more things along these lines) which makes it really good for the simple question but it can get confused. It also doesn’t recognise money symbols such as £ or $ or ¥ or € so if it’s for example £76 X £2 it can’t work it out just because of the money sign even though it’s a very simple question. For the questions it can do it may be quicker just to type it in to the average calculator. One thing I would recommend it for is powers, for example if the question is 44 to the power of 8 it will work it out straight away, if it’s improved to understand money and the other things I mentioned it would be a great, futuristic app!.Version: 5.0.2

Annoying updateThis was a great app until this new update came along. Dare to say incredible before the update 🤬.Version: 6.6.0

I used to love this appI downloaded Photomath 2 years ago. I absolutely loved it and I used it all the time and it really helped me in math. Until about 7 months ago I deleted the app because I didn’t need it anymore. I downloaded this app again expecting it to be as great as I remembered BUT: First of all, it makes you pay for nearly all explanations even SIMPLE questions, not helpful AT ALL. Second of all, this app does not even scan my question and keeps telling me it’s not in frame even though it clearly is. Very disappointed about how bad this app has become. I remember when it was a magnificent app but now it’s rubbish. -unhappy Photomath ex user.Version: 6.14.1

Some solutions are wrongWhen you scan the problem, sometimes the solution is incorrect. This is a great app that has helped me a lot but there are a few times when the equation I scanned was solved incorrectly. I understand that you continue to do update and improve your app but I just want to give everyone using this app a heads up to double check the answer. :).Version: 7.13.3

New update really sucksThe new update made this app worse. First many of the buttons are blocking the view of the solutions of questions. And most importantly, some questions you can only view a graph for and can’t simplify the problem anymore which is really annoying since now I can’t simplify many equations that could have been done before the update..Version: 6.0.0

Pay to useThe only people who use this app is students. How on earth can you introduce a pay feature, we’re all poor! This used to be such a good app too..Version: 5.4.1

Literally a trash canGarbage this app is the worst horrible his mom doesn’t love him Just trying to bring the reviews down😊.Version: 6.5.1

Dont download thisSeriously, we’re all in school we can’t use this anymore cause we’re broke. unbelievable.Version: 6.6.0

Don’t mind paying...but...Don’t mind paying in dollars ... the app is very good. But exploiting our personal information for further gain (and compromise to customers) makes it too costly. Not acceptable. Deleted..Version: 7.0.0

I don’t see the hypeMaybe I’m using the app wrong, I use Photomath for hw after getting recommended by it from a lot of people but it has really disappointed me. one pet peeve I have for this app is that it doesn’t allow you to crop the quetsion! 9 times out of the ten it wont allow me to cover the entire question; this isn’t necessarily an issue, just one thinng that really frustrates me. Secondly, the answers I receive are very vague, only the answer showing, no working out or anything. Obviously, that could be expected but a lot of other math apps show the working out without having to go premium! And next, Photomath doesn’t cover a variety of question, only equations. it’s really hard to get an answer if you’re doing graphs or something like that.Version: 8.23.1

Used to use it all the timeBefore the new update where u gotta pay for premium features i used this so so much, but now that there’s not only features that are only unlocked by paying but on top of that there’s so many ads it’s so annoying. if there were just ads and it was fully unlocked with all the features that wouldn’t be a big deal but the fact that i now can’t access certain things that i kinda really need, but now ads keep popping up, just going to use a different app at this point tbh :/.Version: 6.7.0

PhotomathAs much as I love Photomath it does not show the work and I really don’t want to pay $9.99 a month because I don’t know the answer to a problem. I know that you have to pay the price for something nice, trust me I know but teachers are harsh in 2021 LOL . They will yell at you for not showing your work on a fraction. It’s hard out here for the student too. All year I had to hear about how it was hard for the teachers last year? It was hard for the students too. I have not heard any of my teachers say that it must have been hard for us. No I’ve heard about how it was hard for the teacher though. The teachers act if they were they only ones struggling through that year. It was long and hard for sure and it would make it easier if I didn’t have my math teacher yell at me because I didn’t show my work. So please lower the price or even let us have so free passes..Version: 7.13.2

What happened??I’ve been using photo math since the 6th grade. This app has always taught me things that my teachers didn’t. I would’ve given this app 5 starts a few months ago but when I came back to the app, they wouldn’t explain the steps to a problem unless I pay for a subscription. I understand you have to do what you have to do but photo math has never been this way. This app always walked me through my problems and help me understand the concept of certain topics. Now I’m not able to learn the thing I need to learn. Children are already at home not getting the education they need due to COVID-19 and photo math is like an at home teacher. Is there any other way to get my math questions explained step by step? Because I don’t feel I should have to pay to receive the information and knowledge I need to be successful in mathematics. Photo math has turned into a regular calculator since you aren’t able to be walked through your problems anymore. I am no longer a fan of the app..Version: 6.10.1

Great app but now need to pay to see full workI like the app and I was using it for a while now, however, I’m strongly against the new notion where users now need to pay to see the steps. I don’t understand why there aren’t any advertisements instead! That would be much more fair, and will also attract more people as well..Version: 6.6.0

???Umm.... I tried using this several times but it gave a bunch of scientific nonsense (AKA maths) Anyway I tried it on a maths crossword but it gave me a multiplication sum and answer. On the third time I used it, it said that my answer was 'False' when I didn't write ANYTHING for the answer. Then it started giving me graphs and.. I, honestly, had a lot of hope in this. But... it didn't work up to my expectations. 😶 PLEASE READ MORE Edit: I tried using it like 4 months later but it's still stupid. It only does number equations. Im still I'm primary school so I get A LOT of word problems in school, tuition and home. If there is a single word from another problem it gives me an answer for that one instead, but I done that question and it's just copying my answers that I even got wrong..... This is why I changed the stars to 1... anyway... thanks for taking your time to read this. ⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would have actually given it no stars but it does work on number equations so I have to give it a point. And that's not a choice.Version: 4.2.2

I miss what it used to bePhotomath was my favourite. I’d use it whenever I’d do math homework and it was the only reason I passed mathematical methods last year. I opened it suddenly today because I didn’t understand a maths concept and was looking for the working out steps in the brilliant detail that I remembered but instead of learning I got a slap in the face. I used to recommend this app but my friends and I just can’t afford it. It’s just become a regular calculator unless you shell out money.Version: 6.11.0

Has exams really soon and is very stressed outAre you seriously trying to charge us 12.99/ month! This app has helped a ton of students and we all loved this app because it explained the steps, and now you’re trying to charge us 12.99 a month.Version: 6.6.0

So disappointedReally can’t believe that they took out the explanation feature and now are making you pay for it! absolutely not we’re all students trying to learn and this is really taking away from that. very disappointed.Version: 6.6.1

Price for full explanation is too highI used to love this app, maths was something that used to cause me a lot of anxiety but Photomath helped a lot with my homework especially as it explained the first principles and generally improved my mathematical understanding. However you can now no longer get all the explanations for free. This means that I can only see certain steps of how to complete the problem but not actually how to use the first principles to work it out. To access the (used to be free) in depth explanations i have to pay nearly £10 a month. I understand that an app needs income to keep going but the price is way too high for something most people use occasionally once a week on homework or on the occasional problem. Especially when for 3 months of the year I’m not in school doing maths. Now I leave photomath with a brief answer and no less confused as before 😔.Version: 6.6.0

UghhhI was trying to scan a question but it said it couldn’t scan it so I tried multiple times and it didn’t work but I thought it was just my camera so I got my friend to scan it for me and again it said it couldn’t scan so we both thought it was just the way the question was printed so I skipped it and tried a different question and again it said a couldn’t scan so again I got my friend and it said it could scan and it went on for all the questions and so I didn’t use it for a while and then I opened the app and try to scan a question and it was the same thing all over again and it was different questions and a different layout.Version: 8.13.0

HeyPhoto math is ok it needs to learn how to do word equations.Version: 7.12.2

THIS IS THE WORST!Before,you could use this without paying.Yall are disgusting making students pay.I would rate this 0 stars if I could!Dissapointed.Version: 7.0.1

Amazing app, but I can’t use it anymoreI’ve been using this app for 2+ years already and it is truly a life saver. I use it mostly for checking if my home work is correct and it is amazing. Explains everything that happened in the equation in an easy to understand manner. I also very much like the app’s appearance for some reason, it’s very clean and elegant. All of this being said, after all of this time enjoying it I cannot use it anymore. This being because my phone’s camera broke. When it first broke, the app kept working fine. I could still use the calculator that is in the app, but I had to delete the app for some time because I needed space on my phone. When school started once again I downloaded it and the app won’t even let me use the calculator because my camera isn’t compatible. Needless to say I regret deleting it, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work now when it did before and my camera wasn’t working. I really wish you could use the app even if your camera wasn’t working, or at least make it so you can use the frontal camera on your phone, I have seen the frontal camera support in other math apps (none of them are as good as this one though)..Version: 6.0.0

Helpful but…Honestly Photomath has helped me for a LOT math problems but it never told me how to do the equation so when the problem asked me to explain I was like ummm. So naturally I got Photomath plus. My original plan was to just get it free for the week and then cancel before I had to pay because $10 is a lot for math problems that explain everything in a different way than how we are learning it. Plus I only really needed it for that week when we were doing specific explanation problems in algebra. I started the subscription on Monday and then on Friday I canceled. Since the week starts on Sunday I still has one more day until I needed to pay. But Photomath charged me anyway and I didn’t find out until right now! That’s almost a month later! I don’t think this is fair at all I totally canceled the subscription before the free trial was over. Photomath crew if your seeing this I’m sorry I was never going to pay you ten dollars but this is not fair and I think I need a refund. Sorry if it seems like I’m being a total jerk I really do love your app just this little mistake has cost me ten dollars. I do love your app tho ❤️.Version: 7.14.1

It used to be free now it’s needlessly expensiveWhy is this 10$ a month for what used to be free? You do understand most of your users are young people middle school - college and a lot of us can’t afford another monthly subscription in our budgets especially for something that used to be free. I like to get things broken down and explained on how they go the answer but now with this paywall I can’t do that anymore and it’s irritating because now all I have is the answer but no knowledge of how to do it. I understand if your developing new things with this app and this cost money but why charge for the old functionality why not just charge for the new features? Honestly even if someone wanted to use this to cheat and/or get a quick answer it’s still pointless because 90% of the time the teacher/professor wants to see how you go that answer so this app is useless even on that front too! If this app was a 1 time fee to download or was like a 0.99 - 5$ a month subscription or had different levels of payment for different features then I’d be ok with it and gladly support the devs but this app dose NOT justify 10 dollars a month it doesn’t provide enough value for 10$ a month lower your prices. And this would be the best app I ever downloaded..Version: 6.8.0

Why paying ?!?I’m sorry this app used to be my best friend(kind of) and as a student that struggles with math this app was really helpful . Now I can’t see the steps of and equation or other if I don’t have premium. Excuse me, I can’t pay for a math app. Plus, is not like I’m asking for a tutor I just want to see the steps. I guess I’ll just delete this app.. is useless now. Sad.Version: 7.5.1

Sucky updateThis app used to really help me for my more difficult math homework. Sucks to see that you need to pay for unlimited solutions now..Version: 5.4.1

Greedy and no longer helpfulThe service that they used to give you for free, is no longer there they overcharge for it and therefore their app is no longer useful..Version: 6.6.0

Used to be one of my favorite life changing apps until...I’ve been using this app since 6th grade and it honestly was life changing, i would never do good in homework until I downloaded photomath which was a completely free app that not only gave me the answer to a math problem, but gave me a step by step explanation of how to solve it. Great right? That was until recently when they started pumping the app with ads and won’t tell you a detailed step by step explanation unless you pay $10 for premium a month. This app used to be such a big help for algebra, but now I feel like it’s just about paying to get an answer. I get that everything can’t be free, but for students they don’t really have the money to pay for a monthly premium. I really thought that this app had a charm to it, it was a students learning tool that was completely free. I’ll still use the app for checking my answers, but I can’t really get how those problems were solved..Version: 6.8.0

Developers have become greedyThis app used to be one of the best out there - to begin with everything was free, then slowly you could only view parts of solutions unless you paid- which is understandable. What is not ok is when after having supported photomath from the beginning the app is no longer of use unless I pay. Someone of us can’t afford to pay such expensive amounts of money. I understand developers have to make money to both profit and make the app financially feasible but I believe their latest paywall is counterproductive and serious limits the idea of education being free for all. I’m extremely disappointed and they’ve just become like their competition - money hungry..Version: 7.1.0

Ads and feesFirst y’all added fees, then this yearly/monthly subscription. Why can’t I get math help in peace? Thanks a lot for the past few years of uncharged services. Now I will be crying as I try to solve the math on my own from now on..Version: 6.6.0

HorribleThis app is only good if you’re doing math at a 6th grade level. Download “Mathway” if you want an app that’s actually helpful for higher level math.Version: 5.4.1

GreedyDowngraded the app after the new update, nice try greedy devs.Version: 4.2.2

Have to payPhoto math each time helps you less, to see the working out you have to pay nearly £10 a month !!! It is shocking, before it would show you most of the working out and you had to get premium to see it in detail, but each time it shows you less working out so you basically just get the answer without working out or understanding why it is like that. Will delete the app sadly. It used to be so useful a few years ago!!!.Version: 8.12.0

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