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Injustice: Gods Among Us App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Injustice: Gods Among Us app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Injustice: Gods Among Us? Can you share your negative thoughts about injustice: gods among us?

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Injustice: Gods Among Us for Negative User Reviews

Add more characters into the game!New 52 Batman, New 52 The Joker, New 52 Plastic Man, Arkham Mr Freeze, Arkham Scarecrow, Insurgency Ares, Regime Shazam, Injustice 2 Batman, Injustice 2 The Flash, Injustice 2 Green Lantern, Red Hood The Joker, Kilowag, Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, Bizarro, Reverse Flash Prime, Cyborg Superman, White Lantern Hal Jordan, Sinestro Corps Batman, Yellow Lantern Nightwing, Darkest Knight Batman, Yellow Lantern Nightwing, Cinematic Aquaman, Cinematic The Flash, Cinamatic Cyborg, Joker The Joker, Dawn Of Justice Doomsday, Dawn Of Justice Lex Luthor, Stephenwolf, The Dark Knight Rises Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Bane, The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, Guy Gardener Green Lantern, Orange Lantern Dude, Kid Flash, Blue Lantern The Flash, Metahuman Zoom, Classic Ares, 1st Appearance Batman, Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion, Mortal Kombat 11 Sub Zero, Klassic Sub Zero, Trigon, Red Arrow, Robin. Teen Titans Deathstroke, Beast Boy, Starfire, Power Girl, Bruce Wayne. Please consider adding some of these characters into the game..Version: 3.2

Pretty Okay Game.....This game is great and all but... The games adding endless characters, allowing hacked accounts, Characters that crash the game and this game has been going on for a bit too long. The gameplay is great, some characters OP af like Arkham Knight Batman and some are bad like Aquaman(Prime). The Mechanics are not that bad, graphics okay but great for a 2013 game and I would recommend it. But it takes so long to get at least 1 gold character. I was gonna get prison super man as I linked wb with console and finished the story but got nothing. Promised 15K credits and Batman Beyond but all I got was a freakin daily reward. Don’t link with WB it’s a scam. But the actual game is okay so I would recommend it I guess..Version: 3.2

Startup problemI can still play this game perfectly when my device manages to open it since I have a saved game. However most of the time when I try to open this game it will freeze during the start up and I will need to reboot it a couple of times but even then it doesn’t work at all. Most of the time I need to redownload the game for it to work and it’s just happened to me but at the moment it hasn’t solved the problem. Right now I can’t play at all due to this. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else and I don’t know if it is my device’s problem although this is a new phone..Version: 3.4

Makes me rageI like the game but a very bad thing is that I’m fighting people stronger than me in pvp today I only got one win and five loses so please do something if you can,also I have mobile so I have less. Characters to get.Version: 3.2

Crashes more with each update so don’t updateEvery time I update when I can the app gets worse to the point where it keeps throwing me out now after the last update. Also from the previous update, during battles the screen would stop in one place and the fighting you did you couldn’t see as they would go off screen. I thought updates were supposed to improve not worsen the game. Wasted time on progressing (with the tedious waiting time in between battles with little energy to trick you into paying). Uninstalled in the next couple of minutes. On to something better..Version: 1.21

This game is hackedIs no going to fix the online version of this can you not see this is hacked ! 1 win and the contender gets 2 billion credits !!!!.Version: 3.4

AnnoyingThe AI in this game is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever come across in any mobile game, if you value your phone screen and mental health, DO NOT spend your time on this abomination of a game. I legitimately question the mental wellness of anyone that gave this a five star as I’ve had an easier time understanding the works of Fredrick Neichze than their reasoning behind a five star rating..Version: 3.2

.Screw your game match making is garbage putting level 30’s with someone who is level 50 promotion 7 ffs.Version: 3.2

Completely brokenThis game gets a lot of high praise but is extremely broken. The pay characters are INSANELY overpowered, to the point one can pretty much handle your best team solo. There are pay characters that cause you to lose health constantly, drain all your power on tag in, stun on tag in, heal quickly out of combat.. some will have combos of these powers. Be aware that this game is very old now, all “updates” are just additions of new pay characters (normally really dumb ones that sound like they were made up by children in a playground game) If you don’t want to spend $35 on a pa character, you are NOT going to be able to hold your own here. Go play something newer..Version: 3.2

Can’t play without hacking the gameI’ve been playing injustice for years and unlike other I haven’t hacked the game but I wish I knew how because I love the game but I don’t have the money to buy credits. The credits to promote the new Batman Ninja is 500,000 so if you do the challenge as I have and completed the elite two than you need to spend 2.5 million credits to get the character to elite 7. I don’t encourage hacking but I definitely don’t encourage players to buy credits on the game just to only be able to promote one team especially as their are so many amazing characters injustice has to offer. Also the fact the most credits you can earn from a battle is around 4600 is also terrible as it takes so long to get a million. I don’t know if the other harder battles offer more money as I cannot even play them with my characters 😡 After playing this game from 2013 I can say that it’s been a massive waste of time. Can’t get the characters to the promotion I want without hundreds of hours of repetitive gameplay, can’t fight the harder battles due to not being able to get the breakthrough and can’t get promotion X on favourite characters that came from a booster pack such as Prison Superman as the pack is no longer available or the probability to get the characters is just not in anyone’s favour. Been a dedicated fan of the mobile game but I will be deleting the app now..Version: 3.2

A Bad GlitchWhen I went and downloaded it I was waiting for hours for it to actually download,but it never downloaded and I don't know why and I was looking forward to play it and I even deleted it and try again but it never worked please fix it or delete this app one star rating. I am very disappointed in this app..Version: 3.2

Creators of injusticeLook Man U guys need to do more updates and not focus on injustice 2 cause this game needs more new characters and friendly battles so u can vs ur friends and new characters to the game like acualad Robin supergirl zoom and on and on and on... U guys need to add more updates to the game it’s been a year since add new people or new challenges beside phantom zone.Version: 3.2

Server loses progress frequentlyIncluding right after you buy a package and get the exact champ you want after 15 tries. It keeps your payment but forgets what items and champs you opened, then support tells you they do not have the technological means to track lost items or champs from random purchases. Then they credit you the credit amount equivalent to 1 random champ which will have a 1% chance of being the champ you paid real money for many times to roll. Even escalating to "upper level support" that's all they can do after you carefully teach them why the credits for a random trash champ is not equal to replacing what you lost. When this happens whatever you grinded like finishing 100 matches through challenges will also be reverted and they again do not have the means to track the progress you lost and will not compensate you for it. Seriously coded by cavemen compared to what you expect from a big name company in this decade. Games from the 90s were more reliable and tracked server side progress better if you ever lost something. Just never buy anything and you'll be less dissatisfied with how poor their servers and support is..Version: 2.19

Season reward bugThis game is starting to tick me off. Twice now it’s happened that I Haven’t gotten my season rewards. This needs to be fixed!.Version: 3.2

Needs trading and givingIt’s a good game and all but it should allow to trade or give cards to people. Everyone is much better than me at this but I have good cards to give them and the same with them. Please injustice add giving people cards option!.Version: 3.2

Terrible gameWhere do I start? So many bugs and glitches as well as poor gameplay compared to the superior injustice 2. Tried tagging out my Jessica Cruz green lantern but game didn’t register and was forced to quit. Also gives blatantly obvious bias to the AI (so called online matches are actually against robots believed it or not). For example in the play section my level 50 VII Lex Luther had 15k health whereas the opponents level 50 VII lex Luther had 34k the same as my Batman ninja cat woman lol like a silver has better stats than a fully upgraded nth metal card. Survivor is a scam as well, basically get shards and useless character xp augmentations with the rare 25 nth metal.Version: 3.4

Started off good has become very boringSince the new features with breakthrough it doesn’t always let you select the characters you want to upgrade making it useless. The new roster is a positive though. Prefer this game overall to no 2 on device. But so much has changed in particular Survivor mode years ago there used to be Augmentation cards on the wheel which allowed you to enhance your character, they got rid of that now you’re lucky to maybe get 0.1% chance at getting a large damage or health card to enhance your characters which is missing from survival mode’s wheel. This needs to make a come back. Cause it’s just going to take people forever to level up their characters legitimately. Unless you’re a hacker you can’t level up like you used to in a short amount of time with the amount of hackers in the game..Version: 3.2

Money HungryThis game is the apple of mobile games. Purposely makes your progression slower the longer you play. Ends up making it near impossible to continue on the campaign unless you grind for days and days to earn power credits (in which the game becomes boring) or pay real money for power ups, bonus packs and characters. The latter seems to be the developers goal. Which is fair enough, however this point is reached in a few days of light to moderate playtime. It has no longevity. If you want to enjoy your favourite DC characters and watch them power up and progress, while having an engaging and fun time, this game isn’t for you. Oh and as for the online play, again, without paying real money or grinding your life away, good luck beating even the lowest 3 battle games with the lowest rewards, as the lack of proper tiers puts you against players / characters that are completely out of winning range. This game is like if you gave a 10 year old a Pokémon game but by the third gym badge every “bug trainer Harry” has level 100 evee trained party of six and your still stuck with your level 20 starter Pokémon and the first route bird. Anyway, it was fun for 2 days at least ✌🏻.Version: 3.4

Love the game, but the ScreenI love this game so much and it brought me a lot of joy to see that it got updated 1 week ago after couple of years. Although I hope you guys can expand the screen so it fits my phone, this would make playing the game much much more appealing. It is one of my favorite games of all time on my phone so I hope the devs do fix it and update it again..Version: 3.4

Really Need Some Work Starting to Annoy MeEVEN THOUGH WHAT WE SAY IS NOT GOING TO CHNAGE ANYTHING OR THAT THEY ACTUALLY READ THESE. These are a few MAJOR issues this game has! This game really plays favorites and the algorithm is awful. I don’t know if it’s part of the new update. But when I play online, I am going up against people who are way above my league. I die with one special attack while blocking. Also the gear cards need MAJOR work. Some are just not fair and should be banned online. I have a better chance giving my team no gear cards, I’ll be matched up more fairly. The computer blocks EVERYTHING even in the middle of an attack. So IF I do win, it’s most likely from a chip damage. So if you guys want a dedicated player like me to stay, you SERIOUSLY need to get rid of the hackers, fix the algorithm, and give us fair matches. Also it really pisses us off that we watch the ads to get free recharges in the middle of the online brackets to just freeze the app and have to lose our progress. So to the DEVELOPERS THAT DO NOT READ THIS. PLEASE FIX All THESE ISSUES..Version: 3.4

Unfair AIWhen competing in the Online matches every character I encounter is at least 3 times stronger than me and only blocks except for when my character is already in an animation, I have been stunned and had all three characters killed within the next 10 seconds because my device becomes unresponsive, even after I am no longer stunned, u need to fix the system that places two player together as this is super frustrating and when fighting (the main mechanic of the game) is no longer fun then what’s the point in playing.Version: 3.0.1

Best game ever but there’s a huge problemHey there everyone I’ve been playing injustices for a couple of years now (5 years or so) and I was playing my game and all that stuff and all of a sudden my game crashed and I thought, “that’s a bit odd” so I tried to get back into the game and My account got logged off so I re-entered my account too find that all of my 210 characters where got and I almost cried because I’ve worked so much to get to that stage and it just got demolished, please help me get my characters back i really in joy this game but I have to give it a bad rating for now till they fix this😭😭😭.Version: 1.21

Please fix New 52 Superman and other bugsMy main complaint is that I have spent time to get my New 52 Superman to E10 L60. However, for some weird reason his stats are stuck at E10 L50. Every time I levelled him up, his stats did not change, and he now has less health and less damage than other E10 L60 New 52 Supes. I ran tests to confirm it and he actually does do less damage, it isn't just a visual thing. And before you ask yes I do have every support card, the damage increase on other New 52 Supes isn’t due to gear and anything else that may trip up a newbie. For reference, his stats are 61,074 damage and 131,220 health. Please fix this as he is one of my favourite and most important characters. Online bug where Arkham Knight Batman chaining heavy combos together prevents me tagging out. If he gets off a heavy combo, it doesn't matter if i block, try to tag out, use a special, nothing will work before he's hitting you with the next heavy combo. You will then lose a character and there is simply nothing you can do..Version: 3.0.1

Gear cardsI dunno if this is the right place for this but please make it possible to do gear card pre made sets. for example when you are applying gear cards you can do them individually or you can choose from your ready made sets that you can title. you could title them ‘tank’ or ‘basic attack damage’ or ‘healing’ etc. if anyone with the power to do this could implement this it would be very good for the convenience of higher level players Some of the characters are also very unbalanced not allowing you to get a hit off before you’ve been knocked out.Version: 3.2

Online Season issuesI have been playing this game for awhile and love the game. But, the issue I and it seems like quite a few other players are having with the online season is that we aren’t getting our correct rewards. Yesterday I finished in the top 5% and was waiting for my rewards to come through which is something I needed to further one of my characters and it said I finished with just a bronze rating this needs to be addressed as I am getting frustrated when it keeps happening. Please address this and it will definitely be a 5 star review.Version: 2.18

Good gameOne of the first mobile games I ever played and is still very good at the moment. Mechanics are pretty good, still a few bugs such as the Arkham knight Batman heavy combo chain, but I still love the game. Only problem I think is the fact that now all the packs are for real money. It used to be for in game gold and pretty expensive, 750k etc. But now it is for real money? A lot of people I talked to stopped playing because of this change to real money because there is no reason to play anymore. Who would spend so much money on these packs? Older packs were better and fairly priced as gold was a hard enough challenge to grind and fun but this was ruined... please bring back the packs for gold feature.Version: 3.2

Missing creditsSomething is wrong with this version. On the end of online weekly session. The reward credit are never added. Not only that sometimes it happens with survivor mode too. I recommend you guys to fix it asap..Version: 3.2

It is good. Combat is a bit yeh nah.I’ve been playing the game on and off for several years now. One thing that has annoyed me the entire time is that in combat, if you knock an enemy down with a combo ender for example, there is a period of time where they can’t be hit (this is while the character is getting up to return to it’s default position). HOWEVER, if a character on your team is knocked down the same way they can be hit immediately with no opportunity for blocking while they are still getting up..Version: 3.2

Pay to winI’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and its a mint game but it’s without a doubt a pay to win game. It doesn’t rely on skill at all players can simply get a class team by either hacking or buying credits and nth metal to obtain the best characters. It shouldn’t be like this you should have to work your way to top and be actually skilful at the game. It’s okay having a strategy but without the power from bought characters, gear and upgrades you’re not winning many battles. Without this it’ll take you a considerable amount of time to earn the amount of credits to reach the top due to the battles paying such low credits and with survivor mode being every 24 hours it’s really difficult.Version: 3.4

Pay to winThis game is only playable if you want to shell out money for ridiculously overpowered gear or characters. Especially the Tantu totem thing. When an attack is unblockable (Anything being unblockable is ridiculous by the way, as it leaves no counter-play, so you just have to stand there and take the attack), it usually kills you and then they get the power they spent on the special right back. Some characters (Wally West, DOJ Batman, Reverse Flash) just make your specials miss or be ineffective, while still taking the special meter away, wasting it on a random chance for something like that to happen. Serious nerfs need to be put on gear such as that stupid Totem, the cart thing, and the regeneration gear sets, as well as characters that have passives that just make your specials miss. Those who don’t pay cannot succeed in the hell that is online mode. Going forward, there needs to be FAR less focus on random chances for something to happen, as getting unlucky just spells the end and causes you to lose a match due to luck as opposed to actually being defeated fairly. Do not download this game unless you plan on shelling out money, as it’s unplayable otherwise. Hell, even if you do spend money, you can still lose by getting unlucky. There’s no skill required in this game, just money and luck..Version: 3.2

Good Game, New stuff?, AddictingThe game itself looks nice Mobile seems seems like the red headed step child compared to console. Cool combos and stuff (mostly later in game with super expensive characters) It’s cool how you can have a favorite and grow your superhero or villain to super powerful status Also, the best rewards require you to play console along side mobile. Progress is good to an extent but grinding is difficult and hard to accomplish anything quickly. Very fun; I find myself playing 7 rounds for an hour instead of what should be a 20 minutes break in my phone. (Understand your self and it’s okay if it is too tempting at all times for you) I enjoy the fact that with nice timing you perfect animation cancels and block attacking to get your attacks through but it would be nice to have a workshop where you can practice that or maybe get some tips to learn how to do it. Or in general a way to learn new strategies instead of living your entire life stuck on the strat: “Lots of Health, Strong Special Powers” Biggest problem in my opinion: Needs to revamp every once in awhile. I’m talking about survivor mode, I don’t think anyone likes it, it doesn’t become more difficult steadily. I find a round of super easy silver characters and then to earn another 2 shards and 1,500 gold I face hawkgirl and Godfall Superman status characters moderately leveled too so I can’t just special power them to death..Version: 3.2

This Game SUCKS!I’ve spent 4 years playing this game way too much to get all the characters in the game and beating all the levels. Just now the game logged me out of my account so suddenly and now when I try to log back in or even register in a new account it say “log in failed”. If you are having this same problem please leave a comment to this review in support to stand up for everybody with this problem!.Version: 3.2

My characters freeze all the timeEvery second fight or so, the game just freezes and i can’t attack or block but the opponent carry’s on. I have to turn my phone off and back on so it pauses and then it works :/ very frustrating.Version: 3.4

My online rewards are not coming throughMy rewards from online have not gone through and I got tier 3 gold and I’m getting really annoyed.Version: 3.4

Game crashesRecently this game has stopped working for me properly. I was making an in game purchase a few weeks ago and the game just crashed. I was charged the full amount but never actually got my coins. As a result, the game is glitchy and keeps crashing. Very disappointing. I have made sure the game is the updated version, I've uninstalled and reinstalled game, logged in and out of account... I've tried everything. The only way that I am actually able to play this game is if I put my iPhone onto "airplane mode" first. If I do not do this, the game crashes almost immediately after the intro. As a result of phone being on airplane mode, I am unable to buy any credits. Every time I try to do so (both on and off airplane mode) now it tells me "cannot connect to the iTunes Store" and then proceeds to crash. It used to work just fine for me. I have invested a fair amount of money into this game so this is just disappointing. Without these errors it would be a 5 star from me, but in light of this, I am only able to give 2 stars..Version: 2.16.1

Great game, poor supportFirst things firsts, this game is amazing, entertaining and fun. However, the developers are treating this game pretty poorly (or rather, 'dead'). We have yet to see Breakthrough available for cards like Raven, Doomsday and Hawkgirl. This game isn't having as many events as it used to. Last year we had Daily Holiday Packs and Rewards. But now, all we get is paid packs. Why?? WB/NR are way too focused on Injustice 2 (which frankly, the only reason they support it more is because they make more money). And so now we are getting more paid packs that just aren't WORTH IT. I am really disappointed with the lack of contents in the game right now. We still need more skins for cards like Cyborg, Nightwing and Zatanna. At least we got a new Green Arrow... And please add the DoJBM pack as well as WWF's (or play his MP season soon). I love this game but many players are disappointed with the lack of content and information the developers are doing right now. Please realize that people still play Injustice GAU!.Version: 2.18

ReviewOriginally it was a great game but now it seems WB can’t be bothered to keep it up to date. Online challenge rewards are hit and miss, sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t. Any help from WB? No! Survival mode has pointless rewards, if you wanted coins you’d play story mode, the wheel lands on coins 50% of the time, If not you get low level gear and the last laugh tickets are a joke you again get low level gears. The only mode worth playing to get good rewards is online but as mentioned above you sometimes get them and other they never come through and when you play a season for 6 days and get over 1m point to end up with nothing because of a glitch it becomes pointless. Other than that great game, originally..Version: 1.21

Needs more charactersGame has been freezing my phone constantly since the last two iOS updates. I am thinking it’s a glitch on Netherrealm’s end as it only does it while I am playing Injustice or Mortal Kombat X. Also while off the game my characters are not rebuilding life all the sudden. When the game freezes I have to completely shut down my phone and restart it. I have a 128gig phone and have plenty of storage so I don’t think that is the issue. Right now I can only give it one star. Game is a lot of fun. Wish there was a better selection of characters as well as the cost being reduced on the ones that are available. Would be great if we could stop getting multiple versions of the same characters (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) and get NEW characters. It would also be nice if there was at least one version of every character available. Game looks amazing and is still fun but would be even better if it was easier to get new characters to change it up a bit. Game would normally get four stars but with the problems lately it gets a one..Version: 1.21

Bug fixI changed my review from 5 -2 stars because every time I have over 50 characters the game crashes and only gives me back a small portion of the progress I made..Version: 3.4

Credit not paidI paid $70 for credit and it has not been reflected ! How do I go about getting information about how this is applied to my game..Version: 3.4

Was fun but screwed me overI was playing on my other account then switched back to my main account with 50 characters that I earned but it said 36 characters. I go on and all my progress level up my Denver gold characters hasn’t been saved. I did the ninja Batman challenge and It had not been saved. About 1,000,000+ power credits had wasted and 200+ nth metal. I was enjoying the game and was going well but to then delete most of my recent progress just made me delete the game. I tried logging on on other devices on my main account but they were all stuffed too. Cheers game :(.Version: 3.2

Impossible to get certain Characters!I have serious doubts about the reverse flash actually being in the most wanted pack because I have bought it an obscene amount of times and have never yet gotten him. The online gameplay is so incredibly unfair and impossible to rank up to be able to get the character cards at the top!!! The game also had an update back around the time that the movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice came out and was supposed to have challenges for 3 Dawn of Justice characters ( Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) I have had several challenges for Superman and for Wonder Woman but never had the Dawn of Justice Batman challenge even once. Please do so already! Also how about some of the other characters that I've seen such as Arkham Knight Batman, Darkest night Doomsday, Darkest night Grundy, Red Sun Grundy, Red Sun Superman Darkest night Superman, They need to put them in challenges or let me buy them because the online is packed full of cheating with their crazy gear upgrades and its way to hard to climb the ranks so that you can win them. All and all this game is great and very addictive but if you are not a cheater than you can forget about getting some of the above said characters, at least they could do is put them into the add characters section and let you buy them with coins..Version: 2.19

Injustice Gods among usMy game keeps glitching out after 1 battle not good please fix..Version: 3.4

Fix your gameLost all my stuff like everybody else 4 years worth can’t find no support to help tired of this..Version: 3.4

Keeps freezingThe game is really good, however it seems to keep freezing on the Warner bros loading screen and won’t go further. Do I have to uninstall the game?.Version: 3.4

Cloud failThis is the second time that I change phone in 6 years and it's only because the phone's battery is rubbish. I try to log in with my account via email and then it gives me the characters from 4 years ago which is 36 characters and the max lvl is thirty something on elit lvl 2 gold batman. I had nearly every character on max lvl and elit lvl. ( I had like 5-6 characters missing) Not talking about the gear cards I owned and maxed out all of them, sets included!!! I'm not willing to start over 5years of work!!! This is my 3rd and last comment on this app. They ignored me 2 times so I think it's time to move on. The game is good but this experience just throws everything out the window. Money and hard work is that you murder here dear deeply respected Nether-realm and DC. Thanks for the ups and downs but mostly for ignoring me for such a long time. Up yours ;).Version: 2.19

A Sad ReturnThis is a game that’s been held dearly to me, and has had a permanent place within my heart. After a year or two that forced me to put the game down I’ve returned! Only to discover the store in a sad state, with minimal booster packs, with micro(huge)transactions taking over. It’s a shame to see. I’ve made a goal to collect every variation within the game, but it seems almost like a fools errand with the way this app is going. I wish this review could be more positive for a game I love so dearly!!!.Version: 3.2

Absolute WORST game ever—here’s why.This game has a LOT of potential, but falls flat on its face due to its mechanics. the A.I. is this game is absolutely terrible, and makes this game practically unplayable. when you tap or swipe to attack the A.I. opponent, they’re allowed to block every hit, even if the reaction is CLEARLY delayed, making it impossible to play offensively. in defense, the A.I. will just break your block even if the attack they’re using isn’t unblockable, and it’s impossible to counter attack because the A.I. is allowed to just continuously keep hitting you at inhuman speeds that are just impossible to keep up with. more peeves—the online matchmaking system is legitimately broken, as sometimes is pairs three of my normal cards, under level 50, with no gear, against a team of VII level 50 cards, all with gear scores of 450. not realistic AT ALL. furthermore, every passive that is supposedly “chance-based” essentially means the A.I. has a 100% chance of triggering it, while you only have like a 1% chance. additionally, often times, when I try to activate a SP, it chooses to ignore it and let the A.I. kill me, EVEN THOUGH I CLEARLY activated the SP FIRST. this game’s conditions are simply just unrealistic and so frustrating to deal with. it has a great idea going, but unless it can get its A.I. to stop cheating, this game gets a 1/5. no, not even, it’s a 0/5, but unfortunately I cannot rate it a 0..Version: 3.2

GameYou should make the fighting game with no blood shed From, Sheetal Baijal.Version: 3.4

Help!I spent quite a bit of money on power credits last year to improve my stuff and get more characters, so I re downloaded the game to get my old stuff back because the game has become extremely popular recently. My friend said you can get your old stuff back when you sign in, i did and nothing came back. If you could help that would be awesome!if you can help my injustice online name is mr taylor28. I lost Arkham origins joker, origins deathstroke. Shazam, the killing joke joker and origins Batman..Version: 2.20.1

Shame everything disappeared from my account and nobody answer to me!!I wait one year more or less before the come back to play ( because my old phone doesn’t support more this game) when I downloaded that I realised the game is like new for me everything I have do before and I spent some money to that game in the past. The apple said sorry can’t do nothing so I need ask to the dc game so I decide the call that and in the middle of the office time just put my call in wait and after 28 minute the wait for noting I decision the writing this review I hope someone do something for fixing this problem anyway I recommend don’t play to this game it’s possible happen to you as well.Version: 2.17

Lost its 5 starsUnfortunately this game went from 5 stars to 1. With every update they weaken your roster and give unfair advantage to the computer opponents. Now in survivor mode all characters have "block break". My whole team got taken out at stage 2. I use to make it to stage 11. Then got thumped at 9. Now 2? What's the point of that. Then if you try to play online, you will get schooled by all the cheaters. I know the devs hate name calling, but the online gameplay is a joke. Waiting to see if these items get addressed in the next update, but sadly this will probably be the end of this game on my device. I can no longer recommend this game as the longer you play, the less enjoyable it becomes. BTW, I have almost every gold card, maxed out, but getting taken out so easily in simple survivor mode made me realize that my teams were pointless..Version: 3.4

Angry 😡 would of been 5 ⭐️Been playing this game for weeks and been really enjoying it and found it highly addictive. Now the event ‘phantom zone’ has come along and every time I fight it crashes, phone and iPad. I’ve tried all resets and reinstalls please sort this out..... and despite contacting the developers and “customer care” absolutely nothing back and a useless game. Such a shame..... **update** phantom zone finished and still getting the pop up for it which still crashes both iPhone and iPad Never try to contact the app developers or WB customer care as they are absolutely shocking and never respond or even acknowledge your complaint. 4 weeks of losing out and useless app that no longer works.Version: 3.1

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If you love Heads Up! the game created by Ellen DeGeneres, played on her show and by millions of people around the...

LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS negative reviews, comments
LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS Negative Reviews

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is available on iOS for the first time! ***Episode I Story Mode is FREE for a ...

LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA negative reviews, comments
LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA Negative Reviews

**The first chapter of The Force Awakens story is free and additional levels, story, and content are unlocked via ...

Psych! Outwit Your Friends negative reviews, comments
Psych! Outwit Your Friends Negative Reviews

Get Psyched! Fromthecreatorsof"HeadsUp! comes PSYCH! anexcitingnewpartygameto play with...

Behind the Shield Mobile negative reviews, comments
Behind the Shield Mobile Negative Reviews

This app is designed for employees and visitors of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Use it as your guide to...

Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ negative reviews, comments
Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ Negative Reviews

Train an army, grow your dragon, battle to conquer Westeros and rise to dominance with your allegiance! Experience the ...

Mortal Kombat negative reviews, comments
Mortal Kombat Negative Reviews

MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings its trademark Fatalities to mobile, with stunning graphics, and over the top moves! Assemble...

Injustice 2 negative reviews, comments
Injustice 2 Negative Reviews

Whos in your Justice League? Join your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains in this action-packed, free fighti...